Siren “spells danger”

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Well the title is a bit of a rework of the Billy Ocean hit, Red Light Spells Danger, the explanation is for readers not of a certain vintage.

When I first heard the siren coming out of my TV, I can say it certainly got my attention as I tried to work out what was happening. Slowly, the cogs moved into gear and I realised this was deliberate and a part of the match build-up. My initial reaction was — this seems to work. I rather like the idea. Not usually prone to rushing into instant decisions, I have listened to and reflected on this new pre-match item. I have mentioned it to a few friends who are impressed. I am now happy to come well and truly off the fence.

Whoever thought of this idea is a genius and deserves an award of serious standing. My feeling is that the siren provokes serious levels of emotion and I imagine these will be different according to the individual. Nevertheless emotions will be stirred. No bad thing as the kick-off looms. My own interpretation is that this is a message to the opposition: you are now in a place where deep down you really don’t want to be and what happens next is going to be exceptionally uncomfortable. There is an overwhelming emotion working against you and your best outcome will be to leave unscathed to fight another day but winning is not an option. What a message/emotion to transmit! The “bear pit” that is uniquely Goodison only adds to the atmosphere.

And yet I feel that we could possibly make more of this fantastic idea while also recognising that sometimes “less can be more” and possibly how things are at the moment is where we should stay. Anyway, here goes with my thoughts that I would like to put out there for consideration.

I think the siren should last a little longer for maximum effect; I feel at the moment it has not got the time to fully raise the emotions, temperature, atmosphere and send the right message.

Could it be used for a second time as the players are shaking hands? That would have some effect but would it contravene Premier League Rules?

Could it play a bigger role in the immediate pre-match moment, before the Z-Cars music is played? I was thinking along the lines of a table in the centre of the pitch with a large obvious button that can be pressed by a fan, personality, dignitary, or prize winner — you get the idea.

Would it be possible to get hold of an actual siren that could be manually operated for an individual to crank up — even if it is actually not making the sound? Kind of visual effect?

How about the siren sound being linked to the big screens for further effect?

I would welcome ideas from ToffeeWebbers. Could they be passed on to the club by someone from the ToffeeWeb hierarchy if it is felt we are onto something?

Many clubs have pre-match rituals. The Premier League is worldwide but we could maybe have some further distinction alongside the Z-Cars theme with our rituals?

Did I say earlier “less can sometimes be more”?

Well, there are my thoughts; I would be interested in the views of my fellow Evertonians.

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