As its all getting a bit heavy on the Business as Usual thread, just remember, 'He (or she) ain't heavy - He's my brother'...

So, with that in mind, and much inspiration from a nice New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, The Singleton Whisky and Ian Drury, let's have some reasons to be cheerful.

Mr Drury and others set out some couplets below as a guide to form and content, eg, one or two lines on almost anything, with rhymes as a bonus but not compulsory.

Reasons to be cheerful, one, two, three.

Summer, Buddy Holly, the working folly,
Good golly, Miss Molly and boats.

Hammersmith Palais, the Bolshoi Ballet,
Jump back in the alley and nanny goats.

Eighteen-wheeler Scammells, Dominica camels,
All the other mammals, plus equal votes.

Seeing Piccadilly, Fanny Smith and Willie,
Being rather silly, and porridge oats.

A bit of 'grin and bear it', a bit of 'come and share it',
You're welcome – we can spare it; yellow socks.

Too short to be haughty, too nutty to be naughty,
Going on forty no electric shocks.

The juice of a carrot, the smile of a parrot,
A little drop of claret, anything that rocks.

Elvis and Scotty, the days when I ain't spotty,
Sitting on a potty, curing smallpox.

Reasons to be cheerful, one, two, three.

Health service glasses, gigolos and brasses,
Round or skinny bottoms.

Take your mum to Paris, lighting up a chalice
Wee Willie Harris...

New Reasons to be cheerful, one, two, three.

Talking as a quorum on the ToffeeWeb live forum

Damn that social distance at the wife's insistence.

Andy Capp and Florrie, even watching Corrie.

Listening to music, turn it up quite loud.

Simpson, Galton's Hancock, walking around Bangkok.

Wishing you'd been at Woodstock. The Supermarket's got stock.

Reasons to be cheerful, one, two, three...

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Chris Williams
1 Posted 26/04/2020 at 13:08:37
Ok Derek

I'll play (with profound apologies)

Singing in the shower
With Emmy Lou and Robin Trower
What about Paul Power
And Wyatt Earp
Vernon Young And Stevens
Vodka in the evening
Tricky Trevor Steven
Boris is a twerp

Merseybeat and sixties swinging
Carragher is minging
Cooders guitar stinging
And Davy Graham
Chimes of Freedom ringing
Prine and Bonnie singing
Little Richard blinging
And Penny Lane

The Band and Bobby Dylan
John Lees Boogie Chillen
Clive Thomas was a villain
Gerrard is a berk.
Harvey Ball and Kendall
Crowd going mental
The vandal took the handle
So the pump don't work

Drinking nice Rioja
Alcaraz a shocker
A plane called a Fokker
And Freda Payne
Rita Webb and Otis
Even Denis Lotis
Wanker now the POTUS
And Arnold Layne

Reasons to be cheerful (and fearful 123!)

Chris Williams
2 Posted 26/04/2020 at 00:10:34
After some cooking eating and drinking some nice red wine, a bit more rambling.

Reasons to be cheerful:

The Pier Head
The Grateful Dead
And Ray Charles
Tell me what'd I Say
Peter Sellers, Chatterleys Mellors
And Buddy Holly
Not Fade away

Mustang Sally,Down in the Valley
Sneaking Sally through the Alley
And Tony Kay
Nothing but the Best
Labone and West
Maurice Williams Won't you stay

Van the Man and Steely Dan
It Stoned Me, BadSneakers and Doctor Wu
Late night thinking
Late night drinking
Late night curries
I love you

Harry Catterick
Fred Pickering hat trick
Robert Wyatt John Hiatt
The Mardi Gras
Blacklers Grotto
Playing Lotto
Getting blotto
In the American Bar

Derek Thomas
3 Posted 27/04/2020 at 01:46:34
Well done Chris. All together now - Reasons to be Cheerful, 1, 2, 3.
Derek Thomas
4 Posted 27/04/2020 at 07:35:36
Curly, Moe and Larry, my dreams of Debbie Harry. The Fountains Abbey.

The cartoons of Bill Tidy, Arteta getting snidey and Cahills corner flag.

Archie Leitch's gable, when we topped the table, Ball quite able to see the rs off.

A Pound, a pence, a shilling, the scouse girls that were willing. The 'last orders' bell.

Window cleaners ladders, square clocks on the Gwladys, Brian and Jimmy Harris.

Pete Best out, then Ringo, your Nana at the Bingo. The 500 bus.

Reasons to be cheerful, 1, 2, 3.

Chris Williams
5 Posted 27/04/2020 at 08:24:41
Cheers Derek,

It's a good idea, this and good fun too. Got the little grey cells going for a change.

Chris Williams
6 Posted 27/04/2020 at 17:23:37
One last go Derek, seeing as how we've got this to ourselves!

Reasons to be cheerful 123

Boat across to Calais
The Monte Carlo Rally
Bottles of Aunt Sally
And bannymugs
My dad calls me soft lad
Get Scouse Git of my mates dad
Get your hair cut sharpish
Wash behind your lugs

Cherie's dad, Alf Garnett
Frayed jeans, dodgy Barnet
Valderma, spots and blackheads
And NHS specs
Chelsea boots, combat jackets,
Ban the Bomb barbers ‘packets'
Playing footy, Stanley Park
My mates torn kecks

Micky Lill and Tommy Ring
Shirley, Moggsy, Johnny King
Wembley 66
And a dream come true
Me and Woolly, Neil Shenton
Eddie Cochran and Brook Benton
Hoochie Coochie, Muddy Waters
Dions Runaround Sue

Johnny Winter,Jimi Hendrix
Going to the Bendix
Bagful of washing
Going round and round
Rory, Peter Green
Being deafened by Cream
The latest stuff on Caroline
All the best sounds

Peter Green on the Kursaal
Dr. Who playing Worzel
Southend and London 67
The summer of love
Smoking like a chimney
Byrd's The Bells Of Rhymney
Wild Mountain Thyme
All You Need is Love

Gram Parsons and Gene Clark
Smoking weed in the park
Sweet Soul Music
And Dock of the Bay
King Curtis, Wilson Pickett
Fairport, Jansch, playing cricket
Holy Trinity, Royle, Husband
Alan Whittle won the day.

Reasons to be cheerful 123

Great fun Derek, cheers mate

Chris Hockenhull
7 Posted 27/04/2020 at 17:35:37
Fabulous all. A great deal of my favourite musicians in there. You are all a very educated musical lot. A ToffeeWeb Box Set of all this wouldn't go amiss!!!
Chris Williams
8 Posted 27/04/2020 at 17:59:42
Cheers Chris,

Welcome to the party. Good fun, and uplifting too.

Paul Tran
9 Posted 27/04/2020 at 18:12:43
Was this the Ian Dury song with the fabulous line 'Stafford Cripps and Walnut Whips'?

Here's my Reasons to be Cheerful

Staying at home
Been weeks since I've flown
Walks on the beach
Trump talking bleach
Bottles of Shiraz
Watching old matches
Swearing at Thomas
The king of referee bollocks
Drinking Innes & Gunn
Then less work's done
My work just as personal
Since converting it to virtual

Chris Williams
10 Posted 27/04/2020 at 18:36:07
Yup, Paul,

Ian Dury

And now the Knobheads!

Derek Thomas
11 Posted 28/04/2020 at 00:26:45
Not having piles, walking two miles, granddaughter's smiles

Peaky Blinders Polly, Good Golly Miss Molly, Pendelton;s ice lolly.

Bright blue skies, Christmas mince pies, seagulls cries.

Snuggle in the eiderdown, coming out of lockdown, when you had half a crown.

Reasons to be cheerful, 1 2, 3.

Steve Carse
12 Posted 02/05/2020 at 10:10:33
Derek (11) - what could be nicer than a Pendleton's Twicer?
Chris Williams
13 Posted 02/05/2020 at 14:05:54
Oh sod it! I'm bored

Reasons to be cheerful 1, 2, 3

Frodo, Samwise
Hot meat pies
Tangerine Skies
And John Ford
Nathan Brittles
Slap and Tickle
Cheese and Pickle
My Sweet Lord

Grapes of Wrath
To Have and Have Not
Orson Welles
And Citizen Kane
James Dean
The Soft Machine
Michael Keane
And Mary Jane

Alex Parker
An Otter called Tarka
A Nice Warm Parka
The Magic Clock
Mikel and Tim
Jungle Jim
Memphis Slim
Bramley-Moore Dock

Sauron and Sméagol
The Bow-Legged Beagle
Reading the Eagle
Bangers and Mash
Camping in the lakes
Nice rare steaks
The Mississippi Sheikhs
On the lash

Lego and Meccano
Glasses from Murano
Boy Sopranos
Chop suey rolls
Lake Pontchartrain
Downtown Train
Love in Vain
Sandy's own goal

Drinking in the Crown
The Moon is Down
Dirty Old Town
And Jailhouse Rock
Blue Jay Way
And Brother Ray
Why Don't You Stay
A nice cold hock.

Jason Leung
14 Posted 02/05/2020 at 23:31:07
Thanks for the laughs, lads!!

Keep 'em coming! I'm no good at this creative stuff but I'll gladly join for the laughs!!

Derek Thomas
15 Posted 03/05/2020 at 01:38:56
The golfer Sam Snead, Mike Tyson's weed, that's all we need.

Dan Dare and Digby, Elenor Rigby, Sammy Lee's a pygmy.

Larry Niven's Ring World, I'll see you in the next world. Don't. Be. Late.

Single Malt Whisky, feeling rather frisky, its all getting risky.

Reasons to be cheerful, 1, 2, 3.

Chris Williams
16 Posted 03/05/2020 at 12:08:23
Reasons to be cheerful 123

Warren Zevon
Rick and Levon
Gary Stevens
Watership Down
Mary Black
Hit the Road Jack
South side Johnny
Jackson Browne

Round the Horne, The Goons
Moon the Loon
Martin Dobson
Wolfman Jack
Buffalo Bill
Can't Buy a Thrill
Drinking in the Phil
And in the Cracke

Gomez and Lurch
Walton Church
Mavis Staples
Etta James
Jackie Leven
Odds and Evens
Ramon Wilson
The Famous Flames

The Glimmer Twins
Wheely bins
Venial sins
And James Brown
Bobby Collins
Sonny Rollins
Bootsy Collins
Thomas Crown

Scott Fitzgerald
The Daily Herald
Evening Express
Rory Storm
King size Taylor
Norman Mailer
Horace Yates
And Rip Torn

Doctor John
And Cornish scones
Allen Toussaint
Southern Nights
Christy Moore
Elvis, Doors
First time Howard
We hit the heights

Skiffle, Lonnie
Stevie and Ronnie
The Golden Bough
Joni, Coyote
Don Quixote
Reason to Believe
All Over Now

Chris Williams
17 Posted 16/05/2020 at 09:55:47
Ray and Jackie Wilson
Lennon, Harry Nilsson
Christmas casey
Vodka and lime
Dylan Thomas,Brendan Behan
Jet Harris Tony Meehan
Art Deco and Nouveau
Burning Times

The Wizard and the Beano
Ram jam Band and Geno
The Footy Echo
Walton Hall Park
Graham Sharp and Inchy
Leonardo da Vinci
Bob Wooler,the Cavern
The Navy Lark

Cy Tuckers Friars
Billy's Weekly Liar
Bill Tidy
Blood on the Tracks
Michael Foot and Harold
Sedaka and Oh Carol
Zydeco and Cajun
Muscle Shoals and Stax

Dave Swarbrick Paul Simon
Ricky Nelson,Frankie Lyman
Hitting the Pieman
In row Z
Brian and Jimmy Harris
Jewell and Warris
Stella Maris
Baking bread

Barry Steve And Tony
Bony Morony
Dylan's New Pony
Don McClean
Dan Dare And Digby
Eleanor Rigby
Trigger and Roy Rogers
The Rock Machine

James Burton Scottie Moore
Horace Batchelor Infradraw
Wembley miss by Ashley
Bonfire Night
Psycho and the Rat
Year of the Cat
Born to Run
Time is Tight

County Road And Scotty
Hans And Lottie
St Francis de Sales
Richard Briers
Tom Joad, Jim Casey
Smut at the Jacey
Cagney and Lacey
Johnny Myers

Joe Friday
Jacky and Bridie
Gregson Well
Davys on the Ball
Cyril Davies, Duster Bennet
Mr Pastry, Stan Stennet
Royal Blue Mersey
Bless them all

TJ Hughes
January queues
Reynolds News
The Cast Iron Shore
Otterspool Prom
Herbert Lom
Uncle Tom
The Iron Door

Bob Cherry
Pippin and Merry
Bottle of sterry
St George's Hall
Iron in the Soul
Toad in the hole
Rock and Roll Trolls
Lou Rawles

O'Raffertys Pig
An Irish Jig
Grossman's gig
The Bon Marche
Bluebottle and Eccles
Girls with freckles
Jennifer Eccles
Collars with starch

Ry Cooder And Mavis
Ray and Dave Davies
Sunday dinner
Johnnys Wembley barge
Rigsby and his lodgers
The Artful Dodger
Beat the clock
I'm in charge

Fritz Spiegel
Anna Neagle
Is that legal
Bayco bricks
Grand Coulee Dam
Vigilante Man
Barry's Uncle Stan
Number 6

Milligan, Puckoon
Landing on the Moon
Name that Tune
Drinking in the Mons
Playing for the school
Playing the fool
Acting like a tool
Ritchie and the Fonz

Goals on blank walls
And Frido balls
Hans Road Walton
Mum and Dad
Goodison Park
Lighting up the dark
Stanley Park boat lake
Make me glad

Chris Williams
18 Posted 02/06/2020 at 13:00:06
Clive McPhatter
Having a natter
The Range Rider
And Dick West
Acker Bilk
Farting through silk
Ice cold milk
The Throstles Nest

Bill Graham presents
Camping in tents
Fasting in Lent
Cook and Moore
Dan Leno
Wigan Casino
Frank and Dino
Nateley's whore

Sauron's Ring
The Emperor Ming
Bob Hope and Bing
Gandalf's staff
Valentine Dyall
Denver Pyle
Having some style
Ray's A Laugh

Python and The Goodies
Woody and Huddie
Swimming in the nuddy
Bacon and beans
Neil Innes
Pint of Guinness
Roy Thinnes
Eat your greens

Going on a date
Playing with your mates
Bullens Road gates
Use them as a goal
Family do's
Watching the Blues
Unobstructed views
Bob the Pole

Fiend Without A Face
The Thing From Outer Space
The Great Race
Bonnie And Clyde
Boozy Lunch
Playing a hunch
Beat Me To The Punch
Mothers Pride

Playing shots in
Bloodnok and Min
Beer in a tin
One of the blokes
Chambers Brothers
Tommy Smothers
Zappa and The Mothers
Drawn out jokes

Grown up sons
Hot cross buns
Here Comes The Sun
The National Course
Bill Hicks
Hot licks
Tom Mix
Nice mint sauce

The Mardi Gras
The mini car
The Union bar
The Blessed Sac
The Manx Maid
Getting paid
Christie and Sinead
Uncle Mac

Getting in the ale
JJ Cale
Dick Dale
Mel Torme
Going to Reece's
Ironing sharp creases
Five Easy Pieces
Edie Gorme

The Villa Marina
Pictures of Sabrina
Bald Headed Lena
On the pull
Christmas shopping
Going out bopping
Going out copping
Jethro Tull

Dockers Umbrella
Cave dwellers
Joseph Heller
Crackling on pork
Texas John Brim
Brothers Grimm
The River Hymn
Have a nice talk

Lock and Laker
Song of a Baker
Giver not a taker
Sunday tea
Scarborough Fair
Harold McNair
The Cruel Sea

Rubber Soul
Dave Grohl
A Latchford goal
A Thomas cross
Dean and Lawton
Long Tall and Short'un
Beach at Moreton
Kate Moss

Peppermint Twist
Getting slightly pissed
Getting slightly kissed
Jerry Lee
Drinking in the Triton
Going to New Brighton
The Admiral Crichton
Lemon Tree.

Chris Williams
19 Posted 27/07/2020 at 13:07:13
Ben My Chree
Bunking in free
Swimming in the sea
The Black Bull
Jumping on the tram
Fritters made of spam
Emmy Lou And Gram
Jethro Tull

One hand clapping
Christmas wrapping
Afternoon napping
Standing at the back
Holidays at Rhyl
Prizeday At The Phil
Money in the till
Paint It Black

Alma Cohan
Jimmy Logan
Terry Wogan
Cammel Laird
Ian Durie
Billy Fury
Working in a brewery
Thora Herd

The Chantays
The Banks and Braes
Thank you For The Days
Hoola Hoops
Uncle Monty
Carlo Ponti
Richard Conte
Packet soups

Helen Shapiro
Emperor Nero
Liverpool zero
Burke's Law
Gil Favor
Rod Laver
Drop of Glayva
The Green Door

Obi Wan And Yoda
Driving a Skoda
Ice cream soda
Johnny Todd
Tootie Fruity
Oh What A Beauty
Shake your booty
Alex God

Squire Trelawney
Cyril Tawney
Cod Mornay
Tony Rome
Cornish Pasties
Mille Grazie
Illinois Nazis
Going Home

A mission from God
Ken Dodd
Dressed like a Mod
Marge Proops
Bootsy and Snudge
Vanilla Fudge
Bearing no grudge
Shop Shoop

Potato Gratin
Going to Prestatyn
South side with the Satins
And the Ashbury Jukes
Ronnie Spector
Hannibal Lector
Malingering Hector
No Nukes

Sha Na Na
Thank Your Lucky Stars
Z Cars
Sylvester McCoy
George Melly
Satire on the telly
Strawberry jelly
Oh Boy

Faulkner Square
Bobby Bare
Fair shares
Ivor Cuttler
Mr Tibbs
Barbecue ribs
First dibs
Woosters Butler

Aigburth Vale
The Holy Grail
Beatles For Sale
Silver Dagger
Sugar In My Bowl
Barry Hole
Old King Cole
Dean Jagger

Captains Log
Noggin The Nog
Matts Hot Dogs
In Place of Strife
National Steel
Ray Veall
Fred Neil
In My Life

Hole in Ye Wall
Ray McFall
Curly Alan Ball
Yozzer Hughes
Off at Edge Hill
Judy Sill
Silky skill
Paying your dues

Fats Waller
Lieber and Stoller
Hickory Holler
John Gregson
Cathy's Clown
I'm Down
Sandy Brown
Gary Megson

Swiss Maid
Torn And Frayed
Debts paid
My Sweet Lord
Lefty Wilbury
Trips to Hilbre
Sailing from Tilbury
The Lost Chord

The Long Riders
The Hillsiders
Bitter with cider
Mike Trebilcock
Sandhills Station
Rainbow Nation
The Creation
Albert Dock

Derek Temple
Anouska Hempel
Andrew Semple
Laxey Wheel
A Touch of Class
Midnight Mass
The Parting Glass
Reunion meal

Dublin Packet
Beatle Jacket
Making a racket
Away In A Manger
Percy Grainger
Getting on with strangers
Sancho Panza

Higher and Higher
Billy Liar
Barry Cryer
Solomon Burke
Pomus and Schuman
Redford and Newman
Freddy Trueman
Cool Jerk

Popeye The Sailer
Bunny Wailer
Clapton and Layla
Peter Ling
Ben Stokes
That's All Folks
Crafty tokes
Goffin and King

Crescent City
Summer In The City
Town Without Pity
Bobby Bland
Mondo Cane
Sausage sarnie
Reg Varney
Listen To The Band

Bob Hite
Time Is Tight
Light Flight
Tom Paley
Blind Owl
Rodney Crowell
Kieran Dowell?
John Bailey

Arthur Haynes
Leighton Baines
Seaman Staines
Terence Stamp
Just One Look
Off The Hook
Willy Cook
Midnight Lamp

Burning Spear
Lots of beer
96 Tears
Bobby Hebb
Handsome Molly
Sharpys volley
Christmas holly


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