Everton v Leeds Utd, 29 September 1958

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As well as being Fathers Day, it is my birthday today and my daughter and son-in-law got me a quite unusual present. The match programme for the above match.

Priced at threepence (3d) and with adverts for reserved seating tickets at 5 shillings (5/-) and paddock for 3 shillings (3/-), it is a trip back to an era when we were most definitely not a corporation. There is an article in which Jimmy Greaves, newly signed for Chelsea, says "In what other profession could a lad of my age earn £1,000 a year?" What, indeed?

Everton were bottom of the table having lost seven of the opening eight games (slow starts must be a tradition). I believe they won the game 3-2 but I'm not certain. Do any Toffeewebers recall the game? Was anyone at it? How did our season pan out?

This was the Everton team:

Harris B
Harris J

Numbered 1 to 11. No sub. Match ball sponsored by Jack Sharp Sports.

Chief coach, Ian C Buchan. The Leeds team included Wilbur Cush, a friend of my father.

I am ashamed to admit that, apart from Hickson, I know nothing of the rest. I would love to hear from any Evertonian who does.

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