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Everton for King's Dock Group

Press Release 13 March 2001


* The multi-purpose arena is the only proposal that meets the aspirations of Greater Merseyside

* The arena provides diversity of use:

                Other Sports
Touring Artistes - Madonna, U2, Celine
                Dion, Domingo, Carreras etc
                Large scale productions
                Exhibitions and Conferences

* The project creates as many as 8,000 jobs, more than any other bid

* It will attract much needed economic activity to the City centre, and ADDS VALUE

* It carries OVERWHELMING Local support

* It is backed by an exceptional international team of designers and engineers, and by the proven delivery record of SFX, a major player in International Entertainment.

* It secures the future home of Everton Football Club, one of the most important and enduring institutions in Merseyside life for over 120 years.


 Everton for King's Dock Group

Press Release 13 March 2001



With this first press release the independent Everton For Kings Dock Group reinforce their support for the Kings Dock development bid led by Everton Football Club under the collective title of Houston Securities.

As Evertonians we are delighted the bid is a happy matrix between the best interests of our city and our football club. But there is much, much more. The MULTI-PURPOSE ARENA proposed by Houston Securities is the only submittal which meets the forward-looking aspirations of the whole region of Merseyside and far beyond. It not only provides much needed support for regeneration, it provides ADDITIONAL DIVERSITY AND WIDER FREEDOM OF CHOICE for people throughout the north west of England.

The arena is intended for maximum variety of entertainment not just football. Hitherto, many of these attractions have been limited to a few venues miles from Merseyside. The proposed arena provides an additional stage in a truly stunning riverside location. It is unrivalled. The site is in a world famous location which is enhanced by an outstanding and dazzling architectural concept. It is precisely the kind of inspired vision needed to breathe new life into one of the worlds oldest and most famous port cities. As a major catalyst its effects cannot be over-estimated. Potential cultural and social-economic gains are enormous.

Such is the flexibility of the arena it will promote international performers as culturally diverse as Placido Domingo and Madonna, Jose Carreras and Robbie Williams, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and U2, Anne-Sophie Mutter and Celine Dion, and many others who demand and perform only on a world stage. It will accommodate large scale productions such as Riverdance and ice dance spectaculars. And of course it will offer opportunities to new young hopefuls who seek their first big opportunity. All of this in a city with a global reputation in producing popular and classical artists and entertainment, a city which houses the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts founded by Paul McCartney.

The self-financing development will also embrace commercial promotion of business and lifestyle exhibitions, conferences and festivals.

The stadium will change shape and size to encourage alternative widely popular sports like indoor athletics, ice hockey, tennis, boxing, wrestling and basketball.

All of this RIGHT IN THE HEART OF THE CITY and under the auspices and vision of Everton Football Club, our city's first football club. All of it breathing life and energy back into an area of unsurpassed aspect and opportunity.

The project could create as many as 8,000 new jobs, more than any of the other competing bids. The association between Everton Football Club and SFX Entertainments could re-introduce some of the worlds great performing artistes to Merseyside and benefit all citizens of the north west. This project ADDS VALUE. It poses no economic danger to existing city centre activities. Indeed, it will attract much-needed additional economic activity to the city centre and the immediate surrounding area.

This project would also be an influential supporting factor in the City's bid to be European City of Culture in 2008, further enhancing Merseyside's status World-wide.

At present, the city centre contains about 27,500 car parking spaces, a relatively high proportion of which remain unused even at peak times; all of these spaces are within a fifteen minute walk of the Kings Dock. Merseyside Police have offered the opinion that the site presents no major problems for them. There are readily available road and transport links, with imminent proposals for additional systems.

There is overwhelming local support for the project. This was reflected in a telephone poll conducted by a local newspaper which confirmed 80% support for the Houston Securities bid. A referendum conducted by Everton Football Club drew 85% popular support for relocation.

Indeed, the project matches virtually all of the requirements described in the Strategic Regeneration Framework dated 12th July 2000 as prepared by Skidmore Owings & Merrill Inc. for Liverpool Vision. This is further reinforced by the accompanying Summary.

Evertonians are proud their club has produced this wonderful concept at such an important moment in the history of their city. 

The design is outstanding, bringing a stunning addition to the waterfront.  The stadium/arena meets a clear need in terms of urban regeneration and added economic value, and the international design and engineering team behind the project provide expertise at the very highest level.

It is to be hoped that Liverpool Vision will live up to the words of Daniel Burnham quoted in their own documents:

MAKE NO LITTLE PLANS. They have no magic to stir mens blood & probably themselves will not be realizedMake big plansAim high in hope and work remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will never die, but long after we are gone will be a living thing, asserting itself with ever-growing insistencyRemember that our sons and grandsons are going to do things which will stagger usLet your watchword be order and your beacon beauty.

These are indeed magical and worthy words. They are matched only by the Everton/SFX bid.

We hope Liverpool Vision can match them with similar judgement.



The Everton for King's Dock Group  (EKD)

EKD is comprised of a number of Everton Supporters who wish to express their support of the Club's bid to house their new home at the King's Dock site.

Among our number we have people from many backgrounds: Chartered Accountancy, Design and Build Consultancy, Banking, Local Business, Internet Entrepreneurs, Senior Local Government Executives and other varied occupations.

We hold no political brief.

We are united in our support for the Everton/Houston bid, both as Blues' Supporters, and as Merseysiders proud of our City's heritage and tradition.

Our media spokesmen are:  Michael Durkin  and Paul McIver 

We have distributed flyers at the last two Everton games, against Ipswich Town and Newcastle United, explaining our aims and asking supporters to write to the relevant bodies which will have an influence on the final outcome of the bidding process.

We have appeared on local and national TV and radio, and written to Press and Internet targets supporting the bid.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to Email me back, and I'll do my best to help.



Phil Pellow
Everton for King's Dock Group
13 March 2001

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