The Easiest Time To Create A Successful Team Is Now

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Barcelona getting a stuffing from Bayern Munich is apparently down to poor recruitment stretching back seasons an amazing claim given their resources and pulling power. Ditto Real Madrid, Man Utd and Chelsea – not to mention money bags and perennial chokers, Man City, failing to replace Aguerro, Kompany et al.

The issue is the "elite" market they inhabit no longer exists. Young heirs to Ronaldo and Messi have not come through; the game is now a homogenous lump with little differentiation between the "best" and the rest.

"10 out of 10" players no longer stream out of South America and Africa to transform fortunes.

Never has there been such an opportunity for a good coach to forge a team from the mass of "same-iness" to upset the once unassailable elite.

That lad at Wolves did it – why can't we?

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Paul Birmingham
1 Posted 16/08/2020 at 22:25:23
Barry, that's exactly what we need.

Hope eternal and let's take any Luck we can in this window as, after a lifetime on the edge, it would be good to get away, and for some consistency throughout the club, get close to success.

There's many ways you can say it but being an Evertonian is the greatest sporting life challenge one can take; it creates inner physical and moral strength that can't be beaten.

“What's Our Name?”

Mike Gaynes
2 Posted 16/08/2020 at 22:43:16
Paul, that's sorta how my wife describes being a Buddhist.
Tony Everan
3 Posted 16/08/2020 at 23:11:51
Barry, I agree with that sentiment. We have to have a system and game plan in place and then buy hungry players to fit in to that strategy.

I think Carlo can be deceptive with his affability, but he will be single-minded in doing this. If he can get the players in he wants, to create his tough organised team, we will be unrecognisable from last season.

We have to trust (or hope) the new Ancelotti Everton takes shape over the next few weeks. We can make waves against the top 6 with some wind in our sails and some specific, targeted signings.

Barry Rathbone
7 Posted 17/08/2020 at 10:01:58
Keeping my fingers crossed this is what Brands and Ancelotti can do bring in talent just below the radar. His first club, Reggiana, he made wholesale changes immediately - 12 out I believe. Fingers crossed
Alan J Thompson
8 Posted 17/08/2020 at 10:18:50
It does make you wonder when they have had "juniors" like Arteta, Deulofeu and Sandro and unused/unwanted "reserves" like Digne and Mina. But then, I suppose that having half of South America available on Spanish passports helps.
Alan J Thompson
9 Posted 17/08/2020 at 10:25:25
Oh, and they and Real seem to go through managers faster than we do.
Danny Broderick
10 Posted 17/08/2020 at 10:48:47
I was hoping this article was going to be about Everton! Because I happen to believe that we can fix this team relatively easily if it's done properly. 2 decent centre mids would give us a massive boost.

Centre mid is the absolute priority. This shouldn't be too difficult a task for Ancelotti (a World Cup winning midfielder) and Brands. Allan and Gueye seem to be available. I'd get Doucoure if possible. Ward Prowse is a good player at Southampton too.

I know we have to get rid of the deadwood, which will not be an easy job. But to rebuild should not be rocket science.

We know our deficiencies. 2 centre mids with energy, tackling and an ability to pass forward would put us in the mix for the European places...

Michael Lynch
12 Posted 17/08/2020 at 10:57:14
The European competitions this season have shown us just how mediocre the Premier League is right now. Not even the RS have come close to competing at the level required.

Man City are, in my opinion, the most talented and exciting side in the country but they are beatable by anyone on the days that they piss around too much. The Shite are fantastically consistent but post-lockdown have looked a bit ordinary. Below those two, it's unimpressive.

Now is definitely the time – but sadly probably not our time, we're fucking miles away from having a team that could compete with Wolves and Sheffield United let alone the Shite and Citteh.

Clive Rogers
13 Posted 17/08/2020 at 17:36:01
Michael, true and some of us are running out of time waiting for success.
Jay Harris
14 Posted 17/08/2020 at 22:07:14
While Kenwright is still involved in transfers, we will continue to piss around until only the dregs are left.

Nothing changes until Kenwright is gone.

Paul Birmingham
15 Posted 17/08/2020 at 23:01:44
Mike @2, spot on!
Sam Hoare
16 Posted 18/08/2020 at 00:03:53
Much harder to get rid of deadwood when they're on 𧴜k+ per week. I'd happily lose the likes of Bernard, Pickford, Sigurdsson and of course Bolasie, Sandro, Tosun, Besic etc but how many takers are there/will there be for such players? Not a huge amount, I suspect.
Steve Brown
17 Posted 18/08/2020 at 01:39:52
Mike @ 2, I haven't met many zen Evertonians!
Tony Everan
18 Posted 18/08/2020 at 07:30:24
Sam, we may move on a few of them but it will involve small transfer fees and also us making wage settlements to partially make up the wage difference. Players may take a small hit in wages if it means they get to play competitive football for a first team and secure a longer new contract. I suspect most of them will be out on loan again with us paying part of their wages.

I just hope we have learned a harsh and expensive lesson. Last summer's transfer window pursuing Zaha, buying Iwobi, injury cursed Gbamin, doesn't fill me with confidence that we have, but we can hope.

I'm not entirely convinced that Allan isn't another unjustifiably expensive recruit. Napoli getting 㿇M and us paying 㿀M wages seems way over the top for a near 30-year-old who doesn't start matches for them anymore. Can you imagine them (or anyone) paying that fee or wage for Sigurdsson?

They know Carlo wants him and we will probably pay it to appease him. I would be delighted if Carlo and Brands surprise them and signed a younger option they really like for a similar or cheaper price and told Napoli they won't play ball at 㿇M.

Have you noticed there doesn't seem to be any credible competition for him at those levels? They will probably want him off the wage bill and ultimately let him go for half that if we pulled out.

Joe McMahon
19 Posted 18/08/2020 at 07:47:29
It would be easier to off-load some of the dross if Moyes had still been at Sunderland. I'm sure he would have taken Delph for a start.

Paul, your post is a bit evangelical, and I'm sure Blue Bill would be moved to tears.

Tony Abrahams
20 Posted 18/08/2020 at 08:09:44
Tony @3, I have to agree with everything you write in that first paragraph, and think this would have been the plan for bringing Marcel Brands to Everton.

These things take time, but it looks like work has started underneath now, so hopefully we can shift some of these big earners who have got no future, and then bring in some good players which is what Ancelotti definitely needs right now.

We are desperate fan-base right now, so for things to work, we need to see some better players and also big improvements in our players desire, otherwise things will get toxic very quickly.

Drew O’Neall
21 Posted 18/08/2020 at 08:10:06
Speaking of homogeneous lumps, I see they could be appointing Koeman.
Alex Carew
22 Posted 18/08/2020 at 08:41:50
I personally would like us to just look like we have a plan, something I haven't seen in many years.

Over the years I've seen us pay millions for players that I've never even heard of? A quick look at a 3-minute YouTube video and everyone gets excited about these players. If you watch YouTube, then Sandro and Niasse are like Ronaldo and Messi.

Amazingly, when competing at 㿅M plus for a player, the player is not wanted by anyone else other than maybe Crystal Palace or Nantes. We've also been held to ransom for Barca players who can't fit in. Let's be honest, Mina was bought for his performance against England in the World Cup. Nobody else wanted him.

When we bought Sigurdsson, I was over the moon. I'd seen his quality and he was meant to be our new number 10 and yet I've seen him tried all over. He also looks old, disinterested and probably past it.

We failed miserably by not replacing Lukaku. As a purchase, he was our best for years... finally, a goalscorer of 20+ a season. You get nowhere without a goalscorer, basic fact.

We need Carlo to concentrate on 3 key places in the team and go and get 3 proven known players. If he wants to bring in some kids then great but we need some proven talent, preferably not 30 years old and only wanted by Brighton.

David Nicholls
23 Posted 18/08/2020 at 09:02:16
With 2 or 3 key additions I think we could have a surprisingly good season. Usually, I'm all for Europa League qualification but I think we may have dodged a bullet with our end-of-season slump.

There will be some massive fixture congestion and not being in Europe means we should be primed and ready every week to take advantage.

Adam Scott
24 Posted 18/08/2020 at 09:11:59
I'd be looking in a market like the Championship where I feel there are some very talented players likely available for good money, for the first time in years.
Robert Tressell
25 Posted 18/08/2020 at 09:14:03
It is interesting to me that Real Madrid have moved away from Galacticos post-Ronaldo – and gone for youth. They have spent a lot of money on 3 teenagers: Reinier, Rodrygo and Vinicius. They also bought Jovic, Militao and Mendy – all in their early 20s. Valverde and Hakimi have come through the very good youth system. Odegaard may even get his chance now too.

They have suffered post-Ronaldo, no doubt about it. But how can you possibly replace him? There may never be another. In a season or two, they should be ready to go again with an exciting young side.

There's a lesson in there for us. Accept a transitional period, invest in youth, and build a side that is talented enough to meet your objectives.

Brian Harrison
26 Posted 18/08/2020 at 10:18:03
I think Ancelotti has already started to change things, starting with a complete overhaul of the younger players. We have seen many of the older Under-23 squad being sent out on loans, thus freeing up spaces for 16- & 17-year-olds to play in the Under-23 side.

He has also promoted Gordon and Branthwaite to the first team and, more importantly, he has given them game time. These are very important changes, not something the tabloids will pick up or write about but changes that needed to be made to help the club progress.

I am sure Ancelotti with his experience knows where we need strengthening, and I think during the next few weeks we will see him using the market to make those changes. Obviously, being in our position, we may not be able to attract Ancelotti's first choice, but hopefully we can add better quality players than we have now.

It takes time to change the perception and belief in a club, and this for me is Ancelotti's biggest challenge. Sometimes understandably, changes take time to implement and us fans, who have had to put up with a lot over the last 30 years, aren't the most patient – but no more than other fans. But we need to stop chopping and changing managers every 2 or 3 years, who then come in and change styles and personnel.

Thomas Lennon
27 Posted 18/08/2020 at 14:50:06
Our ex captain has given this interview, comparing the 'comfort zone' attitude he found at Everton under Moyes with the winning attitude at Man Utd. How could a group of players who criticised him for trying harder at Everton possibly beat those who do everything to win?

Culture and attitude. Who is our current 'winner'?

'I was called a teacher's pet'

Patrick McFarlane
28 Posted 18/08/2020 at 15:17:59
Thomas #27,

I read that piece and I was a little surprised by it as David Moyes had been in the job some three years or so before signing Neville. Wasn't it his responsibility to 'change the culture' prior to Phillip Neville arriving? Plus didn't Everton qualify for Champions League before Pip arrived?

Pip may have set the tone out on the training pitch in his own mind, but other players arrived before him, who also helped to make Everton a more competitive team – Cahill, Arteta et al.

Brian Harrison
29 Posted 18/08/2020 at 15:31:58
I was listening to Simon Jordan on TalkSport today, and he was saying that, when he took over at Palace, Man Utd were the only team that didn't have a win bonus in players contracts. He asked why, and he was told "Because at Man Utd, we expect to win every game."

Maybe that's why they won so many league titles.

Tony Everan
30 Posted 18/08/2020 at 15:49:34

A former Everton captain talking about a “comfort zone” attitude at the club says it all.

Any Evertonian should be appalled at that comment from someone who was at the heart of Everton.

Lyndon, Michael, It deserves a headline article in its own right

Last season, that culture and attitude was still stinking the place out. Ancelotti is probably taken aback by the fetid stench of it.

We live in hope that Carlo can fumigate the place and with his highest of standards and unrivalled experience change the whole culture and attitude at the club.

Starting in September.

Jay Harris
31 Posted 18/08/2020 at 15:51:42
Moyes, to be fair changed the whole culture at the club from the tea lady to the players.

I think Phil Neville is talking about a difference in some of the players attitudes compared to the players at Man Utd. He may be talking about the likes of Beattie, Van der Meyde and possibly McFadden none of whom you could call 90-minute players.

I think every successful club has to have an influencer amongst the players similar to Muller at Bayern who is credited with improving the attitude of the squad and someone they all relate to.

One of the difficulties at Everton is you have a squad made by 4 other managers none of whom were chosen by Carlo but all with different philosophies about how the game should be played and how training should be.

It is much easier to get people to buy into a winning club mentality when you are successful, like Man Utd were, rather than in decline, like Everton have been.

Tony Abrahams
32 Posted 18/08/2020 at 18:30:34
He was talking about the whole culture of the club, Jay.
Martin Mason
33 Posted 18/08/2020 at 18:36:37
I see that lazy lump of lard Lukaku, who couldn't control a bag of cement on first touch, has just scored No 33 for this season.
Barry Rathbone
34 Posted 18/08/2020 at 19:27:30
Good old Phil Neville bigging up his effect here (he did absolutely fuck all) whilst confirming Everton players treat the place as a relaxed well paid hobby.

Colour me surprised.

His comments re the contrast with Man Utd should be made into a banner and strapped to the gates of Finch Farm under the title "THIS IS HOW YOU CULTIVATE MEDIOCRITY"

James Flynn
35 Posted 18/08/2020 at 20:35:27
I read the article.

Of course there was a difference between Fergy's Man Utd culture and the one Moyes walked in to at Everton. Neville would certainly notice that right away.

Nonetheless, he was complimentary to everyone, many players by name and Moyes, throughout the article.

It's been just about straight downhill since Moyes left, after all.

Thomas Lennon
36 Posted 18/08/2020 at 20:58:37
I think Neville probably overstates it a little, but it is hard to say by much. Man Utd players working harder, believing more, their club encouraging that attitude buying the best every year, turning over fortunes in income, associated with top brands. Winning big but also spending big, risking big.

Contrast Everton playing safe, in real danger of relegation, let's get into the top half, buying good players but not great players. No obvious plan to progress, just do the best you can; after all, we are only investing a tenth of the cash the big boys could back in Neville's day. Good value for money.

We have made some big changes, spent some big money and risks are now being made but there is a long way to go. Top seven next season would be a good result as long as the team is full of improving youth.

Jerome Shields
37 Posted 18/08/2020 at 23:12:43
The deadwood problem is the main barrier to what you suggest, Barry.

I'm not surprised at Neville's comments on 'comfort zone' Everton under Moyes.

We where all fed bullshit: the people of "The People's Club". That sign should be painted over.

Sukhdev Sohal
38 Posted 19/08/2020 at 23:41:22
Martin @33,

Stop trying to create an argument out of nothing. Yes, he is a brilliant goalscorer but also his first touch has always been very poor.

Sukhdev Sohal
39 Posted 19/08/2020 at 23:42:30
Neville is saying the truth, even if he isn't one of the most loved former Everton players. We also did need a tougher mentality to get through cup games that were winnable.
Sukhdev Sohal
40 Posted 19/08/2020 at 23:43:40
I'm not sure about Doucouré; we do need a natural central defensive midfielder and he isn't one.
Will Mabon
41 Posted 19/08/2020 at 00:01:43
Sukhdev, you're mostly right in what you say about Lukaku, but I suspect Martin was having a go at how Rom was perceived here. Many more mentioned the bag of cement, than mentioned the goals.

How we could do with someone even half as good now.

Sukhdev Sohal
43 Posted 20/08/2020 at 21:37:27
I hope we get quality players that fit the system with sell-on value, Allan can be the exception.
Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
44 Posted 20/08/2020 at 21:45:19
Sorry, Sukhdev, but it's generally not helpful for you to be calling other Evertonians 'stupid'. Such posts will be removed in accordance with our Conditions of Use, which I'm sure you're familiar with. Thanks!
Jamie Crowley
45 Posted 20/08/2020 at 22:09:35
Just the basics:

1. We need consistency, we do not need wholesale changes. And I mean that from players, staff, and brass. There's been entirely too much turnover at Everton. Keep as many people and players in the fold as possible for the near future. Make minor, but massively impactful changes where needed.

2. We need two central midfielders.

Do the above for starters between now and Sept. 12th, and then let's chat the end of May.

Mick Roberts
46 Posted 23/08/2020 at 12:35:53
Unfortunately, acquiring the correct players has so far been too much for Brands, and I do not see this changing.

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