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The Mail Bag

February 2011 Archive
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Well worth waiting...

With a 200-mile trip home facing us last Saturday, my 11-year-old son, Daniel, and I risked missing the TV highlights by staying behind to see if we could grab a few autographs and pictures with the players as they left the Goodison car park.

It was well worth it as Bily, Rodwell, Jagielka and Howard were all only too keen to sign and pose for a photo. Yes, they are well paid and should do it, but they don't have to and it's nice to see the Everton players' appreciation of the fans in this way.

Cahill, Baines and Saha also appear in Daniel's photo album from a previous visit. Most people I speak to assume Premier League players are surrounded by security men and/or are prima donnas. They are surprised to hear how co-operative the players are at Goodison.

A special mention this time to Seamus Coleman who signed for everyone until he got halfway along the barriers, then turned to meet up with pals in the car park. Hearing the shouts of those who hadn't got a signature, he turned and said not to worry as he would be back. Sure enough, when his friends drove off, he returned and resumed where he had left off.

A nice touch and the warm glow from the win over Sunderland was enhanced as we finally left in the darkness to start our trip home. And we got home in time to see Beckford's goals again!

Mike McQuaid     Posted 28/02/2011 at 23:41:01   Comments (5)

Negative? ... Moyes?

Hardly a day goes by without somebody submitting a post on this site charging David Moyes with sending his team out "not to lose". Now I realised a long time ago that when two people watch the same match they will inevitably view one or two incidents differently, but we are not just talking about one or two incidents, I often wonder if these people are watching the same team as me.

I can almost hear Moyes's critics screaming "He plays 4-5-1 at home to lower sides, FFS"... but does he? If Cahill isn't playing up front, he is playing the most advanced midfield role I`ve ever seen.

Anyway, thats not what I want to talk about, we can argue all day about who plays up front. The allegation is "He sets his team up not to lose" So I want to ask who and how many does Moyes actually play at the back?

From what I witness with my own eyes, David Moyes sends his team out with less defenders and less defensive-minded players than any other manager in England... allow me to back that up.

I`d like to avoid debates about personal favourites, we all have our idea of what the first choice line up should be. After naming his defenders, if he has a fully fit squad, Moyes picks six from Bily, Ossie, Vic, Rodwell, Arteta, Saha, Fellaini, Beckford, Coleman and Cahill. . . IMO with the possible exception of the Tiger and Fella at corners, none of these players could defend if their lives depended on it, more to the point they aren't asked to.

When was the last time you saw Ossie, Bily, Vic, Beckford, or Saha track back?

Unlike the other managers, Moyes does not provide his defence with an insurance policy, a Song/Makelele type, he may ask Fellaini or Arteta to play as a deep-lying play maker, but this season he has not used a defensive midfield "minder" and with Leighton Baines regularly doing an impersonation of a left sided Daniel Alves, Everton rely almost completely on Distin, Jags or Heitinga and Captain Pip to mind the shop.

IMO many people feel that, because Moyes doesn't choose the players they want, he is being negative; he isn't, it's a different issue.

From what I have seen, the guy who many claim sets his team out "not to lose" plays with less defenders than them all ? and he hasn't just done it this week... he has done it all season.

Dave Wilson     Posted 28/02/2011 at 19:46:14   Comments (54)

Crisis club Everton, part ten

It's amazing what one result can do. When David Moyes took over he said that we must no longer be referred to as "crisis club Everton". He achieved that. In the last month, the phrase has come back again. It seems that we have turned full circle and the years of hope have ended.

The comments today seem to suggest that Mr Moyes is aware of this, he wants events on the field to deflect from what is wrong off it. I admire his thinking and attitude but have concerns about what the outcome of this might be.

I believe we are about to have a decent run which will move us up the table, earn us more money and once more rescue Bill Kenwright. I'm seriously in two minds over this. Of course I want us to win, I want us to get to Wembley, I want us to finish top six. However, it seems to me that we are postponing our hangover... David Moyes to the rescue once again?

What is wrong at Everton must be confronted, it won't be if David Moyes pulls the rabbit out of the hat one more time.
Andy Crooks     Posted 28/02/2011 at 18:58:26   Comments (22)

Incompetent FA, Unforgiveable Clattenburg

I?m amazed at the decision to take no action against Rooney for his blatant and dangerous elbow incident against Wigan?s McCarthy on Saturday. How long must we put up with the shambolic Clattenburg, who continues to fawn over the millionaire footballers, with a wink here, a pat on the bum there or just a plain old arm round the shoulder with the words ?Careful Wayne, bit naughty that, by the way my Gran says hello?.

To lie through his back, or if they are like his hair, false, teeth and say he took appropriate action is beyond belief and in itself brings the game into disrepute.

The bile that came from Old Trafford was a disgrace and an insult to Wigan Football Club. They should have been commending the Wigan player on staying on his feet. Can you imagine Nani in that position, and the obvious reaction he would feign with Fergie screaming for the death sentence against the abuser.

The whole thing stinks. When Man City was normal like us, they had Ben Thatcher banned for his obscene challenge a few years ago, despite the Ref seeing it and giving him a yellow card. Where is the consistency towards the millionaires who ruin our game?

Ashley and his air rifle at the training ground, hell even the linesman in the Carling Cup Final did his best for Arsenal in the first two minutes, flagging offside and thus avoiding a Birmingham penalty and sending off, no doubt it would have yellow.

Get Clattenburg out of this game and get some FA members who possess a pair. The game is ruined by money, now we put up with individuals causing havoc on what was a once proud sport.

David Price     Posted 28/02/2011 at 14:57:30   Comments (61)

Pip's celebration

Who?s up for a bit of fun to brighten up our Monday?

Phil Neville said last week that after scoring the final penalty against Chelsea, thinking back, he should have done ?The Sprinkler? celebration made famous by the victorious England cricket team during the recent Ashes series.

He then went on to say he has something else ?up his sleeve? for a goal celebration, and it got me thinking ? what could it be?

So, what does everyone think Pip will do tomorrow night when he bangs in a 30 yard screamer, on the volley, crashing in off the underside of the bar and into the net?

Adam Bennett     Posted 28/02/2011 at 12:26:35   Comments (30)

Please drop Cahill!

I would like to rekindle an old argument after the last time Moyes played a 4-4-2 with Beckford and Saha.

They have only played twice together and we won both games against two good teams in the Prem with decent defences. You can see that they are perfect for eachother. Saha drops deep with good dribbling, cleverness, awareness and can shoot in the edge of the box. Beckford goes with the last man with good runs and decent finishing. Both different kinds of strikers and both compliment eachother.

Now, what will Moyes do? Once Cahill gets fit, he will be back into the side and drop Beckford. This is a mistake as we have not been attacking enough already this season.

It might be wise to play Cahill if we want to play a counter attacking, away from home against one of the big 4 for example. But once we're home or playing a lower team away (I would like class Newcastle) then we can attack from the off and win. Saha can even drop to that Cahill role once we try to hold the lead.

Beckford has been sloppy, naive at times, but the runs he makes are second to none, it's quality. We haven't had a striker with much goalscoring ability and intent for a while... a different kind of number 9. While he's confident and while he's scoring, we can't drop him just yet.

Ben Jones     Posted 28/02/2011 at 11:53:05   Comments (22)

Carling Cup Final

So glad Arsenal failed in such desperate circumstances. Perfect karma for that shit from Fabregas. And Wenger, wonderful manager that he is, was such a lying two-faced shithouse over that incident. I couldn\'t be more happy for him! Well done, Birmingham. I never usually bother with the Carling Cup but Great Match...
Michael Kenrick     Posted 27/02/2011 at    Comments (34)

Bilyaletdinov respect

Bily has tweeted today that it's bollocks that he wants to leave. Respect to him for coming straight out and saying so.

Craig Taylor     Posted 27/02/2011 at 14:01:09   Comments (22)

Our centre halves

I was doing a bit of profound thinking (on the bog, obviously) and I wondered if we'd seen Heitinga and Jagielka play together at centre back this season?

If so, how did they do?

I'm not for one second suggesting this should be the pairing we employ as I think Distin has done a more than reasonable job there all season ? but the old fella's not getting any younger and with our policy of not being able to afford anyone at all, added to the fact Yobo's probably played his last game for Everton, is this a feasible partnership for the future?
Mike Dillon     Posted 27/02/2011 at 08:56:31   Comments (11)

Gosling the Goose

Just thought I would point out what a great season Dan Gosling is having. He has managed 1 minute of football in which his new team conceded.

It bugged me how he left, though we have managed to benefit from not paying his medical bills this season, but I'm sure the saving won't cover the possible transfer fee we should have received.

He was making progress at Everton who have a small squad and so provide opportunities of playing time and he quits for what can only be the pound sign.

Seamus Coleman has shown what can happen when given the opportunity, due to his dedication and professionalism he has become a 1st team regular and a fans favourite, a mantle Dan had gained after scoring against Liverpool...

What was he thinking?

Martin Clark     Posted 27/02/2011 at 05:51:35   Comments (15)

Reading Attendance

Looking on the e-ticketing section of, I am surprised at just how many seats are available (no, I do not work at the club).

Anyone who was at Stamford Bridge knows just how we carried the team through that game and into the next round.

Please, I urge fellow fans to buy a ticket and cheer the team on. We need a big game atmosphere with 35-40,000 Evertonians, not 25,000!! I just don't understand the apathy.

We are two games from returning to Wembley. Let's pull together, get behind the team and we will succeed.

Tim Nolan     Posted 26/02/2011 at 22:29:35   Comments (20)

Happier Times

As someone who has been accused of only being negative, I'd like to post something positive here. I'd like to go back to the days when my Dad and I walked to the ground with a feeling of excitement. To be honest, my dad probably didn't but I did.

I went to the match with only one player I wanted to see. I didn't follow play, I just watched my hero throughout the match. To me it was Alan Ball. He could have been tying the laces on his white boots, but, well, he did it for a reason and I was watching him. I'd like to ask my fellow Evertonians who has made them feel that excited. Who did you want to see?
Andy Crooks     Posted 26/02/2011 at    Comments (38)

Sky and the Wolves fixture

According to my Wolves mate who travels to all their games from here on the Isle of Man it appears the change of kick-off time to 12:45 on the Saturday is not as clearcut as suggested.

The Wolves ticket office have told him that if Arsenal beat Barcelona and their next round fixture is the Tuesday following the Wolves weekend then Blackpool v Arsenal will be changed to the Saturday live game and our game at Molineux will swap to the Sunday.

This is yet another example of Sky being allowed to do whatever they want. The likes of us who were hoping to get to the game now have to wait until mid-March before knowing when the game will be played by which time air fares etc will have rocketed.

I have asked the Premier League before whether they will be happy for games to be played in deserted stadia just so long as they can grab the Sky millions???

In other words, to hell with the real fans.

Blues forever

Juan Kermode     Posted 25/02/2011 at    Comments (24)

Vellios, The Secret Weapon?

Well, the lad makes his debut for the ressies and scores, by all accounts a well taken effort ? now this may be well off the mark, but I would have him on our bench and I will explain why.

He is a complete unknown so data on him is limited, he has played league football in Greece and has scored against Olympiakos ? the equivalent of say Sunderland ? what I mean is he has played in front of a big crowd so should not be to fazed by the Goodison atmosphere.

He is 6ft 3in ? taller than any forward we currently have ? I also noticed that he looks a lot more mature physically than the other players in the current reserve squad ? take a look on the official site.

I'm not saying he is going to tear up the Premier League, merely suggesting it might be worth getting 10-15 mins out of him over the next few games, this lad could prove to be the secret weapon Moyes has been looking for.

Chris Keightley     Posted 24/02/2011 at 12:20:21   Comments (60)

Rodwell Whispers

I am not a conspiracy theorist in any way... nevertheless I cannot help but feel that there is a conspiracy to part Jack Rodwell from Everton with the logical destination being Old Trafford.

I don't base this on any sound facts, just a gut instinct that someone ? more than likely SAF, but my suspicious nature does not preclude Bill Kenwright or someone working for him ? are pulling the story hungry media strings.

It started in the transfer window to some effect but has picked up steam in the last two weeks. SAF has no history of 'tapping up' players directly but he gets what he wants most of the time and it surely would not be beyond him to start the rumors and sow the seed in the lad's head. I have no doubt that Rooney would be used as either go between or as an example of what a local boy can achieve on a bigger stage.

On the other hand, we all know that Everton are skint and could benefit from the sale of a prized asset. Kenwright knows he will have to sell him at some stage... and is letting the market know that he is available to the highest bidder.

The third possibility is of course; that Rodwell's agent is up to, what agents usually get up to and that is getting their stock in front of buyers

Regardless of who it is, someone is driving the issue and I doubt it has just sprung from nowhere.

Hugh Jorgan     Posted 23/02/2011 at 23:58:05   Comments (56)

Statistics don't tell the whole story

I came across the rather alarming statistic earlier today that the recently derided Mikel Arteta had only registered 1 assist in this Premier League season. This appears to support many fans' criticisms and scathing viewpoints regarding the poor season he is having, though I do wonder how much blame can be laid at his feet.

Arteta has completed this term 1197 passes successfully, registering in first place for the whole squad (and a good 200 more than Marouane Fellaini, the blue-eyed boy in many punters eyes).

Regarding chances created (and not converted), he is second only to Leighton Baines, and once more above Fellaini, only this time more than double ? 37 and 16 respectively.

Fellaini has won only 10 more tackles than Arteta (at 47 to 37) and perhaps even more interesting is the fact that the big Belgian has lost more tackles than the Spaniard (19 to 17).

Add to that the fact that Mikel has two more goals than Marouane, you can maybe see the point I'm trying to make...

It's not that I believe Arteta is having a great season and Fellaini a poor one; it's that I'm merely questioning the severity of criticism and ostensibly vitriolic nature of many fans on this site and beyond.

And the constant assertion that Arteta is our highest paid player and therefore should be grabbing every game by the scruff of the neck is absurd ? Wayne Rooney is on over double Arteta's wage yet he is still a saint amongst the United fans.

I think it's clear Arteta is having a poor season, but maybe it's time to blame his fellow midfielders for the impotence of our attack.

Daniel Johnson     Posted 23/02/2011 at 16:32:02   Comments (47)

We can get to the final... can't we?

I can remember watching the semi-final against Manchester United two years ago thinking, "We are not going to do this." When Cahill missed, the only thing I could think was defeat. But the day was won by Baines, Neville, Vaughan and Jagielka.

The game on the weekend was Baines's and Neville's game. And the game will always belong to them.

When Everton got the draw against Chelsea in the first game, I just thought Everton let us down. How good you can play but get a replay at Stamford Bridge.

I'm just 15, so I don't go to many Everton matches. My Sky box was broken so I had to listen to my radio. I thought it was going to be a repeat of the first game, but saw I was wrong. When Fellaini scored in added time and was disallowed everything started to go negative.

Extra-time came. I went to the loo for just a split second, and when I came back Lampard had scored, so I just turned my radio off and went outside to play football, pretending to be the Everton team turning the score around. When I came back inside, I asked my Dad if it was still 1-0 and he said, "Yes."

So I went back to my room and put the radio back on and heard there was just 2 minutes left. I knew Chelsea where going to win.

Then we had the free-kick. When I heard both Baines and Arteta were standing behind the ball I thought, "Not you Mikel, this is Baines's territory". And when the ball hit the back of the net, the window in my room was covered with steam. I was just so happy. But still we had the penalty shootout.

When Lampard scored, Baines missed, and then Drogba scored, I had my face in my hands. Jagielka scored and I thought, "2-1 ? we can still win this." And then Howard saved Anelka's penalty, we had a very good chance and we took it when Arteta scored. Essien scored, Heitinga scored and then up came Cole, I thought to myself, "He'll probably miss this..." and he did.

And then came up Phil Neville, I thought "He's going to miss this too. But no, he didn't, because I found myself running around my village in happiness.

The question is, "Because we've beaten Chelsea, will we get to the final?"

Morgan Rhys     Posted 22/02/2011 at 23:42:33   Comments (33)

Alan Stubbs, Reserves Manager

Is it just me or are his results really bad? I don't know a lot about the reserve league and so please correct me if I'm wrong but surely the key to having a good squad should be to have a reserve team that are winning?

OK, I accept that the lack of squad depth could lead to a less successful reserve team but it's not even like any of those players we've bought as prospects have even moved up..

Now it's Gueye reported to be unhappy in the reserves, he did look good but probably needed 6 months in the reserves before getting in the first team, 4 months later he's dropped off the bottom of the reserve team, is that just more wasted cash?

Much as I'm sure the guys a lovely fella and I'm sure an inspiration to young professionals, getting beat 5-1 by Blackburn is never good practice should there not be a better tactician put in his position?
Danny Hinchcliffe     Posted 22/02/2011 at 17:00:34   Comments (18)

It's all a bit gay...e

Does anybody no where this supposedly talented Magaye Gueye is? I've heard that him and Moyes are not getting on and he doesnt seem to be on the bench anymore so i was just wondering if anyone knew what was going on... as I thought he was supposed to be Moyesie's "secret weapon".

Benji Learman     Posted 22/02/2011 at 12:49:44   Comments (55)

Everton at War?

Apologies to any who think I may be straying too far away here from current matters Everton but bear with me.

Largely brought up by my Grandparents, I was aware he had fought in the 1st World War and was in one of the "Liverpool Pals" regiments. Briefly, these guys all joined up in 1915 on the back of a recruiting drive by Lord Derby and, as you would expect from the name, they were encouraged to join up with their mates from work, clubs etc... and join they did in their thousands.

My Grandfather, for instance, played football for St Saviour's Everton, and family history has it the team joined up together, with sadly not too many coming back when it was all over. Graham Maddocks has written a brilliant history of The Liverpool Pals if anyone is interested. In the slaughter of the first day of the Somme, they were the only part of the British offensive that took their objective, attacking from the village of Maricourt up a hill to capture Montaubin in a textbook operation. (Actually it wasn't just Scousers,they did have the Manchester Pals alongside them.)

I took Maddock's book to France in 1997 and followed their route as best I could, and standing in Maricourt looking up that hill brought one hell of a lump into my throat, I can tell you. Things went pear-shaped after the success at Montaubin in that, a month later, on the 30th July, they attacked their next objective, Guillemont. This attack failed and was one of the blackest days in Liverpool's history in that 500 Liverpool lads were killed in one day.

All-in-all, by 1919, The City Battalions had lost 2,800 men. They were the first Pals Regiment to be formed, and the last to be stood down at the end of the war.

Today I was listening to an interview with a representative of Leyton Orient FC who was saying what a close knit "family club" they have always been. This even stretched to them maintaining a memorial to players lost in the Great War ? and that was what prompted me to write this piece.

So here is the crux of this little history lesson (sorry if I've bored you, but I truly hope I haven't): Does anyone know what happened to the Everton team that existed at the start of WW1? Did they join up as part of a Pals regiment or any other? How many of them survived the slaughter I wonder?

I'd be interested if anyone has any information. Maybe The David France Everton Collection might shed some light I suppose.
Howard Don     Posted 21/02/2011 at 19:42:47   Comments (22)

Will we Screw Up with Reading?

Already people are talking about who we will face after Reading. Whether it's City or Villa...But, what about Reading? What gives us the right to assume that Reading is already in the bag?

Have we forgotten the Brentford disaster? Isn't it possible that we might screw up by drawing in Goodison and draw in the return fixtures and get our ass kicked out in the penalties?

After all, Everton is the master of chocking when things get too hot. We've screwed up too many times when it really counts for us to perform, even with minnows like Brentford.

Although I am happy that we won at Stamford Bridge, no-one can doubt me when I say we were lucky. If we don't start bucking up and play some decent football, we will see that Reading will be our nightmare.

Forget about City and Villa, it's Reading that I am worried about. We have a track record of screwing up with lower teams.

Rahman Talib     Posted 21/02/2011 at 14:28:28   Comments (23)

Big moment, big players

You've got to give the penalty takers great credit for stepping up yesterday.

While Baines's penalty was just one of those things Arteta and Neville both took great penalties and Jagielka's and Heitinga's weren't far behind. They showed they are big players ready for the big occasion and when the going gets tough they are players I'd want in my team every time.

There was no hiding from them. Baines was tremendous yesterday and has shown that he is not going to let the fact that Pienaar is no longer in front of him bother him. What a free kick!
Ged Dwyer     Posted 20/02/2011 at 16:11:31   Comments (52)

Sky's the limit!

Whilst I am still over the proverbial moon after our penalty heroics yesterday afternoon, I do feel a little bit put out after watching 'The Sunday Supplement' on Sky Sports this morning. (My own fault, I know.) For those not familiar with the programme, it's a few journalists sat around the table drinking orange juice and discussing the latest football news and gossip.

Firstly I was disappointed, but not shocked that Alex Ferguson wants the FA Cup to have a seeding system. Although it has the obvious benefits for his own club by avoiding early round defeats by similar stature clubs, and giving themselves a clearer run at the trophy, it's also another way the 'Sky 4/5' try and influence everything to help themselves.

What really pissed me off though was they mentioned that Harry Redknapp would be the new England manager, David Moyes will or is being sounded out by Spurs and Jack Rodwell should go to Man.Utd as he is better than what they have got at the moment.

This was finished off with "Don't worry Everton fans, I'm sure Bill Kenwright will have something up his sleeve!"
Al Reddish     Posted 20/02/2011 at 11:41:41   Comments (28)

Goodison Park

I'd appreciate it if someone who knows something about the subject could answer the following questions:

1) Is the re-development of Goodison Park possible and feasible?

2) How cheaply could it be done?

3) Would we have to move out during building work?

4) What would our new capacity be?

5) Finally could this be paid for in stages by the proposed fans trust?

Surely a supporters trust raising funds for a new stadium would make us much more attractive to a buyer. To me, this would be the ideal solution... but I am wondering ? is this a pipedream?
Andy Crooks     Posted 19/02/2011 at 22:55:11   Comments (31)

How can we not ground share?

I agree with the idea. As a practical person I can't see what the problem is! They could have double the ground staff to maintain the pitch or it is even possible to have a pitch that can roll and alternate as in the Kings Dock plan. So the pitch is not a reason not to, so what is?

I believe It's more to do with pride and the rivalry, but that isn't going to stop because of a shared stadium. I have fond memories of watching games at Goodison Park but when you see how the stadium plans are holding both clubs back and could give both clubs a greater stadium than either club could afford on their own.

It would still most likely benefit Liverpool more as they have a greater need for higher weekly gates and Everton (while not successful) have struggled to sell out a 40,000 stadium. But a new super stadium could be something all scousers could be proud of and entice spectators to matches to encourage their team and immensely benefit both clubs.

I'm sure a stadium could be made big enough for both clubs to share the facilities, with advancement in technology it would be a surprise if tricks with lighting or similar could not achieve the stadium to have a red or blue appearance.

I for one would be proud of the Liverpool community if they could leave the rivalry on the pitch and pubs, as my stadiums bigger than your stadium should be left for the playgrounds and banished to the past. The numerous benefits sharing a stadium would bring should be so clear, I can't understand how the anti share group can argue yet want the best for their club at the same time!

Martin Clark     Posted 18/02/2011 at 23:25:16   Comments (43)


For many on TW, the lack of innovation in the Everton Marketing team is incomprehensible and has endured many a tirade of abuse; Australia tour with none of the latest kit on sale being a personal highlight of mine.

That said, it does look from this 365 article:,17033,13320_6758957,00.htm that maybe they may be getting their act together or at least, showing some forward thinking and vision.

Chang (like the beer or not), is a massive brand in Asia and has fingers in many pies (see the renewed sponsorship of ESPN Sports in Asia) and the club have stated that they believe this will be a lucrative deal.

A quote from the article: ?Everton have moved ahead of the majority of their rivals by realising that genuine global growth is about more than tumbling into town like the circus for 36 hours and a pre-season friendly?

Innovation from Everton, this should be applauded.

Now, let the conspiracy theories roll.

Liam Reilly     Posted 18/02/2011 at 17:38:04   Comments (16)

Change required

Anyone not signed up to the Evertonians for Change group? If not what are your reasons?

A lot of people seem to agree that change is required at the top of our "once" great club! But there are ro many different views about how to force or influence these changes.

E4C, who I support, are going about things politely, trying to get communication with the club. People are talking about setting up a trust, which whilst this is a brilliant idea, it is useless without the backing of the Everton board. Then there are people who want protests, it's something I have suggested myself. But protest ideas seem to be linked more around rumours than anyone being prepared to properly organise something.

I feel until everyone who wants change comes together then we will never make the influence that is required. E4C had 1,883 members on their facebook group earlier which is along way off the 38,0000 seats in Goodison. And I fear a long way off change.

I should also add that there is a number of people who are happy with how things are, yes they want the team to be successful but are happy with how the board are running things.
Craig Taylor     Posted 18/02/2011 at 16:56:37   Comments (13)

Burning Platform?

Interesting article in today's Daily Express. Niall Quinn has gone public over his concerns that some 10,000 Sunderland supporters need to come back to swell attendances or the "vision" he has for the Club will have to be ripped up. Apparently, despite a significant injection of capital for new players, the fans would rather watch the games illegally in local pubs. What this says about Sunderland fans I'll leave to you.

However, Niall's reaction to the problem, is a world away from BS Billy's; he is going on the offensive... publicly... and will be actually seeking out fans in these pubs to implore them to get back to supporting the team from the stands. Aware that revenues are significantly down, he is looking to actually engage with supporters.

Whether Quinn will be successful is another matter, but at least he's out there ? unlike our own Chairman, who is sitting on a far bigger problem, but has decided a cloak of invisibility (and presumably denial) is a better strategy.

On a related note, it did get me thinking that if Sunderland can get that worried from a much healthier position than us, then, should season ticket sales fall dramatically this April / May, what the impact would be ? Especially as my understanding is that we have borrowed heavily against future revenues?

In business it often takes a "burning platform" (major crisis) to bring about real change and a sea change in approach. Falling sales may be our burning platform, but it's risky.
Steve Guy     Posted 18/02/2011 at 14:06:56   Comments (20)

I had a dream....

It?s Saturday morning, Moysie?s tucking into his porridge (with heaps of salt ? just too maintain that puckered facial expression 24/7) and he suddenly starts choking. He?s at death?s door and looking into that tunnel of bright light when his missus smacks him with a rolling pin and he comes to.

Energised by his brush with death and with a new lease of life he decides to take each day as it comes and to be positive in all he does from now on.

He skips down to meet the players, waving the teamsheet for the Chelski game gaily over his head. There are gasps as he reads it out: Jags in for Jonny Rotten, Becks up front with Bily in the hole and he mutters something about ?sexy football.? Big Vic is sadly unavailable, having been loaned out to a feeder club in Kazakhstan for the next 20 years.

And so to the game: we run them ragged with Bily supplying killer through balls for Becks to run on to and Seamus giving Cole the run around.

2 ? 0 up after an hour, then Moyes replaces the tiring Bily with Timmy who pops another in for good measure. There has been a bit of trouble though when a mis-hit ball skews off sideways and catches the Ladyboy squarely in the mush, driving his lipstick right up his nostril. Luckily it misses his brain by a yard.

It?s Sunday morning, I wake up and read the press reports and ......


Chris Jones     Posted 18/02/2011 at 00:13:19   Comments (21)

Still doing things the right way...

As a Shropshire-based Blue, I was pleased to see some positive feedback for the way we are still conducting business at the club amidst all the doom and gloom.

A story in this week's Shrewsbury Chronicle about our signing of the Shrewsbury Town youth team keeper Mason Springhope concludes with a quote from the Shrews about how Everton had conducted the deal:

"The Chairman, Manager and Head of Youth met with Everton Mangager David Moyes, the club secretary David Harrison and representatives of Everton's Academy in order to negotiate the settlement. We would like to thank Everton for the manner in which the business was conducted and we wish Mason the very best luck for the future."

The young keeper went on to describe how we uncharacteristically out-manouvered a Premier League rival for his signature: "I know Man City came to Shrewsbury's last youth team game last weekend as they didn't know I wouldn't be playing and that a deal had already been done with Everton."

Small victories seem so sweet at such times....
Paul Wilcox     Posted 17/02/2011 at 21:21:30   Comments (17)

So, what about some interest-free loans?

I have a financial question concerning Everton FC: From the recently published accounts, it should be clear to everyone that the Chairman and Directors are not bleeding the club dry by taking any money out of the club.

The real thing bleeding us dry, the real problem for us as a club, is interest payments ? our mortgages of mortgages (sorry, securitised debt) coming home to roost: £4.5 million per year is literally given back to financial institutions. And our debt is still growing.

Because of the stadium situation, each home game only generates less than £1 million in revenue. Therefore it takes a frightening chunk of our home game receipts just to pay the annual interest payments. We are pissing money that we don?t have away.

If the directors cannot find it in their hearts (or pockets) to give money to the club, as rich businessmen surely they could stump up some interest-free loans to the club they supposedly love. This would free up some revenue for the squad, and would deny some greedy bankers/thieves a few bonuses they have not really earned.

Just a thought...

Tim Kelly     Posted 17/02/2011 at 17:26:47   Comments (3)

A Liverpool Apology?

I see Dogleash is in the papers today saying how the RS deserved to be punished for the Heysel Tragedy. This in itself is quite an admission as I've not heard much along these lines before from the Red camp. However, he then goes on to say that Everton were punished too "and they were innocent". Is this the nearest we will ever get to an apology from that lot?

I have always felt that the 5-year ban was the start of the impoverishment of our Club and a root cause of the crap we now find ourselves in. They had the financial backing to get through their six years out of Europe, we did not. However, if we had been able to compete regularly at that level (which was a fair bet at that time) the last 15 years could have looked very different.
Steve Guy     Posted 17/02/2011 at 13:35:12   Comments (59)

Terry Leahy ? the way forward?

As an anti-Kirkby supporter I have certain doubts about his Tesco connection... but, on the other side of the coin, he is a blue, who has been a massive success in business and must surely be better connected than our current Chairman and likely to attract a buyer/investor.

Terry Leahy is due to leave his post at Tesco next month and, on reflection, I would love to see if he can drag our club into the modern era and improve the off-field, and in turn on-field, performances.

No idea if he would be interested but I see a number of groups, such as Trust Everton, forming and he must surely be one of the people they should look to get involved.

Brian Price     Posted 17/02/2011 at 00:28:53   Comments (31)

Unlucky 13?

Our worst season in the Premier League era was 97-98 when we survived by the skin of our teeth on goal difference only. Bolton had the same number of points as us - 40 - but went down. It still wakes me up in a cold sweat.

At the same point that season ? i.e. 26 games, we are currently 2 points better off now than we were that season.

That was 13 years ago and after 26 games:

97-98: W7 D7
10-11: W6 D12

In 97-98, we won 2 and drew 6 in the run-in.

I know I need a new anorak for doing the maths on this tonight but those statistics scare the shit out of me.

I'd love to win the FA Cup but survival is what matters. I'm as unhappy as anyone else here with the way things are going on and off the field but screw the fans' protests for now. Leave that until the summer or 45 points ? whichever comes first. We need to survive in the Prem and upheaval right now won't be good.
Mike Hughes     Posted 16/02/2011 at 22:57:38   Comments (25)

A positive out of a very big negative?

We have all been reading posts about the state of our club both on and off the pitch.  None of us want to see our club in the state it is in and I for one can't see a proper, stable future for Everton until Bill Kenwright sells up and investment is found. However, in the meantime, we have to look at the cold hard truth.  Bill probably won't sell anytime soon, Moyes will not walk, and Bill certainly won't push him out, so....

The club has no money, our team were expecting big things this season (as were most of us).  This season has been a disappointment to say the least so it is highly likely that some players may want out, and the club will want to cash in in order to bring in money.  None of us want to be a selling club and I'm sure most of us thought those days were possibly a thing of the past.  My thoughts are these:

What are our biggest playing assets and how can we turn this into a positive?

Arteta, Fellaini, Heitinga, Baines, Jagielka, Rodwell, Cahill, Howard.

This is where I run the risk of being slaughtered for suggesting dismantling the carefully constructed team that has helped us make steady progress (until this season of course).  I am not suggesting they should all go and we start from scratch, we could not withstand that; however...

Personally I think Arteta, Fellaini and Heitinga may go and who knows if one or two others might if big money is offered and heads are swayed with the lure of big money and after the disappointing season we have had some may feel the promise will never be delivered so a fresh start is needed.  I know the money agreed for sales doesn't come at once and some would go to appease the banks etc but there is a chance Moyes could get a comparative fortune to spend compared to recent years.

So, very risky question here but if this scenario was to happen could it actually be an opportunity to breath fresh life into the team and end up being a positive thing?  I always try to be an optimist rather than all doom and gloom, I know not everyone will agree but hey, what the heck, I thought I would put this forward and see what anyone says.
Nik Ramsden     Posted 16/02/2011 at 22:53:06   Comments (23)

Why so dismissive of fans' fears? 'Spurious media speculation of financial instability was dismissed with the chief executive taking time to discuss last week's accounts.' 'The club's search for fresh investment has always been, and remains, a top priority.'

Robert Elstone: 'Criticism should be positive, it should be fair, and, above all, it should be for the long-term good of Everton Football Club.'

Robert Elstone: 'The past fortnight has seen much speculation on the financial state of our club. I hate to say it, [it] suits the agenda of a small minority of fans who seem intent on painting only the bleakest picture.'

So who are the bad guys in this?

Those Evertonians deeply concerned about the inability of Bill Kenwright and his fellow directors to provide any necessary funding that would move the club forward, both on and off the pitch ? and who were also left to speculate because of the deafening silence that came out of Goodison Park until 8 February (and throughout another incredibly negative transfer window).

Or the same chairman and directors who owe any credibility they may still have to the achievements of David Moyes?

Personally, I think the tone of the chief executive's blog ? which in effect was a response to the rising criticism and ill-feeling from fans towards the Kenwright regime ? was far too dismissive of well-founded concerns and, you could even say, quite arrogant.

Actions speak louder than words, and the only activity seen from the Everton board has been to sell or loan out players in order to save money. That and the failure to stop a crisis of confidence that has been clear to see on the pitch at times this season, as well as in the manager's body language.

However, it is a no-can-do culture that prevails at Goodison sadly, and that obviously goes as far as fans asking legitimate questions of the evidently powerless powers-that-be.
Patrick Hart     Posted 16/02/2011 at 18:29:46   Comments (12)

Love Or Hate?

After reading many posts on here during my lunch hour at work, I tend to go into the afternoon of my exciting insurance job even more depressed than I would be. However, before you shoot me down in flames, I totally understand how you all feel: I am sick and feel like I am done with the Blues.

After Sunday's non-performance, I didn't know what to think and, to make it worse, the mother-in-law came round for dinner... so I had to make pleasant conversation whilst my blood was boiling with "Big Vic" and the rest of his motley crew.

My point is really sacking Moyes will not help things, to be honest although he looks pissed off and like things have gone stale. Let's have a look in the mirror ? I am pissed off and can't be arsed to watch that shite anymore... so imagine how he feels running out of ideas?

Now I can't defend his team selection on Sunday ? why he would start that useless twat Anichebe over Beckford (who is not a bad player and I like) is beyond me.

So, let's get back to basics ? sort this shower of shite out, and maybe give some others a go. Heitinga needs to be dropped; get Jags back in ? even if he hasn't been as good as he was, he still is a leader. I read somewhere to make him skipper... NO! ? Make Distin captain, he's been class all season; give him extra responsibility, see how he handles it.

Drop Neville who is a good leader but seems to not be cutting the mustard in recent weeks and is so one-dimensional, it's amazing. Try and keep Louis fit, wrap him in cotton wool, do whatever it takes... because, if we are to claw our way out of this hole we're in, he is key.

Finally, as hard as it is, let's keep behind the boys... shite or magic, I do still love them, and I know deep down you all do to. I think, if we continue our support, we can also help, and let's face it, at the moment, we need all the help we can get.

So, Boys & Girls, like it or lump it, we were born this way, and at the moment it feels like being born with 1 leg (extremely difficult), so let's just get our chins up and fight fight fight with all our might!!


Michael  John     Posted 16/02/2011 at 13:40:43   Comments (37)

Need 40 Points To Survive

There are 12 games left in the league, (and one in the cup!!). Of those, 7 are at home:

Sunderland (3), Birmingham (3), Fulham (3), Aston Villa (1), Blackburn (1) Man City (0), and Chelsea (0). However you want to look at it, we need to take 11 points from these 7 games.

Away, we have Newcastle (0), Wolves (1), Man Utd (0), Wigan (0), West Brom (1). That gives us 13 points from the last 36, for a total of 43 (small cushion) on the season... enough to stay up?

We will get snotted on Saturday at Chelsea. Not quite the season I had envisioned back in August.

It has been well documented by others here on this website, why we have been so dismal. But, the more pressing and important issue is, "where do we go from here?"

Do we change managers? Or stick with what we have. Definition of insanity, is to do the same things over and over, and expect different results. Maybe Moyes has gone stale, lost his passion... (certainly looked like it this past weekend).

Whatever the reason, we need to change, but, and it is a biggy, who replaces him? O'Neill, Sam, Hollaway, Irvine, Jones, Jol, Klinsman. Who? .....Maybe Keegan??

I do not have the answers, but, will continue to support my Blues through thick and thin. I have had enough of the thin, and would just like a little bit of thick right now.

Jimmy Daly     Posted 15/02/2011 at 15:49:24   Comments (56)

Can we win the FA Cup and would we want to?

This has to be the moest negative I've seen Evertonians for while, understandably; this season is far from a positive one and our accounts are not encouraging. I'm pretty good at understatement I think you'll agree.

Having not submitted more than a few comments in the past, I wanted to offer a distraction from accounts, selling players, and who should get the sack, even though these are all important things!

1) Are we good enough to win the FA Cup this year?

2) Would we want to, given our current league position and the distraction that would offer?

3) Would it offer some consolation to the dismal overall Premier League performance and probable sale of good players in the summer?

Hmmm, not much of a distraction hey!?


1) Without an in-form and fit Saha and some heroics from Fellaini, I doubt Baines can win the competition by himself! So probably not.

2) Yes, although no team is 'too good to go down' I think even the worst David Moyes team has spirit. Aside from maybe the one that played at the Reebok on Sunday. (No, Victor, banging the ground when you fall over doesn't count as spirit, it's immaturity!)

3) Obviously it might, but it would be bitter sweet and last for days I expect before all the papers start crowing about how the team that won the FA Cup is disintegrating.

So go ahead, tell me how stupid I am for even considering such a stupid thing...

If you know your history.

Lewis Barclay     Posted 15/02/2011 at 14:04:17   Comments (34)

The Black Hole

Can anyone explain what happened between the end of 2009-10 season when we were the form team, were playing great football and just missed out on Europe... to the beginning of the 2010-11 season when expectations were high, there were no pre-season upheavals (appreciate we didn't manage to get a decent signing on board) and we simply should have carried on where we left off?

How could the pendulum swing dramatically from one side to the other with no apparant reason (unlike the season before that with the Lescott saga). If someone can answer that we might be able to make some sense of this shambolic season so far. (There's still time to win 3 on the bounce and get into Europe...)
Adrian Greensides     Posted 15/02/2011 at 13:24:37   Comments (18)

If there was no Moyes

Really does anyone think that between now and when Moyes took over that we would have had any European tours? To visits to Wembley? A fourth place finish? A Carling Cup semi final? Our transfer record broke numerous times? Players in our squad that we bought for very cheap who now get called legends or are referred to as top players! Or made a lot of money for our club off shrewd signings... Lescott, Johnson!

Anyway my point is Moyes gets slagged a lot on here! Would anyone else of had all that with a net spend of whatever it is a season... 3 million is it? He has no resources, no backing, poor size squad, but a very good 11 when fit, which is again down to him, which is in my eyes why he's negative, he knows we can go places and not get beat and maybe snatch a win so he doesn't set his team out positively possibly.

Look at Blackpool... Positive football but they're on the way down, they don't have the players or squad to keep it up. Give Moyes credit for getting us where we are today, he may not take us any further, but he set our expectations this high with his brilliant management the 8 years before!

He makes mistakes and has faults who doesn't?! But he plays the way he does because he has to! Given backing, we would go far under Moyes! But he's never been backed! So him going isn't the answer!

I know some are going to slate this but there is no-one who will do a job as good as Moyes has done or any better given his working circumstances! We could've been another Charlton!
Chris  Hannon     Posted 15/02/2011 at 12:23:59   Comments (42)

Striking Options????

Anichebe was chosen against Blackpool so he could hold the ball up, but I don?t think Gary Cahill will ever play an easier game... ever.

At the start of the season we had 5 strikers: Saha, The Yak, Vaughan, Anichebe and Beckford. Nobody was expecting great things from Beckford but unfortunately he was thrown in at the deep end.

As for Vaughan, I don?t know an Evertonian that doesn?t want to see more of him because his ability is greater than Anichebe?s and Beckford?s combined; although he has been a victim of his own enthusiasm at times, he still is a goal scorer.

Louis Saha has undoubted class but shows it too infrequently nowadays and would probably benefit from coming off the bench as an impact player.

Big Vic (as some people call him) has an appalling record of 12 goals in 93 games for Everton and from a striker, that just isn?t good enough. He has poor control, a poor touch and an even worse attitude (so why offer him a 4-year deal????) I reckon he?s going in summer or next January and Everton want money for him.

Now on to The Yak... The second highest scorer in Premier League history... The guy who scored 22 goals for us one season... The guy who got fit, got his confidence back, got a goal and then got................... LOANED OUT!!!!!

It can?t be a simple loan deal because we would have recalled him surely?? Is the writing on the wall for him? Is he surplus to requirements at a club that hangs its goal scoring hat on an aging Frenchman who isn?t going to look interested for most of the season, a Nigerian striker who acts like he?s a world beater but never delivers, and a player who was signed free from League 2 in the hope he?d transition quickly into a PL player?

It?s obvious to all that The Yak and Vaughan are our two best attacking options but will probably never play together, especially as Vaughan?s contract expires in Summer. I know he gets injured but it?s no more so than Saha and he?s surely got to be a better option than Vic?

Chris Morris     Posted 15/02/2011 at 09:56:15   Comments (9)

No Pressure on Kenwright

It bemuses me how many of us Evertonians voice our opinion on websites like this, on the radio and between ourselves about how disgruntled we are with Mr Kenwright... yet the general feeling is not voiced in unison.

The premise that he's "One of Us" just doesn't wash anymore. There has been absolutely no investment in our club for far too long now without good enough explanation why. The only money that has been spent is what we have recouped from sales, and now we're selling and loaning out players from what is already a thin squad with no sign of replacements.

Year on year, we're getting the early renewal hard sell for season tickets followed up by the half-season ticket just prior to the transfer windows opening. Many of us buy in hoping to see investment and fresh faces but they never come, even when we're told that "There is money available for David Moyes".

Apparently the club has been for sale for years ? to the right buyer ? yet nobody suitable has come forward. Therefore, we are either in worse financial trouble than any of us realise, the major shareholder is asking too much money, or he really won't relinquish control of the train set. Perhaps all three are true. We'll probably never know because it's all kept very quiet and we let it be that way.

I despise Liverpool FC but you have to hand it to them: they didn't stand for their crap owners and put their weight behind pushing them out. Maybe it's time we did the same? Change is certainly overdue. Could a new owner really be any worse, or are we all too scared after what Agent Johnson did... and don't want to rock the boat further?

Scott Edwards     Posted 14/02/2011 at 22:40:54   Comments (21)

Fans' Faith

To quote David Moyes: ?If you really support a football club, your patience never runs out,? he says. ?You stick with it. Some clubs go into administration, others have to go down to come back up. You don't turn your back on them.?

This may well be true, Davey, but we also need something to support.

I grew up watching the crap of the 90s under Walker, Smith, etc and I've seen plenty of relegation dogfights. However, the really worrying thing this season, is there feels there is nothing there to support.

There is no usual passion from the players, there are no crunching tackles, no heads where the boots are flying, no socks rolled down by the ankles, no bursting runs, no taking on opponents, no shots at goal. Nothing.

Baines has put a few quality balls into the box this season, Fellaini has tried hard in a few games, Cahill got a few goals, Coleman with a few charges forward, but these are minor points I'm desperately trying to find, and something positive throughout two thirds of the season gone...

Our club is quickly going down the chute both on and off the pitch and it feels like no-one cares.

I know I have very limited football skills, but if I were on that pitch, I would run until I collapsed, then I would crawl across the turf. Where is the pride? Where is the passion? Where is the commitment?

FFS Moyes, throw a tea cup, throw a boot, drop someone (Arteta, Neville?) for a game.

The only player that runs forward is Coleman... who gets subbed, the only player with a bit of skill is Bily... who gets subbed. Sure, they may have faults but at least they can bring something to the table, like Yakubu... who gets shipped out. Players like Arteta and Heitinga are giving nothing to the team at present. Something is better than nothing.

Something will mean we can get behind the team and support them, like previously a Neville tackle, or a Big Dunc towering header.

What harm would it do to start a game at GP playing 4-3-3 with Cahill in midfield?

Give us something to cheer Davey, and we will.

Matthew Lovekin     Posted 14/02/2011 at 17:09:50   Comments (28)

Player loans

I think its time the FA tightened up the rules loaning out players. Loaning players to other Premier League sides should be stopped IMO.

Chelsea spent a huge amount of money in the transfer window and then loaned out a top quality striker, Daniel Sturridge, to another Premier League side. The advantage of having Sturridge to Bolton has been obvious, in yesterday's game against Everton, he made all the difference to Bolton between victory and defeat. Even though Everton didn't play that well, they probably wouldn't have lost if Bolton didn't have Sturridge.

The current rules allow cash rich clubs to give an unfair advantage to another club in the Premier League, of their choice, making things more difficult for their immediate challengers. By making Bolton more difficult to beat, it means other clubs will find it harder to pick up the easier points, giving a distinct advantage back to Chelsea.

Chelsea have been quite selective in who Sturridge went to, as they have already played Bolton twice, so they don't need any "gentleman's agreement" with Bolton not to play Sturridge. Very cunning!

It would be interesting to see what other people think.
Brian Baker     Posted 14/02/2011 at 14:56:38   Comments (34)

If Moyes walked or was pushed, then who...?

Three questions ? realistic/sensible answers please (if possible!):

1) Do you think Moyes will go soon (either by walking or being sacked)? Yes or No?

2) Would you like Moyes to go now? Yes or No?

3) Who ? realistically ? would you like to replace him?

For what it?s worth ? here?s my answers:

1) My guess is ? No ? he won?t walk or be pushed.

2) I would like him to go now ? yes please.

If so ? then Martin O?Neill, please.

James Carroll     Posted 14/02/2011 at 14:46:25   Comments (76)

Seamus Coleman

Whilst most of the vitriol from yesterday appears to be aimed at Anichebe, I wanted to voice my concerns about Seamus Coleman.

From what I have seen, he is either all over the opposition or, most of the time, is completely snuffed out. I noticed, for example, in the match at Sunderland that Bardsley, their full back, completely had Coleman in his pocket.

Yesterday, he hardly had a kick. It is as if the opposition know that if he is dominated early on, he has no Plan B and just disappears.

Amongst the many reasons why we lost yesterday was the fact that effectively we were playing with only 9 men. Having wing backs like Coleman and Bily is a real disadvantage as neither contributed anything. They are both one-trick ponies and they should not appear together.

Jonathan Tasker     Posted 14/02/2011 at 13:15:19   Comments (47)

The Curious case of Aiyegbeni Yakubu.

Whether Yakubu was ejected from the club for financial reasons or because of the stubborness of a certain dour Jock, one thing is for certain right now we miss him.

Yakubu is no doubt on a good wage packet but the guy is a goalscorer. Whether you like his lazy languid style is another thing, but Yakubu isn't a box to box player, he's not gonna be chasing balls into the corner flags. Yakubu is a goal poacher pure and simple he lives in the box and only comes alive when an opportunity arrives.

When strikers are in short supply and your staring relegation in the face why loan your best striker? Especially after you have nursed and nurtured him for 12 months following a career threatening injury. So we pay his wages getting him fit and then when he's looking to contribute on the pitch we sack him off.

David Moyes has got this decision very very wrong.

I jokingly said to my mate after Sahas 4 star show that he will probably pull his hamstring getting out of bed tomorrow, and now low and behold Saha is out for 2-3 weeks. With a strike force such as Saha who is effectively a massive liability, Beckford who's not good enough as a lone striker and Mr can't be arsed Anichebe, the loan of Yakubu is puzzling.

Yakubu was stunning against the shite at Goodison and then from that match onwards he was marginalised and eventually loaned. Why???

By loaning Yakubu, David Moyes is now playing Russian Roulette with our Premier League survival at stake. I hope it's a decision we all don't live to regret.

Daniel Johnson     Posted 14/02/2011 at 11:59:26   Comments (24)

Set Pieces!

We all know about the performance yesterday, and I'm sure there will be many a rant, and rightly so. The point I wanted to cover, and it is by no means a new one, was that of set pieces.

Countless times we see our corners / free kicks hit the first man, and we fail to get anything out of it. Then watching MotD, I see that Pienaar is now Spurs corner taker! I'm sure he did, but I cant think of him ever taking them for us. Good balls in, allowing spurs to be dangerous with their corners. So my point really is, what happens on the training pitch, and why do Everton players become so poor at set pieces?

I recall when Billy first came, him whipping in some really good corners, and now even though he's getting a run in the team, he never goes near taking one. Arteta really needs to face the fact he is no dead ball expert, and in fact his delivery is very poor, Baines is a touch better, but for the height and threat we have in the box, the balls are still just not good enough.

So what happens, why can we not utilise our threat? and why the hell can on one put in a decent ball?!?!
Chris Dwyer     Posted 14/02/2011 at 11:26:04   Comments (5)

Work Harder!

1. Howard 6/10 ? Came and dealt with a lot of high balls well, but sorry, Tim ? you are allowed to save some now and again as well, you know?

2. Neville ? Has been poor all season and especially so since Chritsmas. I'd leave him out and put Hibbo in next week. 4/10

3. Baines ? the only player who offered any quality wearing blue shirt. 7/10

4 Heitinga ? not upto it. Reminds me of the first 3.5 years of Gravesen, running around shaking his fists and talking a good game while losing 50-50 challenges. Either too small or not dominant enough in the air for the Premier League... probably both. Simply not up to it. 3/10.

5. Distin ? Needs Jagielka restoring badly. 5/10

6. Fellaini - his worst game for Everton. Never seen him give so many balls away even when he was lost in his first year he didnt piss away possession like that. Very very sloppy. Looked like he'd be out on the piss or something 4/10.

7. Arteta - mediocre. Needs to start taking more responsbility and holding the ball under pressure further up the pitch. Can't remember the last time he won us a free kick from being fouled which he always used to- yes in in central midfield. Too deep. 5/10.

8. Coleman - victim of Bolton's superior pressure on the ball. Had 2 or 3 men on him when he got in and received too deep. Arteta needs to get us up the pitch to bring him into the game more. 5/10

9. Bily - Poor. Didnt at all contribute. Needs three or four touches when only time for 2. Needs to pull trigger and shoot instead of running into dead ally ways. 4/10.

10. Cahill. Comes back a worse player for playing in Asian cup. I guess you will come back rusty when youve been pricking about playing against shite for the last month in dubai or wherever he was fucking about. Didnt offer anything 5/10.

11. Victor - Unlike others I understand his selection, however he isnt upto the job is he. He needs to be a substitue at best to change games. Has no goal threat from open play at all. Gave up after 65 minutes - criminal. For this he gets a 3/10.

12. Beckford - Needs to develop his play with back to goal but at least was trying to get in behind them. 5/10

13. Ossie - Never thought he was a right winger but left winger he most definatly is not. No impact. 4/10.

14. Baxter - Looks like he has filled out some and much stronger. Tried to do the right things. I think we are a bit soft right now all over the pitch and while Baxter isnt perhaps the finished article at least he had some pride in the shirt. Perhaps we are a scouser or two short in the team right now as that performance did not reflect the work and effort required to play for EFC. Baxter at least showed desire along with trying to do the right things. 6/10

Moyes - 5/10 - Made subs early which is good, but after 75 mins 4-5-1 wasnt working so why persist? Also, he needs to start treating them like kids if they are going to give up at 2-0 like that again. Everton were 2nd in every department, including effort - by a long way.
Johnny  Charles     Posted 13/02/2011 at 23:46:03   Comments (18)

It all down to Baines as we have no-one else

If you look really closely at our squad, it does highlight the depths we have sunk to and the risks that have been taken this year by Kenwright and Moyes. We have bemoaned all season at the lack of quality upfront ? Saha plays only 50% of games, Yak was basically still a shadow of himself 2 years ago, Beckford completely new to the Premier League and possibly at best a Championship League player. Two young lads, Vaughan and Anichebe who, like Saha, spend more time on the treatment table than ever on the pitch. It was acknowledged that this attacking shortfall was the real problem we were suffering from.

But look closely again at the squad, particularly the defence: what cover do we have for Distin, do we have another 6-footer available? er, Shane Duffy, 18-year-old never played at senior level and spent 3 months out after life-saving operation. What cover do we have for Baines? er, Bidwell or Garbutt, both 17 years old and fully ? sorry, not fully tested at Senior level.

In midfield, we thought we had a rich seam of players and to some extent we did, but we lost Gosling before a ball was kicked, we knew that Pinnear wanted out, and we also knew that we hadn?t replaced Donovan, so in reality we knew we needed two wide men which we didn?t get.

So we started a season with probably the smallest Premier League squad, with no decent cover for about 6 positions, which basically is a dereliction of duty by Moyes. We have been caught out fair and square with our attacking problems all season and have been lucky in regard to Distin?s and Baines's availability. Our lack of quality out wide is now starting to hit us with neither Bily nor Seamus really delivering at a consistent level.

We are now in a relegation fight with teams like West Ham, Birmingham, Villa who, although below us, are starting to get some decent results whilst, Blackpool apart, we are in decline big time.

To get clear we need to win games not draw and our only real attacking threat is Baines and I?d hate to think what our plight would be if we lost him for any length of time during the rest of the season , but hey Moyes must have faith in Bidwell or Garbutt, doesn?t he !
Mike Oates     Posted 13/02/2011 at 22:42:59   Comments (8)

Was it the Champions League we were Destined For ?

We must be getting pretty close to the fact that Mr Moyes now realise?s that he has wasted £15-18m of Lescott?s transfer fee on basically two useless footballers ? namely Heitinga and Bilyaletdinov.

Heitinga must qualify as the worst player ever to have played in a World Cup Final and also Bily as the slowest winger we?ve ever to appear in the Premier League. I would hazard a quess that their re-sale value would top no more than about £8M in total (Heitinga £5M, Bily £3M).

What else did Moyes learn today? Well Anichebe and Beckford will never cut the mustard as lone target men, Osman is basically finished as a Premier League footballer, Neville is not a leader and now should be replaced by Coleman at full back, and Fellaini has had enough of playing with the crap we have and will walk at the end of the season to join Torres at Chelsea.

Well where does this leave us? At least 10 players short for next season either in the PL or Championship (which if that happens will also bring with it a walkout by all and sundry). With Bill?s motto of ?You can Buy when you Sell and after we get our TV Monies? this will leave Moyes with about £30m (Fellaini £20m) to get 10 Premier League players in between August 15th to 31st.

And to think that this was our best squad ever, and destined for the CL ? or was that a dream by someone?

Mike Oates     Posted 13/02/2011 at 22:06:20   Comments (11)

The Worst Player.... Ever!

Ok so this is a bold statement but Anichebe is the WORST player I have ever seen play for Everton. I started following Everton in 1994 and how the Cup win of 95' seems an awful long time ago!

There has been some dross up front for us in recent years but this man tops them all! Horrible attitude, horrible touch, no pace and an embarrassing trait of going to ground trying to win a free kick as well ? that's all he can do. Only interested when he thinks he might receive a pass. Just walks around the rest of the time.

Now there are players I don't like watching, like Neville for one, but I support them 110% because they wear an Everton shirt; however, I cannot support Victor Anichebe.

As for Moyes, well what's left to say? The Slow death continues...
James Stewart     Posted 13/02/2011 at 18:12:14   Comments (86)

I hope you like our new direction...

I feel that the way we (and all other football clubs) are set up is, to say the least, a bit old-fashioned, and if we were operated with more vision, we could set ourselves up to be more successful. The question is how.

One of the main things which I feel is holding us back is the lack of ability to control our TV product. I know that the Sky income is what is paying for our players but I don?t feel that this is the future. If we could gain greater control over live and archive footage, I think this would be the key to generating significant income.

Here are a few ideas that I think would be a useful starting point in taking the club forward.

1. The internet: We need to produce something different in terms of our internet product. The initial idea was ok from the club, I joined for a while myself, but outside of pre-season the product isn?t really there. I think we need live games on the internet. If necessary, we should lobby MPs to bring this about.

To fill the stadium we can discount seats and improve the type of football on the pitch. If I have the choice I much prefer going to the match, and also with pirate internet channels, it?s not as if it will make any difference to those determined not to pay.

2. Differentiate the product. Different prices and products for UK and Rest of the World, and different marketing strategies to hit these two markets.

3. Raise the brand profile. I may be living in the past, but it does seem that reality TV still has some life in it. If we could team up with a production company and create a strong enough soap opera type narrative, this could raise the profile. Also a gritty no holds barred documentary detailing the things that go on behind the scenes, either at playing, boardroom level preferably both, could be an idea.

4. The new stadium. We need to make a choice and stick with it. For my money, marketing wise, sticking with Goodison is the better option. Tastefully redevelop it and make it part of the story of the club. This could also be a good idea for a reality TV show/documentary.

The BBC might be interested in running a Great British Architecture style show to find a suitable design. We could farm out the corporate facilities separately for investment and take a slice of the gross income. We should set out a tender for making them the best corporate facilities in the world.

5. When I grew up on Merseyside, there was a great deal of kids football played on pitches all over. The club should get volunteers and help organize local level football all over Merseyside. Maybe also look at producing our own range of football books, coaching manuals etc?

So those were the ideas that I came up with. Maybe not the best in the world, but I would be interested in what ideas other people had in taking the club forward and where they think football will be in 20/30 years time>


ps: COYB tomorrow.
Gavin McGarvey     Posted 13/02/2011 at 04:16:47   Comments (15)

Worst Premier League Ever?

So, after Saturday's results, we are 3 points off relegation, yet, if we beat Bolton, we are in 8th... and, if we win our other game in hand, then we are only 3 points off 6th place.

Out of 25 games, we have won just 6, yet we have also lost the same number of games as Chelsea ? one less than 3rd place Man City and three less than Liverpool.

As such, my question is, is this the worst Premier League in memory?

Chris Leyland     Posted 13/02/2011 at 00:38:12   Comments (13)

Saha out for a month

This is beyond a joke.

Saha is out for month after damaging a hamstring in training.

What with Rodwell's injury for the U-21's this just sums up what it is like being an Everton supporter.

Exciting match restores a bit of optimism and then two important players ruled out for at least a month through needless injuries.

It's enough to drive me mad!

Gary Mortimer     Posted 11/02/2011 at 09:57:41   Comments (61)

Loss of Sky's TV monopoly

A large portion of our income comes from 'media' (63%) which is the money received from the sale by the EPL of the viewing rights to Sky.

With that pub landlady in Plymouth winning her case in the European Court for the right to choose to subscribe to a Greek service instead of the overpriced Sky, surely this will affect all clubs in the future as there'll be no such thing as 'sole rights'?

I can't see Sky paying huge sums for viewing rights in UK when they no longer have a monopoly.
Eric Myles     Posted 11/02/2011 at 03:56:21   Comments (29)

Defensive solution?

A few have suggested it on here before. Having thought about it in some length... and watching Liverpool's performance at Chelsea on Sunday, a back three really appeals to me. I believe it would increase Everton's stregth in the middle of the park without sacrificing the current level of width we already have. Of course it should stabalise a defense that doesn't look like keeping a clean sheet (When was the last one? Wigan in December, albeit a nil-nil draw... and, before that, Stoke in October).

My team with a back 3 would be as follows:

GK Howard
CD Jagielka
CD Heitinga
CD Distin
RWB Coleman
LWB Baines
CM Neville
CM Fellaini
ACM Cahill
ACM Arteta
CF Saha

Baines and Coleman are full of running and are basically our only sources of width anyway, hence why our width isn't sacrificed in this formation. You would have Jagielka and Distin dropping right and left respectively when under the cosh, with Heitinga playing in the middle of the 3 and the one who has licence to get slightly forward when need be.

I would have Neville and Fellaini in front of the back three with Fellaini roaming forward when we are attacking, with Arteta and Cahill supporting the frontman Saha.

I hate to say this but Liverpool's performance last week was spot on tactically and they didn't look like conceding a goal all week. But I honestly feel we are better equipped to play this formation. Maybe this would get some better use out of this season's main under-performer (Arteta obviously).

Would it work??? I think so!

John Crook     Posted 10/02/2011 at 13:43:25   Comments (30)

Ray Wilson, superb left back

Not a lover of that arrogant prick, Steve Curry, but he was on TalkSport the other day and the subject came up about left backs. As we know, Cashley Cole is now the record holder for left back appearances taking over from Kenny Samson in an England shirt.

Curry went on about how many left backs he's watched over the years and Ray Wilson's name came up. Curry then went on to say that Wilson was superb for England and not as good as he was for his club Everton. Now this confused me a bit, as my dad who passed away in 2002 aged 72 loved Ray Wilson and believed for many years that Ray Wilson was the best ever left back for Everton.

His Everton buddies were of the same thinking and wherever I've gone, our older fans can only give their memories of how great Ray Wilson was for Everton. I've been to functions and watched fans queue for a photo and autograph. I've been at Wembley and again, watched fans rush up to him and praise him for what he did at Everton.

I've heard so many fans over my 48 years tell me how great Ray Wilson was. So who was Curry watching in a Royal Blue jersey? If any of our older fans on here would like to put their view on here, or any fan who has heard great tales of Ray Wilson, then please put your story on here and shut that prick up. Ray Wilson was superb for England, and to nearly all our fans who had the pleasure to watch him, he was also 'EQUALLY' superb for Everton.

Rant over and I look forward to your stories that will prove that Ray Wilson is a Royal Blue Legend.

Thank You.

Dave Charles     Posted 10/02/2011 at 09:43:20   Comments (49)

Fellaini contract talks

Not wanting to be pessimistic, or a harbinger of doom... but I'll be absolutely "gobsmacked" if Fellaini extends his contract.

The lad, and/or his advisors aren't daft and after seeing the writing on the wall with Pienaar, the compnay accounts, etc I would hazard a guess that, unless the club is sold, then Fellaini will be the "sale" that allows us to continue... sad but inevitably true I fear.

Brian Williams     Posted 10/02/2011 at 01:27:04   Comments (39)

Young Blood

Last night my hometown of Chesterfield (in the deepest darkest corners of Derbyshire) played host to the England U-19s vs their German counterparts. It was only a quid a ticket so I wasn't expecting too much but my interest was piqued by the sight of two of our youngsters on show.

Shkodran Mustafi played the full 90 minutes for a strong Germany side, who clearly showed a higher technical capactiy than England. It wasn't quite 4-1 but they were more than worthy of a 1-0 win, and Mustafi looked comfortable throughout. He faced Ipswich's highly rated Connor Wickham in the first half and despite the presence he gave, Mustafi shut him out well and always looked good on the ball. In all fairness, England were poor but he dealt with everything in a composed manner and despite not being the biggest he looked good in the air.

The other Everton youngster was Luke Garbutt, the full-back who we poached from Leeds a while back. He came on for the last 20 minutes or so, with most of Germany's best football coming down that side from a tricky number 11. But Garbutt didn't really put a foot wrong and nullified the threat, as well as pushing on and putting some decent balls in the box, one of which really should have merited an equaliser. He also took all of the corners after he came on with some great delivery (he beat the first man!) so his style definitely seemed in the Baines mould.

All-in-all, Mustafi looks a great prospect and some time out on loan in one of the lower leagues would push him on well. With his smaller build though he might be better suited to full-back, but the potential's there. As for Garbutt, he definitely looks bright though has the issue of being up against one of our guaranteed starters in Bainesy. But maybe treated in the same way as Coleman was ? with a loan and then perhaps an advanced role ? would be a good option.

There's definitely some quality in the youth team and reserves... let's just hope that for those with the potential we're not waiting on injuries to throw them into the fray. COYB!

Adam McCulloch     Posted 09/02/2011 at 13:57:05   Comments (30)

Why only one Jack?

I can't help but notice that Fabio Cappello, our dearly beloved England manager, has once again selected young Jack Wiltshire of Arsenal as his new shining light for the friendly against Denmark but not the other Jack ? our Jack Rodwell. Why is that?

My understanding is that these two are roughly the same age, have both come through the England Youth ranks together and are both (equally) considered as future shining lights in the game. Yet one always seems to make Mr Cappuccino froth around the mouth whilst the other gets nowhere near as much media attention and accolades. Is it me, as an Evertonian just showing my "bitter" side or is there any plausible reason behind this omission (yet again) from the England senior squad?

In my opinion, Jack of the North is just as good as Jack of the South... yet Jack of the North never seems to get equal recognition by those who make the decisions down south. Who said the north/south divide was from a forgotten era?

Matthew Mackey     Posted 08/02/2011 at 17:02:07   Comments (43)

Rodwell Injured for England U-21s

Rodwell -? playing centre-half ? has gone off injured in first 15 mins of England U-21 v Italy


Alan Chadwick     Posted 08/02/2011 at 14:24:20   Comments (11)

Most in one game

Midst the euphoria of Saha's 4 ? shoulda been 5 ? goal haul, I wondered what other high scoring in a single game feats by an Everton player are on record?

My own feeble and getting feebler memory is of a cold wet day in the early fifties at Doncaster when Tommy Eglington, our totally one-footed Irish left winger, scored 5 ? and all with his 'wrong' right foot.

So many memories swirling around that I admit may not be exactly correct. Where can I buy a book with those kind of statistics? It might save me from looking like a silly old fool.

Dick Fearon     Posted 07/02/2011 at 22:46:57   Comments (47)

Tales of administration wildly exaggerated?

Just saw the financial results on the Official Site. Not great, but nothing that points to the club going to administration. Given my financial acumen is suspect at best, is there something I?m missing?

Operation loss of £0.6M, hardly a Lehman Bros loss sheet.
Brian Keating     Posted 07/02/2011 at 22:58:11   Comments (57)

Beckford is better than Bent

Okay, the title is a bit tongue-in-cheek, and evaluatng a footballer has much more to do with subjective judgement than plucking specific stats out of the air...... but I live in the South and I'm fed up with southeners telling me that Beckford hasn't found his goal scoring boots at Everton yet.... Really? That is not what the stats say....

Looking at Premier League performances only, here is how it looks:

8 players who've scored most Premier League goals this season:

  • Berbatov, 1778 mins, 19 goals, 94mins per goal.
  • Tevez, 1958 mins, 18 goals, 109mins per goal.
  • Carroll, 1625 mins, 11 goals, 148 mins per goal.
  • Bent, 2104 mins, 10 goals, 210 mins per goal.
  • Drogba, 2033 mins, 10 goals, 203 mins per goal.
  • Odemwingie, 1734 mins, 9 goals, 193 mins per goal,
  • Torres, 1955 mins, 9 goals, 217 mins per goal.
  • Elmander, 2172 mins, 9 goals, 241 mins per goal.
  • ...... And Beckford? 607mins, 4 goals, 152 mins per goal,
Which is better than all of the above except Carroll, Tevez and Berbatov!

How about the other Everton players? He tops that heap:

  • Cahill, 1702mins, 9 goals, 189 mins per goal.
  • Saha, 1018 mins, 6 goals, 170 mins per goal.
Of course, I am not saying he IS a better player than all these players or that he is even a better goal scorer..... All I am saying, is that it is a bit early to be writing him off as a goal scorer. His stats are pretty good for a top-flight new boy!

Tom Brown     Posted 07/02/2011 at 13:41:19   Comments (43)

Let's get an extra tier on the Park End

I have just listened to the David Conn interview, and it struck a chord with me when he said we should make the most of what we've got. We could be waiting another 10 years for investment if Kenwright's search carries on the way it has been.

I remember when the Park End was built it was done so with the possibility of adding a tier, so I'm guessing that the costs for doing it can't be that high. If I pluck a figure of £2 million out of the air, then it would pay for itself within a year if it added 3,500 to the gate, all paying £30 for 20 games a season. Then again, if my auntie had bollocks she'd be my uncle...

We've got no other assets so we might as well make the most of the one that we've got...

Danny Broderick     Posted 07/02/2011 at 00:23:21   Comments (43)

The power and magic of bold action

While not wishing to take anything away from Saturday?s great game, five fine goals, Saha?s signal performance or anything else, I was brought back to earth when I looked at the table Sunday night.

A club that was in a very similar position to us ? below us in fact ? just a few short weeks ago, is now lying sixth having taken action, fired a misfiring manager, and brought in someone who brings fresh perspective, renewed inspiration and a new mandate and who is prepared to challenge and galvanize complacent players.

You can see the result in the table. Their crisis was met head on.

Everton, on the other hand, or rather Bill Kenwright, chose not to take any action, chose to keep plodding on with the incumbent manager, with the old methods and on the old path and we too can see the all too predictable result.

Saturday?s performance notwithstanding, we are still circling the periphery of the whirlpool, hoping not to get sucked into the relegation maelstrom, just a loss and another draw above the drop zone.

Yes, I know, in the words of the anthem, ?We don?t care what the redshite say? but in my heart of hearts I do. The contrast is too obvious not to be noted.

This has nothing to do with money, by the way. The team I am talking about did not field any big new signings on Sunday. In fact they were theoretically weakened by the loss of a key player. This has to do with leadership.

The words of Marcel Proust spring to mind: ?boldness has genius and power and magic in it.? When Moyes first came to Everton, he brought a fresh magic boldness. It?s a magic he has now lost and a boldness the years have blotted out. That?s why we are languishing in crisis and rival clubs are leaving us behind.

We may not be able to do anything about our finances for now, but we can do something about the other things that are wrong.

Peter Fearon     Posted 06/02/2011 at 19:52:51   Comments (58)

Thank You, Mikel Arteta

I was absolutely made up with the win yesterday.

One concern I'd like to raise: I noticed early on, especially, that certain sections of the crowd seemed as though they couldn't wait to have a go at Mikel Arteta for the slightest thing and this was disgraceful, when even the smallest contribution by Marouane Fellaini was applauded.

While I have nothing against Fellaini being given maximum encouragement, the same luxury should be given to Arteta who I actually thought had a very good game, including his set pieces. He put in plenty of effort and I saw only one poor pass.

And I would like to thank Arteta for staying at Everton in the summer, even though he knew he could get a better contract elsewhere.

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Ged Dwyer     Posted 06/02/2011 at 14:38:22   Comments (62)

Defensive problems

I have just noticed a few things during the last 2 or 3 games. Obviously the problems of our season have been scoring, and due to the form of Saha, this seems to have been quelled for the time being. At least we have striker looking dangerous, and having Beckford as a back-up and Cahill having just got back, this seems to look good for us.

However, defensively, we are leaking goals. If you look at the game against Blackpool, all of the goals were very sloppy. The first, Baines should have cleared. The second, Heitinga lost a 50-50 after Coleman did a careless chest pass to a Blackpool player. The third, Distin was pissing about and lost the ball. All very sloppy and I really think they could have been stopped.

The Arsenal goals: perhaps Rodwell could have some sympathy for their first, but the way he made contact with the header resulted in the Arshavin volley. Their second was through very bad marking on the corner. These are all mistakes that WE caused; we must stop these mistakes so we can start getting clean sheets.

Could it be that Jagielka hasn't been playing? I'm not too sure because Heitinga looks steady, but good training this week can hopefully stop our defence and midfield from making mistakes.

Ben Jones     Posted 06/02/2011 at 13:03:12   Comments (18)

Sir Cahill

I have in recent seasons questioned Cahill's too good to be true image and supposed loyalty to the club, his pride in representing Australia and 'doing a Beckham' with his charity work which does no harm for the ol' image.

Having spoken with a sports reporter who spent the last month covering the Asian Cup, he is in fact every bit the guy we all would like to believe him to be; he's the real deal. Will he be leaving Everton any time soon? No chance.

But more to the point... despite his outing yesterday, his ankle is bust, he'll be out for a number weeks.

Nick Entwistle     Posted 06/02/2011 at 12:21:20   Comments (7)

What goes around...

A few years ago, Wenger publicly said that AJ was a diver. Resulting from that our little striker was fair game for dozens of ugly tackles with no chance of earning a deserved free kick or penalty.

The publicity Moyes stirred up could be of benefit by raising the awareness of referees toward Fabregas's mouthing off and card waving antics. Wenger is no fool and he can see problems ahead for his captain.

This incident stirred memories of the time Chelsea's great ball playing forward Peter Osgood nutmegged our fullback Sandy Brown early on in a match at Goodison. From that point, he avoided all possible contact with Sandy and faded completely out of the game.

Questioned later, Osgood complained that Sandy had said he "would break his legs" if he tried that again.

Those kind of words could be heard on parks all over the country. They were used by no-nonsense defenders to put the shits up Fancy Dan opponents. Here I have to admit that I myself said such things on more than one occasion.

The upshot of it all was Osgood became a laughing stock for raising the issue. Then again, that was in a time when men were men.

Dick Fearon     Posted 04/02/2011 at 21:51:24   Comments (30)

David France audio interview (Part Two)

The second part of the NSNO Everton podcast interview with Dr David France is here.... at last!

David talks about a lifetime following Everton, his new 950 page Everton book, and what the Everton Former Players Foundation means to him

Simon Paul     Posted 04/02/2011 at 18:05:07   Comments (0)

If we don't beat Blackpool, Moyes must resign

If Everton don't beat Blackpool tomorrow, Moyes should be honest with himself, do the decent thing, and resign... and let someone else get us out of this mess.

The lack of finance is no excuse for where we are in the league and Moyes himself stated at the start of the season that we had an excellent squad.

His substitutions the other night were again pointless, stupid and ineffective. He took Coleman off after he had just won a corner and then a few minutes later Jags got the ball on the right side and crossed it out of play. Moyes is a useless tactician and unable to see what needs to be done.

Blackpool were beaten again the other night and should be there for the taking. So no excuses Moyes, either get us the win we desperately need... or go!

Ged Dwyer     Posted 04/02/2011 at 14:36:52   Comments (87)

Let's not be blinded by dislike of BK

For Evertonians, this really has been a winter of discontent made worse by bankruptcy rumours and trailing once again in the wake of a resurgent Liverpool FC that not long ago was a financial basket case supposedly on the brink of administration.

Our tribulations began with another horrible start to the season and once again there was a huge question mark hanging over Moyes's preseason arrangements. So far, I have not seen any kind of official explanation about why we are always so late out of the gate. C?mon Davy boy, we can handle the truth. The question is, can you?

In those opening games, it was patently obvious that we lacked cohesion and basic fitness. It was clear that Moyes was aiming for a repeat of the low-scoring games that earned us a 4th place. Quickly it became obvious that, while Moyes was stuck in that retro style, the rest of football had moved on.

Other managers, even those of so-called ?lesser? clubs, used innovative crowd-pleasing and, as it turned out, more rewarding kinds of football. Our David seemed determined to prove his method was superior and for far too long he persisted with it. He seemed oblivious to the fact that our own fans were sickened to see it used in home games against those ?lesser? clubs.

With matters becoming desperate, yet still determined to prove the superiority of his system, he started forcing square pegs into round holes. After nine years in charge he is as clueless as he ever was.

From one week to the next Osman would not know whether he playing right left or centre. Personally I wouldn?t play him at all but Moyes has some kind of obsession where Leon is concerned. Jags could be centre-back, full-back or midfield; Victor could be right, left or centre; Saha could be a lone striker or in combo with Beckford. Cahill could be lead striker or support striker, defender, or anywhere in between. The same could apply to Fellani. Arteta could be defensive or attacking mid... lord only knows what position Heitinga he plays, if he plays at all. Poor old Bily wouldn?t know whether or not he gets to play Jack the lad is in the same boat as Bily....

The only givens are that:

1. Howard will play in goal and never come off his line for crosses, which is probably just as well.

2. Left and right backs will be Baines and Neville and only those two will take throw-ins regardless that a quick throw in by our nearest player could be an advantage...

3. Arteta will take free kicks and put them straight at the first defender.

4. Moyes will make ridiculous substitutions far too late.

5. Round will sit impassively listening to his head set and contributing absolutely nothing in his facial expression, let alone passion.

All in all a lot of things have gone wrong... yet none of the above can be laid at Kenwright's door door.
Dick Fearon     Posted 04/02/2011 at 14:02:39   Comments (19)

A big blue staduim on Stanley Park!

I heard on TalkSport this morning that the owners of Liverpool FC don?t want to move from Anfield.

What are the chances of Phillip Tesco?s and Big Bill looking at the possibility of a nice blue stadium being built instead of a red one?

Jason Thomas     Posted 04/02/2011 at 12:40:48   Comments (26)

The end is near.....

David Moyes has officially stated he fears that his best players will leave this summer.

Is he getting the lifeboat lowered, ready to jump? Or will Kenwright give up holding on by his fingernails? You can even compare Bullshit Bill's plight to a certain Mr Mubarak who said "there will be chaos if I leave office."

Personally, unless there is a major cash injection, I can't see Kenwright holding on past this summer. If he does stay on as chairman, and finances are not injected into the club, surely that is the end of Mr Moyes as Everton boss. There are moves afoot, and to announce we have our accounts ready on the Official club website smacks of desperation.

Rough times ahead, even without this season's relegation battle.

Kevin Tully     Posted 04/02/2011 at 10:45:44   Comments (4)

Smoke and Mirrors

Just read remarks made by David Moyes today that he would have liked two loan signings if the quality had been better than he already had.... Now then, is this just more rhetoric via our commander in chief Billy Bullshit?

Unfortunately, we had a forced sale of Steven Pienaar as his contract would have expired and he'd've left for nothing. Therefore we only have Bily to operate on the left and Seamus Coleman on the right.

Whilst the latter is doing a great job this season, I see him more of an attacking full back and bombing on as his final ball/decision-making is poor.

The only quality seasoned Premier League striker is Saha who we all would admit are luckily to get 60/70% games from him. We can conclude someone to play on the right/left midfield and a striker wouldn't be too hard to improve on what we have... and a striker is a must. When I see the likes of David Bentley and Santa Cruz going on loan it really makes me question Mr Moyes's comment??!!

I know we are skint but by moving out the Yak, Vaughan and Pienaar we have freed up around £100k per week in wages and attracted a £3m transfer fee.... somewhere, the figures don't add up

I feel the filing of the accounts no sooner the they need to be at companies house and the constant rumours of administration answer a lot of the questions posed above... no smoke without fire and all that...
Paul Hornby     Posted 03/02/2011 at 19:17:07   Comments (39)

Irvine return?

Now that Alan Irvine has left Sheffield Wednesday, I was wondering if you'd like to see him hook up with Moyes again and let Round go?

I always got the impression thay had a great working partnership, maybe it would be a boost to have him back? Especially since Round seriously divides opinion.

Sean Smythe     Posted 03/02/2011 at 13:04:27   Comments (31)

Baines the new Bale?

Ok, the title is a bit dramatic; however, I really think that over the summer, unless we get investment and splash out on on a big left wing signing (unlikely) that we should do what Redknapp did with Bale (and indeed Moyes with Coleman) and push our skilful and pacey full back further forward.

Baines is one of our most attacking players and has the flair of a left winger, regularly chipping in with assists and the odd goal, so why not use him there?

Before Pienaar left, our left side was very dangerous; however, Baines has looked a shadow of his former self since then and his partnership with our Russian mystery is average at best.

I am sure we will have SOME money in the summer, even if generated by the sale of one of our assets, so we could buy a budget left back of decent quality, even average quality and push Baines further forward. This would give us some needed pace on both wings and some direct running and crossing to assist our striker/s and Tim Cahill and his heading ability. Add to this, Baines's natural defensive qualities to help out the man behind him.

I am writing this based on the fact that I am convinced that Bilyaletdinov will not flourish as a left winger as I don't see any pace, crossing ability or work-rate to be a left winger and as a result, he exposes Baines too much.

Anthony Jaras     Posted 03/02/2011 at 10:39:58   Comments (32)

Is Kenwright about to pull the Billionaire Rabbit out of the Hat?

With all the rumours of players wages, administration etc, it got me thinking of the latest news of Billy Boy hitting Hollywood, in search of investment (there's that word again).

Is it possible, that Bill and Ben, sorry Bobby (as in Earl), are actually doing something constructive for Everton? Could it be that Billy Boy and Bobby are going to return to these shores with the mythical investment secured?

I know, I know... stop taking the tablets and all that, but is it as far fetched as it seems?

Could Kenwright actually pull the billionaire rabbit out of the hat, in what seems his and our hour of need?

I got my hair cut today in Formby, and while chatting (moaning) about all things Everton, the barber informs me that he cut a guy's hair a couple of weeks ago, who told him then that Bill was in America organising investment; apparently the guy is in the know, and is a friend of Kendall's.

Not much there to get excited about, you might say... but, what if it is happening, and Bill and Ben, sorry. Bobby. are speaking to a few wealthy people? And Ben ? I mean Bobby must know a few, after all, he's Mr Holliwood, isn't he?

Just imagine, a small group of people who might be persuaded to put $100 million in each, to own and invest in a top flight Premier League club... a consortium: Rocky, Arnie, Bruce, Tarentino... small change to most of them.

I now fully expect a takeover/investment is imimnent.

The ultimate Rabbit for Bill?

Robert Daniels     Posted 02/02/2011 at 22:54:22   Comments (70)

Blackpool Six-Pointer

After tonight's results, we are really up Shit Creek.

West Ham and Fulham wins and Birmingham grab a draw against City. What strikes me most though is how these sides seem to suddenly have a fighting spirit about them. They are fighting for their Premier League lives. Saturday is a six-pointer without doubt and this is the team we need to put out:

Neville Heitinga Distin Baines
Coleman Arteta Fellaini Bily
Saha Beckford

There are signs that Arteta is starting to show some form. I'd replace him after an hour with Rodwell if he's not shaping up.

As an alternative to Osman (who I think is an OK squad player), I'd try Gueye on the left after an hour if Bily tires.

I'd also have them practicing beating the first man at corners and free kicks all week. (Phil Neville can sit that session out).

It can only be 4-4-2 on Saturday. Most important will be the attitude they go out with. Give them raw red meat to eat and make them watch the DVD box set of Rocky while they're eating it. Then show them the Bayern Munich semi with surround sound and the crowd reaction to Sharpy's goal at Anfield.

If that doesn't work, we're screwed.
Mike Hughes     Posted 02/02/2011 at 22:11:08   Comments (31)

The Kenwright Legacy

If any of you fellow Evertonians feel like I do, which an immense feeling of frustration in how this season is panning out, then I am not surprised. Its not really anger I am feeling, its disappointment coupled with a feeling of helplessness, especially as no new players joined the squad in this transfer window yesterday.

The defeat to Arsenal last is endemic of how the team is playing at the moment and it rubs off on the fans without them knowing its happening. Even before a ball was kicked last night I knew we wouldn't win, even though we had run Arsenal close (barring the 6-1 last season) in recent games and this acceptance of defeat could clearly be seen in how the team played last night.

I think there are a number of reasons that could easily blamed in how this air of defeatism and huge lack of confidence is eating into this club and its team. The level of expectation set at beginning of the season certaininly isn't helping, but I think the reasons are more deep seated and have been effecting this club for a number of seasons.

I think that David Moyes is quickly reaching an empasse in how far he can take Everton Football Club unless things radically change, confining Everton to being a 'nearly' club, like an Olympic sprinter running towards the tape but then pulling a muscle and being pipped in the dying seconds of the race by a cluster of better kept runners.

Without being blatently obvious we all know that a bit of investment in the playing squad is all that is needed to lift the asperations of the club and its fans, but getting absolutely nothing to spend from transfer window to transfer window is starting to take its toll.

The Kenwright legacy, just recently, is to continualy take advantage of the ability of David Moyes to work miracles with a limited transfer budget, its just that the budget has to be greater than zero for him to stand half a chance of performing a miracale at all. If Kenwright starting to take David Moyes for granted then he is playing a dangerous game.

What Kenwright seems to not realise is that all it will take is to provide Moyes with the meagre sum of say £15-£20 million each summer and about £10 million in January for the squad to keep Moyes happy and give him half a chance to keep Everton competetive. Would it have been more benefical to give Moyes money for the squad instead of spending it on some half-cocked retail block at the Park End?

Although Kenwright's heart is in the right place, has he been chairman just one or two years too long and is it time for some fresh blood to take up the helm?

Brian Baker     Posted 02/02/2011 at 11:22:43   Comments (47)

Phil McNulty's perspective

Found this interesting article regarding Everton's current plight by Phil McNulty on the BBC Sport website.

Covers mostly the same ground thats been covered on here the past few weeks but thought it'd be worth a read by any Evertonian.

Tony Hale     Posted 02/02/2011 at 10:50:40   Comments (22)

What's the Point.....?!

So then, ANOTHER transfer window goes by when we're outspent by the likes of Stoke, Birmingham & fuckin' Sunderland....

I was in a bad mood yesterday simply coz there is no excitement in or around Goodison anymore; just look at the way Moyes has been over the last week or two. It?s a fuckin? miracle that he?s not just chucked his cards in by now and told Everton to fuck off.

Having said that, if you were Kenwright and the manager had frankly wasted £26M on Fellaini & Billy recently, would you give him any more cash?.?! I understand that £35M on Carroll is double the price at least, but at least that shower of shite have something to look forward to at the next home game.

What with Spurs and City joining Arsenal, The Shite, Chelski and the Mancs near the top and Newcastle, Villa, Sunderland, West Ham et al ALL having cash to spend, where the fuck does that leave Everton?

I?ll tell ya where; the ground is a fuckin? shed (regardless how much history is there), we?re a fuckin? laughin? stock AGAIN, the players have given up, to board is skint and doesn?t want to inject cash in to a venture that is futile to say the least and, most upsettingly, everyone in the ground has given up too. What will happen when Cahill & Saha fuck off ? coz they?re the only ones scoring after all? Who are we going to buy? I?m sure you?ll all agree that it doesn?t look good does it?

I live in Northumberland and these days it?s costin? £100 (at least) & 6 hours + to get to the game, then home again. Where is the support from the club that I love; WHERE THE FUCK is the commitment to me that I?ve shown towards Everton after moving up here and keeping my season ticket since doing so??! Other than the fact that I see family and mates at the game, what incentive is there for me to go and watch the team that I have supported ALL MY LIFE?

Dunno about you lot, but I?m on the verge of jackin? it all in coz there seems little fuckin? point in my opinion; that my fellow Toffee?s is the most upsetting thing about it all.
Andy Callan     Posted 02/02/2011 at 08:57:30   Comments (20)

The thoughts of Alan Green

At a difficult period for the club, many Evertonians have probably been wondering that the mighty Alan Green thinks of it all. Wait no longer: In his column in today's "Belfast Telegraph" ? byline: "our man shoots from the lip", the Liverpool-loving pundit hits nails squarely on the head.

There is a case, he muses for "making Moyes manager of the year every year" (I'm not making this up). He adds however that "bluntly, he doesn't have a chance of meaningful success. This isn't a dig at a terrific club" he sportingly continues, "but I hope isn't forever to be seen as one of the games also-rans."

The main article in his column is a ferocious attack on Torres for betraying Green's beloved Reds. Green no longer annoys me. As he gets older, his deranged comments provide a source of wonderful entertainment. Check out his column each Tuesday in the Belfast Telegraph online...

Andy Crooks     Posted 01/02/2011 at 17:33:13   Comments (32)

Moving on...

Can't speak for everyone but I'm getting bored of all the negativity surrounding the club. We haven't got any money, end of story. Moaning about it won't change anything.

People get on Moyes's back constantly, but they have short memories ? what that bloke has done on a shoe string over the past few years is fantastic. Ok, his tactics at times can frustrate, but I don't know any fan of any club who doesn't question their team's tactics. I work with a bunch of United fans who slag off Ferguson all the time yet they once again are sat on top of the pile.

I'd say we've been the better side in 75% of the games we've played this season, yet we've only won 5 games ? is that Moyes's fault we can't finish?

We need numbers, of course we do; letting Yak go out on loan is odd and Pienaar going is disappointing... but if he wanted to go, then go.

The facts are that we have a good football team, our starting 11 most weeks has players that would get into the vast majority of top 6 teams ? Fellaini, Baines, Arteta, Saha, Jagielka, Cahill, Heitinga, Neville ? and before people comment, all I'll say is form is temporary, class is permanent.

Let's get behind the team, starting tonight - COYB.
Ben Hunt     Posted 01/02/2011 at 16:40:54   Comments (26)

We Go With What We've Got

We are skint. You know it. I know it. Kenwright knows it. Moyes knows it. The players know it. And now the rest of the Premier League know it (if they didn?t know it already). I think even my old man?s dog knows it.

We are firmly sat eating from the table of the have-nots whilst the usual four of Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and now Man City and even fucking Spurs wallow around in oodles and oodles of cash, at a table far, far away from ours.

When you look at the paucity of our squad, my reaction to the loans we?ve agreed was one of bemusement to say the least. However, we are clearly so skint Moyes must?ve been told ?If they?re not good enough for the first team, send them out for experience / regain their form and save some money on the wage bill?. Fair enough. We are skint after all.

Injuries aside (and I know that?s a massive aside) we have the players in a very small, tight squad, to perform in our remaining two competitions though. It is simply a case of them pulling up their socks and performing from now until the end of the season.

On their day our first eleven?s pretty much is as good as any in the league and have proven so by getting results against the clubs I mention above.

Players such as Baines, Distin, Fellaini, Coleman and Cahill have been fantastic this season, it's just a case of Saha, Beckford, Bily, Rodwell and above all Mikel Arteta to step up to the plate and start performing to the best of their ability. Week-in, week-out. It is also Moyes?s responsibility to play them to their strengths and in position.

That?s it for the next 4 months though, like it or not. The boys are just going to have to dig us and them out of it, on a wing and a prayer that we don?t suffer some serious injuries.

In the meantime, Bill, enough does seem to be enough. If you and your mates can only take the club backwards, it's time to find the right person to take it forwards before it?s too late. We are drowning. Time to chuck the Life Ring in to see if anyone?s holding the other end.

Mike Green     Posted 01/02/2011 at 12:41:45   Comments (24)

Mid-table Mediocrity

Another transfer window closes and yet again we have failed to make a mark on it. Signing only a unproven teenager from Greece and losing one of our best players to a divisional rival for a measly price places a grim look on how we may finish our season. Despite it only being half-way through, we usually have kicked in to gear by now; unfortunately, our roller-coaster campaign cannot end well at this rate, and with the window shut, it is only pure inspiration which can save us from a dismal outing in 2011.

In previous seasons we have done a remarkable job to get to where have, 5th and 6th place finishes continually have been a true achievement which David Moyes should take credit for. It is no secret we are an underrated club and usually shy away from the headlines unless we do upset the so-called big 4, (if we can even call them that anymore). However, the most disappointing thing is that, no matter how hard we try, how many cheap Championship players we buy, and no matter how big our hearts may be, we will never be taken to the next level without financial backing. The days of lion hearts, and underdogs are fast becoming history, with more and more clubs being bought out to cater for their financial needs.

The saddening concept of contemporary football is that it has become like a business, where money talks, clubs like Tottenham are able to offer £30 million plus for world class players such as Aguero, Forlan etc, yet only a few seasons ago we matched their achievements of a Champions League appearance with money generated only through the sale of Wayne Rooney. Only 2-3 seasons ago Tottenham and also money bags Man City were dreaming of achieving what we had.

Without money, we will never progress to where we need to be; players like Cahill, Arteta, Distin, Howard will not be around for ever, and we need to start thinking about our future, if we are unable to even land Niko Kranjcar,, how are we able to replace Tim Cahill when he runs out of juice?

How is it that an untried teen from Southampton has a price tag of £10 million? Ridiculous inflation is on the rise and to compete we must be spending our money; if Kenwright cannot do that, then I believe it's time he looked to cash in on foreign investment, because, if he was a true fan, he would put the club ahead of himself. Until that happens, I can't see us rising to our once great heights, and even further.

Goodbye to glorious Euro League evenings, FA Cup finals and feel good stories at Goodison Park and hello to mid-table mediocrity.
Yessar  Daou     Posted 01/02/2011 at 05:23:13   Comments (39)

Boy, Moyes looks fed up

I just watched Moyes on Sky. Asked about transfers his icy glare said it all. I hope that journo who asked him was paid well!

Moyes looked like he'd lost a tenner and then got home to find his house had burnt down and his wife had run off with the milkman.

I feel genuinely sorry for him; carrying the weight of our expectations whilst being hogtied by Kenwright. The latter should have been answering the journo, not Moyes. Instead, Davie looks across the Park at a bloke who's only been in the job five minutes (and bottled it first time round under much more benign conditions than Moyes has had to contend with) splashing stupid amounts of money on a Geordie piss head.

I think it's a big ask to see Moyes stayiing beyond the Summer. He and we already know, more of the family silver (Rodwell minimum) will have to be sold to allow Bill to stay snug in his seat in the Main Stand.

I used to think Bill was at worst an eccentric, but I have now realised he is cynical beyond belief and has allowed one of the best managers of his generation to become disillusioned with just about everything to do with life at Everton; so long as he can keep popping up every now and then to do his Cheshire cat impressions for the cameras...
Steve Guy     Posted 31/01/2011 at 20:16:47   Comments (250)


Just thought I would try and see if everyone reading the TW message boards feels the same apathy as me.

Liverpool might well be losing a world class striker and gaining a decent striker and a young wannabe striker but at least it fires up the excitement in the bellies of their supporters. I am not saying that they will come out of this any better off but at least they are giving their fans something to debate and the young fans around the country more reason to ask for a Liverpool top each year.

On the other hand, we are drifting into surviving just below the half-way in the league, happy to get 'amazing draws' at Anfield, buying no-one, selling or loaning out our players... In fact, generally pissing off our fans as we show absolutely no ambition to improve. Before some of you say that we are better not taking players in January, then we should not be losing players in January.

For God's sake, give us the fans something to dream about. Don't take our ambition away to the point where people on here are deciding whether or not to give up their season tickets. Young fans are looking enviously over at the other lot who are proactive... we risk losing a generation of fans if we don't turn this fucking ship around.

Show some ambition and back the club. If you can't then tell us the facts... tell us we are broke... and sell the thing while there is a club to sell. Give us a fucking reason to turn up every week.

Rant over...
Steve Cotton     Posted 31/01/2011 at 19:13:52   Comments (15)

Exhaust off car

Strangely the title of this post is true... and a convenient analogy for our great club.

I sit here wondering if we will sign anyone today. I have to admit though that I write this with little detailed knowledge about our finances but I do get the sense that we are broke. So what does BK and the Board do?

It seems to me the situation is very like the situation in the country as a whole. You can make cuts and then more cuts. You will then have a deficit reduced. The problem with this is you end up with no services and only the rich survive.

The alternative is you borrow and invest. But that means we have to put up with cheap players for a while longer. That is why Moyes is crucial. He is a master at that.

In our case, the investment must be the ground (Goodison or elsewhere ? doesn?t really matter). Getting mediocre loan players will probably do little to our performances and we have a team that can keep us mid-table ? probably what we can expect for a while. To improve the team, we need that new ground or a better Goodison.

Now what I don?t know is if we can do this. Can we borrow the money for the ground? Well, if we cannot, then BK cannot be criticised now for his management of the club (I know Kings Dock was a mess but this is now).

So then we have the sale option. My sense is that there are not buyers at present. Why? Well, would you??? So we have a Catch 22. New ground = investment; No investment until new ground. No loan available for new ground.

The only hope is that the current Board are liars like many say and that there is a queue of interested parties. I just think that is make-believe.

So, if I am BK ? what do I do? If there is a genius out there who knows, great. Otherwise the Supporters Trust seems the best idea I have seen for years. Then we can change from being fed up moaners to being active parts of the finance.

Ged Simpson     Posted 31/01/2011 at 10:51:30   Comments (53)

The Golden Age of Protest

Having read much on this site last week about the dissatisfaction and unrest of Evertonians, things started to get interesting as the week went by. I read with interest that a development of showing fans' angst had led to the first orgainised public protest gathering mooted for 11:30 at the Park End prior to the Chelsea game. Indeed there was mention on BBC Merseyside at the start of the phone-in and it was clear by the guy chairing it (and, by the way, what a relief we were free of Alan 'Partridge' Jackson for the day) that he was aware of people not being happy and some protest was to have been taking place.

Obviously I was unable to be at the game or protest so was relying on radio to keep me informed. I did hear something to the effect on one of the caller's that the protest 'was cancelled'?? Can anyone update please on what did or didn't happen?

One last thing was during the commentary they did make reference to the fact that Bill Kenwright was leaving his seat to disappear down the tunnel which was about 10/15 mins before the game ended. I wondered then if he had been met by some protest prior to the game and was getting off to avoid further follwing the final whistle?

Any updates on events would be appreciated. Thanks all.

Chris Hockenhull     Posted 31/01/2011 at 10:21:42   Comments (26)

Let's Look Up

With the transfer deadline looming, we don?t look like we are going to be bringing any players in apart from an unheard of Greek striker for ?250k. Somehow I don?t think he will be the answer to our goal drought. However, I think Louis Saha will be.

Against Tottenham, I thought we had signed a new player; he was immense, he chased down every lost cause, battled for every header, and played with confidence. Against Chelsea, he was like this again: he was battling Terry and had the better of him in most battles. But he was left up top alone and frustrated; Rodwell did his best to assist him, but Rodwell is not an attacking midfielder ? he is more of a holding player who bursts forwards with the ball, and is there at the edge of the box for a cut back.

What was pleasing to see on Saturday was that Arteta was showing glimpses of his old self; he wasn?t great but he is low on confidence and we need to get behind him not get on his back. He linked the right with the left very well, he was always looking for the ball, and he did not go hiding because he is not in great form.

Also I?d like to comment on Johnny Heitinga?s recent form. He has slotted in at the back superbly, he is keeping Jagielka out of the team and I think it shows how solid our defence is, we just need someone to score regularly and we will be pushing up the table.

I don?t think Europe is impossible, with the league being so open this season it is not an impossibility; I think it will be difficult but we have so much potential in our squad, we just need faith and have players who want to wear the royal blue shirt. The passion the players show on the pitch is getting back to the Everton Way. Now we just need to fight our way up the league, the Everton Way.

I think all these people who are campaigning for Kenwright to go need to just leave it till the end of the season; we are not Liverpool, we do not want marches before the games, and we do not want to sit in the Gwladys Street to tell him we want him out. If we want him out at the end of the season, we do it then ? not now.

Jake Wilson     Posted 31/01/2011 at 10:06:54   Comments (15)

Spurs Result

Just watched Spurs dismantled by Fulham ? Old kebab face getting interviewed afterwards was moaning about the lack of defenders they have ? down to their last five apparently.

I wonder if the Neville move will go through tonight or tomorrow....
John Reid     Posted 30/01/2011 at 19:32:21   Comments (38)

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