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Season 2011-12

Fan Articles Season 2011-12

Contributions from ToffeeWeb readers. Submit your own article for consideration

Gibson on the right wing?

by John Williams : 01/07/2012


Ian Macdonald's loving tribute to Gordon West, the Everton goalkeeping legend who passed away this month aged 69.
by Ian Macdonald : 20/06/2012

The Day Gazza Walked Into My Life

How a young Evertonian and mates with no tickets at a Newcastle game were saved by Paul Gascoigne and became his scouse Cousins
by Matt Woods : 19/06/2012

The Moyes Conundrum

"sometimes we reduce the argument about Moyes and his merits to almost comic-book simplicity, and we are all too guilty of failing to see the granular detail."
by Declan O'Shaughnessy : 18/06/2012

Toffeemen Facebook Group

John Hermanson set up a group on Facebook last year to raise money for Everton to build a stadium and provide money for the manager... without much success.
by John Hermanson : 17/06/2012

Blue Sky thinking

What will all the new PL money really do for England, the FA and the Premier League?
by Peter Lee : 16/06/2012

Shareholder Windfall?

Financial effect of the new Sky TV rights deal...
by Richard Larnder : 15/06/2012

Moyes to Spurs

Taking the rampant speculation to one conclusion, what happens if Moyes leaves for White Hart Lane?
by Pablo Connelly : 14/06/2012

A Truly Great Goodison Night

The night Everton won their 7th League Champions trophy, at home to WBA in 1970
by Mark  Roberts : 07/06/2012

A season in stats

Numbers for everything that happened last season
by Stephen Kenny : 23/05/2012

A strange season: 1974-75

by Mark Roberts : 22/05/2012

Petit Francais ? The Montpellier Model

Montpelier, who just won the French league, were promoted back to the top flight in France in 2009 (just 3 years ago). They have extremely low costs and spend very little on transfers. In fact, a lot of their side is made up of players that came through their youth system.
by Denis Richardson : 22/05/2012

Don't look back in anger

"Everton were always going to win, our team lacked big game experience, it was too soon for them whilst your team looked comfortable at that level."
by James Martin : 21/05/2012

A Brief History of Failed Expectations

The correlation between player investment and Everton making a play for the Champions League places
by Nick Entwistle : 19/05/2012

Some Fresh Blood

Turn on Football Manager and embrace Silly Season...
by Sam Hoare : 15/05/2012

All About The Money?

by Tony Marsh : 14/05/2012

How did you get on?

A look back at the predictions made last August...
by Eugene Ruane : 13/05/2012

The Ultimate Futility

by Thomas Lennon : 12/05/2012

Five-Year Plans

David Moyes seems to like his five-year plans. He also seems to like unveiling them after the five-years have passed. Let's call it 'retrospective compartmentalising'.
by Jon Sellick : 09/05/2012

Toffees in America

A new US fan tells how he became an Evertonian
by Clarence Yurcan : 09/05/2012


An analysis of the major sources of income to Premier League clubs, and how this breaks down at Everton.
by Matt Traynor : 07/05/2012

David France: Més que un fan

Ed Bottomley pays tribute to Dr "Everton" David France as he prepares to accept his OBE
by Ed Bottomley : 04/05/2012

What do you prioritise?

I'd like to see us win everything next season but, given our resources and recent history, what would you choose?
by Kieran Fitzgerald : 03/05/2012

The Moyestrap

This one could run and run and run...
by Michael Coffey : 01/05/2012

From Cancun to Corrie

by Tony Marsh : 27/04/2012

It's All Over for Kenwright and Moyes

The longer the current board remain in place, the hope that we can still be a big club diminishes with each passing day.
by David O'Keefe : 20/04/2012

Three Conundrums

The issues of big-game mentality, Moyes's future and investment at EFC
by Pete  Shaw : 19/04/2012

My Generation

Supporting Everton ? ?my generation?
by Calum Beardwood : 17/04/2012


My memory of the match will hopefully fade with time but the memories of last Saturday which will remain with me involve the fans.
by Sandra Williams : 17/04/2012

Something needs to Change

It really isn?t as bad as it could be... or maybe it is and we?re just so used to it now.
by Iain Greenaway : 17/04/2012

Death of a Loved One

Defeat at the hands of our neighbours in the FA Cup semi-final on Saturday had a far more profound effect on me than I could ever have forecast.
by Steve Syder : 16/04/2012

Why I?m 50 times the Evertonian I was on Thursday

What being an Evertonian really means
by Karl Parsons : 16/04/2012

Crossing the Rubicon

Saturday encapsulated it for me: Moyes had the chance to right some wrongs but reverted to type and we got what we deserved.
by Dave Arrow : 15/04/2012

Better Than the Devil You Know

Expectations of manager versus fans
by Iain McWilliam : 15/04/2012

That's Us In The Corner

The difference between Liverpool and Everton was attitude.
by Dave Rymer : 14/04/2012

Another One Bites The Dust

Lifelong fan bemoans the lack of winning spirit in today's Everton.
by Mike Hughes : 14/04/2012

Beating Liverpool

We must be brave and bold, direct and confident in our tactics. A fast, aggressive and positive approach, replicating everything that was so terrific in the Sunderland replay, is what is required.
by Matt Byrne : 10/04/2012

Refereeing Decisions, Cheating, Horrendous Tackles etc?.

Are dangerous tackles becoming more prevalent and should there be a reform of the rules?
by John Schrempft : 10/04/2012

Cheer up, Anichebe

by Ben Patchesa : 09/04/2012

Decision, Decisions...

Who plays? And who is disappointed come April 14th?
by Adam Dow : 05/04/2012

Moyes's Final Test

The FA Cup Semi-Final against Liverpool on 14 April is a game that David Moyes must not lose...
by Chris Butler : 05/04/2012


by Jamie Crowley : 03/04/2012

To win the cup Moyes must learn from the past

Memories of Everton's previous failings under David Moyes in crucial cup games against Chelsea.
by Anthony Jones : 02/04/2012

Qualifying for the Europa Cup?

The challenge of qualifying for Europe next season
by Stan Blood : 28/03/2012

Being A Happy Evertonian

All-in-all, it's been a privilege to follow the Blues through all the highs and lows and I wouldn't have it any other way.
by Terry Fearn : 28/03/2012

Dominant win recalls the good times

Triumphant Toffees hark back to Moyes's heyday with dominant victory over Swansea City
by Chris Smith : 25/03/2012

Will Everton Learn From Their Mistakes? Part I

The questions surrounding the long term future of Everton FC always come back to one subject, the future of Goodison Park.
by Simon Magner : 23/03/2012

Know Your Place

An indictment of the Barclays Premier League and its current obsession with money
by Andy Casey : 23/03/2012

Momentry Lapse of Reason

Looking forward to the Sunderland replay...
by Tony Marsh : 22/03/2012

Elstone: Time to Go

The Charge Sheet against Everton CEO, Robert Elstone
by David O'Keefe : 21/03/2012

Outstaying Your Welcome

or an Everton manager to put out a weakened team in a Derby was totally unforgivable and surely now only the ultra deluded can want him to remain as manager of our great club.
by Ged Dwyer : 20/03/2012

Everton?s Battle for Hearts over Minds

"My honest opinion is that Moyes could do better and we could also probably do much worse... It?s a nice enough balance for a club with no money, but ultimately it?s a recipe for mediocrity"
by Barry Jones : 15/03/2012

Moyes's selection: A white flag to the demands of a top club

Chris Smith feels that Moyes's approach to the Anfield derby made a mockery of the fans
by Chris Smith : 15/03/2012

Die Schule des Fußballs Wissenschaft

The Appliance of Science to the sport of Football...
by Matt Dee : 14/03/2012

Dignified Inferiority

"Quite simply, Moyes has an inferiority complex about Liverpool and is only too happy to play the role that every kopite wants him to play"
by James Martin : 14/03/2012

Questions Need To Be Asked

Yesterday's derby defeat was a shameful display and it has wrecked what could have been a very happy 10th anniversary for David Moyes.
by Chris Butler : 14/03/2012

What Did You Expect?

Tony Marsh pulls no punches following the derby defeat
by Tony Marsh : 14/03/2012

A Ten-Year Attitude

Shaun contrasts the media hype surrounding Moyes's 10th anniversary with his feelings following the manager's post-match comments after losing 3-0 to Liverpool.
by Shaun Cox : 14/03/2012

To all Moyes's critics

A lot of criticism of David Moyes has embarked from I would say a majority on this site. That does surprise me a great deal, because he has worked wonders with our club.
by Ben Jones : 05/03/2012

Relocation or Renovation: Football?s Big Question

I?ve written this article as part of my A-Level English Language coursework folder. It equates to roughly 10% of my final grade. The brief was to write an article worthy of publication in a magazine/newspaper. My style model was FourFourTwo magazine and as such is about football.
by Adam Cunliffe : 02/03/2012

Strikers' Graveyard?

Louis Saha`s transfer to Spurs came as something of a surprise, his form for most of the season had been poor, he appeared not to care. David Moyes no longer seemed able to coax a performance out of him. Has Goodison become a graveyard for strikers?
by Dave Wilson : 23/02/2012

If only the season had started in January

it is a familiar lament for Blues fans; one that can regularly be heard on the terraces of Goodison Park come the end of the Premier League campaign.
by Peter Laing : 18/02/2012

Trust Everton ? What's The Strategy?

Continuing the discussion of Trust Everton and how we can make it work for the good of the club in the future.
by Phil Guyers : 17/02/2012

Everton Myths

Football is all about opinions and differing points of view. Although sometimes, we all hear things that we can?t quite believe. This is my list of ?Everton Myths? ? things I?ve heard, at the game or elsewhere, that I just can?t get my head around.
by Luke O'Farrell : 16/02/2012

Let's Talk About Jake Bidwell

An update on Everton Academy prospect Jake Bidwell, who has been getting plaudits during his impressive loan spell with Brentford.
by Dick Anderson : 16/02/2012

An Utter Disgrace

Surely it's time for the FA and other football clubs to stand up against racism in the game
by Chris Butler : 12/02/2012

Pressure From The Front

After Everton?s recent ?success? of a six-match unbeaten run, which includes victories over the nation?s two biggest spending clubs, David Moyes should be looking at what has changed from earlier in the season.
by Matthew Lovekin : 12/02/2012

From My Seat: Chelsea (H)

Another three points toward safety, or could it just be something more, as the Blues send the Pensioners packing.
by Ken Buckley : 11/02/2012

Healthy Competition for Places

A review of the competition for places in the team, going into the final third of the season.
by Sam Hoare : 07/02/2012

Who's on board for 2012-13?

For the rest of the season, all our best players are on short-term loan deals...
by Matthew Lovekin : 02/02/2012

The Benefits of Change

Why has this change taken so long? Was it the Argentine?s time to adjust since his arrival, or and end to Moyes?s patience with Saha? Or did he simply strike lucky?
by Nick Entwistle : 01/02/2012

Bill Kenwright — Master Story Teller

What a great day Tuesday 31 January 2012 was for all Everton supporters. But even more importantly, what a great day it was for Billy Bullshitter! Some good transfer window dealings, both inwards and outwards, and a great win over league leaders Manchester City.
by John Roberts : 01/02/2012

A nice gloss

No team plays to their full capacity every game but we have been so far below that level for the whole of this season that it brings more questions than answers.
by Ste Kenny : 01/02/2012

The Walls of Jericho

A comment article about keeping up the pressure on Bill Kenwright and his failed regime at Everton.
by Richard Knights : 30/01/2012

Paul Bracewell ? A Life in Football

An Article about the former Everton player, an article based on an interview recently conducted with Paul Bracewell.
by Rob Sawyer : 30/01/2012

Investing in the Future

I would like to see Moyes is using his resources to secure young players who can benefit the club, one way or another, for years to come.
by Joel Durkin : 29/01/2012

Dire Straits

I honestly think the best thing Everton can do instead of us all moaning is give Moyes and Kenwright our full support and let?s see what happens over the summer.
by Graeme Beresford : 24/01/2012

The Goodison Roar

What has happened to the Everton crowd and the famous Goodison Roar?
by Rick Tarleton : 24/01/2012

Sinking Feeling

by Tony Marsh : 23/01/2012

Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent

For the first time in a decade, I seriously fear for our safety this season. We could by the end of March be quite conceivably in the bottom three!
by Scott Campbell : 23/01/2012

Not in My lifetime

A long way of saying it's time for him to go...
by Conor Skelly : 22/01/2012

Is Moyes doing a Rooney with Barkley?

Everton fans fear a repeat of the Wayne Rooney saga, especially as rumors have already hit the tabloids about interest for 18 year old from big names such as Manchester City, Barcelona and Chelsea.
by Chris Walford : 17/01/2012

The Blue Union Tightrope

Risking hurting the club you love
by Peter  Fearon : 16/01/2012

Why Everton haven't been sold

A view from The City...
by Richard Larnder : 13/01/2012

Gibson ? better for us than Rodwell

So we've signed Darron Gibson ... Personally I think this signing is more telling for the impact it will have on the future of Jack Rodwell.
by Niall Clinton : 13/01/2012

An Open Letter to Bill Kenwright

An Open Letter to Bill Kenwright
by Steven Flavin : 13/01/2012

We don't believe what the Kenwright says..

How dumb or forgetful does Bill Kenwright think we are? Did he think we wouldn?t be expecting a new signing now? He?s either patronizing or he?s made a failed attempt at being crafty..
by Andrew  James : 12/01/2012

Carpe Diem

This March will see David Moyes's 10th anniversary at Everton! In his near-decade at our beloved club, Moyes has won... nothing. He has overseen the first trophy-less decade since the 1950's - only the second decade without a trophy in our history!
by Scott Campbell : 12/01/2012

From My Seat: Tottenham (A)

We stuck at it and even without testing their keeper we at least were not disgraced against a team right on top of their game
by Ken Buckley : 12/01/2012

Pat Nevin, Hall of Fame

In light of his forthcoming induction into the Gwladys St. Hall of Fame I made contact with Pat Nevin and interviewed him with a view to publication on ToffeeWeb.
by Rob Sawyer : 12/01/2012

Enough is Enough

Evertonians are all too depressingly familiar with watching their club being dismantled, but the current plight is an order of magnitude greater than the dips we have witnessed in recent years.
by Nick Armitage : 12/01/2012

The Lost Generation

This once great footballing institution is slipping further into the abyss. And the heart breaking part of it all is that the real losers of it all aren?t us. It?s the next generation of Blues.
by Adam Cunliffe : 11/01/2012

Another Strong Second Half?

Now that Everton are once again at a halfway point of another Premier League season, the time is now to question can David Moyes shape another strong second half for the Toffees?
by Scott Brady : 10/01/2012

Moyes ? make the choice!

The Hungarian coach Bela Guttman always advised that "the third year was fatal"; yet we have David Moyes two months shy of his 10th anniversary as manager...
by Alex  Mather : 10/01/2012

Mid-season Awards

Yup, it's the mid-season review! (and of course the awards as well!)
by Vinod Kumar : 09/01/2012

£5 Million against £50 Thousand?

by Mick Wrende : 08/01/2012

Having a Go

by Charlie Percival : 07/01/2012

The half-way point of the Season

This is just some thoughts on our first nineteen games of the season (nineteen to go ? exactly halfway), in the context of several seasons of relative underperformance and the well-catalogued financial woes that seemingly make us unable to compete at the top of the table.
by Michael Kidd : 05/01/2012


That's Nick Armitage's verdict on the shocking home loss to Bolton Wanderers
by Nick Armitage : 05/01/2012

Stracqualursi and Drenthe, Quality or not?

In Stracqualursi and Drenthe, we have two guys on loan who have played some part this far, and they have been both good and bad. They are out of contract come summer and they could be good players for the future, they are both young, under 25 years old, they bring a great work ethic and seem to give us an added edge in their own way.
by Jimmy Soerheim : 03/01/2012

Gary Ablett

Memories of the FA Cup-winning defender who lost his battle with cancer this month
by Neil Smith : 02/01/2012

Bring them all on... still!

David Moyes has us undefeated in four, we have the fourth tightest defence and should we win our game in hand we would enter into the second half of the season only nine points from fourth.
by Nick Entwistle : 02/01/2012

Time to Blood the Youngsters

Moyes as gone full circle as he said he intended on getting the average age down and wanted to build a younger side for the future.
by Aidy  Dews : 27/12/2011

The Answer

It is clear for all Evertonians that the current squad needs re-vamping.
by Alasdair Mackay : 27/12/2011

From my seat: Sunderland (A)

Back to the Stadium of light on Boxing Day ? or should that be the Stadium of wind? There was plenty of it about from both the elements and the fans...
by Ken Buckley : 27/12/2011

It's That Time Again

It?s that time of the year again. The time when the iniquities of extreme free market capitalism are laid bare for all to see... The time when little Evertonians all over the World who have been good girls and boys (in the main) await feverishly for gifts from afar and goodies to be unwrapped..
by Kevin Sparke : 24/12/2011

Time for wholesale renewal

I don't think I would be that offended if the club was to write the season off from now and take what I think would be a solid course of action.
by Kieran  Fitzgerald : 23/12/2011

The Future

Why we should be doing everything we can to hold on to our young players
by Fran Mitchell : 20/12/2011

Time For A Change

I have lost any remaining faith I had in the board, coaches, and especially David Moyes.
by Ryan Rosenberg : 20/12/2011

Our Football IQ ? How Low Can It Go?

"The main issue (for me) that came from yesterday's game was our inability to play the smart pass or the instinctive touch."
by Mohammed Horoub : 18/12/2011

Royston to the Rescue

Drenthe's second-half arrival sparked more effective football from Everton against Norwich
by Luke  O'Farrell : 18/12/2011

A Missive

Where are we going?
by Gareth Humphreys : 17/12/2011

The Good Growd

Everton vs Arsenal ? 10 December 2011
by Éanna Cullen : 16/12/2011

What's the worst that can happen?

Somebody said recently that if the job of managing Everton was to suddenly be put up for grabs there would be a queue of applicants stretching all the way back to Aberdeen... but is there a man out there who can do a better job than Moyes?
by Dave Wilson : 15/12/2011

Fan Power: The Myth of Johnson's Exit

There were all kinds of factors leading to Johnson?s departure and if the outcry by fans had any role to play it was minimal. Johnson was very unpopular but it was not the People's Club's People Power that drove him out.
by Peter Fearon : 13/12/2011

Christmas 1986

Reminiscing about a crucial festive program me that helped steer Everton to the title in 1986-87.
by Neil Smith : 13/12/2011

Who I'd like for Christmas...

In reality we probably won't have any money but let's pretend we have around £6M to spend...
by Sam Hoare : 13/12/2011

It's Kenwright who needs to go

Are Moyes's hands tied to the extent that it has become a noose around his neck?
by Jay Harris : 12/12/2011

Well it's not for want of trying

Everyone played quite well, no-one had a stinker, we should win the next five games...
by Paul Traill : 11/12/2011

Results Indict the Moyes Defence

Moyes had actually given up on scoring by taking off our lone striker, Saha, and putting on our seventh defender, Distin ? a move that would have been cowardly and disgraceful if we had been winning but which given the circumstances would have made Don Revie blush.
by Peter Fearon : 10/12/2011

From my seat: Arsenal (A)

Heitinga had Van Persie in his pocket until Moyes subbed off Saha and went to 4-6-0.
by Ken Buckley : 10/12/2011

Moyes Out?

I have always been a big supporter of Moyes and believe he HAS moved the club forward from the dark days of the early 1990s when we would be regularly fighting for our Premiership survival... but...
by Gary Smith : 10/12/2011

A New Formation

After years of the same tactics under David Moyes, some alternative formations
by Neil Turton : 08/12/2011

FC Basel ? a useful template?

Could FC Basel provide a template for the regeneration of Everton FC?
by Graham Atherton : 08/12/2011

Everton to parade new Trophy at St George's Hall

The League of 16 is what we are part of now... have been throughout the Moyes era and before ? and that's a trophy we could win!
by Ged  Simpson : 07/12/2011

Unlock Osman

Perhaps the issues are really in midfield...
by James Martin : 06/12/2011

Time to change your philosophy, Mr Moyes

Shaun Sparke on the manager's demeanour and seeming inability to coach his team to break down opposition defences.
by Shaun Sparke : 06/12/2011

Reflections on a footballer

Gary Speed, in a life that promises so much and often delivers so little, you lived your life to the full... in the great arena that is football, and you played on the biggest domestic stage and represented your clubs and country with pride.
by Kevin Sparke : 29/11/2011

Gary Speed ? The Final Piece of the Jigsaw

Gary Speed?s goal return in blue was better than anywhere else. He should have been the last piece of the jigsaw thus enabling us to get into Europe regularly, win cups and even be good enough to enjoy the Champions League party. None of that happened.
by Andrew James : 29/11/2011

Gary Speed's Goals

Time to remember some of Gary Speed's best moments in an Everton shirt.
by Neil Smith : 28/11/2011

Football Mourns the Loss of a Welsh Wizard

A tribute to Gary Speed, through the eyes of an Evertonian.
by Luke O'Farrell : 27/11/2011

A return to pragmatism

A return to pragmatism
by John Holmes : 27/11/2011

From my seat: Bolton (A)

We did at times try to retain the ball and play it a little but were too easily spooked into rash decisions with our best spell of ball retention saved for the run-the-clock-down period.
by Ken Buckley : 26/11/2011

Just Rebuild One Stand

by Derek Turnbull : 24/11/2011

CD Everton Revival

CD Everton of Chile are on the brink of returning to the Primera A League.
by Mike Owen : 23/11/2011

Boring Blues?

Personally, I loved that gritty win over Wolves because it reminded me of the early Moyes years, winning the physical battles and getting the result, inching up the table and watching the optimism grow.
by James Martin : 22/11/2011

All You Need Is Luck

The problem we have under Deadly Dave is that our performances rarely change ? it's just that the results differ. We either get lucky and win or we don't get lucky and we lose.
by Tony Marsh : 22/11/2011

Bolton Match Report


There is no need to write your match report this week, I have already done it for you...
by Shaun Sparke : 22/11/2011

A Fascinating Insight into Will Cuff

The unveiling of a magnificent portrait of Mr Everton, Will Cuff, provides another enduring link from Everton past to present and future, thanks to the work of the Everton Heritage Society.
by Paul Traill : 19/11/2011

Maurane Fellaini ? an objective viewpoint

How much of an impact does Marounae Fellaini really have? Well, let's look at his stats...
by Colin O'Keeffe : 17/11/2011

Saturday Night Pink Echo

A long lamented institution of Merseyside football culture remembered
by Neil Smith : 11/11/2011

In Grateful Remembrance

On Friday, 11th November at the eleventh hour, Evertonians and others will gather to pay their respects to an exceptional group of young men, players from here and from Chile who gave their lives in the two World Wars.
by Paul Wharton : 09/11/2011

No Excuses, Davey

Our current situation has a lot to do with decisions made by David Moyes.
by Chris Butler : 09/11/2011

Postman's Knock

As if we weren't miserable and depressed enough already...
by Tony Marsh : 07/11/2011


Saturday?s defeat at St James Park raised so many questions
by Dave Richman : 07/11/2011

From my seat: Newcastle (A)

Not the best of days down St James way as Everton produce a display that will leave many a fan frustrated on many fronts.
by Ken Buckley : 05/11/2011

Why Do I Feel Like This ?

Once upon a time, I?d follow us all over the country, but now I?m not even paying attention to them on the telly.
by Gary Jones : 05/11/2011

Coming to the end

Depressing. Numbing. Upsetting.
by Daniel Hutchinson : 05/11/2011

Lets Talk About Femi Orenuga

Femi Orenuga made headlines here in Essex back in 2008. Southend were playing Luton Town in the FA Cup and in the 93rd minute of the match the Shrimpers manager made a substition and the then 15-year-old Femi Orenuga became the youngest player ever to play for Southend.
by Dick Anderson : 29/10/2011

Lack of Investment Shines Through

by Luke O'Farrell : 29/10/2011

Mucha Mucks It Up

by Luke O'Farrell : 27/10/2011

The Importance of Identity

A bizarre suggestion for increasing the club's visibility and presence throughout the world.
by Paul Niklas : 24/10/2011

Thoughts from Craven Cottage

by Sam Hoare : 24/10/2011

Everton v Fulham: Stats Preview

by Luke O'Farrell : 21/10/2011

The Writing is on the Wall

We are in limbo, awaiting anything, everything. Crying in desperation for a team and a manager with ambition and belief; instead, we have resignation and it frankly doesn?t sit well with many of us.
by Christine Foster : 21/10/2011

We can't defend and we're too nice

The foundation of the team David Moyes built at Everton was a good defence ? and it worked! Lescott and Jagielka combined brilliantly to form one of the best partnerships in the league... but we've never been as tight since.
by Bobby Thomas : 20/10/2011

Losing The Plot

Tony Marsh provides some acerbic commentary on the McFadden re-signing, the Chelsea defeat, and fond memories of when we used to play with no fear.
by Tony Marsh : 18/10/2011

Stepping Backwards

Our re-signing of James McFadden couldn?t make it anymore obvious just how dire the situation is.
by Paul McAllister : 17/10/2011

That was then; this is now

A number of things seem to have come to a head this season to really thwart the progress David Moyes was making...
by Kevan  Currie : 19/10/2011

We must all get behind David Moyes

David Moyes has proven time and time again that he is the best man for the very particular job that is Everton Football Club. He has done this job fantastically well, leading us to some very impressive finishes considering the finances and players available at his disposition.
by Stephen  Kidd : 17/10/2011

Gardening Leave

What parallels can be drawn between the coach of a Melbourne Sunday League side and the great man himself: David Moyes? You'd be surprised... or perhaps not!
by Andy  McNabb : 16/10/2011

Toffees are Stuck

Another match down, another defeat, and still no change in gameplan
by Graham Brown : 15/10/2011

Everton v Chelsea: Stats Preview

Some relevant stats and facts ahead of tomorrow's early evening kick-off in the capital city
by Luke  O'Farrell : 14/10/2011

Overseas TV Revenue Change?

Liverpool FC are currently trying to get the split of the overseas TV revenue changed to better reflect the appeal of the top clubs.
by Matt Traynor : 12/10/2011


Deep questions about deep felt passions that drive the partisanship which underlies the game...
by Kevin Hudson : 09/10/2011

An alternative to the media

Websites like ToffeeWeb that are run by the fans, for the fans, provide a depth of knowledge and opinion we just don't get in the conventional media.
by Kieran Fitzgerald : 07/10/2011

Worse than the wrestling

Consider what has happened over the years to professional wrestling...
by Kevin Sparke : 05/10/2011

I can't take much more of this

It is not sport anymore, it is barely even a business now, it?s simply a joke. The Premier League has become a complete joke.
by Matthew Lovekin : 02/10/2011

The 216th Merseyside Derby: Stats Preview

Amazing facts and stats about Saturday's Big Match
by Luke  O'Farrell : 29/09/2011

It Works With Horses?

Jimmy thinks the big clubs should be handicapped
by Jimmy Stenn : 28/09/2011

What if...?

The answer is simple: his team selection suggests that there was no attacking intent.
by Shaun Sparke : 27/09/2011

As Good As It Gets?

Football is all about self-belief and the will to win
by Tony Marsh : 26/09/2011

An Alternative League Philosophy

Comparing the greater desire for parity in the NFL with the growing disparity in the Premier League
by Steve Barr : 25/09/2011

Second Team

Alun Willis on his past and present affections for teams other than the Mighty Blues
by Alun Willis : 23/09/2011

New Boys Offer Hope

by Luke O'Farrell : 17/09/2011

Whose Fault Is It?

There is without doubt, a growing tendency amongst fans to blame one individual for Everton?s demise over the last twenty years. Here are a few contenders that I would like a simple vote/answer in regards to the main culprit
by Matthew Lovekin : 17/09/2011

Bill Dreamed a Dream

by Anthony Jones : 15/09/2011

What if we could have...?

by Andrew Nelson : 14/09/2011

A different angle on an old story

by Joe Rimmer : 13/09/2011

Is it time to be co-operative?

by Shaun Sparke : 13/09/2011

Everton, a relic of the good old days

by Alan Clarke : 12/09/2011

The solution could hardly be clearer

by Blue Union : 12/09/2011

A Sad Day to Be an Evertonian

by Richard Gillham : 11/09/2011

Why I Shall Be Protesting Tomorrow

by Colin Fitzpatrick : 09/09/2011

A Break For The!

by Lee Mandaracas : 09/09/2011

Everton's Union Blues

by Mark Murphy : 08/09/2011

The Accusations of 'Kopite' Behaviour

by Adam Bennett : 06/09/2011

If Bill had balls

by Howie James : 05/09/2011

Nine thoughts on Arteta's move.

by Peter Hall : 03/09/2011

It's not just about the money

by Ged Dwyer : 03/09/2011

Evolution and Revolution!

by Stephen Kenny : 03/09/2011

Follow the Money

by Nick Armitage : 02/09/2011

This is what we?re all about

by Adam Cunliffe : 02/09/2011

Mikel Arteta

by Gavin McGarvey : 01/09/2011

Dear Mr Kenwright....

by Scott Montgomery : 01/09/2011

My letter to the Editor of the Echo

by Tony Horsfall : 01/09/2011

Black Wednesday - A view from The City

by Richard Larnder : 01/09/2011

Royston Drenthe - the next Kanchelskis or the next Andy van der Meyde?

by Erik Dols : 01/09/2011

We Need Strikers

by Adrian  Phuah : 30/08/2011

Where's the Everton Twitter/Legend Backlash?

by Rob Teo : 29/08/2011

Unimpressive performance
Unbelievable result!

by Santosh Benjamin : 28/08/2011

No need to panic, not yet!

by David Robinson : 27/08/2011

We All Bleed Blue

by Paul McAllister : 26/08/2011

A Time for Sharing?

by Jimmy Stenson : 26/08/2011

Sustainable future

by Ciaran Duff : 25/08/2011

No quick fixes, no billionaires please.

by Robin Cannon : 24/08/2011

'Table Football' football?

by Chris Rudd : 23/08/2011

Is Loyalty Killing Us?

by Al Reddish : 22/08/2011

New Season, Same Old Problems

by Luke O'Farrell : 20/08/2011

Bolshevik Stratagems Required

by Dominic Bobadilla : 20/08/2011

In Response To Mr Kenwright...

by Charlie Percival : 20/08/2011

The First Step Back

by Christine Foster : 20/08/2011

Lay off the Scapegoats

by Ciaran Duff : 19/08/2011

The insane society of science

by Matt Woods : 19/08/2011

Osama Bin Kenwright or Bill Baden Powell?

by Michael Hegarty : 19/08/2011

Nil satis...?

by Richard Barnes : 19/08/2011

Am I a knobhead ?

by Ged Simpson : 19/08/2011

The week that was?

by Paul Niklas : 17/08/2011

Bohemians 1 - 1 Everton

by Ger McNally : 16/08/2011

Enough is enough!!!!

by Paul Niklas : 15/08/2011

Is there anybody there?

by Christine Foster : 14/08/2011

Sucker for Punishment

by Dave Arrow : 13/08/2011

Moyes: More Conservative than Negative

by Gavin McGarvey : 10/08/2011

All things Moyes

by Sean McKenna : 09/08/2011

DNP: Great Expectations

by Jamie Levitt : 07/08/2011

The future's not so bleak

by Gareth Smith : 07/08/2011

A Message From A Very Concerned Evertonian

by Chris Kearns : 06/08/2011

They Say Travel Broadens the Mind?

by Dave Brooks : 06/08/2011

The Lack of Sense

by Daniel Hutchinson : 05/08/2011

Beckford!!? As IF!!

by Eugene Ruane : 02/08/2011

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

by Andrew Earlam : 02/08/2011

Jack Rodwell: Stay or Go?

by Richard Reeves : 30/07/2011

Be careful what you? no REALLY!

by Dave Brooks : 26/07/2011

Mentioned in Dispatches

by Matt Traynor : 25/07/2011

Not a lot to get excited about

by Paul Traill : 24/07/2011

The Current State of Affairs

by Matt Lavery : 22/07/2011

All Things Everton

by Ian Adams : 21/07/2011

Cautious Optimism

by Stephen Kenny : 20/07/2011

Kenwright ruining The People's Club

by Matt Chesterman : 19/07/2011

A Plan B

by Jay Harris : 19/07/2011

A Brief Summary of the Present Situation

by Richard Tarleton : 17/07/2011

We've got the Blues

by Adam Luszniak : 17/07/2011

Just This Fan's Response, Mr Elstone

by Christine Foster : 16/07/2011

The Sweet Smell of Great Sorrow

by Dave Wilson : 14/07/2011

Love wins over bigotry and hate

by James Finlay : 13/07/2011

I'd rather keep the rags

by James Martin : 12/07/2011

It?s not all Kenwright?s fault!

by Adam  Cunliffe : 11/07/2011

The Kids are Alright

by Alasdair Mackay : 08/07/2011

Youth is our Hope

by Jimmy Daly : 07/07/2011

Without Risk We Cannot Improve

by Jeff Adams : 07/07/2011

Ain't No Sunshine

by Tony Marsh : 07/07/2011

A little too comfy

by Shaun Sparke : 06/07/2011

Reap What You Sow

by Rob Riddal : 01/07/2011

Everton: One Big Family

by Paul Traill : 01/07/2011

What does success look like to you?

by Steven Scaffardi : 30/06/2011

The Current Crop: June 2011

by Graham Holliday : 30/06/2011

Our Bright Future

by Chris Bentham : 28/06/2011

5 years from relegation

by Phil Martin : 28/06/2011

A Giant Falls... A Lesson to Learn?

by Adam Bennett : 27/06/2011

Fulfilling expectations

by Roman Sidey : 23/06/2011

Everton in the Lion City Cup

by Darryl Ng : 22/06/2011

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