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The Mail Bag

July 2008 Archive
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Something fishy

Apart from all the obvious crap about Moyes' resignation (which I've been scanning every Everton forum all day to read about), does anyone else think this Moutinho bid is a bit fishy?

It reaks of that Lucho Gonzalez "bid" last year where this dodgy agent was involved to help us get Fernandes. The same agent then shafted us by selling Fernandes to Valencia. I am sure this Moutinho bid is a way of playing ball with this idiot agent again so we get Fernandes. We help out the agent by showing Moutinho's availability so another club buys him for his incredibly inflated price (for a midget untested 21-year-old) thus lining agent's pockets, we then get Fernandes on loan with a view to buying if we can raise the money by next season.

Watch this fishy space. Moutinho will sign for either Chelsea or a top Spanish side in the next week and we'll have Fernandes on another year's loan.
Alan  Clarke     Posted 31/07/2008 at 20:28:04   Comments (36)


I'm an avid reader/contributor of ToffeeWeb and it sure fills in those quiet times of the day. Now normally one would say that at least this site is probably the only one that lets the moaners/ glass half-empty etc have their say... and then the optimists reply... and we all have a great laugh. EFC pull out the magic and we all can truley look forward again with optimism (ground apart!).

The problem I'm really sensing now is that it isn't only ToffeeWeb who is down in teh doldrums ? virtually all the papers, national and local, TV , Moyes, the players, supporters, Bluekipper et al are in a real morose state.

I sense that that either 2 things will happen in the next week regarding Everton -:

1. Bill will quit and put us up for sale to the best bidder, if any at all. Moyes wont sign and will start to prepare to leave sometime this season, and 4-5 players (Neville,Lescott, Arteta ,Yak, will demand to get away) - The MELTDOWN

2. We'll annouce to the world that we've bought Moutinho, M'Bia, Bradley, Milito, Topal and we'll all go home happy as can be, ready for Top 4 place after a bad start.

I fear option 1!
Mike Oates     Posted 31/07/2008 at 17:02:53   Comments (20)

A certain lack of ....

A certain lack of ?..

In all the excitement about the lack of transfer activity, lack of a CEO, lack of a strategy (if you believe most of the threads), lack of a striker, lack of a new ground (again if you believe most of the threads who assume the lack of a new stadium is directly connected to our current lack of a CEO), lack of a holding midfielder, lack of a top half finish because Spurs are spending lot of money, lack of our own money, lack of a Moyes signed contract, lack of love for our Bill, lack of unrestricted views at Goodison, lack of corporate sponsorship to enable us to compete with the big boys, lack of a healthy knee for AJ, lack of a plan B, I clean forgot the most important thing that is lacking at the moment is my season ticket.

Now I go on holiday soon but I have been reassured by the box office, and I have no reason to doubt them, that there are two possible scenarios that will occur.

1. My season ticket will fly through my letter box within the next seven days and all will be well. Interestingly my credit card was debited, for the full amount, before the end of March on the day I renewed on line, the simple option I think it was called. Delivery will be approximately 19 weeks after I paid for the goods. I am no expert but that does not sound like a slick logistics system. If I had been a new season ticket holder I would have picked it up at the ground at the same time as I paid.

2. My season ticket does not fly through my letter box and I return home on the afternoon of Friday August 15th, yes you guessed it one day before the Blackburn game, with no ticket for the game. The very nice lady told me all I had to do was phone up and she would arrange for me to pick up a new season ticket from the box office on match day. I hope it will be that simple.

Am I alone?

Martin Gray     Posted 31/07/2008 at 15:21:50   Comments (10)

What's going on?

Yesterday Moyes said he had money to spend on new players. Today he has told the Liverpool echo something totally different. Here's part of the quote taken from the Echo:

?We can?t hide the fact that we need new players. Everybody knows it. We have to get five or six players in before the season starts.?

When asked if he could see any imminent movement in the transfer market - Sporting Lisbon?s Joao Moutinho tops the wanted list - Moyes replied: ?Not at the moment, no. We are in a poor, poor situation regarding going forward.?

How has the situation changed in 24 hours?? I believe we really are doomed. There's also rumours flying about that his about to quit.
Shaun  Nesbitt     Posted 31/07/2008 at 12:57:31   Comments (79)

“Waiting for lawyers to advise me”

Looks like Keith Wyness may well get his day in court after all, although it won't be Everton supporters he will be facing it will be his ex-employees. from todays Daily Post;

FORMER Everton FC chief executive Keith Wyness said last night he is seeking legal advice over his shock resignation from the club. Wyness said he was ?waiting for lawyers to advise me? as removal men yesterday collected his personal effects from Goodison Park. The former CEO refused to go into detail about motives behind his departure from Everton after nearly four years in the board-room or the nature of any possible legal dispute with the club.

So even more dirty laundry to be washed in public then. Not to worry though fellow Blue's, Dominic King says everything in the Goodison garden is rosy!
Neil Adderley     Posted 31/07/2008 at 09:36:44   Comments (1)

Down to one striker?

Just read on the Sky Sports web site that if the ref from last nights game reports Vaughan to the FA then he will be suspended for the start of the season (3 games for a straight red isnt it). With big Vic gone this leaves only the Yak fit for the start of the season. Is anyone else starting to panic a bit now? Let's keep our fingers crossed the ref doesn't report him.
Daniel O'Brien     Posted 31/07/2008 at 08:59:56   Comments (13)

The Friendly Vs Chicago Fire

Does anyone know where this game can be seen live?
Brendan  George     Posted 30/07/2008 at 22:24:48   Comments (14)

AJ failed his medical

I have just been told by a player who I know well that AJ has failed his medical. Fulham now won't pay anywhere near our asking price. Don't know what this means to the Moutinho bid? Said it was his knee... Everton trying to hush it up at the moment
Ian Alderton     Posted 30/07/2008 at 21:06:49   Comments (52)

Can someone please explain

I was talking today to two friends who are Everton supporters. One said that he would never set foot in Kirkby. The other gave a detailed argument as to why Kirkby was the only way that Everton had any future. I am opposed to Kirkby and my reasons are mainly sentimental.

Unfortunately I was unable to respond to my pro-Kirby mate as, quite frankly, I don't know what I'm talking about. On this site I have read about Kilfoyle, about Kirkby being called in(?) about the lies of KW and BK, about Docklands, about KEIOC(?) about 10,000 Evertonians not going to Kirkby. To my shame I really don't know what most of this means.

Is there someone who could come onto ToffeeWeb and succinctly, without kicking off another damaging row, explain the facts? Give the pros and cons of the move and let this rather slow Evertonian make a decision based on the head rather than the heart.

In my on defence this serious topic doesn't seem to get any publicity in the national press and it certainly gets none over here. I've been an Evertonian for forty years and have had some wonderful days in GP but I'm willing to listen to the facts.
Andy Crooks     Posted 30/07/2008 at 19:53:56   Comments (14)

Moving on?

Let's hope the resignation of Bully promises an end to the lies and non-truths of the last few years. Sure, the club is on a better financial footing than it was when he arrived, but let's face it, it would be more than generous to lay the credit at his feet. It's a bit like the adage of Il Duce: "You can say what you like about Mussolini, but at least he got the trains running on time". It doesn't change the obvious harm Bully caused to our reputation and to the fans faith in the club during his tenure. I don't think we'll look back on him fondly and frankly it's good riddance!

Secondly, I dearly hope this spells an end to Destination Kirkby, though I still see the official website is pushing those night-time images of the proposed stadium whenever they can. You know, the ones that make it look like Berlin's world reknowned Hauptbahnof rather than the daytime ones that make the proposed stadium look like a fruit and veg warehouse or an elaborate trolley park. We all know which one will be closer to the truth. If it does get called in though, I'll be sending that Hazel Blears a bottle of bubbly. Fingers crossed, everyone.
Mark Wynne     Posted 30/07/2008 at 19:03:50   Comments (3)

EFC Website News

Just to let you know, the "official news" on the EFC website last night concerning both Andy Johnson and David Moyes's contract were answers taken directly from questions asked by fans in Chicago tonight at the Globe Pub.

When Moyes answered both questions, there was an air of suspiciousness surrounding the place and he was challenged on his answers by a number of fans. Darren Griffiths (Everton PR) then moved on to the next questions rather quickly, only adding to the doubts in supporters minds. We never did get adequate answers.

Reading between the lines, Moyes was emphasising he would not sign his contract until new players were brought in. He said, and I quote, "I will not put up with second best".

We can only hope Messers Kenwright and the rest of the board have got the message loud and clear, otherwise we run the risk of losing Everton's prized asset.

It was obvious from the fans' reaction he has our 100% backing, those upstairs should show him the same loyalty.

Dave Higginson & Tommy Williams, Live from Chicago!
Dave Higginson     Posted 30/07/2008 at 18:57:16   Comments (12)


Isn't slightly irresponsible of your club to be advertising a well known Thai alcoholic beverage on team shirts of players male/female who are quite clearly under the age to consume the brand they are advertising??? They can't buy it, they can't drink it and they can't sell it, yet they can advertise it in front of their peers. Surely we don't need to add to the already poor situation of the younger portion of society drinking under the legal age. Your thoughts would be most welcome, Thank you for your time in reading this e-mail.
Thomas Wrathall     Posted 30/07/2008 at 18:15:08   Comments (19)

The Jigsaw

I have absolutely no insider information and, unlike more optiistic commentators on this site, I have no idea which players DM will bring in eventually.

I do, however, have the natural curiosity of anyone faced with a puzzle. There are several pieces to the jigsaw ... perhaps one of you can fit them together:

  • There is a successful call for an EGM.
  • Moyes mentions his contract positively for the first time in a number of weeks.
  • There is delay after delay with the Kirkby DrearyDrome fiasco.
  • Debt grows, merchandise isn't easily available.
  • The Chairman of the company doesn't know what's going on.
  • The CEO resigns suddenly at the least appropriate point in the year.
  • The club issues a statement so terse and lacking in thanks that it amounts to an insult.
      For what it's worth, I believe that there has been a power struggle between Moyes and Wyness over cash and that Wynness has been more concerned to divert any available funds to DK (ooh! didn't he have a financial interest in that one?). Kenwright, knowing what would happen if Moyes walked, has backed Moyes with a promise of funds and Wynness, seeing his dream of the Knowsley biscuit tin under threat from shareholders etc has decided to run before he gets kicked.

      Pure conjecture. Really interested to hear other opinions. Perhaps Kenwright would like to offer a couple of words...
      Mike McLean     Posted 30/07/2008 at 17:48:48   Comments (3)

BlueKipper forum

I am an avid reader of any forum that's to do with the Blues so can anyone tell me if they are having trouble getting onto the Bluekipper message board on their site? All I get is a white screen with the blue kipper fish on it with the words "Call y'self an Evertonian." Can anyone advise.
George Carpenter     Posted 30/07/2008 at 17:37:55   Comments (7)

Defensive headache

If like me you had absorbed just about as much as you can possibly take of DK, KW resigning, conspiracy theories and the continual disheartening scouring of the intent for new players, then I wish to offer a genuine debate of some substance to talk about.

I have been wondering what Davey will do for sometime regarding the positions of CB & LB for next season. We all know he suggested to Baines that Lescott was primarily used at LB due to lack of size in the first 11, so my question is do we think this should continue, if not then who out of Yobo, Lescott & Jagielka plays at CB.

Personally I would love to see Baines with an extended run at LB to see what he can do, but I can't choose between the 3 for CB, I think they all have there relative merits.
David Whitwell     Posted 30/07/2008 at 16:31:42   Comments (4)

The king is dead — Long live the king.

So the CEO has resigned with no word of why. This in itself will harbour story after story by people in all parts of the media and message boarda such as this all claiming to have the inside info. All very interesting I am sure but for me its how the club deal with this resignation considering the timing of it.

We have a deputy CEO so let's hope that he can step up to the plate in the short term and be successful in capturing the players of the calibre described by the manager on the OS today.

In the longer term the Chairman and his board and advisers can search for a replacement who I hope can improve on the perception of a 'Bully Boy' CEO. and still lead us forward by growing the business for the benefit of all and to meet the fans craving for silverwear within a solvent and well run club.

All is not lost — No-one is indispensible. Here's to a great season on and off the pitch. UP THE BLUES
Ken Buckley     Posted 30/07/2008 at 11:04:40   Comments (17)

An impossible job?

The news that Keith Wyness has walked out on Everton FC has understandably been welcomed by those who saw the man as a self-serving pariah. Let`s face it, Bully never sought to curry favour amongst the fans and a catalogue of PR disasters allied to the central role he played in the DK project guaranteed he would become ` the man we loved to hate`.

But although there will be few tears shed over his departure, some of us may wonder if the job of the CEO at Everton is a poison chalice. In his eight years at the helm, Chairman Bill Kenwright has `gone through` three Chief Executives, none of whom have covered themselves in glory.

Michael Dunford was seen as a hangover from the failed regimes of the past; Trevor Birch stayed but a few weeks and Wyness rapidly became known as `the man who flogged the company silver`.

Ironically, of the three, Birch was probably the only one who got it right. Although he was obliged to say nothing at the time, the well respected `company doctor` has been known to describe the job as `bloody impossible`. Now whether that refers to the financial state of the club or the vagaries of working with Chairman Bill, I know not ? perhaps both were good reasons to get out before he became tainted.

What I think we can be sure about is that DK or no DK, Everton are in a sorry mess and there is unlikely to be much of a queue of top operators wanting to take the job. Make no mistake, when history is writ, 2008 will go down as Everton`s summer of discontent . Whether it will herald a new dawn or yet another winter of missed opportunity will, I think, have more to do with the man in the chair than the man in the office ? or even the one at the pitch side.

Everton ? don`t you just love `em!
Brian  Noble     Posted 30/07/2008 at 08:18:42   Comments (12)

Players set to come in

Moyes was quoted as saying he will sign next week — now on official site. He wants to get players in before he signs as he promised the team that's what he would do.

I would say that it's one of the same sources as before ? Moutinho bid now upped to 17mil euros. They want 20 mil euros but are considering the bid. The info comes from one of his sponsors so I imagine it's very reliable :) I posted this last night and something similar has popped up in the Portuguese press (Correio — I think)

I've not heard much about Topal though it seems (from what I've read and also various sites) that he will cost over 8million euros as Turkish press say we have bid 4.5 and 6mil euros so far. I was also told about M'Bia still being brought in.

From Moyes statement and my contact it looks like both of these fellas will be in within 7 days. For me, gardening leave is over and I should officially start at AC Milan tomorrow :)

IMWT -- Robert Elstone now we are in your hands!
Mark  Cassin     Posted 30/07/2008 at 05:38:12   Comments (27)

This Way, Jose.

He wasn't listed on the OS party to the US, and later under 'Boss Will Protect Jose' we read that Moyes wants to take Baxter under his wing and ? significantly I think ? to the USA with the squad rather than to let him go to an England U-17 tournament. Nobody there would attempt to tap up a young player of course, and DM explains that Jose is needed to swell the numbers.

He could be "in the side on merit", says Mr Moyes. He is, I hope, having the time of his life with Tim, Mikel and the rest of a happy, optimistic squad, just wanting to be in there doing it for EFC.

James Vaughan came in very young, and I don't think his injuries are age-related. It looks like DM is going to give another young talent a try this season, and that the lessons from the Rooney fiasco are written on the office wall ? don't let the bastards get anywhere near your home grown talent.

The future is bright, the future is blue.
Keith Glazzard     Posted 29/07/2008 at 21:24:09   Comments (4)

Shirt delivery - is this a record?

I have a big cheesy grin on my face, and I want to know if this is a record for Everton Home shirt delivery?

11:34 on the 24th - Billing information received Manchester
11:36 on the 28th - Delivery at door

What's so special about this is that it took only 4 days and 2 minutes to get my shirts to Houston, Texas, via Cologne (yes, the Germany one) and Louisville, Kentucky ? and one of the shirts was a special order name/number!

I'm ready for Denver now.......

Boy, wish KW would deal with transfers as quick!
Gerry Quinn     Posted 29/07/2008 at 18:30:05   Comments (12)

Wyness rumour

Rumours on all sorts of forums plus a poster who is generally reliable on The People's Forum that Wyness is to be booted out.

Anyone heard similar?
Mark  Cassin     Posted 29/07/2008 at 16:56:03   Comments (78)

Stop moaning and think of this

  1. Moyes has stated every year he is going to try and break the transfer record. So I think our excitement over these big names are getting the better of most of you.
  2. Johnson sale is brilliant business and the fact hes joined a lowly Fulham team shows this. The same with McFadden. If these players were so good then top teams would be trailing them or would have intervened in their transfers.
  3. Moyes is ironing out all the players which he thinks can no longer progress us. He is basically building from the face up again bringing in potential from the lower leagues, young players from the academy and the odd bit of flair from abroad (hopefully). All these may not have happened yet but they will do this season
  4. He is one of the most astute and well known managers for his in depth research into players personal lives. This is why we have done so well down the years because when we sign a player they settle in straight away because of the team spirit. We only have players at Everton which want to wear the blue shirt. Which is more than can be said for other teams players. Just stop being negative, we will sign players, but just because your like me tearing my hair out scanning websites for the slightest sniff of a transfer RUMOUR, doesn?t mean were not working our ass off for quality players.

    The futures bright, the futures Blue...
    Dave  Simmonds     Posted 29/07/2008 at 15:25:25   Comments (25)

Striker signed soon?

With the impending sale of AJ to Fulham only hours away, it begs the question, Is a replacement striker very close to being unvieled?

I know it's well documented that Moutinho is the top target and that substantial bids have already been placed, but, Moutinho is a midfielder.

Since the rumours first started about AJ, only to be quashed by the club and more recently Keith "Bullshit" Wyness insisting no deal was on the cards, we now discover that by the end of today AJ will be a Fulham player.

One thing that I am clinging to regarding this sale is that Moyes himself has insisted that he needs at least 6 new players and that AJ would not be sold unless a replacement was lined up.

AJ is as good as sold so who is on thier way in?

Is it Bent? Unlikely given that Tottenham are in the shit themselves for forwards. What about Millito? Again, unlikely given that Tottenham are in the shit for forwards and will probably be snapping him up.

I can't think of any other name that has been linked to us in a forward position other than the two I have mentioned above?

One thing is for sure though, our squad is down to its bare bones and I don't think for one minute that AJ would be allowed to leave unless something is as good as done in terms of his replacement.

Yak is our only recognised striker now. Vaughan is still unreliable in terms of his injury record and Victor is an impact sub at best which adds more fuel to the fire, in my opinion, that something is in the offing.

There are three weeks to go before kick off but a hell of a lot can happen in one week let alone three. Sunderland bid for, spoke to and have signed two of four players from Tottenham all in the space of a week so I am certain that this sale will kick start our summer spending.

A striker, defensive midfielder, Moutinho and another centre midfielder, with a back up 'keeper and right back and I think we will be just fine.

Obviously, a lot will depend on who the names are but I TRUST MOYES enough to know that they will be the names we want and need.

We know that the sales of AJ £10.5m rising to £13) and Faddy £5.75m) as well as the likes of Carsley and a few others off the wage bill means that money is there. The amounts accumulated from the above is also seperate to anything that was pledged to Moyes originally, so my estimates are something approaching £40m is available to spend.

If it isn't then something seriously stinks.
Benn Chambers     Posted 29/07/2008 at 13:25:39   Comments (18)

Moutinho's motivos....

According to Portuguese newspaper sources Moutinho wants to move because of personal and financial problems.He has invested heavily in a Soccer School which is having difficulties and his relationship with his father is strained (also apparently for financial reasons)

A friend of mine in Portugal has told me that he was seen lunching with Porto Boss Pinto de Costa who is famous for poaching players so maybe there could be another twist in the tale before this story ends. Do we really want a player who is coming to escape his personal problems? The majority of the feedback from Portuguese fans is saying that he's a top class player and why doesn't he wait for United or Chelsea to come in for him, but maybe he's just in a hurry.... Could be to our advantage?
Paul Waring     Posted 29/07/2008 at 11:48:13   Comments (28)

The Irish Invasion

It seems like the club are doing their homework on the other side of the Irish sea in recent years. As far as I know our academy currently boasts:

Defence: Shane Duffy (Derry) - hailed as the next Paul McGrath by some people; Aaron Burns (Banbridge) - newly signed left back.

Midfield: Ger Kinsella (Dundalk); Jay Wallace (Liverpool! but plays for Ireland's youth teams); Eunan O'Kane (Derry) is impressing in pre-season games.

Forward: Karl Sheppard (Dublin)

Eire u21 striker Aidan Downes was recently released and later signed for Yeovil Town.

His International teammate defender Darren Dennehy signed for Cardiff (I believe we may have lost out on a fee set by tribunal because we offered worse terms than Cardiff offered - can anyone confirm?)

When you include the youth academy tie-ins with Ballyoulster FC at Celbridge thanks to the input from the irish toffees it seems a far cry from Ray Hall's comments a few years back.
Barry Scott     Posted 29/07/2008 at 11:06:47   Comments (16)

No room for AJ

Firstly, Moyes traditionally doesn't throw new signings straight into the fray so, even if there were new arrivals, we could reasonably expect Moyes to choose his starting line-up for the Blackburn game from his current crop of players. Would it look something like this?

Howard; Gosling, Yobo, Jagielka, Lescott; Neville; Arteta; Osman; Rodwell; Pienaar; Yakubu

(Subs: Turner, Baines, Valente, Van der Meyde, Jutkiewicz)

Selling AJ does seem to make good business sense. We're in no position to have a £12 million pound bench-warmer, which is what he'd be with DM's 4-1-3-1-1 system. It seems though that Moyes has treated Johnson shabbily, just like he did with Beattie before him. One minute they're the golden boy and the next minute they're treated like something that Davey trod in. Which is a shame, as AJ is as honest and hard-working as the day is long and has a respectable strike rate.

I would question the wisdom of re-investing so heavily in a single central midfielder though. It would be very exciting to have such a hot prospect like Moutinho join the club although, if the price is £18 million then it would make more sense to me to go the extra mile and bid for Arshavin or to try and nick Mani on the cheap and give ourselves £8-£10 million to invest in another good-quality midfielder.

By the way, anyone notice how much Johnson looks (minus the hair) and sounds just like David Beckham?!!
Simon Birdsey     Posted 28/07/2008 at 18:14:46   Comments (70)

DK... Source or sauce???

I was just wondering what had happened to all the those posters who had "good sources" regarding DK.

One poster stated that the he had it from someone in the Club that the Board already knew DK was going to be called in a couple of weeks ago, and that they were deeply worried about what to do next.

The other guy said that his "source" had it on good authority that DK was not going to be called in and Moyes was going to sign his contract within 48hrs, along with the announcement.

This was all going on at least one week ago and neither of these scenarios have happened.

Could these posters please ask their sources what is going on and why their information was incorrect? Or was it that you had just been on the sauce after all??
Iain Latchford     Posted 28/07/2008 at 16:10:24   Comments (29)

Some Good News

Sky Sports has just confirmed that Mikel Arteta is back in full training following his knock against Forest. He damaged a nerve which made his foot go numb apparently. Leon Osman is likely to play some part in both games in the USA to gain valuable fitness and Timmy Cahill is running way ahead of schedule. I know our squad is smaller than a supermodels waist size, but at least some senior pros are starting their preparation for the season.

I hope the seniors do get some minutes under their belts in the USA, as, although i have been impressed with Rodwell and Baxter, i don't think they are ready for the starting 11, but could prove valuable squad members.

All we need know is the 5 or 6 players Moyes says he needs ;)
Tony Bell     Posted 28/07/2008 at 15:46:23   Comments (16)

Who's up front?

Just heard on 5 Live that Andy Johnson is at Fulham for a medical, I understand Big Vic will be at the Olympics for Nigeria, James Vaughan was missing most of last season, so it's just Yakubu then? Am I missing something, or is the "Rabbit out of the hat" looking like a dream scenario, with the five or six players required just to make the squad of a respectable size (never mind the quality). Keane looks like he is going to the dark side. At what point should I start panicking about our chances next season?
Simon Jones     Posted 28/07/2008 at 13:06:26   Comments (49)

Cahill back in training in the USA!

According to the OS Cahill is currently in the USA because his recovery is ahead of schedule. He can do some training this week. Now that's what I call good news! He'll be like a new signing!

In all seriousness: a fully fit Cahill at the start of the season and with Arteta's injury nothing worrying, added with the possible signing of Moutinho could give us some great midfield play like fall 2007? Oh, just imagine this midfield starting against Blackburn:

Pienaar Osman Moutinho Cahill Arteta

The Yak will get a dozen chances every match!

Ok, back to reality: Cahill and Arteta will probably break each other's legs, Moutinho will join the RS in two weeks and Pienaar and Osman will be knocked over by a physically superior midfield. But it's beautiful to dream!
Erik Dols     Posted 28/07/2008 at 12:37:37   Comments (8)

Most promising youngster pre-season

Kieran Agard has most impressed me so far this pre-season. He was a bit unlucky not to score in the last two games but you can see he's going to be simply amazing. Jack rodwell and jose baxter are good prospects but agard is highly gifted and lively and quick, I d love to see him in the Premier League this season.
Jack  Simms     Posted 27/07/2008 at 18:53:50   Comments (32)

Just a better class of club

Well we can't have it both ways. We are all worried and concerned at the lack of transfer activity. It now seems that a lot of work has indeed gone in to landing Moutinho but the clubs are widely apart in their valuations of the player. We haven't heard anything sooner as, in all probability, negotiations have been conducted in a proper and reasonable manner. If we were Liverpool it would have gone the way the Barry fiasco has gone. if we were Real Madrid it would be another Ronaldo squabble. We are Everton. Just a better class of club.
Tony Horne     Posted 27/07/2008 at 17:11:57   Comments (42)

Mark Clattenberg

Can some one please tell me if we will get Mark Clattenberg as a ref at one of our games this season?

Can the club refuse to have him or can the PL use common sense and make sure he is not appointed to one of our games?

Where can you find out who will be in charge of each of our games?

David Powell     Posted 27/07/2008 at 10:54:46   Comments (5)

White Rabbit out of a Hat

As the curtain-raiser to the season approaches, the long-awaited decision on destination Kirkby looms large and the unsigned contract of Mr David Moyes gathers dust in the out-tray of Keith Wyness's office, the tension within the fanbase of Everton is not just palpable but reaching Richter scale levels. Couple these factors with the scheduled trip to the US and Andy Johnson's apparent disgust at being hawked to potential suitors then the recipe of distrust is becoming like a molotov cocktail ready to explode.

Either Kenwright and Wyness are playing a mean hand of poker knowing that a white rabbit is going to be pulled out of the hat to appease David Moyes and the fanbase with a war-chest of funds executed to precision to acquire the five or six quality signings that the Manager has demanded, or we are likely to witness meltdown as the Club careers into the abys of the DK fallout.

Others have commented on the importance of the next week in Everton's history... not for the faint hearted but has it ever been any other way supporting this Club we adore?
Peter Laing     Posted 26/07/2008 at 23:01:07   Comments (21)

Shandy's Timing

Seems about right that Andy van would pull something just before the team fly out to the USA, considering he is scared to fly! Does anyone know if a ticket for the flight was even purchased? Would love to know.
Philip Jones     Posted 26/07/2008 at 13:00:39   Comments (34)

Same again at Forest

Same kjind of line-up as we've seen:

2 Neville
3 Valente
4 Rodwell
5 Lescott
6 Jagielka
7 Van der Meyde
8 Gosling
9 Jutkiewicz
10 Arteta
11 Agard

No info on subs... The games "has come soon for Pienaar"? WTF? Don't they mean "Pienaar's fitness level is not high enough for today's game"? Saying it that way just sounds like the game has come as something of a surpise yet everyone knew it was being played today.

Altright, it's just another one of those stupid footy cliches that drive me mad... it's been a long hard summer... I'm losing it!!!
Michael Kenrick     Posted 25/07/2008 at 19:53:31   Comments (80)

Big Phil signs new 4(!!!) year contract.

Just read that Phil Neville is delighted to have just signed a new 4 year deal at Everton to keep him here till 2012. I know that nowadays players are playing late into their thirties due to greater / advanced training methods etc ? but a 4 year deal to a 31-year-old? Especially a player, who in my opinion brings little more to the team than Tony Hibbert does at right back and less to the team than I would in centre midfield.

I know Neville has his critics (me being one of them) and his fans - but surely nobody can think he is deserved of a new 4-year deal? Am I missing something?
Adam Gilfillan     Posted 25/07/2008 at 11:39:19   Comments (118)

More important than that.....

Whilst most of us continue to believe that funds for new signings are comprehensively tied up with the decision on Kirkby, I heard last night that something altogether more important hangs on the outcome. Someone VERY close to The Club dropped out to me that David Moyes`s signature on that new contract is totally dependent on the scheme getting the go-ahead.All the terms are agreed and the signature will follow the green light; if it`s a `call-in` then the manager will sit out his existing contract pending further developments.

Apparently, he is aware that future income projections show clearly that the Club will be in BIG trouble soon if the move does not go through and partisan/sentimental considerations have become irrelevant. Was this said to influence me, a NO voter? I don`t think so, I`m not that important ? but it`s certainly given me food for thought.
Colin  Tunstall     Posted 25/07/2008 at 08:52:39   Comments (33)

Vladimir Stojkovic?

So the mystery goalkeeper now says that he did train with us for all three days. Ian Ross said otherwise. I've got to say when I first heard he left after an hour I figured it kind of made sense. England wasn't what he expected and he got cold feet, it sounded normal for a young guy. Maybe he's just trying to save face now but he sounded pretty upset by the quotations. Who to believe?
Joey Brown     Posted 24/07/2008 at 17:05:28   Comments (19)

Another own goal by Everton FC

Even the website writers are as useless as the board and marketing and PR dept now! Just read this story ( on the Yak. Especially where it says: "The Nigerian striker scored 21 times last season in all competitions ? the first player to have done that at Everton since Bob Latchford in 1978." -

Didn't Gary Lineker get 40 in the 1985-6 season? As ever, Everton prove themselves to be utterly useless. Maybe I'm harsh but who can forget the Riquelme gaffe last year. Everton need to radically overhaul their entire off-field set-up and start again afresh. They're a bunch of amateurs.
Gareth Price     Posted 24/07/2008 at 16:12:04   Comments (18)


There's been precious little movement at the arrivals counter but has anyone noticed a common theme at the much busier departure lounge ..... they're all baldies!

Who's next out .... Tim Howard!?!
Jonathan Wiggins     Posted 24/07/2008 at 11:12:39   Comments (25)

Big Vic in Nigeria squad

Two good points come from this:

They (the Nigerian management) obviously think he is good enough as he was picked from a large squad of possible Nigerian players.

Also: He will get more games/experience than he would if he were with us.

Bad point: if we have not bought a new striker (or two if AJ goes) we will be further short of cover upfront. Having said that, perhaps Jutkiewicz or even Baxter will get a run out?!?!
Jason Williams     Posted 23/07/2008 at 21:11:49   Comments (6)


As other clubs now start to make signings there is no still no sign that any activity is occuring at Everton to bring new players in or that Moyes will sign a new contract.

The club is clearly in a state of lockdown awaiting the outcome of the Destination Kirkby decision. This proves two things: firstly, that Ian Ross is incompetent or... ahem... worse and, secondly, that the DK decision is absolutely crucial to the club's immediate future.

I have said previously that most Blues will simply breath a sigh of relief if DK bites the dust, but clearly this will not be the case for the likes of Green and Earl. These two did not get rich by continuing to invest in a poorly performing asset and we could very quickly find oursleves in financial trouble if DK dies.

The one thing that really bothers me in all of this is that there are influential blues with more money then Bill Kenwright but none of them have come forward in the 18 months since Destination Kirkby was seriously promoted to offer to save the club from the horrors of Knowsley.

It really seems that we are the club no one wants which is very sad.

I stil think most Blues would now take their chances without Kirkby but it could be a very rocky ride indeed.

Finally, whatever happened to Madden and Dodd as, Destination Kirkby aside, I don't think anyone could doubt that there are serious problems with the way in which EFC is run at the moment?

John Doolan     Posted 23/07/2008 at 19:37:23   Comments (28)

New Kit

Has everyone who had pre-ordered recieved their new kit? My son hasn't recieved his yet despite the promise of getting it a day before the official release. This also happened last year when I recieved mine 2 days late!!!!!!!!!
Al Reddish     Posted 23/07/2008 at 17:38:07   Comments (17)

The future is bright...

...the future is Rodwell!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I WAS worried. No activity on the transfer front, only endless gossip generated by Agents. Then we have our 'big guns' absent for a variety of reasons from two friendly defeats.

So it was a nervous me that went to see the Preston friendly at Deepdale on Wednesday night.

Boy was I a chuffed Evertonian! What was basically a reserve side out played Preston. And it If I was a fan of that club I'd be deeply worried.

The stars of the match were not Jags and Lescott. But our 17 and 16 year olds notably Jack Rodwell and Jose Baxter.

One of my main worries this summer has been, How do we replace Harry Hill? Well, I would put Jack Rodwell in against Blackburn. Against Preston he barely put a foot wrong in either defence or attack. He looked a class above the Championship players he was facing.

Equally I doubt whether Jose Baxter would let us down in the Premier League. To coin a phrase by that Media football (Liverpool) Guru, Hansen. 'You won't win anything with kids'!

How true! Er but these two are ready for the first team. This Blue in particular thinks the future is bright.

As a footnote before the match, we had a trip around the National Football Museum. We were greeted by the surreal sight of the 1985 Cup Winners Cup final playing in what looked like Bob Paisley's chest.

Now that's a sense of humour!

Mike  Berry     Posted 23/07/2008 at 10:45:02   Comments (5)

Jose Baxter

Would anyone who was there last night, or anyone who has seen him play in the reserves or youth team, be kind enough to give me the low down on this guy. I did a quick google search and already found one story saying he is better than Rooney was, at that age.

Without this very obvious and somewhat tedious link, what has this guy got and how good is he?
Peter Laverty     Posted 23/07/2008 at 09:00:03   Comments (32)

AJ - should he stay or should he go?

Why he should go:?

  1. If all of our players are fit, we have 4 Premier League strikers. Yakubu partnerned by Cahill is an awesome partnership, and Vaughan and Anichebe should be by now ready to be 3rd and 4th choice.
  2. Selling him would bring much needed cash
  3. He lacks finishing power
Why he should stay:?
  1. He's one of the fastest player in the Premier League. Pace creates space.
  2. In a 4-4-2, with proper passing CMs who can make quick through-balls, he could be a deadly striker.
  3. Cahill and Vaughan are often injured.
  4. Yakubu and Johnson can be a good partnership if only we have proper CMs
My conlcusion: With Cahill showing last year he can CM in a 442, keeping a pacey striker like Johnson is good option to break the Top 4.
Amin Azman     Posted 23/07/2008 at 02:34:43   Comments (77)

Sonic Youth

The Destination Kirkby decision, albeit delayed by the protracted shennanigans at the GONW, David Moyes's unsigned contractual offer, injuries to key players and those on extended leave following summer footballing commitments, and the apparent lack of transfer activity by Everton during pre-season has to many left a bitter taste in the mouth and a hollow feeling through the soul of most Evertonians.

Reasons to be cheerful? Well not seemingly so. However, one clear blue ray of optimism has been the exposure to first team action of many of the junior players in the ranks, and the subsequent blooding of the likes of Kissock, Rodwell, Irving, Molyneux, Baxter, Gosling and Agard.

Such a strategy many would quite rightly argue has been on a "needs must" basis as the state-of-the-art Halewood training complex has resembled a health farm more so than its name, Finch Farm, in recent weeks as the casualty list of absentees has worringly mounted.

Baz Rathbone and his team must be raking in the overtime in between visits to Australia to check upon Tiny Tim's crocked metatarsal. Since the halycon days of Wayne Rooney there has been a constant drip feed on the internet through forums and the like as to the next 'big' thing coming through the ranks at Everton. David Moyes has in the past been criticised in some quarters for not allowing the youth an opportunity, the harsh reality being that very few if any have the physical stature, tenacity and natural ability of Rooney to bypass the customary inductions of youth team football and the odd reserve appearance.

The situation under Moyes's tenure has also changed since Rooney burst onto the scene as a precocious 16 year old. We now have options and maybe Moyes has learnt his lesson on nurturing young prodigies. How many, if any, from the youth contingency will then make the grade following their flirtation with the 1st team during recent weeks is impossible to say but given the nucleus of players at his disposal and the fact that Rodwell has been given a squad number, Baxter continues to receive rave reviews straight out of school and Agard seems to have shaken the dissapointment of being released from Arsenal then the future bodes well.

Without looking to draw direct comparisons, who can forget the youth team players at Manchester United that went on to achieve such greatness, bursting on the scene together and dumbfounding the pundits and critics? There is a long way to go but also reasons to be cheerful.
Peter Laing     Posted 22/07/2008 at 22:01:28   Comments (7)

Kilfoyle strikes again

Sadly, it seems that Liverpool Walton MP Peter Kilfoyle is not content with only writing an ill-informed letter to Baroness Andrews in support of Destination Kirkby.

I have heard from a Parliamentary source that he has also been lobbying other MPs based in neighbouring boroughs attempting to gain their support for the project alongside Knowsley South?s Eddie O?Hara and Knowsley North/Sefton East?s George Howarth.

Why is an MP actively seeking to relocate a business that brings in £9million per annum to the area out of his constituency?

To any of his constituents, it may well be worth contacting him for answers!

Website: Email:
James McRae     Posted 22/07/2008 at 20:39:09   Comments (14)

Preston v Everton

Is there any explanation as to whether AJ is injured or has he been left out because he is about to leave? Its a shame but lets hope Moyes has a replacement lined up. On the plus side I expect positive things from Gosling tonight.

Everton: Iain Turner, Phil Neville, Nuno Valente, Jack Rodwell, Joleon Lescott, Phil Jagielka, Andy van der Meyde, Dan Gosling, Lukas Jutkiewicz, Kieran Agard, Jose Baxter. Subs: John Ruddy, Mikel Arteta, Eunan O'Kane, Lee Molyneux, Cory Sinnott, John Irving.
Ian Barker     Posted 22/07/2008 at 19:24:41   Comments (65)


Why is it that the Official Site is endlessly rolling out players and former staff to give the club such a publicity boost? First we get Neville with his 'the squad's got a lot of quality so we don't need that much improvement' and his 'when we get those guys back from injury they'll be like new signings' and who can forget the 'wow, we've been linked with signing Pele, Maradona and Maradona's pet alpaca called Dave — we really must be good'. Then we get given quotes from a string of managers, ex-players and chip shop owners saying how good Moyes' transfer dealings have been and then a host of squad players saying how optimistic they are for the season. Frankly it's odd.

Sure, there's sod all going on at the club at the moment and fans everywhere have let their FM gene kick in, but why do the club feel the need to do this? Is it about conning people into renewing their season tickets, forgetting about Kirkby (hah!) or ignoring the fact our boss hasn't committed to the future with some high profile jobs out there?

Normally the club doesn't give a flying fuck about what us the fans think. They don't normally care that we're clamouring for some quality signings, or that we want an improvement in the quality of football on the pitch. It just doesn't make sense. Is there some wrangling over money, concerns about the EGM or what? It can't just be about the offseason and slow news. Something just doesn't seem right to me.
Mark Wynne     Posted 22/07/2008 at 17:19:02   Comments (9)

This season is all about making cash

This coming Premier League season is set up to be the most predictable ever.

The Top 4 will be the same as last year and all the newly promoted teams will be heading straight back down ( the weakest set of newly promoted teams ever)

The owners of all the teams in the middle know this and so this season will be all about making as much cash as possible — which explains the low transfer activity — a situation which suits us more so at Everton with the new ground and existing loans to finance.

I really hope I am wrong but we (and all the other mid table clubs) seem to be setting ourselves up for the most predictable and boring Premier League season ever.
Tim Oakley     Posted 22/07/2008 at 16:43:15   Comments (8)

Taking a stand

Shareholders can have their say about Kirkby at the EGM but what about the rest of us?


I've set a profile up on there called Keep Everton Alive. This is purely a vehicle to swap ideas anyone has regarding a possible protest against the move.

If you are interested then please log on (creating a profile takes 2 minutes) and forward your ideas and suggestions.

It's getting sad that we are having to resort to these measures simply to protect the club but I think its time for action.
Gareth Humphreys     Posted 22/07/2008 at 14:46:51   Comments (20)

The People's Club my arse!

I've never written in before but I do read the contributions on Toffeeweb with interest.

The main theme of many postings is frustration with the way the club is run. I know how hard it is to run businesses and feel some of the criticism is harsh - however every time the club deals with the media the PR is a total disaster.

This week the club website acknowledged that there had been a call from shareholders for an EGM. You expect any mature business to make a quote such as "the club always welcomes the chance to work with and answer the concerns of its shareholders and indeed all supporters and will ensure the meeting is arranged asap."

This approach at least gives the impression that management doesn't look down their noses at the 'simple' fans.

What have Everton carefully worded then? ?The Club can confirm that on Friday we did receive a petition from shareholders,? said Mark Rowan, Head of Media and Communications.

?There will now be a process of authentication and validation of the names on petition against the share register. Once we ascertain the accuracy of the names then we have 21 days from receipt to announce a date for an EGM."

In other words, we woudn't rule out that these people are crooked and have fixed the application!

Pathetic from people that should really know better. However, I think it illustrates clearly the way Mr Wyness views the fans. The bids for players we have no chance of getting, the loan taken out days before the vote to buy a big name and the 'free' stadium and 'deal of the century' quote all show that there is a view at the top that the ordinary fans are at best naive and at worst dishonest.

Let's hope the authentication process validates things!
Mel Jackson     Posted 22/07/2008 at 12:04:33   Comments (14)

A Day Turns Into A Week!!!

According to todays Post, the Kirkby 'desicion' won't be made until next week. Odd that, as I thought the politicians are all on holiday for 11 weeks from this Wednesday, I may be wrong.

Anyway, just thought I'd throw this thread open for any wild theories, speculation, or 'my next door neigbours brother said that the reason was....' comments as to why this delay has occered.

My tuppence worth is perhaps the government are waiting for EFC to validate the EGM petition numbers, and if indeed an EGM is granted, it will indeed be 'called in'. However, this is pure speculation ion my behalf.
Lee Smith     Posted 22/07/2008 at 10:35:09   Comments (14)

Seven Subs

How will the new seven substitutes rule affect the game in general and of course mainly Everton?
Tony  Pickering     Posted 22/07/2008 at 10:09:34   Comments (12)

Best stadium atmosphere in the League

Just seen this poll. And we are leaving for a soulless dome...
Eddy  Elton     Posted 21/07/2008 at 23:35:46   Comments (22)

World exclusive!

Here's a world exclusive of Andy van der Meyde in an Everton shirt actually doing something constructive.

I thought he was OK on Saturday, actually. Survived some pretty rough challenges. We were at our best when he was marauding up the right wing.
Jonathan Tasker     Posted 21/07/2008 at 21:41:32   Comments (30)

Is it all in the words?

I looked at this quote from David Moyes and wondered who exactly is he targetting it at:

?I?ve been telling everybody this all summer that the numbers are short and we have injuries which may or not be fit for the start of the Premier League ? everybody is aware of that.?

  • Is it the board? .... to get their fingers out and support him.
  • Is it the supporters? To let then know its not his fault.
  • Is it the media? so that his reputation is not damaged by the lack of signings going into the new season.
Whoever it is aimed at, it is very disconcerting that he is showing no signs of signing his contract and, despite stupid comments from Wyness about Mouthino, EFC are showing no signs of signing new players.

[Please don't turn this into another Kirkby thing .... this post is about Moyes and the squad!!]
Jay Harris     Posted 21/07/2008 at 16:25:59   Comments (17)

Bored of the crap transfer rumours

Every spare minute I get at work I check the rumours pages to see who Everton are linked to. For weeks now I have been either bored or disappointed with the players linked. And when I say linked, I mean players we have a genuine chance of signing.

Does anyone really think we will get Moutinho, cause I have a feeling its just another smokescreen to cover up the EGM that has been called or the Kirkby decision. The boards are full of talk of possible players we will get when other things are being pushed out of sight and sound. Kenwright and Co are great at taking the limelight away from them.

And why, except for Moutinho, after consistent top 6 finishes are we still linked to the same crap as Sunderland, Celtic, Middlesbrough and other mediocre shite, we're far better than them! I think this is finally the year I grow disillusioned with the crap our club comes out with to counteract the bad press of Kirkby, Moyes not signing a new deal, the lack of transfer activity and the fact we are totally skint! We should have signed players weeks ago and given them a full pre-season work out.

I think we will sign some players before the start of the season, but no-one good enough to push us into the Sky 4, and we will do it the "Everton way" ie, slowly, drawn out and with the chance of some other team stealing in at the last minute.

But Moyes gets the best out of the players from the lower leagues, so I hope for another top 6 finish... and I will continue to dream of the top 4.
James Elliott     Posted 21/07/2008 at 15:34:01   Comments (9)

Moutinho... or Arshavin?

Taken from the BBC website:

Zenit St Petersburg claim Tottenham have enquired about Russia star Andrei Arshavin and are ready to pay £15.9m, but Manchester City have not expressed an interest.

I read only this morning that Everton have been talking up an £18 million move for a little Portuguese wizard by the name of Moutinho.

Weren't we the ones that first noticed his undoubted talent and if we do have £18 million to spend on Moutinho, should we not at least test the water with a move for Arshavin?
Peter Laverty     Posted 21/07/2008 at 14:52:55   Comments (22)

Squad Numbers

Just seen the latest squad numbers on the website and couldn't help but ask a few questions:

  1. Why has van der meyde still got 7!
  2. No number 9 - Yakubu said he didn't want number 9 given but would rather earn it. Has he not earned it or has it been held back for a new centre-forward?
  3. Number 1 also missing - does Howard not want it? Or prefer his usual?
  4. Arteta given the number 10 is a good sign.
  5. No number 11!
The website says there are still vacancies at 1 , 9 and 11.... Vacancies!

I couldn't help but feel that the list is seriously lacking a few more names needed to look the part. Moyes has stated that he needs 6. Squad numbers have long been a good indicator for clubs of what they should expect for the season ahead, but in Everton's I am not so sure. Will Andy VDM be a regular this year? Are we to sign a new centre forward? Am I wasting my 25 minute lunch break?

I won't doubt that we will sign a few players by the season kick off , most likely 3 crackers and 3 squad members. We will have to wait and see.
Jim Slade     Posted 21/07/2008 at 14:09:52   Comments (23)

Ifs, buts and maybes

Imagine this...

Kirkby is happening...

We leave the city but go on the offensive: some marketing whizz kid gets a job at Everton and all of a sudden a 500-ft poster of Arteta, Cahill and Yakubu goes up outside Lime Street; blue and white lambananas populate Church Street and Liverpool One unveil an Everton Superstore; book signings by current blues become a regular occurence; next time Les Dennis comes knocking, we give him access to a high profile player to interview, so he doesn't have to ask his eleven year old nephew to imagine scoring for Everton; while we're at it, we do a deal with Nike and plaster pictures of Moutinho everywhere; that fancy new Nike store has visits from Everton players on a regular basis; club events like the awards ceremony, testimonial dinners and even press conferences for the signing of new players are held at high-profile city-centre locations; and we pay the ever endearing LCC thousands to light up various landmarks royal blue for weeks at a time, just to make a point...

Would that make a difference to some of the no-voters? Hypothetical questions like this don't reveal any answers but I think that given a marketing overhaul, my suggestions aren't too far fetched.

I understand that to original no-voters, none of that would make a jot of difference, but my question is this: Would our physical disappearance from the city be easier to bear, if it was replaced with a massive marketing/media presence?
Michael Davidson     Posted 21/07/2008 at 09:33:09   Comments (31)

What a Difference a Day Makes

Jeez, what a difference a day makes.

Over the weekend, and a fair old time previously to that, there's been nothing but doom and gloom over a certain "possible" ground move.

Then... just like the sun coming out from behind those storm clouds. angels voices singing away... Everton buying six ...yes six!!! Perm any one, two, three or NONE from the following list depending on how good you feel with regard to the "other" issue:

Moutinho, Fernandes, Topal, M'Bia, Johnson, Bent (Darren I hope, not Marcus again)....

Ahhhh what bliss it is to be an Evertonian.....I must have been a bad bastard in a previous life to deserve all this!
Brian  Williams     Posted 21/07/2008 at 06:53:34   Comments (22)

Protest Ideas

This may sound strange, but bear with me. As a fervent Destination Kirkby hater I've been thinking about ways to protest against the project in as visible and poignant way possible and I've got a couple of ideas.

Staying away from Goodison and boycotting the game is the obvious one, but I'm sure Bully Beef would love that, out of sight and out of mind and all that. He'd be able to explain that one away on the credit crunch and people tightening the purse strings.

No, I'm proposing something more radical: Here goes... Wear Red to the match! Yes, I know I may as well ask some of you to change your religion but nothing would say more to the powers that be than turning up in the colours of the arch enemy. They want to turn the city over to the RS, let's show them how it looks.
Ray Lupton     Posted 21/07/2008 at 04:52:28   Comments (35)

Transfers I have been told about

Hi boys and girls... it's 7:30 am here and I've been trawling the net for the last hour having been on the lash since lunchtime :) (few days off:)

I am now working for an Italian football team here in Asia and come into contact with various fellas including the following: Agents ? SFX, etc; Boot sponsors, etc, etc.

Now, I heard the following today from an ex international player with EXTREMELY CLOSE links to 2 of our players;

  1. Moutinho is a definite target as well as ONE other surprise signing (wouldn't tell me)
  2. Fernandes is on ? Moyes waiting to drive price down (I pushed him if this was a reason as I believe it)
  3. Keen on Topal and M'Bia
  4. Michael Johnson from Man City and one other that I heard but can't for the life of me remember (recovery mode now).

It was a bloody wild night and if all this gets rejected in the press tomorow I don't care :)

That just means we were refused or changed gameplan... imo

I just heard about Moutinho in the last hour on the net (and was told this before the news broke)

Whatever anyone says about sources/sauces :) NO CHANCE as it's related to my work.

Don't know if this is well known but Cahill (who I think is top notch) has not healed the same bone correctly and should be ready for the season start (contrary to MOYES himself) so I guess the manager wants to be certain he is fine.

Oh, BTW I was also discussing Rebecca Loos with him (and 1 or 2 others) she was paid 750k for the story on Beckham by The Mirror. I think she is lovely :)
Mark  Cassin     Posted 21/07/2008 at 00:25:37   Comments (19)

Joao Moutinho

I have to admit I know very little about this guy. Is he any good?

The thing that does stand out from what I can find on the net is that he is only 5' 07" tall (or short?) I thought Moyes priority was a big lump, a Diop type player. This guy is another 'midget gem' Can Manny and Joao Moutinho play together?
Matt Bone     Posted 20/07/2008 at 19:18:11   Comments (18)

Each fan must decide

Reading between the lines, it now looks as though Destination Kirkby is not going to be called in. I have purchased my season ticket for next season, and first went to Goodison in 1965, standing behind the goal in the Street End. I feel every Evertonian must now decide, if the move to Kirkby does go ahead what their next move will be.

I for one have decided I will attend all Premier League games at Goodison this season but will not attend any european, FA or cup games. At the end of the season I will not renew my season ticket. This will be a massive wrench for me, as for the last 43 years I have watched my team play every other week at Goodison, with my best mate, Obe. I will not renew my season ticket because I am totally against the move.

My reasons are; we will be leaving this city to the RS... and will be moving to a town. This will make us no bigger than Blackburn Rovers, Bolton, Middlesborough or Derby. I predict our support will erode over the coming years and we will end up playing in a half empty stadium. This one thought keeps going through my head. When we do win a cup, we will not be able to drive through the city of Liverpool, the city of our birth, but will have to show the cup in Knowsley.

Picture this, the train pulls in at Lime St, the first thing the people will see, "Liverpool, Home of the Beatles, and of Liverpool Football Club." Everton Football Club will be erased from the memory of this city, as we will not be a part of it, which will break my heart, we will have lost our history, our home and our place in this great city, when once we were THE ONLY club in Liverpool. I will never set foot inside the Tesco dome in Kirkby.
Gerry Dignam     Posted 20/07/2008 at 12:46:16   Comments (72)

Useless EvertonTV

I payed for Everton TV yesterday (whole £40 up front) and guess what? It doesn?t work. Missed the game. So I tried different network settings nothing worked. I got in touch with the technical department (who are useless.) Typical. At first they told me to try flip4 mac. Hold I don?t have a mac. I never said i did. Then they told me to try different settings like connecting to ADSL line. Hold on tech support read my original email. You?ll see i have tried all that. They?ve not replied since. The useless gitts!! Does anyone know if they?ll give me my money back? This is just typical of them. To say I am annoyed is a understatement!!
Shaun  Nesbitt     Posted 20/07/2008 at 12:54:43   Comments (14)

Lack of interest of Irish Toffees

When we sit here and discuss Everton's inability to attract investment and its inability to attract extra revenue, we should consider Everton pre-season tours. For the last number of year Everton has consistantly gone to Switzerland and Italy along with the US for their pre-season tours. These are not likely to be hotbeds of support for Everton.

Places like Ireland, Holland, Scandanavia where Everton do have a sizeable support are being ignored. Thousand travel from these places each week to attend matches in the UK. Sunderland noticed this through Niall Quinn and now they have about 1000 - 1500 supporters travelling each week to the Stadium of Light and this is increasing. If you consider that Sunderland had virtually no support here pre-Keane, this shows what could be achieved for a club with a traditional link to this country.

On the merchandising here in Ireland, getting the Everton gear is difficult but this is improving. JJB sell it here also (as far as I can see it is exclusive to this here. Could be wrong about that) but there is not a great selection of stuff. I get my Everton stuff in Liverpool when I travel to games.

There are a lot of Toffees here in Ireland, some are more hardcore than others. However, with a concerted campaign here (ie, a couple of friendlies, some player visits, some promotional work etc), I believe we could awaken the dormant support here and add to the revenue stream for the Club.

It has started. For years, I felt I was the only Toffee here among the reds of Liverpool and United but this is changing. I can see far more royal blue shirts around the street these days but Everton must cultivate this.
John  Nolan     Posted 20/07/2008 at 11:17:37   Comments (16)

Pre season farce

When I paid the £17 to go to the Cambridge match, I had high hopes of seeing some new faces in blue. However, instead of multi-million pound signings I saw an unrecognisable team filled with kids. Is the squad really so poor that this is the best team we could have fielded?

Rodwell had a good 1st half but was anonymous in the second, Irving had a good game and O'Kane showed some neat touches but looks far too lightweight to figure any time soon.

No doubt Moyes will trot out the usual "it is all about fitness at this stage" but that does not really wash with me or probably the other 1,500 fans who turned up to see this farce. Van der Meyde is not even capable of beating conference defenders so don't be fooled by his recent promises. New signings are needed urgently!!!
Paul McGrath     Posted 20/07/2008 at 08:42:41   Comments (11)

Where is Manny?

Anybody who, like me, thinks we should sign the potentially high class Manny Fernandes (unless his price is outrageously high) might be interested in seeing him in pre-season training with Valencia. Interestingly, he does not appear to be listed in their squad. Google VALENCIA CF, click on VALENCIA CLUB DE FUTBOL- WEB OFICIAL, then on OFFICIAL WEBSITE and then on PRESEASON 08-09 (right hand side). Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on PINCHA AQUI............, then click on the various sections, each of which has a date. Then again, you might think 'What a waste of time!'
Philip Bell     Posted 19/07/2008 at 20:47:24   Comments (6)

Time for ToffeeWeb to act?

A while ago, I posted a letter on the site in which I asked if there was any evidence that anyone at the club looked at the site. I felt that if this was the case, then the confidence of some players could be badly dented by what is written here.

I do feel however that the Everton Board of Directors would learn a great deal by reading on a regular basis. It would seem that this is not the case, therefore I would like to suggest that Michael, Colm, and Lyndon take the site to the board. Now I know that Michael stated recently (in response to accusations of bias against ToffeeWeb) that this was not a campaigning site; but I am not asking for a campaign.

There are probably hundreds of regular posters on the site and thousands of regular readers. The views, while passionate, are generally articulate, well argued and pertinent. I think that gives the editorial team a mandate. So how about an interview with Bill Kenwright or Keith Wyness. If they don't want to talk then publish your correspondence with them and let the Evertonians who enjoy this site and who spend good money supporting the club decide what we think of them.

I have said before that I believe Bill Kenwright to be a sincere well-meaning Evertonian. If he won't talk to us then I'm prepared to change my mind on that.

This is, in my view, the most important close season we have ever had. We need some answers from the board. Michael, I am not asking you to campaign but please use the influence that you undoubtedly have and get an interview with blue Bill. (Take Tony Marsh with you!)
Andy Crooks     Posted 19/07/2008 at 20:33:36   Comments (5)

So that`s it, then?

Having read carefully the response of Cllr Bradley to the Kilfoyle letter, I can only deduce that both of them know that Minister Blears has decided NOT to call in the DK Planning Application.

Bradley refers to Kilfoyle`s last-minute desire to become associated with a decision already made and this only backs up the information we have to hand locally. Whilst I can certainly claim to be a lifelong Evertonian, I am first and foremost a resident of Kikby ? born, bred, raised and for the duration ? and I just know that this is wrong for both parties.

Not only will the city of my forebears be the worse for Everton`s leaving but my neighbourhood will suffer greatly from a total change of character. It seeme to me what Tesco wants it will get, particularly if it can find a soft touch to oil the wheels with a £255,000 backhander.

All very sad indeed.
Olive Walters     Posted 19/07/2008 at 19:10:09   Comments (27)

Reply from Everton Marketing Dept

I emailed the marketing department at Everton on 26 June 2008 about the lack of stock at the megastore and other concerns I have. After 3 follow up emails they have finally replied.

The reply does not really fill me with a lot of confidence.

This is their reply. My original email is below.


I have received your e-mail and I apologise for not having enough time in my day to enter into lengthy personal correspondence, for questions as detailed and direct as these.

In summary, we have issues with stock, which we are addressing with JJB, and we are currently reviewing our long term retail strategy which our store business will form a significant part of.

With respect Graham, I have a job to do and don't appreciate supporters taking the view that they can continually send e-mails to get what us to respond, please allow me to deal with retail issues. I can assure you we have not neglected our retail business, indeed the reverse applies, and you will see the changes we have planned come to life over the next few months.

Thanks for your continued support of the club, I hope we can live up to your expectations in future.


Gary Wilton
Graham Duffy     Posted 19/07/2008 at 16:07:11   Comments (17)

Cambridge 1 - 2 Everton [HT]

Two very nicely taken goals from Lukas Jutkiewicz to put Everton back in the game. This is nice to watch!
Michael Kenrick     Posted 19/07/2008 at 15:31:08   Comments (40)

Mikel Arteta - Top Man

Just been watching yesterday's Sky Sports News update to catch up on what's been happening and about 2 minutes in it showed Mikel going round houses delivering fans' season tickets and then going into their houses to sign some stuff and have a chat. I thought I'd mention this to highlight the fact that he's a nice fella and to try and lift the doom and gloom off this place.

Also on the video Joleon Lescott talks about Moyes and transfers, saying that he was surprised nobody had come in yet but not worried, this was because he felt that there was quite a few clubs that haven't signed anyone yet and it goes on...

You can watch it at:,20285,12602_3835643,00.html
Robert Jones     Posted 19/07/2008 at 10:55:45   Comments (6)

Transfer twitterings and transfer twits

When will Benitez and Ferguson learn? The hypocrisy of the pair will not be a surprise to anyone except perhaps their most devoted fans, but especially in Sir Alex?s case having reported Real Madrid over the very public Ronaldo transfer saga, you?d think he might have the intelligence to see that making comments about Berbatov soon leaving Spurs would rankle Tottenham and the football world in general.

And we all know that Benitez is on another planet when it comes to transfers, valuing players in what can only be described as an optimistic outlook and talking about other clubs players ceaselessly, whilst acting furious if anyone else mentions his prized players with a switch away. So well done to Spurs for reporting both Liverpool and Man U to the Premier League for tapping up their players, although as we have seen in the past, its one rule for the Sky4 and another for the rest of us.

And despite the agonising wait for Everton to announce some signings, to give a hint as to who we are interested in and what funds are available, I for one am happier that we conduct ourselves correctly, only confirming interest when we have had a bid accepted by the player?s club. It might be frustrating, but ultimately we can applaud Moyes?s conduct whilst the pair of twits above no doubt continue in their devious transfer tactics.
Andrew Humphrey     Posted 19/07/2008 at 09:40:52   Comments (9)

Pascal Chimbonda

Just read a few websites today and aparantly Pascal Chimbonda says he would prefer a move to Goodison!! Than Sunderland or Newcastle... WATCH THIS SPACE!

As soon as he finds out what we will offer per week in wages, he will be in the northeast before you know it. He is not a bad right back but he is a player I can't see Moyes wanting around the camp and we have enough cover in Neville or Hibbert.
Terry Smith     Posted 19/07/2008 at 08:21:48   Comments (6)

“I have a dream....”

Pundits are still talking about the top 4 and then the rest of us scrapping around for a tenner from the Uefa Cup; not sure if that is still the case...

Man Utd are by far the strongest club and Chelsea a close second. I would imagine this will be the case for a good few years. Liverpool and Arsenal are a different kettle of fish though.

It seems Arsenal have no finances to compete with the top two despite their new stadium. Liverpool will have their new stadium but I cannot see them suddenly having the transfer funds available to compete with the top two either. Their owners have been heavily hit recently.

For the rest of us therefore I think Arsenal and Liverpool can be caught. I have no idea how well we will do???I never do. But we have been close recently and who knows. Watch Villa though. Backing from owner and a good manager. Also Tottenham.... they won?t have such a catastrophic start again and could be up there.

So, to look at the Premier League, I reckon we will become very similar to the Spanish League. We will have our equivalent of Real Madrid and Barcelona and then a few other names will pop up occasionally.

These others will rarely win anything and the goal for a season will be to get into the Champions League. Not to win it but just to get the cash to qualify for the Champions League next season... not to win it but just to get the cash to qualify for the Champions League next season? not to win it but just to get the cash to qualify for the Champions League next season. Sorry... got stuck.

If we look at the expressions of anxiety expressed here pre-season, they are in reality about whether we can maintain our ability to fight for 4th place. I can hear Bill Kenwright now: ?I am a true Blue and I will do everything I can to come 4th.? Or Moyes in his contract talks: ?I will stay for £x million because I am the man who can bring 4th spot to Everton.?

If all my hopes come true ? such as signing some good players, keeping a capable manger, filling our ground, winning the Derbies etc etc ? then maybe, just maybe, we can come 4th.

I am so excited about the up-coming season. I am already planning to be at St George?s Hall when the open top bus arrives with Moyes holding a copy of the league table aloft and shouts ?I have brought you 4th.?

Great game!
Ged Simpson     Posted 19/07/2008 at 07:01:28   Comments (4)

Michael Johnson

No, not that the athelete with the gold shoes but the midfielder at Man City. We have been linked with him quite a lot in recent weeks with him being identified as one of Moyesie's targets.

I noticed he played for City in the qualifying rounds of the Uefa cup last night in the Faroes. Does anyone know if this means if we did sign him he'd be cup-tied for the Uefa?
Brian Lawlor     Posted 18/07/2008 at 11:00:22   Comments (18)

Who in their right mind..?

Just when I thought that the Kirkby debate could not possibly descend any further into the depths of stupidity and incompetence up pops Peter Kilfoyle MP... aided and abbetted by the one and only EFC publicity machine.

Not only does Peter Kilfoyle MP state that DK is not in his constituency and therefore presumably nothing to do with him, he makes several unsubstantiated statements (Everton desperately need a new stadium, Tesco option is the only one etc etc: he then goes on to contradict his own argument for the move ? an unspecified benefit to his consitituents of the proposed stadium in Kirkby

?...The Tesco scheme offers a massive investment, attractive to many of my constituents (my constituency boundary is no more than 400 yards from the proposed site) both in terms of jobs and amenity. That is the bottom line for me. After all, there is no alternative on the table.?

Closely followed by...

?I would also like to nail one of the many myths bandied about concerning Everton and its present location. Councillors have said that there would be a hole left in the local economy if Everton's £51 million turnover was relocated to Kirkby. This is comic book economics. Everton's turnover has virtually no impact on Walton wherein it is situated.?

Now it either will affect the economy or it won't ? surely?

This leaves me in a bit of a quandry, should I be surprised that people voted for a man who can contradict himself in the space of two paragraphs, or surprised that EFC can find this to be sufficiently positive that their PR machine publishes it on the Official Site?

Has the EFC PR machine got a clue? If the OS is to believed then EFC have no money and a shit stadium — and this is just the beginning — no wonder LCC don't advertise this to the world...
Rupert Sullivan     Posted 17/07/2008 at 20:05:33   Comments (116)

Real Everton players

I've just returned home from a two week holiday in which I had the pleasure in reading Sharpy. What a cracking read, I found, obviously, the chapters on the 80's glory years particularly interesting.

I?m 28 so I really started following the blues around 89-90 season and the free fall in quality that followed always baffled me. In Grahams book he talked in detail about the reasons why this happened and he seemed to put it down to us signing players that were not Everton quality for example Tony Cottee, Pat Nevin, Neil McDonald etc they are players that had skills, to be honest they were some of my favourite players as an 11 year old, but as many of you will know they didn?t work for the team 100% as players such as Steven, Heath, Reid and the likes.

This got me on to thinking about the current Everton team and the loss of a player like Carsley and the lack of transfer activity. I personally feel that the present Everton side although they are not all of the quality of Kevin Sheedy they seem to have the passion and desire to win that an Everton player needs to have to be successful.

Hopefully Davie Moyes is holding out to sign some players of this ilk??.or am I being over positive?!
Adam Wilkinson     Posted 17/07/2008 at 18:36:35   Comments (11)

Not the time to sell AJ

With DM now conceding that neither Cahill nor Vaughn will be fit for the start of the season and young Vic off to Beijing, I believe it would be reckless in the extreme to offload AJ before we have a replacement, if we have replace him at all. All we need is the Yak to have an off-spell and we're stuffed mightily.
Guy Hastings     Posted 17/07/2008 at 16:02:46   Comments (20)

What is it about Evertonians...

...that expects the Chairman to find endless funds, the Manager to sign new players before the end of May and Government Office to `call-in`plans for a new stadium within hours of their receipt? We`re an impatient,demanding bunch putting ourselves through weeks of torture and misery when we should know by now that nothing ever happens before the season is days away from start up.

So why do we do it? Why do we spend hours pouring over every site that might ever have given us news of Everton? (Why, even Central Office of Information is on my favoutites list right now!)

I`ll tell you why. It`s because we care. It`s because we have deep concerns about where our club is heading ? and this year that means geographically as well as up or down the league. We just need to know ? and the longer we`re kept waiting the more restless and unsufferable we`ll all become. We want news. And we want it now!
Spencer  Liversedge     Posted 17/07/2008 at 15:16:44   Comments (8)

Yobo's brother released

Sky News just reported that Joseph Yobo's brother has been released unharmed. Great news for Joseph and his family.

Some good news to report!
Frank  Duffy     Posted 17/07/2008 at 12:26:30   Comments (9)

Stephane M'Bia

Looking at a few webistes today and some are saying that we have already agreed a fee of around £4m for the Defensive midfielder who will fill the gap that Carsley played. I know that he plays for Cameroon and in France but has anyone seen this guy play? And will he do a better job than Carsley??
Terry Smith     Posted 17/07/2008 at 11:36:41   Comments (28)

Uefa Cup Draw

Just to take my mind off the constant stress of DK, BK, DM and ANO, I thought I wefaould look at the possibilities for the Uefa Cup 1st round draw on July 27:

Marítimo, Portsmouth, Vitória Setúbal, Tottenham, Rapid Bucharest, Valencia, Dinamo Bucharest, Sevilla, Unirea Urziceni, Racing Santander, Politehnica Timisoara, Milan, Feyenoord, Sampdoria, Ajax, Udinese, Heerenveen, Nancy, NEC Nijmegen, Saint-Étienne, CSKA Moscow, Paris St-Germain, Motherwell, Hamburg, Metalist Kharkiv, Wolfsburg, Club Brugge, Borussia Dortmund, Baník Ostrava, Benfica, Kayserispor.

Some teams I have never heard of (good thing or bad thing?) and I was surprised to find Romania has 4 teams represented.

Let's hope we miss the big boys until later and get an easy passage all the way but I wouldn't mind beating Valencia on the way.

CSKA may be a different proposition this time but possibly without Arshavin, Jo and Zhirkov. Lets hope the glass is at least half-full again by then too.
Jay Harris     Posted 16/07/2008 at 18:01:12   Comments (14)

48 hours

I have it on very good authority that DM will sign his contract and the go ahead for Destinatiion Kirkby will be announced in the next 48 hours in a press conference.

The Everton Board of Directors have received the good news at the end of last week which is why DM has started his contract negotiations now and there is expected to be no complications.

Moyes's transfer budget will be sizable ? one of the conditions of his signing ? but "not in the region of the big 4". He already has his targets and will be working to sign them in the next 2 weeks.

The current loans that have been talked about are bridging loans to cover the arrival of the Sky money due after the start of the season.

The new stadium money is already in place; apparently Tesco Terry was prepared to call off the whole thing during the negotiations unless he saw the money was there or would be there for Everton's financial contribution ? he did not want Tesco associated with another Kings Dock fiasco (fearing that Tesco would be blamed).

This caused quite a huff between Bill and Tesco as Bill didn't like have his "word" doubted. As a result LCC and Bestway saw an opportunity to move in and present their own ideas.

But Bill was "persuaded" that Kirkby was the only viable solution and the differences were patched up as Everton's financial contribution was guarenteed and planned to Tesco?s requirements.

The Bellefield development will be put on hold for at least 2 years to officially "concider all options" realisticly Everton have been advised that the current economic climate will mean that its 2 years at least before it becomes viable and maximises revenue. In the meantime a PR campaign is to be launched slowly to persuade locals the the development of the site is a good idea and won't stretch local resources.

And re the Fernandes saga. The reason why there are many stories are about it is because Moyes stated that he definitely wanted Fernandes for next season. Two plans were drawn up. If Kirkby fell through he would be loaned for a season with an option for about £6 - 8 million.

If Kirkby did go ahead then he would be purchased for £6 million as a "I told you this was a good idea look at what we baught" gesture to fans.

Valencia are aware that we want him and want rid of him themselves so are happy to wait 2 weeks or so for us to decide if we want him perminantly or on loan. They reduced his price from 8 to 6 to persuade us to buy him.

Can't say how I know and if you want to treat it as BS that's fine, I understand. All I can say is that it,s not a tea-lady, groundsman, or mate's cousin's girlfriend's cat!
Mark Perry     Posted 16/07/2008 at 14:20:50   Comments (99)

Leahy's response

I'm actually impressed with his response. He obviously has a sound understanding of what he wants and where to pitch in order to get it. Stadium debate aside, he's hardly the wrong man to help lead Everton - he clearly understands people power and how to attract it.

We need a new stadium and I hope we can deal with this guy to get it.
Jamie Rowland     Posted 16/07/2008 at 13:07:18   Comments (28)

Moyes opens talks

Glad that I am to see DM is holding talks over a new contract.... was this not supposed to have been done and dusted and merely requiring a signature months ago. That is always assuming BK can be trusted!

Maybe I missed something!
Tom Edwards     Posted 15/07/2008 at 09:04:17   Comments (20)

Friendlies; not fair on the supporters

As an exiled Evertonian living in Cambridge, I will be taking the opportunity to watch our favourite team this Saturday. The seat prices are in line with CUFC matches in the Blue Square. It will be the first time my children will have seen Everton.

However, my point is this, having seen the team that we put out in Switzerland, I'm now expecting to see an Everton team of maybe 3 first teamers plus a load of kids. I know that a lot of the squad are still not back, injured and so on but the match is billed in advance as Everton and is it therefore fair to the Everton and CUFC fans who have paid good money to watch?

Still, I may yet be one of the few Evertonians to have seen AVDM play a game....

So, not the end of the world but yet another example of the way football takes the piss?
Jonathan Tasker     Posted 15/07/2008 at 08:17:53   Comments (17)

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Quoted in the current issue of Property Week , Mike Kissman ,Tesco's corporate affairs manager, has this to say about you know what...

"We would be very concerned about the viability of the scheme if it gets called in. That would mean the scheme could be delayed by a year or even two years. At that point the parties may not be in a position to continue. Every body will be taking part in a public enquiry over a scheme that would never happen."
My reading of this is that, if the project is called in, Tesco are resigned to failure at a public enquiry. This could be good news for me and thousands of others who are totally opposed to Kirkby. We should get a decision this week, possibly Friday morning. I can only hope and pray that the GONW do the right thing...
Alan Rodgers     Posted 14/07/2008 at 17:53:03   Comments (95)

?And the dead arose...?

I know one swallow doesn't make a summer ? and in Andy's case let's hope its been a swallow-free summer which will continue into the season ? but could it be possible? Have we actually got one of those mythical 'new players' who are already on the payroll?

I wish Andy VDM the very best in his recovery, and let's face it, we could do with a bit of good fortune now and then.
Keith Glazzard     Posted 14/07/2008 at 17:16:17   Comments (37)

Soccer Dreams

Anybody else (in North America) watching the Soccer Dreams series currently being shown on the FOX Soccer Channel? Just curious... is it being shown back home in the UK? As far as getting our name out.... brilliant! Why other teams haven't done it before now is surprising... and they are obviously going to do it this year too. The program is pretty good; not worthy of an Emmy Award. The editing of the program could be better but for a summer of no soccer (argh!!!) it's well-worth watching!!

However, two comments I'd like to make re: this Saturday's episode: two of the coaches were arguing the toss over which players they got for their own team. I'm sure it was meant to be funny... however, I actually thought it was very unprofessional the way they carried on ? especially the white guy. Thank heavens they are not Everton coaches ? only being used for this program.

Secondly, there was a moment where they were talking to all the players and one coach (after a scrimmage game) commented that playing "hoof ball is not good enough and that it doesn't work anywhere else in the world".

Need I say more?
Martin Cutler     Posted 14/07/2008 at 15:16:24   Comments (5)

Live telly games

Maybe I'm taking it a bit over the top with this, but of our five games that will be broadcast live by Sky in the coming months, four are home games. As I am living in the Netherlands it makes it easier to watch these games on the internet so I should be happy about it. But I feel that it will decrease our attendances.

Obviously one of those games is the derby and that will sell out no matter what, but home games against the Barcodes and especially against Fulham and Boro are games where I can imagine people choose to watch it at home and not to watch it from behind a pole in Goodison.

Purely out of curiosity: does anybody know if attendances drop significantly if we play a 'less attractive' opponent and that match is broadcasted live? I know most of you probably don't care but these sort of things keep me pondering over and over again...
Erik Dols     Posted 14/07/2008 at 09:54:15   Comments (14)

Gilberto Silva

Only a rumour I know but if true I think he would Silva would be an excellent purchase. I could see him slotting into the deep lying midfield role. He is a great passer of the ball and his lack of pace would not hinder him protecting the defenders. Also heard the rumour about Darren Bent personally I think he would score more goals than AJ although he would cost more, he is younger and we could recoup the money we pay in a few years time.
Simon Gilmovitch     Posted 13/07/2008 at 21:43:53   Comments (25)

Just like the rest of them!

So now we know; according to NoW`s very well connected writer, Andy Dunn, David Moyes is a greedy bugger just like the rest of them. His reluctance in signing a new contract had nothing to do with limitations on transfer funds but everything to do with doubling his money to a staggering £3M a year!

Of course, some of us always knew it. However great his love for the People`s Club, he wants his snout in the trough like all the others and, anyway, hasn`t he been voted Manager of the Year no less than twice in the last six years and therefore entitled to it? So when we all slag off Blue Bill for not backing his manager with barrel-loads of transfer cash perhaps we should become a little more demanding of the manager who has held him to ransom for personal gain throughout the summer.

Remember, Davey, as the late John Moores said on more than one occasion,`People who live on high hills should expect high winds!`
Brian  Noble     Posted 13/07/2008 at 12:35:38   Comments (43)

Season Tickets

Good news - my season ticket arrived today along with those for my 2 sons. Seats and numbers all right. Thought I'd brighten up some of the gloom and let you know something at Everton is ok ? no last minute panic on where they are.

We just now need DM to sign a contract and a few quality signings. Happy days???
Frank  Duffy     Posted 12/07/2008 at 20:52:52   Comments (7)

The Accused!

Michael and Lyndon,

There has been a very good debate going on within the BBC pages about a blog Phil McNulty wrote about the Kirkby Ground Move situation.

However at the end of the article, one of the comments left by a guy called "Tevezfiasco" seems to be very bitter.

"It certainly is a devisive and unpleasant row. KEIOC have had their plane buzzing around, they have carried out their own biased survey with loaded questions and they have actually gone to Kirby and stirred up local residents to object. They have inundated the Government Office with objections. Their mouthpiece Toffeeweb has started to ban posters who try to object to KEIOC and it is turning into an ugly nasty campaign. The leader of LCC is another that has dragged this debate into the gutter by turning down Everton's planning application to build houses on Bellfield and getting LCC to object to the Kirby application. The question has to be with friends like these who needs enemies."

Phil McNulty has asked the accused parties involved if they would like to answer their charges and help widen the debate. Care to respond?
Ric Wallace     Posted 12/07/2008 at 15:28:15   Comments (43)

Friendly v Sion

Team in this afternoon's first friendly of the season:

1 Turner
2 Irving
3 Nuno Valente
4 Rodwell
5 Lescott
6 Jagielka
7 vd Meyde
8 Neville
9 Jutkiewicz
10 Baxter
11 Kissock

Playing 4-4-2


0-0 after 25 mins.
Richard Porter     Posted 12/07/2008 at 15:22:54   Comments (24)

Summer of Discontent

Been a while since my last contribution. Still visit the site daily. The mood in recent weeks has plumetted. Just wondering - with or without reason?

I do not normally read Pravda... you may know it as the Liverpool Echo... but when Everton's mouthpiece David Prentice starts to make noises, it is indeed time to be concerned. Let's not descend into 'doomonger' or 'naive clown' name-calling... let's keep it to the facts.

David Moyes has not signed his contract. More importantly (and worringly) he has not uttered a word to press and fans alike since his post summer break return. The statement on AJ last Sunday was a release via the club quoting Moyes.

Given that there's always something to say on return to pre-season and he has a new Number 2... this is decidedly odd. I am now concerned. Those who thereby brand me a doomonger... please also take time to explain the above FACTS and how these factors would not impinge on Moyes acquring players.
James  McPherson     Posted 12/07/2008 at 10:14:59   Comments (19)

Top Four Potential?

The new season is almost here, and for me yet again every team other than the top four is just there for a hiding by the big boys thus keeping the Asian market happy. Hope and dreams is what makes fans come back year after year, and for us a top 4 place is everything, and we're, in terms of competition, nothing untill that happens.

So, the question is, does anyone realistically think we can do it this year? It again looks like Liverpool will be the one to catch as their new signings don't seem any better than they have (though granted there's still a long way in the window to go). And if it is a yes, what will need to change from last season?

I am hopeful, but more than likely we'll be there to make up the numbers as usual and be 'pleased' with qualifying for the Johnstone's Paint Trophy of Europe - the Uefa Cup. But as I write, the possibility of over taking Liverpool to 4th is closer than ever, and that is our new season wish, and a lot more bloody likely than theirs of winning the league!
Nick Entwistle     Posted 12/07/2008 at 09:20:23   Comments (10)

Where is Fernandes?

Just had a look at the official site for some clarification on this matter. It's no help!
Fernandes is NOT on the official squad list.


Look on the transfers out section of the official site, Gardner and Gravesen are both listed as 'Loan Ended', Fernandes isn't there.

Also, look on the past players section. Gardner features in past defenders but Fernandes doesn't appear anywhere.

Does that mean that .....

a) The person who runs the official site has dropped a bollock?
b) He's coming back on loan as in the article but it hasn't been announced yet?
c) We're still trying to sign him and the kit delay is to announce his signing?
d)We should stop guessing!!
Kevin  Prytherch     Posted 11/07/2008 at 14:32:49   Comments (15)


Looks like we missed out on signing boyhood Evertonian Robbie Fowler as well. Transfer speculation... I mean come on let's all get a bit real. I'm fairly sure the media will have no idea who Dave is really after and when the new players are signed some fans will reject them for being nobodies. These players will no doubt reveal themselves as hidden gems and be capped for England by the time the season is out, aka the normal pattern.
Kiern Moran     Posted 11/07/2008 at 08:38:42   Comments (19)

The worst that can happen

So, Phil Neville thinks the squad's okay. I disagree... but admire him for saying what a captain should say. But suppose there really is no money ? what's the worst that can happen?

Let's assume that we get Manny on loan and take it from there. Tim Howard in goal with two decent young goalkeepers as back-up; not a disaster.

Gosling at right-back, Baines at left-back and Yobo and Lescott (playing where he wants) in the centre of defence. DM forced into playing a footballing and attacking back four. For cover we have Neville, Hibbert (when fit), Jagielka, Nuno Valente and Rodwell. Seems okay to me.

Now, midfield. VDM wide right (he will come good); Arteta in central midfield (DM forced into playing him where he is best); Fernandes playing in the holding role (where he is best) and Pienaar.

Up front the Yak and AJ (the combination we should always start with). That leaves Cahiil (and the option to play 4-5-1) Osman and Neville. With Victor and James Vaughan up front for cover. AJ can play wide if necessary. In emergency, Jagielka can have another shot in midfield.

Okay it's not what I want but it's not the end of the world. Time to stop the doom and gloom.
Andy Crooks     Posted 11/07/2008 at 00:53:26   Comments (18)

Am I missing something?

According to the Premier League website in the article with Phil Neville they say "So far the club have only confirmed the extended loan of Manuel Fernandes for next season, but Neville is not worried." I remember reading something about this a little while back too, but it was never confirmed by the club's website or anything else. Normally I would shrug this off but it coming off the Premier League website I figured it may be legit. Any ideas?
Joey Brown     Posted 10/07/2008 at 20:28:10   Comments (42)

Why no Sidwell?

It is so obvious that we need to replace Carsley, but who with?

Everyone has had their say and I know it's only Moyes that knows. And we will get the usual leave it to him "in Moyes we trust and all that nonsence!!"

But can anyone offer an argument as to why we are not in for Sidwell - He can pass, tackle and control the midfield he's the right age and I can just see him fitting in at Everton and getting his career back on track. I'm astounded that it looks like he's going to Villa for £5 million and we haven't had a look !!

It's so frustrating waiting for Everton's annual dalience in to the transfer market - makes you want to scream or throw your computer out of the window!! Think I will scream, its cheaper!!
Kevin Bennett     Posted 10/07/2008 at 15:48:45   Comments (42)

Boosting the brand

I have been thinking about the merchandising issues that have been debated recently on here, in particular the lack of presence in the City itself.

It's got me wondering - tell me I'm an idiot but is it possible that we have made some sort of agreement with LFC (like a pact with the devil) to keep out of their way re building their liver brand? And that maybe we have done this in exchange for funds? Could we have perhaps similarly agreed to let them muscle in on our early history (a la Rev Ben Chambers and the church team foundations) to help boost their brand? Is this kind of whoring or our heritage a possibility?

Perhaps I'm going mad, the current uncertainty is probably taking its toll........
Leo Thorpe     Posted 10/07/2008 at 15:37:05   Comments (13)

Exactly the same

There are always two halfs of Everton fans in the summer from what I have seen observing this website in the post season period so far.

The first are people who are panicking about the lack of transfer activity thus far, and people seem to come up to different conclusions of the reasons why for no transfers, when no one really knows what is happening.

The second are people who are quite relaxed and trust Moyes and think that the signings will come.

To me, I'm in the second. It was exactly the same last year when we were linked players like Barton, Nugent, Richardson, and people were complaining then.. and we got Baines, Jagielka and Yakubu instead. Who would you prefer?! That just proves my point!

The money situation gets to me though. We managed to spend about £20 million last year... so how do we manage to have less money this year? We finished in a higher position, we did well, and better, in two cup competitions, so doesn't it make sense we should have more money?

Nobody really knows what is happening with money or transfers, but instead of coming up to conclusions, why not be a bit patient and just see what happens? Because no matter how many theories, suggestions, complaints we can come up with (even though it is sometimes entertaining), it will not change anything!!
Ben Jones     Posted 10/07/2008 at 14:37:23   Comments (21)

It was only a matter of time!!!

Well Captain fantastic has finally said it!!! This quote is taken from the OS: ?I?m sure the manager will strengthen the squad but I?m more looking forward to getting Tim Cahill back because we missed him for four or five months of the season. Bainesy missed part of it and we probably didn?t see enough of Mikel Arteta after Christmas because of his injury.

?These types of players are going to be like new players for us next season.?

There you are!! Our new players for next season are Timmy, Mikky and Baines!!
Seamus  Murphy     Posted 10/07/2008 at 10:57:42   Comments (15)

Two Mortgages

I think The Guardian article answers the question of where David Moyes's transfer budget is coming from but doesn't really indicate how much.

And Why £30M last October? We never spent a carrot in the January window . All this says to me is... we really are up to our necks in the brown smelly stuff, aren't we?
Arthur  Jones     Posted 10/07/2008 at 01:24:51   Comments (57)

Andy Johnson

Like more or less everyone else, I am left to speculate what is really happening behind the scenes regarding transfers and how much Moyes has available to spend.

The ongoing speculation regarding Andy Johnson is seen by many as indicative that we haven't got a pot to piss in. Maybe so.

Nobody seems to have put forward the possibility that David Moyes has simply decided to sell him? AJ has had a lot of injuries and watching him last season he did seem to be playing through a barrier more often than not, maybe mental as a result of the systematic character assassination begun by Mr Warnock, or maybe physical due to being unable to fully shrug off his injury problems. I

In one away game towards the end of last season, Moyes could clearly be seen and heard frustratedly castigating him loudly for not getting forward quickly enough, apologies for being unable to recall which game although the incident stuck in my mind.

Maybe, just maybe, Moyes has decided that AJ has peaked and it is wise to sell now while his stock is relatively high. Maybe in 6 month's time he will be on West Ham's injury list, again, and Curbishley will be using him as another excuse for a miserable season.

Obviously this is all mere speculation, but then so is everything else contributed on the subject at present and it seemed worthwhile offering a viewpoint which nobody else seems to have considered in any depth.

The fact we appear to be hawking a major saleable asset doesn't bode well, but just for once maybe it is simply a case of the manager deciding to sell a player for purely football rather than financial reasons. Time will tell...
Rob Fox     Posted 10/07/2008 at 00:36:41   Comments (19)

Stretford gets his just desserts

Just heard the news that Paul Stretford has been given an 18 month ban by the FA meaning that he can't work as an agent in that time.

It's about time this corrupt swine got what he deserved and the amount of accusations and the heinous behaviour of the 'Man' from 2002 when he aquired Rooney shows just how he ticks.

He caused us a lot of grief back then and I am glad to see that he is going to get punished for it.

I hope he never has the chance to work with professional footballers again.
Anthony  Jaras     Posted 09/07/2008 at 19:02:54   Comments (1)

Scare Mongers

Here we are again in another quiet close season, and here we are again with all the paranoid scare mongers fretting because Moyes hasn't lashed out £30 million already (two weeks after the Euros...)

Has any one of you ? and you know who you are ? looked about at how much business has actually been done by any of our competitors? Have any of you read other official websites to see if their board and respective mangers have listed their top five transfer targets in public? Has anyone actually seen the Goodison Park profit and loss sheet?

I'll give you a clue.... No. None of you have. What short memories we all do have. We were virtually non-existent in the transfer marker last summer until a couple of weeks before the deadline when everyone nearly pissed themselves at the thought of signing Yakubu, Baines and Fernandes.

I love this site and read it every day but I'm getting increasingly tired with impatient fools who know nothing more than the rest of us but seem convinced that we are doomed to some sort of summer of failure. In Moyes "I" trust. COYB.
Peter Laverty     Posted 09/07/2008 at 17:57:58   Comments (33)

What a state we're in!

It seems that every time I post it's to criticise some aspect of Everton FC. To some,that makes me an "anti" or a whinger, but the reality is that I love my Club and would just like it to be run on efficient and progressive lines which it certainly isn't!

Just take the last fortnight. Rumours abounded that Andy Johnson was about to move on. Kenwright was moved to make a statement that his manager "had requested him`to make it clear that this was total tosh." Then said Chairman fetches up at a supporters "do" to admit he knows little of the logistics of the proposed move to Kirkby as he doesn`t get involved in detail.

Moreover, he hasn't pursuaded the manager to sign a new contract as they are still negotiating... although they do talk five or six times every day.

Yesterday we hear that as well as the longest injury in history ruling Baines out for much of the pre-season, a similar situation exists with the other serial absentees: Cahill and Arteta — oh, and by the way, Hibbert will be out for months whilst he recovers from yet another operation!

Add the fact that Anichebe will be off to the Olympics when the season starts and, suprise, suprise, AJ is for sale after all, then you get a clue as to why I`m a little depressed.

No new signings in the offing —a lthough I guess Johnson`s sale will at last allow some funds to be released — and the prospect of a total balls-up on the stadium front and it's a wonder I'm not in treatment! Almost makes me hope that the ground move goes through and somebody moves in to buy "The only club in Kirkby"!

What a state we're in!

Brian  Noble     Posted 09/07/2008 at 16:43:38   Comments (2)

Speculative speculation

All this worry about signings, stadium movement, board of directors and so on is a true indication that we have hit the summer (the weather here by the way is no way of telling it's summer ? thank God).

I personally believe that getting rid of Johnson for the estimated £11 million being touted in some areas is excellent business. God love him, he tries... but he lacks what we need to march on.

Don't like the sound of Saha either. Injured all the time so no thank you sir-e. Milito shold be worth a punt but DM is priority. Darren Fletcher would be a good squad addition but not for more than £5 million. And that's being generous.

So all in all we still don't know where we stand on any of the above issues, so thank you EFC for keeping us on our toes and guessing. Otherwise the summer would be as dull as the weather.
Ross O'Doherty     Posted 09/07/2008 at 14:23:11   Comments (26)

Johnson should stay

If we sell Andy Johnson we only have one proven Premier League striker in Yakubu. Vaughan and Anichebe for all their promise have yet to cut it.

With McFadden gone and Johnson probably on his way, what the hell is going on? If the Yak gets injured were done for. If we get £10 million for Johnson we would have to spend all that minimum to get a player of a similar calibre and class so why sell? For all Johnson's faults I like him. He?s a great foil for Yakubu he?s a grinder and a workhorse. Who can forget when he destroyed Liverpool with his pace/power and never say die attitude?

Even if Moyes sells in order to fill his midfield with the likes Bentley, Fletcher and Lennon, this still leaves us with only one real striker.

Top 4? You're having a laugh!
Daniel Johnson     Posted 08/07/2008 at 11:29:12   Comments (91)

Kit Launch Delay

I'm not normally one for conspiracy theories surrounding Everton and tend to take everything as I see or hear it. However, the new home kit delay has got me thinking all sorts for some reason and they are thoughts that could suit every type of fan we have!

1. Believe what they hear fans - the kit has been delayed due to distribution problems.

2. Optimistic fans - The club are holding back due to the imminent arrival of a big signing that kids and adults alike must have that name on the back of their shirts?

3. Pessimistic fans - The club are holding back due to the imminent departure of a big player we already have that kids and adults alike usually have that name on the back of their shirts? (AJ, Arteta).

What type of fan are you? Or maybe I should just get on with my work?
Dan McKie     Posted 08/07/2008 at 10:33:28   Comments (56)

The Wigan Sonnet?

A few years ago there was a poem wrote on a underpass where I lived written by a blue. it was superb but I have never seen it since. It was called Gwladys Street or something alomg those lines.... does anyone have any idea what it's really called and where I can find it?
Simon Rimmer     Posted 07/07/2008 at 22:28:26   Comments (2)

Travelling Party

Now many people have talked about our shortage of midfielders but, for the few that might still believe that we will cope the following travelling party was announced for Switzerland:

Turner, Ruddy, Baines, Lescott, Van der Meyde, Johnson, Vaughan, Jagielka, Neville, Valente, Osman, Irving, Rodwell, Kissock, O'Kane, Agard, Jutkiewicz, Baxter, Sinnott, Molyneux.

Notice the number of FIRST TEAM midfielders... one! Even taking Neville as a midfielder not a rigth back and VDM as a realistic option, it's not a full midfield.

Before people mention it's a pre-season and players are off due to longer holidays ? this could happen with a few injuries...
Robert  Heaton     Posted 07/07/2008 at 17:33:32   Comments (31)

Johnny Morrisey

Having been a fan since the 50s, and a regular at matches since the early 60s, I have seen a lot of players, good and not so good, come and go! Some names I will admit, do not register to me when they crop up on various sites (probably senior moments?) but I put it down to the really bad years, and that they probably only played 15/20 games, so I can say that I am amazed, that a wonderfully skilful and team player like Johnny Morrisey, never gets a mention on these or other website pages!

I have only been on the net for 30 months, but can honestly say I have never seen an article on him or his name mentioned, and I have never seen anyone querying his present situation? Can someone tell me why this is so? As he really is a big part of our history in a fabulous 60s side.
Jay Capper     Posted 07/07/2008 at 16:15:45   Comments (28)

New Stadium... wherever it may be!

I was very interested to read an article in which Arsene Wenger admits that their transfer policy for the next ten years will be affected by the debt created by their new stadium (I think it was on the BBC). Essentially they will have to create a conveyor belt of talent from within... not a problem it seems if you ARE Arsene Wenger. I'm not sure if Moyes has the scouting network or skills to match Wenger (not an attack ? I don't view any manager in the league as being as good as Wenger on all fronts).

I find it interesting from our point of view, as our silver-tongued leaders are constantly reassuring us that our transfer budget isn't affected by the ground situation in any way. Now, since what they have told us before (Kings Dock, Fortress, Goodison not able to be developed etc.) hasn't always been accurate, I am starting to get a bit cynical about our absence from the transfer market, our inability to get Moyes to sign the dotted line, as well as our unbreakable bond (it seems) with Tesco and a move that is losing support every day!

  • Will the Kirby move really bring investment that outstrips Arsenal?
  • Are we ever going to be able to afford top level players?
  • When is Kenwright going to clear any of this up? A concerned Blue
    Alex Quigley     Posted 07/07/2008 at 15:44:54   Comments (19)

Just how long have we got?

Let me first confess that I was one who voted YES because I swallowed the story that Goodison was beyond saving and there was very definitely no Plan B. Tesco were offering us a state-of-the-art stadium for a mere £10M and even our financially challenged Board could find that piffling sum!

Of course, the story has changed a lot since then and we now know that we can only expect `a second level` stadium and the price is at least £78M. But what of all those warnings that if we didn`t move, new Health & Safety Regulations would see Goodison condemned as unfit for the purpose and we should end up sharing with Wigan ? or was it Tranmere Rovers?

Things have gone pretty quiet on that front so was that threat all part of the conspiracy to get `soft touches` like me to vote for Kirkby? Can somebody tell us if stories of Goodison`s threatened closure were just a ruse or IS new legislation imminent. Is all this angst ALL about boosting corporate income ? and who`d trust this lot to do that? ? or will our licence soon be withdrawn?

Just how long have we got?
Terry Mantle     Posted 07/07/2008 at 11:31:49   Comments (25)

Condololences to the Yobos

As you may of heard, Joseph Yobo's brother, Norum Yobo, has been kidnapped in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The details of the kidnapping are vague, but anyway I'm sure all us Evertonians and everyone involved with Everton FCwish him the best and that the situation is resolved quickly and successfully!

All the best!
Trevor Thompson     Posted 06/07/2008 at 15:46:20   Comments (14)

Why not de-camp to Wigan?

If, like me, you think that DK is a no-hoper and Blue Bill will be saved from himself by the Planning Inspectorate`s rejection of the scheme, your thoughts will already be turning to the inevitable Plan B, the renovation of Goodison Park.

This morning I read that Spurs are about to announce a total re-vamp of White Hart Lane and are considering a temporary move to Milton Keynes (45 miles away!) whilst the work is in progress. So where could Everton de-camp to whilst our natural home gets its overdue re-build?

Now I know some Evertonians have already suggested `New Anfield` but to be tennants of `that lot` even on a temporary basis would be a bitter pill to swallow, so for me it`s either Bolton or Wigan with the latter winning it for me purely on proximity. Any other suggestions?
Ken  Connor     Posted 06/07/2008 at 12:55:31   Comments (26)

LFC, EFC and Kings Dock

These stories about the Kings Dock being ?offered? to Liverpool FC first are untrue, apart from a general discussion as to whether either club would be interested in being ?tenants? of an LCC-developed stadium. Not surprisingly, both clubs rejected this out of hand.

The Kings Dock proposal came out of a competitive bid for development of the site. The City Council / Liverpool Vision organised the competitive bidding process and chose Everton [?Houston Securities?] as their ?development partner? over several other alternatives [which had no stadium], following a process of public consultation. After a lot of further work, the City council were left in the lurch when Everton withdrew. With 2008 looming, the City decided to develop the Arena and Conference Centre on its own. Everton lost the deal of a lifetime. Liverpool FC were never involved in any way, apart from complaining that Everton were being given preferential treatment. This led to the decision to let LFC develop in Stanley Park, a move which was opposed by Warren Bradley.
Trevor Skempton     Posted 05/07/2008 at 20:48:48   Comments (35)


Right, I know that the transfer window can be a delicate time for fans of every football club, and I freely admit to being frustrated with the past several years of this ? increasing rumours, no action, no money ? blah, blah blah.

Now I don't jump up and down for every single rumour, but I am sure that all fans like to believe rumours about players that they want at the club more than the ones about players they don't want - and with this is mind I have laughed off every link this year between EFC and defenders... until now.

The Icliverpool website ? usually good for announcing things that the club want them to announce ? has written an article about the French defender Bassong. Which leads me finally to my point: does anyone on this site believe that EFC needs another defender??!!!! There are officially 9 on the books (admittedly including Gosling, Irving and Rodwell), but EFC have only 7 midfielders (including both Kissock and Van der Meyde) and 7 strikers (including LuKas).

Now I am not a footy manager (obviously) but surely we need midfielders more than anything else ? 7 on the books!! One of whom DM will never play, and the other who is young and has quite limited experience.
Rupert Sulilvan     Posted 05/07/2008 at 16:41:59   Comments (19)

Thank you

Having grown bored witless by the official site, I stumbled across ToffeeWeb more by luck than judgement. Yet what luck! No bland, sanitised for the masses, politically correct articles here. Oh no, this is much, much more visceral than that. These are articles, letters, cries from the heart etc from real Everton fans. People who passionately care about the club.

At times I've laughed at the legendary scouse wit, almost cried at the depth of sentiment expressed, and felt the intense heat of debate. So why am I saying "thank you" ? Well, I guess you could call me half scouse. My Mum's side were blues from Bootle. My dad although from Shropshire was also fortunately a blue.

At the age of 11 (1974) I saw my first home game versus Arsenal and marvelled at Dobson's silky passing skills. The visits to see relatives and go to Goodison were the happiest days of my childhood. The sheer adrenaline rush of matchday was magical to me. Sadly, my parents are gone now. I'm a 45-year-old man who lives in Shropshire but is still fanatical about his beloved Everton.

Everton fans are like any family. We may laugh together, cry together and at tmes argue and yet the bond between us will withstand anything. I care so deeply about this club and through ToffeeWeb I have been reminded that many, many others do too. Thank you.
Mike Evans     Posted 04/07/2008 at 21:36:28   Comments (10)

Steve Round signs

So at last Steve Round has signed, he comes with some experience even if quite young. I believe Moyes has been holding out on buying anyone new until this has been sorted as he wants to get his assistant's opinion. So lets hope the next week sees a few transfers coming in.
Jim Porritt     Posted 04/07/2008 at 18:01:23   Comments (22)

Dixie Dean: The first transfer

I read with interest your article about Dixie Dean here on ToffeeWeb. My father the late John P Burns, being a founding member of Pensby AFC, played with Dixie; he was also involved with his original transfer to Tranmere Rovers.

Although as you reported no official transfer fee (between Tranmere and Pensby AFC), according to my Dad the fee what was given is quite interesting. It was by all accounts; used shirts and shorts, some goal nets, a bag of used boots and a £5 note. An article to this effect was published in the old Birkenhead News and Advertiser back in the fifties, along with a photograph of Pensby AFC featuring Dixie and my Dad.

I in fact met the great man himself when he was the licencee of the Dublin Packet in Chester.

ps: If anyone comes accross the photograph, I would love a copy as ours got lost over time.
Ray Denton-Burns     Posted 04/07/2008 at 14:57:12   Comments (6)

How much?!

Newcastle are apparently in talks with American Investors about a £420m takeover of the club, 12 months after being bought out by billionaire Mike Ashley for £134.4m. Two things that really puzzle (and annoy) me about this...

1. How have they managed to attract such huge investment for the 2nd time in 12 months?

2. How the hell are they now worth £420m???

Apparently Ashley's put £100m into the club since buying it to pay off debts and invest in the squad, so let's say for arguments sake that now makes the club worth £ has the value of the club shot up by £185.6m in 12 months? They finished mid-table, won no trophies, didn't qualify for any European competitions and replaced their manager yet again.

It really makes me wonder how much our club is worth? Ok the Geordies have a larger stadium than we do and greater revenue streams mainly because of this (as well as being the only club in their city), which is why I could understand them being worth £134.4m last year, but if they're now worth £420m, are we really only worth the £50m that's often mentioned?
Paul O'Hanlon     Posted 04/07/2008 at 14:43:59   Comments (9)

Defensive Midfielder: The Key Position

I think most would agree that the key signings that need to be made this year are:

1. Moyes — New Contract
2. Moyes's No.2 — Steve Round (decent choice in my opinion)
3. Defensive Midfielder / Carsley's replacement

Hopefully 1 and 2 will be resolved shortly, however, the saga of No. 3 is ongoing.

We have been 'linked' with an abundance of players who allegedly fit the bill as 'Carsley's Replacement', namely:

- Engelaar
- Huddlestone
- Cana
- Diarra
- Mehmet Aurelio
- etc etc etc

Not forgetting the frightening talk of Neville and Jags being touted as potential suitors to that position and Fernandes coming back to revert into that role (while I would welcome him back, he is simply not a replacment for Carsley).

Purely hypothetical, but instead of chatting about the usual doom and gloom subjects, i.e. Kirkby, BK and KW, transfer budget, etc. I thought it would be interesting to know...

a) What players would ToffeeWeb readers be attempting to sign for the Defensive Midfield slot if they were in Moyes's position?
b) How much would they be prepared to spend on such a player to fulfill this role (bearing in mind the mumblings of our total summer transfer budget)?
c) How important do they feel a signing in this position is and/or are there other positions which they believe are of more importance for our progress?

I still fancy Albelda who we were linked with recently but he seems an unlikely target now that Valencia have a new manager and Mehmet Aurelio seemed ideal but that now looks unlikely (a deal has supposedly been done with Betis), the only other position I can think of who would be relatively cheap, seems surplus to requirements at his current club and who is experienced, is Gilberto Silva at Arsenal.

All thoughts and opinions welcome.

John McKie     Posted 04/07/2008 at 12:13:16   Comments (8)

What happens next?

There is a wide-spead assumption that should the DK project get `called in`, the whole concept is dead in the water. Indeed, Wyness has gone on record as saying that the inevitable delay will escalate the club`s contribution to a figure beyond their means. Now as a retired Town Planner, I have little doubt that `calling in` is inevitable. Amongst the guidelines for such action, the Planning Inspectorate list:-

  • Development that could have wide effects beyond its immediate locality.
  • Development that raises significant architectural and urban design issues.
  • Development where there is significant regional or national controversy.
It would seem to me that all three of these issues are present in this application and that, in comparison with the 150 or so applications called in each year, this is a `no-brainer`. Indeed, were it not to be called in, neighbouring local authorities would raise some very serious questions. Again,contrary to what we have read, the planning Inspectorate NEARLY ALWAYS holds an inquiry before the Secretary of State decides on the application.

So, if the inevitable happens, will the Club pull out or will they use the delay (up to two years) to do nothing whilst they await the outcome?

Going on their inaction following the King`s Dock fiasco, my money is on the latter!
Malcom  Stone     Posted 04/07/2008 at 10:29:36   Comments (15)

Straight Red Cards

It's interesting that the image that the Guardian uses for it's 'Posted 04/07/2008 at 09:15:50   Comments (7)

Footy Match News Shocker!

To relieve the boredom of the early July 'phoney war' (DK / non-signings/ Osman go-karting/ VDM turning up for training) I felt the urge to share some actual EFC match news (of sorts).

The Aug 9 Goodison pre-season kickabout v PSV will be televised live -on Setanta Sports - see I hope, by then, the cash has arrived to persuade Mr Moyes to sign his new contract.

At present, I'm genuinely worried that he could 'up sticks' out of sheer frustration (looks like there's a lucrative assistant manager's job available at Old Trafford within days)..

Mind you, the idea of a senior figure from EFC moving to Man Utd in August after a summer European Championships is sheer fantasy. Hang on... .
Alan  Chadwick     Posted 03/07/2008 at 21:41:27   Comments (21)

Name of our club

It appears to me that we have forever been in the shadow of the Evil Empire. We were banned from Europe by an act on their part, coincidentally when we were a good team. That incident prevented our greatest ever Blues team from being able to put themselves in the world shopwindow, so we could stride forward and become a household name, not only in England but abroad too.

The ban never really affected the evil ones, they had made millions of fans overseas from their wonderful Euro cups in which I say full credit to them, no skin off their nose's. "Everton?" they say in France, "who are they?" We might as well be Accrington Stanley for all they care.

Now comes my point, please my fellow blues I beg you, dont be angry when I say this, but the red empire have in all honesty hijacked the name of the city. Even as I wrote my address for this letter, I couldn't avoid the fact I come from this city, I had to write "Dave from Liverpool".

Ok we all know that the red crap don't represent the city, everyone knows this, don't they? Mmmmmm... it appears not. My friends go abroad and ask football fans there, "Everton?, Everton? who are they? Liverpool are the team from that city, look at the name," they say.

My fellow blues, we have one answer and one only, why don't we change our name for European games to Everton of Merseyside, or Everton, the Royalty of Liverpool, in short Everton RL. No way have they got copyright on the name of a city they clearly do not represent.

Please forgive me for saying this but we have to think of ways forward to make our club better and bigger, we could use the name they stole as a means to get noticed.
David McCarthy     Posted 03/07/2008 at 19:15:16   Comments (21)

A Tall Tale?

I know these stories without source always bomb out here on ToffeeWeb but thought I'd tell it anyway as it was of a slight interest to me. A mate of mine, all be it a Spurs fan, but very knowledgable nonetheless was over in Spain last week and happened to be staying in a mates flat next door to Bill Kenwright´s brother.

Unfortunately he did not ask him anything about Destination Kirkby but he did get a few questions in about Moyes and BK and the squad. As we all know already, he told my mate that Moyes and BK are best buddies, he added that Arteta looks like he could be on his way to Athletico as Moyes is fuming after Arteta was on a flight over to Spain during the Arsenal game last season, apparently Moyes is ready to let him go because he is happy with Pienaar and is confindent that Fernandes will return this summer. He furthermore added that AJ wants to leave and Moyes would be happy to see the back of him.

Finally they spoke about Carsley leaving, apparently Moyes told BK that he believes Neville is as good at the holding role.... I know, I know!! And that Jags may well be groomed into central midfield!! This is because Moyes is terrified that Lescott will ask for a move if he doesn´t play at centre back rather than left back. Not exactly exciting stuff I know but interesting to get a bit of inside into how Moyes sees the current playing staff. He finished by telling him that Hibbo would be his first choice right back. Here's to a long and interesting season ahead!
Ben Polak     Posted 03/07/2008 at 17:16:13   Comments (15)

Mehmet Aurellio

Everton have been linked with the Turkish holding midfielder Mehmet Aurellio, he is 30 years old and available on a free. I wanted to know the views of fellow Evertonians. Would he be a good replacement for Carsley?

Does anyone have more information on him? I personally think that if Moyes could get him in on a free this would would represent a good bit of business, he's still got a good few years left in him.
El-ray Jackson     Posted 03/07/2008 at 16:08:05   Comments (30)

Just how do you switch off?

From day one, I have been opposed to the move to Kirkby. I guess my reasons are the same as those of most Evertonians who are proud of our City of Liverpool heritage and believe we should stay to build on it rather than consign it to the history books. But as we await to hear whether the whole moving process is to be derailed by Government Office, I have got round to pondering how I will ever be able to abandon the Club if my worst fears are realised and we do move into the Tescodrome?

Oh yes, I've said it: "You`ll never see me in Kirkby, it will be the end of a beautiful love affair." But whilst there may well be fifty ways to leave your lover, I`m far from sure I have the strength and resolve to make the break.

After all, Everton will have the same corporate management (uhh!), Davey will almost certainly still be at the team`s helm, and I guess most of my favourite players will still be plying their trade. The seat I`m allocated won`t require me to jump to right and left to get a decent view of the goalmouths and (hopefully) the pies will be warmed right through. So just why should I pull the plug as my heart tells me I should?

As a sad old bugger with 40 years of service to the cause, how can I possibly switch off?How can I fill all the space in my life that Everton presently occupies? How can I live without the addrenilin rush that I get from `just being there`?

Tell me, please ? I need help!
Dave Shelley     Posted 03/07/2008 at 08:52:56   Comments (62)


Well today Manchester City, Newcastle and Pompey strengthened their squads, Tottenham and Liverpool have already... and even Bolton have spent a fortune. So, when do you think we will? Am I just panicking, or are we about to witness another wasted opportunity? We do start our pre-season training tomorrow after all.

I have looked at what we have lost and then think about how our transfer dealings tend to happen:

  1. linked with certain player
  2. make a bid after someone else has.
  3. haggle over how to pay the fee
  4. medical confusion
  5. finally sign the player three weeks later just before the season starts

This happens most pre-seasons, why can they not get players in so they can bed in? Do you think the Yak would of been a boo boy's favourite if he had a pre-season with us? The season we actually did get people in early we started the season like a house on fire.

I suppose no club wants to pay wages when the players are spread over the pages of Now magazines, lying on beaches with their WAGs, but we always leave it to the last minute. Just once, wouldn't it be nice for them to suprise us? I personally believe the usual will happen.
Paul  Gladwell     Posted 02/07/2008 at 18:43:05   Comments (45)

Getting what we wish for

A lunchtime discussion amongst Evertonians somewhat naturally focussed on where we see Moyes's priorities being by way of signings.

The majority view was that a replacement for Carsley was vital (although if he was so important to our set-up why the hell was he let go?) as well as the sturdily built play-maker we have needed forever.

With a solid defence in placeand the goalscoring skills of AJ and the Yak to hand, our view was that any other signings would be very much squad players and the annual over the hill "make-weight" that Davey always manages to turn up.

What do others think?
Peter  Langford     Posted 02/07/2008 at 14:06:31   Comments (37)

The New Maradona...

A title used fairly extensively for anyone who's Argentinian and can do a trick or two with a football. But the Rumour (I know it's only a rumour, but it's more exciting than Joey Barton or more DK slanging) that Pablo Aimar might be available for <£10M... well personally I'd bite Real Zaragoza's hand off. Obviously we'd still require a Defensive/Holding Midfielder but could you imagine any combination of him, Peanuts, Arteta, Ozzie and Cahill jinking through midfield!

Here's a couple of vids to whet your appetite:
YouTube video 1
YouTube video 2
Chad  Schofield     Posted 02/07/2008 at 13:20:20   Comments (36)

Honouring our Founding Father

I spotted an article earlier today via News Now on the LFC official site about how Rick Parry and big Blue Bill will be attending a service honoring the former St Domingo chapel minister, the Rev Ben Swift Chambers and how the long forgotten grave stone will be renovated.

I would have expected this to have been a newsworthy for the official EFC site especially with our 'knowing our history', rather than them 'filling' the void with some of the other crud we've recently seen eg the karting story. But for some reason it seems not to be on the blue radar.

My thoughts then wandered to them chatting over a cup of tea after the service with the the three vicars, putting more recent divisions aside and discussing the merits of coming together in a UK unparalleled shared stadium....
Andrew Gilbert     Posted 02/07/2008 at 12:46:57   Comments (6)

Joey ?The Thug? Barton

To all associated with the People's Club, can I first say I am a very avid reader of our beloved ToffeeWeb views and fans comments? I will secondly say this is my first ever post, so be gentle..

The point I would like to get to the readers of ToffeeWeb is Joey Barton is not welcome at Everton in my view in any capacity, not even as a magic sponge boy especially, after viewing Granada Reports this evening (Tuesday 1 July 2008). If anyone missed it, well you didn?t miss much, A helpless young lad, being attacked by a so called professional.. A figure to look up too, one to admire? I THINK NOT!

He (Joey the thug Barton) not only punched this young lad to the ground, where he had the chance to walk away, he then repeatedly punched this lad?. Is that the type of player we want? Most certainly NOT?. & Not to even mention his thuggish behaviour towards fellow professionals?

If this type of behaviour was seen in any other profession, he would most certainly be sacked on the spot, with a disgraceful reference. Not as it seems with footballers of today, JB is still being paid, although only half his wages from his current club? That must be hard to live with?.. Pffffffffff!

At this point, you may be asking yourself, "What is this lad talking about?" Well I can tell you, I have it from an extremely reliable source that Everton FC officials have been to see the thug at Walton Gaol last week?. This information comes from a source inside & a very respectable source within the Prison Services?

Why would we want anyone of the type at the dinner table in our family? As DM quiet rightly says, we have a tight knit squad of players who pull, not just for themselves, but for every other member of the playing team (our family).

So there we go, my first topical post on our Toffeeweb. Forever Everton.... I-M-W-T
Lloyd Farrell     Posted 01/07/2008 at 18:30:48   Comments (43)

Totally Pointless

Good Gawd

I now there aint much to report on the "Official" Everton site at the mo, but do we really need a lead story like: "Ossie Goes Go-Karting" and "He takes Everton TV with him" ? what a generous bloke Leon is. Also read yesterday about how "Excited" Hibbo is about EFC getting linked with Big Name players....

Wow! What's next? "Yak and Vic go out on a tandem" ... "Pip goes shopping" (to Tesco's maybe)

Urrrrr, what drivel. Surely in the name of God there must be more interesting things to put on the site.

Or am I just totally mad?
John Audsley     Posted 01/07/2008 at 14:14:29   Comments (24)

Nailing the lie

So Everton have nailed the lie ? often perpetuated in this mailbag ? that the club`s playing budget is inextricably linked to the outcome of DK. Like all good businesses, Everton prepares budgets under different headings and we can take it as read that the needs of the manager both in respect of transfer dealings and players wages will have been settled weeks ago.

Why do so many Evertonians wallow in misery and financial concern for the Club when it should be clear that under David Moyes`s guidance all matters relating to the playing side are totally under control. Surely the fact that he has agreed to remain our manager and is busy tying up his assistant should clearly indicate such!
Richard Dodd     Posted 01/07/2008 at 10:10:45   Comments (32)

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