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Fan Articles Season 2013-14

Contributions from ToffeeWeb readers. Submit your own article for consideration

2014-15 Fan Articles 

Punk Football at Everton

Can the concept of fan ownership of football clubs through the vehicle of the ‘supporters trust’ take hold in the English Premier League and bring the top-flight game back closer to its roots?
by Jim Keoghan : 25/06/2014

Roy Hodgson's Tactical Flaws Exposing Baines for England

I can’t help but think that England missed a fantastic opportunity to beat Italy and go into the second game with one foot in the door for the knock-out stages. That these tactical misjudgements centre largely around Everton players past and present made me want to share my thoughts for the first time on Toffeeweb.
by Andy Burrows : 18/06/2014

Bobby 'Brown Shoes'

Bobby Brown Shoes has instilled belief in us like no other... and, as long as he is at the realm, then I firmly believe that he can lead us to success – whether that is in Europe or the Premier League, I don't know. But what I do know is that Bobby will lead our mighty Blue Boys to glory.
by Dom Doherty : 09/06/2014

Why Everton must never sell Ross Barkley

I believe that the story of Ross Barkley – a local lad, playing for his boyhood team, spearheading our resurgence from obscurity – is going to be a marketing dream. I believe Everton are not only a sleeping giant on the pitch, but off it too, in terms of our "brand" and how we can capture the imagination of a knowledgeable footballing population growing sick of being force-fed the Sky Sports driven agenda which is as appetizing as a McDonald's Happy Meal to a connoisseur.
by Dom Ashton : 07/06/2014

Who Can Make Roberto's 28? Part 3

Looking at the limited options in Everton's forward line
by Carl Rutherford : 30/05/2014

Who Can Make Roberto's 28? Part 2

Looking at the options in central and wide midfield areas
by Carl Rutherford : 28/05/2014

The EFC Heritage Society Dream Team - The 90's

Calling out Everton's best or most important players of the mostly dark 1990s
by Richard Gillham : 28/05/2014

Who Can Make Roberto's 28? Part I

Assessing the back line of the current squad with a view to the challenges posed by next season.
by Carl Rutherford : 27/05/2014

What Is Missing?

For the last couple of seasons before this one just finished, it was the same old answer whenever anyone asked what was missing from this Everton side: "A 20-goal-a-season striker." This season, we did... so what is the answer to the question now?
by James Martin : 25/05/2014

Stop Moaning About Loaning!

In previous times, loans were for the most part emergency cover or blooding youngsters elsewhere... The big difference in 2013-14 is that an astute but level-headed gaffer loaned top-class players from top-class teams to put together a team capable of challenging for a top-4 seat — and he nearly pulled it off, delivering Everton’s best Premier League season in everything else but final finish with verve in his first season with us.
by Paul Ferry : 17/05/2014

Abu Dhabi Dooooo!

We are all well and truly bored with the proposed 'sale' of our club by now... but two recent news items have slightly rekindled my interest in our 24/7/365 search for 'investment'.
by Kevin Tully : 13/05/2014

The End of My First Season As a Proud Blue

After nearly 50 years of faithfully following Baseball, American Football, Hockey, Basketball, and seemingly every other sport under the sun, and with never having been a “soccer” fan, I decided to jump into following the BPL in order to see for myself just why English Football is widely considered the greatest sport on the planet.
by Mark Pakulak : 11/05/2014

Being Blue

An Evertonian exiled in the south of England finds that there's nothing like being a Blue.
by Steve Wright : 09/05/2014

A Busy Summer

A look at some of the areas that need strengthening this summer as Roberto Martinez looks to round out the squad in preparation for European football next season.
by Sam Hoare : 08/05/2014

£89 Million in prize money for Everton?

I calculate that Everton will receive (thanks to the information below) around £89 million in prize money this season; truly the Premier League is the gift that keeps on giving!
by Wayne Stamps : 08/05/2014

Saturday's Dilemma

Wanting Everton to lose is unthinkable... except if a defeat has the potential to deny Liverpool the title. That's the dilemma facing Blues on Saturday when we take on Manchester City.
by Simon Bradley : 28/04/2014

We need to get over mental road block

I believe there is a real mental problem imbedded and left over from the Moyes years with the whole "punching above our weight", "plucky little Everton underdog" bollocks that we had to put up with for over a decade. Simply, when the chips are down, we're like rabbits in headlights and we’ve seen this time and time again over the last few years.
by Denis Richardson : 27/04/2014

Everton and Stockport County – The 'Other' Mersey Team

A traditional pub quiz question was ‘Which league football team is located closest to the River Mersey?’ The answer, which catches most respondents out, was Stockport County.
by Rob Sawyer : 24/04/2014

Would You Swap Him For Anyone?

Would you swap Roberto Martinez for anyone and if so who and why?
by Ben Hayes : 24/04/2014

Two Players For Every Position

The accepted wisdom in this regard is that you basically need two experienced first-team players for every position, and a few more options besides. When you look at the names in our squad, with a few caveats, we are not very far away from having this.
by Mike Allison : 24/04/2014

Why Moyes failed at both Man Utd and Everton

In his 11 years at Everton, he brought stability to the club, it has to be said. But he never understood the full potential of this way of thinking, nor his own potential, nor the potential of Everton Football Club.
by Dom Ashton : 23/04/2014


David Moyes was given 11 years and counting at Everton compared to less than 11 months at Old Trafford. I've no doubt that this says something about both clubs but I'm not sure exactly what.
by Andy Crooks : 22/04/2014

Meeting the Players and the Southampton Game

"I have been a massive Everton fan for over 30 years now and Sunday was special for numerous reasons, but bringing my 8 year old son for his the first trip to Goodison (what an introduction to EFC this ended up being) made it very special."
by Jeremy Robbins : 22/04/2014

Everton on Film - The Pathé Years

Much of Pathé News' archive has been released on their YouTube channel and what a treasure-chest it affords the football fan. Some links of interest to Evertonians.
by Rob Sawyer : 21/04/2014

Sandy Brown Did Play Every Position

The immense Everton career of Sandy Brown, remembered in his unique player stats as a very versatile squad player, the original super-sub.
by Harold Somers : 09/04/2014

Could this be the Third Best Everton Team Ever… (Or Even the Best)?

A statistical comparison with title-winning Everton teams of the past, based on points-per-game.
by Colin Leckey : 08/04/2014

''Oh, my, was it really that long ago?''

Gerry Quinn can't really remember when he was last at Goodison park but one game from over 40 years ago seems lodged in his memory... and he's paying a very special return visit.
by Gerry Quinn : 08/04/2014

A Non-Connecticut Yankee in King Dixie's Court

I'd like to regale you with the tale of my first trip to sacred Goodison Park
by Clarence Yurcan : 28/03/2014

Time for Some Radical Thinking

Do Everton need to take some radical steps in order to become a bigger global brand?
by Paul  Niklas : 21/03/2014

Have We Improved? - Redux

"The answer is yes – we absolutely have. "
by Nigel Gregson : 09/03/2014

Are We Progressing?

Have we progressed this season? I really don’t know if we have, but it feels slightly more positive. Or am I just falling succumbing to Martinez’s "glass half-full" philosophy?
by Mike Oates : 08/03/2014

Oviedo – the 'miss' of the season

For me, one of the most crucial elements in the all the setbacks this season was the injury to Brian Oviedo, coming especially at the time in which it occurred. It is a long time since an injury to a player genuinely upset me.
by Anthony Lamb : 04/03/2014

Theo Kelly: The Rise and Fall of Everton’s Secretary-Manager

Everton’s first manager who created the club crest in 1938 who had tremendous influence  over a 21 period at Goodison Park
by EFC Heritage Society : 26/02/2014

Roberto's Transfer Improvements?

Examining the impact of the players brought in so far by Roberto Martinez
by Dick Brady : 24/02/2014

Andy Gray – Everton Giant

A passionate advocacy of Andy Gray as the next Everton Giant.
by Graham Mockford : 23/02/2014

After the cameras are gone

A questionin about the persona presented by top managers when they are no longer in front of the television cameras...
by Kris Boner : 14/02/2014

Dick, Dixie, and the Greatest Football Story You’ll Ever Hear

One of the last living people to witness Dixie Dean’s 60th goal of the 1927-28 league season was buried today. Dick White was a great friend of mine and all my family.
by James Corbett : 06/02/2014

Time to Prove It

Arguing that it's time Martinez lived up to the hype.
by Darren Hind : 05/02/2014

Kingdom of God

I, like thousands of other Evertonians, constantly dream that shortly we will enter the Kingdom of God – or its other name is the Champions League. Roberto has virtually promised it to us didn’t he?
by Mike Oates : 02/02/2014

Annual Report & Accounts 2013

Everton Shareholders have received the report and accounts for 2013.
by Joe Beardwood : 30/01/2014

How the Derby Was Lost

An analysis of Everton's horror show at Anfield
by Adam Luszniak : 30/01/2014

Plan B

Arguing for a Plan B against those teams that sit back and don't allow Everton the space to play through them
by Mike Oates : 29/01/2014


We won't get momentum back by not getting beat, we need to win games with cutting edge... now.
by Paul Tran : 29/01/2014

The Meaning of Life (aka Football)

Football is, therefore, absolutely essential to the healthy functioning of civilized humanity, a fact that must have been known, intuitively or intellectually, to the Methodists of St Domingo's when they established our wonderful club back in 1878
by Dom Ashton : 28/01/2014

Special One at a Special Club

A great day out for Sean McGeever at Stevenage that he will never forget, thanks to Chairman Bill Kenwright.
by Martin McGeever : 27/01/2014

A new stadium needs your support!

A proposal for requesting public funding to solve Everton's perennial stadium problem.
by Sur Jo : 26/01/2014

Consistency and expectation

Our ambition every year looking forward should be Champions League qualification. You can say that we have been competing for the European spots regularly in recent years... what is so different this year?
by Kieran Fitzgerald : 16/01/2014

Lack of Firepower? Afraid so!

Everton are playing fantastic football, but not delivering enough goals.
by Mike Oates : 13/01/2014

Luke Garbutt Report (Gillingham)

Luke Garbutt making more impressive progress on loan with Colchester United
by Dick Brady : 11/01/2014

Eusebio at Goodison

Reminiscing about seeing the Portuguese legend at Goodison Park in the 1966 World Cup.
by Fran Kearney : 07/01/2014

Cup Banana Skins

Last Saturday's FA Cup performance suggested to me that Mr Martinez has plugged yet another typical Everton trait that has frustrated Blues for years. Namely the FA Cup Banana Skin exit!
by Karl Parsons : 07/01/2014

A rock at the back? We have a whole quarry

Even with four Everton players named in the back 5 Premier League Team of the Year for 2013 , we all know – as we were told at the start of the season – Roberto Martinez's teams can't defend...
by Rob Victus : 06/01/2014

The 'Cult' of Martinez

"Roberto Martinez is winning a cult following amongst Evertonians on Merseyside..." — BBC Sport
by Richard Pike : 05/01/2014

Goals coming from Coleman

If you've been as surprised as me at the goals flowing from the best ever £60,000 ever spent during the Premier League era, you'd have wondered where these goals had been during the previous regime.
by Protik Roychowdhury : 04/01/2014

Memory Lane — FA Cup Round 3

Classic Third Round ties in the FA Cup against Norwich City (H), Bolton Wanderers (A & H), Stoke City (A) and Blackburn Rovers (H) from 10, 20, 30 and 40 years ago are remembered with the help of matchday programmes from Patrick's collection.
by Patrick Murphy : 02/01/2014

Southampton — Lesson to Learn?

Is Goodison Park our Concrete Boots? Weighing us down?? Holding us back???
by Mike Oates : 30/12/2013

Luke Garbutt Report (Crewe)

A goal for Garbutt, and a Man-of-the-Match award for Garbutt against Crewe
by Dick Brady : 29/12/2013

Loaning our way to the Champions League

by Phil Friedman : 27/12/2013

Luke Garbutt Report

Colchester Utd vs Stevenage
by Dick Brady : 26/12/2013

Half-Term Report: So Far, So Good

I was happy with the appointment of Roberto Martinez as the new Everton manager, but I wasn't expecting this.
by Paul Tran : 24/12/2013

A Changed Man

Another Evertonian admits he got it completely wrong about Martinez
by Selby Wells : 20/12/2013

New Year Wishes

The transfer window approaches and a chance to freshen things up for the second half of the season.
by Mike Oates : 17/12/2013

A (Foreign) Field of Dreams

A look at how increasing exposure for Everton FC can help spread the brand to the global audience.
by Jim Potter : 13/12/2013

A Shanklyesque Revolution, Anyone?

Signs that Roberto Martinez may be starting something big at Everton.
by Tony Sullivan : 10/12/2013

What If...?

Flights of fancy and an alternative Everton history...
by Chris Hockenhull : 06/12/2013

The Greatest — Alan Ball or Alex Young??

Who was your best Everton player ever? Alex Young had just edged it for me but, after watching this latest DVD, Alan Ball Remembered, I really can't separate them.
by Fran Kearney : 03/12/2013

Luke Garbutt Report (vs MK Dons)

Dick attended a floodlight fixture against MK Dons with Luke Garbutt starting at left back for Colchester United.
by Dick Brady : 27/11/2013

A Brief Self-serving Article About Me and My Everton

A lost American soul find his central focus again
by Dan Flosi : 24/11/2013

Memory Lane – Match 12

Local derbies including Blackburn, Burnley, Liverpool and Manchester United.
by Patrick Murphy : 20/11/2013

Sir Dobbo — Goodison Aristocrat

Rob Sawyer in Conversation with Martin Dobson
by Rob Sawyer : 19/11/2013

Why we should embrace Bobby

Why Toby is happy to have Roberto Martinez as Everton manager.
by Toby Smith : 18/11/2013

Stubbs and Kilbane Chat All Things Everton

A Sports Book Festival: Alan Stubbs, Kevin Kilbane and ghost writer James Corbett chat all things Everton for over an hour under the hosting of Dave Prentice, Deputy Head of Sport at the Liverpool Echo.
by Paul Traill : 16/11/2013

Remembrance Day and My First Everton Game

It was the 1961-62 season and I was working in London at the time. I had been a long-standing supporter of Burnley, who at that time were riding high and were due to play Everton twice in as many days over the Christmas period.
by Brin Williams : 11/11/2013

Luke Garbutt Report (vs Sheffield Utd)

A great report on Everton loanee Luke Garbutt's progress at League One Colchester United — this week playing in Round One of the FA Cup.
by Dick Brady : 09/11/2013

10 Game Review

We've passed the quarter point of the season and just dodged being 2nd, or even higher in the Premier League... so, the time has come to make an initial assessment of just how well Roberto Martinez is doing as the new manager of Everton.
by Chris Ashton : 04/11/2013

Coleman Comes Good

A look at the young Irishman who is now firmly ensconced as Everton’s best right back since the late '80s.
by Ger McNally : 01/11/2013

My First Love with Everton

A sensitive Norwegian Blue tells of how he feel in love with Everton, despite resistance from all his red pals at school
by Jimmy Sørheim : 31/10/2013

How Good is Our Squad?

Beyond the Everton first XI, there are another 17 squad players at different stages of their careers, and each has different prospects at the club.
by Stuart Obee : 30/10/2013

Luke Garbutt Report (vs Peterborough)

A report on the Everton player's fifth game for Colchester United on loan, and something of a milestone...
by Dick Brady : 27/10/2013

We've Already Taken This Step

Not everyone is enamoured with Roberto Martinez's methods since taking over as Everton manager.
by Darren Hind : 21/10/2013

A Proper Midfielder

A look at the emerging qualities of midfielder James McCarthy
by James Martin : 20/10/2013

End of a journey and new beginnings

A first visit to Goodison Park for a lifelong fan from Dublin.
by Kevin Thompson : 20/10/2013

A new Blue attends his first match

Not quite what you might expect...
by Mark Pakulak : 20/10/2013

What a load of Red Bull

A rallying call against the evils of Red Bull in football.
by Dom Ashton : 14/10/2013

Luke Garbutt Report (vs Walsall)

A good day for Luke Garbutt on loan at League One Colchester United.
by Dick Brady : 12/10/2013

The Lost Professional of Everton FC

Was Wrexham-born Job Wilding one of the first three players to be employed as professional footballers by Everton FC?
by Tony Onslow : 08/10/2013

Luke Garbutt Report (vs Wolves)

Dick Brady upgrades us on the progress of Luke Garbutt, out on loan at Colchester United in League One.
by Dick Brady : 06/10/2013

Everton's Academy is our Foundation

Has the academy structure, with stars such as Ross Barkley coming through, not to forget a certain Wayne Rooney been the underlying foundation that has ensured Everton's continuity in the top half of the Premier League?
by Steven Smith : 06/10/2013

Armchair fan to Goodison

From armchair supporter to Goodison Park (Part one)
by Kevin Thompson : 03/10/2013

“Everton's” first game

Paul takes his son Gavin Everton Kelly to his first Everton game, the cracking 3-2 win at West Ham
by Paul Kelly : 02/10/2013

The Ninjas of Goodison

Just a bit of fun for the TW guys and girls so that we can chill out before the match... can you name your Ninja?
by Gerry Quinn : 30/09/2013

In My Blue Life

Born A Blue,
Live A Blue,
Die A Blue
by Fran Kearney : 29/09/2013

My First Week as a Blue

A new-found Blue from Texas describes his rapid assimilation into the life of an Evertonian
by Mark Pakulak : 22/09/2013

Luke Garbutt Report (vs Crawley)

Impressions of the Everton loanee's performance for Colchester in League One today
by Dick Brady : 21/09/2013

A Great Pity – from an Old 'Un

Ian Burns explains his personal reluctance to call Liverpool FC and their supporters 'Red Shite'.
by Ian Burns : 21/09/2013

Just a Wee Lad From Kilmarnock

Profiling fullback Alex 'Sandy' Dick, a colourful character from Everton's first season in the Football League and who was handed one of English football's first suspensions after the Toffees' first game against Aston Villa in September 1888.
by Tony Onslow : 19/09/2013

Memory Lane — Match 5

Baseball and Highbury Old Grounds for pessimism and Goodison proves the point.
by Patrick Murphy : 19/09/2013

A New Fan Finds His Team

A newcomer to the beautiful game from Texas explains how he was chosen.
by Mark Pakulak : 15/09/2013

Everton and the League Cup: My Head Explodes

Why do we have such a dismal record in the League Cup which, for around 40 seasons, has offered a glory day at Wembley and a place in Europe?
by Mike Owen : 06/09/2013

If You Know your History!

January 2013 — A Defining Moment in Time
by Steve Barr : 01/09/2013

Memory Lane — Match 3

Patrick Murphy's new feature, looking in retro at Everton's next game by going back through his collection of matchday programmes to see who we played in the corresponding fixture 10, 20, 30 & 40 years ago.
by Patrick Murphy : 29/08/2013

Up the Tempo!

It's all happening too slowly!
by Nelly Verdonghan : 29/08/2013

Transition for Some... But Not For Me!

"I think we may struggle to be top 6 or 7 this season and I expect a true season of transition. I would predict a mid-table finish."
by Ged Simpson : 26/08/2013

The End of the Marriage

"It’s so sad when a marriage ends. What was once love, admiration, respect and a desire to continue into old age quickly becomes hatred and a need to dissociate oneself from him."
by Tony McDonald : 24/08/2013

Song For Whoever!!

A spirited call for more dedicated Everton songs
by Steven  Wilson : 20/08/2013

Carrow Comparisons

by Dave Arrow : 12/08/2013

Reasons to be hopeful

by James Martin : 10/08/2013

It's Not the System that Counts

An exiled California Blue gives his assessment of the new Martinez style for Everton to play up to in the coming weeks...
by Greg Dawson : 08/08/2013

Vamos Everton

BOTH Evertons are playing on the Pacific coast against big-name opposition this week. You may know all about our game against Real Madrid. The other Everton were in Santiago playing Chile's top club, Colo Colo.
by Tom P Owen : 03/08/2013

Squad Analysis and My Predictions for the Season

A detailed look at current resources that suddenley seem to be twice what they were last season, whEn fringe players could not be trusted.
by Jordan Marsh : 02/08/2013

Howard's heroics – and some really big Stones

A first-time match-experience for an American Blue on a great night for Everton in San Francisco.
by Mike Gaynes : 01/08/2013

An Evening at Practice with Everton and Juve

Eyewitness report from San Francisco on the preparation for tomorrow's game in the International Champions Cup.
by Mike Gaynes : 31/07/2013

Why Everton will not find a suitable buyer

Another cogitation along the money trail and why buying Everton may not appeal to many Billionaires...
by Alan Smith : 30/07/2013

First Team and Formation

Sam Hoare steps up as virtual Team Manager with his selections for the anticipated formation and line-up.
by Sam Hoare : 28/07/2013

Statistics, Damn Statistics

Although Jim Potter's ruminations over what the coming season my bring seem to have little to do with statistics...
by Jim Potter : 26/07/2013

An Open Letter to Mr Rooney

A plea to a boyhood Blue to return to Goodison Park after 9 years at Manchester United.
by Andy Osborne : 25/07/2013

Our Club and Its Principles

Papiss Cisse’s stance on refusing to wear the Newcastle shirt with their new payday loan sponsors is an interesting example of principles in an industry that seems devoid of them. What would Everton fans think if one of our players took a similar stance?
by Gavin McGarvey : 20/07/2013

The new ‘Two teams per capital’ rule

An antidote to the unfair advantage gained by clubs from the capital.
by Kev Johnson : 17/07/2013

Austria Vienna v Everton
Part 3: After Match Discussions

The post match scene in and around teh Generalia Stadion.
by Robert Workman : 15/07/2013

Austria Vienna v Everton
Part 2: Match Report and Observations

Match Report and Observations on Everton's first public game under Roberto Martinez
by Robert Workman : 15/07/2013

Previewing Austria Vienna v Everton
Part 1: Evertonians' Quick Guide to Vienna

A fantastic primer for anyone following the Blues on their great European summer adventure in one of the continent's most beautiful and historic coities
by Robert Workman : 11/07/2013

Last season and the Next

A perspective on the season gone, and the season to come.
by Gavin McGarvey : 07/07/2013

Taking One Step Back

Could promoting players from within the squad rather than selling the family silver be the way forward for Everton, even if means dropping league places in the coming season?
by Kieran Fitzgerald : 02/07/2013

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