Getting rid?

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New coach, new dawn, new players. It's all good. There is plenty of speculation about who we will buy. I enjoy it though I accept it is pointless. What I don't understand is Evertonians with a "get rid", list.

In my view, every player at the club should have a chance. I believe some of our squad could perhaps be a revelation under a proper coach. Super fit, well motivated and confident. None of that costs money. Oumar Niasse for example. He may indeed be not much good... but, to judge him on the very limited chance he has had, seems to me to be harsh. Fit, a run in the side, confidence boosted; who knows what we might see? Anyway, someone at our club thought he was good.

I think every player should have a clean slate. When the influence of the abysmal Roberto Martinez is removed, who knows what we might have? It might be like half-a-dozen new signings.

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