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The Mail Bag

David Moyes on Inside Sport

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There was a lengthy interview with David Moyes on the BBC's Inside Sport last night, quite interesting. It's now on the BBC website.
Richard Porter, Warrington     Posted 19/05/2009 at 16:39:43

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Paul Whitby
1   Posted 19/05/2009 at 15:38:29

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Very interesting and it seems he still very driven towards success for EFC.
Dick Fearon
2   Posted 20/05/2009 at 00:20:56

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Have David Moyes much praised positional and tactical master strokes been the work of a genius or are they the only options that were available.
Baines got an extended run only after injury to other first choice left backs.
When Carsley upstakes to Brum the only man to plug the gap was Neville.There quite simply was no one else available for that job. At that time many on this site were even questioning Phil?s selection in the team.
There was also much debate about Mikel?s place. On the left Pienaar had lifted his while on the right good old little Leon could not be left out could he?
Once again it was a case of either dropping Mikel or trying him somewhere else.
Cahill?s value as a fox in the box was not a Moyes creation. He is on record as saying that Tim’s world cup goals had opened his eyes to his potential in that area.
He is also on record as saying he threw the kids into the fray as a desperate measure caused by injury and was his only option.
Injury to Yobo gave Jagielka his chance at centre back and as with the previously mentioned cases it was forced on Moyes.
Perhaps others have a different slant on my interpretation of the above.
Alan Kirwin
3   Posted 20/05/2009 at 00:30:13

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Dick - Moyes may not have got everything right (show me a manager who does) but he has mastered one art that defines a manager above all else, i.e. getting the people who work for you to work to their utmost and go the extra mile.

He has made some tactical miscalculations, but he has also bought & brought youth through with the backing of Bill Kenwright. The reality is, he is admired and lauded by almost everybody within the game so they can’t all be wrong. His record in the transfer market is almost unmatched by anyone. Everyone’s allowed a few mistakes, just ask Benitez & Ferguson. Per Krodlrup & James Beattie aside, Moyes’ record is fantastic.

Likewise with Kenwright, who in my opinion gets a quite preposterous press on here sometmes. Again, within the game and amongst seasoned and informed observers, he is viewed as one of teh best chairmen around and one who has imposed his own style of togetherness and friendship upon the club.

To get to the cup final by beating 3 teams above us & to finish 5th or 6th after losing our best defender, best midfielder and best attacker, and with such a small & relatively young squad, speaks volumes for what the club is now about. It’s down to Moyes and to Kenwright.

With the exception of 1970 and 1984-1987 I have never been happier, more contented and more optimistic as an Evertonian. We have had to fight back from the unfairness of the European ban during the best period in our history and the subsequent obscene disparities in wealth with the Sky4. It has taken 20 years but the journey is approaching completion.

Everything about Moyes in his interview revealed a man of strength, confidence and a sense of belonging. Kenwright spotted that 7 years ago. He did not make the easy choice or the cheapest choice. He made the right choice and somewere in the dim & distant future most fans will come to see that decsion for what it was and what it means to Everton.

I’m trying to think of another club that exudes such confidence, ambition and togetherness from the boardroom to management and to the squad. It’s been said many times before, but it does seem we have something special going on at this club of ours.
Adam McCulloch
4   Posted 20/05/2009 at 00:42:16

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Dick ? I can see your point to some extent mate, with regards to Moyes sometimes finding his own way. But I think the interview itself proves he is learning all the time. When you think of how other recent "young managers" have fared (Ince, Southgate, Tony Adams, etc.) then to last this long, and to pull us up so far shows a lot of progress.

With regards to your points, I think the Baines one is harsh ? I don?t think you spend £6million on a full back without knowing he?s any good. The Neville/Arteta/Jags positioning I think relates to the fact that he has brought in players who are versatile. Pip has always been seen as a utility man, and with experience and more playing time seems to have found his role, ditto with Mikel. Jags again was known for his number of roles (still haven?t seen him in goal for us yet!) so it was a case of finding his place.

As for Tiny Tim, I don?t think Moyes has ever claimed him as a creation ? from his time at Millwall he was known as a goalscoring midfielder. Yes, I?ll agree with you he didn?t buy a makeshift striker, but as above its versatility that counts when you?re on a small buget, and it doesn?t take a genius to work out that an attacking midfielder could do a job up front. What Moyes did do however was take a bit of a gamble on a Championship player where no one else would.

Just my thoughts anyway, but thoroughly enjoyed the interview, COYB!
Michael Tracey
5   Posted 20/05/2009 at 02:32:55

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It just seems to me that no matter what David Moyes does there will always be fans ready to stick the knife in.
I think that the way that the team work together and never give up is a testiment to David Moyes.
I can remember when Manure had injury problems and PIP was then put in Midfield for them
Brett Bradshaw
6   Posted 20/05/2009 at 07:53:35

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Its because he is modest.

When we win he will praise the team. When we lose he will first question himself and then ask the players where they think it went wrong.

Let’s face it, there’s been only one person making the decisions at this club since our recent turn in fortunes!

FA Cup ’95 aside anyway. That’s the only thing left for people to knock about Moyes. But for how much longer?
Roy Jones
7   Posted 20/05/2009 at 08:58:37

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Moyes says he not motivated by money ? if this was the case he wouldn't've fucked us about all last summer by stalling on his new contract; what a liar.

He claims to be a man who strives to finish first each season ? a very bold statement from someone who is incapable of making a substition to turn a game earlier enough on a consistent basis (before yer mention the Dosling... der!)
Tony Williams
8   Posted 20/05/2009 at 09:02:11

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Adam, the words, Hit on, Nail and Head spring to mind about the Baines situation. People say it was necessity or luck that Baines started to play, however I ask why would you drop Lescott from left back, when his performances in that position have earned him an England call up. Also the most important bit of information overlooked is that fact that Moyes actually bought Baines, so why would he buy him and then not play him, simple answer it was because Lescott was playing out of his skin at left back.

As always there will be Moyes attackers and defenders, I wouldn’t want it any other way, as no manager is above reproach but some posters views on this site are bourne out of anger and sadly hate and will never be dissuaded. There are certain types of "We lose because of Moyes and win in spite of him" posters that will not even give him any credit if we manage to win the cup, they will call him lucky or say that Chelski were poor and there for the taking and we should have scored more goals only if Moyes had been more adventurous.

C’est la vie
Duncan McDine
9   Posted 20/05/2009 at 09:12:32

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Dick - its all just good luck isn?t it? To think Moyes actually knows what he?s doing is out of the question!!!!

Can?t believe the general negativity on TW sometimes.
Tony Cunningham
10   Posted 20/05/2009 at 09:22:32

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Dick are you just being a troll? Surely noone can have such a negative take on things over the past few years. I bet even if we win the cup you?ll remember it for some Chelsea lapse or other (referreeing?) fault which allowed us a lucky break rather than 11 players playing fantastically as a team and a manager who bought most of them and played them to their strengths.
Chris Briddon
11   Posted 20/05/2009 at 09:56:28

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Roy - you have absolutely no idea why Davey didn?t sign his new contract at the start of last season so don?t try and speculate.

As for tactics, anybody who has ever stood near David Moyes on the sidelines at an Everton game will know that he tinkers a lot with tactics throughout the game, getting midfield players to swap places or move Timmy or Felly up front or drop back into midfield. Watching the Macclesfield game from just behind the Everton bench was very enlightening as I never before realise how much thought he puts into the game whilst it's in progress!

The lack of substitutions is usually down to lack of options on the bench rather than reluctance to change. But let's ignore that ? it's clearly all down to luck ? 3 top 6 finishes in consecutive seasons and 4 in 6 years ? I wish I was as lucky as that!
Dick Fearon
12   Posted 20/05/2009 at 10:29:23

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I almost completely agree with the above comments and may I say that my initial comments were not aimed to have a go at Moyes. I Merely wished to point out that DM has made the most out the hands that fate dealt him.

Perhaps I could have worded it better.He is not some kind of god that can dictate how a game of football is played but at Wemnbley I would choose no other to be in charge of our team. I would not even replace him with the mighty Guus who has my undying admiration for what he achieved with Australia.

There, I hope this has calmed some of you down.

Si Kirwan
13   Posted 20/05/2009 at 11:11:40

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Players such as Arteta and Cahill have 100% respect for Mr Moyes ? whatever Moyes's tactical faults, I think that respect alone speaks volumes for the man.
Ian Tunny
14   Posted 20/05/2009 at 11:08:21

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Heres an FA Cup song dedicated to Moysey:

Connor Rohrer
15   Posted 20/05/2009 at 11:16:22

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To be fair to Moyes he moved Arteta into the middle during the Spurs game when we had everyone fit and had used him in the middle late on in games leading up to the game.

It wasn’t forced upon him, he made the decision because of our lack of balance. Thankfully it paid off for both Arteta and Everton football club.
Ian Tunny
16   Posted 20/05/2009 at 11:44:19

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Nobody in life, whatever it maybe, has everything and that is the case with football and management. The key is to work to your strengths and be as effective as possible.

Hibbert can't pass a ball but Moyes knows that 90% of the wingers in the league will not beat him and he will cancel out almost any threat from the right side.

Jags can't pass a ball either, which is why for England he was found out against Spain and David Villa because he tried to change his game and be like Ferdinand. At Everton he plays to his strenghths, wins his headers and tackles, and anything he lacks he makes up for in abundance with heart commitment and desire to win.

This is why he needs Fellaini beacuse there aren't many players in the league that could deal with our defenders' long balls, this is all down to Moyes tactical awareness, it's not rocket science, people on here who don't understant why Fellaini is on the pitch can't understand football.

Moyes knows there are not many players bigger or stronger than Lescott, unless you're as tall as Crouch, you wont score a header from a corner, unless you are as strong as Carew you wont overpower him and potentially score.

For Dick to talk about the nonsense with Baines saying Moyes was forced into playing him is just laughable. Moyes said all along Baines would be Everton's left back for years to come, and as for Neville, Moyes has played Neville in midfield for years when he didn't have to, and most on here would hurl abuse at him from all angles for doing so, but Moyes stuck with it and guess who turned out to be right as usual?

Arteta has been forced to play in wide positions simply because we had no one else, there was no threat from out wide and no crosses for or most dangerous player Cahill, but now that we have Pienaar and Baines, Arteta has been allowed to take up his more natural role.

As for Cahill, he is the greatest example of getting a player to play to his strengths, asking the question, "How can I utilise Cahill best? Where is he the biggest threat? When is he most effective?" ? these questions have to be asked because if you get this right he is probably our most dangerous player and NO-ONE, not ONE team can stop him; ask Man Utd, ask Liverpool, ask Chelsea, ask Arsenal. Moyes has been a genious by simply keeping things simple and playing to his strengths and to his players' strengths.
Chris Briddon
17   Posted 20/05/2009 at 12:32:27

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I think the thing with Baines was that Davey always said he wasn’t playing due to the lack of height in our team (hence Joleon played there). Once some height was added to the midfield it allowed us to paly a slightly shorter full back and not leave us vulnerable at set pieces etc.
James Marshall
18   Posted 20/05/2009 at 13:41:58

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David Moyes is a man of integrity, honesty, with a superb work ethic - all qualities he looks for in players.

If you don't fit that mould, you wont play for him ? it's simple yet effective.

He has been nothing but outstanding for our club, and every Evertonian should cherish him ? we?ll miss him when he?s gone, of that you can be sure.
Sree Kumar
19   Posted 20/05/2009 at 13:43:44

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Without Moyes, we would have been fighting a relegation battle. Roy, have an Everton fan attitude, not a Newcastle one.
Will Leaf
20   Posted 20/05/2009 at 14:44:02

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Agree with the sentiments, James. DM reflects all that we want to see in our club.

He has created a formula at Everton where perhaps the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, a trench spirit where all the players fight gainly for the cause. With this we can outdo a team of mish-mashed high priced stars and prima donnas, the Newcastles, the Spurs. It cannot, however, consistently beat the Top 4 types who have armies of the best players in the world.

As he said, Moyes is ambitious. He would stay here for years and years to come, but I think he realizes Everton cannot win the greatest silverware in the present Premier climate. And now he is on everyone?s radar, and on a small shortlist to take over at Old Trafford. If not there, his leaving for Parkhead is a real possibilty.

I believe DM feels he, and the squad he has built, is reaching a critical crescendo at Goodison Park. Should investment not be forthcoming, or we fail to break consistently into the Top 4, with all the riches that ensue, he may conclude that he has done all that he can and honourably leave our club once his present contract winds down.

What I do know is he will never fuck us about a la Redknapp.

(As for the summer contract negotiations, we do not know the details. Money may not be Moyes?s god, but if indeed wages was the sticking point, no-one can be faulted for doing what is best for him and his family.)
Jez Davies
21   Posted 20/05/2009 at 16:35:36

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some good points & views by all.
My opinion on Moyes:-
Apart from a poor cup record in the past, which is getting better the last 2 seasons, i feel Moyes is setting a fantastic foundation for the club to build on, hopefully with Moyes at the helm. just look at the other so called ’BIG’ clubs Spurs, Geordies & those who have outspent EFC constantly, Boro,Villa, even Pompy, have not & dont even look like achieving the stability Moyes has brought, ONLY Villa come close & they spent heavily & some of their top rank players are hinting at leaving, how many of our top players are putting themselves in the shop window.
If Moyes ever did decide to move onwards & upwards, we should be thankfull for his work & be safe in the knowlage that it would only be an upward move NOT because a spiv owner will double his wages only to sack him if he lost 2 games in a row.
Gerry Quinn
22   Posted 20/05/2009 at 18:00:46

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Roy, and all the other bashers who keep going on about Moyes delaying his contract for greed, give it a rest will you. As stated on numerous occasions, we have no idea whatsoever why he delayed, but I, along with most Evertonians, would rather believe it had more to do with the money he would be promised for transfers. The mans honesty and integrity shines through in all of his interviews or press conferences. I have noted on every occasion that he is respectful to all other managers when that final whistle blows - no matter what devious refereeing or incidents have occured. Name me any other manager who behaves in such a similar manner.....other than Alan Irvine?
I consider Everton to be blessed with Moysie as our leader - just look around at the tossers from the majority of clubs around us......ranters, grumpies, incompetents and money-grabbers.
Chris Tucker
23   Posted 21/05/2009 at 02:30:15

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Roy, - I?ve read some of the most intelligent and compelling posts in this thread that I?m probably ever ever likely to read. If you can?t get behind the best Everton side and manager for years, don?t bother.
Terry Memar
24   Posted 21/05/2009 at 10:32:09

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Totally agree ? "I?ve read some of the most intelligent and compelling posts in this thread that I?m probably ever ever likely to read."

The FACT to which DM?s team have not been beaten twice on the bounce in the Premier League since 2007 should say to fans ?If it goes wrong, it WILL be fixed immediately".
Lee Robinson
25   Posted 21/05/2009 at 10:53:04

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There?s one person nobody has mentioned for praise this season, and that?s Steve Round.

Everybody was quick to jump on his back at the start of the season when things weren?t going so great, I haven?t heard many people say what a good job he looks to be doing behind the scenes.
Roy Jones
26   Posted 21/05/2009 at 17:34:26

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Was Moyes shite holding out for more money in the transfer market! As January demonstrated and this summer will also, because there simply is no money unless we sell players (Yobo I think).

He was stalling on his personal terms because he thinks he a big time manager now because we finished in top half consistently over the last 3 seasons, there is no trophy for 4th, 5th, 6th positions in the league ? it's about time you lot on here realise this.

For a man on a contract reportedly £60,000 a week, I expect the FA Cup to be back on Merseyside.
adam george
27   Posted 21/05/2009 at 21:22:48

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ive got a few points to make to dick fearon’s comments.
1. saying that tim cahill’s abillities as a fox in the box wasnt a moyes creation may be some what true but that just goes to show how well he works at scouting players also the one thing that moyes has given cahill is the drive and hunger to hastle defenders.
2. yes moyes said he had to throw the youngsters in because of injuries but as he signed them im certain he knew they could go in and do the job.
3. phill neville’s position in the middle of the park was not just because of carsley’s departure if i remeber rightley neville has played there along side lee.
4. moving mikel arteta into the centre worked out great before his injury but as for you saying it was because leon osman’s performances kept him from playing on the wing is stupid this has been osman’s worst season his touch, control, strength and passing have all bin off par

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