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It is being reported that EFC plan to offer Lukaku double his wages to stay at Everton.

I have pretty fixed views on this.

He has 3 years remaining on his existing contract.

He has disrespected the club by mouthing off in public about him needing a CL club.

Although he has a pretty good goalscoring rate his general ability and hold up play leaves a lot to be desired.

Under normal circumstances I would send him packing up the road to whatever club wants to pay an outrageous fee for a contracted player and although the media keep talking up the so called big clubs I cannot see anyone stumping up around 60m for him.

On the other hand who would we replace him with. There is talk about Pelle but although he outshone Lukaku in the game the other day his goalscoring rate in the Prem does not appear that good.

Kane and Aguerro would appear to be unattainable and Vardy has already turned Arsenal down.We would need to find a Martial or Rashford and even they may be one season wonders. Jansenn or Milik look good options but have never played in the Premier League.

So, fellow ToffeeWebbers, do we stick or twist? And if we twist who would you go for and how much do you think we could get for Rom?

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