AGM 2007

Shareholder strife over Destination Kirkby

The 128th Annual General Meeting of Everton Football Club  [Colm Kavanagh's Eyewitness Report]

Official Business

The accounts were approved as a formality.

Re-election of Directors

Early in the proceedings, Jon Woodswas re-elected to the Board of Directors but with show of hands showing opposition from some shareholders.  Robert Earl was also elected tothe Board, a formaliy considering his 'investment' in the shareholding of the club.

Q & A: Destination Kirkby

The Board wheeled out Mr Chris Potts, from Savills, planning consultants working with Everton Football Club, to explain that Goodison Park could not be developed in such a way to accommodate a capacity in excess of 37,500. The Bestway / Loop proposal was alsosimilarly dismissed.

There follwed a long and fractious series of callsfrom the floor, challenging many of the details and issues surrounding Destination Kirkby, with strong opposition evident in teh comments of many a concerned shareholder.

Invited Speakers

Representatives from the Everton Shareholders Association and the Everton Former Players Foundation were then invited to addres sthe meeting, and were generally well-recieved.

David Moyes

David Moyes then took the mic and made a point of talking about the football, basking in the glory of securing Uefa Cup football for the club.

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