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The Mail Bag

My Lucky PJs

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I have never been a superstitious person. I know a lot of footballers are and they take all sorts of forms. However, since I got some Everton PJs for Xmas 08 I have noticed that if I didn't wear them the night before a match they have lost!! It sounds very far fetched but it is true.

So my point is that from now until 29th May i will not be taking them off, thus ensuring we WILL be FA Cup winners!!!!!!
Craig Taylor, Brighton     Posted 17/05/2009 at 03:21:50

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Mike Galley
1   Posted 17/05/2009 at 18:11:54

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Keep wearing them, Craig; to this day I?m convinced it was my lucky Everton underpants that kept us up against Wimbledon!!!!
Rob Pryor
2   Posted 17/05/2009 at 19:50:18

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I find superstition to generally be a load of old balls... except when it comes to watching football. Perhaps it’s the fact that everything is out of my control.
I have a lucky Everton shirt - given to me as a present - which when adorned during a game, has so far yielded 100% success. I tend to reserve it’s use for the bigger games in which we might need that extra something, for fear that it’s power might run out... it was worn for the RS replay and the semi but not the Villa or Borough games.
No prizes for guessing what I’ll be wearing on the 29th!
Jason Broome
3   Posted 17/05/2009 at 21:18:55

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Your PJ’s are going to stink, but for the love of God man wear em!
Brian Garside
4   Posted 17/05/2009 at 21:56:15

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You wear them.
We win.
I'll wash 'em.
Lue Glover
5   Posted 17/05/2009 at 22:28:37

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I had been wearing the same clothes, washed between matches, of course, for months because of our home form and was almost relieved when we lost to Man City because it was getting a bit warm for the thermals. I almost passed out with heat stroke at the semi final!

After the City game, I was able to delve into the wardrobe to seek out a more suitable attire for the summer months and turned up for the Spurs game looking like I was off to the Med for a fortnight. Yes, you guessed it, the heavens opened, the temperature dropped to within an inch of permafrost and I got my just deserts for ?casting a clout before May was out?.

Thermals for the Final it is then! If you see anyone being doused in water and then carried out on a stretcher, it?ll be me. COYB!

Jason Lam
6   Posted 18/05/2009 at 03:45:02

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Everytime we lose I trashed all my clothes. Almost ran out naked earlier this season but now I can go shopping fully clothed. COYB
Matt Traynor
7   Posted 18/05/2009 at 03:52:11

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Pre-match rituals are mad.

Remember if I walked to Goodison, always had to walk up Dumbarton Street (as that’s where we signed Sharpie from).

If I didn’t, we definitely lost.
Tony Cheek
8   Posted 18/05/2009 at 07:10:20

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Watch out for Chelsea burglars, mate.... they?ll want them pyjamas before the 29th. Lock your doors and windows!!
Howard Don
9   Posted 18/05/2009 at 09:59:02

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Matt, Matt for me it HAS to be Arundel St (next one along I think).
Chris Fisher
10   Posted 18/05/2009 at 10:00:14

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HAHA! Keep them PJs on! I was going to write a similar post but thought, na I?ll just sound looney, but I might as well tell it now!

At Christmas, I got myself an Everton wallpaper for my phone, the one with the Everton badge over Goodison covered with snow, and I've changed it three times since Christmas Eve, against Man Utd (league not cup game!), Portsmouth and Man City... and guess what happened on all 3 of those games!?! I will not change it again till the ref blows up on Saturday the 30th and Phil Neville has that Cup high above his head!

Phil Martin
11   Posted 18/05/2009 at 12:36:27

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Sorry Craig to ruin your illusion. However I got a pack of 3 Everton Boxer shorts for XMAS 08. They are extremely comfortable and I realised that after watching us beat Macc in the cup that i was wearing them. I have since wore them on every cup fixture occasion. I even took them abroad with me for the Villa game and went back to the hotel to get changed into them before watching the game in the pub. They are indeed key to us winning the final. I might wear all three pairs at once for maximum effect.

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