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The Mail Bag

LMA Manager of Year

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We on ToffeeWeb know that Moyes has become a bit like Marmite over the years. Some of us think he's an excellent manager, possibly the greatest to grace the Blue Half of Merseyside. Considering the way clubs of similar stature (I mean that by our resources, quality of stadium, recent history... I don't want a load of people moaning about how we are a massive team, don't compare us to the other minnows) have performed over the years, especially in these 'money means everything' times.

But others claim he has too many limitations, tactically he is boring, his substitutions can be frustrating and he 'dithers' in the transfer market.

BUT, he has just won the LMA Manager of the Year for a 3rd time. That is some effort, even Sir Alex hasn't managed such a feat. So those who understand the game more than anyone on this website, other managers, from this reckon he is probably (pound for pound) the best Manager in the country.

Long may it continue, I reckon he will reach absolute legend status if he remans for 5 more years, and hopefully more beyond that. I honestly believe (with blue tinted goggles of course) that David Moyes could win us the league, not now, but in 3, 4,5 years... I believe he has that ability.

Surely it is time for the 'MOYES OUT' brigade to admit they are wrong.
Fran Mitchell, Liverpool     Posted 26/05/2009 at 19:17:07

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Chris Masters
1   Posted 26/05/2009 at 19:46:58

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What an accolade! In light of his achievments, particularly this season against all odds ... Is it not time for some Everton supporters to finally admit that we have one of the best young managers in Europe at the helm?

Go on guys, stand up and admit you were wrong to lose faith in him. It takes a big man to admit they were at fault and an even bigger man to stand up and say it out loud. Form an orderly que fellas...

Chris Masters
2   Posted 26/05/2009 at 23:08:01

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Well said Fran... during the first two months of the season this site was rife with the MOYES OUT brigade...

I?m not here to bleat and say "I told you so ..." But credit where it?s due, it would be a fantastic gesture if some of those guys were big enough and man enough to admit that their comments were perhaps a little hasty... We are all humans, fragile and occasionally we get things wrong... Many congrats to Davie Moyes, I for one am glad he?s our manager...
David Howe
3   Posted 26/05/2009 at 23:39:10

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I am going to be honest and say Moyes should leave for Celtic. He is a hard working manager, but has had 7 years now and spent plenty of Kenwright's cash, like £15million, on Fellaini.
Frank Castle
4   Posted 26/05/2009 at 23:53:30

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I can’t believe Moyes attended the ceremony instead of working on his tactics for the cup final - MOYES OUT!!!
Ian Tunny
5   Posted 26/05/2009 at 23:58:13

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Haha, I love the sarcasm David.
Chris Masters
6   Posted 27/05/2009 at 00:17:49

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Actually... you know what... you?re right. David Moyes is quite possibly the worst manager ever.... Fancy going to an awards ceremony.... huh...what a loser. Seven years is enough, let?s have a change... I know, what about Joe Kinnear...? Surely he?s free now.... or what about Paul Ince? Now we?re talkin?.... Dunno what I was thinkin? of with all that Pro-Moyes rubbish...
Andy Crooks
7   Posted 27/05/2009 at 00:50:45

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Ok Chris,here’s the first in the queue.Last October I was one of those who wanted Moyes out.I felt for £3.5 million a year we could get a a manager who would not play hoofball and who would not have a safety first priority.I was wrong and am happy to admit it.
Hugh McAlvaney wrote an interesting article last weekend.He was fulsome in his praise of Moyes and suggested that it would be a shame if he didn’t get a big club.He has got a big club and I am hopeful that he can move us up next season.
There are,with Burnley,Hull,Stoke,Bolton,Birmingham and Wolves, plenty of clubs to battle out the relegation places.Let us target a champions league place at least ,and play without fear.
Jamie Crowley
8   Posted 27/05/2009 at 01:15:00

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Amen Fran, Amen.
He’ll have us top 4 in the next 2 years minimally, and may have us at heights above even that.
Anyone noticed what’s going on recently? Moyes is building something. Players are extending contracts, excellent youth prospects are signing on to the Club.... There’s something brewing. I think Moyes is really beginning to build something that we might look back on as pivitol and nothing short of sublime.
Jason Lam
9   Posted 27/05/2009 at 03:10:24

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Congratulations David Moyes!
Santosh Benjamin
10   Posted 27/05/2009 at 03:28:58

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Congratulations to David Moyes! p>Fantastic achievement with what he had at his disposal. I agree with Jamie ? I feel this is the start of something great once again for our amazing club. In spite of all this, I hardly see any mention of it on any of the other sites. That's typical of what we have always had to deal with i suppose.

We need to sign a few quality players in the summer especially to strengthen our midfield and strike force while getting good back-up in defence too. All the best to Moyes and the lads for the FA Cup Final and the season ahead. COYB.

Ant Welsh
11   Posted 27/05/2009 at 04:53:04

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7 years and the only 3 trophies he?s won have been for himself. What a bastard. Moyes out.
Nicholas Harrison
12   Posted 27/05/2009 at 07:02:41

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You’re absolutely right about winning the league. Manchester Utd have proved this season that it’s about solid defending and nicking goals. Althought, to me, our attack doesn’t seem to be capable of scoring on paper...we seem to bang goals in for fun these days. One or two additions and that defence could win us many more accolades.
Martin 2 Berry
13   Posted 27/05/2009 at 07:13:33

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LMA for a record 3 times. Throughly deserved, lets look at a few things.

He sat down with Kenwright 7 years ago and had a plan, lets look at what has happened.

-Everton no longer in the relegation mire

-Regular contenders in Europe

-FA Cup final and all the kudos and publicity gained throughout the world, ie 480million viewers

-A new ground in the offering with minimal debts (regardless of your stance)

-The best training facilty in the country-Finch Farm

-Attracting some of the best
youngsters from around UK and Europe

-An exciting squad of players, all
signed on long term contract

-A crop of exciting youngsters breaking into the first team, and the faciity and opportunity for others to do so.

-The potential of perhaps two new signings to complete the jigsaw

-Respect from other sources in the game,including other club fans, as a team of good practice and hard work with the will to win, in fact becoming their second club in respect that they wished their club was run like ours.

- Two new Megastores in the developement and soon to open

-A new merchandising deal with kitbag worth 15m, which will at last promote properly "Brand Everton"

- A record shirt deal with Chang, added to this the possible new suitors as Evertons reputation grows.

-The attractive proposition of new investment, in the knowledge that Everton now are relatively successfull, and are run on the right lines.

-A club of continued great tradition.

I think that just about sums it up,if i have missed anything then let me know.

All down to Moyes and long term planning strategy, would this have happened without him, the alternatives are frightening.

In the words of the late great Ian Drury,
"Reasons to be cheerful" part ?
p caslin
14   Posted 27/05/2009 at 08:44:04

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"Hes won it 3 times, he’s won it 3 tiiiiiiiimes, Davey Moyes is the prems best manager and HES WON IT 3 TIMES!!!!"

plus hes done it with dignity and pride, something that fat spanish waiter has very little of!
Terry Usher
15   Posted 27/05/2009 at 08:49:34

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He wins it because the top managers know he?s no threat to them and because others vote for him because they know he won?t be applying for their job.

The ballot is a joke!

Roger Trenwith
16   Posted 27/05/2009 at 09:37:45

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Mr Usher ? when you?ve been around as long as I have and have actually acquired some football wisdom to back up your ill thought out ramblings, you will realise how daft comments like yours sound!

To be voted No.1 by your peers in any walk of life is probably the ultimate accolade ? congrats Moysie, onwards & upwards. COYB

Roger Trenwith
17   Posted 27/05/2009 at 09:45:56

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And now for some pointless speculation ? when will DM leave and who for?

Celtic? There?s only one thing going for them and that?s regular Champs League footie, but with no hope of ever winning the thing. He would be mad to leave for a club that apparently can?t even afford £1M compo for the mighty Tony Mobray! They make us look like a licence to print money in comparison.

EPL Sky 4:- The Shite - no need to say anything is there? Chelski & Arsenal - both now have ingrained foreign manager syndrome, so no chance there either. Which leaves us with the one obvious contender, Man Utd.

Sad to say, but I think this is where he?s headed. SAF if he wins the PL next season will have beaten our beloved neighbour?s record, and methinks that would be a perfect time for him to retire, probably recommending DM in the process. Those of us sensible enough to want DM to stay for as long as possible therefore will want anyone but Man U to win the PL next season. Unfortunately their biggest rivals next year will probably be The Shite! Gawd, what a dilemma!

Chad Schofield
18   Posted 27/05/2009 at 09:55:30

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Really pleased for him, he thoroughly deserves it.
Terry Usher, get a grip - Alan Shearer would have won it that case.
Phillip Mosley
19   Posted 27/05/2009 at 09:57:33

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I hope Moyes understand that if he was ever offered the ManU job, he would be expected to fill the very big shoes left behind by SAF immediately.
Chris Masters
20   Posted 27/05/2009 at 10:04:12

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One of the things I found mildly amusing about David Moyes?s LMA award was that despite it being mentioned in on-line newspapers in China, Toronto, the US and NZ thereis no mention at all about it in The Guardian... nothing, zilch...

Instead the paper?s sports pages are full of speculation about the Champions League final... I can see we?ve still got a lot of work to do before we convince the gentlemen of the press to pass comment on something positive about the club...
Kevin Jones
21   Posted 27/05/2009 at 10:07:57

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Well done to Davie Moyes. I was one of those who questioned him earlier in the season. Not to sack him but certainly to get the contract signed and stop faffing about. I also questioned the role of Steve Round within the club, but once again Moyes?s judgement has been proved correct.

To get the award from your peers is the biggest accolade you can get. It would be good if we knew who voted for him. I?m pretty sure Sir Alex would have been one, but I wonder who the FSW plumped for, himself probably.
Alex Quigley
22   Posted 27/05/2009 at 10:48:22

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I have always been part of the Kenwright doubters rather than Moyes, but let's be fair at certain points in his seven year reign we have played some dire football and I completely understand the frustration of many of the Moyes doubters.

We have grown up with the club motto and to see the divide between the wealth of the top clubs and ourselves stretch to the point where it is simply double standards to judge our manager against the others in the top four is hard to take. The record signing of Felliaini (not the headline grabbing £15 mil) barely compares to Alex Ferguson buying a couple of Slovakian youngsters, or teen South American twins.

With the purchases of Pienaar, Lescott and Jags etc, Moyes has proved his scouting network is quality and he has an eye for a player. Our style of play is improving year on year and pound for pound he clearly is up there with the best managers in England. He has himself admitted he has made mistakes and gone through a learning curve, showing humility and grace the likes of Benitez and Mourinho would have no clue about!

Moyes, and Everton?s next step is to prove ourselves in Europe... oh, and the little matter of an FA Cup victory this weekend would go some of the way to ending all doubts about Davey Moyes!

Here?s to a week of awards and celebrations!!

Mike Allison
23   Posted 27/05/2009 at 11:29:16

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Sir Alex seems to want at least five more years, by then they can probably have Moyes, either the job will be done, and someone else can take over, or he’ll need replacing anyway.

I was at the play off final on Monday (my Dad’s a Burnley fan and minor shareholder) and I’ve seen the future, if we ever lose Moyes we nick Owen Coyle immediately. He’s very similar to Moyes in management style, but his team plays with a commitment to stylish football. He also has that class and dignity we see in Moyes and is so laughably absent in Senor Benitez.
Ian Tunny
24   Posted 27/05/2009 at 12:12:58

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Whats with this attitude:

??they can probably have Moyes, either the job will be done, and someone else can take over, or he?ll need replacing anyway.??

How will the job be done? Why will he need replacing? I want Moyes here for as long as Man U have had Ferguson, because I believe he has the potential to achieve the same success, so the longer we have Moyes the better.
Chris Jones
25   Posted 27/05/2009 at 12:25:53

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Voted "best" by your peers, three times. DM hardly needs US then to tell him how good a job he?s been doing, but we should let him know come Saturday. I for one will be saving some of my voice to give a bit of extra gusto when the chants come around to his name.

In a US TV piece about Tim Howard, when asked what he saw in him, DM answered "First and foremost I see good man". Very telling that. Surround yourself with good men and great things can be achieved.

DM showed what a "good man" he was when he refused to allow the lies about him in Rooney?s "buk wot I wrote" to stand. DM sued, won, and was given substantial damages. And what did he do with the money? He gave every last penny to the Blue Blood trust fund.

DM, you?re not a good man. You?re a GREAT man!
Mike Allison
26   Posted 27/05/2009 at 12:32:56

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In five years time Moyes will have been here 12 years. After 12 years he will either have won the league or not. If not, then I can see a number of people (I am a regular reader of Toffeeweb) turning against him. If he has then he’ll have achieved what he’s set out to achieve.

It may sound a little flippant, but the point is the same. Unless our board have done a Man United in the next five years and made us the biggest club in the world with a sold out 75,000 seater stadium, then Man United are still going to be a bigger draw for a manager than us. Davie may feel that 12 years is long enough, especially without winning the league, and if he has won the league, he’ll fell like he’s done what he set out to do, and may want a new challenge.

Moyes has transformed our club in the last seven years, whether people want to admit it or not, in another five years he may feel that he wants to move on, for whatever reason. It will then be up to Everton to make sure we appoint the right successor.

You said: "I want Moyes here for as long as Man U have had Ferguson, because i believe he has the potential to achieve the same success"

Wanting it won’t mean it’ll happen. I want Messi and Ronaldo here next season on £20k a week playing for the love of the club. And no, he simply doesn’t have the potential to achieve the same success, because much of Man United’s success is to do with what has happened off-field during Ferguson’s time, and the fact that their brand has been global since the 1960s, due to the Best, Law, Charlton axis. We haven’t got the same set up off the field, or terns of millions of ’fans’ (consumers) in the Far East.
Adam Drewery
27   Posted 27/05/2009 at 12:40:25

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re: Chris Jones

Absolutely spot on there mate. Its a sign not just of a great manager but a great man. A man who will be with us for years and years.

Richard Pemberton
28   Posted 27/05/2009 at 12:56:54

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Much as most of us beam with pride reading through the all-to-rare threads such as this one on Toffeeweb, I?ll bet there are certain blinkereds that will stick to their negative guns.

The venom that was used on here against Moyes in the early part of the season was embarrassing for Evertonians as a whole. Even since then, the likes of Michael and Tony Marsh still can?t see past their own inflated opinions, no matter the evidence against.

Is this record recognition/ award for a British based manager likely to change anything?

Will anyone admit that they will lose all faith (again) within 3 straight losses at the beginning of next season?!

Although for some, I guess there?s no faith to lose...there?s logic for you!
Rich Grisdale
29   Posted 27/05/2009 at 13:32:51

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We have one person to thank for changing our club into a force again, and that is Davie. We can not take away just what he has done for us. Look at the starting line-up when he took over, compared to now.... all done on £26.5 million budget.
Mike Allison
30   Posted 27/05/2009 at 13:33:16

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Richard, three straight losses? Where’s your faith?!
Alec Laurie
31   Posted 27/05/2009 at 13:31:56

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Hold my hands up - I was one of the "Moyes Out" brigade last August when he was dithering on his contract...

Happy to say I have been proven wrong, and I?m happy to keep being wrong if Everton benefit!

Well done Moyes... You?re worth every penny in my eyes if you can keep taking us into Europe on, let's face it, Fuck All budget!
Ian Tunny
32   Posted 27/05/2009 at 13:23:02

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Mike, you would have been the same sort of fan who would have said Ferguson had no chance of doing what he has done. You say

"much of Man United?s success is to do with what has happened off-field during Ferguson?s time, and the fact that their brand has been global since the 1960s".

What was it then that went on off the field? I think if you look at Everton's record before Ferguson took over and compared it to Man Utd's, we have the greater history and success. Yes, you are right, they had a great team in the 60s and won the European Cup but we too have had great sides, I don't think they became global in the 60s ? more like the 90s.

I doubt many of these ignorant fans in the Far East know too much about Law and Best, you give them too much credit; I bet many of these ?fans? could only name Rooney and Ronaldo in the their whole team.

Yes, Man Utd have a massive franchise and huge fan base and stadium and it will take many years to be caught, especially with that man Ferguson in charge, but he won't be around for many more years. Who would have thought Liverpool could have been caught at the end of the 80s? But two decades later Man Utd have equaled their title record and are on the verge of being just 1 behind them in European honours.

David Moyes has produced miracles with this team in the time he has been here, the biggest was finishing 17th then loosing his 2 best players and the following season finishing above the European Champions in that untouchable 4th place.

He has shown it can be done and it will be done again but this time the team has more European experience, they are a better side, and if they they can go one step further and make it to the group stages where the money is we will see what success David Moyes can achieve, he will be on a more level playing field and I can only see an exponential rise in quality.

Who knows... in two decades time David Moyes could even be equaling Ferguson's title record. Nothing would surpise me any more regarding David Moyes.

Peter Corcoran
33   Posted 27/05/2009 at 14:04:23

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If Moyes was any good, he would have won the LMA 7 times instead of a paltry 3 times in 7 years.

Where is our trophy anyway - it?s about time to deliver one to us in order to warrant such adulation and personal awards. Just got to win on Saturday.

I bet Fat Spanish Waiter didn?t vote for Moyes!
Mike Allison
34   Posted 27/05/2009 at 14:03:08

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Ian, there?s not a right lot to disagree with in what you say, but I do think it's worth pointing a couple of things out. Man United had won the title by next season under Sir Alex Ferguson. I think he took over in 1985-86 and won the FA Cup in 1990 and the league in 1992-93. It?d be nice to think we?ll do the FA Cup on Saturday and the league three years later.

Any sentence involving the phrase ?the sort or fan? is going to end up at least slightly insulting, and yours did, but I?ll let you off as it's quite vague and I?m not sure how insulted to be.

As for the off-field differences between them then and us now, there?s far too much to get into, and I?m far from an expert on it. Suffice to say that conditions are very different.

Man United led the way into the modern era of merchandising and brand exploitation which enabled them to become the biggest club (financially) on the planet. What they did then, all clubs have tried to copy since. Unless we have someone who is going to do something innovative that none of us have even thought of yet, which will result in an unprecedentedly strong financial position, we?re unlikely to be able to do the same. They were also able to gradually expand their stadium, whilst filling it, and winning trophies, without the pre-existence of a semi-protected ?elite?. (If there was one then they were part of it already).

My point is simply that for Moyes to get Everton to that level will be even harder, in fact I?d say much, much harder, than it has been for Sir Alex Ferguson and Man United.
Mac Lloyd
35   Posted 27/05/2009 at 14:19:15

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Well done Moyesy, fully deserved.

It amazes me that so many people still can?t see any good in him. 5th place this year is a minor miracle after the pre-and-early season we?ve had. Yes, the players deserve a huge amount of credit but someone has to steer the ship.

Bring it home Saturday, Davey and the miracle will be complete.
Paul Olsen
36   Posted 27/05/2009 at 13:59:27

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Ian Tunny, we didn?t have a team in a planecrash during those years. I should add thankfully, but it is still one of the things that make Man U truly worldwide even before the 90s successes.

That?s what made their name still big through darker times.
Dan Parker
37   Posted 27/05/2009 at 15:02:24

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I’m a huge backer of Moyes and he’s definately the right man for the job, congratulations Davey. He’s worked wonders. My only criticism is his dithering on his next contract at the start of the season. If he’d signed it earlier, who knows, could be in the Champions League. That said, it could just have equally been BK taking a bit of time to get the required funds in place to buy the likes of Screech.
Ian Tunny
38   Posted 27/05/2009 at 16:41:55

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Paul, Man Utd didn't get banned out of Europe when at the height of their powers, they were a nothing team in the 80s. If the ban hadn't happened then Everton and Liverpool would perhaps have continued to dominate and we would have benefited most from the Sky era rather than Man U.

No-one outside of Aberdeen or Scotland would have heard of him. No that's harsh, no doubt he would have gone on to great things but you get my meaning, it would have been a lot more difficult for him, so we too suffered our own tragedy.

I just feel it was a combination of good management, ambition but a lot of luck, Ferguson was on the verge of being sacked himself and was very fortunate to have such a talented group of young players coming through at once.

Mike, sorry if I offended you, I meant you were being negative, and I find that being negative can be contagious, what we need is belief and optimism, otherwise without that we haven't got a chance, and Moyes would have been sacked the season we finished 17th. We must do everything we can to keep Moyes like Man Utd did with Ferguson.

I feel if we break the top 4 and benefit from the Sky money, why would Moyes want to then go to Man Utd and live in Ferguson's shadow. The fans there would be even harder to please than our own. Like Fergie said he wanted to "knock Liverpool right off their fucking perch", Moyes should aim to do the same to Man Utd and become great in his own right, not because of the team Ferguson has built for him.
39   Posted 27/05/2009 at 17:10:25

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You guys don’t know your history : 1891 ; 1915 ; 1939 ; 1963 ; 1987 ; 2011 - that’s when we’ll next win the title!
Dan J
40   Posted 27/05/2009 at 18:29:57

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David Moyes......jesus what selfish bastard.

7 years and 3 trophies (all for himself).

Its time the selfish ginger jock left and sharpish ;-)
Chris Jones (Wakefield)
41   Posted 27/05/2009 at 18:36:27

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@ DennisStevens

I thought we won the title in 1985 as well. Am I missing something?
Marco Bonfiglio
42   Posted 27/05/2009 at 19:23:45

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Mike Allison: I recognise that Darth Ferg harvested his first trophy a lot earlier along his own timeline (four years) than David Moyes has at Everton, but Ferg took over United in 1986, when they were in a better position than Everton were in 2002.

There was no Sky4, and Moyes, during his tenure, is still the only manager to have broken that quadropoly, in 2005. That said, I think our results against the Devil’s Rectangle have shown that this is the first season that he’s been prepared to go balls to the wall against them, and although there have been no victories in the Premiership, we saw two of them off in the FA Cup, along with another team who were above us at the time of the tie.

And now his peers have decided (again) he’s the LMA Manager of the Year. He must know something.

Incidentally, I’m intrigued as to who El Camarero Gordo voted for ... probably himself.

Chris James
43   Posted 27/05/2009 at 08:46:40

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As one of the consistent Moyesiah brigade, I have to say I do feel pretty vindicated and proud of Dave’s achievements this year, but not because of an LMA award.

I actually thought that Roy Hodgson and Sir Alex Ferguson were equally good shouts in terms of achieving success on their own terms.
No, the real achievement here is having the transfer nous, coaching skill, strength of character and patience to concentrate on building solid foundations (which we undoubtedly have) both on and off the pitch for our overdue return to the higher echelons.

First he got the defence right and concentrated on being hard to beat THEN he (and the natural confidence that comes from winning) allowed the team to start expressing itself (no-one can claim that Everton play mainly hoofball now, some of the passing in the second half of the season has been gorgeous).
Now he’s starting to add a little flair and skill with what transfer resources he’s got (Saha, Peanuts, Jo and looking for the likes of Moutinho).

Most crucially he’s instilled and maintained an incredible team spirit (effectively our 13th man, after the fans!) by treating players fairly, avoiding big time charlies and keeping faith with a settled team.
At the same time he’s also done everything he could to support the youth, ensuring that young players have a genuine chance to progress (without being overplayed or hyped - look at the slow playing of Vaughan, Anichebe, Gosling and Rodwell) that is paying dividends.

Add to this his savvy with the press, providing good comment and humour but always maintaining dignity and humility and the ability to unite the fans and it’s hard to argue that Moyes is not only our best manager of recent years, but has all the makings of a true Everton legend. All he needs now is to start picking up some trophies...

Paul O'Hanlon
44   Posted 27/05/2009 at 21:06:40

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My first reaction was surprise, then pride. Surprise that Fergie didn?t win it after wrestling top spot back from the shite by winning virtual every Prem game this year. Pride that our manager has once again been voted the best.

But I?m dubious of the opinions of other managers. Anything that vindicates giving a manager plenty of time will always get their approval and Moyes is a prime example.
Ned Dilkes
45   Posted 28/05/2009 at 08:03:39

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About time he won something for Everton,methinks.Ten years from now I shan’t be telling the grandkids how our manager won three MOtY trophies for his £75K a week shall I?
Andy Crooks
46   Posted 28/05/2009 at 15:52:40

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It's time to put the record straight about Walter Smith. He managed Everton at one of the lowest points in the club's history. He had, in comparison to David Moyes, a pittance to spend. He was working under an unsupportive chairman and keeping us in the Premier League was a decent achievement.

He has proved himself a good manager of Scotland and he took a very poor Rangers side to the Uefa cup final. Yes, Scotland is normally a two-horse race but the pressure is immense. Both Rangers and Celtic have done well in Europe on miniscule budgets in comparison to the Premier League. David Moyes is a fine coach, tacticly he has more in common with Walter Smith than many of his blind devotees would wish to admit. I hope he stays at Everton for many years but I believe he could go to Celtic and become a legend.

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