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With the football so stupefying against Wolves, I was distracted by the Sky commentators stating that it was Seamus’s 350th appearance for the Blues and that he was the 25th man to achieve this honour.

So I started to list who the other 24 might be.

I was born in 1970 so my knowledge is restricted to players from the late 70s onwards plus absolute club legends whose names defy history. Anyway, I got 13 of the 24 so just over half marks.

I was disappointed to miss 3 players from my lifetime. The other 8 that I missed were predominantly from the 50s so I imagine there are a few on here who could recite those names without batting an eyelid. Although there is just one name that goes back to the 1800s!

How many can you name? The details are listed here if you want to see for yourself.

Have fun!

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Dave Abrahams
2 Posted 20/05/2021 at 23:26:38
Off my head before I look at the list : Ted Sagar: Peter Farrell, Tommy Egglington, T. E Jones,Cyril Lello, Brian Labone, Gordon West, John Hurst and those players will bring you up to when you started going to the game.
Peter Warren
3 Posted 21/05/2021 at 00:29:01
12 (thought I had 14 until I read 350 plus) which I thought was good knowledge / fluke since nearly all were post 1980 after I was born.

Most interesting was Southall. He is my favourite player ever. I knew he was top but didn't realise how much. To me, a player who obviously not good enough outfield, stayed with us through thick & thin, loves our club, understands highs and lows, has lots of empathy but doesn't stand fools, thinks outside the box - WTF how on earth as he not been tried out in ANY capacity at our club. Scandalous.

He was also our best keeper ever and arguably best keeper in the world for some years. The difference in football at the very very top is generally mental. Goalkeepers have to be so tough mentally at any level. Goodness knows how mentally tough Big Nev is - goalkeeper at v v top, dropped and went to Port Vale, part of Magnificent 7 who were shit, didn't live in area and came from outside, didn't drink, newspaper berated his marriage, sat on post at half time, stepped up to take penalty against Wimbledon in 94 (thankfully Diamond stepped up); drove back immediately after 95 cup final (I know as sneaked into players' do in celebration at a London hotel and he wasn't there) picked up Man U supporters stuck in motorway on way home (only knew that from reading recently).

Southall clearly v intelligent, mentally tough, experienced, played at the highest highest level, but also played for teams (I don't mean different clubs) who were shit and lucky not to be relegated and loves football generally (hence why playing so long) and particularly our club and city despite being from a different country.

I read another thread how she be consider Kenwright not to blame for our failings. Whilst I tend to concur with that view and that many managers failed li.

I must say our owner/chairman as experienced in football as he was and failed to offer Southall any role in our club is a dereliction duty.

Jay Wood

4 Posted 21/05/2021 at 00:32:36
The really big surprise in the list for me is seeing Waggy, Dave Watson, so high in the list. Third only behind Big Nev and Brian Labone.
Don Alexander
5 Posted 21/05/2021 at 01:24:39
I'm hoping that the superlative Waggy eventually turns out to be our second-best ever signing of a centre-back from Norwich!
Danny O’Neill
6 Posted 21/05/2021 at 07:13:30
Dave Watson did seem to play for ever Jay (BRZ)!

My surprise when I had a stab at this was no Graeme Sharp. Looked it up after and he just fell short at 322.

Jon Harding
7 Posted 21/05/2021 at 16:41:18
Dave A - I knew you wouldn't let me down!

I had West, Sagar and Labone from your list and all your others are of course correct apart from Lello who got to over 250 but not 350 (source: Gwladys Street's Blue Book: Everton 100 Seasons At The Top).

Danny - you're being too harsh on yourself. It's all appearances. Sharpy made 322 in the league alone and is up at nearly 450 when you factor in cups and of course European games. Follow the link in the OP.

Thanks for playing along anyhow. Everybody else seems distracted by our end of season matches, the impending transfer window and a new away kit!

Danny O’Neill
8 Posted 21/05/2021 at 16:53:02
Jon, I will be poised on Sunday with the British Airways vouchers I have accumulated at the ready!!

The new kit debate is interesting!

This was great to look into. It would be interesting if we lower the bar (not disrespectfully) and list Everton players that have hit 250 games / quarter of a century. That's still a massive achievement at the highest level at one of English football's most successful clubs.

Jon Harding
9 Posted 24/05/2021 at 10:45:36
Danny - ok, just for you! I looked through the aforementioned Blue Book and came up with these names that have played 250-300 games for us:

Well-known names (to me at least) - Royle, Ball, Kendall, Latchford, Alex Young, Derek Temple, Trevor Steven and Gary Stevens plus John Ebbrell

Going back to pre-WW1 - Edgar Chadwick, Johnny Holt, Walter Abbot, John Maconnachie, Billy Scott, Jimmy Settle

Inter-war years - Alec Troupe & Alex Stevenson

Post-WW2 - Sandy Brown and Cyril Lello (whom Dave mentioned earlier in this thread)

The link in the OP goes down to 300 btw. I assume Seamus's figure will be updated to 350+ at some stage.

Anything else and you'll need to pay me a research fee!
Have a good summer. JH

Dennis Stevens
10 Posted 26/05/2021 at 18:54:21
I refer to the marvelous evertonresults.com website for these sort of things, they list down to 250 appearances - can you name all 64?!

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