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Would Arteta have made the same signings?

Derek Taylor
Posted 09/09/2020

For those who don't bother to read my oft regarded 'negative' posts, I have to say, right away, that I would much have preferred our Club's leaders to have gone for young Arteta rather than 'Grandad Carlo'.

I had wrongly believed from the mo...
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The Good, the Bad and the Handsome

Tony  Everan
Posted 08/09/2020

If you’ve tuned in to hear about the timeless refulgence of Gomes’s mane, the oiled sculpture of James’s six pack, or the pristine glacial rock pools that are Sigurdsson’s eyes, I’m afraid you will be disappointed.

What interests m...
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Time to get your act together!

Christine Foster
Posted 06/09/2020

It's quite a while since I penned an article here, but reading the Sports blog of The Guardian's Jonathan Wilson annoyed me, not because it was a disingenuous perspective on our club, players and owner, but it highlighted for me exactly where we a...
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It Was Time to Go Long, Long Ago

Clive Rogers
Posted 02/09/2020

I clearly remember the banners in the crowd at any away game and the one behind a plane flying over Goodison Park: “It’s time to go Kenwright and Co” was the message. Well the Co have gone, but the Kenwright lingers on. What year was that, i...
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The Easiest Time To Create A Successful Team Is Now

Barry Rathbone
Posted 16/08/2020

Barcelona getting a stuffing from Bayern Munich is apparently down to poor recruitment stretching back seasons an amazing claim given their resources and pulling power. Ditto Real Madrid, Man Utd and Chelsea – not to mention money bags and perennia...
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The things I love about Everton

Stephen Brown
Posted 09/08/2020

Go easy on me — it’s the first time I’ve posted in the mailbag!

I’m sitting in the hospital with my Everton made 5-year-old son, decked out in his Everton kit! He fell off monkey bars and broke his arm...

I’m sitting reading To...
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One bright light (and it could have been two)

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
Posted 06/08/2020

Amidst the gloom and depression of the last 12 months of football, there is one bright light that some of us may have missed.

The average age of the 11 players taking the field during the season was the lowest for 21 years. The season 1998-99 had...
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The solution to marginal VAR calls: no lines!

Michael Kenrick
Posted 06/08/2020

It seems the problem with marginal VAR calls is not the principle that players shouldn't be punished for having odd body parts ruled against for being mere millimeters offside. That is what has riled fans of the game, seeing the virtual lines used on...
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