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The Mail Bag

Written off again

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Watching the game last night I could not believe the odds the bookies are giving for the league next year. I agree with the so-called top 4 being favourites but after that, I could not belive it:

Man City 33s... Spurs 100s... Villa 100s... and then the Mighty Blues at 250s!

Am I missing something but have we not come above them three in last two seasons and hopefully a third? With a few more signings, our squad will be a lot stronger than them three no matter who they buy, so I know who my money will be on. COYB.
Tom McGrath, Anfield     Posted 19/05/2009 at 06:25:44

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Andy Crooks
1   Posted 20/05/2009 at 00:36:00

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Tom, I hope you?ve got the odds right. I believe that one third, or a least, a quarter odds are available on 1, 2, 3 in the Premier League. In that case, we are 50/1 or better to finish at least third. Evertonians, fill your boots now before Blue Bill brings in the huge summer investment!
Alan Kirwin
2   Posted 20/05/2009 at 00:56:03

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Tom, I wouldn?t worry about the bookies. This happens every season. Up until VERY recently, quite a few so called pundits still spoke of Everton as a nobody club that would be fighting relegation (this after we?d finished 4th & 7th).

I don't give two fucks what the bookies odds are. We have all witnessed what Everton have achieved despute chronic injuries to key players and other upheavals.

I?d say go out and put some money on us. We have a better manager, better team, better togetherness and more spunk than everyone except the Sky4. I enter every new season with a sense of trepidation (part of the Evertonian DNA). But I have no worries for next season. We?re almost gonna have 4 key new signings (Arteta, Yak, Jags & Anichebe) before we do anything in the transfer market.

So fuck the bookies. On this, they know nothing. They?re just like the media who swoon over Spurs despite them being shite most seasons. Don?t concern yourself with their ignorance, just take their money instead.
Jason Broome
3   Posted 20/05/2009 at 01:12:20

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I actually think this is good news. I’m going to place a £4 bet tomorrow...
Alex Smith
4   Posted 20/05/2009 at 02:45:46

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Prices vary from 66/1 250/1 depending on the bookmaker. The only company at 250/1 is Bet365 and they are offering each-way terms of 1/3. So place odds are 83/1 !!

That is definately good value, and I am sure that it won’t be 250/1 for much longer!

We are 2/1 (best price) to lift the FA cup.
Mark Creevy
5   Posted 20/05/2009 at 02:36:08

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Fill your boots now. Before we become fashionably alternative. Let the papers hype up the gobshite clubs and lengthen our odds.

This happens every year, and without fail, like bluebottle larvae, we rise above the shite.

Put £50 on another top 5 finish before the winter heating bills, and reap the benefits before the baliffs take all your stuff. Easy!

Just lay off Duvel and Chimay before posting....
Terence Leong
6   Posted 20/05/2009 at 03:16:20

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Get angry all you want, but the perception is, and probably true to a huge extent, that we are a club punching above our weight.

We do better than the stated teams not because, player for player, we are better (that?s highly debatable). Rather, we have continuity on our side and a strong team spirit. Bookies are not blind; they know we won?t break the bank tomorrow, but the above stated clubs have done so, and will continue to do so. Spending $$ alone won?t win you the league, but not spending means you risk falling behind.

One reason why we are closing in on 5th is because the majority of the above stated clubs imploded. Spurs shot themselves in the foot through their revolving door of players and managers; Man City are like a spoilt kid unleashed at a shopping mall who suddenly realises they can have everything, but not sure what they want; while Aston Villa miscalculated their Uefa Cup adventures. Maybe it?s difficult to replicate the team spirit we have, but if we are only banking on that, we won?t last too long.

And of course, ignore the bookies : )

jason williams
7   Posted 20/05/2009 at 07:46:46

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can anyone give me the link to the bet365page with these odds on it as I am deffo putting 50 each way.
When I go on their site I cant find anything about next season.
Will Leaf
8   Posted 20/05/2009 at 08:06:23

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These are tempting odds.

Everton’s form since 20 October has been outstanding:

Only 5 losses in 29 league games.

We conceded only 19 goals...equal lowest in the Premier with Chelsea!

And Arsenal only scored one more point than Everton over that period, with our goal difference 4 to the better!

(Spurs though could actually be a threat next season...they were only 3 points behind us over that period, though with a vastly inferior goal difference)
Richard Parker
9   Posted 20/05/2009 at 07:46:07

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The clubs that have shorter odds that us are the ones with a reasonable squad and plenty of cash in the summer.

If Villa can splash £40-50M again this summer and they click, they could really have a serious go next year.

Only a fool would write off Spurs now, with Harry at the helm and money to spend.

Man City bought Robinho and have spent wisely in Given. They have an open cheque-book and more money than Chelsea. It’s unlikely that they’ll do much next season, but if they splash £200M, that’s a lot of good players.

Whereas, Everton will probably bring in a couple of frees to replace the outgoing fringe players, maybe a couple of £1M youngsters and the traditional big money signing. We’re steady and we’ll be on the edge of the top-4 at worst again next year, but we’re unlikely to find that spark that the others can buy. We have a good chance of top-4 with Arsenal faltering, but only if Moyes has got some real hidden gems up his sleeve.
Peter Laing
10   Posted 20/05/2009 at 09:34:15

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Same thing happened last year with the pundits predictions on the BBC website, the likes of gobshite Lawreson saying in his campest voice "Everton will most definetely struggle this season, no major signings and the team’s around them have strengthened, mid table Gary". Proved them all wrong again.........Onwards Evertonians.
Jamie Grant
11   Posted 20/05/2009 at 09:34:01

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I don't see the problem with such big odds! If the bookies underestimate Everton... like they always do... then let them, it just means bigger payouts! Just put your money on and wait!
Gareth Humphreys
12   Posted 20/05/2009 at 09:58:15

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I?ll give anyone 500?s on Everton for the title.

You don?t see a skint bookie.
Richard Jones
13   Posted 20/05/2009 at 12:11:12

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The odds are more likely to reflect the amount of cash the bookies are likely to receive on stakes rather than the actual chance of winning. There?s a lot of deluded City, Villa and Spurs fans out there.
Alex Kociuba
14   Posted 20/05/2009 at 12:44:30

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The place terms for the bet365 bet ( is for the first 2 places only. Better prices / markets / place terms will probably be available over the summer when the bookies are competing against one another.

150/1 1/3 odds first 4 places would be nice.
Ciaran MacGiolla Eoin
15   Posted 20/05/2009 at 12:50:18

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They’ve probably already realised that we are not going to add any substantial playing staff this summer and will moer than likely find it harder to compete next season..

Kenwrights ’finding it hard to make ends meet’ statement is about as pre-emptive as you can get..

Watch him lap up the glory of the FA cup over the next week then disappear and let Elstone tell us that we are spending nothing again this year.
Peter Fearon
16   Posted 20/05/2009 at 14:33:50

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As odds reflect the amount of money being placed on a team, the odds against Everton winning the Premiership title will quickly change to reflect our confidence in our chances. Bookies aren’t daft. Everton opens at 250/1 to get heavy betting scousers like ourselves to put a few quid on just in case. It’s a come-on. That’s why bookies drive Porsches.

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