Hello Blues,

I am currently undertaking a dissertation in university to discuss "Has the commercialisation of Everton and Liverpool football clubs affected the relationship between the clubs and their supporters?"

Therefore, it would be of great help if you could participate and help a fellow Blue in answering a 5-minute multiple-choice questionnaire using the link below. It not require setting up any accounts and all responses will be maintained 100% confidential and will not be shared with any other parties.

Link to questionnaire

Many thanks!

If you have any views on this topic that go beyond the remit of the questionnaire, please add them as comments below.

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Tamhas Woods
1 Posted 25/01/2020 at 18:54:28
Hey man, just done the Qs - best of luck to you.

I was in your shoes 10 years ago (LJMU perchance?), and I think I may even have asked people to do a dissertation questionnaire on here as well.

Time flies

Paul Birmingham
2 Posted 25/01/2020 at 20:08:12
Sorted, good luck and get your degree.🍀👍🏼
Jay Evans
3 Posted 25/01/2020 at 20:16:09
Done. Good luck mate.
Tony Hill
4 Posted 25/01/2020 at 20:18:18
Submitted. Best of luck.
Brent Stephens
5 Posted 25/01/2020 at 20:37:32
Chris Leyland
6 Posted 25/01/2020 at 20:59:29
Bill Watson
7 Posted 26/01/2020 at 14:35:18
Done! Good luck with it.
David Pearl
8 Posted 26/01/2020 at 15:46:49
Yes, good luck, Luke!

Actually, the question: What aspect of football do you dislike most?

My answer isn't up there but it would be agents.

Simon Harrison
9 Posted 28/01/2020 at 03:12:00
All completed for you Luke.

Good luck with the dissertation.

Could I please ask which Software/site you used for the Questionnaire? Back in the day I used to use Survey MOnkey, but this is much better/cleaner.

Cheers and good wishes

John Pierce
10 Posted 28/01/2020 at 04:20:35
All done. Do we get a copy of the finished dissertation? 😜
Jay Harris
11 Posted 28/01/2020 at 04:29:09
Good luck Luke.

I agree with David Pearl about agents and the obscene amount of money they make.

Paul Hughes
12 Posted 28/01/2020 at 14:25:09
Done. Good Luck.
I agree with the agents comment too. I would also add VAR as a serious dislike (at least in its present form)
Steve Ferns
13 Posted 28/01/2020 at 14:40:03
Simon Smith
14 Posted 28/01/2020 at 14:49:28
Dave Ganley
15 Posted 28/01/2020 at 19:11:55
Done, good luck with the dissertation
Simon Dalzell
16 Posted 29/01/2020 at 01:22:31
Glad to help. All the best Luke.
Derek Thomas
17 Posted 29/01/2020 at 02:21:15
Tom Fazal
18 Posted 29/01/2020 at 03:39:32
Done and good luck with your project. Would love to see a summary of your findings and, if you submit it to the club, what their response is.
James Flynn
19 Posted 29/01/2020 at 03:53:45
A couple things, with "No harm, No foul" in mind:

Maybe double-check spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

When the survey is completed and submitted, one can click back in and take the survey again. Don't know if that's your intention.

Looks interesting. Perhaps when it's done and dusted and you get your grade, you can send it to Lyndon to post here.

Best of luck.

20 Posted 30/01/2020 at 14:56:30
Derek Knox
21 Posted 30/01/2020 at 22:37:29
Hope that helps you, Luke, although a few questions merited more than one answer, ie, what are you dissatisfied with in the modern game, I feel there could have been several answers in that one. Transfer Fees, Players (Immoral) Wages, the influence of Sky and Broadcasting Companies etc.
Kristian Boyce
22 Posted 31/01/2020 at 21:36:45
I did my dissertation 20 years ago on football shirt sponsorship using us & One2one as a case study. To give them credit, the club allowed me to conduct my questionnaire within the club shop for about a week and gave me information on sponsorship deals.

I was doing an internship at the time with Leyton Orient, working as their marketing person. Embarrassingly, there wasn't a huge difference between the two operations.

Luke Scanlon
23 Posted 03/02/2020 at 12:12:07
Hi Everyone,

I am overwhelmed with the response that I have been given on this questionnaire, as I am currently looking at 625 responses from fellow blues and reds.

A few questions that have come up in the comments, I would love to potentially publish my dissertation on this website if that is able to do so and if the grade I get is to a good standard.

The avenue of agents that David Pearl and Jay Harris have picked up on is a really good one which I have missed out on, I agree the fees that agents receive are extortionate and are a detriment to the world of football nowadays. Likewise with the recent introduction of VAR as suggested by Paul Hughes.

Then the avenue to contact the clubs to locate myself in the club shops could be a real positive opportunity to receive more responses, which I would be very interested in doing but wouldn't know who to contact.

Finally Simon Harrison, I have used Google Forms for the construction of the questionnaire which has allowed me to personalise and export all of the data once the study is completed.

But thank you all again for participating in the questionnaire, it is so greatly appreciated.

Up the toffees.

Frank Wade
24 Posted 04/02/2020 at 19:15:40
Good luck with this Luke and with your studies. I would never buy any merchandise which promoted a gambling company. I buy Everton merchandise but not with SportPesa attached. We have EitC working on Mental Health and the club supporting Gambling!
Brent Stephens
25 Posted 04/02/2020 at 19:26:54
Luke, that's a great response rate! Well done.

"I would love to potentially publish my dissertation on this website if that is able to do so and if the grade I get is to a good standard".

That sounds good - publish and be damned! And if you want somebody to read your draft, there might be a few on here willing to do that - I come cheap, as in free!

Julie Naybour
26 Posted 05/02/2020 at 09:34:35
Hi Luke, good look with your dissertation.

Have just completed survey.
Would just like to add, I felt, as with most surveys, I was being forced into a simplistic answer that I didn't really feel because there were no other options.
Just one example; when the answer is positive or negative, I felt I wanted to say, there are examples of both.

As a generalisation, like most people, I feel there are terrible consequences of commercialisation. However, the survey seemed to point the finger at the club. But the club have little choice if they want to survive. It's the bigger picture that forces their commercialised direction.

Hope you don't take this as criticism. Just trying to put forward a viewpoint that may help.
All the best with your studies

Brent Stephens
27 Posted 05/02/2020 at 09:38:45
Luke, you might know this already but it's always a good idea at the end of the dissertation to critically assess your methods - so be honest about the sort of limitations that Julie points to. Doing that isn't a weakness but will strengthen your dissertation.
Dick Fearon
28 Posted 06/02/2020 at 06:16:36
From 12,000 miles, I found most questions did not apply to me. Perhaps a skip button would have saved my time and reduced a false summation of answers.

Cheers anyway.

Lenny Kingman
29 Posted 06/02/2020 at 15:01:53

The "most disliked in football" question/answer Players Wages would indicate the pathway to the blood-sucking leeches that agents most certainly are.

Robert Workman
30 Posted 07/02/2020 at 08:52:13
I enjoyed completing the questionnaire.
I agree with an earlier comment (21) about multiple choice answers.
I would also have liked to see a question regarding where you live now in addition to where you are from. I have lived in Vienna for almost 15 years, which is the reason that I do not attend many games. That option was not provided in the question about attendance, so I had to answer 'Other Arrangements'.
Pleased to note the good number of responses.
Mike Benjamin
31 Posted 07/02/2020 at 13:25:51
Good luck Luke. I think asking whether we are a season ticket holder would have been useful. With having a season ticket I don't really think about individual match ticket prices only the overall cost over a season., which the club has held for a few seasons now.
Brian Wilkinson
32 Posted 12/02/2020 at 23:01:14
All done, Luke; top of the list has to be football agents and changing games to suit the armchair fan.

One not on there for me is poor allocation of tickets for away supporters.

Luke Scanlon
33 Posted 17/02/2020 at 15:06:08
Hi Everyone,

Thankyou for much for your feedback, comments and responses with the questionnaire and with regards to my study.

I have now completed my search for responses as I have now received 1,032 responses which is rather overwhelming.

I can always rely on the Everton family for support and I shall keep you all updated with my findings.


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