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Okay... I'm having some withdrawal symptoms from the season ending. It's hard to let go, especially as we were in the best run of form that I can remember for the last couple of years.

Looking at the teams above us, are there any players from those with more to offer, that find it hard to nail down a place and that would consider coming over to our 'project'?

Shaqiri... who would have him? Is Sane out of our league? How about Mahrez? Don't these players want to play more often? Let's face it, wages don't seem to be a problem. Of course, the lack of European football is.

Man Utd have a few such as Lingard that might be persuaded. Or do we always have to look abroad for the bargains?

Are we still at the level of Welbeck and hoping he stays fit? We won't get Aubameyang or Lacazette, I guess we have to find our own. I just think there are good players out there we should or could coax that are yet to hit their peak.

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