Watching the Blues from afar

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As the season winds to a close and things are a bit quiet, I thought I would compare notes with fellow blues in the USA.

Since I came over to Florida and only get back once or twice a year, I have had to rely on televised football (I refuse to call it soccer) to watch my beloved Blues and rely on ToffeeWeb and friends back home to keep me up to date with things.

I have majored on Dish network, ESPN+ and NBC Sports Gold thus far.

For the upcoming season and friendlies, I am about to review other options as Dish is starting to lose its value for money tag and everyone seems to be "cutting the cord"... I just wonder how other Blues over in the good old US of A get their fix?

Does anyone have an informed opinion of FuBo, Hulu, Sling, YoutubeTV, InfinityTV etc.

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