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Our scouting

Don Alexander
Posted 17/11/2019

I've long wondered about the quality of our scouting, before and after (sadly) our acquisition of Marcel Brands.

For instance Liverpool spent £100,000,000 in signing Salah, Firmino and Mane. We spent the same in acquiring Tosun, Walcott, Kean and ...
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The Forgotten Kieran Dowell

Trevor Powell
Posted 10/11/2019

Irrespective whether you see Kieran Dowell as a long-term project at Everton, I am becoming increasingly alarmed at his lack of game time at Derby County. I checked his stats, currently standing at 7 appearances, of which 6 were in August!

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Will it always be game over at 1-0 down?

Daniel Johnson
Posted 05/11/2019

The Shocking injury to André Gomes prompted a few discussions about Everton with my colleagues at work this week.

One stat about Everton they seemed keen to discuss was the inability for the team under Marco Silva to overturn a goal deficit...
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Is Jack Rodwell worth a punt?

Kieran Kinsella
Posted 05/11/2019

Jack Rodwell is gainfully unemployed but good enough to have trials at Roma and Parma. He's a bluenose who can play central midfield and centre-half.

Okay, his record post-Everton is poor but, as a utility man on a 9-month deal to tide us over? We...
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Plenty of blame to go around after Gomes nightmare

Peter Fearon
Posted 04/11/2019

I am absolutely outraged by the rush to try to absolve Son Heung-Min and Serge Aurier from any responsibility for the potentially career-ending injury to Andre Gomes.

First, the commentary team minimized Son’s intent and ignored Aurier’s role....
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Is Richarlison 'Everton'?

Conor Skelly
Posted 03/11/2019

After a game that failed to raise the pulses (until the sight of Andreé Gomes reeling in agony), one could be forgiven for thinking this game was another case of huffing and puffing, with no breath.

For me (and my father) watching in our l...
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Shit win over a shit club

Paul Burns
Posted 30/10/2019

As usual, after a dismal win at home against a turgid team we should always be beating, some people think everything is alright. Again. Until the next dreadful performance and result, coming along pretty soon.

Until the real problems at the club ...
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Holding Out For A Hero

Steve Hogan
Posted 27/10/2019

Forgive the obvious pun on the Tina Turner classic (our younger viewers might not have even heard of this song), but I guess the title kind of sums up where we are at, at the minute: someone in the team who can grasp the nettle.

Leaving the VAR d...
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The bleedin' obvious

Matt Traynor
Posted 22/10/2019

BBC recently published the top 10 teams for Premier League goals (yes, because football was only invented in 1992):

1. Man Utd - 1,999
2. Arsenal - 1,858
3. Liverpool - 1,795
4. Chelsea - 1,789
5. Spurs - 1,562
6. Man City - 1,40...
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The Perfect Storm

Dave McDowell
Posted 16/10/2019

Can you hear it?

No… neither can I. And you know why we can’t hear anything? It’s because, when you are in the eye of the storm, it’s eerily quiet.

• Zouma doesn’t sign.
• Gueye leaves.
• We don’t sign a proven ...
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From My Ancient Seat...

Paul Tran
Posted 15/10/2019

From My Ancient Seat – Liverpool 2 Everton 2, 20th October 1979

The derby games of the 1970s were not the best for us, apart from the obvious one in 1978. This one was different, on a few levels.

Back in those days, the TV highlights te...
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In “Defence” of 4-4-2

Dave McDowell
Posted 07/10/2019

“Defenders defend”

“Midfielders create”

“Forwards score”

I have to say I’m sick and tired of 4-2-3-1. Sick of it, sick that we don’t defend, sick that we don’t create and sick that we don’t score. I just want ...
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Mike Fisher
Posted 06/10/2019

It’s a very over-used quote, but doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is commonly referred to as the definition of insanity. Whilst a number of people have been credited with the quote, Albert Einstein is perhaps the...
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Back to Basics… Bring Back David Moyes!

Arnez Desmond George Fernandez
Posted 06/10/2019

We have had 4 managers in the last 6 years since David Moyes. Roberto Martinez, Ronald Koeman, Big Sam and now Marco Silva. Fair play to Farhad Moshiri that he has gone in big, spending hundreds of millions to try bring back the glory days of the ...
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Give Dominic Calvert-Lewin a new long-term contract

Tony  Everan
Posted 01/10/2019

It won't be universally popular talking about improving contracts when we are 15th on the back of three defeats.

Regardless, I think the club needs to back Dominic Calvert-Lewin now with an improved longer-term deal. I think he has steppe...
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Prediction Time?

Steve Hogan
Posted 29/09/2019

After a long, long time of watching Everton, I'm trying to be a little philosophical and not normally prone to knee-jerk reactions, but I'm unsure just how the current situation will pan out?

Clearly and quite rightly, many fans are venting ...
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Morgan Schneiderlin – The Rolls-Royce Player

Andre James
Posted 16/09/2019

Firstly, I wish to make it clear that our poor start is down to a number of reasons. The loss of Gueye and Zouma has clearly made a difference and we are trying to assimilate two new players up top. But there seemed to be an inevitability about the ...
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Accepting mediocrity

Andy Crooks
Posted 15/09/2019

Over the last few weeks, I have railed against Evertonians who have accused others of accepting mediocrity. We all accept it because we have no choice. What can I do as an Evertonian to demonstrate my disdain for that utterly abject show today?» Read

Size matters

Clive Rogers
Posted 11/09/2019

Having been an Evertonian all my life and attending matches regularly since 1960, I have seen all of our good teams, average teams and poor teams during that period. One thing has always irked me. Why do we always seem to have a small team? That is m...
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USM Finch Farm

Phillip Warrington
Posted 09/09/2019

Looking back at the last England youth campaigns when by memory we had 4 players in the U20s and 4 players in the U18s who were more than successful, I see a lot of the players in those squads are playing in good sides and becoming good players.

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