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Fan Articles Season 2012-13

Contributions from ToffeeWeb readers. Submit your own article for consideration

Unlikely... but why we could possibly finish 4th

Examining the example set by Borussia Dortmund.
by Ben Jones : 27/06/2013

The Question that Must be Asked

Richard Tolman provides some follow-up on the takeover rumours he provided six months ago.
by Richard Tolman : 24/06/2013

Education, Agitation and Admiration

The Blue Union report from their latest meeting at The Casa on 8th June with Goodison legend Neville Southall and KEIOC's Colin Fitzpatrick.
by The Blue Union : 10/06/2013

An afternoon with an Everton Legend

Paul McAllister reports from the Blue Union meeting at The Casa on Saturday afternoon, capturing the irrepressible essence of a unique former player who understands the inside of the club.
by Paul McAllister : 09/06/2013

A Summer of Opportunity

An in-depth look at the current Everton squad and where Roberto Martinez should look to improve in the summer transfer window.
by Louis Huglin : 06/06/2013

Men in Tights

Ian Macdonald recounts his cycling odyssey from the Stadium of Light to Goodison Park in support of Everton in the Community
by Ian Macdonald : 01/06/2013

Next Season and the Future...

What will Everton do with the new wealth they are set to see from next season onwards?
by Ben Hayes : 01/06/2013

Best of Luck and Peace

Calling for cooler heads as the next chapter of Everton's history begins
by Matt Dean : 30/05/2013

Bill’s Big Decision

With Bill Kenwright close to making his Herculean decision, who will be Everton's next manager?
by Mark Eaton : 29/05/2013

Misfortune or Carelessness or Worse?

The current Everton management have recently proved yet again that they have an innate ability to market in anyway positively Everton Football Club. Not only this, all they seem capable of is creating situations which paint EFC in a wholly negative light.
by Rupert Sullivan : 28/05/2013

The Five Stages of Grief

"[W]hen I saw the new badge on the official website, something inside me died."
by John Delannoy : 27/05/2013

Open Letter to Everton FC

As the backlash over the new Everton badge grows, fans are encouraged to send their disapproval to the Club.
by Joe Jennings (@NoToNewEFCBadge) : 27/05/2013

The Kings, The Knights and the Lepers.

Ian seems to be going for angling for Steve Clarke (!) as the new Everton manager, controversially grouping current favourite Martinez in amongst the 'lepers'!?!
by Ian Robert : 27/05/2013

Tick Tock went the Clock...

More deliberations over the agonizingly protracted decision on who is to be the next Everton Manager...
by Daniel Johnson : 25/05/2013

A Growing Unease

More thoughts on the deepening morass that is the selection process for the new Everton manager...
by Sid Logan : 24/05/2013

Addressing the Criticisms of Moyes's Performance at Everton

In an in-depth look at the Scot's 11-year tenure, specifically addressing the criticisms leveled at him.
by Marko Poutiainen : 24/05/2013

One last signing, Mr Moyes

David Moyes's last act as Everton boss should be to consult in the appointment of his successor, argues Stefan Tosev.
by Stefan Tosev : 24/05/2013

Why Bielsa is the man for Everton

Making the case for Bilbao manager as the ideal replacement for David Moyes
by Steve Ferns : 23/05/2013

Top memories of True Everton Legends

I am lucky enough to be of an age to have seen great Championship-winning sides at Goodison Park and have many memories of my childhood days at the Old Lady (it was state of the art back then) and Bellefield.
by Derek Wadeson : 20/05/2013

From my seat: Chelsea (A)

A trip out to London for the last game of the season, London trips always stretch the wallet but it was the manager's last game in charge and always a chance it might be the game where we at last win at the home of a team where the manager hasn’t won in all his 11 years of residency... and wouldn’t you just know it — he didn’t break that duck.
by Ken Buckley : 20/05/2013

Crossing The Rubicon

It is perhaps with some irony that David Moyes's final match in charge of Everton could be viewed as a perfect microcosm of his entire reign.
by Rob Riddal : 20/05/2013

Back to the drawing board

How is Everton going to shape up after the Moyes Era?
by Vinod Kumar : 17/05/2013

Martinez: Can We Afford to Take the Risk?

Some reservations about how Roberto Martinez might try to change Everton's playing style, if he were to become the next manager.
by Peter Jones : 16/05/2013

Time to Modernise the ''Manager's'' Role

There has been a lot of talk about who we get in to replace David Moyes and not enough talk about whether all of Moyes’s duties should go to one man.
by Steve Ferns : 16/05/2013

A Poisoned Chalice Awaits Annointed Lemming

by Jim Potter : 16/05/2013

The Case for Vitor Pereira

"Vitor Pereira has shown that he is a winner. He would attract high quality young players from abroad and would look to push us upward from the day he arrived."
by David Stuart : 15/05/2013

Dark Night at Estádio da Luz, 2009

Not so fond memories of Everton's last European adventure...
by Kev Johnson : 15/05/2013

Why Not Bag Clarke?

Making the case for Steve Clarke as the new Everton manager
by Kevin Hudson : 14/05/2013

Ending An Era In Style

Match Report: Everton v West Ham Utd
by Paul Traill : 13/05/2013

From my seat: West Ham (H)

On the hour mark, a Moyes chant from the Street End was picked up by all four sides of Goodison which set up a Phil Spector like ‘Wall of Sound’. You just had to be in attendance to get the utter emotional outpouring that it brought. As all our anthems were belted out I saw hardened ‘Home and Away’ers’ wiping tears from their eyes. Yes, I included, it was just one of those things that happen at Goodison now and again and you know you will never forget it. There was no doubt Moyes was leaving with the thanks of the vast majority of match goers. Hell he had to turn and return to the bench...
by Ken Buckley : 12/05/2013

How good was David Moyes?

Another review of the Moyes Era
by Craig Heywood : 12/05/2013

Make us proud!

I am calling on all Evertonians fortunate enough to attend tomorrow's game to do us proud, and give Moyes a good sending off.
by Thomas Williams : 11/05/2013

Don’t be so defensive about David Moyes, Everton!

A definitive analysis of Everton managerial predisposition
by Mark Davidson : 11/05/2013

Duncan Ferguson - This is Our Destiny Calling

Arguing the case, as Howard Kendall has, for appointing Duncan Ferguson as the new Everton manager.
by Peter Jones : 10/05/2013

In Moyes We Trust

"Firstly, Moyes must be given the acclaim he has earned. Secondly, we need to think carefully about recruitment and take advice."
by Mark Dunford : 10/05/2013

The King is Dead....

More reaction to the Departure of David Moyes.
by Dave Arrow : 10/05/2013

Is Anyone Else Confused?

A personal take on the mixed emotions and confused reactions precipitated by the departure of David Moyes.
by Thomas James : 09/05/2013

The Next Step

by Alan Feehely : 09/05/2013

All I’ve Ever Really Known

David Moyes has been there through it all. From my first day at high school, my first kiss, my first pint, to my first away day. Moyes was always in charge.
by Adam Cunliffe : 08/05/2013

The Greatest Day

A fond look back 50 years to the day Everton won the 1963 League Championship.
by Bob McEvoy : 01/05/2013

In Defence of a Good Manager

"We need money, yet while we don’t have it Moyes will keep us up there, with a chance."
by Fran Mitchell : 29/04/2013

Wear the Black Kit at Anfield?

First-time poster, Tony, floats a radical idea for changing the dynamic at the derby.
by Tony McArdle : 29/04/2013

Time to say Goodbye?

David Moyes has demonstrated considerable skills at football management during his 11 years at the club, and every fan should be thankful that we have had him here. But he has reached his own glass ceiling, and instead of pushing our faces against the glass and looking on at the top four with envious but resigned eyes, he should be pushing against the glass with a determination to break through it.
by Shaun Sparke : 28/04/2013

Big Pay Rise for Moyes, Please!

Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Moyes tenure.
by Paul Abel : 26/04/2013

The Leaving of Goodison

What Goodison Park said to me, as a 4-year-old, approaching the ground on my Dad's shoulders, having ‘driven’ the bus at the front of the top deck and jumped off at the Mons 'cos the exercise kept him going, past the Water Works and through the terraced streets, then St Luke’s and Goodison Road,... What Goodison Park has always said to me, is 'Wow!'; a secular cathedral of epic scale, proportion and beauty.
by Nick Timmons : 21/04/2013

Candy Crush timeout rambling

I wrote couple of articles a few years ago about how a team play to a manager’s ethos — especially in the critical moments and, regardless of some moments of individual excellence or indeed individual errors, like Baines's howler the other day, the way the team play overall is the Moyes way. It’s as we all know primarily defensive and a wee bit old school: effective-ish but not inspiring.
by Iain Thomson : 21/04/2013

In Moyes we Trust

by Chris Ashton : 19/04/2013

What It Means to Be an Irish Evertonian

"I live in Ireland, a land were Manchester United and Liverpool shirts are everywhere you turn, but the sacred Royal Blue is a much harder sight to come across."
by Alan Feehely : 17/04/2013

Players Ratings vs Arsenal

I was at The Emirates last night and feel compelled to write up some of my feelings on the performance.
by Sam Hoare : 17/04/2013

The (distant) Smell of Success?

Almost exactly a year ago, I posted a fan article entitled ‘Cheer Up, Anichebe’. Have just watched his goal and celebrations and the contrast could not be greater – could this knee-slidin’, gun-totin’, SMILING scorer be the same guy who, after going on a mini-scoring spree last spring, looked like he had sentenced his family to death by ruining a shady betting syndicate’s big gamble each time he hit the back of the net?
by Ben Patchesa : 13/04/2013

Three Cheers for Captain Pip

Recognition for the contribution Phil Neville made to Everton during a crucial period for the club.
by James Cadwaladr : 10/04/2013

Blue Union – 2 Years In and Next to Nothing Achieved

"Is the Blue Union actually needed? Are they just making the situation worse? Would we be better off without them? If they’re sticking around, could they do more?"
by Greg Lambden : 02/04/2013

Spare a thought for the biopsychosocial male

Nick Entwistle digests the contrasting fortunes of Everton's last two games in a broader biological, psychological and social context for both player and fan.
by Nick Entwistle : 29/03/2013

Champions League in Everton's hands

Everton's performances in the reamining games through the final quarter of the season hold the key to their progression into the Champions League, 2013-14.
by James Cadwaladr : 27/03/2013

The Time for Change is Now

"With ten games to go and Everton with pretty much nothing to aim for, I think we should just go gung-ho for the rest of the season."
by Jake Wilson : 14/03/2013

Under Pressure?

The biggest single problem is that there is ZERO pressure on anyone involved with the club from within its own little bubble.
by Mike Elbey : 13/03/2013

Anticipating Everton’s Next Move

Preparing for a post-Moyes era?
by Barry Jones : 12/03/2013

Tactically inept

A retrospective assessment of where David Moyes went wrong against Wigan in Saturday's FA Cup quarter final disaster
by Jim Hourigan : 12/03/2013

Born, not manufactured

Like all of us, I crave the slightest bit of success again. I get wrapped up in forward thinking on the back of two or three wins. I'll start thinking that we are going to be back to where we belong again because we've beaten Man Utd at home. One thing persists though. We are ALWAYS let down when it matters.
by Craig Walker : 11/03/2013

The Duncan Ferguson Affair

There's an ingredient that was starkly absent on Saturday against Wigan: Passion.
by James  Williams : 11/03/2013

The Dream that Died

A rambling discourse on the Wigan game and its aftermath.
by Gregg Sergeant : 10/03/2013

Kenwright, Moyes and Our Net Spend

A review of the current Everton situation, which is not down to one man or one single cause, this analysis is broken down into the related key areas of Moyes, Kenwright and our financial situation.
by Garry Corgan : 10/03/2013

The Tipping Point

Everton are rapidly approaching a Tipping Point were action and changes need to happen at all levels of the club. If not, we will spiral into Decline and it will be painful.
by Christine Foster : 10/03/2013

Abandon the Dream?

Should we abandon all thought of a big-money buyout?
by Robert Collins : 04/03/2013

A View From Across the Pond

A relatively new fan from New York weighs in on Everton's immediate future
by Phil Friedman : 04/03/2013

A New Future

Moving the team on next season... after Moyes, Fellaini and Baines have gone.
by Sam Hoare : 04/03/2013

One Step Closer To Wembley

It’s great to progress, particularly when I was fearing elimination and I feel a home game against Wigan on a Saturday afternoon with a vibrant crowd could be enough to spur Everton on to Wembley once again.
by Paul Traill : 27/02/2013

Nothing but the best is good enough

In truth, I believe that Moyes is a good solid manager, arguably one of the better modern-day managers, but I don’t believe he is a great manager, or at least not as yet.
by Dave Whitwell : 26/02/2013

What do we know?

Everton supporters have rightly questioned what the hell is going on... but do we have the answers and are we asking the right questions?
by Jay Harris : 24/02/2013

Last Days in the Bunker... again?

An eerie comparison between the last three months of Smith and last two months Moyes...
by Gavin Ramejkis : 24/02/2013

My take on Moyes's Everton reign

I have read a lot of opinions on David Moyes, both good and bad, and I'd just like to give my views on his time here.
by David Flanagan : 21/02/2013

Nil money ... Nisi Optimum

We all look at our translated club motto – “Nothing But the Best” – and should realise that its sentiments are from a bygone age... What a bloody noose it must be around any Everton manager’s neck. We, as fans, hold it like a gun against the club / manager’s head because we long for it to be true.
by Jim Potter : 20/02/2013

Thomas… Latchford… Goal!

Dave Thomas in conversation with Rob Sawyer
by Rob Sawyer : 18/02/2013

The Night Before

Heightened expectations, years of a bare trophy cabinet, the dour predictions of our manager have all led us to believe that we should be better off.
by Adam McCulloch : 17/02/2013

The Contract Affair

David Moyes's announcement about delaying his decision on a new contract at Everton means substantial uncertainty going forward...
by Shaun Cox : 15/02/2013

Anniversary Blues

A little premature anticipation of next month's 11-year anniversary celebrating the Moyes Era at Everton
by Patrick Murphy : 11/02/2013

Listen, Son...

... if it's getting too hard to take me to the match these days, I don't mind giving it a miss.
by Simon Bradley : 07/02/2013

Who was England's greatest?

Top goalscorers for England
by Ian Allaker : 06/02/2013

Bottomed Out

Statman alert! It's Points Per Game in Overdrive!!!
by Patrick Murphy : 04/02/2013

Do We Need a Director of Football?

Has David Moyes lost his managerial focus?
by Kev Johnson : 04/02/2013

Leg it, Heitinga!

Time for Johnny Heitinga to go.... only the transfer window ist geslossen!
by Callum Jones : 02/02/2013

My Deadline Day Report

An Everton fan chronicles the distinctly underwhelming denouement of the January Transfer Window.
by Callum Jones : 01/02/2013

All or Nothing

Everton need to do everything they can to secure Champions League football this season
by Callum Jones : 29/01/2013

The Great 1970 Everton Mystery

Everton should have been the team of the 1970s... Why did it all go wrong? And why so quickly?
by Michael Brien : 28/01/2013

January transfer deadline day:
An Everton history

Looking ahead to deadline day by looking back at the Blues' past activity in January
by Chris Sillett : 28/01/2013


by Chris James : 27/01/2013

Everton vs Bolton Wanderers:
The FA Cup History

On the occasion of their seventh FA Cup meeting in January 2013, a look back at the first meeting between two historic northwest clubs in 1887
by Tony Onslow : 23/01/2013

Moyes, Guardiola, Pochettino

Discussing the merits of tactics versus player quality at three very different clubs
by Ian Allaker : 18/01/2013

The Death of Football Supporters

Has the Sky Sports era and, specifically, Everton's recent Premier League performance made fans more impatient and unrealistic in their expectations?
by James Martin : 17/01/2013

A Microcosm of his Tactics

"Saturday was the perfect example of the issue that Moyes has yet to overcome and will, for me , mean he will never take on a so called ‘bigger job’."
by Jim Hourigan : 14/01/2013

Fifty Years Ago...

Reminiscence of a top-of-the-table clash from 50 seasons ago between eventual champions Everton and Tottenham.
by Graham Reed : 14/01/2013

Don’t You Love the Smell of Desperation in the Morning?

Barry Jones takes the media to task over their reporting of Everton's latest accounts
by Barry Jones : 04/01/2013

From My Seat: Chelsea (H)

Match Report
by Ken Buckley : 30/12/2012

EFC Ownership — do we care anymore?

An impromptu missive on the realities of the increasingly moribund saga that surrounds the ownership of Everton Football Club.
by Colin  Fitzpatrick : 30/12/2012

2013 — A Pivotal Year?

Thirteen years prior to the end of the 20th Century, Everton were Champions of England; now, on the threshold of the thirteenth year into the 21st Century, what is the future for Everton FC and its supporters?
by Patrick Murphy : 30/12/2012


From some of the reactions, you would think the Big Fella had committed murder. Marouane is getting it from all sides yet, although his reaction was foolish, its nothing we haven't all seen before.
by Tony Marsh : 17/12/2012

Play the Game

Players need to know they cannot get away with abusing a referee, cannot get away with fouling in the box, cannot abuse other players racially and finally, they need to realise that football IS a contact sport — not touch rugby.
by Christine Foster : 17/12/2012

Another Silly Mistake Costs Everton

Match Report: Stoke City (A)
by Paul Traill : 16/12/2012

2013 – A Step Into the Known or Unknown?

The Unknown. If David Moyes moves on, that is exactly where we will be... But strangely, if he stays on, we might also be in the unknown — A brave new world of Champions League and increased income.
by Andrew James : 10/12/2012

2012-13 – The Season the Perceptions Changed?

This season, I have seen a big upturn... After years and years of taking our punishment off the big boys, now we go after them. We fear nobody... but there are four things that are stopping us from going 4th.
by Andrew James : 02/12/2012

Transfer Activity Under Moyes

A ToffeeWeb newcomer thinks we don't remember some of the the less successful players brought to Everton by David Moyes.
by Cal Davies : 02/12/2012

We're doomed! Don't panic! We're doomed! ...

Who has the hutzpah to finish top 4 this season?
by Nick Entwistle : 27/11/2012

A Truly Memorable Experience at Goodison Park

Zaid Omar recently visited Goodison Park with his family for the first time to watch the Merseyside derby.
by Zaid Omar : 27/11/2012

Are freebies the way forward?

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 23/11/2012

Best of the Rest again?

am just enjoying the ride at the moment. It's the best Everton team I have watched since 1995 so I cannot find any reason to be negative...
by Tony Marsh : 20/11/2012

From My Seat: Reading (A)

A trip to Reading for what should be a routine three points was anything but routine with the Blues ending up losing those routine points, falling to our second defeat of the season and allowing Reading their first win of the season.
by Ken Buckley : 17/11/2012

Loyal Leon Osman

by Andre James : 08/11/2012

Everton Need Patience

Everton’s players need literal patience on the pitch
by Bradley Benham : 05/11/2012

Premier League Officials Still Owe Us Three Points, At Least

These things even themselves out in the end, Episode 34.
by Bradley Benham : 29/10/2012

Looking Ahead

The next four games, and the three that follow it (in the space of ten days) represent two very different sorts of tests that will tell us a lot about where we really stand.
by Mike Allison : 29/10/2012

Pushing On

by Chris James : 28/10/2012

Paul Bracewell on the derby and a march into Europe

"We've got every chance haven't we," he said. "We're at home and we've got good players. Why shouldn't we go into it with confidence?"
by Chris Brown : 27/10/2012

Nothing Changed

by Chris Davies : 26/10/2012

My Everton/Donovan Conspiracy Theory

Donovan's string of comments and interviews, coupled with my belief that there is a gentlemen's agreement for a discount deal in January – both lead me to believe Donovan will be signing a three year contract in January for a fee of around £1.5 million
by Bradley Benham : 25/10/2012

The Italian 3-5-2

Could Everton play the Italian 3-5-2 Formation? Would it work?
by Breandan Clarke : 22/10/2012

Will it even itself out?

The balance of bad decisions seems to be swinging heavily against us.
by Pablo Connelly : 22/10/2012

Ross Barkley: The Enigma

by Mike Oates : 19/10/2012

Chilean Update

by Mike Owen : 17/10/2012

Pierluigi Collina

The infamous disallowed goal against Villarreal that could have forced extra time for Everton in the Champions League qualifying round, 2005.
by Neil Smith : 12/10/2012

Jelavic – The Best Everton Striker For 25 Years?

first look at Jelavic and he appears to be nothing out of the ordinary. He not blessed with blistering pace nor is he likely to dribble around 3 defenders and bend a curling shot into the top corner...
by David Nicholls : 09/10/2012

Everton's Somewhat Alarming Lack Of Youth.

Are Everton likely to have a group of English youngsters who can push Shelvey, Stirling, Henderson and Wisdom for an England call-up?
by Dick Brody : 08/10/2012

My Apology to Colin Harvey

I was a happy man when Harvey was sacked and I was ecstatic when I heard that Kendall Mk II would be his successor. Hindsight tells me what a fool I was. The more I reflect on my folly, the more do I admire Colin Harvey. This man, in spite of being sacked and humiliated, still consented to being Kendall MkII´s second-in-command. His love for Everton FC must have been truly infinite.
by Julian Batti : 06/10/2012

A Pilgrimage: My Weekend Abroad to See an Everton Match

An American Evertonian's Goodison Odessey
by Pat Finegan : 02/10/2012

Judge us after 10 games

by Kevin Thompson : 01/10/2012

EFC Manager (for PC & Mac)

A virtual challange to the Football Manager in you...
by Kev Johnson : 27/09/2012

Time for this Farce to End

Everton players in the Leeds game had a sloppy, half-hearted approach to the game — they seemed clearly aware they were not there to win.
by Jack  Molloy : 25/09/2012

Fan Ownership

Fan ownership: how we took control of our football club, Wycombe Wanderers
by Jimmy Stenn : 21/09/2012

Swansea City v Everton, Match Preview

Time to "Man up"? A preview from the Swans camp...
by Peter Thomas : 20/09/2012

Bad Officiating — Premier League Response

Bad Officiating? Who... us?!?!?
by Andy Stevens : 19/09/2012

So frustrating...

So frustrating... but also so much to be pleased with:
The Good/Bad/Ugly...
by Mark Yeomans : 18/09/2012

How Many Times Have You Seen That Goal?

Everton 2 - 2 Newcastle Utd
by Paul Traill : 18/09/2012

A New Dawn For Blue-Red Relations?

After yesterday’s outpouring of sympathy for the families of the Hillsborough victims, the sincere respect expressed on ToffeeWeb for the campaigners, and the profound sense of Merseyside unity that emerged, I can’t help wondering where this leaves the relationship between fans of Everton and LFC? Will it improve things, or will the bile resurface in a few days time?
by Kev Johnson : 13/09/2012

Ambition makes you look pretty ugly.. or does it?

The continual battle between loyalty and ambition
by Jonathan Fogg : 10/09/2012

The shield of 'ambition'

Is 'ambition' one of the most misused words in football?
by James Martin : 09/09/2012

What a difference 8 months makes...

8 months ago, Everton were in a bit of a mess and Moyes had gone stale...
by Sam Hoare : 04/09/2012

Time To Honour a Goalkeeping Great

by George  Orr : 04/09/2012

A letter from Bill to the fans...

What Bill Kenwright might say if he could talk honestly to the fans of Everton FC
by Jon Brennan : 03/09/2012

League Cup 3rd round 1987

The draw for this competition at this stage 25 years ago was to set up a night to remember.
by Neil Smith : 03/09/2012

Do we still need the Blue Union?

A good start to the season... but do we???
by Andy Crooks : 01/09/2012

Football Manager Stole My Life

Evertonians who come under the ‘not quite’ bracket in terms of their overblown promise in the Manger database
by Yessar Daou : 30/08/2012

Third Team Lucky?

David Moyes to have assembled two 'teams' during his reign. The second imploded last season, and now we are seeing the emergence of his Third Team...
by Andre James : 28/08/2012

Everton and Referees

Any qualified referees who want to participate in the independent assessment of decisions made during Premier League games?
by Stuart Higgins : 26/08/2012

The Last Game: Life, Death, Family and Football

James Corbett pens this fine tribute to his grandfather, Charles Mills, a devoted family man and Evertonian who passed away this week.
by James Corbett : 24/08/2012

More of the same, Moyes

Everton have made a great start to the season and Tony Marsh is looking for it to continue...
by Tony Marsh : 23/08/2012


In the away section of Goodison Park last night, Man Utd fans, frustrated by their team’s performance, started chanting at Everton supporters making reference to the Hillsborough Disaster.
by Sam Higgs : 21/08/2012

Everton Box Office Email FAIL!

Shocking error on email confirmation of a season-ticket transfer...
by Paul Traill : 19/08/2012

The Scene of the Crime of the (Last) Century

USA take some lustre off Mexico's Olympic Gold Medal, Tim Howard denying two goals with a couple of brilliant saves that allowed the USA to win in Mexico for the first time ever.
by Julian Wait : 17/08/2012

Summer sucked; now back to the football

Like an addict who just can't stay away, Nick is back to ponder the summer gone and the season still to come.
by Nick Entwistle : 15/08/2012

How do you measure a Manager?

Silver-spoon managers
by Steve Barr : 15/08/2012

Hibbert Scores, Goodison Riots

Five goals, a pitch invasion, and Everton finishing with ten men; who said pre-season is meaningless? On reflection, the details count for little as fans came to pay tribute to Tony Hibbert.
by Luke O'Farrell : 09/08/2012

Olympics underlines fundamental problems with English football

Where on one hand you have disciplined, professional athletes, on the other you have footballers that appear to need to be constantly coddled by clubs in order to keep fitness and avoid disgracing themselves in nightclubs.
by Chris James : 05/08/2012

The Real White Elephant?

Are we too hung up on the stadium issue? Should we be equally or even more focused on turning round EFC as a business?
by Phil Martin : 31/07/2012

Time to Cash in on Johnny?

With the recent talk of Baines and Fellaini having to go to fund future moves, the question must be asked: What is the current value of John Heitinga in the Transfer Market?
by Yessar Daou : 27/07/2012

Here We Go

Heading into the new season...
by Tom Owen : 22/07/2012

Motherwell 1 Everton 1

Stevie Hammell Testimonial.
by Jamie Yates : 21/07/2012

Moyes Likes Them Flexible

by Kristian Boyce : 17/07/2012

Summer Dreaming

Ramblings on the summer pastime of Squad Analysis
by Martin Reppion : 17/07/2012

Holiday Blues

The story of a Swedish wedding and a chance encounter with Iain the Blue Barman at Winstrom's Pub, Stockholm
by Peter Manning : 16/07/2012

50 shades of Blue

The things that mean 'Everton' to you...
by Karl Parsons : 14/07/2012

Marketing Everton

Outsourcing of Everton's merchandising operations restricts distribution and take-up to the continuing detriment of Everton Football Club.
by Adam Bennett : 12/07/2012

Accelerators, Padded Rockers, and Jess

A story
by Ged Simpson : 11/07/2012

Yearning for Peanuts

A review of what Steven Pienaar means to Everton
by Yessar Daou : 09/07/2012

Everton to Finish 4th Shock (Reprise)

This is the season...
by Alun Willis : 08/07/2012

An Assessment of the Competition

As the new season approaches, it would be an opportune time to assess what we will be up against in the coming season.
by Jay Harris : 04/07/2012

Farewell, 'Twiggy'

"I found it cathartic to write a little reflection of my favourite memories of Westy"
by Martin O'Boyle : 04/07/2012

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