Gomes re-finding his form at Lille

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André Gomes appears to be as happy as he has been at any time since his remarkable comeback from a broken ankle was derailed by the Covid-19 lockdown three years ago.

The former Portuguese international has been reestablishing himself as a first-team regular at Lille this season after joining the French club on loan from Everton last August and appears to be enjoying his football under compatriot Paulo Fonseca.

Though he a stunningly swift recovery from a horrific fracture dislocation of his ankle during a home game with Tottenham Hotspur in 2019, Gomes struggled for consistency with the Blues once football resumed from the pause that was brought about by the onset of the pandemic in the following spring.

He played under three different managers in that time but was uable to make a convincing argument for his consistent selection as a first-choice option in midfield as the Toffees struggled under Rafael Benitez and then narrowly avoided relegation last season under Frank Lampard.

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With Idrissa Gueye coming in from Paris Saint-Germain and Amadou Onana arriving at Goodison Park last summer, ironically enough from Lille, Gomes's prospects of being an automatic starter appeared to be further diminished, he seized the chance to join Fonseca and good friend Jose Fonte in Ligue 1 for the season.

As he tells Paddy Boyland in The Athletic, it's a move that has paid off and while he doesn't know what the future will hold for next season, the last of his five-year contract with Everton (Lille did not negotiate a buy clause to make the transfer permanent), he says he is just focusing on what is happening now.

“Last season, not playing that much, was a trigger for me to say, ‘I need to play and show myself I can be at that level again’. The move in the summer was very tough but I needed it,” Gomes said.

“I think I made the right decision,” Gomes continued, admitting that he feels much more at home in a more advanced role as opposed to No.6. “I’m playing a lot and feel confident.

“I have no idea (what comes next). At the end of the season, we will see. I want Lille to qualify for Europe and Everton to finish in a good position. I’m taking my time and enjoying my football, getting confidence back.

“I’m just focusing on playing and showing myself again."

Quotes sourced from The Athletic [£]

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Danny O’Neill
1 Posted 07/04/2023 at 20:43:18
If you read the fulll interview, he shows genuine affection to Everton.

I thought he never recovered properly from that injury and goes down as yet another player being victim to the instability of Everton.

Good luck to him.

Fran Mitchell
2 Posted 07/04/2023 at 20:47:00
He was never quick but, after the injury, he really slowed and in a Premier League with such an emphasis on pressing, he really struggled.

Add to being in a dysfunctional set-up, and a clear lack of fitness training, he became more and more of a liability.

Good to see him regaining confidence in himself and his game.

Dave Abrahams
3 Posted 07/04/2023 at 21:08:39
I remember when the team was announced to face Crystal Palace. Hardly anyone could believe that Lampard had selected Gomes for this vital game. At half time, I think everyone knew he wouldn't be coming back on for the second half.

He had a brilliant game versus Liverpool in the “Pickford” derby game and scored a great goal in a 3-1 defeat at home to Wolves. I can't think of any times he stood out; he was poor before he was injured and even worse after.

Another woeful signing, a big fee and huge wages which will keep him here until his contract is up even if we pay most of his wages for another loan signing next season. Another leech around the club's neck.

James Flynn
4 Posted 07/04/2023 at 22:56:33
He's owed one more year at just under £6 million. And having a good season. Seems a deal could be made with everyone happy and he leaves.

And in the article, absolutely HEAPED the praise on everyone and everything Everton immediately after the injury, right thru the welcome he received the first time he ran back out at Goodison.

That was nice to read.

Interesting that when he started his recovery workouts, Mina and Richarlison would go home with him afterwards. Good guys.

Jeff Armstrong
5 Posted 07/04/2023 at 23:21:37
So his 5 year contract at Everton was worth £35 million?

no wonder he loves us.

And we have an accountant in charge.

Sums up the Moshiri and Kenwright /DOF years in a nutshell, unfortunately there where loads of Gomes’s, that’s why we’re in such a mess now.

And yet Billy Bullshit is STILL our chairman.

Paul Hewitt
6 Posted 08/04/2023 at 00:19:46
What a basket cases club we are.
Martin Mason
7 Posted 08/04/2023 at 08:36:54
There was a good player in there that the injury and Everton's incompetence stopped from being fully found.
Dupont Koo
8 Posted 08/04/2023 at 08:39:05
Son Heung-Min will never be forgiven and forgotten about what he did to Andre, who basically lost all the pace that he never has after the injury.

This season shows that Andre's football IQ is still intact for him to be a good performer in a Continential League that is slower in pace. As much as I would love to see him play for us again, the Premier League is too physically taxing at this stage of his career.

Fingers crossed that we can flock him for a decent replenishment to the coffer in the summer.

Wherever he goes, I'll forever be a fan of his.

Ajay Gopal
9 Posted 08/04/2023 at 09:03:11
Dupont (8), the most disgusting aspect of the whole Gomes injury incident was that the PL thought it proper to rescind the 3 match ban on Son! It was like the PL was deliberately mocking Everton Football Club. Can you imagine this happening to any other club ? Horrible people running the PL.
John Pickles
10 Posted 08/04/2023 at 10:19:35
It's not really a surprise that players speak highly of Everton.

Firstly, they arrive here with a nice pay rise, a juicy signing on fee and a guarantee of no financial worries for at least 5 years.

Then there are no worries about poor performances affecting future selection. Whereas in a decent team, they may not get another chance in the starting XI for ages, here they know that their replacements are going to play as bad as they did and, in desperation, they will soon be selected again.

Fall foul of the manager, can't learn his tactics, no problem, he'll get the blame and soon be gone.

It's a great life being an Everton player!

(Unless of course, you desperately want to win something, then it might not be for you).

Phil Lewis
11 Posted 08/04/2023 at 10:41:03
At his best, Gomes would be the first name on the teamsheet. After his injury, his body was unable to match the speed of his brain. Consequently this gifted performer looked a shadow of himself and nowhere near up to the standard required of a Premiership player.

However, it seems that in France he has rediscovered the form which once made him such an outstanding player at Goodison and a darling of the fans, myself included.

Andre Gomes is only 29. Form is temporary, talent is permanent. I hope he returns and Dyche gives him an opportunity to show once more, what a brilliant midfield asset he can be to the club.

In fact, if fully recovered from that dreadful injury against Spurs, he may well be the answer to our prayers.

Anthony Flack
12 Posted 08/04/2023 at 10:45:27
There is a good player in there

Maybe when Onana moves onto a ‘bigger club’ there might be space

Also if we can’t sign players ….

Nick Armitage
13 Posted 08/04/2023 at 11:09:57
Regardless of the rehab, all major joint injuries rob you of a bit of speed, strength or stability.

He can have a good career, but not in a fast league with fine margins where athleticism and mobility often decide games.

I really hope he does well, and I'm gutted it won't be at Everton.

Rob Dolby
14 Posted 08/04/2023 at 11:14:44
Nice on the eye during his initial loan period. Good balance, both footed but slow as anything and not exactly brave to win the ball back.

As a club we need to target players with a point to prove rather than a bigger clubs cast off.

Wish him all the best in France and hopefully we can get a small fee back on him. Pay off a little of the Onana fee.

Jeff Armstrong
15 Posted 08/04/2023 at 12:08:04
Rob 14, Good point about us signing other club’s cast offs on high wages, Schneiderlin, Digne, Mina, Gomes, MKean, Rooney, Rodriguez, Alli, Bolasie the list is endless and why we are in such a financial mess.
Daniel A Johnson
16 Posted 08/04/2023 at 22:37:16
I think the injury took a massive mental and physical toll on Gomes. Good to finally see him coming out the other side of this and getting some minutes on the pitch. The whole ordeal has obviously taken a lot out of him. Shame for him and for us.

Oh and Son will always be a fucking shithouse.

Sam Hoare
17 Posted 11/04/2023 at 06:21:40
As Dave@3 alludes to I think people overrate Gomes’ time here before injury. He had a few good games but I was not convinced he’d done enough to merit the £25m fee and £100k per week. Stylish footballer but pourous defensively and not penetrative consistently with the ball.

He’s better suited to a league where he gets more time on the ball and I’m glad he’s done well with Lille. Seems like a good guy. Hopefully we can get £5-8m for him and get his wages off the books

Tony Everan
18 Posted 11/04/2023 at 07:54:47
It’s good to see Gomes making an impact in France. I don’t think his attitude was ever questioned too much, just really his compatibility with the frenetic Premier League.

Our scouts , recruitment or whoever drove this deal , have to shoulder some of the blame for recruiting him based on that . Especially with the 50 million fee and contract outlay. For a club like us this is too big an error to quickly recover from . From both football and P&S perspectives.

As Sam has said above, he needs that split second more time on the ball to strut his stuff. Opponent managers knew it from early on and pressed him relentlessly always forcing him into mistakes or coughing up possession, often initiating a counter attack and a goal chance. He became a liability.

His true value will become apparent in the summer with the level of offer we receive for him. But this loan has worked out well for us and concur with Sam’s appraisals, hopefully we receive a decent fee (5-10m?) along with his huge wages off the books.

Derek Thomas
19 Posted 11/04/2023 at 08:06:56
Dave@ 3; spot on, saved me writing much the same.
Terry Downes
20 Posted 11/04/2023 at 08:27:46
Just on a different topic I see Nkounkou is tearing the place up now in France wonder if he could be a proper alternative to Myko now ?
Robert Tressell
21 Posted 11/04/2023 at 09:06:03
Gomes only has a year left on his contract so, given his huge wages, I expect we might only get about £2m for him - or perhaps just farm him out on loan again.

Similar to what happened when we cut our losses on Allan's wages.

As for Nkounkou, he's doing well but at a low standard (French second tier) and he's just not a left back. With a year left on his contract I think we'll probably get a couple of million for him this summer too.

Ajay Gopal
22 Posted 11/04/2023 at 09:59:50
Robert (21), I wouldn't write off Nkounkou yet. IF the PL sanctions us with a transfer ban for our alleged P&S transgressions, then as pointed out by a TW poster in a previous article (it could very well be you, Robert! I don't remember now), we could be dependent on our returning loanees to infuse some fresh blood into the squad:

Lewis Dobbin

John Raftery
23 Posted 11/04/2023 at 17:49:50
I agree with Dave (3) about Gomes before and after his injury. Yet while he was on loan in 2018/19 there was a clamour from most fans for Marcel Brands to sign him permanently. While he did play well at Anfield there were too many games, especially away from home, in which he failed to cope with the pace of the Premier League. Defeats at Newcastle and Fulham were two of the starkest examples.

I don’t recall anyone complaining when Gomes was signed on a permanent deal in 2019. Indeed I suspect if Brands, or anyone on the board, had vetoed the signing opprobrium would have been heaped upon them. It was one instance of many when someone within the club’s hierarchy ought to have intervened with some pertinent questions. What exactly will this player offer the team? How much will it cost? Can we afford it? Seemingly we had nobody with authority within the club prepared to ask such awkward questions and with the authority to say ‘no’.

Rob Jones
24 Posted 14/04/2023 at 21:38:24
The revisionism on here is funny.

Everybody loved him when he came in, and he was a stand-out in an adequate midfield.

Son's shithousery destroyed his pace, and our basket case of a club exacerbated the problem with a succession of very different managers and grossly inadequate fitness training.

The net result was an inadequate version of Andre Gomes who couldn't live with the pace of the league. Better managed, who knows how he might have turned out.

Jeff Spiers
25 Posted 19/04/2023 at 11:21:46
Going back to Sons shithousery. I was of the opinion that it was the second Spurs player who actually dislocated his ankle. I may be wrong but it was two bad challenges. Shit houses any which way
Mark Murphy
26 Posted 19/04/2023 at 11:41:13
Gomes was class before his injury and not the same player after it.
Jeff, your correct. Son was seeking snidey retribution for a strong challenge in him from Gomes, that the ref didn’t see as a foul, just a moment earlier and tripped Gomes who caught his studs and stumbled into Auriers tackle. Son didn’t break Gomes ankle but he caused it.
Jeff Spiers
27 Posted 19/04/2023 at 12:02:21
Mark@26 Cheers for that reply
Danny O’Neill
28 Posted 19/04/2023 at 12:18:50
Son is a sneeky little shit. Make no bones about that.

Cried after he deliberately went about injuring a fellow player.

Shithouse is the correct Scouse vernacular to describe it.

Gomes is not every Evertonian's favourite player, but he was taken out cynically and injured.

Had that been an Everton player on St Harry Kane there would have been a criminal prosecution.

If we had a Peter Reid, he would have done a Marwood challenge on him. After Marwood done that to Inchy, Reid was waiting for the chance and left him on the floor.

Dale Self
29 Posted 19/04/2023 at 12:20:02
When Sam and Mike G aren’t sold on a player you can bet there are questions but I thought pre-injury Gones suffered from being a solo creative without enough speed to create space in the PL. Without a partner that could free him up or a forward that could get into the midfield effectively he was an easy target for defences. Anothet skill player or two and he was capable of decent service.

Overall I accept his shortcomings in the squad we had in ths league. With a different setup that plays to his creativity he is a worthy player.

30 Posted 28/04/2023 at 11:10:20

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