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McNeil and Bailey linked as wingers dominate speculation

| Monday, 19 July 2021 111comments  |  Jump to last
Everton are reportedly keen on signing Dwight McNeil from Burnley and remain interested in Bayer Leverkusen's Leon Bailey, the latter of whom they have scouted heavily over the past couple of years.

Paul Joyce of The Times has tweeted that the Blues are eyeing McNeil who has emerged as a Premier League talent and he put his stamp on the last meeting between Everton and the Clarets with an impressive goal at Goodison Park earlier this year.

Jamaica international Bailey, meanwhile, is more of a pacy, goalscoring profile, although it's not clear if he would still be a target if his current team-mate, Demarai Gray, makes his anticipated £1.5m switch to Merseyside this month.

Reader Comments (111)

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Alex Gray
1 Posted 19/07/2021 at 19:08:31
I'd take either of them but can't see us being able to afford either until some players are shifted!
David Pearl
2 Posted 19/07/2021 at 20:09:32
Unfortunately Alex looks likely both Bernard and James will be going... to be replaced by Townsend and Gray. Then again, lower wages. These are Newcastle type players. Not that l won't be cheering them on. The idea being to supply Dom and Richy.
Gavin Johnson
3 Posted 19/07/2021 at 20:40:40
We need wingers who score. Matheus Periera scored 11 last season. Leon Bailey is also a pacey goal scorer. McNeill's good but he reminds me of a better version Zinedine Kilbane.
Derek Knox
4 Posted 19/07/2021 at 21:12:17
Must admit out of the two, I would prefer Leon Bailey, not dismissing Dwight McNeil as being not good enough or anything but feel Leon would give us a lot more, rather than be another similar squad player to what we may have. We never get a say in the choice anyway but if we did?
Tony Everan
5 Posted 19/07/2021 at 21:20:36
If we can get Leon Bailey, he’s got to be the priority. Goals assists and pace with the ability to get beyond a fullback and cross it. He’s what we are crying out for attacking from the right. Jeremy Doku needs looking at too for that position, what a great investment that would be for the club, a young player who’s ready to produce and get better.
Danny O’Neill
6 Posted 19/07/2021 at 21:26:03
With the Gray and Bailey links, it would seem there is something going on between Everton and Leverkusen.

Obviously, we can only speculate, but feels like there are discussions going on. Maybe we offer them players in return as well as money? Not a bad option for someone like Gordon to get experience. And Kenny (again - sigh)?

Pure speculation and guess work, so while you're at it Mr Brands, sneak Schick into the deal please!

Pat Kelly
7 Posted 19/07/2021 at 22:00:22
We'll be saving on James salary when he flies off on his jet shortly. That'll give us headroom to add Bailey to the payroll. I'd sooner have him in the team anyway.
Robert Tressell
8 Posted 19/07/2021 at 22:22:49
Bailey has looked like a good fit for our first team since he was playing for Genk. Him, Diaby, Neres all left footers with lots of goal contributions - Chukwueze also linked but despite a good highlights reel he doesn't have the end product. I wonder if our annual summer link to Malcom will reappear.
Tom Bowers
9 Posted 19/07/2021 at 22:57:25
Without doubt more power to draw upon in the offensive department is a must. Bernard and James picked up some neat goals but they were too inconsistent.
Tosun and Kean have not proved they are worthy of starting positions as yet and it remains to be seen if either will be a factor under Rafa.

We live in hope as a new season approaches and maybe the Goodison crowd will help in getting better home performances.

Steve Shave
10 Posted 20/07/2021 at 08:01:00
I think we should manage expectations here lads, I don't think players of this quality will be coming in. I am on a real downer this morning what with the latest news and rumours plus the meagre £1.5M outlay for 2 wingers!! I am usually pretty upbeat about all things Everton so apologies.

I suspect we will move on James at a profit and Bernard, fingers crossed we still get a right-back but I wouldn't be surprised if it's a loan for Coutinho or something similar. One thing for sure is, with the situation as it stands, and James moved on along with Bernard, we won't be playing a system which requires a No 10 this season.

Robert Tressell
11 Posted 20/07/2021 at 08:39:33
Steve, we would still have Sigurdsson as a no10 whose goal contributions and defensive work is together better than both James and Bernard. Albeit the general consensus is he's rubbish. Tthere is also a chance he's in a bit of bother - see other breaking story.

Until the clock ticks past the deadline on transfer deadline day, I will cling to the belief we've got a quality wide player / forward coming in.

If not, I will genuinely pity Benitez. He's going to have his work cut out.

Colin Glassar
12 Posted 20/07/2021 at 08:52:04
Danny 6, do you think Leverkusen would accept Iwobi as part of the deal? We could ask Delph to carry his bags for him.

I see Jordan Henderson is making noises about leaving Mordor. Now that would be a poke in the rs eye if we could reunite their former manager with their present captain. Hendo is the leader we’ve lacked since Rats retired.

Gary Smith
13 Posted 20/07/2021 at 08:55:47
Outside of a whole array of politicians and convicted criminals, I can think of absolutely nobody that I’d be more annoyed to see in an Everton shirt than Jordan “I’m hard” Henderson.

Colin, give your head a wobble and stop drinking….it’s not even 9am ffs.

Steve Shave
14 Posted 20/07/2021 at 09:00:50
Rob - yes I absolutely had the mercurial Icelander in mind when I wrote my post - I was trying not to mention the possibility that he might not be with us this season. I will cling to that hope too, as I always do, let's hope Brands has something lined up because to start this season without AT LEAST two quality signings to improve the first team, then Rafa will have a tough job ahead. I mentioned the other day that I found his comments on Seamus ominous, it was like he was preparing us for the notion that he will be our first choice RB this season, could be wrong mind you. Don't worry I am sure I will find my usual optimism somewhere, seem to have lost it this past few weeks with all things Everton in mind, maybe it's behind the sofa?
Colin Glassar
15 Posted 20/07/2021 at 09:11:24
Gary, it would make their heads more than wobble, they would explode!!
Brian Murray
16 Posted 20/07/2021 at 10:16:05
It looks like Financial Fair Play may now be slightly easier to navigate for us with the hopefully impending Bernard departure and another big salary off the wage bill over the other thread. I'm just talking as an Evertonian and not really interested in the trials and tribs of millionaire footballers. No excuse to now at least swoop for Bailey or someone of that level and or full back. Coyb, let's kick ass this season.
Derek Knox
17 Posted 20/07/2021 at 11:28:10
Danny @ 6, if that were to happen, would that be like ' The Schick hitting the Fans? 🤔
Annika Herbert
18 Posted 20/07/2021 at 12:23:58
Robert @ 11. Sigurdsson’s goals and defensive contributions are better!? Considering he played far more often than the other two, I would say his all round contribution was very poor. As per usual.

When deadwood is mentioned Sigurdsson should be right at the top of the of the list with a certain other midfielder.

Ajay Gopal
19 Posted 20/07/2021 at 12:33:02
I really wonder why no PL clubs are making a beeline for Matheus Perreira (West Brom)? He has impressed me every single time I saw him play (11 goals and 6 assists last season and 6 goals and 16 assists the season before that). I would offer Alex Iwobi and Delph plus some cash (10 million?) to land him at EFC.

Also, most TWers seem to have given up on James - maybe Rafa has plans for him, and I certainly see that if he is given time to build up his fitness, he could gradually become a very influential player and a crowd favourite for Everton. If that helps him get back into the Colombia squad for the World Cup, why would he want to leave?

And I really like Dwight McNeil at Burnley. He is an England U-21 player and he has goals in him. After he scored that screamer against us, I said that he could become our midfield playmaker. He certainly has the talent and attitude. Offer Gomes and Tosun and maybe 15 million in exchange, that might do it.

The RB position definitely needs an upgrade. Denzel Dumfries would be a great addition, but he won't come less than 25 million. And a straight swap for Koulibaly at Napoli with Moise Kean going the other direction. Why would Napoli agree? They get a 22 year Italian striker who has just scored 16 goals for PSG for an ageing defender. For us, we get an absolute beast of a Centre Back who could easily give us 3-4 years of defensive solidity. Imagine Pickford, Koulibaly, Godfrey at the heart of our defence? That would be quite intimidating for the opposition!

Then, I would sell Mina and Kenny for about 25-30 million and get in one of Bailey or Diaby or striker (the American - Dike?).

So, with an investment of around 50 million, our squad could potentially look like this:

GK: Pickford/ Virginia/ Begovic
RB: Dumfries/Coleman
LB: Digne/Nkounkou
CB: Koulibaly/ Keane/ Godfrey/ Holgate/ Branthwaite (Gibson out on loan/sold)
MF: Allan/ Doucoure/ Gbamin/ Davies/ McNeil
Forwards: Calvert-Lewin/ Richarlison/ James/ Perreira/ Townsend/ Dike/ Gordon (Simms out on loan)

I would be in seventh heaven to see this XI when all players are available:

Dumfries Koulibaly Godfrey Digne
Perreira Allan (/Gbamin) McNeil
James Calvert-Lewin Richarlison

David Pearl
20 Posted 20/07/2021 at 13:14:25
Ajay, Wrest Brom allowed Rondon to go out on loan, l believe, the last time they went down. That might be something they will look at if they want to keep one hand on him in case they can come straight back up. Perhaps something will happen with him closer to the start of the season but l'm not sure we will actually have room for him given the current size of the squad.
Mal van Schaick
21 Posted 20/07/2021 at 14:11:52
These are more realistic targets for Everton, youth with a bit of experience. McNeil scored a great goal against us, a sweet left foot, takes players on and crosses. I don’t know a lot about Bailey (unless he’s John Baileys relative).

Agree with get Perriera, and also Zouma.

Danny O’Neill
22 Posted 20/07/2021 at 14:32:49
Colin @12, I would say we can only ask, but it would end negotiatians there and then. Tough and serious cookies the Germans. I don't think they'd see the funny side of our sarcastic.

Derek @17, there's a song in there somewhere. I hope we get to write it!

Geoff Williams
23 Posted 20/07/2021 at 15:12:34
Looking at the current targets it would appear to me that Everton are resigned to losing James, Richarlison and Bernard as they usually play as wide players. These are three players who could be sold for a profit but unfortunately if Iwobi and Sigurdsson go then there will a huge loss on their teansfer fees. I also suspect that Mina will be moved on to accommodate a new centre back.
Jay Harris
24 Posted 20/07/2021 at 15:23:57
Like you I am shocked that nobody has gone in for Perreira.

He looks class and scores goals and can defend too.

He would be a no brainer for me.

I would also take an interest in Lamptey. He is like Seamus on steroids only negative is his size.

Terry White
25 Posted 20/07/2021 at 15:31:29
That's a BIG negative on Lamptey, Jay (24).
Terry White
26 Posted 20/07/2021 at 15:36:54
Not forgetting Lamptey's lack of defensive skills, even less than Aarons'.
Andrew Ellams
27 Posted 20/07/2021 at 15:38:10
Lamptey has only had one season of senior football and only managed 11 league games in that because of an injury. It's much too early to start talking about him being a ready made replacement for Seamus Coleman.
John Keating
28 Posted 20/07/2021 at 15:38:59
Here we are talking a out Everton and signings, absolute nonsense when there are more important things happening in the world!

Do you lot realise that the Norway ladies beach handball team have been fined £1300 for allowing their girls to wear shorts rather than the obligatory bikini bottoms?

We really have to think of the more important things in life

Robert Tressell
29 Posted 20/07/2021 at 15:49:55
John # 28, and a female paralympian is in hot water because her pants are too small.

I have to say, I'm more on the side of the Norwegian volleyball team because quite why anyone other than swimmers would want to do sport in just pants is beyond me.

Could you imagine leaping around a sandy beach in just a pair of budgie smugglers?

Andrew Ellams
30 Posted 20/07/2021 at 15:52:57
The highlight sporting story of today for me is Poland selecting 23 swimmers for the Olympics when the maximum they were allocated was 17 so 6 poor souls who've put their lives into the next two weeks have been sent home without even dipping their toes in.
Dave Abrahams
31 Posted 20/07/2021 at 16:11:12
With regards to the summer transfer window, it ends at 11-00pm on August 31st, exactly six weeks today, let’s see what the Everton squad is composed of on the 1st of September, I imagine it will be a lot different than it is today.
Ian Burns
32 Posted 20/07/2021 at 16:14:08
It would be terrific if we got another swimming story like the one a few years back when a swimmer in the Commonwealth Games was so slow he ended up 90 metres behind everybody else in a 100 metre race (slight exaggeration) but he ended up getting the biggest round of applause of the whole games!
Brent Stephens
33 Posted 20/07/2021 at 16:15:32
Andrew, I wonder if that was in case some tested positive for Covid and had to self-isolate??
Andrew Ellams
34 Posted 20/07/2021 at 16:15:58
I remember that one Ian. The Commonwealth Games is a bit more about that sort of story than the Olympics.
Robert Tressell
35 Posted 20/07/2021 at 16:22:34
Other than pants, I like McNeil too.

He reminds me a bit of Jason Wilcox and Stuart Ripley who chucked in all the crosses for Sutton and Shearer to head home for Blackburn.

However, we're unlikely to play the 442 like Blackburn did and Burnley still do - and that might expose his limitations rather than get the most out of him.

He'd make a good LWB but we've already got Digne.

Personally I think we're desperate for a fast left footed goalscoring / assisting winger / forward like Neto, Bailey, Diaby Neres etc.

That's what would make 433 / 451/ 4231 / 5221 work which seem our likelier formations (being a bit of a variation on a theme).

Could possibly make it work with McNeil on the right wing ahead of Aarons or similarly pacey attacking RB. Not unlike what Albrighton did for Leicester with Fuchs behind him on the left flank. That way Richarlison could play Okazaki to DCLs Vardy.

However this would then require Townsend, Iwobi or Gray to be an unlikely Mahrez...

Tony Everan
36 Posted 20/07/2021 at 16:28:46
Ajay, Jay Count me in, Perreira has to be on the shortlist if James and maybe Sigurdsson are not here next season. Very talented and end product too, proven in the PL and at 25 just coming into his prime .
Ian Burns
37 Posted 20/07/2021 at 16:40:50
Dave - 31 - it would be nice if we had any new signings in for the beginning of the season rather than the beginning of September.

However your point is right, little point in making a judgement now when there is so much of the window still left to get it right.

Ajay Gopal
38 Posted 20/07/2021 at 16:41:04
Tony, I saw Perreira being bizarrely linked to a move to Saudi Arabia! Is there something about him that we don’t know?
Gavin Johnson
39 Posted 20/07/2021 at 16:41:08
Tony, I can't see Sigurdsson playing for the club again, can you?!

If James is also sold we are going to have to bring in a No.10. I can see Iwobi played there now, but he shouldn't be the first choice. Coutinho on loan sounds good to me.

Dale Self
40 Posted 20/07/2021 at 16:52:47
Yes, good to see the Pereira bandwagon. Leeds was the last speculative destination before I heard this one. This player would fit well with our undefined final third play. He can direct traffic from inside or just have a go at it himself. Get him, no chance of value decline under Rafa.
Terry White
41 Posted 20/07/2021 at 16:58:55
Robert (#35) I don't know why our contributors often try to shoehorn a player into a position that is unfamiliar to him if he were to play for us. It does remind me of the time we signed Bruce Rioch, then a very good right sided midfielder with a great left foot at Derby and proceeded to play him on the left side of midfield. And Colin Todd, perhaps a part of the best centre back pairing in the country with Roy McFarland and we played him at right back to accommodate Billy Wright! So, there are precedents.

McNeil is not a "winger". And he is not a "wing back". Wilcox and Ripley were real wingers playing at Blackburn in different times. McNeil has had success playing as a left-sided midfielder. Why suggest he should play on the "right wing"!?

As for another suggestion that we might have Aarons - don't get me started.

Michael Lynch
42 Posted 20/07/2021 at 17:12:24
I'm in the Pereira camp too. I'm sure someone will come on here and tell me he's a lazy, useless twat with no end product, but he's always looked exciting to me. Maybe just coming on from the bench at 60 minutes to terrorise a tiring defence?

Anyway, sign him!

Brian Williams
43 Posted 20/07/2021 at 17:17:45
That Pereira guy is a lazy useless tw.........................


Brent Stephens
44 Posted 20/07/2021 at 17:27:48
Brian, that took you long enough - you lazy...
Robert Tressell
45 Posted 20/07/2021 at 18:33:41
Terry # 41, in my case, it's because I'm bored! The speculation also takes my mind of the underwhelming reality.

As for your thoughts though, I agree that it's better not to buy someone suited to another system and try to shoehorn them into something unfamiliar. That was much of my point anyway, that McNeil is good at what he does in a 442 but we don't play that way.

As for Aarons, not your cup of tea then? I see him a good footballer and a very modern full back but maybe a bit too expensive if it gets beyond £25m (not because he's not worth it, but because of our limited budget).

Terry White
46 Posted 20/07/2021 at 18:46:13
I like your thought process, Robert (#45). I do not see any reason why we cannot switch to 4-4-2 this season and that would allow us to accommodate a player like McNeil to play on the left side of midfield. Personally, I have no idea of RB's preferred formation but would hope he would be suitably flexible to play in a way that fits in best with the players we have available.

As for Aarons, I have put my case on TW before that, for all the attacking prowess we can see on YouTube (same for Lamptey), his defensive skills are known to be lacking (courtesy of Norwich fans who see more than YouTube highlights). I would prefer a solid old-style full-back who can provide attacking support when needed. Someone who would fit in better in a 4-4-2 perhaps behind James or Townsend? I can't see that Dumfries fits that role either but I like his physical presence and would prefer him to either Aarons, Lamptey, Kenny and, sadly, the aging Coleman. How much we have available and how much we want to pay are, I know, an important consideration.

Robert Tressell
47 Posted 20/07/2021 at 18:57:30
Terry I agree with all the points about defensive inadequacy. I don't think Lamptey in particular could really even play in a back four. Dumfries looked like (and this plays well to your general point) a very good fit for the very specific 352 (ish) the dutch played in a tournament. But a back 4 in the Prem? Not sure. Especially with crap movement around him.

I think I'm more tolerant of defensively weak players though. In some respects, a player like Hibbert (great at blocking crosses) was defensively awful because he couldn't retain possession - and he couldn't pin back the opposition with his attacking threat.

Nice to have an all-rounder of course and maybe Aarons can mature into that - a bit like Coleman did - but possibly with a better range of passing.

Whatever the case, we're probably too skint to buy him!

Kristian Boyce
48 Posted 21/07/2021 at 00:21:16
We did 3 number 10's a few years back, so 4 wingers could definitely work.

Speaking with my West Ham supporting mate tonight and he said Moyes is after Pereira and talks have already started.

Jay Harris
49 Posted 21/07/2021 at 00:54:27
May I correct you Lamptey has been in the Prem for 2 seasons playing 9 games in 19/20 and 11 games in 20/21 but spent some time out with injury.

He played 7 games for Chelsea under 23 prior to that and Aarons has played 36 games in the Prem for 1 season.

I would say they were pretty comparable in experience but are totally different players.

In the modern vogue overlapping fullbacks are key to the top teams and I see Dumfries and Lamptey being more adept at that than Aarons who is a big unit but does not stand out in any aspect to me.

Mike Gaynes
50 Posted 21/07/2021 at 01:47:47
I saw Bailey's debut with Jamaica in the Gold Cup two years ago. It was big news because he had refused them for several years before that... thought they weren't good enough. How's that for balls on a teenager?

He was the quickest player on the pitch by far. Scored against the US on a header I believe. He's electric. Bayern was in for him two years ago after he scored twice in one game against them, once with each foot. Disappears from games, but who cares. Get 'im.

Kristian Boyce
51 Posted 21/07/2021 at 02:39:31
Mike, he kept turning them down as he incorrectly thought he was eligible for England due to his nan & grandads status as British Overseas Nationals. I guess the FA had him on their radar as his agent had indicated that he could possibly qualify, and he was using this info to get him to Europe without the need of a visa. That was also when his valuation had skyrocketed due to him potentially being classed as homegrown.
Terry White
52 Posted 21/07/2021 at 03:07:40
Jay (#49), not sure what you mean saying Aarons is a "big unit". Apparently he checks in at 5'10". That does qualify as a 'big unit" in my book. Of course, compared to Lamptey, who is 5'5", Aarons is a man mountain. Dumfries is a svelte 6'2". I know who I would prefer in my defence.

Of course Lamptey appears to be injury prone based upon the numbers you gave. 20 games over 2 seasons? That is in the range of James McCarthy's appearances for Everton in the later part of his career with us. I don't think we need another injury prone player.

I believe Aarons is more reliable in terms of fitness although you dot not cite the number of games he played for Norwich last season in the Championship.

Either way, if either Aarons or Lamptey came to us I cannot see the patrons of TW having the patience to stand by them while they make mistakes as they get accustomed to playing at GP. Dumfries has no excuse.

Steve Griffiths
53 Posted 21/07/2021 at 11:07:29
Dave Abrahams (31) most sensible post of the day, some sanity at last. 3 solid signings being made IMO, big signings will come, but not until after we have released some dead wood & the 31st July (it’s the way Everton work).
Tony Everan
54 Posted 21/07/2021 at 11:12:33
Being reported Demerai Gray has passed his medical and signed a 3 year contract with an option of a further year. Fee approx. 1.8m.
Sam Hoare
55 Posted 21/07/2021 at 11:28:26
I get us buying Townsend OR Gray. I’m a bit confused by us getting Townsend AND Gray. I’m presuming neither is being bought to be a starter and that we’ll get another. Do we need 3 new wingers? We already have RIcharlison, Gordon, Iwobi, Kean and Rodriguez. Though admittedly the latter 3 can play centrally and the latter 2 might leave.

There’s also the younger players coming through who might benefit from a few minutes here and there.

I just hope that there will be a goal scoring winger brought in! Villa have been linked with Leon Bailey today and Spurs are close to signing Bryan Gil; two very good signings I’d say if they come off.

Dan Nulty
56 Posted 21/07/2021 at 14:45:39
I think any other signings we make will tell us how nailed on Our 31 year old player is to get sent down. I can't see us selling James if he is to be charged unless we have another lined up. I could see us bringing Coutinho in with Barca subsidising his wages if we let James go.

Bernard is off anyway, not sure where so that is another 120k off the books.

Terry White
57 Posted 21/07/2021 at 15:11:00
Dan (#56), I would suspect that one of the reasons Barca would like to move Coutinho, in addition to getting a nice transfer fee, is to get him OFF their wage bill, which would make it unlikely that they would want to "subsidise his wages". And he is prone to injury, of course, another reason for us not to be too interested in him. Plus him being a former RS player.
Andrew Ellams
58 Posted 21/07/2021 at 15:23:32
We are now being linked with Jeremie Boga and Jesse Lingard. This is becoming the longest shortlist in history.
Robert Tressell
59 Posted 21/07/2021 at 15:37:56
Sam # 57. I agree it's odd to buy both. If these guys are just reinforcements rather than first XI players then one of them might hardly feature at all.

Two potential reasons :

1. Benitez has a track record of buying lots of players. Various reasons for this I expect. He's not one of those like Mourinho or, I think, Moyes who just likes to work with a core group.

2. They are going to play more than we think and this is it. There isn't going to be a Bailey, Boga, McNeil etc - or not this Summer anyway. Moshiri is sick of people wasting his money and wants to see someone prove himself before opening the purse strings again.

Not thrilled with either reason really. If it is the latter then in fairness we could do a lot worse.

Steve Ferns
60 Posted 21/07/2021 at 15:58:33
Sam, I expect Benitez to go 4231. With a certain unmentionable player absent from the no10 berth, and rumours that James will be sold, we lack a number 10. Iwobi will be first choice on who we have. Gordon prefers to play there too. For me, Townsend is to play right wing and we still don't have a backup, so need someone. I expect Gray to be left wing, and I expect Richarlison to be sold to fund other transfers. If my hunch is right, we still need bodies wide and at number 10. Thankfully, the re-emergence of Gbamin (promised myself I wouldn't get carried away with him again!) means that with Allan, Gomes and Doucoure, we have the central areas filled. I expect Benitez to concentrate on filling those front 4 positions in his favoured 4231.
Dan Nulty
61 Posted 21/07/2021 at 16:22:04
Terry, you might be right, he is one of their lower earners at 150k per week. We can probably afford that saving money on Bernard and our 31 year old's wages.
Dan Nulty
62 Posted 21/07/2021 at 16:32:14
Robert 59, the fact we are linked with more wingers says to me they don't think Gordon will kick on after his pretty non descript loan spell at Preston last season and Iwobi is a pile of pants. Unless, God forbid, they will play Iwobi at 10.
Steve Shave
63 Posted 21/07/2021 at 16:48:09
Agree with Steve, 4231 most likely, if we are to sell Richy AND Kean then we must have quality replacements lined up. Richy the hardest to replace. As mentioned previously, given the top dollar we could get for Kean vs lack of contributions so far (yes I appreciate and understand he hasn't been given a fair go) we can replace him fairly easily and for less than half the income I.e. purchase a striker in the £15-20M category ala Edouard or Dike. I don't know what sort of money we would get for Richy but I hope north of £60M, his replacement must be able to play in duel roles I.e. wing or striker as this was a real positive about Richy's play. I really hope he stays.
Jay Harris
64 Posted 21/07/2021 at 16:53:55
I just read Moyes is in for Perraira and Villa are favourites to sign BAiley, Dumfries is off to Italy.

If any of those are true I will be pissed off that we are allowing the likes of West Ham and Villa to outdo us.

Lets hope like 90% of it it is just paper talk and we will get some decent quality in.

Robert Tressell
65 Posted 21/07/2021 at 17:19:55
I agree 4-2-3-1 is a preferred formation of Benitez but only where he has the right players for each position and he has a wealth of good players.

At Newcastle he deployed different systems because his players were weaker and (a big one this) he didn't have Steven Gerrard giving you the goal contributions of a classic Number 10 with the violence / tenacity of a a Number 6.

We don't have a Gerrard either.

Rodriguez is a defensive liability in a team without a terrifying attack that pegs the opposition back. Iwobi is Iwobi. Sigurdsson may not be in the picture.

My expectation is 4-5-1 or 5-2-2-1.

The latter is really just the former with a midfielder sacrificed for an additional centre-half. I think we'll start the season with the former and move to the latter if results tail off. This is what he did at Newcastle.

With the two (very average) wingers in we at least have the numbers if not a great deal of quality to play this way. We just need a right-back now. I expect we'll get one but might be someone cheap like DiSciglio rather than, say, Aarons.

Exciting times...

Ash Coakley
66 Posted 21/07/2021 at 20:26:28
I think it’s fair to say we are in a rebuild.
The players we sign and sell will be aligned to meeting FFP requirements along with rediscovering a bit of the hard work ethic we have lost. I see us targeting a few players in the 20-30m category that have ability to develop and resale potential for profit.

Whether we loose some attacking intent with Rafa’s appointment & style of play remains to be seen but I see us potentially without Kean, Richarlson, James, Bernard & Sigurdsson when the season starts so need to prepare for that.

On a bright note, those 5 exits probably bring in around 130m and save circa 500k per week in wages. Bringing in Townsend & Gray on (I hope) reasonable wages mean we probably still look for a left winger, right winger and attacking mid & Striker.

I can see us targeting both McNeil & Bailey or similar wide players along with the likes of Coutinho, Lingard or (dare I say) Barkley on low fee or loan and a backup striker in the 10m price range.
We would use the 70ish million profit and the wage savings to help balance the books.
Arguably this more fits the process Brands initially suggested in early interviews rather than that adopted under our manager merri-go-round & if those brought in perform, I see us selling an asset to fund further activity the following year, similar to a Dortmund, PSV or Ajax model.

I would be ok with
DCL, Tosun* & the likes of Zirkzee up front,
Bailey & Gray as left options,
Playmaker & Iwobi* as attacking mid
McNeil & Townsend on the right
And the likes of Gordon & Broadhurst able to play a few roles as required.

* for players I’d rather sell but don’t see us shifting

Hopefully we have enough depth we can name a full bench and not include 2 keepers…

Sam Hoare
67 Posted 22/07/2021 at 11:23:11
Steve@60, yeah that makes sense mostly. Though I don’t think we’ll sell Richarlison this summer. I think we let him go to the olympics as a trade for him not agitating for a move.

I think it will be Iwobi or Rodriguez at 10 and very possibly Townsend at RW. Though if we can sell Kean I expect another RW to be bought and very possibly Rondon to be bought in as a striking alternative stopgap (which I wouldn’t mind at all).

Lots of juggling to be done!!

Sam Hoare
68 Posted 22/07/2021 at 11:25:38
Robert@66 if we can’t afford Dumfries and need a cheaper RB I wonder if Gonzalo Montiel might be an option. Did pretty well as far as I know at the copa America.
Robert Tressell
69 Posted 22/07/2021 at 11:36:46
Think he's in the final year of contract, too Sam. Good footballer but would need time to acclimatise.

Rondon would also fill gap. Is he still under contract in China?

What a mess that we've spent so much to assemble such a poor squad - and now it feels a bit like the money might have run out (or Moshiri's patience).

Brian Murray
70 Posted 22/07/2021 at 16:51:31
We will obviously have ********** off the wage bill shortly.
Brian Williams
71 Posted 22/07/2021 at 16:53:39

Why is ********** obviously off the wage bill?

Brian Murray
72 Posted 22/07/2021 at 16:56:52

No matter the outcome, we won’t see him in a blue shirt again. Naive to think otherwise. As I say, as a Blue, I’m made up another never-has-been is about to go.

Brian Williams
73 Posted 22/07/2021 at 17:02:08

I have to disagree on "no matter what etc."

I think if he comes out of his present problem with a clean bill of health the club will back him to the hilt.

Steve Brown
74 Posted 22/07/2021 at 17:07:29
Brian @ 17, **********'s contact expires on 30 June 2022. Without delving into other related topics, he has played his last game for Everton.
Shane Corcoran
75 Posted 22/07/2021 at 17:09:47
I don’t see ********** as being definitely gone at all.

Reasonable chance this will come to nothing and he’ll play his part this season.

Kieran Kinsella
76 Posted 22/07/2021 at 17:14:09

At the minute while he was arrested, it’s not clear if he has been charged. If he has been or will be, then the slow movement of the legal system could curtail his career, even if he’s innocent.

Adam Johnson was charged and it was precisely 1 year later that it went to trial. Sunderland chose not to suspend him in the interim; Everton have done the opposite so it’s hard to see them reversing that if he is headed for trial.

The best hope is that the allegations are false and charges either not made or are dropped. I recall that happening under Bobby Robson at Newcastle when two players were arrested on similar charges but it never went to court.

Another example is Nile Ranger, arrested in January, not charged until 6 months later, then stood trial 9 months after that.

Brian Murray
77 Posted 22/07/2021 at 17:20:13

Er, yeah… good luck with that theory. His bird has scarpered so not much support there. Not really interested in some under-achieving millionaire's problems. Him, like so many, have been here three years too long. Apparently we now have a ruthless and professional boss so let’s see it.

Tony Abrahams
78 Posted 22/07/2021 at 17:25:41
I’m hearing the allegations are not false, and although there must be a lot more to the story, he’s not currently denying whatever allegations have been made.
Mike Gaynes
79 Posted 22/07/2021 at 17:31:15
Brian, that strikes me as unlikely, mate. What could produce such an outcome? An investigative error? Mistaken identity? I would guess that barring a very public exoneration, his career is probably over.

Kieran, I'd say that even in the six years since the Adam Johnson case, the world has changed enough that Everton's allowing him to play while on bail would not be tolerated now. Not for this.

Mick O’Malley
80 Posted 22/07/2021 at 18:12:21
I for one hope we never see ********** in a an Everton shirt ever again, even if he’s innocent surely last season proved that he needs replacing, still waiting for the dead-ball expert to score direct from a free-kick 4 years after signing, a big disappointment
Shane Corcoran
81 Posted 22/07/2021 at 18:19:43
Kieran, obviously I’m basing this on the possibility that he’s not guilty.

This is hot on the heels of Lee Griffiths’s case, which came to nothing.

If posters know more detail than I, then fair enough, he’s possibly for the road.

Michael Kenrick
82 Posted 22/07/2021 at 23:01:48
This appeared by way of a sort of update in the Mirror on Friday, under the headline:

Everton players want team-mate arrested over suspected child sex offences to be named

Everton confirmed they have suspended a player pending a police investigation after Greater Manchester Police disclosed information about last week's arrest.

Everton players are reportedly pushing for their team-mate accused of committing child sex offences to be named.

The player cannot be named for legal reasons and strenuously denies the accusations.

But according to the Sun, some players at Goodison Park are asking bosses to end the gossip surrounding the team by naming the accused individual.

They have also been told to not contact the player with the situation becoming more and more tense.

A source cited in the report says: “The players are highly agitated, they are not happy to be dragged into it.

“Senior Everton players have been contacted day and night by other Prem stars, all seeking details.”

Earlier this week, Everton’s squad flew out to America to compete in the Florida Cup, where they will play in two matches before facing Manchester United on August 7.

The Daily Mail reported that the Toffees are providing 24/7 support to the player back in Merseyside and have moved him into temporary accommodation until an investigation is completed.

Thus far, he has not been charged with any offences and is currently on police bail pending further inquiries.

Dale Self
83 Posted 22/07/2021 at 23:12:44
I was always a little worried about the togetherness of this squad. That he strenuously denies it and teammates want him announced is a tense situation to say the least. Another episode where perhaps, just perhaps, a little courage from the top would help the club. And yes, there are a few sentences they could string together for this and not harm anything.
Barry Hesketh
84 Posted 22/07/2021 at 23:19:21
The big question is how anyone knew that the accused player's club was Everton prior to the club suspending the player, how did that information get into the public domain so quickly?

As early as Saturday evening somebody using the tag "Dane" was tweeting "big news from Everton which will rock the club". Other tweets were suggesting which player it was, also late on Saturday.

We don't know for sure which player it is and whether the suspension of the Everton player has anything to do with the arrested party, but it seems to be unlikely that those who are guessing about his identity would be a million miles away.

Being arrested doesn't prove guilt, and that is why the players club would be in a bind as to what to do for the best, I would think that it is only one particular player who has wrongly been accused on social media this week and was targeted because he fits the police's description of the arrested person and therefore would have a right to be angry.

Most if not all of the players would be made aware of the legal requirements in a case of this nature, and they would be asked to be patient whilst the investigation continues.

Brian Williams
85 Posted 22/07/2021 at 23:20:34
Mike, many many people are arrested on suspicion of this or that when an allegation has been made and then never charged.
The person hasn't been charged with anything at all up to now and "may" never be.
If that was so then there's no case to answer.
And contrary to what another TW'er posted the person in question vehemently denies the allegations.

I'd rather await the outcome before sharpening the pitchfork and lighting my torch.

Si Cooper
86 Posted 22/07/2021 at 23:29:04
Dale, I’m not sure it shows a lack of squad togetherness. The players obviously know who it is (as do we all?) and just don’t want to be continually pestered about it. If it was out in the open there wouldn’t be that pressure on them. I see that as understandable in the circumstances.
I think his identity as someone a complaint has been made about is only kept under wraps to actually protect the identity of those who have made the complaint.
The club however, have a very tricky line to tread. They presumably want to be fair and not throw him to the wolves until things are proven, but at the same time they have to be careful not to appear indifferent to the fact that there may be genuine victims.
Andy Crooks
87 Posted 22/07/2021 at 23:44:26
There are and have been hundreds and hundreds of innocent people held on remand in an utterly iniquitous criminal justice system. Gossip, innuendo, "according to the Sun", for the love of fuck let ToffeeWeb not join in.
Dale Self
88 Posted 22/07/2021 at 23:44:36
Fair enough Si. That was speculative but there does not appear to be a leader in the locker room who can show the way here. I admit it is not an easy task or even one that lends itself to a solution but to let this continue without the club trying to give us some clue as to how to process this is at best a disappointment. Getting our prompts from leaks is painful.

Barry Hesketh
89 Posted 22/07/2021 at 23:54:02
Dale @89
How are things like this handled in the USA, is it handled the same in each and every state? Our system is flawed, due to the nature of the police's policy to make statements that often give a clue to the identity of the accused e.g. 19 years old woman has been cautioned for a particular offence, thus giving the media ample information to start a search for the true identity of the woman involved.
Jay Wood

90 Posted 22/07/2021 at 00:14:58
I agree with the sentiments expressed by both Brian @ 86 and Si @ 87.

The club, not of its own making, has a very tricky line to tread. It isn't helped when you read on fans forums such as TW people casting judgement and making presumptions on the very little that is known.

Although (as per UK law) the player concerned has not been named by the media or the club, his identity is/will be known.

As far as I am aware he has been questioned by the police, but no formal charges have been laid and he was allowed home. Subsequently, he has been suspended by the club as tersely stated in a short club statement:

'Everton can confirm it has suspended a First-Team player pending a police investigation. The Club will continue to support the authorities with their inquiries and will not be making any further statement at this time.'

Further to that, there have been claims that:
a) he has moved out of the family home to a club 'safe house' where he is getting 24/7 club support.
b) his wife (heavily pregnant in December, no mention of a child) has also moved out of the family home to stay with family members at a nearby address

a) suggests the club continues to assist the player
b) suggests NOT that the wife 'has left said player' as some are saying, but simply taking refuge elsewhere away from the media frenzy

For me, this ends in one of two ways:
1) the case is dismissed with no charges to answer. Even so, that could take weeks, months or a year and more to arrive at that conclusion. Whatever the time scale, it makes it highly unlikely we will see said player in Everton Blue any time soon.
2) there are charges, the case is taken to court which again may take months or a year or more to be heard.

An ex-Everton player and working football manager Dave Jones lost his livelihood and waited more than 2 years before being completely exonerated with historic child abuse charges dismissed in court, but still it effectively ended his employment in football save for a brief spell with Hartlepool in 2017.

Adam Johnson is a different story. Initially suspended by Sunderland, incredibly he played almost the entire season for them before going to trial for the grooming of and sexual activity with a minor, for which he was found guilty and sentenced to 6 years prison.

I am in no position to judge the case without evidence. But it is not difficult to speculate how this has impacted on his wife and family, guilty or not, and how his team mates and their wives, no doubt many with young families, are spooked by this.

On the pure footballing side, if I was Brands or Benitez I would be planning the season in the belief that he will not be available to play for its entirety. Something for sure they wouldn't have calculated on being the case just a week ago.

Dale Self
91 Posted 22/07/2021 at 00:15:54
Hey Barry, Mike may be the more informed on this being a journo. I imagine some of this would come under the District Attorney's office protocol which might have some variation by states but there does seem to be some uniformity in excluding victim's info from Freedom of Information Requests. Additionally, the victim identity becomes an issue when the accused is charged and then may wish to know the accuser's identity. There appears to be a need for a public interest in that victim disclosure for a court to approve it typically otherwise that stays with the police and the court while being redacted elsewhere.

The victim's information is entered into court proceedings based on concepts of confidentiality and privilege. Something may be provided in confidentiality but could be forced to disclose by a subpoena. Privilege is a higher level of security where the victim is the only one who has the key to unlock the info. This privilege runs counter to court evidentiary discovery and so is usually tightly specified. While non-absolute privilege can be accessed it requires the appearance of the accused in court with a compelling argument that must obviate the policy interests in keeping the privileged info undisclosed which have been established legislatively.

Hugh Jenkins
92 Posted 23/07/2021 at 08:15:04
Tony @79,

Like all such stories and exposes, until the full "official" details are revealed, various rumours concerning the alleged offences and the alleged perpetrator of said offences start to circulate, like a game of Chinese whispers.

I have seen it said (although right now I couldn't tell you where?), that our man is, in fact, denying it all and that the offence is of the mobile phone text-based variety. The story I saw says that he is claiming that his mobile phone account has been hacked and that, personally, he is innocent.

No doubt, all will be revealed in the fullness of time.

Brian Williams
93 Posted 23/07/2021 at 08:39:21
Just to enlarge on the comment made by Hugh about the person's mobile being hacked.

I received eleven calls yesterday from mobile phones, every caller saying the same thing: they'd had a missed call from my number.

I'd called none of them and have since discovered that my number has been "spoofed" probably by telemarketers.

Don't know how, but it's been done without my knowledge (obviously) and very easily by the looks of things.

Brian Williams
94 Posted 23/07/2021 at 08:49:04
And there's the first one of today within two minutes of switching on my phone.

Brian Murray
95 Posted 23/07/2021 at 08:51:17
Now that Bernard And hopefully Gomes and Delph plus the artist formerly known as a. Noninous are all off the wage let’s see what the waiter and marcel are made of, coyb
Andy Crooks
96 Posted 23/07/2021 at 09:34:13
I know what you mean, Brian. Mine was hacked a couple of months ago and a few ToffeeWebers got messages from me looking urgent financial assistance.
Anthony Flack
97 Posted 23/07/2021 at 10:08:02
Brian @ 94,

That's is probably not a spoof or hack but a machine dialer just sequentially rolling through numbers - then once they get an answer often you are into the fraud arena where they want you to divulge something useful or in fact install malware to your device (very difficult unless you click a link consciously or not)

Current themes to create pressure are your NI number (odd) is associated with child porn etc. Or they are from the National Crime Agency etc. Lots of tactics to create pressure or rush you.

Ignore them all.

I know banks don't get much good press but most have excellent guidance around these subjects as they are of course very dependent on mobile banking.

Anyway, apologies for possibly the least interesting post on here for a while!!

Brian Williams
98 Posted 23/07/2021 at 10:20:16
Anthony #98.

Thanks for that but the calls I'm getting are from innocent mobile owners who've received a "missed call" from my number, so whoever is making the calls to these people is making it appear as if they're from my number for some reason which I can't fathom.

Brian Williams
99 Posted 23/07/2021 at 10:21:13
Andy #97.

Did you give them any mate? As in, yeh send me all your money for travel to Goodison?

Martin Nicholls
100 Posted 23/07/2021 at 12:18:42
Brian #96,

What makes you think our suspended player is off the wage bill? My own guess is that he's still on full pay and will remain so until the matter is resolved one way or the other. Surely anything else would be in breach of the contract we have with him?

Brendan McLaughlin
101 Posted 23/07/2021 at 13:07:40
Martin #101,

I'd say you are correct and would be very surprised if the player concerned hasn't been suspended on full pay.

Nicholas Ryan
102 Posted 23/07/2021 at 13:11:21
Brian, on the subject of phone hacks etc. Some years ago, I had an expensive BlackBerry phone, when they were lauded for their security (Barack Obama had one).

One day, the phone 'pinged' and there was a text message, from the head of BlackBerry Asia to the head of BlackBerry Europe, to the effect, that the latter was a bone idle waste of space, who couldn't sell a phone to save his life; and it was his fault that the company was going down the pan!

I was just about to get a screenshot, when the message disappeared. BlackBerry did indeed go 'down the pan' within a few months... and I have no reason to believe that the message was not genuine. I have often wondered, what the atmosphere must have been like in the BlackBerry executive dining room!!

Brian Murray
103 Posted 23/07/2021 at 14:43:17
Martin @101 – just a matter of when not if, surely?
Alex Gray
104 Posted 23/07/2021 at 14:55:46
If we could get Bailey and Dumfries, I'd be relatively happy with our business and that'd be the right-hand side sorted. Think Bailey is a stretch though!
Vijay Nair
105 Posted 27/07/2021 at 15:27:54
Not sure if this is happening to everyone, but clicking the Rumours tab on the main page takes me to the Season 20-21 rumours instead of 21-22.

The Rumour Mill tab (in blue at the top of this page) takes you to 2019-20 rumours like Sergio Reguillon!

Tony Everan
106 Posted 27/07/2021 at 17:51:37
Joaquin Correa of Lazio is the latest rumour. Argentine forward. We have made a bid allegedly of £17M, Lazio want £25M. We are fair game to clubs and agents these days to ramp up interest and fees so this could be a load of bull. Who knows?

I've not seen Correa play, do you think he would be a good signing? Where would he fit in?

Simon Dalzell
107 Posted 30/07/2021 at 09:50:06
I always liked Brendan Galloway, who is now at Plymouth. Just think what a partnership he would have formed with Dumfries. Reports today are saying James has been told he can leave. Bags of talent,poor attitude. The right call.
Ian Bennett
108 Posted 31/07/2021 at 19:12:49
Bailey going to Villa.
Brian Murray
109 Posted 31/07/2021 at 19:17:07
Ian. Yes seen that over Bailey. Looks like we was never in the running and happy with the cut price wide men. Think we may have to sacrifice James before all the talent goes, ie, Aarons. Unless we have buyers for our hopeless midfielders.
Andrew Keatley
110 Posted 31/07/2021 at 19:37:15
Aston Villa were always going to have money to spend this summer as Grealish to Man City was in the works months ago. Buendia, Bailey, McNeil, Ward-Prowse – they might get 3 out of the 4 of them in and still have £10 million change from the Grealish sale. Unless we cash in on Richarlison or Kean then I can't see us spending £20+ million on anyone this window.
Justin Doone
111 Posted 02/08/2021 at 10:27:06
Burnley want too much for McNeil. I think he's got potential but he also reminds me of McLean (Irish winger) who never really developed or improved much from his initial promise.

He's a decent player, pacey and a good crosser, but not the 'next level' player we need.

Bailey would be cheaper and is already a better player. But Villa look to have agreed a deal which is a shame.

I would likely to see another winger, forward and wonder if we could get Troare for a decent price or my preference Netto. Wolves do appear to be willing to sell for a reasonable price as long as they make a profit. £25M for either.

I've also said many times, there's some very good player's in Scotland and the Championship that could be bought for less.

What do our scouts do?

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