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The Mail Bag

December 2010 Archive
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Spelling Lesson No 1

For some time now, I have been irritated by the frequent spelling mistakes on this site and decided to try and help my fellow Evertonians as the old year drags its strikerless self to oblivion.

Today's word is m-a-n-A-g-e-r

Please note the presence of the second letter A. Quite often forgotten. Here are two examples to help those who aren't sure which word they want.

1 David Moyes was not born a manAger.
2 David Moyes was not born in a manger (That was the Messiah not the Moyesiah).

Hope this helps and a Happy New Year to you all!

Joe Brennan     Posted 31/12/2010 at 14:34:53   Comments (40)


Sort of topical given the transfer window will open at midnight tonight. But why is it that Everton have absolutely no money whatsoever to spend in the transfer window, or for that matter at anytime? Where does all the revenue go the club receives, from crowds, shirt sales, Premier League and so on?

This is provoked after a conversation with a friend of mine, who supports the dark side, and commented there is something 'seriously wrong' with Everton.

How does Moyes manage on such a tight budget with such a small squad, one which in reality appears to get smaller every year. To such a degree he appears forced at times to make some seemingly bizaare selection and tactical choices. (I realise it's a bit odd to leave 3 strikers on the bench and start a game with out any if the strikers aren't scoring, but that might be for another thread).

So... where is the money...?? Seriously?
Mark Hill     Posted 31/12/2010 at 13:33:07   Comments (18)


Just seen on the BBC sport website that Sir Alex Ferguson wants Macheda to go out on loan for the rest of the season.

Two questions:

(1) Do you think he is with a punt considering our current striker/financial situation

(2) Do you think Moyes's special relationship with Ferguson will come into play here?

Michael Cloherty     Posted 31/12/2010 at 12:46:32   Comments (17)

What is the value of the Yak?

I see that it is rumoured that the Yak might be reviving his move to West Ham but that Everton value him at £8M could be a sticking point. If he is truely worth that much, shouldn't he be an automatic first team choice? The fact that he isn't indicates that his market value is considerably less.

I would have thought that it would have made good business and perhaps made for some attacking entertainment to have played the Yak throughout December, which sends a message to the transfer market that we place a real value on him rather than an accountant's book value.
Alan Rooney     Posted 31/12/2010 at 10:22:33   Comments (14)

Christmas comes with Tiger Tim gone

I am not sure as to why everyone is worried that Tiger Tim is heading away for January. Apart from his goals this season, most commentators last season on ToffeeWeb were saying he was the reason why Moyes always played players out of their natural positions.

So, now he's gone, Moyes will be able to grant everyone's Christmas wish and not only play everyone in their natural position but also deploy a 4-4-2 with two natural forwards up front.

Happy New Year

Sam List     Posted 31/12/2010 at 03:40:19   Comments (43)

What should a supporter do?

I think the West Ham game might just have done it for me. The starting line-up defied belief. Hibbert at centre back? Why not just get rid of Duffy, Beckford, Yakubu. Fuck it I can't be bothered with analysing the shite...

Here's the question: What should a supporter do when their club is chaired by an incompetent and managed by a man for whom one has only utter contempt? It costs me £300 plus to attend a game. I've seen two this season and hoped to see another three. Not now.

I really feel that I'm not prepared to spend any more money while Moyes and Kenwright destroy this club. Kenwright is beyond words. For Moyes I have this:

Overrated, overpaid, inept, dour, utterly bereft of imagination, negative... and,i t hurts to say this, completely devoid of dignity and integrity.

I feel guilty and disloyal but what else is left? Go there and condone this shite or say enough is enough?

It is my honest view that no professional manager in English football would have our squad in a worse position than Moyes has.

Who will replace him?

Anyone... fucking anyone.

Andy Crooks     Posted 30/12/2010 at 19:24:10   Comments (34)

Behind the Times

I?ve been pro-Moyes in all his time here over the last 9 years. He alone turned the club around and took us into Europe but I think following Tuesday night his time to leave has arrived.

Why ? because of his statement that ?he played his best 11 players out there?. He couldn?t find room for a striker as no striker was worth his place before Arteta, Rodwell, Pinnear, Fellaini etc etc. What an absolute cop-out, demonstrating a complete lack of football management. So on his current basis of team selection it means that when Tim has gone off to Asia he?ll play Jags in his place as he?s the next best player we have on the books, and we?ll end up playing a formation of 5-5-0 and draw the next 6 games all 0-0 hopefully.

I?m sick of him accusing the forwards as crap ? they have been living on pittance all season. We do not have a central midfield player who actually runs at defences and causes the opposition centre backs to come out and leave gaps to be exploited. Only Coleman and Baines run with the ball at the opposition, but they alone cannot force space in the middle, it has to be a central midfielder.

Our centre midfield players, Arteta, Rodwell, Fellaini are all two-touch, piroutte, pass sideways merchants, none of them commit defenders. Moyes must see this but other than Baxter I don?t know of anyone else on the books who is capable of running at defenders in a central postion.I actually thought Rodwell would do it this season (remember his goal against Utd last season) but it looks like its been trained out of him in favour of ball retention.

Moyes has really been found wanting this season in the ?New Tactical? Premier League where the likes of Spurs, Bolton, Sunderland, Blackpool have played 4-3-3 or 4-2-4, but more importantly have gone out to win games. It has caused the likes of Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal problems, but they have at least overcome it whereas the likes of us and Liverpool have been found out ? the days of the cautious managers (Moyes, Hodgson) are finished.
Mike Oates     Posted 30/12/2010 at 17:54:09   Comments (29)

Dour Street Halfway House

Halfway through the season now and we're looking like total no-hopers. Managed by a very rich man who looks bereft of inspiration. A backroom staffed by cloggers, fine blokes I'm sure, but not exactly brimming with Joie de Vivre. How has it come to this from the (mild) highs of our Euro adventures and bobbing around the top six for the last half dozen seasons with a famed team spirit even the pundits noticed?

I remember reading articles on the younger Moyes and was glad he was with us, his meticulous preparation, his wallcharts and databases, his nerdish fascination with the minutiae of his players' wellbeing ("You wanted to see me boss"? "Looking leaner Wayne, but more Fish, eat nowt after 8pm Wayne"), his comical tracksuited windmills on pitch as he and the team warmed up like a PE Teacher encouraging his rag-tag lads to victory. Even when his assistant left to Preston NE, he took over both roles and we were better for it. Where has it all gone? Where has that manager gone? Where has the optimism gone?

Where once there was unity, now we seem to have unrest. Long-serving players like Yobo flung out to Fenerbahçe, secret weapons not getting on the bench. It all coincided with Heitinga arriving and our self-imposed wage ceiling being broken. Johnny, I believe, had also been shipped out from his last club, but I have no ammo to point the finger there so I'm going to leave it... but we no longer have that all-for-one attitude that guided us as the upsetters of previous seasons.

We have players playing that need a spell in the reserves; we have back up players that need a chance to shine; it's just a shame there is no real reserves anymore to make that process work as it should. To let Pienaar go seems footballing suicide: Pienaar to Baines... cross to Cahill ? is our only tactic unless one of Coleman's runs pays dividends.

I've been disillusioned and disinterest in football since before the World Cup, when France cheated to make the finals, but never did I think this disinterest would carry over to the team I've loved since Mick Lyons grimaced from the team photo on my bedroom wall as a child. But it has?

I don't even get upset when we lose, no sulking, nothing. I don't even expect us to win anymore. Even games like last night, it's inevitable we'll go behind, perhaps scrap one back and then, it's in the lap of the gods which team scores the next or if the ref feels we're all bored so blows the final whistle.

Since about match three this season I've been convinced it would be Moyes's last in charge, but then it's Groundhog Day each following match, with no murmur from up above.

Maybe its football I don't love and Everton are just a casualty.

Andy Mack     Posted 29/12/2010 at 13:23:18   Comments (41)

This Disgusting Everton

What a disgusting era in Everton's history this is.

A hideous inept spectacle of a club, devoid of inspiration, eking points here and there with some players apathetic to the point of disinterest and supporters going the same way. We drift along like a once mighty ocean liner ? paint peeling, badly maintained, no longer capable of great journeys, with a passenger list smaller each year.

The manager and his crew have been brutally exposed this season ? everyone knows it, some just won't believe it. It's all about lucrative payoffs now. Meanwhile, Captain Bill hides... another chapter in the Kenwright manual of mismanagement.

The inertia at this club is suffocating; "punching above our weight" is our mission statement. Moyes is front of house and, while he's made us hard to beat, we're impossible to watch. West Ham are effectively a Championship side and with virtually a full squad he chose not to start with any recognised strikers. Unacceptable, he must go.

Our board are Incompetent crooks: incompetent because no serious plan to improve resources has developed under this ownership; crooks because of the rush for retail gold that was "Kirkby Tescos". Egged on by odious spivs, this confidence trick to line the pockets of a few at the expense of the club had all the hallmarks of "Up yours ? I'm alright, Jack". Recent comments by a board flunky linking undersoil heating problems to the Kirkby Demise only shows how deep is the resentment.

These are not owner-guardians of Everton Football Club ? they are malevolent and self-serving, every bit as condescending as Hicks and Gillete were to Liverpool fans. This cabal must be stopped, a policy of doing just enough for Premier League status is no policy.

We cannot stay in limbo relying on other clubs lacking investment, or imploding a la Newcastle ? it's 'head in the sand' stuff. Birmingham, Sunderland, Stoke, Bolton, West Brom etc are investing or learning to cope; they can no longer be deemed "get out of jail free" cards. Only West Ham look doomed.

But even more frustrating is the thought of what might have been, if people of vision, of acumen held the reins... for, at this moment, the Premier League Old Order are struggling and we could be doing so much more. Shameful.

Accepting this rubbish on the basis of loyalty and "Kenwright is a Blue" is nonsense; recognise these people for what they are. Only spontaneous Goodison fury will flush them out.

Charles King     Posted 29/12/2010 at 13:11:19   Comments (42)

Will the real Arteta please stand up!

After watching last night's showing at West Ham, I felt so sorry for our recent hero Mikel as very little he tried came off. At one point, he couldn't find a pass and got caught in possession in midfield and had no acceleration to win the ball back or even get close to his marker.

A year or so back, if you remember, he was the most fouled player in the Prem; now to get this acolade you have to be regularly skinning your opponent. Last night, he was the one being skinned regularly. If ever we need the old Arteta to step up to the plate, then it is now.

How about giving our £75k-a-week man a few games in the Reserves to get some level of fitness back? If not then sadly it's time to move him on before his sell-by date reads 2009!!
Steve Cotton     Posted 29/12/2010 at 09:02:15   Comments (21)

Time to admit some players have had their day

Well, after watching the West Ham game, then I have to say something ? that the time as come to accept that some players are not good enough to wear the Everton shirt anymore.

I have been a true blue supporter for 38 years and love this club with all my heart. Having put up with the lows, and too few highs in my time, has never stopped me giving my total backing to the club. To watch my club play too many negative games does hurt, when we have some real class and talent in our midfield. The combination of, Baines and Pienaar works well and the left side works really well and we could have the same effect down the right side if we had a decent right back. Phil Neville now lacks any pace, can't cross a ball and does not link up well when attacking. We need a quality right back.

The central defensive pairing of Jagielka and Distin is a good enough pairing with maybe someone on loan to cover for injury as I don't think Heitinga is committed to our club enough. We have two quality defensive midfielders in Rodwell and Fellaini to do a good job in that area.

As usual, the worry is the strikeforce, as Saha has passed his sell-by date and he has the psychological barrier in his head of always pulling up injured. The biggest disappointment is the Yak, who is slow, idle and can't be bothered with really knuckling down to play for Everton. He can't be bothered to lose the weight he needs to get more mobile, he can't be bothered to get a sweat on when he comes on, and he's a waste of space when he's on the pitch.

Beckford has not had the time to settle in, but I have seen him for Leeds and he was an idle player and needs balls passed into feet when on the run, or he is not as effective. I would like to have seen Vaughan given another chance before we get rid of a player who as pace and quality (a pity he gets injured).

And please stay, Pienaar, as we will not get a player as good as he as been. I just wish we can go on a run and get the confidence back but as usual I don't see where the goals are going to come from.
Dave Robinson     Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:49:05   Comments (39)

We don't have any cash

I just read the link on the front page (a similar link seems to appear every time there is a transfer window on the horizon!) and yet again we have no money and no hope of bringing in anyone. Just when we can start dreaming of new signings to freshen things up, the rug is pulled from under us.

Isn't it about time our manager wheeled and dealed a bit? Obviously loyalty is a good quality for a manager to have, but looking at our squad, there is some dead wood to shift. Yakubu and Saha are not the players they were for starters, Bily has never looked up to it in an Everton shirt, Pienaar will go for nothing at the end of the season. It appears Vaughan is surplus to requirements.

Why not let some of them go? Even if we only got £7 or £8 million for that lot, we might be able to bring in 2 fresh players. There must be some players in the Championship we could look at? Or an up-and-coming striker from Europe somewhere? Or is it unrealistic for us, as Evertonians, to dream about us making a signing in the transfer window?
Danny Broderick     Posted 27/12/2010 at 17:51:14   Comments (51)

Speculative team selection

The Hammers away tomorrow and much speculation over team selection to start. With Jags, Heitinga and Pienaar unclear and no squad posted on Pravda as yet, it is almost impossible to call. My best bet at the moment is:

Howard, Neville, Hibbert, Distin, Baines, Osman, Fellaini, Cahill, Rodwell, Arteta, Saha.

Of course not being with the players and knowing the state of fitness among them can make mockery of any speculation so I suppose we will have to await the club text, hope the manager gets it right, grab the points and get home.

Ken Buckley     Posted 27/12/2010 at 16:47:23   Comments (16)

Youth ? The New Year(...s)

Most of the papers, especially todays, have articles about the current state of play in the Premier League and at England level. Usual end-of-year predictions from most of the sports writers: Who will finish in the Top Four? Who will go down? Who's for the sack? ? and so on.

Interestingly, several have made long-term predictions about England after Cappello. The names of Jack Rodwell and Ross Barkley appear in many as the future of England. Now I know Barkley is out with a double broken leg at the moment but do ToffeeWeb readers believe that now is the time to build around the young players? (I include Felliani as one of the young players, and Coleman.)

Any others you can suggest? I mean to play now, when fit in Barkley's case, on a regular basis and to build around them ? slowly bringing in other younger players over the next 3 to 4 years when the four mentioned will be seasoned professionals enabling them to support new younger players. I see Baines, Jagielka, Arteta, Pienaar and Cahill as shorter long-term players, if you know what I mean, certainly able to be first team players for several years yet.

As you can see, we are lacking in young strikers and a goalkeeper. I am not sure of Mucha's age. I do not see goalkeeper as a long-term worry but certainly strikers seem to me to be a short- and long- term problem. I cannot see Anichebe as either a short- or long-term answer.

George McKane     Posted 26/12/2010 at 15:37:45   Comments (22)

BIrmingham Match Off!!

Today's game is off due to a frozen water supply at Goodison Park!

I had to work yesterday with a bad hangover and my Dad has been taken into hospital and may require surgery!

Merry Fuckin' Christmas!

Lee Courtliff     Posted 26/12/2010 at 11:12:11   Comments (51)

Match fitness

With Yakubu, Bily, Beckford, having not played for a while now, let alone those returning from injury, surely their match fitness levels would be low.

With Cahill departing for warmer climates come January, it would be logical to replace him with Billy as this is his position in the Russian team. Speculation, I know but I feel that Billy hasn't been given the right chance to adapt to the EPL. Give him more match time before Tim departs for the Asia cup so that he can get his fitness level up.

The same for Yak, although I feel that he is being sold this January and if he is not then I wonder about Davey.

Dave Owen     Posted 26/12/2010 at 09:34:48   Comments (8)

Failure to agree new contracts, do we care?

I was just reading through the article about Victor Anichebe not agreeing new terms possibly leading to EFC losing him on a Bosman, and it got me thinking about the number of players that have spun this one on us.

For the most case, it hasn't been too bad as those who have left at the end of their contract or sold very close to recoup some money turned out to be rubbish at their next club.

The question i have is, do we believe that there has been a player lost who would have been worth agreeing to their terms?

I'll start the debate by saying that Don Hutchison was the only one keeping this club from relegation (and Scotland on the Radar) so I would have paid the extra he wanted.

Mitchell Wilton     Posted 26/12/2010 at 09:03:23   Comments (11)

Team for Sunday

For the first time, I wont be home at Xmas to watch the Blues... Added to that I would not normally play FM, preferring to leave it to the professional... but our line-ups this season have been bizarre to say the least.

For example, Victor Anichebe, home alone at City. Now I would never figure Vic for someone who can hold the ball up and bring others into the game but at least we got the result. But at home against Birmingham City this Sunday, I see it as a more important make-or-break game that will require a lot of patience.

Why make or break? Because Goodison Park is becoming more and more desolate as the season progresses and, with plenty of Xmas spirit, hopefully the crowd will be buzzing ? if we play well and win, it could reignite GP. That is why I see team selection as critical ? not just for the game but to appease the crowd too.

I will start up front: Please, please, please ? no Louis Saha. I would give the Yak and Tim Cahill a shout with Beckford on in the second half (not the last 10 minutes either).

I also feel that Rodwell and Fellaini should be automatic starters with Steven Pienaar returning and Seamus Coleman to continue his efforts of late. That means no starting place for Mikel Arteta or Leon Osman, who will have to take their places on the bench. That leaves the back four whose only problem may be handling 6'-7'' Zigic. Experience is key, as is cutting out balls to Zigic because, in the absence of Jags (and Heitinga) it looks like Hibbert may get the nod and therefore his height will be a major problem for us. I would have considered 3-5-2 to combat their 5 in midfield and put pressure on their defence but I dont think we've got the players for that so it would have to be Neville, Hibbert, Distin and Baines across the back.

I did consider Coleman at right-back and Neville as centre-back with Arteta on the right wing but I think that negates our pace(??) going forward. If we are doing well, I wouldn't mind seeing a bit of Gueye and Duffy for the last quarter.

I just hope that we go with a positive formation and the crowd are patient until the last minute because Brum are experts at putting up a wall and hitting teams on the break.
Jay Harris     Posted 24/12/2010 at 15:48:09   Comments (20)

Woodgate loan?

Harry Redknapp has said he will allow Jonathan Woodgate to leave on loan in January. He seems the perfect answer to our annual January centre back signing! If you can get a run of games from him, he is one of the best centre backs in the league.

Chris Sillett     Posted 24/12/2010 at 12:54:48   Comments (24)

Tim Cahill as our main striker?

Tim Cahill is clearly our best striker ? Should he play alone up-front?

My answer is yes and my reasons are simple. At the moment we are not getting what we need from our strikers:

  • We need someone with a good attitude who is going to run their bollocks off and put their body on the line for 90 minutes.
  • We need someone who will chase lost causes and put the opposition under pressure and defend from the front.
  • We need someone who will compete in the air and on the floor and rough the opposition defenders up.
  • We need someone who can hold the ball up and link play with the midfield.
  • Most importantly, we need someone who is going to get us a goal when we need one and not waste glorious opportunities.
Tim Cahill ticks all these boxes and more. Okay, it might not be the answer in the long run but he would be 100% better than Saha, Yakubu or Beckford who just aren't doing it.

Let's face it, Cahill is doing our strikers' job anyway and not much more would change except he would be playing a few yards further up the pitch. It could also give Mikel Arteta the chance to step forward and play higher up the pitch and show his attacking and goal scoring qualities that we all know he's got but he is totally wasted by playing defensive mid... but that's another debate. (Isn't he back from suspension this week?)

So, Tim Cahill to be our striker for the next three games before he go's halfway around the world. Then hopefully we can get someone in the transfer window who can come and do a better job than our current strikers.
Lewis Morrison     Posted 23/12/2010 at 14:28:25   Comments (36)

Baines's Bayern Blowoff

It's nice to read this morning Leighton Baines' comments regarding the apparant bid from Bayern Munich. It's good to hear one of our players commit publicly to the club and say that he has no intention of moving (Johnny ? take note!).

Leighton has been in fantastic form all season and for him to come out and dismiss the rumours will ease the worries of losing him for the fans and can only boost the squad.

Well done, Leighton! I look forward to seeing you continue your good form in a royal blue shirt and look forward to seeing you sweep the board at Everton's end-of-season awards. NSNO!
Tony Hale     Posted 23/12/2010 at 12:23:39   Comments (25)

Merry Christmas

I would just like to thank Michael, Lyndon and all other mods for keeping the best Everton site going for another full year.

Also a very Merry Christmas to all ToffeeWebbers.

Cheers one and all.
Dave Lynch     Posted 22/12/2010 at 16:33:44   Comments (82)

No Jag for Xmas

I just read that Jags will be out until well into the New Year and with Heitinga injured, demotivated and/ or leaving, that leaves us with a big gap to fill. Should we blood young Duffy early or recall Joey or try another loan arranger?

My view is that Heitinga, even if fit, is no longer interested and therefore we need experienced cover, which Duffy hasn't got.

I would love to see some ambition from the club and go for Cahill of Bolton as he seems ripe for a move... but whether ambition can be matched by cash is another story.

Other than him, I can't think of many quality CBs that might fit our budget.

'Appy 'Arry has about 10 but they're all injured ? so no loan possibilities there. We could swap Yak for Upson and some cash but I don't think the two pimps would buy it.
Jay Harris     Posted 21/12/2010 at 23:03:52   Comments (47)

No Donovan it seems

Seems pretty certain actually.

"While I enjoyed my time at Everton last season and still appreciate all the support their fans have given me, I feel that it is important to continue to rest and recover this off-season as opposed to going on loan"

Joey Brown     Posted 21/12/2010 at 22:35:56   Comments (41)

In the shadows of the media

I work in London and am used to getting all kinds of abuse off a Spurs fan especially. (Although he doesn't have an answer to the fact Spurs last won the league in black & white) but this morning they were all raving about our players with Cahill, Jags and Baines all getting special praise.

This was nice but can you spot the problem? We had to beat City away on Sky as the only game of note of the weekend due to the weather to get this exposure and credit. These lads might not have usually watched the game but needed their footie fix.

Baines and Cahill have been absolutely wonderful this campaign but have received no credit in the media. The same happened last year and the two before. When we finished fourth we got a tenth of the credit Spurs did last season. Why is this? The following reasons might explain it.

  • We aren't a Soap Opera, more a play about existentialism... therefore the media love focusing on the ridiculous dramas played out Hollyoaks style at Eastlands or St James' Park.
  • We aren't monied. It's more headline-grabbing to tell people Spurs bought David Bentley for a stupid amount whilst we brought the infinitely more successful Steven Pienaar in on loan.
  • The more corporate grounds wine and dine the media better?

I suspect it might be a mixture of the above. The decent pundits usually give us the credit we deserve but most don't as they are seduced by the Premier League brand ? which we are not at the front of.

What do we all reckon?

Andrew James     Posted 21/12/2010 at 21:18:40   Comments (26)


I'm very much in the camp of wanting Steven Pienaar to stay, he offers something creatively that the rest of the team lacks and his combination play with Bainsey at times is as good as any left side out there. I was, however, surprised to learn that out of the 4 games we've actually won this season Pienaar has only figured in one, the 1-0 home win v Stoke and, let's be honest, we weren't sparkling and very fortunate that Tuncay's goal was chalked off. He didn't figure against Liverpool, Birmingham or of course last night against City; three performances that in my opinion have shown the togetherness and grit of recent seasons.

Could it be that Pienaar's lack of commitment is having a Lescott-like effect on the team, on the quiet?

Of course I'm not suggesting that we're a better side without him because undoubtedly he is an excellent footballer, more that if he does go that it isn't necessarily the end of the world.

Continuing the same theme for a second, it's also interesting to note that, again, of the 4 games we've won, Yak has started 3 with the only exception being last night - such a pity he's out the door in Jan, or so it would seem...
Ben Hunt     Posted 21/12/2010 at 18:40:29   Comments (31)

Not so bad after all?

I know one swallow doesn't make a summer but I don't mind admitting that I was screaming with delight and relief when the final whistle sounded last night.

City may be a flawed side with obvious weaknesses but you don't come that close to being top at Christmas without some real quality in your squad.

To hear the gnashing and moaning of the anti-Moyes brigade in the last few weeks you would think we were down already, but last night's performance showed all the determination and will to win the players have been accused of lacking in recent times.

The AMs can point to the perceived negative formation and castigate Anichebe for his recklessness but there were plenty of reasons for optimism to draw after escaping from the siege. Baines and Fellaini in particular looked like class and Distin and Jagielka both deserve plaudits.

It's only one win but it's an important one at a vital time and I maintain that this squad is certainly capable of improving its results and league position. I still don't believe that a change in management is the way to do that.

And by the way, any Everton player caught wearing a snood should immediately be dropped.
Michael Upton     Posted 21/12/2010 at 14:17:51   Comments (48)

Referee paranoia

First off, great result last night, subs etc, Moyes got it bang on.

What I want to talk about, is this paranoia some of our fans have in regards to referees. Walton got slated last night, someone mentioned he gave us fuck all, all night???

I watched the game again this morning, and when they analysed the game afterwards, the 3 penalty shouts city had, were all bang on pens ? if the tables are turned, I'm screaming for pens all day. The Hibbert one, I would have forgiven the ref for, because Jo was in the refs line of vision, but if Hibbert doesn't handle it, it's going in. Neville's 2, bang on pens.

Anichebe had to go, the first yellow was a bit harsh, even though he does barge Hart over. But the second was a late tackle, so was worthy of a yellow, so he had to go.

If those crucial penalty decisions go against us, I would be the first on here calling the ref a cheating bastard, but for some to say he never gave us fuck all, it just ridiclious.

We have had our fair share of decisions go our way, it's swings and roundabouts: some you get, some you don't.

Chelsea away, Coleman's tackle on Cole: penalty. Distin's handball in that game, easily could have been given, but no-one mentioned those decisions, maybe it was because they went for us?

Stoke at home, we got the decision, even though Baines is falling over before the lad goes anywhere near him, and that wins us the game.

We had some on here the other week, slating the ref off for giving Fellaini his marching orders, even though he blatantly kicked out.

Sometimes you just need to take those blue tinted specs off, and realise the whole world hasn't got it in for us.

Let's hope last nights win kick starts our season, finally.
Brian Waring     Posted 21/12/2010 at 13:02:20   Comments (43)

Talk Sport

I never usually listen to TalkSport, prefering to use the analoogy of TalkShite.

But for some reason I had it on whilst driving home tonight and Stan Collymoor made a statement that struck home. Whilst talking about Spurs he stated: "Harry's philosophy is a simple one, buy the best player you can afford for the position you want and play him there."

Wish Moyes had the same mentality...
Dave Lynch     Posted 19/12/2010 at 19:05:59   Comments (44)

A bit more Boxing Day nostalgia.

26 December 1986:

A brilliant 4-0 away win at St James Park, Newcastle. Tricky Trev bagging two with Heath and Power the others. This is just a reminder to cheer up a few before the Boxing Day game against Birmingham City.

We won the league that season and were all so happy. Times have changed but we can dream of the past and remember the good times as much as the recent bad ones.

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope no one gets an Annie Lennox CD that will make you more miserable before the game on Boxing Day.
Dave Charles     Posted 19/12/2010 at 14:50:29   Comments (10)

Scouring the loan market, a sign of things to come?

A fairly open question for discussion. We are currently looking to scour the market for strikers and anyone else that could turn around the season with our small squad and Pienaar more likely to leave and one of our strikers; Vaughan told he can go if anyone puts in an offer. Our players will all be another year older come the end of the season, none of the youth or new players seem anywhere near the first team.

Is anyone wondering if this is the new shape of things to come and will be now be looking to loan players for the whole season?

The current income of the club appears to be: next season's Sky money, already borrowed against to pay existing creditors; Goodison Park, with multiple mortgages on it; Bellefield, still waiting for movement on the development (we're in a global recession if you hadn't noticed so house prices not as boom as they were); and, finally, the players registrations/contracts being his only assets left.

The latter appears to be our only source of income and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise the only players you can make decent money on would be your better ones, thus weakening the squad... which would have the consequence of affecting league table results ? a spiral you'd need to stabilise surely? How would you stabilise that spiral in reduction of quality in your squad if your current youth players aren't breaking into the first team and you can only unearth so many diamonds from lower leagues???

Less and less money as Kenwright is failing as the chairman of the club and the cupboards are bare... but for the players who are needed to keep the club in the league and to compete.

  • Who would loan a player to a club who is unlikely to buy them at the end of the loan unless they are kids that need game time?
  • Has the lack of money finally got so bad that we literally can't afford any new players whatsoever?
  • If the only assets left are players, how long before even that runs dry and then what?
The longer this goes on, the less the club will be worth...

I just wonder how much (financially) Bill Kenwright is beholden to Sir Phillip Green? Ever since Desperation Kirkby went pop, we haven't made a significant player purchase or has any "ringfenced" (cough, BULLSHIT, cough) money evaporated?
Gavin Ramejkis     Posted 18/12/2010 at 16:59:39   Comments (64)

Kenwright needs help!

The team have played ok at times this season but it is the manager who is costing us points each game with bad team selections, substitutions and tactics. He is keeping faith in strikers who have let us down badly this season but says James Vaughan can leave the club.

One thing James Vaughan will do is work hard and make things happen for us and he certainly couldn't do any worse in front of goal than the others.

Unlike last season we are going to lose Cahill soon and probably Pienaar and I have no confidence in Moyes bringing in the right players on loan. He is clueless and Kenwright needs mental help if he thinks he should stay!
Ged Dwyer     Posted 18/12/2010 at 11:57:08   Comments (41)

The Bendtner connection

Funny there should be a rumour about his possible loan to The Blues in January. I have been quite impressed with his style of play and cannot see how Wenger rates him behind Chamakh except that he cost a lot less.

Chamakh has not shown much for the Gunners since coming and I believe this loan could work out great for Everton. He is big and strong and quite mobile for his size. We have nothing to lose given the plight of the current strike force we have.
Tom Bowers     Posted 17/12/2010 at 21:13:33   Comments (44)

Best Side 00-10

I come across this:

My best side 00-10:

Arteta	Carsley	 Gravesen Pienaar
Lescott  Jagielka  Weir(C) Watson
Definitely the best side from this period in my opinion, 5 Walter Smith signings as well... interesting.

David Mathieson     Posted 17/12/2010 at 14:45:09   Comments (40)

A Bit of Boxing Day Nostalgia

A recent exchange of e-mails from an old friend, Rob Swift, had us recalling a Boxing Day match against Man Utd in the 1977-78 season. We were actually a very good team in those days, possibly only a decent goalie away from winning the title, and we finished third that season, with of course, the mighty Bob Latchford scoring 30 league goals.

Expectations were high going into that Boxing Day fixture, United were in a period of transition, and we were unbeaten in 18 league games, having lost the first two of the season, surprisingly (at the time) at home to newly promoted Nottingham Forest, who went on to win the title, and a narrow away defeat to Arsenal.

We got stuffed. 6-2! But such was the festive mood at the time, everyone recognised that it was just a bad day at the office for our defence that day. I remember there were ironic cheers of appreciation and even resigned laughter at the absurdity of the situation as the United goals flew in to the back of the net.

The crowd went home that day, having experienced a disappointing & embarrassing home defeat, but also having witnessed a highly entertaining match. We'd all heard about strange results over the Christmas period in days gone by, 'cos we knew our history. In older times teams would play each other home and away within the space of a few days, often winning handsomely in one game, only to get thrashed a day or so later.

I suspect the mood against Birmingham this coming Boxing Day will be somewhat different if we get beat 6-2.
Barry Ward     Posted 17/12/2010 at 11:17:59   Comments (16)

Christmas Fixture Prediction

I see in Mark Lawrenson's Prediction list that this week's celebrity host ? someone called Len Goodman ? has predicted a 1-0 win for Everton away to City... The fixture list over the festive season up to 5 January really is make or break. I see us taking 9 points from 15 which should take us much closer to the red filth going into the derby match in mid-January:

Man City ? draw
Brum ? win (surely)
West Ham ? win (mind you the script is wriiten with Avram Grant's ultimatum that he has to get one win from the next 3 matches ? we're the third match!)
Stoke ? draw
Spurs ? draw

Greetings of the season to you all.

Mike Hughes     Posted 16/12/2010 at 22:37:26   Comments (21)

Shit street

Lets get the accusatations of being a whinger and whiner out the way first. I have been what some people might call an Everton fanatic throughout my life ? I LOVE EVERTON. I have watched Everton when we had shit teams in the seventies. I was there every week and the pain was awful, to say the least.

Then we had the yo-yo 90s under Big Joe and the Dogs of War. They were not the most skillful players in the world, but I will tell you what!! ? They played for the shirt and us, the people.

Watching Everton now is like going up to a stranger and just giving him £38 every home game. It's become that bad now (and I never left before the end of a game), I can't wait to get away from my spiritual home now.

Some of the players who are at Goodison now... it's quite obvious by the body language they don't give a fuck about morals and shirts and supporters ? it's all about wages. I've said this over and over again, as have many Toffees in the past.

What we have is an owner who has not put ? and is not willing to put ? a penny of his own cash on the line for the club. He goes on TV whenever we get anywhere near Wembley and the chance of TV publicity to proclaim his love for EFC. The man, I believe, acquired us for £30 million, and stated on the record, "I've put the club up for sale."

Then, when an EFC shareholder asked the question, "Hey, Bill ? How much do you want for EFC?" Kenwright leaned back in his chair and said, "I'm boried by your question. Next question, please."

We are in Big Shit, because Kenwright's backers who helped him to buy the club are fed up, which could force the issue. The sooner Kenwright and our negative manager Moyes go, the better.

Even when they're shite Over the Park ? we become so much worse. And this is with the so-called "Best Squad he's Ever Worked With"! Please, Kenwright and your £5 milion a year lap dog... Leave!
David Moorcroft     Posted 16/12/2010 at 21:25:32   Comments (15)


Heard a strange rumour today. Apparently Everton are in such financial trouble that they are having problems paying players' wages. Could be why the team seem so unsettled...

Ken Williams     Posted 16/12/2010 at 16:56:55   Comments (33)

Worth paying to watch?

Just thought I would toss this into the ring ? yesterday the Daily Mail ran an article where they asked their panel of Premier League fans who would they pay to watch (other than their own team).

Brian Platt the Wigan fan chose us - I quote:

'It would have to be Everton. I have been to Goodison Park a few times. David Moyes has done a cracking job on a small budget and got them into Europe a few times. And don't forget the ex Wigan boy Leighton Baines.'

The Liverpool fan was interesting in that he starts off 'At the moment I'd rather not watch Liverpool.....'

Jeff Magee     Posted 16/12/2010 at 13:32:21   Comments (16)

January 2011...

What can we expect in January? Well, I think at least one player will be going. Probably Heitinga and maybe Pienaar; Heitinga isn?t happy at the club. He is one of those players who looks great when it is going his way... but, when things aren?t going his way, he goes missing. Pienaar is a must-keep, I have said before ? just let him go; he obviously doesn?t deserve to wear the shirt. But against Wigan on Saturday we looked lost without him. He has been twice the player Arteta has been this season and he hasn?t even hit top form, I?d offer at least parity with Arteta.

Okay, this situation with Anichebe needs clearing up: we all know he is a very explosive character, he is not a winger, he is an out-and-out striker. He is a very similar player to Beckford; he has pace, moves a lot... but Anichebe also has great strength and he can be used as a target man. We?ve seen this all before: he was our secret weapon in Europe a few seasons ago. But he hasn?t quite ever regained full fitness since his injury.

He has came out and said he didn?t turn down £30,000 a week. In my opinion, he didn?t deserve to be booed, the better option would have been to simply ignore him: no claps, no boos. He would have got the message then.

Pienaar looks like he?s off and I think we need a replacement now to learn the ropes while he is still here. I have heard quite interesting stories about Jarvis from Wolves; he looks a decent player who needs a better team than the one he is at. I think he would suit our play perfectly.

This is the controversial one: Joey Barton, I can just imagine people?s faces turning as they read this, but just take a look at my point. We need a scrapper in our team ? it?s all too nice and twinkle-toed for me. Yes, it's great to watch... but when you're in a struggle (which we our), I'd rather have someone running round, getting in people's faces, making their lives hell.

Now Joey Barton has more to his game than that; he has decent speed, can play centre or on the wings, can cross a ball well, and he is a decent set-piece taker. He is an Evertonian; yes, he does have a past... but didn?t one of our modern legends, Duncan Ferguson?

Right now, Joey Barton is in great from... I'd take him now; your opinion may be different. We haven?t got many options, let's just hope for a Royal Blue turnaround at City...
Jake Wilson     Posted 15/12/2010 at 22:31:46   Comments (53)

Apologies to Big Vic

Anyone who booed the contract rebel at the weekend willing to come on here and apologise for their actions after reading the rubbish they print for tomorrows chip wrappers?

Form an orderly line please!
Jimmy Saville     Posted 15/12/2010 at 18:14:25   Comments (30)


With Pienaar moving on imminently and Cahill out for however long, it's time for Moyes to consider a shake-up to the way he sets out his team. Much as I appreciate what these two players bring to the team, I am also aware of their shortcomings.

Pienaar is skillful and tenacious but always delivers his final ball too heavily or fails to see a killer pass. Cahill never gives up and I'm sure everyone hates to play against him but he is just about getting on the end of balls and we need more all-round play from him (goals are appreciated though, fella).

I'd like to see a more flexible 3-5-2 employed with Baines and Coleman in the wide roles, Jags, Distin and Neville/Heitinga as the back three, Rodwell, Fellaini and Arteta in the centre and a combo from Yak, Beckford, Vaughan and Bily at the top.

I wait to be shot down.......
Mike Corcoran     Posted 15/12/2010 at 10:19:14   Comments (20)

And now for some good news?

I have heard from my father's aunty's dog that Donovan is definitely coming in January.

If true, what are our expectations, given that:

1. Pienaar may be off.

2. We are currently heading into a depression.

3. No-one can score goals except Tiger Tim and he'll be off.

4. Any other deals are likely to be loans too.

Will it be enough to give us a lift or will he get dragged into the funereal atmosphere that is currently being a Blue?
Jay Harris     Posted 14/12/2010 at 22:54:26   Comments (52)

When are we going to really let BK have it?

I like the stability that Bill Kenwright brings at our club. It is well run... but we do not get 3 points a game for that or Trophies or Champions League football! We need some money ? plain and simple.

I think most people are agreed that we do not think BK is doing enough to find a substantial investor or new owner, but what are we doing about it?

There are lots of things posted here and on other fansites but look at what fans of Newcastle, Man Utd, liverpool Aston Villa (in the days of Doug Ellis) do. They fucking protest properly. I think we have to do this and force Bill out; there is no other way.

We may have to accept that it will effect the team but let's face it this season is over for us now.

Come on BILL OUT, BILL OUT!!!!!

Craig Taylor     Posted 14/12/2010 at 16:27:06   Comments (34)

Next Everton Manager

In response to a post saying that anti-Moyes supporters need to give a viable solution rather than just sack him without any plans:

Who (realistically) would you like to see as the next Everton manager ? in ONE word (or two):

Di Matteo
Phil Neville

Matthew Lovekin     Posted 14/12/2010 at 14:20:31   Comments (91)

Gueye and Silva

How are these chaps getting on?

Gueye in particular was tipped by Moyes as being a secret weapon but I haven't heard a dicky bird about him sice Brentford.

Silva is about the only forward we haven't given a go.

Craig Taylor     Posted 14/12/2010 at 08:51:56   Comments (17)

New year... new start... new manager!

What does this say about Everton Football Club at this present time:

1) Newcastle sack their manager (they are above us in league)

2) Blackburn sack their manager (they are above us in league)

3) Liverpool fans say this is one of the worst teams they have had in years, hold demonstrations to get rid of Hicks and Gillette (guess what... they are still above us in the league)

What this says is that we need a change. Thanks Davey for what you've done. All the best... now give someone else a chance ? the team, fans, and especially the players need fresh input to move us forward.

Moyes said this was his best squad since he's been at Everton ? look at the league, Davey. Enough said!
Paul Holmes     Posted 14/12/2010 at 00:51:45   Comments (53)

We Can't Afford Moyes

After yet another awful performance in a game that we should have won, it seems to me more and more Blues are joining the Moyes Out brigade. The ridiculous decisions that DM makes are becoming even more laughable each week.

We were very lucky to get a draw at Chelsea, never mind what anyone else tells you. If Chelsea were on top form, they would have walked all over us. Every time I go to a game involving Everton, I don?t expect anything from the game. All I expect is that the team run around like headless chickens, but ultimately eventually collapse.

Anyway, personally after going to the Wigan match on Saturday, I know that Everton can?t continue to play like this. There were large amounts of empty seats and customer satisfaction is at an all time low. Our football is absolutely terrible, yes even worse than the likes of Stoke and Blackburn, at least their direct. We spend our whole time just passing the ball sideways and hoping for a defender to slip over, or a lucky bounce.

I believe one problem David Moyes needs to sort out is the Cahill situation; in my eyes, he?s a hindrance to our midfield, as he can only play in a 4-5-1 formation and is probably the only decent goalscorer in our team. It?s ridiculous that we have 2 defensive midfielders play at GP against Wigan; surely no sane-minded person would say this sends a good message to the opposition?

Anyway, getting back to the main point, Everton cannot afford to be managed by an idiot. There are various issues that are affecting Everton at the moment, the stadium, transfers, and financial problems. All these problems will be made worse of DM stays at the club.

For the last two seasons, Everton seem to always be last on MotD, our atmosphere is becoming awful, and our stadium is looking even worse. Everton need to display a positive image to the outside world rather than a negative one.

Who wants to invest in a club whose manager is losing the plot and is only going backwards? Yet he is getting paid ridiculous fees to mess up the club. He has failed to notice blatantly an obvious thing like Arteta is useless in central midfield and that Heitenga is a great centre back.

He fails to change things during matches and often when he makes changes they are far too late in the game. Against Wigan we should've taken off Fellaini and Rodwell and brought Cahill back and put Yakubu and Beckford up front. I think that far too often we were left with nobody to aim at.

If I was manager, in January, my priority would be to find an attacking midfielder comfortable on the ball. If we have to sell a few players to get that person I think it would be worth it. I would personally sell Rodwell, I don?t think he?s that good, and I believe we have significant cover for him. I?d also get rid of Pienaar and put Baines as our left winger, and try and get Lescott on loan to play at left back.

I would also get rid of Victor Anichebe and Louis Saha both of whom show appalling attitudes towards the club. Try and buy a half-decent striker to get on the end of Donavan's crosses, hopefully.

But anyway, I don?t expect any changes, and feel that Moyes with continue to destroy Everton, and keep useless players that are on huge wages yet contribute nothing. The fans need to let David Moyes know that his tactics aren?t acceptable, and that we won?t just watch our club decline while he waits for a phone call from Manchester United.

Nelaj Behajiha     Posted 13/12/2010 at 15:28:04   Comments (45)

January Sales

January always seems to be quite slow for us and I don?t expect this year will be any different with regards to players coming in. Vaughan will be 'like a new signing' on his return... Probably some defenders in on loan, that sort of thing.

However, this year seems like it will be quite active outwards. What with Pienaar and Anichebe out of contract in the summer, it would be scandalous if they left for free then, so I expect they'll be on their way (even though I?d prefer Pienaar signed). Rumors of Yak to WHU are also popping their heads up again.

Is this a chance to get rid of some deadwood or simply players jumping overboard? Personally, I hope it's the former and we can freshen up the squad a bit by getting rid of some of the hangers on. Sales revenue and saved wages might even help us spend more than £1M in Summer.
Peter Dancer     Posted 13/12/2010 at 15:18:47   Comments (23)

The last time we were this bad...

Courtesy of soccerbase, I checked to see the last time we had won so few games by this point of the season.

It was the 1997-98 season; like this season, we had only won 3 games by this date. Strangely, one of our only 3 wins was also 2-0 against Liverpool. The others were against the mighty Barnsley and WHU.

We won our 4th game on 20 December ? against Leicester ? so maybe there is a good omen for the City match.

This was the season where we drew 1-1 against Coventry in our last match to send Bolton down. Our saviour was Gareth Farrelly, in what was probably the only thing he did for us. Such was my state of hysteria in watching that match, with my father RIP, that I actually forgot who we were playing and thought we playing Bolton.

In terms of who to buy to save us, what about Luciano Becchio from Leeds; at least Beckford will be familiar with him.

Jonathan Tasker     Posted 13/12/2010 at 09:25:01   Comments (36)

Straw poll, Moyes: stay or go

No qualifications, wherefores, clauses, conditions, yeah but who? etc etc blah, blah.

Two choices in the comments.



2) GO

Have at it.

Derek Thomas     Posted 13/12/2010 at 08:53:13   Comments (115)

Are We Just Being Unlucky....

Yes, we need a striker who can finish that gilt-edged chance and score 20 plus a season, but if you look at the matches we have drawn and even lost, see how many times we have hit the post, the bar or some keeper has done an outstanding save. If and mean if those chances had gone the other way, we would be in the top 6.

So is it just a question of bad luck? Yes, people will say get rid of David Moyes, but who else could we afford? Over the last 9 years, have we moved on or have we gone in a complete circle and back to where we started with Walter Smith?
Mike Hargreaves     Posted 13/12/2010 at 01:12:58   Comments (28)


There doesn't seem to have been much talk on the Yak front via the ToffeeWeb congregation in recent weeks - are people of the same assumption that due to his lack of participation in recent weeks, particularly when we've been crying out for a goal, that we have probably seen the last of him in a blue shirt?

It can't have gone un-noticed that our best month this season was October ? a month in which David Moyes won the coveted Manager of the Month award (collective sigh throughout Goodison when we heard that) but it was also by far and away the best month of football we'd seen from Yak since his injury, capped with a fine winner v Stoke to win us the game. The week after, he's warming the bench and played second fiddle to Beckford ever since.

Anybody know anymore?
Ben Hunt     Posted 12/12/2010 at 23:55:30   Comments (14)

Vaughan back, guess what....

He is fucking injured!

Limped off his last game for Palace.

Admittedly I do not know how serious it is, but you have to laugh.
Craig Taylor     Posted 12/12/2010 at 20:42:10   Comments (11)

If at first you don't succeed

I know there'll be a lot of similar posts now highlighting Moyes's failings but I think his worst trait is his stubborness and the fact he doesn't seem willing to change his philosophy or tactics.

There are those that still defend Moyes, stating the fact he has turned it round before so he can do it again. I don't understand this ? what has he done this season that would make you think that? Every week he sends out the same old team and the same old tactics. We should sing "It's the same old team ..."

Everyone who watched the limp cup final display in 2009 saw that Osman is not a right winger and HIbbert is not good enough. Fast-forward to the start of this season and who does Moyes start with on the right side?

Everyone can see Saha is not up to it now. Yakubu was returning to some kind of form and Beckford is the only one who looks like scoring ? yet who does Moyes pick as his starting striker?

Everyone can see things need freshening up, and in some games we might need to change from the rigid 4-5-1, yet does Moyes ever do this?

It's like the more things need to change, the more the stubborn bastard digs his heels in. A friend of mine spoke to Moyes when he was on a scouting mission at Macclesfield before the cup tie. Moyes very disrespectfully said "the scousers were a hard bunch to please." Like we should be pleased and grateful for the crap he serves up.

Nothing's changed and nothing will as long as Moyes is in charge. The analogy I use is it's like watching a fly trying to get out of a shut window. If at first you don't succeed, try doing the same tired old tactic over and over again.
Alan Clarke     Posted 12/12/2010 at 11:27:38   Comments (25)

Pre-Match Tension

I have been reading the largely negative posts on the site, whilst following the largely negative run of results of the team. I can?t help but feel that there is not too much wrong with the way the team is actually playing (on the deck, pass and move etc?).

Alright they are not doing these things that well, but they have been doing them significantly better than most of their opponents. Despite this the team is still drawing and losing... and, as they say, the table never lies.

In my opinion, the real problem is the tension within the team. They look too nervous and wound up. The frustration of the fans and the manager is clearly getting to them, and this is leading to mistakes and a gradual diminishing in the quality of the footy they play. This is Moyes?s problem, but what I wonder is your opinion of how it should be solved?
Gavin McGarvey     Posted 12/12/2010 at 04:10:55   Comments (30)

How Are Your Tethers?

There's no denying he's made us far better than we were, on the whole he's bought well with limited resources and on paper (and on our day) our team is pretty good but the negativity with which he sends them out sometimes beggars belief.

I suspect the mantra in the dressing room is go out and do not lose as opposed to go out and win. Its now pretty evident that he's instilled this to the degree where the players are so hesitant to play to their natural strengths when attacking, that they plainly can't gel. Sometimes they seem frightened to attack or even more simply just fuckin shoot. It seems to me that they have inherited his Calvinistic restraint and have to exercise caution at all costs, "Oh no, it won't do to win games with lots of goals, one nil will be sufficient".

If you are a flair player this attitude must effect your confidence immensely. How can you create a bit of magic if always in the back of your mind you are terrified to take a risk and fearful to take some sort of creative responsibility because above all else you are expected to defend first.

This attitude simply has to change if we are to attain any form of success, even if the success is merely nicer football to watch. Ideally I suppose it should be Kenwright that goes and someone with a few bob and some integrity to come in his place but to be honest, having witnessed todays debacle, I'd happily welcome a Quatari King with a dubious human rights record.

Having said all this, I still think that Moyes has the ability to take us closer to the greatness we all crave but he needs greater resources and perhaps a change of staff to reverse the culture of negativity that is obviously prevailing at the club. Attack-minded coaches would be a good first step, attack-minded midfielders the second.

A small new broom perhaps to begin with but if that doesn't get rid of the cobwebs then we should get the biggest Hoover we can find and clean the whole place out because ? as far as tethers go, I'm getting pretty close to the end of mine.

Ste Blundell     Posted 11/12/2010 at 19:32:38   Comments (27)

No sympathy for Moyes

Moyes has done well out of Everton: financially sorted, media feted; a long way from his Preston days, a long way from his clarion call, "the People's Club".

For he has never been an Everton convert, just a highly paid consultant with one eye on the next job. Tub thumping, fire and brimstone, passion ? I've never seen it, inspirational? No way. He is a plodder a back-to-basics bootcamp merchant. 9 years on, we rejoice in toil before technique, being "hard working" and "punching above our weight" ?damned by the faintest of praise.

Echoes of fame of stylish triumph with illustrious number 9's are not even hoped for, we wallow in get out clauses; "previous regimes, financial restrictions etc" a generation taught the mantra of justification over ambition. The School of Science is more Agricultural College now.

Add in his sulks, record beatings, truly abysmal football and shocking deference to other teams culminating with that shameful surrender in a Cup Final... is it any wonder that hope has vanished?

Ignorance or incompetence ? it matters not, Moyes never had the stuff to raise this club beyond mediocre or protect it. The ignominy of a buffoon Liverpool manager insulting the club without being put in his place... and the schmoozing with Ferguson... hapless and cringeworthy.

Becoming Fergie's "boy" is as illuminating as it is ill judged, Moyes never will be Prince to the Man Utd King ? more Baldrick to Blackadder; bullies don't pal up with people who are a threat.

I've wondered about the signs for many years but patiently waited for the season that would start devoid of excuses.

Well, it's here.

I've sat in muted compliance enduring all this rather than supporting it.

There are no more suspicions ? when given a choice, the Moyes judgement is lacking... the buffers have been well and truly hit. The consultancy is over; you'd better go.

Charles King     Posted 11/12/2010 at 16:24:48   Comments (61)

The curious case of Victor Anichebe

So Victor is rejecting the offer of a new contract according to the papers today. Everton officials are amazed that he has flatly refused it. Well so am i. If he has turned down anywhere near the £30k per week offer then he wants to be sectioned!

This sums up everything wrong with the modern game. A jumped up nobody commanding that sort of figure? for a club with supposed financial problems we are throwing money around like confetti here, what exactly has he ever done to command that? I am appalled by both sides if this is true, the club for a frankly ridiculous offer and Anichebe for showing a total lack of loyalty to us.

Whilst in previous posts I have stuck up for people like Pienaar on the question of loyalty, for a player who we have stuck by through thick and thin after giving him his big chance to turn us down is shocking. Is anyone else feeling totally alienated by modern football?
Mark Pierpoint     Posted 11/12/2010 at 09:38:52   Comments (33)

Strikers graveyard

When is the last time we have had a good goal scorer? This is not another anti-Moyes post but I believe the failure to find a 20-goal-a-season man is Moyes's biggest failure at Everton.

Beattie, Johnston, Yakubu, Jo. What's the common link? All came to Everton with decent records. All failed... and while Yakubu hasn't suffered yet, the rest have left with their careers fucked.

Why? Were they bad buys? Is it the way we play? Anichebe... Vaughan... can no-one score for us? I ask this, not as an anti-Moyes post, but as a genuine question. Why is Goodison Park the strikers graveyard?
Andy Crooks     Posted 10/12/2010 at 23:38:44   Comments (31)

Why we just can't compete financially

How much did EFC get for their new "record" shirt sponsorship again?!

Well, Barcelona have just done a deal with the Qatar Foundation (are these the boys who are rumoured to be looking at buying Everton??) for shirt sponsorship that runs until 2016 for a whopping ?165M. That's over ?30M per season.

When I look at articles saying that we should have an academy like Barcelona's or we should be able to compete with the so-called big boys, this sort of news comes to mind. Just look at this as an example of the money Barcelona have to invest in youth, amongst other things.

We're not doing badly for paupers!!! Granted, the season hasn't gone as we all would have hoped but in general, we really are punching way above our weight. It's not just guff from Kenwright, as a lot of you seem to think (and I'm not a BK fan BTW).

Just a thought!
Alan Mullally     Posted 10/12/2010 at 16:44:47   Comments (19)

The Wigan game

After the last home game and several others at Goodison this season, we cannot feel optimistic... even after the point at Chelsea who are also in the doldrums. What is going on at home these days? We cannot seem to dominate anybody the way we used to and every game at home seems to be a struggle, except of course the Derby match. The inconsistancy is alarming.

Yes, Fellaini and Rodwell are back but now Osman is ready and be sure Moyes won't hesitate to show his undying belief in him by putting him on against Wigan. Mikel will be missed but has had some less than stellar performances this season. It would be nice to finally see Rodwell and Fellaini really turn it on as injuries and suspensions have punctuated their progress so far. Surely the season has to take off soon for the Blues?
Tom Bowers     Posted 09/12/2010 at 21:56:12   Comments (27)

Standing... Back to the future?

I just read about a bill to be submitted regarding reintroducing terracing to football stadia and wondered what Toffeewebbers thought about it.

"Don Foster, MP for Bath, today introduced a Bill in the House of Commons which if passed into law would allow the return of standing-only terraces at all football grounds including the Premier League. Lib Dem Foster introduced the Private Members Bill under the Ten Minute Rule. Among other MPs sponsoring the bill were Kate Hoey, Mike Hancock, Bob Russell and Greg Mulholland. The Bill (the Safe Standing ? Football Stadia ? Bill 2010-11) successfully passed this, the first stage, in its long jouney to the statute books; its Second Reading will be debated on 17 June 2011."

My view is it would be a cheap way of creating extra capacity and would produce a better atmosphere but would it enhance or detract from the matchday experience?
Jay Harris     Posted 08/12/2010 at 18:00:30   Comments (20)

You?re Qatar?ing a laugh?

I?m sure many of you have seen this on the BBC gossip website and have read the subsequent article on but it seems Everton, along with Newcastle and Spurs, are attracting the interest in the Qatar royal family, who are looking to follow up on Qatar?s successful 2022 World Cup Bid.

According to the article the Qatar royal family has previously shown an interest in buying Everton, however nothing came of this.

If this rumour is true, I would love to know the reaction of my fellow blues. The Arabs down the M62 seem to have a vested interest in the long term future of City with the money being spent on the academy. We all know our stadium issue would be a stumbling block for any potential takeover, but I feel, with our history, we should be a better prospect than Newcastle, and only recent success and location for me would make Spurs the best of the three teams mentioned.

As always with these sort of rumours, I wait with baited breath... NSNO

Andy Callen     Posted 08/12/2010 at 12:27:01   Comments (91)

Thailand v Everton?

Just a thought ? but, seeing as the FA have cancelled England?s match against Thailand (June 2011), which may or may not be in a fit of pique at the World Cup votes saga, I was wondering if Everton could / should step in and fill the gap?

The game was officially supposed to ?commemorate the 65th anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand?. So, seeing as Everton already have links with Thailand, through Chang beer, would this make sense? I?m sure that whoever was organizing the match would have expected a big TV revenue payout ? but, still a Premier League team is nothing to be sniffed at. Plus a lot of the Asian football followers would know of Timmy Cahill too (he seems to be the face of football on this side of the world ? eg, on front of Fifa console games).

What do you think? Is it worth the effort for a bit more exposure? How many first team players would go (why not combine it with a summer break over in Thailand)? Would the Thailand team accept the offer?
Jip Foster     Posted 08/12/2010 at 03:37:51   Comments (12)

I'm just not happy with Pienaar

I suppose this has already been done to death... however, the comment in the News section from Pienaar's agent has started getting me irked again.

This guy had nowhere to go when we picked him up, by his own admission he was 'lost' in German football. We give him a platform, give him some love and attention (awwww) and he cant even be arsed to tell his if he's staying or not.

"An announcement will be made shortly"... I'm sorry mate you're hardly David Beckham in terms of status, and to be honest your ability divides opinion here on the forums.

Now I know somebody will come in with the 'modern day footballer' 'players rights' bollocks. But all I'm asking for is some old fashioned decency from somebody who could easily be playing in the second tier of German football.
Ste Boyle     Posted 07/12/2010 at 15:56:03   Comments (60)


As it's quiet, I thought I would just simply ask two questions:

  1. Would we accept our players poncing around in snoods?
  2. And secondly, it's inevitable one of our players will be wearing one soon so (unless I've already missed one)... Who do the toffeewebbers think will be the criminal?
I personally think it portrays a lack of effort and passion and they look like benders ? I watched Ashley Young wear one a couple of weeks ago and thought, what a knob.

I personally fear it will be Beckford who trots out in one ? not endearing himself any further to his detractors.

I do hope though that Moyesy, Neville and Cahill make sure that, if anyone tries to wear one, it gets ripped off straight away.
Andrew  Fair     Posted 07/12/2010 at 09:18:51   Comments (35)

Would You Accept Lescott Back?

I?m probably going to run the risk getting it in the neck, but on Saturday I read in The Times that Lescott was probably going to be put on the transfer list at Manchester City in January. When I read the article I did actually find his fall from grace quite funny, but another thought came in to my head...

In my opinion, Everton have never been the same since his departure. I think we need a defender who's confident on the ball and can also chip in with a few goals. Personally, I feel Everton fans are being a bit hypocritical in this case as we signed Lescott from another club in the first place. He was not a local lad and had no affiliation towards Everton, unlike a well known Adulterer.

I also believe that there were other guilty parties involved in his transfer. Manchester City undoubtedly crossed the line in their attempts to sign him. Mark Hughes behaved disgracefully during the whole saga, constantly talking about him and their mission to sign him.

But anyway I believe that nowadays the vast majority of players are mercenaries and, as a player put it last year ?Football is a job; when I?m in work I try my best for my employers, but I?m constantly looking to find better employers and a better job?.

I would happily welcome Lescott back if he put in 100% and played well if it meant is finishing higher in the table.
Nelaj Behajiha     Posted 06/12/2010 at 15:26:26   Comments (61)

Moyes the Geordie?

With Chris Hughton just getting the shove, and the Newcastle board saying they are looking for a manager with Premier League experience, I'm just wondering what fellow Toffeewebbers feel are the chances that Newcastle may go for Moyes and successfully get him?

I feel fairly certain they'll make an enquiry but it'll come to nothing.

Sean Smythe     Posted 06/12/2010 at 15:05:00   Comments (65)

An inferiority complex

We have a decent enough squad. We can get results against the best sides... so why do we languish where we are?

In my view, David Moyes doesn't believe in his players.

We go to Chelsea like a Conference team in the FA Cup. Suddenly, it seems we realise we are not playing supermen and a positive approach brings a reward.

We approach every game like an underdog and when, suddenly David Moyes decides to go for it, we look like a proper side.

How about a positive start? How about David Moyes showing that he believes in his side? How about some attacking football? How about showing some arrogance, Beckford is the man to do it?

Why not against Wigan, forget the usual negativity and show just what we can do? David Moyes must get a spine and earn his money.
Andy Crooks     Posted 05/12/2010 at 17:42:29   Comments (34)

Protests against Green's companies

It may have missed quite a few people's radar this weekend but yet again the shady figure of Sir Philip Green was in the national media spotlight over his tax avoidance techniques. His shady character hinted at and his ongoing tax avoidance in the UK, a similar protest against Vodafone did have an effect as intimated in this article from The Guardian

Maybe it's time to start a viral protest against the current regime and whats happening or are we all that subservient we'll stay sat on our hands again?

Gavin Ramejkis     Posted 05/12/2010 at 09:32:38   Comments (46)

More of the same...

Note: this is taken from the Beeb's gossip section. Two snippets that sum up why we are treading water whilst others pass us. Despite Moyes making a silk purse out of a sows ear at times, he can only do so much:

Everton are set to miss out on Tottenham midfielder Niko Kranjcar because the club cannot afford the £3m asking price for the Croatian international. (Daily Mail)

Former Everton defender Joleon Lescott, who has been told he can leave Manchester City in January, has emerged as a transfer target for Liverpool. (
Great being a Toffee isn't it? No wonder half the players look like they can't be arsed anymore.
Matt Traynor     Posted 05/12/2010 at 01:39:13   Comments (22)

First the good news.....

Hibbert and Jagielka struggling to make Chelsea game.... Could it be we will see Heitinga in his true position?

Will Coleman get a game? If so, will he put Anichebe on the bench? Will Beckford get a start or used as a 20-min man again?

It will definitely be 4-5-1, so who will the midfield trio be?? ... Rodwell, Fellaini, Cahill? Maybe Bily on the left, Pienaar moving inside, Cahill lone striker...

Now if I was DM, it would be 4-4-2:

Neville, Heitinga, Distin, Baines;
Coleman, Fellaini, Rodwell, Pienaar;
Cahill, Beckford.

Tony Cheek     Posted 03/12/10 at 16:39:47   Comments (24)

Marcus Bent and his love of Everton

It was refreshing yesterday to have some of my cynicism about football wiped away by Marcus Bent's words when interviewed in this month's Four Four two magazine:

He said: ?I can?t find the words to describe how special that club is.......I?d kiss the Everton badge now if I had the shirt ? that?s how passionate I am about them. I?ve become a fan having played there.?

Bent is currently on loan at Wolves from Birmingham so has no reason to suck-up to us ? clearly his short stay here left a lasting impression. He was also a bargain at £450k and, along with Cahill, helped us towards the magical 4th place finish.

The arrival of Beattie spelt the beginning of the end of his Everton career but we went on to make a tidy profit when he left for Charlton.

One weird thing though... he compared Graeme Souness favourably against Moyes when it came to managing him....!
Rob Sawyer     Posted 03/12/2010 at 16:08:20   Comments (18)


I was waxing lyrical about Tottenham on here the other day and how much I would love to have wingers in the Lennon and Bale mode at our club (not that Moyesy would necessarily play them if we did!) and I got to thinking.... Do you think we have the slowest team/squad in the Premier League?

I reckon our fastest players are probably: Beckford (supposedly, though not had a lot of chances to show it); Distin and Jagielka (fairly quick for CBs); Coleman (though he's definitely not rapid). Which other teams are so slow all over the park?

  • Blackburn perhaps ? They have Diouf and Ollson; quite nippy.
  • Birmingham are probably as bad ? only Jerome has any sort of pace that I can think of.
  • Blackpool ? I'm still not that sure of them, but Frazier Campbell's pretty electric.
  • Bolton are probably around par though at least have Chung-Lee and Petrov on the wings, plus Ricardo Gardner's no slouch.
  • And finally Wolves and Fulham aren't blessed in the pace department and are probably around where we are.
First thing I'd notice is that, of the 6 teams, 5 are in the bottom 9! Bolton squeeze in at 6 but perhaps don't deserve to be on the list.

Pace is such a vital thing in the Premier League as it allows you to unlock stubborn defenses and most importantly to launch the all important and effective counter-attack. We have been caught by said counter-attack a number of times over the last season and a half and very rarely manage to utilise it when going forward ourselves. Perhaps because we pass the ball around so slowly and patiently. Perhaps because we have so little pace where it matters.

The other thing fast players do is buy you a bit of time; often if your average player is up against the likes of Malouda, Bale or Nani, he will hold off, knowing that if he commits he's more than likely to get skinned. This allows the player time to look up and other players the chance to make useful runs. I can't count how many times Osman (not picking on him) gets the ball and gets closed down so quickly he loses it or does little with it.

Pace is something that we have lacked for years. It is not the be-all and end-all but it certainly helps you score goals. Something we seem to be struggling with quite badly at the moment. Not sure what pennies are in the coffers or can be scraped up in sale... but I suggest it is spent injecting a little bit more va va voom in the bootroom.
Sam Hoare     Posted 03/12/2010 at 11:59:23   Comments (23)

Stars Out of Contract

What's going on with our club?? We have Pienaar and Anichebe out of contract at the end of the season??? How was that allowed to happen??

We are playing someone who does not want to be at the club and makes it all too obvious when he's on the pitch... why does the manager pick him?? It's like playing with ten men!

By the way, if the two players mentioned leave on frees then with Gosling that's over £20 million pounds worth of player!!! What is going on at my club?????
Paul Loins     Posted 02/12/2010 at 22:07:48   Comments (43)

World Cup Bid

It's only hours away now, but does anyone know what it will mean to us if the England bid is successful?

Liverpool are one of the chosen "Host Cities" but I originally thought this was dependant on the other lot building their new ground on Stanley Park? If their new owners decide against building a new stadium, as they've been suggesting, what does that mean for the City? Will Anfield by automatically chosen or will Goodison be back in with a shout? Will funding be available for redevolpment or a new stadium?

I know its unlikley that Anfield wouldn't be chosen, but if we have any chance then now's the time to begin redevelopment of Goodison in an attempt to win the bid and possibly secure additional funding.
Paul O'Hanlon     Posted 02/12/2010 at 11:59:40   Comments (52)

A young pacey forward!

Everton's strikers are struggling to score goals this season. We've got Yak and Beckford with one a piece and Saha not even with one! There is a lad we have sent out on loan to Crystal Palace and he's scoring goals, winning penalties and looks very sharp. I am talking about James Vaughan, and he's finally having an extended run in the Palace team without picking up an injury.

There was talk in the Liverpool Echo the other day suggesting we are selling him for £500k! I think that would be a very bad move, he is still only 22 and I would be extremely disappointed in Moyes if he doesn't get a chance in the first team like everyone else has.

Players like Saha haven't scored in over 9 months and continue to be given chance after chance; Beckford has cost us points by missing big chances at crucial times, so I seriously doubt that Vaughan would do any worse. In fact I think he would do better as he is more of an athlete and will provide us with an outlet upfront, something that we don't seem to have at the moment.

He would also probably put twice the work rate in than Saha and Yak put together, which could give the atmosphere and team a new lease of life! Surely he is worth a chance!
Anthony Millington     Posted 02/12/2010 at 11:40:15   Comments (17)

Agent's Fees

I haven't noticed any comments on this:- In all £67.1M passed hands between the 20 top-flight clubs and agents for the period October 2009 to September 2010 - £3.5M less than the previous 12 months.

Arsenal - £3,660,199.00
Aston Villa - £2,279,536.50
Birmingham - £1,518,529.09
Blackburn - £1,623,232.92
Blackpool - £45,000.00
Bolton - £3,549,316.72
Chelsea - £9,293,751.48
Everton - £3,599,040.51
Fulham - £2,087,373.55
Liverpool - £9,032,528.49
Manchester City - £5,952,261.33
Manchester United - £2,312,726.00
Newcastle - £2,417,776.00
Stoke - £2,196,968.50
Sunderland - £4,421,990.72
Tottenham - £5,361,229.87
West Brom - £614,195.73
West Ham - £3,419,089.99
Wigan - £2,461,500.00
Wolves - £1,291,794.00

And the questions:-

Where did the £3,599,040.51 come from?
And what the fuck did we get for it?

Joe Brennan     Posted 01/12/2010 at 12:41:43   Comments (14)

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