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Jordan Pickford and England are through to the quarter-finals of Euro 2024 thanks to a stunning Jude Bellingham equaliser in stoppage time and Harry Kane's winner.

Gareth Southgate's men were a minute or so from heading home with their tails between their legs to face a barrage of criticism and recriminations for another disappointing display as they struggled to overturn Ivan Schranz's opener, scored past a stranded Pickford in 25th minute.

The Slovaks had capitalised on slack defending to plunder that first-half goal that looked as though it would be the winner after Phil Foden had a goal ruled out for offside and Declan Rice had struck the post with a skidding low drive later in the second half.

Southgate belatedly made changes to inject some life into England's attack, pitching Cole Palmer, Eberechi Eze and then Ivan Toney into the mix, but it was from a long throw-in, a flick-on by Marc Guehi, and a piece of brilliance from Bellingham that they saved themselves in the fifth minute of time added on.

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The Read Madrid man executed a perfect overhead kick, England's first legitimate effort on target all evening in Gelsenkirchen, that flew past Martin Dubravka to make it 1-1.

That forced extra-time and, within a couple of minutes of the resumption of play, both of Eze and Toney were involved in the winner.

Eze's miscued volley was headed deftly back towards the six-yard box by Toney where Kane arrived to power home an unstoppable header to send England through to the last eight for the second time in three years.

Once again, Pickford played the full game, that despite appearing to injure his finger during the warm-up.

The Three Lions now have a date with the conquererors of reigning champions Italy in the form of Switzerland in Dússeldorf on Saturday.



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Kieran Kinsella
1 Posted 01/07/2024 at 00:24:53
Anyone remember the 1990 World Cup? Two bore draws then a solitary 1-0 against minnows Egypt to win the the group. Then a goal in the second round in the last minute of extra time to beat a poor Belgium team, sounds familiar doesn’t it. Like Southgate now, Robson was experimenting with formations and went with Mark Wright as a sweeper in the third game — an idea I’ve since seen him, Don Howe, Lineker, Waddle and Robbo all claim credit for. Anyway, even after that we had a narrow miss v Cameroon 3-2 in the quarters.

That said, Southgate has a better squad that Robson did. Pickford is better than 40 year old Shilton, Kane better all around than Lineker, Stones and Walker comparable, Gazza on paper comparable quality to Foden.

Jerome Shields
2 Posted 01/07/2024 at 04:37:01
Through our the game I was always think ing of my expectation on watching out for a wonder strike all season by Everton.England managed to get two.Like Everton they are never beat till the final whistle.

Southgate organises them defensively as if he does not trust their ability.It explains why he left certain players at home,. Thought he is dependent on exceptable ability to get a score.He even derived great satisfaction from a scrappy lucky goal.

Pickford has become main stream.His crazed look, talking to himself, and walking about demented raving at his defence of thin air are now accepted.He just goes with the pressure.There is no reassurance with him, only a uncanny ability to save and cut down shooting options.He will stay at Everton, He is that mad.

Definitely not being a England Supporter I hope Southgate does enough to get the Man U job.I will finish here so as not to tempt fate. Coping with them winning anything would mean becoming a Media hermit for the rest of my life.

Ajay Gopal
3 Posted 01/07/2024 at 04:51:19
England left it late, and the game of fine margins swung England’s way. Slovakia were brave and can be proud of their achievements. They have some very talented and hardworking players, especially their midfield maestro- Lobotka (?). I believe Southgate has stumbled on to his winning combination but not sure that Saka playing in the right wing back position is the best one for England. Regarding their goal, I was thinking that if that had been Branthwaite instead of Guehi, no way would he have let the Slovak striker get away his shot.
Derek Knox
5 Posted 01/07/2024 at 06:19:48
How do these people (Negative Norman Knobgate) get these jobs ? Furthermore who are the faceless and usually nameless idiots who appoint them ?

Most of the squad are the envy of most Clubs (not all) yet he chooses to play boring, unadventurous, well you can't really call it football. What a Jodrell Banker he is !

Not an England supporter, but if I was, I would be, or should be, even more scathing. The whole set up including the Premier League stinks, with the likes of Masters and his sort, (that rhymes appropriately too) and all on Mega-Salaries. Strewth !

Colin Glassar
6 Posted 01/07/2024 at 07:57:03
I am, unashamedly,, an England fan.
Tony Abrahams
7 Posted 01/07/2024 at 08:25:46
I also wanted England to win, Colin, but I was actually glad when Slovakia scored because I thought it might wake Dozy Gareth, up.

I just had a feeling we might score said the England manager, at the end of yesterday’s game. Brilliant that, nearly as good as Jude Bellingham’s wonderful goal, but was it a fluke that England scored two, once they put extra bodies in the opposition penalty area?

Mark Taylor
8 Posted 01/07/2024 at 08:40:49
Not bad for a squad with 5 right backs and not a single fit left back. During the course of that game, this position was filled by 2 different right backs, a left winger and a right winger. No wonder we achieve so little of the left side and Foden ends up coming inside, compressing the pitch.

What is also very apparent is that most of the squad is knackered and on its last legs, even by their own admission. The liveliest players were Eze and Toney who have both played relatively little this season. Yet Southgate continues to play the same people, game after game, two times a week, no rotation and only very late subs. He actually made a sub in injury time, when we were still 1-0 down, a tactic normally used as a time wasting ruse for the side that is winning.

I hope another EPL club, maybe Man U, get Southgate, you will then see how mediocre a manager he is.

Ian Pilkington
9 Posted 01/07/2024 at 08:50:13
Colin @5, same here.

If you are born in England of English parents, I cannot understand why people say they do not support England if they follow team sport, whether it's football, cricket or rugby.

Different matter perhaps if one or both of your parents originates from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland but I always hope that those countries win unless they are playing England.

I must admit though, I always support England more intently when we have players in the team or squad. I still remember the pride in seeing Ray Wilson with his medal in 1966 and signing Bally from Blackpool, giving us two World Cup Winners.

Let's hope Jordan collects a winner's medal on 14 July.

Jerome Shields
10 Posted 01/07/2024 at 08:51:28
Mark #8

If you really want to annoy a Man Utd fan, tell him you think Southgate is going to be their next manager.

Allan Board
11 Posted 01/07/2024 at 09:35:14
England are indeed rubbish. But the luck they've had, their name is probably on it.

Southgate is clueless, but the luckiest bloody manager I think I've ever seen!! Shades of Greece here — but at least Greece had a plan and stuck to it.

Switzerland, however, will be a very different test altogether. Let's see.

Pleased for Pickford only.

George Stuart
12 Posted 01/07/2024 at 10:06:30
England, a combination of exceptional players, scraped through again. Organised by an unimaginative pudding.

Reminds me of Perry in Kevin and Perry saying "That's what I hoped would happen" when Kevin pinched his bird.

Trevor Powell
13 Posted 01/07/2024 at 11:18:24
#2 " He (Pickford) will stay at Everton. He is that mad"

Perhaps, he is happy at EFC where he is appreciated by the overwhelming majority of supporters and mirrors their passions!

He has the sense to realise that chasing more money and fame is not as important as his young family seem very settled in the area!

All great keepers are thought to have an odd streak, just look at Gordon West and Neville Southall.

Jerome Shields
14 Posted 01/07/2024 at 14:03:50
Trevor #13,

He will stay for that reason, but I think he feeds on uncertainty. All goalkeepers are mad, the madder the better!

Dave Abrahams
15 Posted 01/07/2024 at 14:09:07
Jerome (14),

In that case, Jordan might be the best goalkeeper of all time!

Jerome Shields
16 Posted 01/07/2024 at 14:26:41
Dave #14

Very possible We are starting to get close up of his reactions.Could end up with Cult status.

Iakovos Iasonidis
17 Posted 01/07/2024 at 15:17:58
Allan Board #11 being Greek myself I have to admit us winning the euro 2004 was like a miracle but please don't compare Greece to England...One english national player always cost like 5-6 Greeks...Greece back then were trully dogs of war, England is just shit to be honest.
Kevin Edward
18 Posted 01/07/2024 at 15:18:14
Delighted for Jordan.
I can see the England back 4 (or 3) getting sliced apart later in the competition, so his goal will get peppered at some point.
I think that Southgate’s jammy escape yesterday might lead to a bit more urgency in attack, but it’s the defence I’m worried about.
Switzerland won’t be quaking in their boots, but will have to play very well to put England out.
Expect the luck to continue with this ‘fortunate’ route to the final, not sure Jordan will be able to put it on a plate for Southgate this time.
Colin Malone
19 Posted 01/07/2024 at 16:05:55
Declan Rice has no guile. A centre half in midfield. A plater in that position should knit the team together. Declan cannot do that.
Geoff Hind
20 Posted 01/07/2024 at 16:15:32
England's laters tactics - walking football
Billy Shears
21 Posted 01/07/2024 at 16:23:11
Lucky, lucky England, fucking dire for ninety minutes,a side of individuals still after years of failure.

Their luck will run out,Southgate will go and the whole shambles will repeat it's self with yet another YES man.

Go back to basics by bringing back the Home Internationals but this time,do it properly by inviting the Republic of Ireland to the mix,after all... how can you prove your the best team in Europe when you've yet to prove your the best team in the UK and Ireland too?!

Mike Gaynes
22 Posted 01/07/2024 at 16:59:20
The most shocking aspect of England's performance was that Bellingham's shot was their first on target.

They went 95 minutes without a shot on goal against a team ranked 40 places below them.

With so much talent on the pitch, that's simply amazing.

Si Cooper
23 Posted 01/07/2024 at 17:08:22
The balance of the team is off a bit but it’s not as if the whole left side is out of action. Plenty of sides favour one flank for attacking. Seemed like most Spanish attacks went down their left last night.
The strangest thing about the England performances has been the lack of purposeful movement off the ball when the ball is with the midfield. It does reek of ‘safety first’ instructions but surely the players have some license when it comes to being creative in attack?
Despite the universal plaudits Stones and Guehi aren’t always in sync and competed for the same ball a few times yesterday which led to defensive discomfort.
There is plenty of ability in this squad and if they can find the liveliness they need they could be genuine contenders. The Swiss will probably be as hard to beat as anyone so I don’t think they will sneak that one on minimal creativity.
Allan Board
24 Posted 01/07/2024 at 17:46:24
I didn't mean any offence Iakovos- thought it was great in fact when Greece won it. Just know one thought they would ever win it- but it became evident that there name was on the trophy after they won there quarter final. Greece were a better team than England are- and teams win trophies,not individuals. All the luck has been England's so far- sometimes your name is on it mate. Undeserved I actually think in England's case because I don't see a real team there. Switzerland will beat them easy because they have a team plan and are better up front.
Charles Brewer
25 Posted 01/07/2024 at 18:26:30
On a slightly different note, I'd be delighted if the Everton scouts did some serious scouting round the Georgian players, their fitness, commitment and willingness to run about furiously for 90 minutes I though was inspiring.

It might be fun to have a few players who were related to Stalin,

Paul Ferry
26 Posted 01/07/2024 at 19:35:28
Ajay (3), Saka was switched to left wing back, his first position at Arsenal and he did a decent job. Sufficient, I think, to start there if Shaw is still not ready.

That would also help with midfield where Southgate seems to think that the holy trinity - Saka, Bellingham, Foden - must start by order of nature or the divine.

He won't do it, needless to say, but Southgate should switch to a back three on Saturday. A set-up that would look stronger going forward and in defence and free up some space.

Walker, Stones, Konsa
Trippier, Saka
Rice, Bellingham
Palmer, Foden

Neil Lawson
27 Posted 01/07/2024 at 19:37:39
Mike 22. Precisely. They were awful. Clueless. Pathetic. It seems almost guaranteed now that they will get to the final on the back of being shockingly ineffective and barely average.

You cannot help but conclude that Southgate and Dyche share the same mantra. We know best. Everyone else is wrong and we will keep picking the same team to prove it, no matter how long it may take and how painful. But for one moment of class, Southgate would have been slaughtered and deservedly so. He maybe the luckiest useless manager in history. The only truly outstanding team is Spain and they have their flaws. If they have a bad day in the final ( or against Germany) Sir Gareth may fluke his way to a winners medal by dint of incredible luck and a half decent defence and hopefully, an outstanding Everton goalie.

I just can not get excited by it all. So sad the cricket T20 World Cup is over.

Kieran Kinsella
28 Posted 01/07/2024 at 19:47:23

Crap article in Forbes trying to blame England's problems on egos and specifically using Saka as an example.

The journo picks up on just a non controversial standard press conference response and implies Saka and co and all ego maniacs.


Jay Evans
29 Posted 01/07/2024 at 19:54:11
Congratulations Jordan - doing our great club proud, as well as our country.

He’s not going anywhere by the way. He’s got his family a big swish executive box at BMD.

Mad as a hatter. Don’t ever change.

Larry O'Hara
30 Posted 01/07/2024 at 19:59:38
Neil (27)—you cannot be serious to quote McEnroe. It is totally unfair to compare Dyche to Southgate. The latter has great players to choose from, Dyche doesn’t. Everton under Dyche look organised, England under pizza head not.
Paul Ferry
31 Posted 01/07/2024 at 20:00:09
What a bizarre read Kieran by "an investigative journalist who also writes about European soccer".

It just seems to me that 99% (100%?) of Europeans are just dying to see England get knocked out.

Christy Ring
32 Posted 01/07/2024 at 20:14:49
Paul#26 Saka was disgusted to be asked to play wing back last night, as the commentator mentioned. If you look at the extra time, Eze was playing there, he should have been happy to play any where, if Southgate had a backbone, he should have been called ashore.
Paul Ferry
33 Posted 01/07/2024 at 20:35:42
Completely agree Christy. Sake should do what Saka is told to do. Southgate is a proper invertebrate and now we have saved by the Bellingham sauntering around with a monarch's wave to the millions, forgetting how shite he was until '94.

Iakovos Iasonidis
34 Posted 01/07/2024 at 20:36:27
Allan Board #24 no offence taken, no problem at all. Ιt is just that Εngland in every euro is always touted as one of the frontrunners and I never understood that optimism...Germany, Spain, Italy, France I get it, England not so much...
Ernie Baywood
35 Posted 02/07/2024 at 06:26:29
Iakovos - England have some of the world's best players who largely play in the biggest league in the world. It's not a stretch to tout them as amongst the favourites. And of course they were finalists last time.

But then the Euros is the most competitive international tournament there is. No soft touches, no Panamas, no Costa Ricas, no Saudi Arabias. Every team is pretty capable and has players playing in the world's best leagues.

England have been underwhelming and ultra conservative, but the public and media response to it has been disgraceful. Every time there has been a half decent England team in my lifetime the media have tried their best to undermine it. It took Southgate to turn that around for a few years... he's not a great tactical manager, but he's certainly been a brave leader.

I'd love to see England do it, and I'd love to see them do it for Southgate. And I still think they can. Anyone claiming that they absolutely can't beat any team in this competition isn't living in the real world. These are one off football matches at the highest level - of course they can win.

Unfortunately, if they do, they will also be doing it for the British media and the oddball non-football supporters who rush stadia security, and attend matches and live screens just so they can fake a beer throwing celebration to put on their Instagram.

As for the optimism that most English people have for the national team... I still struggle to understand how that upsets people. I think there's something beautiful about the nation hoping against hope for a major trophy win.

Ernie Baywood
36 Posted 02/07/2024 at 06:29:25
Paul #31 - 99% of of everyone wants to see England knocked out so they can post some meme playing on the words of "It's coming home". The social media generation know no other way to think.
Danny O’Neill
37 Posted 02/07/2024 at 07:02:20
I don't think most want England to be knocked out Ernie.

Evern though it doesn't bother me, I'd be pleased to see them do well for friends and family.

They have a chance.

Jim Bennings
38 Posted 02/07/2024 at 07:41:09
Every team left in the tournament has a good chance now.

Personally I think Spain are the favourites now and by some way.

I haven't been massively impressed by France yet but that could change whilst you can never rule out Germany especially on home turf.

England will need to improve so much to win it, I just hate the slow slow walking football build up from the back, I can't stand that football, we've played it at times ourselves at Everton and I just can't tolerate that, it's a huge pet hate that.

Get the ball forward fast, it doesn't need to be alehouse football, just get that ball forward faster.

Hugh Jenkins
39 Posted 02/07/2024 at 08:06:53
Ian (9)

"Different matter perhaps if one or both of your parents originates from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland but I always hope that those countries win unless they are playing England."

I always support all the home nations (unless they are playing Wales), both my parents originate from Wales.

However, the UK and RoI are truly "mongrel" nations. anyone digging just below the surface in family tree research will more than likely find at least one relative somewhere, in their past, that hailed from one of the other "home nations".

My great, great, grandfather, came from Wiltshire and came to Wales with the expansion of the railways.

My great, grandfather, was "rumoured" to be a Norwegian seaman - but that isn't what the birth certificate says - LOL.

Tony Abrahams
40 Posted 02/07/2024 at 08:17:31
Neil@27, I don’t know why you brought Dyche, into a discussion about Southgate, but now that you have, can I ask you if you think Everton, would still be a premier league club, if Gareth, had taken over from Lampard, instead of Dyche?
Ernie Baywood
41 Posted 02/07/2024 at 08:33:02
What do you think, Tony?

And I think you need to go beyond the basic assumption that Gareth would have Everton playing laboured possession football.

Personally I think there are clear parallels between them. They both play ultra conservative 'don't lose at all costs' football with the players available to them. I think both could trust the players they've got a bit more and expect more at the other end of the pitch.

Brian Harrison
42 Posted 02/07/2024 at 09:38:29
For me the best part of the Euros is watching the lesser teams being able to compete with the star studded sides. Georgia even managing to take the lead against Spain, and playing with freedom to attack was very refreshing. Slovenia proving that there is still life in a 4-4-2 system that most said was a thing from the past, and matched Portugal al the way. They had players who don't play in the top flight of European leagues but knew their system and weren't overawed playing there more famous counterparts. I think the other noticeable things about the lesser teams is there doesnt seem to be any egos just a group of players all working for one another.

What I think it highlights is you don't have to buy players from the top European leagues to improve your team, as the players from Georgia, Slovenia and Slovakia have proved.

Neil Lawson
43 Posted 02/07/2024 at 11:08:38
Tony. Probably not. Dyche has earned the season end plaudits but around Christmas when we were on our extended no win streak and when our performances were generally abject, his resistance to change was causing considerable consternation amongst many of us. That was the parallel I was drawing. Yes, we didn't have the range of options Southgate has, but Dyche's intransigence and reluctance to make proactive changes before and during a game was a true cause for concern.
Neil Lawson
44 Posted 02/07/2024 at 11:12:05
Tony 40. Actually Tony, thinking about it a bit more, with Southgate's luck, we probably would have squeezed the last European slot 😁
Tony Abrahams
45 Posted 02/07/2024 at 13:54:58
I think/know I asked you a few questions towards the end of last season when you was criticizing Dyche and never got a reply Ernie, but I’ll do my best for you now mate!

I don’t think Southgate would have kept us in the premier league, because I’m not sure he would have had the character to just keep going while surrounded with the type of adversity our current manager has had to deal with Ernie.

I found that second paragraph a bit condescending Ernie, because I don’t think that Dyche has got the players to play slow, labored, possession football, because I’m sure that anyone who watches Everton, on a regular basis, would agree that we are simply not very good at passing the football?

I also don’t see the parallels that you see Ernie, because one has got an abundance of talent to choose from, whilst the other has got the most limited squad of attacking players, since Walter Smith, had to use Steve Watson, as a centre forward. (Or maybe Moyes, when he had to play Timmy Cahill up front, although he had a much better all round squad imo)

Maybe Everton would have squeezed that last European spot last season, if they hadn’t been given such a draconian points deduction, at a time when the squad was definitely beginning to play better football, Neil!

Bill Gall
46 Posted 02/07/2024 at 14:16:02
It is just an opinion, but I think the difference with Dyche and Southgate is Dyche had Everton playing as a team, where Southgate has England playing as a bunch of talented individuals.
Robert Tressell
47 Posted 02/07/2024 at 14:54:23
Another major difference is that England are independently rated as having the most valuable squad in the tournament - where Everton are rated as having the 16th most valuable ( the equLinkvalemt of Serbia in tournaasment terms)
Iakovos Iasonidis
48 Posted 02/07/2024 at 15:05:56
Ernie Baywood # 35
"Every time there has been a half decent England team in my lifetime the media have tried their best to undermine it." - You are absolutely right about that...Also Being 43 myself I remember some great England teams full of talent mid 90s, mid 00s but I would never bet England winning a major game against Germany or italy for example...It is football of course and anything can happen...Denmark and Greece won it so you never know!
Ernie Baywood
49 Posted 02/07/2024 at 23:04:04

I wasn't implying that Dyche had Everton playing laboured possession football, I was implying that Southgate had England doing that.

But I think both take the least risk with the players available to them... and as Neil pointed out, both are very resistant to change.

I don't question Southgate's character. He's convinced of the way to win this tournament and he's not changing for anyone. Dyche was similarly convinced of the way that Everton should play and wasn't going to change it.

Nick Page
50 Posted 02/07/2024 at 23:22:41
Anyone still questioning Sean Dyche after what that man has done during the most depressing 18 months in Everton's history. Fuck off and find another hobby. Fucking soft twats.
Ernie Baywood
51 Posted 03/07/2024 at 00:27:52
Well you've swayed me, Nick.
Tony Abrahams
52 Posted 03/07/2024 at 15:24:24
To repeat, with the players available on different posts, it makes it sound like Dyche has got loads of good attacking players in his squad, Ernie.
Julian Wait
53 Posted 03/07/2024 at 17:59:03
I have been at 3 of 4 England games so far, including both Gelsenkirchen games (miserable place), and seen plenty of other games so far (I have seen 14 of 24 teams live so far).

It's fair to say that England are the least inspiring to watch, run a close second by the Ronaldo circus (who at least have plenty of forward possession).

I think most England fans, including and especially those out here, would happily exchange Dyche for Southgate in a heartbeat. Like, right now. One of Dyche's major accomplishments at Everton was to change us from being ponderous and unable to transition, into a team that can move quickly into Route 2 or even Route 1 football and get up the pitch a lot more quickly.

He's also shown himself to be more tactically adaptive than Southgate and, increasingly and when real options exist, make substitutions intended to affect the game (although this is something I would like to see more of).

Southgate seems to be incapable of shifting the narrative of the game of his own volition. Trippier sub was forced. Other subs too late. Desperately late.

Maybe he's learned from Sunday; we will find out on Saturday. But if we go out on Saturday with no left-footed left-side player, with Bellingham, Foden and Kane getting in each other's way, with Trippier or AN Other being easily shown back into midfield traffic, and without being able to quickly move the ball around to feet, or even strike with an aerial bombardment to Kane and Toney, then we're doomed.

Anthony Hawkins
54 Posted 03/07/2024 at 18:09:26
With the current game plan, England play a very similar style to the Italians and we all know what the outcome was there. If Southgate doesn't change the approach or the team finds their way, the outcome is unlikely to be any different vs Switzerland.

I'm hoping Southgate has been trying to fool everyone and the real England team will turn up on Saturday. The reality may be very different.

Barry Rathbone
55 Posted 03/07/2024 at 18:20:32
Julian @53,

Southgate unwittingly exposed his Achilles straight after the recent comeback, glibly saying how easy it would have been to go direct rather than maintain possession in those final minutes.

The irony of Bellingham scoring from a basic throw-in seemed to elude him.

It is the folly of countless England managers past that they insist on pretending to be Spain, Germany or France and the idea of mixing it up at the potential expense of possession is a mortal sin.

 Jack Charlton's Ireland and Gareth Bale-inspired Wales showed what playing to UK strengths can do but England are above all that blood-and-thunder nonsense… aren't they?

Tony Abrahams
56 Posted 03/07/2024 at 18:21:14
You must be having a brilliant time out there, Julian, except when you're having to watch England play, mate!

Ernie Baywood
57 Posted 03/07/2024 at 21:37:38
Barry, I'm not sure Southgate will see the irony at all. I think he'll feel vindicated.

It seems obvious to me that you improve the performances by playing a left winger, and by getting a left-footed full-back in there (which at least was an option pre-tournament). Basically players who can go down the line and stretch play rather than just have opposition throttle the centre because that's the only place England play.

But Southgate seems very convinced that he can't find balance in this side while maintaining 'big moment' quality, so he's going to keep doing what he's been doing... make the game dull and close and hope that one of the big players can justify their reputation and do something to save or win the game.

So that means someone like Gordon stays out. Foden might be a problem for the team performance, but he's also the sort of player who might just produce one or two moments of top level quality. Same with Kane and Bellingham who aren't being played to get the best performance out of them.

I think Southgate has given up on England playing well. He's decided it only takes a few big moments to win a tournament and he's got the type of players who can produce them out of nothing.

Tom Bowers
58 Posted 03/07/2024 at 22:45:26
Southgate just wings it as he has done for years.

Keeps almost the same starting eleven despite some poor performances.

Having said that, if the luck so far continues they could conceivably win it.

Realistically though it will be Germany or Spain.

Colin Glassar
59 Posted 03/07/2024 at 23:24:55
I cannot for the life of me understand why England can't play with the same tempo and passion like Austria, Turkey and Georgia, never mind Germany and Spain. Our players are just as good as theirs on an individual level. They play in the most competitive league in the world at a punishing level.

There is only one explanation and that is, Gareth fucking Southgate. Absolutely useless.

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