I am struggling to see how the Saudi league becomes successful as it doesn't at present have access to contest the biggest prizes in club football. They can't compete for the Champions League or the South American equivalent. So I am finding it hard to see – apart from mouth-watering salaries – what would be the attraction for top players to want to join their league.

It seems Mbappe has turned down an astronomical amount of money to go there, and likewise Messi chose the USA over the Saudi league.

I see Klopp has said today that both FIfa and Uefa should get involved, but he is worried that many of his players will be lured away by such riches. Also, I don't think this newly found league has any restrictions regarding transfer windows.

The Saudis seem to have become very interested in sport as a way of expanding their influence; they have poured hundreds of millions into their LIV Golf project but it is struggling to have an impact. Last week, one of their new converts, Cameron Smith, said how great it was to play in front of big crowds again – something he said he has missed since leaving the PGA tour. 

I know many will say "What difference does it make if Saudi Arabia start attracting the World's best players, as the Premier League has used its money to attract the best players?" – and that's true. 

But, like all the other well-established leagues all over the World, these try and encourage and promote grassroots football and that allows youngsters to dream of one day playing in their country's top league and possibly representing their country.

I don't think Saudi Arabia has any interest in promoting grassroots football. This is more about showing they have the money to buy whoever they want with no financial constraints, and money often means power. I just hope that both Uefa and Fifa don't let their finances give them entrance to the elite leagues and competitions for their newly financed club sides.