Moshiri restates his commitment to Everton as reports suggest club is officially up for sale

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Farhad Moshiri insists he is committed for the long haul at Everton even as reports suggest he is courting offers in excess of £500m for his 94% stake in the club.

There has been a belief for months that, despite his claims to the contrary in an open letter to Blues fans last summer, the British-Iranian billionaire has been seeking a buyer having sunk a fortune into trying to turn the club into Premier League contenders and a Champions League outfit, only to see Everton now struggling to avoid relegation for a second season running.

The Guardian and The Mirror report that Moshiri has been looking for investors to come on board to help finance the construction of the Everton Stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock but that now Deloitte have been tasked with handling a potential sale.

Moshiri has overseen historic levels of spending at Everton since purchasing an initial stake in the club in 2016 and then later taking overall control. He has personally bankrolled the work done so far on the impressive ground that is rising out of Liverpool's north docks but, with doubts over how the remainder of the build will be financed and a desire to recoup the money he has put into Bramley-Moore Dock, he appears to be looking for a way out.

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Rumours of interested parties in the Middle East have circulated for months while a proposed takeover bid last year by a consortium led by businessman Peter Kenyon and including Minnesota-based real estate tycoon, Maciek Kaminski, did not get past exploratory discussions despite a period of exclusivity being granted. 

The reports are at odds with a sit-down interview conducted last week and released by the club today where Moshiri spoke with Fan Advisory Board chair Jazz Bal to address some of the key questions posed by supporters via that body this month.

In the conversation, Moshiri stressed that "the club is not for sale but I've been talking to top investors ... to bridge the gap on the stadium. I can't do it myself and ... I want to bring top sport investors into Everton [to provide] more talent and we are close to having the deal done.

"It's not selling the club at all,it's just bring more expertise in terms of global sponsorship and commercial development."

Moshiri appealed for unity and reiterated both his commitment to Everton and his desire to take the Blues back to the elite by fixing the problems currently plaguing the club. 

Quotes sourced from The Guardian

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Mal van Schaick
1 Posted 24/01/2023 at 19:50:06
Club up for sale: £500 million.
Barry Hesketh
2 Posted 24/01/2023 at 19:51:05
According to the Guardian, there might be light at the end of the tunnel for us?

Everton have been put up for sale by Farhad Moshiri, who is looking for offers of more than £500m for the Premier League club.

Alex Gray
3 Posted 24/01/2023 at 19:54:07
So he sacks the manager then puts us up for sale leaving us with no direction and in chaos.

Honestly, it's a good job the vermin aren't coming to the Arsenal game.

Kevin Molloy
4 Posted 24/01/2023 at 19:55:45
This is not good news.

He is now sending the message, 'I couldn't give a rats arse about the future.'

Kieran Kinsella
5 Posted 24/01/2023 at 19:58:06

I think Moshiri has gone round the bend.

It's not his choice to sack Frank then does so without telling anyone, let's us sink to rock bottom, builds half a stadium, puts our few decent players up for sale then expects some mug to buy this bomb site of a club off him for £500 million.

Is there a provision in English law to create a guardianship when a business owner of unsound mind puts jobs and a community in jeopardy?

Brent Stephens
6 Posted 24/01/2023 at 19:58:12
Reported in The Guardian – club up for sale.
Charles Brewer
7 Posted 24/01/2023 at 19:58:52
I know a few Qataris.
Keith Gleave
8 Posted 24/01/2023 at 19:59:03
Sky Sports reporting we are up for sale. What a shit show.
Paul Hewitt
9 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:03:51
Anyone got a spare £500 million?
Geoff Williams
10 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:04:11
Not surprising
Mark Ryan
11 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:04:15
Civil war but this can only mean one thing, Kenwright has pissed Moshiri off so much that he's dismantled Bill's Train Set and so it's Goodnight Vienna !!

There you are, Bill, new West End Show to get your teeth into It's goodnight from Mosh and it's goodnight from me!"

Happy Days. There is a small light appearing down a very long dark tunnel.

Fuck off, Kenwright, you 24-carat buffoon.

Barry Hesketh
12 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:05:07
He's Iranian, He's only blown half a billion, the Charlatan!

Perhaps a bit unfair, but I do feel he's done this at the worst time possible.

Dave Williams
13 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:05:50
So does £500m include the stadium and directors loans?
Mark Ryan
14 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:06:13
That leaves someone's grubby mits in place though?
Mal van Schaick
15 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:06:17
Maybe Jim Ratcliffe if his Man Utd bid fails?
Andy Duff
16 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:06:19
Ridiculous timing. Whilst long term this is what we need, short term, if we don't freshen this squad up, we'll go down. I wonder where this leaves new manager and player signings?

Will this put the new Everton Stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock on hold?

Derek Knox
17 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:06:19
Maybe a good thing in many ways, but it smacks to me of trying to sell a ship after you have tried to scupper it, and it is slowly filling up below the water line. We can't go any lower can we?

Maybe a blessing in disguise to have an almost complete clear-out from top to bottom. Sadly though it may or be increasingly likely it will be via the Championship. 😥

Colin Glassar
18 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:06:25

I saw that. Billy Smart is the favourite to take over now.

Michael McGrath
19 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:06:40
Great news for all Everton supporters. We get to change the manager and now Moshiri exits as well.
Peter Carpenter
20 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:07:16
How did he pass the 'fit and proper persons' test? Did he pass? Can it be reversed? Does it still exist?
Dale Self
21 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:10:17
Player/Fanbase takeover We just need to negotiate a structured payment schedule. Raking the car floor for this, c'mon!
Michael McGrath
22 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:10:34
Purchasers, if any, would be contract bound to pay for the complketion of the new stadium at the prices agreed already, that's basic contract law.
And when you buy a business you buy all its losses too.
Kevin Molloy
23 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:10:36
Can you believe the contempt with which this guy has treated the fanbase. He's ransacked the club, left us with mountainous debts, and has now headed for the hills after selling the few remaining assets we have.

When you think of what great shape the club was in when he took over. a spine of Stones, Barkley and Lukaku to name but three. This is what happens when you do business with absolute unscrupulous scumbags.

Jason Hewly
24 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:12:19
Hopefully the new buyer's first name is "Sheik".
Dave Lynch
25 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:13:38
Let's see how people react when some despotic dictator stumps up the cash.

I'll bet Sky News will be all over it... ignoring the barcodes and other dodgy owners.

Pat Kelly
26 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:14:19
£500 million! If we can sell some of the squad the price will increase dramatically.

Moshiri has now ensured relegation. Potential signings won't come near us. Anyone in demand can't wait to get out.

EFC as we knew it is finished.

Mal van Schaick
27 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:16:12
Best for all concerned. Let's get on with it, we can't slump any lower than where we are at the moment.

Dan Parker
28 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:16:12
Who would take the job knowing new owners pretty much always fire the incumbent manager. Incredibly bad timing, why fire Frank then announce this?
Dennis Stevens
29 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:17:55
I bet Kenwright's 'phone is red hot!
Jason Hewly
30 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:18:09
Time for the government (fucking scumbags) to step in and force this sale like they did with Chelsea. It's now obvious we were owned by Usmanov through a proxy.

Just our luck, we get a cash-rich oligarch owner and the maddest Russian since Rasputin decides to kick off right at our point of highest financial exposure. As they say, it's the hope that kills you.

Peter Carpenter
31 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:19:41
No chance of selling a club with so much uncertainty surrounding it.
Unless we find a clueless nutter.
Oh, wait, we've got one.
Chris Donnelly
32 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:21:44
I’ll give Moshiri £1 + a bag of M&Ms and I’ll even throw in the cab fare to Lime Street. That is more than fair, after what you have done to this club, and to the true Evertonians.

Get the fuck out of our club!!! Fucking pond life!!!

Glenn Williams
33 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:22:55
How could this guy have become a billionaire legitimately?

Though it's great timing for a buyer in theory, who the hell wants a deteriorating asset, that's been losing crap loads of money, that's about to go out of the Premier League, and has to spend big money to complete a stadium.

Clearly only another middle east "sovereign fund" would have the means to fund this endeavor. Get ready to join Man City, PSG and Newcastle in the sportswashing boom era. From the People's Club to just another sheikh's club.

Dan Nulty
34 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:23:03
Careful Mal, there is way lower than we can slump now. Look at the former Premier League clubs who have been in League One and Two.

No one in their right mind going to pay what Moshiri wants with the stadium commitment.

Jim Bennings
35 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:24:02
Six years of madness close the ending???
Ian Pilkington
36 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:24:08
If he had sold out to Kaminski last July, he would have got a far bigger pay-off, we would not be in relegation trouble, and Kenwright would be long gone.
Bryan Houghton
37 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:27:36
The last time a club looked this broken, this chaotic and this bankrupt – financially, organisationally, morally, and don't even mention its performance on the pitch – was Leeds Utd 2003; they disappeared for something like 15 years. An absolute nightmare for them.

We really are looking at something not dissimilar if our board continually fail to address the cancer in this club (though the cancer is them).

We have become a laughing stock, a cautionary tale on how not to run a club. A lesson on how to destroy a club from the inside out.

There's gonna be a lot of 'you got what you deserved', and to be fair, they would probably be right.

Jimmy I'Anson
38 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:28:15
Kenwright will have a consortium put together by tomorrow.
Christy Ring
39 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:28:49
So the bottom line, we need a new owner within the next 7 days, how would you allow any of the board to appoint a new manager, so we can try and bring in signings before the window closes to try and keep us in the Premier League. An absolute disaster.

Bill, thanks for ruining our club, that's what you'll be remembered for… The sooner you're kicked out, the better, along with the rest of your cronies, including Sharp.

Michael Lynch
40 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:29:48
The dollar is still strong against the pound, so we're a bargain for a smart American billionaire or sports consortium.

You get an established club still (just about) in the most lucrative league in the world, with full capacity at every home game. You get a state-of-the-art stadium, suitable not just for club football, but also for international games and concerts. No need to apply for planning permission, or even do the tricky part of the build – it just needs finishing. and the naming rights selling.

Sure, it's a club in distress, but if it wasn't it would cost twice as much. Even if Everton are relegated this season, smart ownership should see it back in the Premier League sooner rather than later.

I'd definitely buy us if I had half a billion quid. As it is, I'm happy to go halves with someone.

Barry Hesketh
41 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:30:31
Jim @18
It's closer to seven years isn't it, since Moshiri joined the club?
Dave Lynch
42 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:30:41
I reckon his backer has decided to pull the plug on the cash flow.

Or... he has a buyer lined up and waiting in the wings, he may be chancing his arm for a better offer.

Clive Rogers
43 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:32:10
Bryan, 21, we are in a worse position than Leeds were. We have a half finished £760M ground which will drag us down.
Joe McMahon
44 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:32:47
Bryan@21 but at least they did have some "Good Times", they made a CL semi final.
Kevin Rye
45 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:34:20
Too late for any sale to go through before the window slams shut. Even when he does the right thing he screws it up.
Anthony A Hughes
46 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:34:30
Billy Boy will hang on in there. If there was Nuclear Armageddon, only Kenwright and the cockroaches would survive.
Pat Kelly
47 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:35:53
Moshiri/Usmanov have destroyed Everton, aided and abetted by Kenwright. Not sure if there's any way back from this. Bankruptcy and the wilderness beckon.
Brent Stephens
48 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:36:28
Moshiri "talent spotting needs to improve". I think that was the only decent comment I got from this interview with FAB.
Clive Rogers
49 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:37:52
Michael, 24, with the new ground to finish it will be £1 billion. For a Championship club, no chance.
Barry Rathbone
50 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:38:44
Usmanov and Moshiri – our version of Hicks and Gilette.
Peter Fearon
51 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:38:54
No-one with any business acumen will buy a club so close to relegation. It makes more sense to wait until the relegation issue is settled one way or the other.

As a Championship side, the value of the club and therefore the price would significantly diminish. It's therefore an odd time to make such an announcement and I imagine there's part of the story we don't know. He would be selling at a net loss.

As for buyers, it's cheaper to but a £500M club and sink a billion dollars into it than to pay two or three billion for the likes of the Red Shite.

Dan Parker
52 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:39:00
My biggest fear is the red hoarde moving into BMD as the club teeters with bankruptcy. Utter disaster.
Ray Jacques
53 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:39:19
I could cry
Ray Smith
54 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:40:08
If it's true, best news I've heard for I don't know how long.

Hopefully Kenwright and Co go the same way.

Then we can move on and up! 🤞🤞🤞

Joe McMahon
55 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:41:34

I thought that too, but they will want/need a much bigger capacity of 53k, and it's too late to change it now.

Derek Knox
56 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:42:15
When was that FAB Interview with Moshiri?

That Jazz Bal resigned about a fortnight ago, didn't he?

Dan Parker
57 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:43:05
Good point Joe. Hope you’re right!
Bill Fairfield
59 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:44:32
Good riddance.
Fran Mitchell
60 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:47:00
Who would buy Everton at that price with the massive possibility of the club's main income stream (TV) being cut by more than 50% with relegation?

Nothing will happen this season.

Will Mabon
61 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:47:02
Derek, it was last week - not current for the sale issue today but maybe worth hearing.
Jack Convery
62 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:48:18
Having taken his Norwegian Blue back to the shop and been told in no uncertain terms, he can't have his money back, he's decided to try ebay.

FOR SALE - One worn out Norwegian Blue, seen much better days, though has had some good times, relatively speaking. A new cage is also included, though it's not quite complete but has a pleasing river view and could be well worth more than the Norwegian Blue itself. Ideal for rock concerts, rallies, boxing matches and possible World Cup / Euro games. Contains some type of football museum - based on pre-Premier League period. New Proprietor needs to be aware that a Living Statue is part of the deal. This statue dressed in Blue, wearing blue-tinted glasses needs wheeling out every Saturday at 3pm and the Z-Cars tune played. Any tears to be collected and sold to devotees. All monies go to the very successful EitC Charity.

All enquiries to PO Box 1878, London.

Joseph Walsh
63 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:49:42
If he is selling up, does that come with the usual caveat anybody coming in has to take Kenwright (I can barely type his name anymore) as part of the deal?
Bobby Mallon
64 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:51:29
Look he’s put us up for sale. But if no one wants to buy then it’s still his. The costing for the ground is in place and it will be worth a lot of money along with the infrastructure
Tony Everan
65 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:51:30
Dan, Joe that’s the ultimate Armageddon , can’t see that happening though, there would be long term public unrest. It would divide a society.

It makes for a good bout of irrational paranoia though - FSG getting Standard Chartered to facilitate finance for American stooge investors in EFC, who then sell the stadium on to the RS when we are in administration. Saying ‘sorry, we had no choice.’ Then they disappear back into their remote Caribbean hideaways.

Bobby Mallon
66 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:54:03
The red shirt will not get that new stadium
Stephen Vincent
68 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:55:33
Obviously going for the Valencia, Nou Mestalla model.
Colin Glassar
69 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:57:44
A never ending cascade of terrible news. What have we done to deserve this?
Dave Williams
70 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:59:58
It’s hard to see what else can happen now. Relegation to fight, no manager or coaches, players at odds with manager and fans, fans at odds with board, new signing changed his mind( thank god) media slagging off the club when it’s the fans who will suffer through no fault of our own, only one or two so called pundits on our side, club now up for sale, can’t score goals, can’t stop conceding goals, no fight, players too slow.
It’s all going wrong and I’ve never in 60 years of supporting us seen anything like it. We need a saviour to buy us and another one to sort out the players but there’s no one in sight. Doesn’t Cahill know an Arab who can help? We have to appoint a manager this week who can unite people.
Andrew McLawrence
71 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:02:46
"Alexa, play something for an Everton mood".

I'll start.' It's the end of the world as we know it'.

Kunal Desai
72 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:03:40
I don't believe a word that comes out of this fellas mouth. He's delusional beyond measure.
Robert Tressell
73 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:05:56
The club has been for sale for about 18 months, maybe more. This announcement just confirms the degree of desperation to sell – depressing the price.

I wonder if the club sale might be detached from the stadium and docks redevelopment?

I've never quite understood what was in it for Moshiri & Usmanov but the stadium seemed to be the key. They might cut their losses on the failed vanity football project but keep some interest in the property & stadium side of things which seems to be going well while all else fails…

Bobby Mallon
74 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:06:12
Christy Ring @22.

I have to say that, although we have had loads of managers, we the fans have helped with getting rid of some of them. Like someone mentioned yesterday on another thread, we cried out for Koeman to be gone and we finished 7th. Same with Silva we finished 8th but no, we moaned and he was gone.

We the fans also have to look in the mirror and say where we being to greedy wanting to break into that Top 6. Just because we did it when we had no money.

Soren Moyer
75 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:07:00
If it means we get rid of Kenshite and DBB, then it is indeed a great news!
Will Mabon
76 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:07:19
I'm selling a car next week. I'd like to take this chance to reaffirm my commitment to it.
Len Hawkins
77 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:07:45
After having his Barber shot last week Kim Jong-il decided he'd had enough of watching Basketball and wants to buy a football club the big advantage for him would be the Grass cuttings would feed his henchmen for a week.

He has a New Clear Ambition apparently he wants to Fire Kenwright but he needs a bigger cannon.

Alan Corken
78 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:08:16
It seems Moshiri has had enough and is bailing out and I expect this will not be an easy separation.

I wonder where the Gordon and Onana money will go? Players in? Hmmmm?

As for the stadium, where does any sale of the club leave the finances for that? Quite a bit to unravel there. I am guessing that this farce is going to get an awful lot worse.

David Vaughan
79 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:08:53
Is this guy Moshiri a sociopathic liar? Or is there a puppet master in exile pulling the strings? No two hours ever seem to bring the same message. I thought Peter Johnson always spoke with forked tongue.
Dale Self
80 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:10:19
Will, I think he’s trying to say he would like to leave unharmed. Oh sorry, I didnt say that
Kunal Desai
81 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:12:54
I wouldn't believe a word of what comes out of this fellas mouth.
Dylan Carter
82 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:13:32
Absolutely pood the bed here Moshiri. The proverbial doo-soo has hit the fan and he's bailing. He's looking for someone to buy minority/majority stake and leg it and get some money and cut his losses.

We've no manager.
We can't recruit because manager can't entice them if he even wanted them.
No player will come without a manager, not really.
Can't make a good manager appointment.
Transfer deadline is looming.
Money is tight if we have any at all.
And we're having other clubs trying to pick the bones from our squad.
We could /should recoup £50M for Gordon and I'd sell –he's not that good.
But no time to replace and improve I'd say in the time we have.

We are circling the drain….

Michael Lynch
83 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:15:05
You can tell when Moshiri is lying; his lips move.
Will Mabon
84 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:16:17
Dale, didn't hear a thing.
Andy Duff
85 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:16:51
We are actually Schrodinger's club – we are both for sale and not for sale
Peter Neilson
86 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:17:38
Good riddance. Happily see the back of him. I guess finally attending a game was the last straw.
Brent Stephens
87 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:19:20
Andy, open the box and see the dead club.
Pat Kelly
88 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:20:54
I can see Gordon, Pickford and Onana leaving this month for around £100m. With no one coming in. There's no one at the Club who believes it can be saved.
Barry Hesketh
89 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:22:15
The Mail, reject reports that Everton has been put up for sale.

Everton have NOT been put up for sale despite reports, with owner Farhad Moshiri 'close' to bringing in 'top investors' as club battle relegation ahead of move to new stadium next year

Everton not for sale

Shane Corcoran
90 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:26:19
The opening piece says officially up for sale. Really?
Michael Lynch
91 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:28:18
Andy @69 brilliant
Andy Duff
92 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:30:18
Brent the box was opened years ago
Mark Yeomans
93 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:33:08

Have to say that is genius n made me chuckle in these morbid times

Kudos to you

“It is bereft….this…is a dead parrot…”

Mark Ryan
94 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:33:14
We lurch from one minute we're being sold to the next " nothing happening here"
Just watched his interview and he said nowt about selling but he did say Bill Kenwright is one of the most loved men in football.
This man is insane
Dylan Carter
95 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:33:41
Absolutely pood the bed here Moshiri. The proverbial doo-soo has hit the fan and he's bailing. He's looking for someone to buy minority/majority stake and leg it and get some money and cut his losses.
We've no manager.

We can't recruit because manager can't entice them if he even wanted them.
No player will come without a manager, not really.
Can't make a good manager appointment.
Transfer deadline is looming.
Money is tight if we have any at all.
And we're having other clubs trying to pick the bones from our squad.
We could /should recoup 50m for Gordon and I'd sell he's not that good.
But no time to replace and improve I'd say in the time we have.
We are circling the drain….

Frank Kearns
96 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:35:02
I started a comment but - I’m like the board - and can’t be arsed☹️
Jack Convery
97 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:41:35
Doomsday Clock set at 90 seconds to midnight. How apt.

Kieran Kinsella
98 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:42:33

The Mail cites the FAB interview as source which was from Saturday

Paul Birmingham
99 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:46:45
The Final Conflict, and now I fear worse will come out from, the EFC Book of Revelations.

If there's any truth in this, God only knows what's happening, but if true, this board must then surely be on their way out.

What a poxy mess Everton is in; the toxicity over the last few weeks could get far worse.

How the hell is any manager gonna join Everton?

I'm praying for some miracles.

Martin Mason
100 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:51:01
God help us. Has any club with so much money at it's disposal ever ended up in so much of a mess?

It takes smart to run a club well but I doubt anybody could have been smart enough to run a club like Everton into the ground deliberately. Can you imagine that they did it together too following Kenwright groupthink?

Tony Abrahams
101 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:56:08
Has anyone been down by Bramley-Moore Dock this week? Because those shite WhatsApp posts have started that Laing-O'Rourke haven't been paid for 3 months and have stopped work. Load of shite I'm certain, but this is the shite we are going to have to get used to unless Moshiri just cuts his losses and goes.

I'm with Robert T, Moshiri wants out asap, and this might be a desperate move trying to make these Americans move faster, but I can imagine having to go through Everton's books will be very, very time consuming.

Is it also true that last years books are well behind time, and have to be produced very soon? Kenwright's lies, have really come home to roost, and the man who kept on giving, has finally realized he's been taken for a fool.

Mal van Schaick
102 Posted 24/01/2023 at 22:01:58
Looks like Moshiri is hedging his bets. He want investors in the club, but wants to retain an interest. Cake and eat it or what?

This makes the uncertainty even worse for the fans and the players, who are left dangling in the relegation zone, without a manager or a plan. Utter chaos.

Colin Glassar
103 Posted 24/01/2023 at 22:04:12
I’ve never heard so much gobbledygook in my entire life. It was like listening to Vicky Pollard, yeah but no, but yeah..
Gary Johnson
104 Posted 24/01/2023 at 22:04:29
Well, it's never boring being a blue is it folks.

We could be about to get new investors, an exciting new manager and (funded by AG to Saudis) go sign 2-3 new players in the next week.


We could end up up for sale for 6 months+, having a fire sale of Gordon / Onana / Pickford / DCL / Keane / Holgate / Doucoure and anyone else who gets in a reasonable bid this week….coupled with Tait and Baines managing 3 age groups for the foreseeable.

Or anything in between…...

My guess is it'll just all end up amazingly underwhelming…..Just Gordon out, and some French or African winger no-one really knows signed on loan last day of the window. Biesla or Dyche in just after the window closes with a short term deal getting rid of those Gordon millions to their pension pots, and the owner confirming nothing about bids or takeovers.

Slow, grey, death by 1000 cuts. Think I'd actually take the firesale and Tait…..just change your name to Paulo Taitio kid, play the kids, and let's just hope we survive.

Pat Kelly
105 Posted 24/01/2023 at 22:10:03
I used to be apathetic, now I just don't care anymore.

Kenwright's famous "we've had some good times" was a signal the game was up. He could see what was coming.

Stuart Sharp
106 Posted 24/01/2023 at 22:11:39
Apathetic? I used to dream of being apathetic.
Peter Mills
107 Posted 24/01/2023 at 22:12:28
The last time I passed Bramley-Moore, (Monday), work was carrying on apace, the roof structure being put into place.

I've just watched the Moshiri interview. You could almost believe him, his good intention, but he just comes across as extremely naive. Or, thick. “There is a clear process in place for recruiting players, they (potential signings) are assessed by Kevin Thelwell, further checks are carried out into their character, a report is submitted to the Chairman, then to me”.

Who could argue with such an exhaustive process? Exhibit one for the Prosecution: Danjuma.

Michael Kenrick
108 Posted 24/01/2023 at 22:23:32
The only source for this story remains The Guardian, who claim an exclusive. The Mirror and the Mail both strangely use quotes from Moshiri's FAB interview to respectively support and deny the contention.

The Guardian has recent form for throwing massive bombs in Everton's direction but then never following up, just letting them hang in the media ether, like a bad smell. Citing Deloitte seems to add weight... but then they are declining to comment, which could mean anything or nothing.

I still think it makes absolutely no sense for him to sell at this time, but I guess time will tell. It does seem to run counter to what Moshiri told Jazz Bal just on Saturday, but unfortunately we know that means next to nothing.

What an absolute shit-show.

Ed Prytherch
109 Posted 24/01/2023 at 22:29:56
Newcastle were sold for £415 million and Moshiri wants more than £500 million for Everton. Dream on Farhad,
Peter Mills
110 Posted 24/01/2023 at 22:30:00
Or maybe he just likes coming across as not so bright, with no intention to sell. The daft farmer, I've dealt with quite a few of them.

Then chuck around that a £500m stadium is costing (and therefore worth) £760m, and sell the most valuable players in January for as much as we can get to ease the debt.

Ian Pilkington
111 Posted 24/01/2023 at 22:31:55
Going past BMD several times on the train yesterday I could see cranes in operation and plenty of orange-clad workmen.
Tony Abrahams
112 Posted 24/01/2023 at 22:32:16
The database has improved with regards recruitment. Incredible, absolutely incredible, absolutely fucking incredible.

He's right about the stadium though, it's been done very professionally and almost like it's been done by a completely separate entity.

Explains the director of football role, and why it's been used, but I'm still not convinced, especially because he keeps using the word expert, although he does think that talent spotting needs to improve!

The biggest single issue imo, is the lack of professionalism, and although he's trying to answer questions, and put on a positive spin, it's clear that just “hearing him talk” he hasn't got a clue about hard nosed professionalism, in a footballing sense.

Tony Abrahams
113 Posted 24/01/2023 at 22:37:56
I had a feeling that it was bollocks Ian, and I expect loads of these stupid rumours to circulate over the next few days, mate.

Even though I don’t trust anyone at Everton, right now, I’m calm, and I’m just waiting to see what the next few days bring.

I will also always keep a little bit of faith, because Everton has always risen, like a phoenix through the flames, and WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED.

Tony Everan
115 Posted 24/01/2023 at 22:42:18
This one line he said jumped out at me.

“This is the most critical time in our history and almost an existential point”

Is he talking about the existential consequences of relegation ?

Colin Glassar
116 Posted 24/01/2023 at 22:43:05
I appear to have become a non-person on here.
Ian Pilkington
117 Posted 24/01/2023 at 22:46:23
Tony, I had a very careful look, going past eight times as I was travelling on the inaugural runs of the new Merseyrail train.
Kenny Smith
118 Posted 24/01/2023 at 22:47:44
Oh, so Mr Moshiri, you are actually committed to the club. In that case, I think I can speak for Evertonians across the globe in saying we apologise for our hastiness in thinking you were taking the actual piss.

I strongly suspect you fancy keeping your shiny new stadium for yourself but selling the club and leasing the stadium back to us for ridiculous money… just a hunch!

Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
119 Posted 24/01/2023 at 22:48:03
Sorry, Colin, some housekeeping needs when we combined the Moshiri-FAB video into this thread. Just cleaning up.
Colin Glassar
120 Posted 24/01/2023 at 22:51:46
Fair enough, Michael.
Bill Gall
121 Posted 24/01/2023 at 22:52:07
The funny thing is reading these comments,it is our supporters prefer to believe gossip from unreliable newspaper reporters, rather than the word from the owner in front of a supporters representative. Who do you believe ? a man who owns the club and has not been frightened to plow his own money in, or reporters who are jumping on the bandwagon to stab Everton F.C in the back with every rumor there is just to sell news.

I would rather believe an owner who when he became majority shareholder in 2016 his own personal wealth was listed as 1.6 billion today it is listed at 2.6 billion. Of course he would like other people to come in and invest in someway all owners do, but to disbelieve what he says over what a newspaper reporter says is ridiculous.

And by the way anyone who thinks I am a F.Moshiri supporter hasn't read any of my comments over the last couple of months that he is responsible for the mess we are in, and he should take the blame. If and it is a big if, he can as he says get us out of this mess I may change my mind and on this interview I will give him a chance

John Pickles
122 Posted 24/01/2023 at 23:00:14
We should appoint Ron the Manager to fill the vacancy, because when we move into Bramley Moore it'll be 'jumpers for goalposts'.
David Vaughan
123 Posted 24/01/2023 at 23:02:32
From BBC Gossip pages

'Everton have been put up for sale by owner Farhad Moshiri with an asking price of £500m.'

'Arsenal could rival Chelsea for Brighton midfielder Moises Caicedo, 21, in the summer.' 'The Seagulls have put a £100m price tag on the Ecuador international.'

Good to see our historic club is now worth only FIVE Brighton players!?!

Rob Halligan
124 Posted 24/01/2023 at 23:04:27
Bill # 121………Absolutely spot on. It often amazes me when posters go into states of sheer panic when they see a rumour they don’t like. They actually believe it, and of course, the clubs name takes the full brunt of it. And you’re right about Moshiri, it does sound like he wants to right the wrongs, so like you I’m prepared to give him the chance…………Providing he gets rid of Kenwright!
Alec Gaston
125 Posted 24/01/2023 at 23:06:23
Bill 121, I couldn’t agree more. People are having hour long discussions about articles that haven’t been substantiated. The national media are the same. Whether the interview is a true picture of what he thinks, some fans are desperate to believe other sources. Personally I can’t wait for the guy to go but the media is trying to create havoc and it’s working.
Barry Hesketh
126 Posted 24/01/2023 at 23:11:56
David @123
Yet according to some, there will be no buyers interested in Everton, because the price is too high, despite the fact that there is a new stadium on the horizon. I know there are a lot more facets to buying Everton than the asking price, but there might be some organisation willing to take a chance on the club, I think it's more likely that Moshiri will reduce his own shareholding and that might give the breathing space we need, who knows?
Anything could happen and it probably will.
Barry Hesketh
127 Posted 24/01/2023 at 23:22:13
The only caveat to Bill's point is that Moshiri has a habit of saying one thing and doing the complete opposite, which helps the media to drop 'exclusive' bombshells into the mix and of course they might be getting some help from people connected to the club itself, who may for whatever reason, wish to undermine the owner to some degree.

Kudos to Moshiri for allowing the interview to take place, but his judgement has to be questioned, because of the state the club seems to be in at the minute. He also believes that the people he has employed at the top end of the club are good professionals, they may well be, but are they effective? How come the club and its owner never seem to speak as a single entity?

Christine Foster
128 Posted 24/01/2023 at 23:27:49
Tony 107# just watched that interview, indeed incredible. Not just because of the spin, but because it happened at all. When the FAB was compiling the board's advice from fans, it was stated somewhere that it was for the board's consumption only, that Moshiri would not be involved.
Clearly that's gone out of the window, the decision to remove Lampard? Moshiri on the advice of Thewell, (why didn't Kenwright make the call?) No, Moshiri has decided to take a more active role to protect his investment.
Reading between his lines it's clear that the recruitment model is not in the managers hands at all and hasn't been since before Walsh was appointed.
A clear process for recruitment my bum. Clearly it hasn't worked. Secondly he refers to FFP issues, but does not address the clear lack of financial management that got us into this mess. That was sheer bloody incompetence at a board level, I think they gambled on Ancelotti qualifying for Europe, blew the budget and left no funds for three years. Where was plan B?

So, at the very least it was good to finally hear from the owner, but I will be much happier as I have said before, when Kenwright "steps down " due to health issues and DBB moves back to Eitc, opening the door for "improvement" on the board.

Lots of spin answering questions but little substance nor addressing the contentious dreadful communications from the board.
I give him a 5 out of 10, but only that because he turned up which is more than any of his board are supposed to do.

Eddie Dunn
129 Posted 24/01/2023 at 23:29:20
Watched the interview and it was an uncomfortable watch. I don't know who looked the most uncomfortable, Baz or Mosh.
Moshiri is going on the record here making out he is here for the long ride, and not selling the club lock stock and barrel.
However, it does seem like he is looking for at least a partnership(like he had unoffically before).
Nonetheless, the situation is now at it's most worrying.
He says we should just wait and trust them to get it right. Then we see the Danjuma deal fall flat and rumours of selling our players. All without a manager.
The question is, why was all this left till now?

I knew before they went to Oz that time was of the essence. A new manager, new transfer tatgets and we had time. But they stumbled along oping that somehow Frank's way would suddenly bare fruit.
It has to be that he has run out of money because as an accountant and owning a football club, he will have been aware of Chelsea's scheme of long contracts, enabling them to spread the costs over 8 or 10 years and avoid FFP hassle.
He has lost his moneyman. He is fronting the stadium build on his own.
He must be ready to cut his losses and sell-up. He will be long gone and won't have any more fans to worry about.
He can bullshit us until he is ready to go.

I don't trust him an inch.

Oliver Molloy
130 Posted 24/01/2023 at 23:29:24
No fun owning a football club, trying to keep everyone happy.
The man had good intentions but its all gone pear shaped - we could all argue all day about this and that but no one can argue he didn't put his hand in his pocket.
Like all types of business that get in a mess, the vultures will be circling biding their time.
He would probably sell alright if he gets anywhere near what he has spent, but that's not going to happen this season.
Sean Dyce and Ferguson the only chance we have of staying up in my opinion.

Simon Harrison
131 Posted 24/01/2023 at 23:31:41
Tony [101] Don't worry, The Esk stated after the Soton game, that the accounts have been audited and filed; but, will only probably be published as per the new norm, around 29th-31 March.

I've not read all the posts, so sorry if SPAM.

Kieran Kinsella
132 Posted 24/01/2023 at 23:32:42
In the interview he tells us Thelwell is in charge of football operations yet Ornstein says Mosh fired Frank without telling anyone. Also they assess character before making new signings then sign a bloke who goes AWOL before his press conference. Sorry but I don’t believe Moshiri or rather I don’t trust him to run the club.
Eddie Dunn
133 Posted 24/01/2023 at 23:33:22
Oliver -I keep hearing that he put his hand in his pocket but he has only provided surity on loans and suchlike. If we are sold, I wonder which debts will be paid first and therefore the club could be saddled with debt for many years to come.
James Kenny
134 Posted 24/01/2023 at 23:36:16
Great news the Putin Investment Fund have agreed to fund the stadium development assisted by Philip Green Plc and the recently found Arteta money- Billy no doh has also gained a mortgage from Usmanov on his garden shed of £200m - teary eyed Bill promised all that if ever EFC needed a centre forward he’d find the money from the back of his sofa
Simon Harrison
135 Posted 24/01/2023 at 23:36:43
Tony E [115]
I believe he would be referring to relegation, because if we go down, he stands to lose a cool £250m (approximately) in the first season alone to avoid EFL penalties.
Jerome Shields
136 Posted 24/01/2023 at 23:41:13
First of all I thought Jaz from FAB got his questions in and did a good job.

.I wonder if there where discussions of what the questions would be since the supporting footage was timely orchestrated.It was obvious that Moshiri's objective was to get the Fans on board with sympathy and reassurance that something was going to be done, asking for 12th man support.

His belief in structure and procedures came across as naive.I have often came across Managers who have followed procedures, had structures with titles where everyone had job description and everything looked well, only to end in a quarterly loss.He has really being sold a pup as regarded turnout of date concepts regarding Medical Services. Moshiri in recruitment seemed to quite accepting of the failures.If it was me I would be asking wtf is this happening and would be looking at the structure and people involved, stating it was totally unacceptable and not to be tolerabled..Database !!! they would know not to come out with that BS..

I thought he was obviously briefed quoting the Strategic Review and the 26 new positions.He should have been asked what the original strategy was, but Jaz seemed to be restricted to the question, with no provision to ask a follow up question. I also thought that saying he would more appointments if necessary, showed he had not got a clue,with one of the biggest wages% in the Premiership.

The bottom line is that none of his answers where given in a financial context and no question where asked from a financial view point, which was probably restricted due to being Financially sensitive.His reassure on Denise working hard and Bill being loved had no bearing what so ever, given the disastrous Club financial situation.

As for the Stadium it is a Fixed term contract managed by a another company and an independent Management team.Denise going about with a hard yellow hat with a high vis vest, surrounding by similarly atired individuals walking towards a camera fooled noone.

Yes, it would not surprise me if he flogged the whole lot, hopefully shafting Bill in the process.As for Evertonian Premier League Survival being safe????? I think not.

Moshiri for me came across as someone who has been completely and utterly bullshited by Kenwright.He thinks he is grabbing the Bull by the horns.In reality he is grabbing the Bull by the tail and is ending up being covered in it.

Phil Wood
137 Posted 24/01/2023 at 00:00:07
You cannot trust anything that comes out of Moshiri's mouth.
Speculation is futile.
I think that he is cutting his losses and running as far away from football as he can get.
What worries me is that he loathes the fanbase so much that if he can get some return on his investment he will sell the family silver before he goes.
Maybe he can take the losses because of where and why the wasted cash came from in the first place.
We are being shafted.
Simon Harrison
138 Posted 24/01/2023 at 00:01:13
Christine [128] Indeed, the man doth speak much, and say nothing... Like "I have not personally bought a player" So, explain Iwobi, Tosun, Siggy, Doucoure (a season too late) and probably others too. Who else but he (and Kia) were interested in landing those players (NB Wasn't Walcott delivered for Sam whilst Kia was still advising at Arsenal at that time?)

Everybody seems to have cut to the chase, with a simple bit of covert cleverness being missed.

Moshiri has, for the last 18 months openly stated that he has been looking for investment in the stadium. He has now openly stated in the interview, that he CAN finish the build himself; but, he wants a Professional Sporting Company to invest, to add their sporting expertise to the club.

He also stated, that Kenwright was well 'liked', I'm not using Moshiri's word, in the 'football community', not the club, the 'football community'. Plus, on Saturday, they sat apart in the Director's area with only the briefest of greetings.

Maybe, just maybe, the protests have helped take the scales of his (FM) eyes, and is looking for a way to circumvent the alleged contract caveat, that Kenwright stays as Chair of the board?

Secondly, maybe the announcement that the club is for sale, means just that, you can buy EFC for £500Bn, but you don't get BMD for that, as that still needs another £760m - £450m = £310m (as of now) for completion of a £1.1Bn Stadium (His words)

So, he sells the club, after repositioning ownership of the stadium. Completes the construction of BMD, and as such he has paid approximately £830m for the club initially, and revenue/purchase costs, then recoups his losses by selling the stadium.

Thus initial figure of -£830m Club purchase & costs to date)

Sale of EFC +£500m = -£330m

Finish construction of BMD -£760m = -£1.09Bn

Sells BMD for £1.125Bn makes £25m approximately, but more importantly gets out of the loss making machine that is EFC.

I really do think he is hedging his bets, as a successful business man would do; or rather covering his bases.

I.e. get someone in, and get financial relief, and get rid of Kenwright; or do a Pontius Pilate, and wash his hands of the club, BUT with a new investor for the club, and his own shiny new stadium to sell.

Phil Wood
139 Posted 25/01/2023 at 00:07:50
Nuts to buy this Club
Will Mabon
140 Posted 25/01/2023 at 00:18:02
That latest figure for BMD is around what I estimated as a more realistic cost of completion before certain events and various recent aspects of global activity. Expect even higher, failing a very unlikely shift.
Martin Mason
141 Posted 25/01/2023 at 00:27:47
Existential? That is a very meaningful and very serious word. Not just relegated, that really means wound up. The winger we were lined up to buy has gone to Spurs, Bielsa has reservations about joining Everton. Are they all trying to tell us something?
Eric Myles
142 Posted 25/01/2023 at 00:49:52
"When you think of what great shape the club was in when he took over."

Kevin #23 you're joking right??

Don Alexander
143 Posted 25/01/2023 at 00:59:34
After years of silence except to the fuckwit Jim White on Talkshite he's finally publicly brought to an end his initial assurance that only 5% of his time would be involved in developing Everton.

Now, nigh on football-bankrupt because of those actually involved in the past six years of alleged DoF/managers' decisions re signings, he admits he still backs Kenwright's judgement regardless of his own DoF!

Insane/corrupt/delusional/thick - just what are you Moshiri, and what sort of world developed your surreal personality?

Ernie Baywood
144 Posted 25/01/2023 at 01:16:58
The question of who owns BMD takes on more significance now.

It's either an existing asset with value and more investment needed. Or it's just a big cost for the new owner to fulfil if it is to go ahead.

It's very conceivable that a new owner might say forget it. Terminate and pay what it is owed (plus termination and demolition/make good costs).

As always seems to be the case nowadays with Everton, there are no easy choices. If you drop one ineffectual player you have to pick another one. Sack the manager but no guarantees of getting someone who can do more. Get rid of the owner but Lord knows what the next one will do with what they've acquired.

Circling the drain indeed.

I'd be surprised if anyone decent wants to sign for this team. Player or coach. I'd expect even Laing O'Rourke will be asking for assurances or up front payments now given the state of the club.

Basket case.

Jay Harris
145 Posted 25/01/2023 at 01:20:07
He lost me when he said "Bill is well liked and respected".

He hasn't been listening to the supporters at all and appears to be putting all the onus on Thelwell to get the football side right while failing to address Thelwell is controlled by him and Kenwright.

How that guy ever became a billionaire is beyond me, well maybe not if you assume money laundering for Russian oligarchs makes you quite wealthy.

Derek Knox
146 Posted 25/01/2023 at 01:30:00
The bit I don't understand is why his nose never grew, after telling so many porkies!
Joe Corgan
147 Posted 25/01/2023 at 02:07:21
Simon #138: I can categorically tell you Steve Walsh was responsible for signing Sigurdsson. Spoke to the man himself a couple of years ago.
Dan Parker
148 Posted 25/01/2023 at 02:08:15
I’ll say this. I couldn’t be in better company experiencing this grief. On the whole, despite the stereotypes, we’re an intelligent and passionate fanbase and deserve so much more than our current custodians impose on us. BK benefitted from the Black Watch binning Johnson, it’s time BK stepped aside and removed himself from this painful ownership equation.
Dan Parker
149 Posted 25/01/2023 at 02:10:24
Joe, over 5 years the 50 mill for Sig whilst not a bargain wasn’t the worst business. 25 mill spread here and there for shite players was
Joe Corgan
150 Posted 25/01/2023 at 02:20:33
First of all, the reports that the club is for sale come from The Guardian who cite no sources or evidence, so it's difficult to judge the reliability and trustworthiness of that article.

The Echo reports that they have spoken to Moshiri this evening in direct response to the Guardian's article and received further denials that he is looking to sell. So at this point I don't know what to believe.

As for the interview, it's difficult to criticise anything Moshiri said. On the face of it, it seemed to be an honest and unrehearsed account of our current position. I do, however, see two main issues.

The first is that is didn't address our current, serious relegation threat whatsoever. None of these long term strategies and measures will keep us the Premier League and that, for me, is the single most important target at the moment.

The second issue was that I have quite simply lost faith in Moshiri, the board and the club to execute. Even if their plan is sound, and that's a stretch, they have consistently shown an inability to deliver.

It is a pity that Jazz Bal didn't directly ask what is being done to try to prevent relegation. Sacking Lampard was clearly part of the answer. But why, 25 days into the transfer window, have we not yet signed anybody? Are we truly that hamstrung by financial fair play?

And furthermore, if we are relegated, is the club prepared? How does it alter the long term plan and what measures have been put into place to ensure we give ourselves the best opportunity to bounce back quickly?

Julie Naybour
151 Posted 25/01/2023 at 02:25:55
Everyone been screaming for him to go.
Well wish come true!!!

Heaven help us now…

Derek Thomas
154 Posted 25/01/2023 at 02:45:28
Moshiri in - 'Gives two contradictory statements while contemplating a third, different option.' Shocker.

Edit; Keiran @ 132: I reckon Lampard was just glad Somebody fired him and that he is out from under, with the Compo to follow.

Jerome Shields
155 Posted 25/01/2023 at 02:46:33
I had not thought of Moshiri bringing in a Professional Sport Company for the Club end and keeping the Stadium.
Kieran Kinsella
156 Posted 25/01/2023 at 04:08:27

As Michael Kenrick pointed out, The Guardian have regularly been posting unsubstantiated stories bashing Everton. So, with his further denial in The Echo tonight, I'm inclined to dismiss The Guardian story as nonsense.

Eric Myles
157 Posted 25/01/2023 at 05:51:51
Ernie #144, I'd say that it's the stadium that makes us an attractive investment for a buyer.

But I expect that if Moshiri sold the Club he would 'buy' the stadium from EFC, exchanging it for his personal debt.

Eric Myles
158 Posted 25/01/2023 at 06:21:19
Mark #94, of course BK is the most loved man in football. All the other clubs know that if they want to get rid of some crocked dross from their squad they just call BK and he will pay over the odds for them.
Kunal Desai
159 Posted 25/01/2023 at 06:36:29
Two questions I'd like to know from him:

He states that he has never proposed a player to bring to the club? So what was the El Ghazi deal all about with his best mate Kia helping him out?

Secondly if he had a private meeting with Lampard after the Brighton game, shouldn't he, Thelwell or whoever is responsible for the recruitment of the next manager be sounding out candidates three weeks back?

Everything about this man just stinks.

Derek Knox
160 Posted 25/01/2023 at 07:00:32
Kunal, Spot on here mate, I bet his shit stinks too ! :-)
Jerome Shields
161 Posted 25/01/2023 at 08:13:10

On reflection I actually think that Moshiri was wheeled out by Kenwright and Barret Baxendale to do a stage managed and orchestrated presentation.Credit to Jaz from FAB, who managed to get through enough questions to expose it for what it was.On financial side he was clearly restricted by financial sensitivity, which it would have been difficult to argue against.

To me Moshiri is a accountant who specialises on Offshore work and moving money about.He has little knowledge of running a business operation.

The Stadium on the Financial side shows where his forte is.The operations control by a professional and efficient outfit.On the Club side he has provided realms of finance either directly or indirectly, but on the operations of the Club he has left it in the hands of self serving amateurs,who are ineffective and not capable of running a football Club, but can bullshit on presentation and systems.

Him talking about bringing in people as investors who have Professional Sport Management know how on the Club side is interesting.

But this points to Kenwright and Barret Baxendale having yellow hat and High Vis, walking into camera roles on the football side.I am not sure that would workout.

I don't remember him being too concerned by the relegation threat, which is worrying. We will address or fix it, he said.He would need to find out fast and get there collectives asses in gear urgently imo.

Iain Johnston
162 Posted 25/01/2023 at 08:19:44
I noticed in that interview he mentioned everyone except Kenwright.
Tony Abrahams
163 Posted 25/01/2023 at 08:22:16
I thought the biggest sales pitch in the whole interview, was when he stated that if he was starting out on building a brand new ground from scratch today, the cost would be around £1.1 billion.
Nick Page
164 Posted 25/01/2023 at 08:35:17
Jazz Bal deserves a medal for that interview. If you read this, Jazz …. well done for keeping all the emotions under check.

What an absolute mess. We are being dragged through the hedges backwards by all and sundry, especially the media who are having a field day.

Have this board no shame? Surely they can see what's going on but not one of them is brave enough to speak out and offer some comfort or better still, resign.

The club can't be sold quick enough but, knowing our luck, nothing will happen, we'll struggle to bring in a manager, lose some players to the vultures circling and no one will come in with 6d left. I guess it's always darkest before the dawn.

Bill Fairfield
165 Posted 25/01/2023 at 08:57:58
Just get a manager in that can fix the team. That’s all that matters at this time.
Seven years of failure on the pitch. How much more patience does he want.
Jerome Shields
166 Posted 25/01/2023 at 09:05:58
I don't think the Club will be taken over, but can see
investors on the Club side with Proven Professional Management know how coming in.They would have to be able to contend with Kenwright &Co and their self serving Culture, putting it to the sword.This may put potential investors off and may result in rip off merchants taking the role, just like mercenary types that the Club has fell victim to in the past.Moshiri and his Commercial football advisors do not fill me with confidence.

Moshiri was high on spin. I agree their were some questionable statements,as far as facts go, as other posters have pointed out.

Barry Hesketh
167 Posted 25/01/2023 at 09:15:18
Iain @162
Yes, it's interesting that he only made one reference to Bill, if the Echo has fully transcribed the interview as it claims.

Bill Kenwright is one of the most loved and respected men in football and Denise [Barrett-Baxendale], I have seen first-hand the work she does on the stadium and all facets of club development.

Inteview Transcript

Tony Abrahams
169 Posted 25/01/2023 at 09:37:02
He has pleaded with the fans to help him, but we helped the team last season, were then promised better, but the same incompetents still remain.

I understand what you are saying Jerome, but unless he gets rid of the underachieving nepotistic’s, who is going to invest in our club? If Kenwright hasn’t got a clause that says he should remain, he should be removed, and if he has, then only the sale of Everton, would be enough to finally remove him.

Brian Harrison
170 Posted 25/01/2023 at 09:40:32
I believe this interview with Moshiri took place before the West Ham game, were he said he wasn't just here for the new ground but a week later Usmanov has decided to sell and get to hell out of here. The same pattern is happening when we sacked Benitez, Lampard was brought in a day before the window closed. Looks like the same will happen this time a new man brought in a day before or a day after it closes.

Understandably I wouldn't imagine to many are queueing for the job, surely if Moshiri wanted Bielsa then shouldn't he have sacked Frank before the World Cup and give Bielsa 6 weeks to work with the squad. Because if they appoint him it will take weeks to get this squad up to speed and we don't have weeks to wait. In fact every day delayed in appointing a manager is guaranteeing that relegation will be unavoidable.

Simon Harrison
171 Posted 25/01/2023 at 09:49:30
Joe [147] Many thanks for that correction; it dispels a belief regards Siggy's transfer I've held for some time. Thank you again.

Jerome [155] I take it that was sarcasm? I hadn't noticed anyone else prior to my post mention it on here. If my wording of my post offended you, I apologise, as I find you to be one of the more level headed, and thoughtful posters on here. Apologies again if you felt insulted.(?)

Robert Williams
172 Posted 25/01/2023 at 09:51:42
IJ 162 says 'I noticed in that interview he mentioned everyone except Kenwright.'

Wrong - he only mentioned him once and seemed to condone the man - it was Thelwell who was mentioned several times that seemed to have the onus for all the malaise put on his shoulders.

Simon Harrison
173 Posted 25/01/2023 at 10:22:25

Jerome & Christine,

I think, rather than Moshiri is now being played by Kenwright and Barrett-Baxendale, I think he is slowly but surely undermining them.

For example, when he spoke to Jim White, he didn't notify the club, nor follow his own promise of going through the correct channels. Even though it wasn't a particularly well-thought-out interview, it was heartfelt by Moshiri. Also, it gave the board and the club the middle-finger too.

Next, we have the 'confusing' statement that Moshiri isn't responsible for sacking the manager after being door-stepped after the West Ham game; even though he had Thelwell on his right-hand side shoulder all game, whilst Bill was 3-4 seats down on his left...

Then it is announced to the press that Lampard has been sacked, but the club know nothing, and it transpires that Moshiri (and probably – assumption here – including Thelwell too) took the unilateral decision to sack Lampard. Again, flipping the 'bird' to the club and board.

Then we have this interview between Moshiri and Jazz Bal, yet the initial board response was that a 'board representative' would meet with the FAB, and try and answer the questions from the FAB and Fan Forum meetings with fans. Yet again, Moshiri takes the chair in a relaxed one-on-one 'interview' with Jazz, and downplays what the board actually do. Going against what the board had actually said was going to happen...

With all that running through my head, I think he is looking for an initial majority investment in the club, with a couple of caveats of his own. Of which one could possibly be, if 'the' 'Professional Sporting Investment company' does take over, then they vote to remove Kenwright and Barrett-Baxendale, to which Moshiri can abstain from, so he doesn't renege on his contract, and the terrible twosome can swan off into the sunset together. With maybe Denise being retained in an initial consultancy role to help finish the stadium, and to oversee a handover of running EitC.

In a nutshell, I think Moshiri has realised that Kenwright and Barrett-Baxendale are the problem after all, and until his hands are contractually unbound, he can't do anything about it, until a new majority investor takes over.

The following is from a business article posted today:

"Everton FC owner, Farhad Moshiri, has denied reports that the club is for sale.

However, he did confirm he is in negotiations with specialist sport investors to add firepower to the club's finances, particularly for its new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock.

The Guardian newspaper has reported Mr Moshiri, who bought the Premier League club in February 2016, has put the Blues up for sale, while the Mirror claims he is open to either a full or partial takeover of the business.

It is claimed he is seeking £500m for a full sale.

Jazz Bal, chair of the Everton Fan Advisory Board, asked Mr Moshiri directly whether the club is now up for sale, to which he responded: “The club is not for sale, but I have been talking to top investors of real quality to bridge a gap on the stadium.

“I can do it myself. I want to bring top sport investors into Everton for some of the reasons that the fans want, improvement, more talent, and we are close to having a deal done.”

He added: “It's not selling the club at all. It's just bringing in more expertise, in terms of global sponsorship, in terms of commercial development and a lot of specialist sport investors have this pool of knowledge, and that is to secure that for Everton.”

The owner gave the interview prior to the Blues' away fixture at West Ham last Saturday, which they lost 2-0, resulting in the dismissal of manager, Frank Lampard.

The loss left the club second from bottom of the Premier League, on goal difference, and in danger of a catastrophic relegation to the Championship, which some observers believe could result in its administration or liquidation.

However, the owner sought to calm fears in his interview, saying the board has a plan to remedy the bleak situation."

From this 'The Business Desk' article:

Moshiri Comments

Make of this what you will. Personally, I am starting to feel a little more encouraged about the long-term situation; now just get the playing side working!

Dave Abrahams
174 Posted 25/01/2023 at 10:35:06
What is in no doubt, Everton FC is a huge mess at the present time, I’m just waiting to see how we get out of it or make a bigger mess than it is, I hope it’s the former but the prospects are not worth thinking about for all us genuine Everton’s who can do little about the whole affair but watch as the future of our club seems to be wrapped in a huge cloud of darkness and see what emerges from that cloud.

Maybe “ Every cloud has a silver lining” ?

David Graves
175 Posted 25/01/2023 at 10:40:57
Thanks for that post Simon.
A well thought out and rationale observation.
Jim Lloyd
176 Posted 25/01/2023 at 10:52:14
Simon, to echo David, what a good post, and thanks for taking the time to investigate it all and consrtuct such a good, informative post for us all to ponder on.

It's certainly offering a ray of sunshine midst the dark clouds gathering.

What's that old adage "We live in interesting times! bloody right there!

Colin Glassar
177 Posted 25/01/2023 at 11:00:55
If you watch that propaganda piece carefully you will note two things, 1) They weren’t in the same room and 2) That wasn’t really Moshiri but a CGI powered lookalike. Probably produced by Lucasfilm and directed by Steven Spielberg.
Danny O’Neill
178 Posted 25/01/2023 at 11:10:11
So he is being diplomatic.

I take from that, he isn't going anywhere until the stadium is built and he believes he is close to securing the investment he needs.

Also, a non-obvious reference that change is needed.

I'm reading between the lines, but if I'm seeing that as I read it, just a shame you didn't do it several years ago.

Although the finance thing was dictated by events as we all know.

Eddie Dunn
179 Posted 25/01/2023 at 11:30:58
Simon, some good points at 138.
It could well be that Moshiri has finally seen through Bill and Denise and now is getting more hands-on until he can pass the runnng of the club to "A professional Sporting Company".
Just wondering in Fenway Sports Franchise might be interested after they sell LFC ?
Stranger things have happened!
Derek Knox
180 Posted 25/01/2023 at 11:46:49
The more I look at that Interview the more flaws I see and hear. It appears that the questions have been tailored to suit Moshiri's dialogue, they don't even appear to be in the same room. Later on it is just Moshiri talking to the Camera, not anyone in particular. Most Interviews you see the Questioner and the Person being Interviewed on the same Camera Shot !

Besides as I have mentioned before that Jazz Bal and two others resigned from NSNOW about two weeks ago, so when was this alleged Interview ?

I neither think that Jazz Bal represented the majority of Everton Supporter's Views, and concerns anyway, real or not.

Colin Glassar
181 Posted 25/01/2023 at 11:54:58
Next time Moshiri gets interviewed he needs to hold up a copy of the Liverpool echo as proof of life. For all we know that could’ve been filmed in BK’s underground dungeon under duress.
Barry Rathbone
182 Posted 25/01/2023 at 11:55:34
Someone asked a facile question of me when I rightly pointed out board upheaval without major, and I mean "MAJOR" monies coming in, is of no meaningful significance.

I ignored the nonsense of "what is the strategy for such monies" as PUT THE PLACE UP FOR SALE was clearly too complicated for the poor chap.

And here we are still without the "FOR SALE" notice up despite reports to the contrary.

Tony Abrahams
183 Posted 25/01/2023 at 11:58:10
It might be the reserve that has been quoted is putting off suitable investors, especially with Everton’s premier league status, very uncertain at best.
Pete Clarke
184 Posted 25/01/2023 at 12:09:40
I would have been happier if it had been like that scene from the wizard of Oz where after all the smoke, thunder and shouting Moshiri is found behind a curtain talking back to Jaz.
“ Your a naughty man and a humbug Mr Moshiri “, says Jaz.
I had never heard Moshiri’s voice before so it was good that he was addressing one of the fans but he could have been pressed a lot more especially after telling us that what a lovely a well respected man Bill is.
I’ve got a good mate back in the UK and he’s really well liked and all that but I wouldn’t leave him to look after anything of the slightest importance because he’d lose it or wreck it. He would never rob anyone though.
Really hard to find the REAL truth behind his words given that we are second from bottom, our players are shit, Bill is still here and Frank has gone. Nothing much has changed really despite the red warning lights going off constantly for the past 4 years or more.
Ray Smith
185 Posted 25/01/2023 at 12:11:33
Simon 173 and others

A well constructed post.

I’m beginning to think that Moshiri is gently pulling on the noose for BK & DBB to hang themselves.

Not sure how long ago it was, but quite some time, I posted to the effect that Moshiri was giving BK opportunity to put his head in a noose, before he started pulling on it.

Is Moshiri laying the ground rules for the future by easing BK & DBB out, giving them the opportunity to jump before he finally pulls the noose tightly.

Have I misjudged Moshiri?

Justin Doone
186 Posted 25/01/2023 at 12:11:56
A PR exercise but my take away is, as I would expect, the huge amount of responsibility is with the DoF.

But somehow, he asks for patience from fans and yet gives the DoF little time to implement anything, 3 in 6 years!

So the football questions should be put to Kevin. Who actually helps identify, recommend and believes the past managers and players we signed are good enough?

I'm not blaming Kevin but I would be interested to know who he has lined up for our next manager if not Nuno. Surely that's his benchmark for any alternative candidates.

Danny O’Neill
187 Posted 25/01/2023 at 12:26:32
I had to give myself time to watch this as I was still emotional from my trip to the London Stadium on Saturday and hurting.

First impressions? An honest interview.

He talks a lot about patience and long-term view. That kind of resassures his commitment as does his talk of the stadium investment and attracting other to invest, which he claims is close.

Also his desire to get us competitive and play in Europe.

From this interview, I get he wants to succeed with Everton before he sells, which I imagine he will one day.

The only worries are the immediate alarm bells and his insistent support of the current board who he can't see the wool between his eyes with.

I can't doubt his intent or his vision, or his commitment. I commend it as we see that stadium rising above the Mersey. One day, we will see trophies paraded around that ground.

But my last 3 games in person have been the 2 Bournemouth ones and West Ham away.

I'm in emotional football turmoil at the moment and still very upset from the weekend, so give me a moment..

I get the patience message and that it won't happen tomorrow. But right now on the pitch it needs to.

Mark Ryan
188 Posted 25/01/2023 at 12:34:49
His 12th man comment really grates on me. Clearly out of Kenwrights mouth and its stuck with him. I bet he thinks " this makes me talk like a football man". makes me sick
Max Fine
189 Posted 25/01/2023 at 12:36:53
Moshiri being called pond life and scum? Have a word. At least watch the video before believing anything a journalist writes.

The red-Shiite loaded media are practically joyful at our current situation and are busy adding fuel to the fire. It’s more likely that one of these wankers, who coincidentally only ever get about 1% off football rumours correct, has seen the words “Moshiri needs money” and made up their own narrative. After all, what’s the consequence if they’re wrong? They’re just out for click bait, and fans who are running amok like rabid dogs fuelled by this shite aren’t helping at all.

If we’re to survive and have any hope of attracting a new manager and performing CPR on our dying club, we need cool heads.

John Belshaw
190 Posted 25/01/2023 at 12:43:35
“Nothing to see here folks…. please just move along".
Danny O’Neill
191 Posted 25/01/2023 at 12:44:35
Max, in May 1998 they paraded a blue and white coffin past the barbers in Hunts Cross where I was having my hair cut. I kept my calm.

The guy cutting my hair was a Kopite who I'd known for years and I regularly got him and his son tickets for Anfield as my wife and sister worked there. His other son was an Everton season ticket holder.

Like you say, cool heads. A long way to go. Fingers and toes crossed. Dogs anxious but we're still in the game and the fight.

Colin Malone
192 Posted 25/01/2023 at 13:47:43
If Moshiri goes for Bielsa. It means he is lying so in so. Bielsa, a 67 year old, who wants £1 million a month, allegedly. Who wants to do a Benitez by taking full control. No way.

Michael Barrett
193 Posted 25/01/2023 at 14:01:35
It's about 4 weeks old that interview.
Matthew Williams
194 Posted 25/01/2023 at 14:09:21
Sigh...just fuck off your just embarrassing now, jeez the damage you've done to our club has been frightening!
Kieran Kinsella
195 Posted 25/01/2023 at 14:09:33
Kia Jooranchian on Talksport denies he has any more dealings with Mosh than any other club. Says Bill and Denise wanted Frank, that Denise wanted Thelwell, that Everton turned down his clients including Bruno Guimares. He says the only clients of his we got were Carlo, Richarlison, Bernard who says "wasn't a complete disaster," and El Ghazi "who had to signed due to FFP with the Digne deal and didn't work out only because Everton sacked their manager." He also says that Carragher is ignorant, lives in a glass house and had no education.
Barry Hesketh
196 Posted 25/01/2023 at 14:10:41
Michael @193

Throughout early January, Everton's Fan Advisory Board coordinated a series of online and virtual meetings at which supporters were invited to put forward their views about the Club.

Last week, prior to Everton's game against West Ham United, majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri met Fan Advisory Board chair Jazz Bal to pick up some of the themes from the fan feedback received.

Everton Fan Advisory Board

Dennis Stevens
197 Posted 25/01/2023 at 14:13:40
A week's a long time in football, Barry!
Neil Lawson
198 Posted 25/01/2023 at 14:18:50
Too much chatter around Fat Sam. That really would be the final insult where ridiculous descends into completely f ridiculous.
Dean Johnson
199 Posted 25/01/2023 at 14:23:43
"we all feed, on tragedy, it's like blood to a vampire"

Good times eh? We're in the news, it must be good times

Mike Owen
200 Posted 25/01/2023 at 14:25:16
Martin, 141, yes, his use of the word existential concerned me too.
I have believed for some time that there is potential risk regards the continued existence of the club as we know it. But for him to say "It is almost an existential point".
John Daley
201 Posted 25/01/2023 at 14:38:29
Paul Kossoff
202 Posted 25/01/2023 at 14:54:41
According to the BBC, Everton are not for sale despite supporter protests against his running of the club, says owner Farhad Moshiri.

I presume that by putting a £500 million price on it, he will tell any buyer that they are getting the club for nothing by buying the stadium or vice versa.

What is the least worse outcome from this that we would expect? Will Kenwright be left to handle the fire sale and, remain in charge.

To quote the great John Lennon, "Nobody told me there would be days like these, strange days indeed."

Jerome Shields
203 Posted 25/01/2023 at 15:21:32
Simon 171,

Just thinking out loud. Trying to see the wood from the trees. But with Everton hope is short-lived.

Jerome Shields
204 Posted 25/01/2023 at 15:21:33

Just thinking out loud.Trying to see the wood from the trees.Bit with Everton hope is short lived.

Paul Kossoff
205 Posted 25/01/2023 at 15:27:45
This is the most critical time in our history. It is almost an existential point," said Moshiri, who bought a controlling stake in Everton in 2016. That statement really worries me.
John Raftery
206 Posted 25/01/2023 at 15:35:21
Oh dear. I'm slightly bored but still hooked by the ongoing story of our crisis. As with a TV soap opera, we don't need to see every episode of the Everton Football Club documentary drama to keep abreast of events.

For January 2023 read January 2022... Club for sale, club not for sale. Player for sale, player not for sale. Player signing, player not signing. Former player slags off board. New manager appointed. Fans protesting about absentee owner, charlatan chairman, inept board, clueless chief executive, silent non-executive director, hopeless director of football, hapless manager, lazy unfit players. Players not at training, players attending pre-arranged appointments. (Really?!)

No struggling club is ever a happy club but so dire is the narrative around our disunited club, it is hard to see a way out of the mire we are in.

As far as the football itself is concerned, if we are destined for relegation, I just hope we go down attacking teams. The time for defending our way to survival has passed.

When are the Forest tickets on sale…?

Jerome Shields
207 Posted 25/01/2023 at 16:45:52
Simon #173,

It would be good if you could assume that Moshiri had one up on Kenwright and his side-kick Barrett-Baxendale. This interview imo is a step-up presentation, on his previous two letters to fans which most of us thought was written by Barrett-Baxendale with the Chairman's blessing.

In relation to Thewell, in this interview, Moshiri paraphrases Barrett-Baxendale 's nothing letter on the Strategic Review. A review that did not take place because there was no strategy in the first place is the general consensus.

The difference is this time that Jazz under constraints managed to ask him questions that exposed Moshiri for what he is. I don't know why Jazz resigned from FAB, but he did not seem happy with the answers he was getting and probably realised he was feeding Moshiri enough rope to hang himself.

To successfully take on Kenwright & Co a cultural change would have to be tackled at all levels in the Club. Moshiri has attempted this with Managers Ancelotti and Benitez with little success. He appears now to be going to a different level, with his proposals of Professional Sport Management. But he is again avoiding his responsibility as owner by not taking necessary direct action, and allowing the internal management that he agreed to continue in situ on his taking over the Club to remain even as everything is going pear-shaped as a result.

Clive Rogers
208 Posted 25/01/2023 at 17:01:06
Paul, 202, isn’t it £500M for the club plus a commitment to finish the new stadium. Could be £1 billion.
Christopher Timmins
209 Posted 25/01/2023 at 17:19:07
Six shopping days to the end of the transfer window!
Rob Halligan
210 Posted 25/01/2023 at 17:21:01
Well, according to the Red Echo, the club is now valued at £485M.

Everton get £485M boost as Farhad Moshiri sale stance confirmed

When I first saw the headline, I thought Moshiri had stumbled across some loose change!!

Rob Halligan
211 Posted 25/01/2023 at 17:24:30
John, no details of Forest tickets as yet, but the game has been put back a day for TV. Now kicking off at 2pm.
Tony Abrahams
212 Posted 25/01/2023 at 17:29:41
Great news for Everton, the report said, just confirming the suspicions that a lot of us have always had about that rag, Rob.
Joe Corgan
213 Posted 25/01/2023 at 17:39:47
Did Jazz Bal actually resign?

I thought it was three other members of the FAB.

Danny O’Neill
214 Posted 25/01/2023 at 17:39:55
John Raftery, you and I stood there on Saturday.

We will be there at the sold out Arsenal game.

And at Anfield to look Lucifer's children in the face in defiance.

They will will never take our dignity.

Michael Kenrick
215 Posted 25/01/2023 at 17:52:03
Joe @ 214,

I think you're right, Jazz Bal was not among those who resigned.

However, I'm not sure if the club website has been updated to reflect this. It lists 9 members but I think there should be 10.

Kieran Kinsella
216 Posted 25/01/2023 at 17:54:35

Where did you hear that? I messaged Jazz last night that I thought he did a good job with the interview. The questions they had related to different individuals so he covered those for the owner and I thought he was very candid.

But there were a lot of people on Twitter criticizing him for the interview. I assume they wanted him to get Moshiri in a headlock or something?

I couldn't blame him if he does resign as people criticize him for simply being the spokesperson asking the questions that fans wanted him to ask. But hopefully he doesn't as, while obviously FAB can't force change, he at least is a good spokesperson for the fans and is putting in the hours trying to engage.

Kieran Kinsella
217 Posted 25/01/2023 at 17:56:55

Wasn't Dave Kelly (who is listed on the link) one of those who resigned the day of the Zoom call?

Michael Kenrick
218 Posted 25/01/2023 at 18:03:43
I didn't think so, Kieran, but I'm no good on Twatter and I can't find anything with Google.

However, when they did meet with Thelwell back in October, these names were provided:

Fan Advisory Board: Jazz Bal, Hana Roks, Julie Clarke, Dave Kelly, Keith Done, Barry Williams, Julie Makin, Tony Whittaker, Helge Grunnevag, Richard Gillham, Tony Sampson

So Hana Roks and Barry Williams are no longer listed on the club or the FAB websites ... and Dave Kelly (he is most definitely still listed) would make 3 if he did in fact resign – that was not the impression I got, but I know he was pretty aggravated in that FAB Zoom call we were on!

Jerome Shields
219 Posted 25/01/2023 at 18:10:48
Joe #214,

Apologies, I foolishly followed a previous poster. No, Jazz did not resign, but he did not look happy in that interview.

Michael Kenrick
220 Posted 25/01/2023 at 18:14:34
Just look at the false information / Fake News we have spouted on this thread alone!

Construction stopped at BMD
Jazz Bal resigned from FAB
Bielsa doesnt speak English
The Strategic Review did not take place
Everton are up for sale

My head is starting to spin...

Kieran Kinsella
221 Posted 25/01/2023 at 18:15:12

You're right. It wasn't Dave Kelly that resigned. It was Steven Kelly who was vice chair of the Fans Forum.

Rob Halligan
222 Posted 25/01/2023 at 18:18:33

Dave Kelly is still a member of the FAB. I saw him on the coach to West Ham on Saturday, and I also spoke to him.

James Flynn
223 Posted 25/01/2023 at 18:19:27
Hanna Roks resigned from the FAB.

It is now 9 members. Jazz Bal is still the Chair.

I think the other resignations were 2 members of the Everton Fans Forum. I could be corrected on that.

On their new website away from the official Club one, Link, 9 members are listed.

Agree with Michael that there was supposed to be 11.

The Football Supporters' Association affiliated groups were unable to put forward a nominee; however, the organisation will have representation on the Fan Advisory Board through Jazz Bal, Dave Kelly, Julie Makin and Tony Sampson, who are all active FSA members. FAB Election Results

Dave Kelly is still listed. What he did say on the Zoom call was that he was 100% against the Board. As did Julie Makin. This was in response to a question put specifically to Jazz on was he for/against the Board.

Where Jazz chose to not share his feelings, Dave and Julie cut right in with their unequivocal feelings against the Board.

Kieran Kinsella
224 Posted 25/01/2023 at 18:22:47

Good. Because he certainly seems to understand the root of our problems.

Barry Hesketh
225 Posted 25/01/2023 at 18:30:42
Just a question to all you knowledgeable TW posters but does the 'fit and proper' person test apply to individuals or groups who only take a minority shareholding in the club?
Danny O’Neill
226 Posted 25/01/2023 at 18:39:47
I've had personal and direct emails from Jazz.

Fair credit, he is responsive and he is taking his position with responsibility.

I just hope he and those afforded to opportunity can influence.

Mark Taylor
227 Posted 25/01/2023 at 18:44:27
I managed about 10 minutes of that. It could sort of make sense if he was the new owner after a rough first 6-7 months. But after 6-7 years? Sorry he just sounds delusional. He and his 'expert' board are the architects of our demise.

I've no idea how he can rate Kenwright, who is also delusional:– "When other clubs want to know what to do, they ask what Everton would do." Really? We are a laughing stock and he is a significant architect of that.

Denise Barrett-Baxendale seems totally out of her depth, suited to a CEO of a mid- to small-sized charity. Anyone who titles themselves 'Professor' on the back of an honorary degree from an ex-poly is the epitome of delusional. Still, she can at least count to 120. I wonder of she manages 150?

My hunch is that he sees the best way of extracting at least some of Usmanov's money is to have part or full control of the stadium and that is his primary focus. I doubt another penny will go into the footballing side.

Peter Neilson
228 Posted 25/01/2023 at 18:56:43

I think it applies to owners and directors. Used to be 30% ownership but that might have changed. As it's possible to pass the test even if you've ordered the murder of a journalist, it's safe to say it's a box-ticking exercise. The bar is low, money being the balm for any unsavoury stuff that's uncovered.

James Flynn
229 Posted 25/01/2023 at 18:57:03
Michael (221) - Haha Yes.

Can't. . . . . stop. . . . . . fingers.

Must. . . . . Type. . . . . . . . Something. . . . . . ANYTHING

Tony Abrahams
230 Posted 25/01/2023 at 19:02:07
Asking a question is now deemed fake news, so even Michael is beginning to lose his literal understanding of things!

My head is also banging, so I've definitely picked the wrong time to get in the boss's bad books!!

Kieran Kinsella
231 Posted 25/01/2023 at 19:10:32

At risk of spreading more fake news, Alan Myers on Twitter just claimed Moshiri held talks with a US firm this week about debt financing. He ties it to a minority stake. I would have thought debt financing was more a case of borrowing money as opposed to an equity stake?

The Athletic meanwhile Tweeted an hour ago that a firm with partial ownership stakes in other clubs and another sport are in talks to buy a stake. Another journo then quashed rumors that said firm was Red Bull.

Lastly, another journo has said Bielsa has agreed to join Everton but wants to wait until the summer Probably the last one is fake news. Not sure on the others but DBB said a month ago we'd have an announcement about two new sponsors related to the stadium in the next few weeks. I know Darren thinks "few" means a large number but to me, 4 weeks is the high end of a "few."

Paul Tran
232 Posted 25/01/2023 at 19:11:42
Happy Burns Night, everybody!
Peter Carpenter
233 Posted 25/01/2023 at 19:13:02
Well, that was hardly entertaining or enlightening. The man is obviously not a natural leader. He talked a lot but said very little except about 'structures in place' and doing things together.

There was no indication, apart from dropping in the word 'existential' that he gets the seriousness of the situation (when was that interview done?) or that time is rapidly running out.

When he talks about football, it sounds like he is trying to recall what he was told on a trip around the training ground. He just doesn't convince or inspire.

Barry Hesketh
234 Posted 25/01/2023 at 19:15:49
Paul @233

We celebrating the Simpson's character today?

Although originally conceived as a one-dimensional, recurring villain who might occasionally enter the Simpsons' lives and wreak some sort of havoc, Mr Burns's popularity has led to his repeated inclusion in episodes. He is a stereotype of corporate America in his unquenchable desire to increase his own wealth and power, inability to remember his employees' names (including Homer's, despite frequent interactions — which has become a recurrent joke) and lack of concern for their safety and well-being.

Remind us of anybody?

Seriously, Paul, Happy Burns Night to you too.

Joe McMahon
235 Posted 25/01/2023 at 19:22:43
We don't need American investment, if we are to be a force ever again we need Saudi backers/owners. A lot of financial mess needs clearing up.

What would Everton do!

Peter Neilson
236 Posted 25/01/2023 at 19:26:33
Moshiri had JP Morgan and MUFG working on a private placement to fund the majority of the work on BMD back in Jan 2020 (at least). It'd appear there is no appetite for it.
Tony Abrahams
237 Posted 25/01/2023 at 19:31:44
There is that many news websites nowadays that fake news spreads very quickly Kieran.

Moshiri coming out yesterday made me think he his more desperate than ever to get rid of Everton, but I bet you many others thought he sounded genuine with his words?

Paul Tran
238 Posted 25/01/2023 at 19:39:53
Cheers Barry, I like both Mr Burns and the real Robert Burns. Any excuse to cook some haggis, neeps & tatties and wash it down with a Dark Ness Stout!
Mal van Schaick
239 Posted 25/01/2023 at 19:39:55
We are sinking faster than the cement in Bramley Moore dock, and Moshiri is seeking investment from America.

We need to get a quality manager who knows how to improve the quality of the playing staff, whilst getting rid of the deadwood in the squad. We know who and they know who they are.

Paul Smith
240 Posted 25/01/2023 at 19:44:58
Hey, Mal,

Is that the same deadwood we've been getting rid of and buying up again for the last 6 years?

While we're at it, we should buy some arl arse grocks in defence and play the kids as well.

Sorry for the sarcasm but, for fuck's sake, what a mess.

Peter Gorman
241 Posted 25/01/2023 at 20:16:32
The problem he has with selling the club is how to get the money to Usmanov.

Everton is perhaps the oligarch's last foothold in this country, not including all those properties in London that Moshiri's sister apparently owns.

Colin Malone
242 Posted 25/01/2023 at 20:54:05
Peter # 242.
Boris Johnson is a Russian spy.
Jason Hewly
243 Posted 25/01/2023 at 21:57:39
Michael @221,

Riquelme was just spotted getting into a taxi holding "Director of Football For Dummies".

Jerome Shields
244 Posted 25/01/2023 at 23:49:55
Tony #237,

If you look at the comments on YouTube, there was a lot of support for Moshiri on giving the interview.

The whole thing is a mess, with no clear direction in sight.

Paul Appleyard
245 Posted 26/01/2023 at 10:16:39
Reading some of the comments has me scratching my head. I cannot possibly see how the stadium build will be halted and then demolished! That is absurd. The possibility of relegation must have been part of the financial planning of the build. The build was never conditional on us staying in the PL or it would never have started!! There was never any guarantee that we would stay in the PL, and that is true for all but about 6 of the clubs currently in it.

The stadium ONLY has real value if it belongs to, and is used by EFC, who will have ~20 sell out attendances per season (whatever league we are in) for the next 50 years. With all the other event possibilities, the stadium is absolutely economically viable in the long run whether we are in the PL or not. Also absurd is the suggestion that LFC will somehow want to procure the new stadium. The current development at Anfield takes their capacity to 61,000 and keeps them at their spiritual home, plus further expansion is possible. Also, the vast majority of income comes from TV, so a 61,000 capacity is plenty. Why would they try and "capture" BMD which only has a 51,000 capacity? I can hardly see LFC fans wanting a failed EFC project either.

Who knows if FM really is trying to sell the club. If he is, then he must be some kind of total sociopath to categorically state in a TV interview that he isn't. It would also be ridiculously bad timing. Also, nobody is going to pay the supposed £500m asking price whilst we are threatened with relegation. Trying to sell now only (if true) only destabilises the club further, and makes relegation even more likely, indeed practically a certainty. That is TERRIBLE business. His best strategy would have been to say NOTHING in this regard until our fate was known, and THEN make a move. How did this guy make so much money in other arenas? Avoiding relegation should be the priority now.

Gerry Quinn
246 Posted 26/01/2023 at 17:08:50
Iranian-American businessman Jahm Najafi is due a windfall from the £3.2bn sale of NBA side Pheonix Suns as he eyes an investment in Everton...

Jahm Najafi eyes Everton investment as Pheonix Suns sale in NBA to give windfall

Barry Hesketh
247 Posted 27/01/2023 at 15:18:17
I didn't know where to post this, I'm just reading through it to see what it says.
When Mike Ashley was considering a bid for Newcastle United in 2007, he had dinner with Everton chairman Bill Kenwright.

Kenwright, one of the country's leading theatre producers, was Everton's biggest stakeholder and told Ashley: 'You buy a football club and you get terrible s*** thrown at you.' Sixteen years on and Ashley has been and gone at Newcastle. But for Kenwright and Everton the muck is still flying.

In Premier League circles, Everton are known as one of its most dysfunctional clubs and at the centre of it all, aged 77 and in less than perfect health, is Kenwright.

Cult of Bill Kenwright

Kieran Kinsella
248 Posted 27/01/2023 at 15:26:39

That has to be the first actual in depth media critique of Bill I've read and it reflects entirely what most of us think. "Arrogant" "egotistic" "center of attention" "cult of Bill" "Holding the club back." etc etc

Barry Hesketh
249 Posted 27/01/2023 at 15:32:36
Kieran @248
It's pretty damning also, because it would seem that Bill feels that he has to protect the club from the owner - who Bill introduced to the club - because Moshiri might do even more damage if left to his own devices and that is more than likely true. Bill has become to Moshiri, what Moyes used to be for Bill.

Kieran Kinsella
250 Posted 27/01/2023 at 15:42:35

The whole thing (as expected) seems toxic. Moshiri's source says he keeps Bill to deflect attention away from himself. Moshiri hires people then they find out there's a retroactive interview with DBB and Sharp? I wasn't surprised to see mention of a Koeman source talking about Bill and Mosh signing people they wanted.

Nick Page
251 Posted 27/01/2023 at 15:54:46
Thanks for that, Barry. I didn’t write it but I easily could have done. They must read TW. It’s everything I’ve said about the massive limelight hogging egotistical prick for 15+ years. Absolutely loves being centre of attention. Can’t put the club down because he thinks he is the club. Still won’t put it down. Surrounds himself with yes men like Baxter and Sharpe. Creates divisions (I know this for a fact from insiders). Won’t let the club move forward. Still involved in everything. It’s absolutely laughable that people don’t think he’s been involved for years - how utterly delusional could one get! Sadly nothing will change until the Great Actor has exited stage left.
Karen Mason
252 Posted 27/01/2023 at 21:08:23
I note that many posters think Moshiri seemed genuine with his answers. Having watched, listened then thought about what has actually happened at our club, my conclusion is that he has clearly attended the Boris Johnson school of lieing.

How can he sit there and say that he listens to fans and takes them into account with decisions. Then appoints Allardyce and, if that wasn't bad enough, followed up with Benitez.

It's widely known that was his decision, against all of the board and a massive section of the fans!

Listens to and cares about us fans? In the words of Jim Royle My arse!! Next he'll have it written on the team bus – '£350M a week to the NHS!'

Frankly, I don't believe a word he says.

Barry Hesketh
253 Posted 31/01/2023 at 00:08:13

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