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Tommy Bowman
1 Posted 21/03/2020 at 16:35:49
Per Krøldrup is Danish - not Dutch.
Alan J Thompson
2 Posted 21/03/2020 at 17:03:25
I'm staggered by the line, "joined Everton as a 9 year old from Man City".
Ajay Gopal
3 Posted 21/03/2020 at 17:48:43
About Mirallas, Michael you say: "I have great difficulty watching players who, time after time, fail to deliver." Classic stuff, and I whole heartedly agree. I think I posted on TW after seeing Mirallas in his 1st few games: "He could be our own Christiano Ronaldo" – I really did!
Kevin Prytherch
4 Posted 21/03/2020 at 18:37:10
Do you remember this team from Moyes in a dead rubber?

EVERTON (4-5-1)
Hibbert (76' Mustafi)
Rodwell (8' Akpan)
Osman (81' Craig)
Subs not used

Tony McNulty
5 Posted 21/03/2020 at 19:22:34
Interesting article Michael. I guess based on that team alone we would so far merit a D minus in terms of bringing players forward (based on a five point scale).

Your aren't alone in prematurely over-rating some of our players Ajay. I think of some of my own early assessments (e.g. Rodwell, Barkley). For me, as the great man Dr Johnson said, it always the triumph of hope over experience as far as all things Everton are concerned.

Andrew Dempsey
6 Posted 21/03/2020 at 19:29:15
Kroldrup was, and still is Danish.

Also was very slow, and I assume a lot slower now.

Dave Abrahams
7 Posted 21/03/2020 at 19:32:38
Kevin (4), yes remember that game, Forshaw was excellent, played outside right, he only played the first half then Dour Dave took him off, I don't think he ever played for the first team again. He's been around and made a good career for himself, think he is still playing in the championship. Did that game finish 0-0 Kevin?
Robert Tressell
8 Posted 21/03/2020 at 19:38:35
Hardly a lost generation. Mostly a bunch of also-rans. Lookman and Vlasic may well have good careers (the latter is no worse than Iwobi, say). Gordon and Baningime were the stand-out academy players and may yet make it with us (especially given the totally illiquid markets will hit the summer transfer markets).

Denny was reputed to be good and Stinky Gerrard was sniffing around start of last season re a move to Rangers. No idea whether he's any good but Onyango seems to have overtaken him.

Feeney might turn himself into a Shane Duffy type if he gets about 100 games under his belt in the Championship. Hope he does.

In fact, much as I love transfers, I really hope football comes back a bit more humble from this present experience and remembers the point of being a club is to represent a community and give the local lads a chance to play (like Bilbao). If that means pumping money into the youth team and putting up with Schneiderlin and Walcott, then so be it.

Paul Traill
9 Posted 21/03/2020 at 19:48:58
Interesting reading, Michael, and it brought back great memories. I can confirm it was not a warm sultry night! Incredibly we sold out the away end that night, despite it being a dead rubber in Cyprus in December. A great trip.
Tony Abrahams
10 Posted 21/03/2020 at 19:50:19
Ajay, I thought that was a fair assessment of Mirallas, who was obviously a poor mans Ronaldo, and had the talent to do so much better, and would have done if he'd tried harder.

Made for life, money takes over from desire, which equates to "I made it fucking big-time, even if I wasted most of my talent, because I didn't need to work harder, once they gave me that big fat juicy contact."

Duncan Adams
11 Posted 21/03/2020 at 19:56:00
Saw Klaassen in the Europa League Final against Man Utd, playing for Ajax, and he looked then like he was going to struggle. By the descriptions, I thought he was going to be our Frank Lampard.

As for Mirallas. I remember an individual goal against Spurs the type of which we never score. However, turned out he was a very selfish player without the numbers to back it up.

Fingers crossed for Gordon. Hornby also seems like he has something about him, whether it's with us or a level or two below, who knows?

John Raftery
12 Posted 21/03/2020 at 20:19:33
I was in Cyprus that night. It was freezing. I felt sorry for those who turned up in tee shirts and shorts! It seemed at the time both Mirallas and Schneiderlin had been sent to Cyprus as punishment for training ground insolence. Mirallas was a decent player in his first couple of seasons but was subsequently badly managed by Martinez and hardly managed at all by Koeman who signed Bolasie to replace him.

I have seen Hornby and Gordon playing for the Under-23s. Nothing Hornby has produced at that level suggests he has what it takes to cut the mustard in the Premier League. He is way below the level of Calvert-Lewin who, according to some, is not up to it. I would not write Gordon off just yet but, in his two brief first-team appearances, he has looked lightweight. In the Under-23s, he has hardly made an irrefutable case for promotion to the first team.

Peter Gorman
13 Posted 21/03/2020 at 20:27:33
Dave, your memory is playing you false I am afraid. BATE Borisov beat the young blues 1-0, Forshaw played the whole game (notable for the most senior kid on the night, Rodwell, getting injured after 8 mins).

Personally I thought Forshaw was bang average that night, if that. Didn't see any future for him at all so he surprised me being one of those to work his way back up the league ladder.

Other than quibbling over the nationality of Per Kroldrup, my only complaint is that I think the way Mirallas's career petered out seems to taint your recollection, Michael.

At some point, Mirallas was very good for us. Certainly far more effective than to just dismiss him as an Iwobi. I also recall at some point, possibly season two under Martinez, he was the ONLY player on form, up until his ridiculous penalty incident at least.

The frustration with Kevin was that he proved several times he could up his game against the big boys (very few in blue could claim that these last few decades) but lost form against nobodies. An enigma all right, but one who scored his share of stonkers.

Karl Masters
14 Posted 21/03/2020 at 20:50:21
It was far from barmy that December night In Cyprus and Kroldrup isn’t Dutch.

Apart from that an interesting article, although Mirallas played well in his first two seasons and scored memorable goals of the highest quality against Stoke, Spurs and Villa as I recall. Went downhill after being given a ridiculous contract extension by Martinez.

Martinez really lost the plot in his last season giving out those crazy long contracts to Besic and Mirallas and then signing Niasse.

I think Vlasic will come back to haunt us, maybe Lookman will too, but overall it’s amazing to think how many players have basically failed at Everton in the last 3 years. Well over 20, maybe 30. And just a few successes. Recruitment needs to improve.

Dick Fearon
15 Posted 21/03/2020 at 21:19:53
I saw a recent video of our youths in training and, if that is typical of how they are coached, it is not surprising few of them succeed.

Surrounded by ear-splitting boom boxes and miked up sideline coaches screaming instructions, it is no wonder the lads lose the individuality that brought them to the club in the first place.

Years ago, I attended seminars hosted by top coaches from many and various sports. One of the main things I learned was the futility of shouting instructions at players while they were under pressure.

Tony Abrahams
16 Posted 21/03/2020 at 21:29:56
Because it just puts them under even more pressure, Dick, and anyone who has ever played the game (professional coaches?) would already know this.
Derek Thomas
17 Posted 22/03/2020 at 00:35:15
Seems to divide into 4 groups; Sicknotes, has-beens, never will be's and wtf were they thinking... some qualify under more than one heading, Besic for instance.

All-in-all, not a recommendation for the recruitment side of things.

Dick Fearon
18 Posted 22/03/2020 at 05:03:06
Derek @ 17, You could well be correct on all fronts yet the methods used by the coaching panel would have a strong influence. To be selected for a place in the academy, a youngster must have attributes that place him ahead of other candidates. It is the coaches' role to develop and improve those attributes.

The video I referred to in my previous letter was on the club's official page. I was disappointed to note the players I guess were mid to late teens and would already have had about 10 years of professional coaching.

If they still require that kind of raucous advice or to be motivated in such a manner, the entire lot, along with the coaches, need to be replaced.

Paul Burns
19 Posted 22/03/2020 at 11:39:15
Paul #9 spot on, it wasn't warm and sultry. It was freezing and caught a few out who must have flew in for the day in tee-shirt, shorts and flip flops.
Mike Gaynes
20 Posted 22/03/2020 at 16:40:58
Dave #7, yes, Forshaw fashioned a good career -- he was a starter in the Boro side that won promotion from the Championship, and he played a full season in the Prem before Boro was relegated.

Sad to say his career took a sharp detour. He was a starter at Leeds in a new position, DM, before suffering a hip injury last September. It did not heal and he finally had surgery in the US last month. If he can recover, he could be back in the Prem -- Leeds was leading the Championship before everything shut down.

Dave Abrahams
21 Posted 22/03/2020 at 17:04:02
Peter (13). I’ll your word for the score, it surprises me that Forshaw played the whole game, but what I remember of him that night he played well, if,as you say, he played the whole game I maybe getting him mixed up with another player because he couldn’t have done much if I thought he was on for the second half, thanks for your post.
John Guy
22 Posted 22/03/2020 at 20:52:31
Yes, cold that night. I'd always liked Lookman, so was happy to see him score a couple of good goals. Thought he might do well at RB Leipzig, but there you go, not that great after all.

Paul Traill, hope you are well, enjoyed that trip. Learnt a few new songs.

Michael Kenrick
23 Posted 23/03/2020 at 08:17:19
Seems Nikola Vlasic is now tearing it up for CSKA Moscow:

Everton flop Vlasic is a star of the Russian Premier League

Apologies for my error on the nationality of Per Krøldrup. Thanks for the correction.

Tim James
24 Posted 23/03/2020 at 13:00:14
Articles about our young players always remind me of the time the Evertonian ran a regular feature on the next generation of Everton stars rising through the ranks. I worked with the aunt of one such young player who was featured in my latest edition. When I took the article into work to show my colleague she informed me he had already been released!
Tony Everan
25 Posted 23/03/2020 at 13:51:27
Michael 23

Oumar was Russian player of the season 2015 so I can't find too much regret about Nikola hitting form there. I am pleased for him and he is talented, it would be interesting to see how he wound fare now in the Premier League.

Robert 8, interestingly says is Iwobi a better player than him? Who would you have in the squad now between the two of them? It's not clear cut.

Robert Tressell
26 Posted 23/03/2020 at 23:21:37
I'm a bit biased about Vlasic because his sister is really fit.

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