Reclaiming the City

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In 1892, Liverpool Football Club unwittingly pulled off a remarkable marketing coup, by naming their breakaway outfit after the City of Liverpool. In one fell swoop, they consigned Everton FC, named after a small suburb of Liverpool, as bit-part players in a yet to be realised global football market. For good measure, they also appropriated the Liver Bird as their emblem (not withstanding that Everton FC also used the Liver Bird as an emblem in earlier years).

Fast forward 75 years to a period when Liverpool Football Club's re-emergence as a successful trophy-winning team coincided with the emergence of Liverpool, the city, with the global appeal of the Beatles and numerous other Merseybeat groups. Suffice to say that, since that time, an admission that you hail from Liverpool, will automatically elicit a response based on an assumption that you are a fan of our beloved neighbours. The response to any mention of Everton FC will usually involve a blank stare and total incomprehension.

Enter Mr Moshiri and talk of a new stadium on the north dockside. What a prospect this is, to reclaim some of our lost identity within the city of Liverpool. Quite apart from the advantages offered by the the proposed location, the name of the new stadium could incorporate the River Mersey – how about 'The Royal Blue Mersey Stadium', to re-ignite (at one fell swoop!) the connection between our team and the city of its birth?

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