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The quality of build that modern stadiums have is little in compensation for the generic soulless bowls their designs often become, and leave the fan without that feeling their home is something special.

So to help out any future Archibald Leach whose blueprints will become our home long after we've witnessed yet another Champions League victory, I thought some Royal Blue sky thinking could provide some inspiration.

I'm sure there could be better ideas than this, but how about more imaginative?

For the Trafalgar Docks, instead of 4 normal sized stands, why not open an entire side for a view of the Mersey. With the pitch positioned closer to the dockside? It leaves room for three much bigger, more daunting stands.

And like behind the goal at the Aviva/ Landsdown Road stadium you could line the Mersey side of the pitch with a simple token stand about 15 seats deep but behind that have massive clear glass panels that could be opened when the elements allow... or open them anyway when soft southerners come up to play.

Further still for those wanting a VIP experience – there would be no executive boxes, but instead Bill can pick up a second-hand cruise ship on the cheap, set sail pre-match for a luxurious dinner cruise down the Mersey, then dock alongside the stadium for the kick-off with the berths kitted out as executive boxes.

I'll offer this idea for free. No need to thank me.

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