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Money Talks

James Roberts
Posted 29/06/2021

It is becoming clear that the man paying the Piper and calling the tune at Everton FC is not Farhad Moshiri, but his wealthier benefactor and partner, Alisher Usmanov.

The 67-year-old oligarch owns the Russian multinational, USM, which has m...
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To Go or Not To Go... ?

Rob Halligan
Posted 27/06/2021

With the imminent announcement of Rafa Benitez as the new manager of our football club, "To Go or Not To Go..?" That is the question

Many fans are threatening to either not renew their season tickets, ask for a full refund, or buy their season t...
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Has Dominic Calvert-Lewin already peaked?

Michael Kenrick
Posted 25/06/2021

The insistent drumbeat of click-bait media speculation at the moment includes an increasingly persistent rumour now doing the rounds that suggests Everton would allow their star striker, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, to leave the club this summer — in...
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Why Roberto Martinez could be the ideal man for the current Everton squad

Kevin Prytherch
Posted 20/06/2021

Remember Roberto Martinez’s first season? That 72-point haul and some of the best football we’ve seen in over 30 years. Well, look back at how he did it….

He came into the club and had that famed Moyes defence. He had a steady, if not ...
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New manager - new team

Robert Tressell
Posted 19/06/2021

Will it be Santo, Benitez or Ferguson?

I thought it might be interesting to look at how we might line up under the various manager options, where the missing pieces in the first 11 might be and how we might fill them.

The formation / tactics ...
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Roberto Martinez: Whistle to Whistle

David Cooper
Posted 15/06/2021

If you search BBC iPlayer Sport, you will find an interesting documentary called “Roberto Martinez: Whistle to Whistle”.

I came across it by chance and, since it was bound to have something about his time as boss of Everton, I thought I wou...
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Back where we belong

Andy Crooks
Posted 07/06/2021

My last post on ToffeeWeb was after the Sheffield United game. I said, from memory, that I was indifferent to Carlo and his team and to whether he went or stayed. Indifferent, that is after more than 50 years as a Blue and 20 years reading and postin...
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Blood Brothers

Jerome Shields
Posted 06/06/2021

“I thought, I thought we always stuck together. I thought we were blood brothers.”

“But the dreams were not forgotten, just wrapped and packed away in the hope that she could take them out & dust them off one day.”<...
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England Call-ups Aren’t Anything New for Everton Players

Gary McCarty
Posted 09/06/2021

With the Euros approaching, fans have been reminded of what it means to athletes to play for their countries. While getting called up is never a guarantee because every season brings forward new talent, which makes betting on tournaments even mor...
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Everton's Euro 2020 players and expectations

Gary McCarty
Posted 01/06/2021

With the rescheduled Euro 2020 around the corner, only four Everton players are in contention for making an appearance at the final tournament.

Gareth Southgate announced provisional England's 33-man Euro 2020 squad on Tuesday, with three Ev...
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Covid Recovery & Blue Legends

Anthony Ormesher
Posted 28/05/2021

I am recovering from Covid.

I spent 10 weeks in hospital, was on a Ventilator and had a Tracheostomy. During this time, it was very traumatic for my family, and they tried everything to try and get a response or reaction from me through nurse-...
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Just like the girl in Dr No... no, no

Darren Hind
Posted 25/05/2021

Carlo Ancelotti being totally humiliated by Pep Guardiola made for a very uncomfortable watch. I felt like I was watching a rerun of the Larry Holmes v Mohammed Ali fight. A great man and champion was being battered into submission by the new Ch...
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The emperor’s new cloak

Tony  Abrahams
Posted 23/05/2021

I believe Farhad Moshiri once wrote to the Arsenal board expressing concerns about the road the club was taking, and this showed a bit of foresight considering the way the Gunners have slowly fallen from grace.

Everton fell from grace a long...
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A big dilemma

Tim Kelly
Posted 20/05/2021

During half time in last night's game against Wolves, I looked down and realised that I had socks on in exactly the right proportions of colours that Wolves play in.

As you all know, soon after half time, we scored and subsequently won the game. <...
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If you know your history .... 350+ EFC appearances

Jon Harding
Posted 20/05/2021

With the football so stupefying against Wolves, I was distracted by the Sky commentators stating that it was Seamus’s 350th appearance for the Blues and that he was the 25th man to achieve this honour.

So I started to list who the other 2...
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Football Cultures Engulf

Don Alexander
Posted 18/05/2021

Not a sexy headline admittedly, but germane to where football always has been and where we’ve now been belatedly, at Everton, for decades.

I started supporting Everton when we were amongst the few teams with more Championship trophies than all ...
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The Everton Squad, 2021-22

Derek Wadeson
Posted 10/05/2021

A lot of debate is underway on recent ToffeeWeb threads about our squad’s ability, hunger, and that favoured word: ‘deadwood’. We will finish this season where we belong and I am in the Stan Schofield, Thomas Richards school of asking: Why, wit...
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Our Speedo Mick

John Burns
Posted 04/05/2021

Just watched a heartbreaking newsreel shown this morning by BBC's Breakfast on Speedo Mick and his difficulties during lockdown.

He said, just becaus...
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They are all sorry, but what for?

Tony  Everan
Posted 22/04/2021

It’s becoming nauseating, the "We listened to the fans, we are sorry."

Sorry for what exactly?

Sorry for subversive secrecy?
Sorry for lying to fellow Premier League members?
Sorry for damaging fellow PL members' business m...
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A great name for a young footballer from Scotland!

Trevor Powell
Posted 20/04/2021

I noticed the other day that Wealdstone of the National League had a debut scoring midfielder on loan from Watford, with the classy name of Sonny Blu Lo-Everton!...
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