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During our enforced break from real football over the past 3 months, I took to scouring Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube to find any football-related programmes. From Sunderland Till I Die to the one about Leeds United, I watched whatever I could find. Of course, totally ignoring the series about Gerrard! One that caught my eye was the one about Brazil, the only problem: it was in a language I could not understand and there were no subtitles.

But I persevered hoping to see glimpses of Richarlison, of which there were a few. In those that I watched, Richarlison scored in nearly every clip along with Jesus from Man City. I thought it was clear from the limited clips plus the fact that I did not understand a word it was saying, that Richarlison and Jesus were superstars in the making.

How lucky I thought we were to have such a young genuine talent with the ability to run with ball, score goals with both feet and head, and work as hard as anyone else on the field. My only negative thought was: For how long would we be able to enjoy him in an Everton shirt?

Now come rumours that he turned down approaches back in the January transfer window. I have a horrible feeling that, once this rump of a season concludes, he might be gone for a very large amount of money, seeking the Champions League. Even if we do the impossible and sneak into the Europa League, I don’t think that will be enough to keep him. I really hope I am wrong!

My next thought is much closer to now and comes after Carlo’s presser earlier today, where he talked about the lack of time between Sunday evening and Wednesday evening for our players to recover. I tried to find a stats site which would say how far individual players ran against Liverpool but I could not find one. But I would hazard an informed guess that several clocked up plus 8 km and Tom Davies, Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin may have got closer to 10 km.

Using my limited knowledge of physiology and the science of recovery times, I am sure that our players will be feeling the extra effort that we put in against them when we come against Norwich, who have had two extra days to recover. I hope that we spend more time with the ball and make Norwich run like we did on Sunday.

Also, it seemed that Carlo was reluctant to use his five subs on Sunday and maybe he will be forced into using them against Norwich. Carlo continues to hold the carrot of the Europa League as a motivating force so a win is imperative. We shall see!

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