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The Mail Bag

March 2011 Archive
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A question of Value?

Interesting article about Bernard Mullin trying to find potential buyers for the club. It suggest that the 75% stake of the top three shareholders could be acquired for between £75 and £100 million.

If this is correct, then a majority shareholding of 51% could technically be acquired for as little as £51 million and, if the debt at £44.9 million is covered by the group?s property assets, then (unless I am missing something) this would effectively mean the purchasing of a top 10 Premier League club for a net value of £6 million... that doesn?t include player valuations.

So if we do have these property assets (and that?s a big if), I fail to see why the club is not attractive to investors.

And please don?t give me "BK won't sell" nonsense. All assets in business have a selling price, it's just negotiating to that price that?s key.

Liam Reilly     Posted 31/03/2011 at 09:25:52   Comments (43)

Everton worst 11

I'm bored off my head and thought I would contribute something which we all have a opinion of... Everton's worst ever 11 playing in a 4-4-2 formation. Here's mine:

Goalkeeper: Dai Davies
Right back: Earl Barrett
Left Back: Terry Darracott
Centre: Glen Keely
Centre: Carl Tiler
Right Mid: Stefan Rehn
Left Mid: Idan Tal
Centre Mid: Alex Nyarko
Forward: Brett Angell
Forward: Rod Belfitt

Subs: Jesus, I could be here all night trying to pick 5 from about 100, but Madar, Bakayoko, Hottiger, Oster, and Biley have made it!!

Manager: Mike Walker
Chairman Bill Kenwright

Don Kiddick     Posted 30/03/2011 at 16:42:41   Comments (112)

Injury Information

I was curious why the official website still had no news about Saha?s injury but had him out till July. So I sent an e-mail to the OS to see why this was.

I got a very quick reply (good for them), basically saying all the information regarding injury?s come from the manager & is based only on information he is comfortable disclosing!

I can understand this but I queried why they couldn?t put approximate information on the site, as I (and I?m sure many other supporters) would like some information, even if it was not totally accurate.

Conspiracy theories, here we go, but is this just another example of keeping us in the dark? For myself I don?t; I think it?s just Moyes being over cautious as normal, but maybe you disagree!

Ed Staunton     Posted 30/03/2011 at 13:20:10   Comments (26)

Early Birds

I?m currently feeling two squeezes. That is not a sentence I?ve ever written before. There?s not much I can do about the one placed on me by the odious Osborne, not ?till the next election anyway. But at least I have some control of the squeeze placed on me by Elstone and Co: to renew or not to renew, that is my question.

The early bird date seems unnecessarily premature if you ask me... but hey-ho. It forces me into having to make a decision, which is probably a good thing given the time I am spending, at home and at work, on debating whether or not to take the plunge.

I mentally reconfigure the pros and cons list on an hourly basis and they are refreshed most thoroughly every morning on the bog. Currently top of the pros list is the fact that having a season ticket will virtually guarantee me a Wembley ticket if we get there next season. How pathetic is that? Despite the paucity of the season we have had to endure, and the fact I have only been there four times in 21 years of having a season ticket (actually, make that five, I?ll never forget Bob the Pole?s equaliser against Palace in the ZDS Cup Final), I am potentially basing a decision to part with five hundred odd quid on the basis that it might, just might, mean I get to see Everton at Wembley. But could I bare the thought of not getting a ticket for a Wembley appearance? No, probably not.

Other items on the pros list? Oh you know, the usual: the inevitability I will go to every game anyway, so a season ticket will save me dollar in the long run; feeling sick at the thought of someone else sitting in ?my seat?; and the nag of Sod?s Law ? you know, if I don?t get one, they?ll be taken over by zillionaires and romp to the title. Christ, I even convinced myself, at one point yesterday, that the delay of the Park End development is simply because the new owners have outlined their proposals for the 65,000 seat redevelopment of Goodison Park, so a Lego box of admin offices has been deemed unnecessary. Now I know ToffeeWeb isn?t the best place to come to share such unfounded optimism, but others share these moments of delusion too... Don?t they?

My list of reasons for not renewing is similarly predictable I guess: it?s financial; it?s political, in the sense that I try to convince myself that I?d be making a statement to Kenwright, and the club might actually miss me; and it?s a protest, in the sense that I?m sick of being bored to death by them, and (you?ll love this) I still don?t think I have forgiven them for the ?09 Cup Final.

So, my questions are: who is renewing? Who isn?t renewing? Why should I renew? Why shouldn?t I renew? And how the hell did we lose a Zenith Data Systems Cup Final 1-4 to Crystal Palace just three years after we were champions of England?
Jack Garrett     Posted 29/03/2011 at 20:58:21   Comments (28)

Club vs Country

Does anybody else find it strange that five players are released from the England squad before the friendly against Ghana this week? - And surprisingly all five from three of the currently placed top five clubs.... The players released are Lampard, Cole, Terry, Dawson, and Rooney.

So, the game against Ghana isn't important ? because England do not need their 'best' players, time therefore to try out a 'new squad'. In addition, this means of course that these five players will be fresh for their matches next weekend in the Premier League, whereas the other players will be a little less in form due to the midweek exertions.

I cannot say that I am entirely surprised to be honest ? but I am slightly surprised that the FA would allow such bollocks ? this suggests A) that the fixture is irrelevant, which calls into question the fixture setting anyway, and B) that some players in the squad are more valuable than others ? which risks making the players such as Jagielka feel that they are second string ? hardly a way to engender team spirit and confidence in the squad (yes I know he played for all of 2 minutes the last match).

Time the FA actually did something for which they are paid a fortune ? stop players leaving the squad early ? unless they are injured, and stop bloody arranging bullshit matches.

Rupert Sullivan     Posted 28/03/2011 at 11:01:39   Comments (54)


So. Heitinga has been giving off to the Mirror. Who can blame him, frankly? He should play alongside Jagielka or Distin as an automatic choice... (Distin, in my view.)

A proven international, he is a centre-back who can actually play the ball out of defence. He is never a holding midfielder and his Everton career will perish if he is stuck there.

It is time to play the best man in the best position and for the coach to find the balls to leave certain players on the bench rather than shoehorn them in where they just don't fit.

Andy Crooks     Posted 27/03/2011 at 23:17:09   Comments (140)

Three Moans Per Person!!!

Right, lets get it off our chests in just 3 sentences / moans per person... Keep it snappy!!!

To start:

1. The catering at the match is shocking and over priced. Massive missed revenue opportunity. (Terry Leahy is on the board... surely he could sort this one out!)

2. Fellow adult fans getting in on kids tickets ? winds me right up that one! 3. The in-ground bookies being some firm no-one has heard of... There used to be a big queue for Ladbrokes; now empty ? another missed opportunity!

Remember ? Just THREE moans please... we could all list loads.

Elaine Riding     Posted 27/03/2011 at 21:17:56   Comments (86)

Russian swap?

Having watched the Irish game last night, I got to thinking...

With Aiden McGeady unhappy in Moscow and our Diniyar Bilyaletdinov unhappy on the bench and unable to cut it in England, surely we should be looking at a swap?

No club outside of Russia is going to rate Bily highly enough to fork out the sort of cash Moyes would want for him. I see he came off the bench for Russia last night and if we leave him to rot on the bench for another season he will lose all his potential worth.

Now I like Bily, I think he gets a bad deal from our fans. I sit in the Park End and it only takes one poor pass for the majority around me to get on his case. But I also understand why: he is very frustrating.

So why McGeady? More pace than Bily, a more natural winger than Bily, a better workrate than Bily, has more tricks to get around a full back and although he might not get as many goals as Bily, he would be better suited to the pace of the EPL.

Being Irish and naturally following Celtic too, I have seen McGeady play for long enough to think that this deal would make sense. Of course Moyes doesn't scour Toffeeweb looking for transfer tips (although he could do worse) but I would love to mention this one to him.

McGeady went to Spartak for £6 million, Billy cost us £10 million (allegedly)... I think a straight swap would suit both.

And while I'm at it; Shane Long anyone??!!
Niall Clinton     Posted 27/03/2011 at 14:07:11   Comments (33)

Time to Pull Jags & Baines Out the England Squad!

The competitive match is done & dusted, I'm sure I wasn't alone in being relieved to see that Jags & Baines were not in the starting 11. But you know come Tuesday both will be selected in the meaningless friendly.

We just cannot afford these two key players to be risked (especially in a friendly ffs), we are at crisis point injury wise and it?s time for strong management. Come on Moyes, ring Capello and tell him he?ll get a Glasgow Kiss if he even thinks about playing either of our lads.

Alex Buckley     Posted 26/03/2011 at 18:59:03   Comments (10)

No first team

Looking at the official club page squad, the problem we have is alarming now. If ? and that's an if ? injuries do not recover for the Villa game next week, then we do not have enough players to field a team. As it stands right now the team next week will be:

Howard Hibbert Distin Jagielka Baines Heitinga Osman Bilyaletdinov Anichebe Beckford

That is still missing one player. Chances are either Neville or Cahill will be back by then but, if not, what are we going to do? Even if one of them does return, do you have any faith of a result in that team? With potentially 2 defenders as our midfield, we will not only lack creativity but pretty much be forced to long ball it to Beckford for 90 mins!
Chris Ashton     Posted 25/03/2011 at 18:09:57   Comments (42)

Vellios and Gueye in?

Now seems to be the perfect time to introduce our newly bought assets, since we have a buttload of players out injured. With Saha and Rodwell being the latest to the list, the only clear replacements are Vellios and Gueye.

The most likely is Gueye coming in to play at left midfield or as a supporting striker, and I think he could do a great job in both roles. But he will most likely start in a left midfield role then forcing Osman in to the middle as a replacement for Rodwell. Vellios is more a back up for Beckford as he is has little experience in the Premiership.

I am is looking forward to seing both these young lads. There is something fresh, new and exciting about young talents as they tend to give it their all to impress, much like Coleman did in his first game against Spurs. They give it their all and that is precisely what we need for the next eight games!

Jimmy Sorheim     Posted 25/03/2011 at 08:17:20   Comments (39)


In January 2009 £60,000 was paid to Sligo Rovers in exchange for potentially the Premier League's young player of the year Seamus Coleman.

Fearless on the ball, he will run and run... and did I mention run? His low centre of gravity, pace and direction make him a nightmare for defenders when one-on-one and his crossing isn't half bad either. He sometimes shoots when he shouldn't but his decision-making will improve with age and I for one see him as our new first-choice right back either next season or the following.

It's interesting as not much was mentioned at all when we signed him and yet he has found his way into the first team and made a real impact.

I hope he is nominated for Young Player of the Year and he should be. Who knows... he might even get it! I think I speak on behalf of every Evertonian when I say the young lad deserves it.

Joshua George     Posted 24/03/2011 at 19:10:37   Comments (30)

Duffy's Away

Another one out on loan. Shane Duffy this time, who is off to Burnley for a month. Will be fantastic for him to get some games under his belt at a very good level.

Best of luck Shane, it will be great experience for you and we will be following your progress all the way.

Tony Cheek     Posted 24/03/2011 at 17:45:40   Comments (43)

Chang Beer

I stumbled across the libation emblazoned across our shirts in a Tesco in Tottenham of all places. First time I'd seen it so I bought the 4 bottles that were left. I have to say it warmed my cockles to think I was supporting the Thai conglomerate that was supporting Our Boys.

In the interest of furthering scientific research, I also purchased a bottle of Singha (Changs' "Red Shite"!), and, for an independent quality control point of view, Argentina's favourite lager, "Quilme" (I have to say Tesco Tottenham had a wide and interesting stock of ales, and not just yer Cobras and Carlsbergs).

Anyhoo, I remember reading somewhere on this site that Chang was the choice of the great unwashed in Thailand whereas Singha was to be found on the tables of the upwardly mobile. From my limited research (finished last night whilst watching Alan Partridge Mid Morning Matters on Youtube - sponsored by Fosters :o( ) I can say that Chang held it's own against it's Thai opposition. However they both came a poor second to the Argies (not least because Quilme is sold in Litre bottles!)

So, in conclusion, let's give Moyes one more season, and some money in the Summer through selling some, (but not all), of our Crown Jewels. If we continue to tread water then I'm sure both we and he will feel it's time to contact our lawyers. And in the meantime, if you see Chang, buy it, consume it and (as Woody Allen once said) you too can have hot cockles.
Alun Willis     Posted 23/03/2011 at 17:28:56   Comments (54)

That's Saha Out for the season then!

Moyes on SSN, ?Oh we need to see the specialist or we won?t tell you he?s out for the season until I?ve worked out who the fuck I?m gonna play? you could tell in his eyes he?s fucked!

Where is JV when we need him, in Crystal?s Palace, do me a favour! Can?t we demand him back?

Would WE have the common sense to put this as a condition in his loan contract? No??

Getting beyond a joke!
Alex Buckley     Posted 22/03/2011 at 23:42:37   Comments (77)

When the going gets tough

When all about us seem to be putting sick notes in, how good it is to see two of our unsung heroes step up to the plate and turn in excellent performances? I refer to Leon Osman and Tony Hibbert.

Osman is now showing that centre midfield is where he does his best work... And Tony Hibbert, when tackling well and keeping things simple, is a great asset to our club. I still think he could do the job Carsley did for us, we certainly miss that type of player.

Keep up the good work lads.

Brian Swift     Posted 22/03/2011 at 17:26:24   Comments (54)

Saha ruptures achilles?

Three days have gone since Louis Saha was carried off the Goodison Park field in the closing stages of the game against Fulham, and still not a word from the club regarding his injury.

Having followed Everton for nearly twenty years, I know from experience that when the club goes silent it doesn't bode well.

I read everywhere in the media that he "landed badly", but for me it seemed like something terrible happened to the frenchman just as he leaped into the air, not on his landing.

I'm no doom monger and I deperately hope I'm wrong in my suspicions, but to me it looked like Yakubu all over again. Very similar circumstances.

Saha turns 33 in August. If he faces a year on the sidelines, I fear he will never play for us again.

Get well soon, King Louis!
Thor Sorensen     Posted 22/03/2011 at 17:22:44   Comments (13)

East Coast boys are hip

I realise there will be a lot of complaining by the home-based TW contingent in regards to the announcement that Everton will, yet again, visit the USA in the summer break, but I, for one, am chuffed to bits and can't wait to get the opportunity to see them close up.

I do hope though that the pre-season friendlies after their US visit are substantially better than normal - in order to get a GOOD start to the season instead of the usual dross they play!

Roll on July......
Gerry Quinn     Posted 22/03/2011 at 17:00:10   Comments (26)

Attacking Intent?

It says today on the BBC website "Manager David Moyes would welcome Rangers captain David Weir back to Everton in a coaching capacity".

I would have thought we had enough defenders on the coaching team, I noticed when Ray Wilkins became available, that he (David Moyes) didn't make any soundbites about him. I know Wilkins probably wouldn't have come to Everton anyway, but it does speak volumes about our manager's mindset, and outlook to attacking football doesn't it?

After several years of being anti-Moyes, I am now desperate to give him the benefit of the doubt because of the lack of funds available to him, but sadly his defensive obsession makes it very hard.

Joe McMahon     Posted 21/03/2011 at 16:50:09   Comments (35)

Walter Smith Days......

Did anyone notice that at one point we had 8 defenders on the pitch; 8 out of 10 outfield players...

What the fuck is goin' on here.....?! It was like being back to the Walter Smith days, when Bally stood with his arms out to the side in the centre circle, because no one knew where the hell they were supposed to be playing.

We were at a canter yesterday, scored the second and then simply stopped. I said at that point it would be typical Everton for Fulham to score, then everyone would be at panic stations for half-an-hour.

If we could see it happening from a mile off, why couldn't they....?!?!?

Andy Callan     Posted 21/03/2011 at 12:11:18   Comments (81)

Old Guard

Solid performance from the boys yesterday, we did the simple things well and importantly we scored at the right time which is something we're often guilty of not doing.

Clearly we have some key absentees at the minute, but what was very noticeable yesterday was the age of our team; Howard (32), Hibbert (30), Distin (34), Neville (33), Cahill (32), Saha (32), Osman (30 in May) all 30+, that's 7 of the starting XI that are all in the twilight of their respective careers. Plus Mikel Arteta isn't too far behind, he is 29 this week.

So then you look at Felli and Rodders as the young blood and future of the team, fantastic talent, but how confident are we that they're here for the long hall?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying at 31, 32 your career is suddenly over, but I look at the likes of Cahill who, for me, has his best years behind him, and it starts to worry me. DM is often heard saying he's trying to build a team for the future ? on this evidence it needs doing sooner rather than later.

Another potential reason, along with the state of GP, why investment isn't forthcoming?

Ben Hunt     Posted 20/03/2011 at 09:35:43   Comments (24)

Reserve games at Goodison

After watching another game where we had defenders in midfield, I ask the question, have we got players in reserve, who can do a job in the first team?

REMEMBER, it was the crowd chanting his name, and radio phone-ins that got Seamus Coleman his chance, as with Baines and others. So what have we in reserve?

I would love to go and watch fringe players, but it's too far to go.

Anyway, Let's have a trial period and play reserve games at Goodison.

I cannot see any negatives. With added free entry for schools and clubs, families of season ticket holders and the growing visitors to our city via their hotel. Maybe then, Moyes, your nine-year wait, with little help from the fans, might be over.
Colin Malone     Posted 19/03/2011 at 21:12:29   Comments (17)

Season ticket renewals

It's March so the annual super-sized envelope with Season Ticket details arrives ? 5 months before the transfer window closes. 

In previous years, I have optimistically opened it and dutifully sent Bill my £500 towards a new striker, winger etc. 

This season, I have been SO disappointed by the lack of investment and poor performances, it went unopened into the bin. 

Everton seem to rely on a loyal fan base and the good will of hard working supporters. This direct action seems to me to be the only way to demonstrate to the EFC board our displeasure. 

The consequential lack of funds may cause a little bit of pain next season (can it really get worse than this year?), but in the long run it will be good for us. 

I would like to hear if others are planning to do the same. 


Amanda Hudson     Posted 19/03/2011 at 07:49:12   Comments (81)

Pat Nevin on TalkSport

I was listening to Talk Sport and heard Pat Nevin say that the rumours were all around the city of Liverpool for the last few days that Everton were about to be sold and that the new owners didn't want David Moyes. He said that he believed this to be strong enough to be true.

Now, I don't hold much faith in Talk Sport but I don't believe that Pat Nevin is all that stupid. As someone not living in Liverpool, I would ask anyone who does, if this is true.

Also, can anyone tell me what the relationship with local papers is to Everton? Are they in the pocket of the club? I'm not trying to make any point here, just asking what is happening closer to home.
Andy Crooks     Posted 18/03/2011 at 22:08:19   Comments (56)

James Wallace

I might be the only one, but I'd forgotten all about this lad. I remember him having a couple of minutes of first team action last season but after that he dropped off the radar somewhat, with Barkley emerging as the new academy favourite.

Seems he's now putting in some pretty impressive performances, albeit at Stockport, and their fans can't praise him highly enough. Has anyone seen him play recently? Does he have enough to make the first team at some point?
Mark Burton     Posted 18/03/2011 at 18:28:30   Comments (8)

Walter and David

What have Walter Smith and David Moyes got in common? Both appear to be dour humourless Scotsmen (this is utterly untrue). Both of them appear to have a safety-first mentality (true, in my view). Here's the biggest thing, though. Both have been let down by their chairman.

Walter Smith was brought to Everton with false promises of money to spend. Frankly, I don't know what promises were made to David Moyes. I would like to think that he signed his lucrative contract with more than financial gain on his mind. It seems to me that what we have now at Everton is a return to the dying days of Walter Smith. I believe that David Moyes will be at Celtic by August and I believe he will have success there.

Things have gone full circle. We need a change and we need to take a chance. David Moyes was a dynamic young manager. I admired and supported him fully for some time but he has fallen short.

For all those who say "be careful what you wish for", I would say that I wish for another apparently dour Scot, this time one with an attacking mentality. Bring Paul Lambert to Everton. Take another chance. How much worse can he do?

Andy Crooks     Posted 17/03/2011 at 19:27:35   Comments (66)

Everton Epiphany

I've been reading this excellent site for many a year and the difference in our opinions to me, is healthy and breeds debate

I've got to say, is there any club on earth with fans as separate on a massive issue that we are staring down the gun at? Alan Stubbs, Round, Moyes + his false eye bulging stare... And Bill, oh you get the picture,

I don't think I am an Everton supporter anymore... Fan? Er no, if that means getting behind them now...

I hope we stay up by the skin of our teeth and that the national press pick up on these imposters, all of them, players too (maybe Baines apart).

I won't be there Saturday, TV? No; radio ? can't be arsed. I love this great club that's ours, not Moyes and the circus or the players ? they will all be history; nothing more...

And god save us, the name 'Everton' will be my love, our love...

Marshy get a grip of them, lad. I for one seen this years ago. Tony Marsh and Laudrup, save our souls.

Everton FC... I love you, but we can't go on like this, I'm sorry!

Tony Cawson     Posted 16/03/2011 at 20:53:03   Comments (30)

Protest at Saturday's game

After all the talk surrounding the Board, Kenwright, Moyes, Rodwell, I was wondering whether anybody is going to protest or vent their anger at the game on Saturday? I feel it's a great opportunity to do so as it's a televised game and it would be well publicised.

For me, it's time to take a stand, we need a protest march or an in-game protest where we just chant what we feel throughout the 90 mins. Something has to be done and quick ? this can't go on with the summer fast approaching.

It worked for Liverpool ? they got what they wanted; now we must make a stand. It's not an ideal way but is there another option?


Stephen Leary     Posted 16/03/2011 at 18:36:29   Comments (89)

A Doddy-esque Musing

It seems Doddy Bashing has become a favourite sport on this website, so, as is my nature, I will look at things from what I believe is his point of view. Suggesting that he is a serf, idiot, or actually Bill Kenwright(!) is bad taste and infantile.

Perhaps Doddy is a football fan who supports his club and enjoys supporting his club because he knows that he cannot choose who runs the club even if a sale is forced. He does not waste emotional energy on this subject as he believes that it won't help anyone. Perhaps he is right?

Perhaps he is a football fan who puts up with the manager because he manages the club to the best of his ability in a footballl world that has become a plaything for billionaires, and, contrary to ToffeeWeb readers' views, is very hard to make any money from. Perhaps he is right?

Have any of the Doddy Bashers considered the plethora of possible future scenarios for EFC?

Here's one scenario of many that could occur if many fans get their wish:

A rich Russian Mafia-type buys Everton. He employs Sven Goran Erikkson because Sven is just so professional (?!). Sven buys all his pals from his past clubs/national teams. He gets us to the FA Cup Final. Drogba, going on 37, scores, but it's not enough and Liverpool beat us 2-1. We finish 5th in the league and qualify for the Uefa cup. Sven gets the sack.

Everton employ Jurgen Klinsmann. He manages to win the league after 3 seasons with a team built on German international players. We have NO local lads in the squad. We win lots of matches, but we never seem to get that feeling we had when our team of hard-working lads beat City away. We never get the buzz of making Chelsea look average knowing that our players had to work that much harder. We never see players like Coleman or Rodwell given a chance.

Winning trophies becomes a demand, not a bonus! We moan about every draw like we are a superior race that deserves absolute football dominance! We change our kit to red to strike fear into the hearts of our enemies! We are, err, we are "The New Redshite"!!!

Be careful what you wish for.

Tony Wilson     Posted 15/03/2011 at 23:53:09   Comments (61)

Is the end nigh?

We have noticed over recent times there seems to have been a shift in Moyes's demeaner and he has started dropping hints that he is not happy with the current situation he finds himself in. This from a man that (to some people's dismay) has never really questioned his employers methods, and has remained loyal to those that gave him his chance in the top flight.

I recall him asking where the money had gone from the Lescott sale a couple of years ago. He explained that he was informed he had a transfer budget even before Joleon was sold, and as he hadn't spent all the Lescott money, where was the rest? Robert Elstone then put him straight saying he had spent the Lescott money plus a lot more as he didn't take wages into consideration. I believe since then there has been a downward spiral in the manager's relationship with the board.

After the recent cup defeat to Reading, a lot of commentators remarked that this could be a watershed summer for Everton with Moyes walking. David Moyes has said he has not enjoyed the last few transfer windows and has apparently already been told there is no money for the summer period. After the last window disappointment where we lost players and never replaced them, we had leaked stories (appeasement?) that there had been three parties looking at buying us. Moyes even hinted that he didn't think the current financial situation was going to last much longer.

However, today we have our manager asking if he can work with his board any longer. (It's on Sky but I am not clever enough to do the link stuff!) He says he doesn't want to sell Rodwell and never wanted to sell Rooney. He gives Liverpool as an example saying their board would fight tooth and nail to keep their home grown stars like Carragher and Gerrard, and suggests we should be doing the same, adding "I don't see that as being good for any manager." He goes on to state he knows the situation at Everton but added, "At the end of the season, it's important we find a route to go forward."

"The chairman and the people on the board will listen to my views and they'll need to tell me what the strategy is for the club. I will see if what they are talking about is workable."

As the club never really have a strategy, and the buy-out stories have dried up again, it seems like we could be saying goodbye to our manager in the not too distant future.

Al Reddish     Posted 15/03/2011 at 09:58:48   Comments (63)

EFC Customer Care Factor? Zero!

I won't bore all you Toffeeweb devoties with a long and laborious article, I just wanted to bring your attention to another article I have just read (you can find it here if you wish to read Football clubs 'pay lip service' to customer care).

Basically the piece outlines a study completed by the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) on the customer care guidelines set by each Premier League and Championship club in their 'club charter'. Amongst other things, these charters are supposed to provide fans with information on how to go about submitting complaints, the contact information for the Independent Football Ombudsman (IFO) and should provide clear timeframes for dealing with said complaints and should be easily accessible.

Each club was scored according to the quality of their charters, with a maximum possible score of 35 (that being top quality). Second from the bottom was Manchester United, with a measely score of 8. No real surprise there! Everyone knows that the fans aren't happy with their current owners, and they have the green and gold scarves to prove it.

Dead last, however, was my beloved Everton Football Club, with a score of 0! Nothing! Zilch! Our club does not even have a charter, let alone a poor one!!!

It is sad to say though that I wasn't the least bit surprised when I read this. It seems that if you are going to get rid of AGMs and EGMs then you may as well get rid of the club charter.

Just another nail in Blue Bill's 'contempt of the fans' coffin.

Chris Bannantyne     Posted 15/03/2011 at 03:29:44   Comments (42)

Blue Religion

I completed my census form yesterday and, under the question about religion, I ticked the ?Other? box and wrote in "Evertonian" in the space provided.

I would be interested to know if anyone else will doing the same.


Jimmy Walker     Posted 14/03/2011 at 09:04:36   Comments (34)

Last chance gone for Europe?

It was always a longshot anyway us being able to make the Europa League via our league placing as it was always going to require a massive effort and huge luck to finish sixth. However, the FA Cup results and the semi final draw today means that the only league berth available is for finishing fifth and that looks way beyond us.
Andy Riley     Posted 13/03/2011 at 19:23:48   Comments (46)

Rodwell Conspiracy?

And so it begins. Following leaks in the papers this week of a £25M summer bid for Rodwell's services, the News of the World today reveals (oo-er) our Rodders is hooked up (oo-er) with an ex-playmate of one Mr Rooney, once of this parish.

Awful puns to one side (nearly another one there), is the timing of this just a little too convenient? The lad who famously ditched his girlfriend because she posed provocatively for a tabloid, is now caught and literally exposed for all to see.

I have no doubt this one will run and run. Queue statements from both Rodwell and EFC, but with the inevitable "We had to sell him to save the reputation of the Club" or " I had to go, EFC made it impossible for me to stay, I am delighted to be a Man Utd player, it's a dream".

In fact if you really like a conspiracy; was this tart paid (by parties on behalf of Manure for example) to court Rodwell and stitch him up, with the aforementioned outcome?

Of course it's just as likely that he is just another idiot footballer who thinks it won't happen to him. It has.

Steve Guy     Posted 13/03/2011 at 12:14:52   Comments (37)

Rewarding underperformance

Silly me... with so many playing problems to sort out, I was thinking the break would allow extra time for much needed intensive work at Finch Farm. Instead of a much-deserved a kick up the arse, the players are treated to an all-expenses-paid holiday in New York!

Has the world gone completely mad?
Dick Fearon     Posted 12/03/2011 at 23:16:28   Comments (39)

Beckford struggling in Premier League

Beckford said on the radio, that he is struggling with both the pace and the pressure of the Premier League.

He isn't happy, and neither are we. Sounded the way he spoke, that he isn't happy at Everton... sure he has scored a few goals, and he runs everywhere and anywhere to make space, but there is little point if at the end of it, he can't even hit a barn door at the best of times.

This isn't about confidence, it's about his ability, and I fully believe despite a few goals, he isn't good enough for the Premier League.

How many times does the lad need to make an appearance and keep on missing chances over and over?
James Hollister     Posted 12/03/2011 at    Comments (35)

Rodwell on his way?

Are we going to just stand by and let this happen? Rodwell, a future England captain, off to Man Utd, à la Rooney???

Well I for one am not interested in all the bullshit of how the money from this transfer will save the club, and how we can spend it wisely... On whom? And why let our cream leave for another club???

Where's the future for Everton? ? Should we constantly let our best kids leave???

Don't be fooled by Kenwright and his oppos making money off the fans' backs... yeah, the average gate paying true supporter who pays his/her hard earned money to watch exciting young and up-and-coming stars ply their trade at Goodison Park...

I'll say again, forget the cash from his sale... we will only go backwards ? EVERYONE can see he is going to be a star of the future ? why not with us???

Jimmy Dundee     Posted 12/03/2011 at 12:22:22   Comments (50)

Peter Reid to auction off his FA Cup Runners up medal

The OS is reporting:

Everton legend Peter Reid is to auction his 1986 FA Cup runners-up medal to raise funds for cash-strapped Plymouth Argyle.

I have every admiration that Peter Reid has taken such an honourable and sympathetic stance to help in any way he can, but I also sincerely hope that our beloved Everton will attempt to be the highest bidder in order to honour him and add it to the Everton Collection.

I for one would be willing to donate towards this cause, as I also lived in Plymouth for many years and they are also a very special set of fans.

Is anyone trying to arrange some action?

Gerry Quinn     Posted 11/03/2011 at 22:23:48   Comments (6)

Truth in nonsense?

Just thought I'd post this up as some people may find it interesting. On the main page of ToffeeWeb there is a story from ESPN saying that good old Bill would not let Moyes move to Manchester United and would 'fight tooth and nail' to keep him. Great bit of news that for anybody who supports Moyes.

However, on Sky Sports there is a different story, credited from Kenwright saying he would not stop Moyes if United ever came calling. Is it just me or is there an inconsistency there?,19528,11095_6807638,00.html SKY SPORTS ESPN

Chris Ashton     Posted 11/03/2011 at 17:21:16   Comments (69)

Do Everton get more hamstring probs than anyone else?

Is it me or do Everton seem to get a lot of injuries, particularly hamstring pulls, in the first 10 mins of a half?

I think last year it was regular, which may be why Rathbone was moved on, but it seems the same again now.

Do the players warm up and stretch properly before the game?

Also, why don't you see other sports eg Rugby have similar problems ? you hardly ever see a back in rugby union pull up when sprinting?
Alan Peters     Posted 10/03/2011 at 20:50:51   Comments (27)

I miss Pienaar already

I just wanted to raise a quick point after last night's game on our total inability to pass the ball since Steven Pienaar left the club. Instead of nice crisp short passing we seem to be adopting the long ball style or a 20-yard pass which is never going to reach its destination!

I really hope in the summer we can unearth another Pienaar otherwise we could be in for watching some very poor football! (Maybe I have just been watching Barcelona too much!!!!)
Steven Smith     Posted 10/03/2011 at 12:03:57   Comments (48)

What's it about, Operation Goodison Exercise?

Yesterday, I was watching the Brum game. As the game was drifting away and we were nowhere close to scoring the winning goal, an announcement blared over the PA system: "Stand by for Operation Goodison Excercise", followed by "Commence Operation Goodison Excercise" and so on. I've heard it before of course, but I'm not sure they do it every match.

What's it all about? Is it a safety drill? Is it about the pies? Is it a warning for Hibbert's Mom? Who can help me, this is one of those things that just keeps me busy?

Erik Dols     Posted 10/03/2011 at 08:10:44   Comments (35)

What a Surprise its Hyde!

Anyone surprised we didn?t get the 3 points? No!!! You knew exactly how Brum were going to play against us, losing Arteta so early didn?t help (Knowing our luck his seasons over) but even without him we should be beating these teams comfortably.

I thought Heitinga played a lot better than he did against Newcastle and what a sweet strike for the goal, but it is worrying to think we simply can?t break teams down that come to defend. It has got to be a coaching/tactical issue; but what?s worse is we seemed to be happy with a point which really takes the piss.

That takes it to 13 draws this season, total disgrace when you know that well over half should have been wins. On top of that, we?ve now got a midfield full of defenders with only Osman a true ball playing midfielder & if he gets injured god help us.

Season ticket price freeze... Season ticket exodus more like!

Alex Buckley     Posted 09/03/2011 at 22:53:44   Comments (51)

Platini, our very own superhero?

After reading our clubs' set of figures recently produced, it was greeted on ToffeeWeb with dismay and another knife to the heart to all supporters, hoping for a change in fortune.

A couple of things, however, need to be taken into consideration when analysing the running of Everton FC. Uefa have the new rulings effective in 2012, firstly on homegrown players in a 25-man squad. Each club must have at least 8 homegrown players, who, from the age of 15 to 21, have spent at least 3 seasons at the club. For example this covers the likes of Osman, Hibbert, Rodwell but not Baines, Neville, Jagielka.

An excellent idea which makes a club develop players through their own youth teams or scouting networks, identifying talent, usually from other countries, a la Wenger at Arsenal.

Does this create a level playing field? The sides at the top of the Premier League could, I guess, purchase homegrown players without making too much effort to actually play them and instead heavily invest on the other 17 players. Works great if there isn?t an injury crisis but what a risk to take. As well as us being skint, this ruling also explains our regular purchases over the last two years. If so, then it?s got to be classed as prudent management towards squad building.

The second ruling from Uefa is around the requirement for a club to basically only spend what you earn. Therefore, no matter who runs the club and how deep the personal pockets may be, the club cannot spend more than turnover and increase their debt to unsustainable levels.

For example, Man City?s turnover of £87M, similar to Everton?s, was dwarfed as we know, by a spend of £500M, Chelsea, turnover of £206M, against £600M outgoings, will be a thing of the past come 2012, especially with a current annual wage bill of £144M. These figures are still classed as a debt, so the owners have transferred this into equity and shares, basically buying out everything from the club. A one-off exercise, which leaves the owners with an inflated valuation of the club, eventually generating a huge loss on any re-sale to the owner and not an ongoing debt to the club.

These two clubs would break the new ruling and, along with Aston Villa with a turnover of £84M and a wage bill alone of £70M would be excluded from any European competition upon qualification.

Arsenal's and Man Utd?s turnover are both in the region of £300M, although Utd?s rising debt would risk the financial rule set and along with their current clutch of homegrown players expiring (G Neville, Schloes and Giggs), you can see why they were reportedly after Rodwell in the same way as Rooney was bought.

Spurs, which we seem to measure ourselves against in terms of what can be achieved, generated profits between 2007-09 of £40M but due to net transfer gains of £66M. Since then, they have spent £150M and increased debts to a figure of £80M. Before the Champions League, their revenue was £113M so, if Spurs miss out this season, whilst it may not be a Leeds Utd, watch this space as Redknapp departs to England in 2012, leaving behind yet another unsustainable spending spree.

Compare their Chairman to ours, by the way: Kenwright pays himself £60k a year, Daniel Levy for three years gave himself a £200k pay rise each year. Currently now frozen at a paltry £1M yearly salary. Smaller clubs trying to compete, for example like Bolton, have a debt of £93M, higher than their revenue of £70M, and they are getting close to selling assets such as Cahill and Elmander to survive.

As for them lot across the way, I think their figures are for another day... but, with two years of no Champions League football, their revenue will show a steep decline without any reduction in wages, currently the net transfer dealings keeping the owners happy. Whilst the club is debt free, the money still went against a team of investors who are in it for profit and are not prepared to throw £200M at new players anytime soon.

In footballing terms, Arsenal's way of running the club under Wenger puts them in good stead to dominate for the rest of this decade. Man Utd fans I think need their owners to sell the club; their turnover will see them in a strong position still to buy the best. Until then, their debt prevents them from doing so. Chelsea and Man City could easily be cut adrift by their owners by the end of the decade as a level playing field makes for an unfamiliar playground to these Billionaires.

Everton, (Arsenal wannabes?) may yet see a closing of the gap on the field over the next 6 years, obviously dependent on current transfer policy into youth paying dividends. A big ask, I know, and definitely no predictions of a top four finish next season just yet!

After checking out the top line details from other club's accounts ? and forecasting the effects the Uefa rulings will have on the Billionaires? playthings ?  maybe, just maybe, our club is not the financial basket case we currently perceive it to be.
Dave Price     Posted 09/03/2011 at 16:34:57   Comments (33)

Spot the difference between the FA and Uefa

Well, well...... Arsene Wenger and Sami Nasri have both been charged by Uefa after calling the ref "embarrassing" after last night's Champions league exit. Shame our FA haven't the balls to sort the "top" 4 out, or are they scared?

Bloody hell, a REF gets called for taking bribes in the tunnel at our game against them and it gets swept under the carpet! The FA should hold their heads in shame. They obviously do not abide by the same rules unless it suits them.
Antony Matthews     Posted 09/03/2011 at 14:32:54   Comments (11)

This is not what I want but...

In my view, Everton need a new coach and more importantly a new chairman. This isn't going to happen. So, what happens in the next six months? This is how I believe we can make the best of an appalling situation:

We get 42 points as quickly as possible. David Moyes makes a few experiments with the playing staff. Give Rodwell a run in the side in a clearly defined role. Give Duffy and Baxter some experience. See what Mucha can do.

At the end of the season, cash in as quickly as possible on our players out on loan. Maybe £4 million for Yakubu, £2 million for Yobo and £1 million for Vaughan. Pay that money immediately off our debts. It eases the pressure and lessens the 'crisis club' label.

After that, it is time for some tougher decisions. Well, the first one isn't so tough. Get £2 million for Vic from a newly promoted club. Sell Hetinga for say, £6 million. This is the one I regret most, I believe Bily hasn't had a fair chance but he isn't going to make it under David Moyes. We could get £4 million for him back to Russia.

Finally, Rodwell. I think he will be a great player but sadly not at Everton. If he plays well between now and the end of the season we just might get overpaid before the season starts. £18 million plus add-ons and a percentage of any future sales.

That brings in about £30 million. Some more of that goes to the banks, say £10 million. We buy Chris Eagles, a striker (don't know who yet) and get Joey Barton (who will be reformed and take this as his last chance).

We will be seen as a club tackling our problems. The Fans Trust will take off, demonstrating to a potential buyer that we have a fan base willing to back their support with money.

In an ideal world, this is not what I would want but...

Andy Crooks     Posted 08/03/2011 at 23:54:50   Comments (60)

Another victim of Gosling's?

Just a note to highlight the disregard some modern day footballers have. We read in the news that Plymouth are close to disappearing, running out of time and cash. Maybe this would of been slightly different if Gosling would've done the right thing, and got a fee ? not just for us but for the club that developed him also.

Another sign of the power these players have. I am not saying he would of saved them, but surely they would've been a million or so better off if he would've signed a contract before we sold him, and they had a sell-on clause...
Steve Foster     Posted 08/03/2011 at 12:21:49   Comments (21)

It?s Time to Go For It

With all our injuries and Brum coming to play for a draw (4-5-1), we should go for it and play a 3-5-2 formation; it gets our strongest (fit) players on the pitch in a system that could prove to be extremely well balanced:

   Heitinga   Jagielka    Distin
Coleman   Osman    Arteta    Baines
          Beckford   Saha

You?ve got Rodwell who can slip back and support at centre-back, two wing backs with pace to burn with an end product that can defend and our best two ball playing midfielders through the middle with Strikers in form. Together with player interchangeability throughout the team and the ability to utilise Bily in a central position from the bench in place of Osman.

Working with the resources we have available & the opposition in question, why not go for it? you can easily revert back if it doesn?t work. But given we?ve 3 games in a row at HOME, this team would defiantly make me and the rest of Gwladys St ROAR with optimism!

And if Ya Know Yer 'Istory, it?s enough to make ya heart go????

We are at a phase of games in which we need to go full tilt, not keeping it tight or playing players out of position. Fellow season ticket holders deserve Goodison rockin' for the remaining games given the season we?ve had.


Alex Buckley     Posted 08/03/2011 at 00:51:34   Comments (38)

Don't be so weak

I am getting sick of articles posted on various Everton fan sites discussing which of our current squad we should sell.

Are Evertonians so collectively weak that instead of fighting our greedy board we discuss and accept our lot? It's as if people accept the twattings we get off Reading at home. Fucking Reading!

Last week I read comments from David Bick regarding Everton?s board pulling out of negotiations with three other investors.

Then I read that Robert Earl was an unnamed investor in the retail element associated with Destination Kirkby. KEIOC discovered that apparently Kenwright was being pushed by the rest of the board to go for Destination Kirkby.... Evertonians are so weak they just accept this!

Even Robert Elstone said that none of the board has put in any money. Yet they are waiting for a massive payout. The only way to get rid is to make their position unbearable.

It comes down to this. We get rid of them or go down! Why sell are players??? Why talk about it???



Chris Regan     Posted 07/03/2011 at 20:03:39   Comments (30)

Can't wait for it to happen

I know, I know, it's been done to death.... well, well, well, this one is new... and I am sure he will be sadly missed by us all, eh? :)

A refereeing source said: "I don?t think this is an idle threat. Mark has not been happy for some time. His senior refereeing colleagues have been talking to him and encouraging him to carry on.

"We?re talking here about a referee who has bags of courage and is refereeing very well. For instance, Pierluigi Collina is known to rate him very highly. "The game can?t afford to lose someone of Mark?s ability and standing.?

Clattenburg was unavailable for comment but is known to be soul searching about his future.

My comments:

1. Collina and he would go perfectly hand in hand together!

2. I don't suppose that this will be the first "soul-searching" that prat Clutterbug will have done with his bags of courage!

Might just have more than one or two Stellas to celebrate if true.
Gerry Quinn     Posted 07/03/2011 at 18:42:39   Comments (15)

Only one man for the job

Looking for a tough tackling player to sit in front of the back four? Tony Hibbert is your man!

As a young man, he played in midfield with Leon Osman, and has played middle of the back four in Europe for Everton.

He might just be the answer.

Brian Swift     Posted 07/03/2011 at 17:38:13   Comments (37)

Political Correctness Gone Mad

I was going to write a submission about the how the Evertonian who had his season ticket taken off him was not being racist. But then to explain this and have in return, I would presume, mass agreement would be a waste of all our energies when we could be doing something far more productive like watching The One Show or going for a beer.

Some do-gooder has had this man ejected from the ground and had his season ticket taken off him which makes officials at the club guilty of something which is becoming more prevelent in today's society which is going with the flow of a complaint. It's easier, they can wash their hands of it and hide behind morality if any questions are asked.

So, if King Louis looks like he hasn't eaten his Ready-Brek next match, don't slur him by calling him a 'useless French lazy bastard', but perhaps something more acceptable on the terraces like a 'fucking lazy twat'.

Tell your kids too, give them some education.

Nick Entwistle     Posted 07/03/2011 at 17:24:06   Comments (51)

Cahill in a 4-man midfield

This has been said and argued about many times.

Most of us would understand Moyes's preoccupation with five in the middle comes from the fear(?) that we don't or didn't have four good enough to do the job (5@80% = 4@100%). Do we in fact have four good enough now given his new found love affair with 442? (although that is for another thread).

Cahill can only play in a five-man midfield, he can pop up with the goals whenever and have his so-called deficiencies covered for. So far so good... When fit, he CAN play in a four-man midfield AND pop up with the odd goal. So play him in the Carsley role.

Fellaini is out injured and could, given our finances, have even kicked his last ball for us. Rodwell? Not ready... may never BE ready ? that is the downside of potential, it's all yet to happen. Johnny H? ? iffy at best. Neville, injured for how long, be it ribs or hammy.

Small squad means that Cahill, when fit won't be on the bench for too long. If we need a Carsley, who else have we actually got ??
Derek Thomas     Posted 07/03/2011 at 07:48:49   Comments (17)

Our Tata = Our Winger

I have said several times on here and argue with my best friend regularly that Arteta is not a central midfield player. Sure, he can do a job there on occasion but, for me, he has always been far more effective as a player and as an effect on the team as a winger.

Two and three seasons ago, he would swagger around the flanks, linking up with the full backs, midfield and the attacker(s). He would also not only beat people but make them look stupid and, whenever there were no options available, he would usually come away with a free kick by cleverly drawing a foul (sometimes going down to easily). He was also consistently one of the best performers in the league.

In doing this, he took responsibility, he took pressure of less-able players and he played with a real swagger.

I was delighted to see him play out wide yesterday and for me he should never play in the middle for Everton again.

James Cadwaladr     Posted 06/03/2011 at 09:35:11   Comments (21)

Phil Jagielka's post match interview..

I've just watched Phil Jagielka's post match interview which consisted of him answering 5 out of 6 questions with the opening gambit: "Yeah, definitely...".

Does anyone know Phil on a personal level? Is he a bit thick? Or is this like that game where they try to get as many song titles in to the interview as possible in order to turn it in to a complete farce?

I've noticed Tony Hibbert throws in "Eh, it's one of d'ose..." at the start of each of his answers when exposed to questioning from the media..

Has anyone else noticed this? If not keep your eye out and play ?Trite Phrase Bingo? with your favourite football "personalities" ? helps liven up what can be a sterile stroll into the banal and redundant world of a footballer?s thought process.

Drew O'Neall     Posted 06/03/2011 at 00:32:43   Comments (35)

Brian Reade today

I make a point, every Saturday of picking up the Daily Mirror after I open up my shop. The reason I do this is to catch Brian Reade's sports column, which is in the Mirror most Saturdays.

Reade is a Liverpool fan, but always seems to hit the nail on the head with whatever situation he is writing about. This week is no different "Lose Moyes and the roof could fall in on despairing Evertonians" is his main story this week. It's a fantastic article which gives a true outside perspective of Everton.

I couldn't find the article on the Mirrors' website and am typing this on my mobile phone, so can't really type up the article myself. But I'd recommend any Evertonian to try and read this today if they can.

Tony Hale     Posted 05/03/2011 at 08:43:35   Comments (71)

Earl's conflict of interest?

There's an email doing the rounds that KEIOC have uncovered, one that Knowsley Borough Council sought to suppress on the grounds of "commercial sensitivity". Turns out it was between KMBC CEO Sheena Ramsey and a "potential investor" in Destination Kirkby. They even sought legal council to see if they could overrule the Information Commissioner to prevent the contents of the email from being made public and thereby unmasking the "investor" in question.

That "potential investor" was Robert Earl and the email in question describes a telephone conversation between Earl and Ms Ramsey from May 2008 in which she stresses the importance of getting Bill Kenwright, in his capacity as Chairman, to commit Everton FC to the scheme even though there was "a high chance" that the scheme could get called in by the Government.

From: Ramsey, Sheena CEO
Sent: 23 May 2008 13:08
Subject: Kirkby Development

Dear Robert, thank you for ringing yesterday, I really appreciate the reassurance as this feels like a very tense time at the moment. The issue we are faced with at the moment, as I said yesterday is doing everything we can to ensure the project can go ahead with the minimum of risk to any of the partners and in particular the people of Kirkby. We are however, being advised by our planning QC that there is still a high chance, despite everyone?s best efforts that the application will get called in. If this is the case we need to be absolutely certain that Everton will be standing with us at that enquiry hence my concern about having a note to confirm commitment. I have been advised here that it must come from the Chairman, of the club and I have a call into Bill?s office and a draft to send him I should know in the next hour or so how that has gone and will hopefully be able to send you a copy of what I am requesting. The key issue for us at the moment is ensuring we have everything in place to enable the Planning Committee to fully assess the application on Monday 9th June so time is of the essence as the report will have to go to our Members Thursday of next week.
I hope you are well and enjoying glorious sunshine and blue skies, it is not entirely like that here but I have your island on my ?favourites? on the Internet so can look at that to capture that feeling back here in Knowsley!

Best regards

On its face, not all that significant until you consider that KMBC went to such great lengths to protect the anonymity of a third party "investor" who had, in the words of the Information Commissioner's judgement, "never been publicly acknowledged to be involved in the scheme"... except of course that Robert Earl was already very much involved in the scheme as a Board member of Everton FC.

Did Earl acting as an Everton director on the one hand and an unnamed third party pushing the retail and leisure side of the scheme on the other represent a clear conflict of interest? Was he looking after EFC's best interests in making sure the club stayed part of the scheme because it couldn't go ahead without a sporting and recreational component?

Roger McLean     Posted 05/03/2011 at 07:10:45   Comments (14)

7 Short Points

1) The shackling of Jack Rodwell is ridiculous, he's only 19 and 3 years older than myself, but Moyes seems to be hindering his progress, albeit Rodwell doesn't have a set position.

2) John Heitinga's head and heart has clearly gone, people will lambast him but I just see an ambitious player who isn't getting what he wants, but if he's aiming for a move away, he hasn't gone about it the right way.

3) Victor Anichebe - He is living the life that every man dreams of, he playing Premier League football and seemingly he doesn't care. His attitude is one of a player who has been there and won everything. It shocks me everytime he strutts around the pitch because essentially he's a no-one and at best a Championship cart horse.

4) Diniyar Bilyaletdinov - Clearly a classy player who's being played out of position, why doesn't Moyes ever experiment and allow him to roam around behind the striker?

5) Everybody can see that this season our manager is a shadow of his former self, the life has been drained out of him by a Chairman trying to squeeze every drop of juice out of his skills. I fully expect Moyes to walk in the summer on the back of Kenwright declaring no funds are available.

6) Neville needs to go into centre midfield to give it more bite and drive, fair enough he isn't the most technical but our midfield is a laughing stock and regularly gets bullied, this should see Hibbert return to right back to add steel and at least a dependable player.

7) What the future holds... no one knows; for me, although it's only 27 games old, this season we have seen Everton finally get caught up with its lack of investment. Maybe we all believed the pre-season hype that we really could challenge for the Champions League with Vaughan and Anichebe as backup strikers, or Osman and Baxter as midfield replacements. Either way, summer 2011 is although we hear this a lot a pinnacle time in Everton's history. Whether we get investment is crucial, we need to shift out the dead wood and get players who actually want to play for Everton in the Premier League. Our squad is on massive wages and to think we could get 3 Championship starlets for the same wage as Heitinga makes interesting reading.

Andrew Bott     Posted 05/03/2011 at 01:21:26   Comments (14)

Sue the bastards!

Anichebe has stunk the gaff out on the field, but I have to say I am very impressed that he sued Newcastle over that disgusting Nolan tackle.

What amazes me is that the media never got a sniff of this. We have to read all the ridiculous rumours linking Everton with hundreds of players they can't afford to pay, never mind buy, while interesting stories like this fly well under the radar.

Maybe the added spice needed to get our lot fired up for the game tomorrow? The chance of silverware doesn't seem to be enough, sadly.

Michael  Kenrick     Posted 04/03/2011 at    Comments (34)

More investment rumours!

Got this from Evertonians4Change:

Rumour from the followtonians podcast from an "independent source". Property developer George Downing is rumoured to be trying to get a consortium together.

According to the ever reliable Wikipedia he is worth £500million. He was also the guy who was chucked out of the posh box at the City Of Manchester Stadium last season for taking the piss out of Garry Cook and Co cos we were winning 2-0.

But NSNO says: George Downing's people about takeover rumours, their comment?

"George has said there is no truth in this whatsoever"

More bullshit from the board?

Craig Taylor     Posted 04/03/2011 at 12:20:49   Comments (14)

The Managerial Candidates

I have called for David Moyes to be removed as manager of Everton for some time. The response from his supporters (and there are many brilliant defences) often raises the question who will replace him. I don't think this is a fair response but I believe , that for the huge salary on offer, we could do better. Who could replace him ? Well what do you think:

Slaven Bilic
Positives: Proven international coach who can get the best out of average players. Good disciplinarian with contacts who might just provide some eastern European bargains.
Negatives: Left a sour taste in the mouths of many Evertonians.

Glenn Hoddle
Positives: World class player who has a record of achieving success with a lower league club on a tight budget. International experience with good youth contacts.
Negatives. Away from the premier league for a while.

Owen Coyle.
Positives: Magnificent record against the odds both in Scotland and at Burnley. Has transformed Bolton and plays the game the right way.
Negatives. None.

Martin O'Neill
Positives: Proven winner. Passionate, articulate and an imaginative coach.
Negatives: Wants money to spend and may not spend it wisely.

Gus Poyet Positives: Knows what a crisis is all about. Plays good football and is doing a fine job with a side who have exceeded expectations.
Negatives: None.

Paul Lambert
Positives: Good record in Scotland. Turned Norwich around. Strong on discipline, plays nice football.
Negatives: None.

For those who I feel have no negatives I am ruling out the lack of top-level experience as a negative, after all., David Moyes had none.

I do not believe that David Moyes will leave in the foreseeable future. If and when he goes why should the future be so bleak? There is life after Moyes... and Kenwright.
Andy Crooks     Posted 03/03/2011 at 19:02:34   Comments (59)

Outing ? Part 1: Stephen Graham

Whilst other media display wild homophobia by outing gay sports stars, I have for some time , thought that real "Outing" should be properly reserved for people in the public eye who have taken a wrong turn in life and have ended up somehow supporting that lot, the name that we cannot and will not say.

And so , in what I hope will be the first in a series of enlightening articles, I bring you Stephen Graham. Not a bad actor, it has to be said, indeed very good in This is England and now in Boardwalk Empire, playing Al Capone, no less.

However, in ShortList today he talks of his love for that team and mentions speaking of their plight to one Johnny Depp. He then talks about an Evertonian who works for Johnny and about the Evertonian trying to steer Johnny to the dark side. We applaud that Evertonian, whoever you are.

More outings to follow.

Jonathan Tasker     Posted 03/03/2011 at 08:36:15   Comments (21)

American investment?

Yes, I know it's only a rumour, so let's not get all silly about the news. But, did anyone listen to the discussion on Radio Merseyside referred to in the Rumour Mill article, and, if so, could you summarise the interesting bits for the rest of us, please?
Chris Jones [NZ]     Posted 02/03/2011 at 21:07:49   Comments (59)

Off the pitch as bad as on...

Last year we had the Gosling contract debacle. Much as we could criticise the behaviour and ethics of the player and his agent, how could anyone at Everton allow this to happen and not formally offer him a contract?

We nearly had the same situation with Ancihebe, and whilst many of us will criticise his worth after recent performances, until he signed his new contract he was also on the verge of being able to go for free.

Then we have the Pienaar contract. Throughout the ?will he, won?t he?? new contract saga, I haven?t heard anyone ask why he was allowed to sign an initial mere 3-year contract. Just this week Newcastle gave someone a 6½-year contract. Didn?t anyone at our club question the sense in giving a new signing (who had already proved his quality whilst on loan) aged only 25 just a 3-year deal????

Now we have Fellaini ? our record signing who, if he doesn?t sign a new contract this year, will soon be like Pienaar was: in the last year of his contract with clubs playing in the champions league chasing him and able to buy him for next to nothing. Again, why hasn?t anyone at the club done anything about this?

Then just to cap it all we allow a player to turn up late for a match and miss the kick off. Yes, there was a traffic problem, but what happened to the routine of meeting up early and even staying in hotels before home matches?

Am I the only one who?s spotted the trend here? Whoever is responsible for contracts, administrative and organisational matters at the club should be shown the door quick time before the next disaster.

John Smith     Posted 02/03/2011 at 16:22:04   Comments (43)

Please drop everyone BUT Tim Cahill

The scales dropped from my eyes last night.

A team consisting of most of my former heroes who I have consistently promoted as amongst the best starting eleven in the division performed like a team that belonged in the lowest reaches of the Championship, let alone the Premier League.

Personally, I'm still chiefly blaming Moyes for his total lack of tactical plan (at least any evidence of it on the pitch was lost on me!) but, even if that eleven had simply been told to get on with it, they should still have had enough.

I know one man does not make a team but Tim Cahill still DOES make a difference and until we get him back in this team we will slide further to mediocrity.

Beckford should have been in his element last night against a lower division's reserve back four and Ian Harte (Ian Harte ffs!) and instead was in the mire. I'm not blaming him, the whole team (perhaps not Baines) was abysmal, but I am totally convinced that Tim Cahill would have made a difference!

Mark Murphy     Posted 02/03/2011 at 14:37:22   Comments (23)

Where do you draw the line?

Last night's performance was awful, insipid, embarassing, frustrating.... and a thousand other adjectives, most of which have been used on other threads over the last 12 hours by the looks of it.

The anger has typically manifested itself as "get rid"; of Moyes, the Players, Kenwright.

As indicated in a few threads, this season more than any seems to have had a number of "worst game ever" scenarios. Expectation was set at the start of the season by the Club and the reality has never matched up to it, bar a few occasions; after which we hoped we had turned a corner, only to find, like last night, that we had done no such thing. Indeed, we've turned so many corners this season we've got back to the starting point!

As fans and supporters though, it now also feels like we are continually drawing a new line in the sand and daring the Club to step over it with another banal performance on the pitch which is worse than the last one. Trouble is, the team seem to be doing just that. Continuing that analogy, eventually you have to make a stand; you can't dare someone to cross the line every time and just re-draw it. If you do it ends up having no impact.

So to all those, including myself, who have drawn that line so many times this season, only to see increasingly poor performances from "the best squad" Moyes has ever had ? what next ?

Your decision to renew or not renew your season ticket would seem to be the first chance for supporters to have their say and hit back at the Club for crossing the line yet again last night.

What else can we do ?

Steve Guy     Posted 02/03/2011 at 13:51:54   Comments (19)

M62-Gate and The Wizard of Oz

Don't know about you, but I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of important meetings that I have been late for. Watching Beckford smirking in the stand as he arrived late and probably thinking, "No worries, we'll still kill off this lower league rubbish", made my blood boil. Shall we call it "unprofessional."? The fact that we were forced to start with that twat Bily rendered us, as usual with him, a ten-man team and proved fatal.

How is it possible that one of your main players turns up late for the most important match of the season? And it was just that as it represented our last chance of winning anything. I'm 52 so I have seen us win loads but lots of people haven't and to them, we are probably just one of those crap teams that make up the numbers, year-in and year-out.

As for our beloved Chairman, well it spoke volumes by the fact he chose to watch the Wizard of Oz rather than Everton. With plays, isn't it like the same thing every night Bill? Er actually, come to think of it, maybe he made the right choice. If Everton were a musical, we would definitely be (and have been for a number of years) Les Fucking Miserables.

Jonathan Tasker     Posted 02/03/2011 at 08:28:37   Comments (29)

Rodwell will be great!!

But not at Everton!!

When Jack Rodwell first burst on to the first team, he was hailed as the next Hoddle, great balance good speed, left foot, right foot, comfortable on both... Jack glides when he runs like the great Zidane did. He's scored some great goals, dictated play versus Liverpool, dominated European games, and has been outstanding for the under-21s at international level, even getting the captaincy!!

Now fans say he is shite: "What does he do?" they ask... "£15 million? snap their hands off"; "He wouldn't lace Wilshere's boots" people are saying. So what has gone wrong over the years?

Firstly, to compare Rodwell to Wilshere is unfair, reason being is that Wilshere plays in the best pass-and-move team in England, if not Europe; he plays with Fabregas, Arshavin, Nasri and Walcott, while our Jack plays with out-of-form Arteta, a £60k signing from Ireland who's learning his trade... and Osman, FFS.

The lad has had lots of injuries and, as any pro will tell you, it takes it's toll. Yes, he was shite on the night; Yes he is 19, Yes, he is just back from injury!!

But I feel the biggest stumbling block to this lad's career is Moyes!! Firstly, Moyes plays him in midfield then tells us all he believes Rodwell will become a great centre-half! Then why play him in midfield? How is he going to learn his centre-half trade by playing centre-mid? Then he gets played behind the striker after scoring a few goals, then right mid, then centre-back, then centre-mid ?get the picture? Rodwell doesn't know if he is coming or going... then of course after a few games he gets dropped for Ossie!!

Let's face facts ? do you really think Alex Ferguson is stupid? He sees greatness in the boy and so do I; Moyes is holding him back in my view, and for those of us who believe Rodwell is useless, just give the lad a chance.

Sean  McKenna     Posted 02/03/2011 at 04:13:33   Comments (23)


There comes a point when you have to put your cards on the table and say

"Enough is enough".

I think that time came for David Moyes tonight.

He, rightly or wrongly, has earned himself one of the best reputations as a manager in probably the best league in the world. He is either being held back by his own ability or by the lack of support he has from the board ? one or the other. So now is the time to find out which it is.

To do us, him and the club justice the only possible solution is to publicly demand Bill Kenwright officially and publicly puts the club up for SALE with a view to completing a buy out by the end of the season or he walks. Not a bit of flannel on the OS ? the real thing. And if BK refuses, or fails to sell by May, he does indeed walk.

People will say ?he?s not going to walk away from £65k a week though is he?!? He?s a wealthy man in his own right now and should now have the self respect and respect for us and the club to force the issue.

I would, I kid you not.

The supporters, media and football fraternity would also, in my opinion, give him their full backing.

So, let's face it — apart from the money — what?s he really got to lose?

Mike Green     Posted 02/03/2011 at 03:34:28   Comments (31)

Who is that man in Blue?

Can someone explain to me ? perhaps one of those fans who regularly acclaims David Moyes as the Greatest Mind in Football while insisting it's somehow the Chairman who misdirects the team every week ? what possible purpose does Victor Anichebe achieve at Everton?

I could understand bringing on Beckford. I don't think he's Premier League quality yet but I understood it. I could not fathom the point of bringing on Anichebe other than perhaps Moyes simply didn't have any other ideas, good or bad. Very likely when you think about it.

I was fairly certain the game was lost from the moment he came on as it meant we might as well have 10 men. His sole contribution was negative. Saha moved wider when we needed him in front of goal. Anichebe misplaced passes, allowed the ball to hit him on the head a couple of times and bitched a lot. That was it.

I would not have him in a second rate Sunday League team. He has no special skill, no exceptional quality, and no redeeming value other than strong physical presence and some pace ? so long as he doesn't have the ball, that is. I'm sure he bench-presses impressively in training and so on. Big deal.

If he was transferred tomorrow nobody would be able to remember his name inside a month. Yet David Moyes apparently believes he has game-winning Premier League quality, preferring him, for example to James Vaughan.

Can any of you David Moyes Kool-Aid drinkers tell me what I'm missing with Anichebe? I would genuinely like to know because I cannot remember seeing a more ineffective player at Everton with the possible exception of Ibrahim Bakayoko in close to five decades of watching the Blues.

Peter Fearon     Posted 01/03/2011 at 21:48:50   Comments (38)

Not a spark of imagination or commitment

Quite simply the most awful awful ninety minutes from Everton that I can remember in forty years. Not one player wanted to win or even tried. No one put in a shift, they should all refund their wages and distribute them to the supporters unfortunate enough to witness what must go down as the most pathetic and uninspiring team in memory.

This season just gets worse and worse and worse. What were they thinking? What were they doing? No-one showed the slightest sense of urgency there was no skill, imagination and not a vestige of passion. Absolutely nothing, and all this against a very ordinary side. How did David Moyes prepare them to be so totally and completely inept?

It's impossible to take a single positive from this match. Season over... and, if they carry on like this, Championship football next year. It's impossible to overstate how truly bad they were, totally bereft of ideas and not a spark of imagination or commitment.

Hang your heads in shame players and if this is the best you can do then go all of you go. At the start of this season some of us thought they were good enough to challenge for the title... what a joke! You cannot be more wrong about a football team than that, they are an absolute disgrace to Everton Football Club and to their profession.

Martin O'Collins     Posted 01/03/2011 at 21:37:10   Comments (21)

Time to go

I have been a life long fan but, after watching tonight's performance against Reading, I am ashamed to be an Everton fan.

Sorry, Mr Moyes, but it's time to go, you simply have run out of ideas, you cannot motivate the team, and as a result you have made us consistantly inconsistent. Quite simply, it's time for change ? not only with the manager but half the squad as they are not good enough to wear the sacred blue shirt.
Ian Price     Posted 01/03/2011 at 21:39:08   Comments (49)

Hope Returns?

Our next 6 league fixtures are all winable games. I sit imagining 18 points, 6 games of victories. We have 4 home matches, and only Newcastle and Wolves away. Surley we can salvage a decent season and a Cup run?

Why do I have the sinking feeling we'll fall short of Wembley, and only get 6 points of a possible 18?

The next month and half is just crucial. Someone tell me sunny days are ahead. I can feel the tide turning, but just can't believe it'll happen. We're so inconsistent....

Jamie Crowley     Posted 01/03/2011 at 05:48:38   Comments (16)

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