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Colm's Corner
Columnist: Colm Kavanagh

Mail Online
21 September 2005


Hello, you have been chosen as a clubs' fan representative for Mail online. Below is a short survey on the current concern over falling attendances in the Premiership. If you could fill it in and get it back to me that would be brilliant. Much appreciated.

1. Name, who do you support?

 Colm Kavanagh, Everton

2. How much do you pay to go and watch your club? What is the maximum you would pay to go and watch your club?


Ticket prices range from 26.00 to 32.00.  A sign of the times these days is that people see paying thirty quid plus as good value when compared to the price of attending a game at any of the London clubs!  Whats the maximum I would pay?  Impossible to answer, a bit like asking how long is a piece of string.  At this moment in time I cannot see myself paying above the 40 barrier.  Thing is though, weve said all that before

3. Do you think your club's tickets are good value for money? Why?

Bad time to ask that question (notes depressing current position in the Premiership)!  Compared to other clubs, were decent value but as weve seen with comparisons being made with the leading continental clubs the reality is that football fans in England are forever being fleeced.  The funniest thing?  We do it willingly!

4. Is Premiership football becoming less exciting?

 Very much so, I believe the greed of the so-called big clubs is beginning to catch up with them.  When our then chairman, Philip Carter, over dinner, snuggled up to fellow Big Five chairmen and TV moguls who promised Paradise Forever he was party to consigning the game we once knew to a slow death.  Apart from the carve up on television revenue the decision to prevent away teams from a share of matchday gate receipts has only served to keep the rich staying richer and the not so rich casting envious eyes.  Its all about the money we constantly hear and who can deny that today?  If you aint got it, forget it!  Cast a glance over Hadrians Wall and observe what a taken for granted annual two horse race has done for Scottish football.  In England we wish we had a two horse race.  Can we have our competition back now please, Mr. Abramovich?  The Premiership, because it is predominately about money, is a self-preservation Society for those teams who are petrified with the threat of relegation.  Survival comes first.  Secure 40 points and if you achieve that before Easter hey, lets enjoy ourselves, play some attacking football!

5. What would bring the crowds back to football?

Skys Monday night Sumo wrestlers?  Respect Thy Customer.  Do not presume that customer is a criminal, particularly if hes in the Away End.  Most clubs, not all, have lost that connection with the surrounding community.  Take a look at most crowds today, what do you see?  A crowd, mostly male and all with receding hairlines and in the 30-40something bracket!  Wheres the next generation?  Playing with their play station games at home, left behind as Dad goes to the game alone with his mates, ninety minutes interrupting a good day on the ale. 

6. Any other comments.

Have you got all day and are prepared to listen to a rant about certain unscrupulous football agents?

Colm Kavanagh


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