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I am writing this piece because I am reading too many posts on other threads saying that they expect too much too soon from our team and owner. It is ridiculous for people to seriously post and expect that we will get Champions League next season or even a cup. This could happen but come on – all we can expect is an improvement.

I was going to cherry pick a few comments about how we will have a new stadium in a few years, should be butting heads with Europe's elite next season and sign established stars of game. But let's get real.

I think we have the makings of a good squad. If we get Koeman we will have a good (possibly great) manager. In Moshiri without having done anything (yet!) it looks like we have a very good owner. But let us compare ourselves against the competition:

Arsenal are miles ahead in terms of squad and finances. Also plenty of experience of finishing in the top four but consistently inconsistent.

Tottenham are in an even more positive place than us. Great young players in a number of positions, new stadium on the way, richer owner, definitely on the up.

Man City have a better squad, wildly richer owners and on paper one of the best managers around. Crucially a squad that are simply excellent. You'd take most of their's over our's.

Chelsea have a new coveted manager, richer owner and a squad that's won loads recently. That said the squad isn't great..

Man Utd have one of the most successful managers of recent times but a squad that could be compared to ours in terms of quality. Also, they have more money and pulling power.

Liverpool have one of the best managers in the game but less money (apparently) and in my opinion a lesser squad – but only marginally. Pains me to say but they have better pulling power.

West Ham have a new stadium we have kindly bought for them, a real good feeling about the place – reminds me of us after Martinez's first season.

I have deliberately left Leicester ‘til last because basically they ruin my argument. Anyone can win the league based on perfect recruitment and management. What they did was a joy and I obviously see them as a force next year and hope they win everything after us.

I now come to my point: We can't expect miracles overnight from our new manager. It will take time. Our rightful place is not amongst the current elite if we haven't earnt it.

NSNO is a great motto but we've dropped from those standards in recent years. Moshiri though does seem to have gone back to that and not taken no for an answer regarding Koeman.

We need to earn our way back there and right now with this squad, this manager and with the money (that we apparently have to spend) this is our best bet in years. But the above people could hit the ground running and we could finish 6th or lower and people will say Koeman has failed which would be ridiculous.

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