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I’m interested to know fellow Toffees' views on our penalty taker next season. With the introduction of VAR, new handball rules and the scrapping of replays in FA Cup matches, converting penalties is going to be an even more crucial part of the game.

The reason I ask is that I don’t think Sigurdsson, despite his dead-ball expertise, is a natural penalty taker. I wouldn’t trust Richarlison either after his effort in the League Cup last season. Calvert-Lewin doesn’t appear to have that clinical finish or composure to take them either.

I am assuming that Baines, the obvious candidate, will not feature much next season so, for me, it has to be Digne, or Gomes (if he signs) as they appear to have the "cleanest" strikes. I'm not one for the Lukaku type roll-em-in-the-corner penalties, I like to see the ball struck with venom so that the goalie has little chance even if he does dive the right way.

I'd certainly consider Pickford as well in a shootout but not during the course of a match where a miss would leave us susceptible to a counter-attack.

Of course, the taker has to want to take the actual penalty!

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