Sportsmen of all kinds are given the title of 'hero' but few actually put their own life on the line to save others.

Harry Gregg did just that, not once but twice on a foggy frozen Munich airfield he returned to the wreck of a plane he had just escaped from and rescued two others.

My personal memory of Irish international Harry Gregg was in the FA Cup semi-final at Burnden Park against hot favourites Manchester United. I was in the crowd directly behind United's goal when Colin Harvey's shot found the net for Everton that took us Wembley and the 1966 FA Cup Final.

Harry had anticipated the intended flight of the ball yet was caught off balance by what in my opinion was a mishit by Colin that had Harry scrambling too late to make the save.

In those days, there were lots of sporting heroes but Harry Gregg was truly of another kind. May he rest in peace.

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