This round kicks off at St James's Park where Manchester City struggled uncharacteristically to a damaging 2-2 draw, dropping more points in their increasingly unlikely defence of the Premier League trophy.

But the goals from De Bryune and Shelvey that tied the game are both classic strikes executed superbly, each hopefully an inspiration for Gylfi Sigurdsson to match in tomorrow's game at Leicester.

Tottenham vs Bournemouth
Liverpool vs Brighton
Chelsea vs West Ham
Burnley vs Crystal Palace

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Southampton vs Watford at 5:30 pm

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John Keating
1 Posted 30/11/2019 at 14:31:07
Everton 1 Man City 3 and we were all made up because we tried. The barcodes get a deserved draw at home. Had a game plan and more important gave 100% and didn't bottle it.

Wouldn't it be nice just once this season we could see our wasters do the same.

Bill Gall
2 Posted 30/11/2019 at 15:29:40
After the result this morning, it's sad to say the Premier League title is Liverpool's to lose. I can't see Man City making a comeback as the commentator said, they cant keep a clean sheet.

How someone was not marking Shelvey from that free-kick was pure amateurish, he had already shown his intentions from that distance with 2 previous free kicks.

David Pearl
3 Posted 30/11/2019 at 15:50:23
Agree Bill,

That horrible bunch look to be well clear by Xmas. Man City want the Champions League and are sloppy at the back. Chelsea and Leicester will drop points. They look like winning by 15 points.

Silva has a chance to totally change the course of the season. He shouldn't have that chance but he does.

John Keating
4 Posted 30/11/2019 at 15:55:55
If we weren't in such dire straits and desperate for points, I wouldn't give a shit about tomorrow's result.
John Keating
5 Posted 30/11/2019 at 16:03:37
Watching Spurs. Half time 1-0 but Bournemouth not too bad.

So far, Spurs seem to have had a bit of a bounce from the new manager. Hopefully we'll get the same when it happens

Brent Stephens
6 Posted 30/11/2019 at 16:37:00
Come on Brighton. One more please.
Jay Wood

7 Posted 30/11/2019 at 16:39:32
Only ONE, Brent? Be greedier!

That's Alisson out of the Derby game, then.

Brent Stephens
8 Posted 30/11/2019 at 16:46:23
Haha, Jay! One at a time. 3rd for Brighton in time added on.
Sandra Williams
9 Posted 30/11/2019 at 16:48:44
Unfortunately that shower could play with no goalie and we still wouldn't win!
John Keating
10 Posted 30/11/2019 at 16:49:21
If you thought Richarlison was bad rolling around, you should see the Spurs goalie. Absolute disgrace – and any two of his dying swan acts should be yellows and off. Pathetic.
David Pearl
11 Posted 30/11/2019 at 16:51:41
Sandra, you're actually not wrong there.

Allison being out is big. This gives us a real chan... pffft, no – l can't say it. Not even tongue-in-cheek.

Brian Williams
12 Posted 30/11/2019 at 16:52:03
Just watching the last couple of minutes of the Liverpool game and AGAIN they boo and whistle the opposition when they have a decent passage of possession. That really pisses me off!
Brent Stephens
13 Posted 30/11/2019 at 17:00:14
Brian #12. Totally agree. This seems to be a very rs thing, continually whistling against the opposition. I thinks it's a disgrace. Do any other sets of English fans do this? Ah, I already see the mistaken assumption in my question - "English" fans.
David Pearl
14 Posted 30/11/2019 at 17:03:58
yes Brent, we save our boos for our own team.
John P McFarlane
15 Posted 30/11/2019 at 17:05:17
Let's hope they are whistling for 110 Minutes (added time allowance if they're behind) on Wednesday.
Tony Hill
16 Posted 30/11/2019 at 17:05:51
Agree about the whistling. They have never had any style, grace or manners. They're also looking wobbly defensively. Dunk should have scored twice. Will we be able to exploit that? No, probably.
Brent Stephens
17 Posted 30/11/2019 at 17:30:22
Naughty, David!
Dave Abrahams
18 Posted 30/11/2019 at 19:37:37
Watching the Southampton v Watford game, when it was 0-1 for Watford, Watford attacked and it looked like a penalty to me but Michael Oliver, one of the better referees, awarded a foul to Southampton. There was no review, no VAR, the game just restarted with the free-kick to Southampton. It seemed very unfair to Watford and me as a neutral supporter.
Steve Ferns
19 Posted 03/12/2019 at 20:40:46
Amazon working ok. Was worried about the quality after reading bad things about the tennis coverage.

Onto to the footy, great counter by Man City with a great finish by Jesus.

Rob Halligan
20 Posted 03/12/2019 at 20:47:43
I watched the first half of Palace v Bournemouth, Steve, and it was dire. Sakho sent off for Palace after about 20 minutes for a career-ending challenge on Smith, while Van Aanholt went off with a hamstring injury, yet Bournemouth did not threaten the Palace defence at all. I see it's still 0-0.
Rob Halligan
21 Posted 03/12/2019 at 20:50:09
When I say 'career ending', I meant it could have ended his career, as it was an absolute terrible challenge.
Steve Ferns
22 Posted 03/12/2019 at 20:51:54
What time did that kick off, Rob?
Rob Halligan
23 Posted 03/12/2019 at 20:53:39
7:30. Just over an hour gone now. Still 0-0.
Steve Ferns
24 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:07:57
Turned over in time for the goal. Well taken. Concerning that Everton-linked-Howe is now trailing to 10 men. They're calling it a “smash and grab” so maybe he'd fit in at Everton afterall. We keep getting mugged.
Rob Halligan
25 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:08:22
Ten-man Palace lead 1-0. Schlupp breaks through and scores. Bournemouth defender backs off and invited the shot, while the keeper should have done better.
Steve Ferns
26 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:20:13
How's McCarthy played?
Steve Ferns
27 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:22:04
I think Jordan Ayew needs either a drug test or a DNA check. Never seen him play this well before!
Rob Halligan
28 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:23:13
Don't know Steve. Didn't know he was on until I turned over, and he's hardly had a touch from what I could see?
David Pearl
29 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:24:51
I heard a whisper from a reliable source, called Google, that Howe is such a massive blue he is trying to lose 8 games on the bounce so that he gets fired by Bournemouth. Moshiri has told him he can then have the savings from his transfer fee as a Christmas Brucie Bonus signing on fee.
Rob Halligan
30 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:25:02
FFS, I put Man City back on and it's 2-0.
Steve Ferns
31 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:28:33
Same Rob! Did you notice how much better the Palace stream was? I hope our stream stands up tomorrow.
Steve Ferns
32 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:29:54
Haha, good on,e David!

Rob, if you watched the last 20 you'll have seen him trying all kinds of tricks and flicks his old man would have been proud of.

Bill Gall
33 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:30:38
After tonight's defeat, Eddie Howe has 1 win in is last 9 games with Liverpool and Chelsea up next, sounds familiar...
Jeff Armstrong
34 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:33:18
Howe's record over the past 9 months is relegation material, I think Silva has a better record over the same period, and we're rumoured to be in for this guy!
Steve Ferns
35 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:41:28
What a goal that was!!

He's had a very effective game as well. He's getting better as he gets used to the league.

Rob Halligan
36 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:41:47
Screamer from Rodrigo. 3-0.
John Pierce
37 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:46:30
Man City have been superb tonight. Got a little roughed up early doors but all three goals have been beauties.
David Pearl
38 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:49:26
Yet there are people on here begging for him to take over when all logic says feck no. Once people digs their heals in defending themselves it just gets harder.

Ive tried myself to defend Schneiderlin but he will never do enough for most people to win them over, no matter how well he might play. I just don't think people understand his game. We can all be deluded, no matter our own football expertise.

But to want Eddie Howe just because he's a good fit for one club, and has supported the blues one cup final. He's Bournemouth's Moyes. Soon as he leaves he will fail (in my opinion... so he should stay put as long as he can).

Rob Halligan
39 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:52:53
I've said something similar, David. Howe is in his comfort zone at Bournemouth. He doesn't fear the sack as long as Bournemouth remain in the Premier League. Moyes was the same. If Howe moves here, the pressure on him will be immense.
John Pierce
40 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:53:23
Dyche & Howe showing exactly why we should leave well alone.

Jamie Crowley
41 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:54:47
Exactly John.

I'd honestly prefer to plough forward with Silva.

Skater boi wouldn't perform under Dyche or Howe either, but that's a different matter altogether.

Joe Corgan
42 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:57:50
Dyche hasn't covered himself in any glory tonight. Of course Man City should beat Burnley but it was clear at half time that Burnley needed to change something. Second half starts and it's total domination from City. Even then, Dyche didn't nothing. The second goal was inevitable.

Of course Dyche has limited options at his disposal and I'm not sure there was anything he could do, but the fact he didn't try was telling.

I've certainly seen Burnley battle and play with more discipline than they've done tonight. They looked like they'd given up after the first goal went in.

John Pierce
43 Posted 03/12/2019 at 21:58:08
JaC 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 comment of the century
Andy Crooks
44 Posted 03/12/2019 at 22:02:41
I think the Amazon coverage has been fine.
Steve Ferns
45 Posted 03/12/2019 at 22:02:44
Some great goals in the Man City game tonight, but I've yet to see the second (was watching the end of the Palace game at half-time and hadn't turned back).
Steve Ferns
46 Posted 03/12/2019 at 22:04:21
Serious question, how is Phil Bardsley still a Premier League player?
John Pierce
47 Posted 03/12/2019 at 22:19:29
Very late KO tomorrow evening, there's gonna be a lot of stranded kopites.
David Pearl
48 Posted 03/12/2019 at 22:24:02
Joe, nice spot there. Another manager who would get slaughtered here. Not a lot out there but some premier league managers just got lucky.

Funny isn't it how our own clubs all lean to Spain and Italy, Germany for managers. Who the hell comes in for ours. Dyche and Howe probably don't even have passports. Dyche would burn too easily in Spain for a start.

David Pearl
49 Posted 03/12/2019 at 22:26:45
Jamie, who is skater boi?
Steve Ferns
50 Posted 03/12/2019 at 22:27:41
Tom Davies, because he likes to skateboard and has been seen skating around Liverpool city centre on his own like a normal youngster.
David Pearl
51 Posted 03/12/2019 at 22:44:07
Oh yeah, haha. Well, l hope he wears knee pads and a helmet.

Can you imagine: Tom Davies out of Carling Cup Final, injured while out walking the dog.

Steve Ferns
52 Posted 03/12/2019 at 22:46:13
David, from what I've seen, he has a skateboard more for the luck rather than a desire to make a second career in extreme sports. No need to worry there.

However, it'd be just our luck that he tries to impress a young lady and makes a fool of himself and rules himself out for a long period of time!

Bill Gienapp
53 Posted 03/12/2019 at 23:05:11
Oof – losing to Palace in spite of having a man advantage for over 70 minutes. That certainly won't endear Howe to the skeptics.
Steve Ferns
54 Posted 04/12/2019 at 15:57:18
Has anyone seen this: Link

Ok, this is about the other lot, but it's a slur on the City of Liverpool. Trevor Sinclair was part of "kick it out" the anti racism charity, until he lost his job following a conviction for drink driving and racist public disorder (to a copper on arrest for said drink driving).

I personally find stuff like this to be quasi-racist against the people of Liverpool. It's a far cry from actual racism, that's for sure. But this kind of casual quasi-racism, where it's ok to refer to Liverpudlians as thieves needs to be eradicated. I'm sure we've all had the old "watch your wallets lads, the Scouser is here" jokes, when we've been living or working away from the city, at one point or another.

Sinclair needs to lose his TV job as well now and people need to know you cannot use terminology like this in 2019. It's disgraceful behaviour.

Tony Abrahams
55 Posted 04/12/2019 at 16:16:59
I'd personally disagree with you Steve, and would never take that much offence over something so trivial, but that's what some of the working classes have became sucked into imo.

Each to his own, but let's all Pat each other on the back and become outraged at everything, except things that really matter, well that's how I see it anyway.

You do what you have to, to survive Steve, and that's why I never get offended by people using such stereotypes mate, because I got this off the other thread were Boys from the Blackstuff, was mentioned, and like Jay Wood says in that thread, I am so very proud of the way scousers reacted, fought and beat adversity, and think of what an achievement it was, because Not many cities could have overcome such shite?

John Keating
56 Posted 04/12/2019 at 16:41:26
I'm with Tony on this Steve
I travel the world and when I get that it's dead easy to turn it right around and finish up with a good laugh.
We are far to easily offended these days, especially in things like that.
Best to turn it back on the idiots
Ray Roche
57 Posted 04/12/2019 at 16:52:24
Tony, with respect, Steve does have a point. If Lineker had made derogatory remarks about a black section of the community then Sinclair would have gone off the rails. Yet another section of society,ours, has to accept it. It's patently wrong. I'm not normally that bothered and I'm certainly not in the ''always offended'', ''easily offended'' category but I'm a bit tired of the one rule for one sector of society and one rule for another, especially from the mouth of a convicted drink driver.
When I first came to Wales 48 years ago I took, on occasions, a dog's abuse of the ''lock yer desk'', ''Scouser alert'' etc. but one mention of the locals affection for sheep brought about a less pleasant atmosphere. Again, scousers were regarded as fair game. I blame much of the anti scouse bias on the BBC who at one time were unable to mention ''scouser'' without the adjective ''thieving'' before it.
Sinclair would not have been so cavalier in his choice of words if he was referring to Notting Hill Carnival and the amount of muggings that occur there, and I'm sure he'd not dare to denigrate the Muslim community for instance.

If you were thinking of opening a big business in Liverpool do you think that the reputation for thieving would encourage you to come to Liverpool.? Or if you were contemplating a City Break?
It needs to stop.

Ray Roche
58 Posted 04/12/2019 at 16:53:57
John, so, in your World Travels, were you happy that people thought that you were from a city of thieves?
John Keating
59 Posted 04/12/2019 at 17:03:25
To be honest Ray I never bothered and it still doesn't bother me.
As I said if I feel like it I usually turn it round.
I know there's nothing in it. Usually I found/find it's said by someone who hasn't got a clue and if it's in an ale house we have a few pints and get down to the serious stuff - football
If it's a Brit once you find out where they're from believe me you can always get them on something !
Ray Roche
60 Posted 04/12/2019 at 17:10:03
John, believe me, I am usually up for a laugh, even at my own expense and generally have an answer for the ''thieving'' cracks. I slaughtered some South Walians in a backpacking hostel in Airlie Beach years ago using humour and piss taking after they started on about it, however, I just think that when you're not in the alehouse but writing in a National newspaper or fronting a TV show that's available to watch around the globe, it does Liverpool city no favours to give the impression that it's populated by thieves.
And I'm NOT easily outraged. I leave the offended by everything to the shower across the park. ;-)
Chris Williams
61 Posted 04/12/2019 at 17:29:17
I'm another not so easily offended, in the main. It's not just thieving, it's also about the City's sympathy for the bereaved that Johnson slagged us off for.

I've found also, it's who's saying it. I got a bit heated at a dinner which seemed to be full of a load of entitled Tory gobshites, which was purely a racist pisstake. Ignorance for sure, and I guess we shouldn't mock the afflicted.

Steve Ferns
62 Posted 04/12/2019 at 17:48:02
Tony, I always laugh it off and never make a fuss. But I've been doing it since I first left the city for university in 1999. It's now 2019 and the jokes not going away. Unless we start doing the opposite and taking people to task over labelling us as a city of thieves, it will continue. We have to draw the line somewhere because we don't still want to be wrongly labelled in 2039.
Eddie Dunn
63 Posted 04/12/2019 at 18:01:59
It's strange how certain regions can be ridiculed openly on the media as opposed to other ethnic groups such as gypsies or Jews, for example.
I lived in Nottingham for 4 years, London for 10 and now Wales for the last 27.
I can honestly say that workmates in Nottingham and London would have a bit of a dig about hubcaps back in the late 80's and even now in the local there is the occasional reference to stuff like that. However it is very lighthearted and I would class it as nothing more than gentle banter.
I do though hear regular piss-taking on BBC Radio 4 about the Welsh.
It seems the Irish are off limits but people from Norfolk or the Welsh are fair game.
If we said things about Pakistanis in the same tone about their culture, there would be outrage.
Political correctness has been quite selective in it's use.
Brian Williams
64 Posted 04/12/2019 at 18:07:53
Believe the lad tweeted it then removed the tweet. He apologized profusely on Talksport and was going to donate his appearance fee to a Liverpool homeless charity.
The term "bin dippers" was used to refer to Kopites on this occasion but I know it's been used previously to refer to Scousers in general.
I know it was wrong and unacceptable but perhaps the Kopites, first and foremost, will have an inkling as to how Man Utd supporters have felt over the years when the Munich air disaster song was always sung when the rs played them.
Mark Guglielmo
65 Posted 04/12/2019 at 18:11:23
Not in the U.S., Eddie @63, they're all off-limits.

Also, to all: for the ignorant (me), what does "thieving Scouser" mean, or refer to?

Steve Ferns
66 Posted 04/12/2019 at 18:13:59
Eddie, this is a symptom of a wider problem in this country though. Liverpool was the "Port of the Empire", and once the Richest City in the country as a result. The Liver Building was only built in 1908 as a sign of the wealth of Liverpool. Yet the fact that the city went into great decline following the decline of shipping and other economic factors, and compounded by the devastation caused by the 2nd World War when the Nazis laid waste to the American's gateway to Europe, is a national tragedy.

One of the things that really pisses me off, and I refuse to accept it, is the "lack of housing" down south. It's cheaper and better for everyone concerned to flip that and move the work (back) up north and rebuild the poorer areas of the north, than to keep building on greenbelt down south and keep sucking people down to the better paid jobs in London.

For me, it all goes back to this attitude of not giving a shit about places like Liverpool, and laughing at the poverty here instead of really trying to do something about it, which would be better (and cheaper) for the country as a whole.

John Keating
67 Posted 04/12/2019 at 18:30:20
Mark in a nut shell. People from outside the city call us scousers - scouse is a local delicacy made from everything you can put in and cook up in a pot with the cheapest cuts (lamb for the posh folk and mutton for the others!!) lovely by the way - and for whatever reason we've been labelled as piss poor and unemployable and have to thieve anything and everything to survive in our slum houses. Based as on most towns and cities in the UK in the 1700's-1900's. Everton itself was one of the more deprived areas until the early 60's when the area was decimated and people decanted out. Fortunately some of us managed to cling on in the area !
Steve Ferns
68 Posted 05/12/2019 at 20:53:28
Arsenal look terrible. Worse than ever. They won't keep ljunberg much longer.
Steve Ferns
69 Posted 05/12/2019 at 21:02:03
Anyone watching Newcastle beating Sheff United?

I'm watching Brighton dominate Arsenal. Somehow it's only 1-0.

Steve Ferns
70 Posted 05/12/2019 at 21:23:24
Arsenal 1-1 and look a different side.
Steve Ferns
71 Posted 05/12/2019 at 22:09:12
Arsenal lost 2-1. Great performance by Brighton. They weathered an arsenal storm for 20 minutes after half time and reasserted themselves. Arsenal lost with barely a whimper. They could have been wearing blue. We would all recognise that performance from “quality” players.
Matthew Williams
72 Posted 06/12/2019 at 12:02:09
It seems Chris Wilder's comments last night have nailed how the once beautiful game has finally gone and sold it's soul.

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