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I believe we all as Evertonians have a lens through which we view all things blue, the color of which is tinted by our personal history and experience with the club.

My personal involvement dates back to 1985 from afar in Ireland where I grew up. My first trip to Goodison was for a 4-0 drubbing of West Ham in our last season becoming champions in '87.

I've seen good, and I've seen bad but always feel fortunate to have experienced the former and always look to it as the standard to which our club should be held.

Ironic that a club instrumental in the formation of the Premiere league would get left in the dust on all fronts, commercially, honours wise, stadium development, fanbase etc. Our entire cast of board members through this barren era shares the blame, not least the Chairman who is our popular whipping boy. It's been a rough couple of decades but, with a new majority shareholder on board, the outlook again has shifted.

The lens through which I view our club's dealings changes its shade of blue mainly as a self protection mechanism... without hope, there is nothing. Here's how I choose to interpret the near future and as always, based little on fact and heavy on the hope...

A 49.9% stake in the club for Moshiri is no accident; neither is it, I'm guessing, an endpoint. For all their faults and failings, I believe Kenwright and Woods want their legacy to reflect a club in a better place than it was found. They've likely been paid handsomely for shares sold to date and could likely have increased said wealth with a complete sell out as was the case with 'Mr' Earl, a shareholder never displaying any interest in the club other than his personal gain potential.

The negotiations regarding the takeover I believe (based on nothing but blind hope) included benchmarks regarding the funding of a new stadium, investment in the squad and clearing current debt... with all risk assumed by the new shareholder. Until achieved, veto power remains with Kenwright's ~12% and Woods's ~ 8% shareholdings. Once achieved, the remaining shares will either be handed over as 'pre-paid' or at a rate not reflecting the higher re-evaluation.

And so for now, I believe Moshiri is calling the shots on all fronts to move the club forward with purpose knowing that he will, in short order, have near complete control of the club and reap what he sows.

For now, through my lens I read 'Nil Satis Nisi Optimum'... and it's been a while.

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