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The Mail Bag

August 2008 Archive
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Two Loans and Two Signings..?

Listening to the Telegraph interview with Moyes he mentions that EFC have brought in 2 players on short term contracts (Jacobsen and Saha) and 2 on loan - Castillo and..?

Just checked the OS and there is only Jacobsen and Castillo on there, assuming Saha to be the 3rd who on earth can the 4th player be..?
Rupert Sulilvan     Posted 31/08/2008 at 22:41:24   Comments (21)

Zayatte & Bullard

Hull have signed Guinea defender Kamil Zayatte on loan from Young Boys for the rest of the season. Are we to assume Moyes didn't fancy him as a player afterall or did he choose Hull over Everton? Either way it looks like we could have got him for with out a transfer fee (for this season at least).

Fabio Capello has included Fulham's Jimmy Bullard in his squad for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers. Now, I never thought he was good enough to take us to the next level but he would have definitely been a good squad player and in fact judging by the start we've had, perhaps a regular starter, but I never imagined him to be an England international.
Matt Bone     Posted 31/08/2008 at 21:33:11   Comments (4)


Did anybody see Manuel Fernandes run the midfield for Valencia on Sky yesturday, we've missed out there.

Also noticed Valencia are getting a new 75,000 stadium just 3 miles from the city centre, to be finished next year. By the look of it, Everton could do much worse than follow how Valancia (a similar sized club I imagine) have financed there new stadium, looks the business as well!
Brian Taylor     Posted 31/08/2008 at 20:00:30   Comments (21)

Stop sulking, Moyes!!!

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the current fiasco, it is time Moyes stopped acting like a sulky schoolboy. His obvious contempt for the club's recent signings is nothing short of a disgrace.

He is not the first manager to be promised money which doesn't then appear and he won't be the last. I suspect the problems have been made much worse by Moyes's own inability or willingness to react quickly to the fact that no one was willing to sell at the prices we were offering. We know he is an outstanding Plan A man but a very poor Plan B man.

As I said, though, none of this matters now as he is extremely well paid to be positive and make the best of a bad job. His 'we are all doomed' act is shamefiul and is in my view translating on to the pitch. If he feels he has been stitched up by Kenwright (haven't we all!!) then he should resign ? he wont of course until such time as he has a better-paid job to go to.

When he joined the club he knew we didn't have enough money to compete with the high rollers and that will never change unless we find a new Abramovich. He was happy enough to get on with it 2002 and he will have to do the same now.

We need a leader to get the players motivated. Anything else should be said in private to Kenwright. If his current strop continues it may well be Kenwright who gets rid of him.

In saying the above I would consider one possible other cause for his recent behaviour and that is he is actually suffering from stress or depression ? if so the club should get him some help quickly as things can't go on as they are.
John Doolan     Posted 31/08/2008 at 19:05:03   Comments (16)

Waste of Time

As a staunch blue living in Canada, I see most of the games on TV and try to see games live whenever I am in Liverpool. Therefore, it is nice to be able to see games when Everton make their pre-season trips to North America. However, I also think the whole idea is a complete waste of time and money. I am sure this is a major reason why we were so badly prepared for this season.

For me it seems that the players are just extending their holidays and having seen these games it is obvious that the players think the same way. Stay in Britain or at least Europe. Two weeks away at such a time is ridiculous. No wonder we are rushing around trying to sign players at the last minute.
John Boon     Posted 31/08/2008 at 18:33:31   Comments (4)

Missing Carsley

Amongst the current rancour between Evertonians on just who is to blame for our summer of discontent and rubbish start to the season, there is at least one consensus: we badly miss Lee Carsley and need to replace him urgently.

Top of everyone?s shopping list for the Summer was a ?Carsley replacement? to protect the back four and give Cahill, Arteta and Pienaar the freedom to attack. And we were right: loosing Carsley has meant this position has been filled by Jags and Neville, two players who are more effective as defenders (if Pip is effective anywhere that is) and by Rodwell who looks one for the future, rather than the present.

Carsley is one of the most under-rated players in recent Everton history. He was the man who gave us balance. His unselfishness and discipline made the other players around him look good, from Gravesen onwards. He was the rock around which our solid defence for the last few seasons has been built and now he?s gone, so has the solidity that characterised Everton under Moyes.

And here?s the point: when we first signed him, many Evertonians said exactly the same things that are currently being said about Saha, Castillo, Jacobsen etc. e.g. not good enough, a stop-gap at best, a panic buy as the team collapses, not an ?Everton type of player? (despite them all being internationals and filling obvious gaps in the squad).

God alone knows, we all wanted more from this Summer. Unless in the next 24 hours we do sign Moutinho (which I don?t think we will but I?ll still stay up until midnight on Monday like an idiot just hoping that some late good news will break) all of our buys this Summer will be, to put mildly, underwhelming.

But then that?s what we thought about signing Carsley too and look what happened to him. So lets not allow our anger with the Board mean we take out our frustration on the new signings as one of them could just turn out the be the next unsung hero.
Richard Watts     Posted 31/08/2008 at 17:00:40   Comments (0)

Tried and Trusted

With the players currently at Moyes's disposal he could field:

    Gosling Yobo Jagielka Lescott
          Arteta Rodwell Baines
That would be like for like with the system that has served us so well over the last couple of years:
  • Lescott back at left back, where he has been a revelation and is free to get forward (especially with Baines offering cover), instead of in the middle, where he has been highly suspect and culpable for a large proportion of the goals we have so far conceded.
  • Jags back in his peferred position, where his confidence visibly grew last season.
  • Gosling the only option at right back until Jacobsen is match fit and ready to enter the fray.
  • Neville playing the Carsley role.
  • Osman linking up with the front man a la Cahill
  • Baines offering an option from the left, since he's more adept at getting forward than he is at defending.
Moyes has obviously brought Joleon into the centre to keep him happy, but at the expense of completely altering the shape of the side. The midfield pairing of Jags and Rodwell are way out of their depth, with no top class experience in that position. At least Moyes should swap one of them with Pip. Judging from what I've seen of Rodwell he looks like he's going to be a monster of a player, physically dominating the opposition, so make it Jags that drops back.

Ok, Davey has gone two up top to try and appease those who criticise him for being negative, but it personally seems like he's trying to do too many things at once. Stick to the system and the personnel that the players know and understand and we will start grinding out the results again. THEN he can experiment with throwing on another striker to open a game up.

It is plain for everyone to see though that we're desperately lacking creativity. Pienaar and Osman are hard-working players, Vaughan and Anichebe will hustle, Cahill will pop up in the box and bag you a goal, but there's only Arteta who can make something out of nothing. With Arteta struggling with injury and form at the end of last season, our chief provider was Mani. Surely, with Valencia so hard up, we could strike a deal to bring him back on our terms?!!
Simon Birdsey     Posted 31/08/2008 at 14:03:39   Comments (15)

Do your self a favour

After watching today's woeful performance I wondered what could keep me from a re-run of the so-called highlights on MOTD. Luckily I watched Arsenal on the telly (brilliant football) and then went to see Midsummer Night's Dream at the (Anglican) Cathedral (St James Park). It was brilliant and they don't even get paid ? unlike the overpaid twats who ponce around the Premier League on wages that could keep a small theatre going for a year. Do yourselves a favour and go and see it before the end of the run next week ? I will get tickets for the Standard Liege game (out of habit) but there are other things in life and supporting EFC is becoming a chore.
Mike Keating     Posted 30/08/2008 at 22:10:22   Comments (14)

This is a Moyes Mess

Most fans seem to give DM a free pass in the blame game and it?s more fashionable to blame Kenwright, but I hold Moyes responsible for the Portsmouth debacle. The defense was badly organized and ill-prepared for the third week in a row and that is down to the manager and coaching staff as well as individual players, particularly Yobo and Lescott.

The practice of retreating in front of a fast-paced attacker instead of challenging for the ball is a coaching decision. The players are being told to do that and it never works consistently against skilled and well-organized opponents.

The decision to bring on two forwards for two forwards was standard Moyes. We needed more attacking options, not simply different ones. Yakubu should have been brought off right after the penalty miss. He had surely shown his fat, lazy and ineffective self enough for one day. Then bring off a defender for a striker.

Even if there had been a point defending a deficit, they had shown they were not up to doing so. Moyes seems incapable of making game-changing substitutions, even when he has a strong bench, which he admittedly didn't have on Saturday.

The fact that we have had a succession of strikers in the last several years whose aspirations more realistically lie in the Championship than the Champions League ? Beattie, Johnson and now Yakubu ? is 100% down to Moyes. He not only buys them, he dithers for 10 months and then he buys them.

The fact that we went the entire close season without a signing is primarily down to Moyes. He?s the manager. He had funds available. He won?t pull the trigger. He won?t go over his own valuation, ignoring the fact that a competitive marketplace makes nonsense of external valuations.

We now have a posse of new signings that do not seem to have been on Moyes A-list. There is not a creative player among them; all creativity has been placed on the shoulders of a single player ? Arteta. They include yet another striker whose reputation is greater than his achievements, exactly like Beattie, Johnson and Yakubu. I hope Saha does well and he has certainly shown skill in the past, but I fear that, until we are prepared to pay the asking price for at least one first rate striker, we will struggle to put away the chances we do create.
Peter Fearon     Posted 30/08/2008 at 20:22:23   Comments (37)

Reasons to be Hopeful

Well I am still full of hope and optimism for the coming season.

We have made some interesting signings with the possibility of more to come. As well as bolstering the squad, it means we have the team challenging for positions and greater tactical options. The younger players who have been drafted in to fill the gaps left by injury will have benefited from the experience that will stand them in good stead for a greater contribution in the future.

The team spirit has been one of our great strengths. A couple of good results will bring with it renewed confidence. Even if the results don't come straight away I think we will see the team galvanize and play with a determined fighting spirit.

Moyes is a talented manager and the best person to take the team forward. I think that his best quality is his ability to instill, in the team, a sense of pride in the shirt and the commitment that comes with it. We don't see it from every player in every game but more generally its there and I think it reflects Moyes's values and approach. I also believe it has played a major part in our promising finishing positions in recent years.

I experience the same highs and lows, fears and frustrations as every Blue fan, but personally, I don't think that there has been a better time to be a Blue in twenty years. So here's to the future. COYB.
Robert Miller     Posted 30/08/2008 at 19:33:27   Comments (33)

Whos the boss? Moyes, Lescott or Yakubu?

That was a pile of crap today wasn't it?

It is now time for DM to show that he is the boss. I don't care if Lescott wants to play centre half, he's no good there and he is needed to play left back. It changes the whole complexion of the team. Moyes should tell him that he is playing there and that is that. Put Jacobsen at right-back, Jags and Joey as centre-backs. Neville (best player on the park today) in midfield for the time being.

Yakubu, you're a stiker -play there, this isn't a school game, it the big league you are being paid a fortune to do a job for the team when he drops back noone else knows what to do.

James  Cadwaladr     Posted 30/08/2008 at 18:22:42   Comments (35)

Irvine the Difference?

Ever since Alan Irvine left for Preston, it seems we've been on a downward slope. We're near the bottom of the table, while Irvine's new team, Preston, are currently in second after spending barely anything over the summer.

My question is, in hindsight, was it possible Irvine was the driving factor behind our recent success?
Jimmy Crack     Posted 30/08/2008 at 18:05:15   Comments (5)


After listening to the Pompey match today, all I can say is that a deep feeling of loss and depression has fallen over me. For various reasons, I feel that the performance today summed up pretty accurately the feeling of all Evertonians.

We were well and truly beaten by a better organised and physically stronger side. There seemed to be a lack of real leadership and positive morale in the side.

After the emotional heights of last season, I believe that we are in for a very tough year, probably the toughest since Moyes took over. What can we expect when we send boys out to play a man's game? When the money people won't bring in the players that they promised and when the manager won't commit himself to a sinking boat... who would blame anyone for feeling depression?

There will be much better teams than Portsmouth to play in the coming months. I fear that things will only get worse before they get better. God help us all.
Paul  Davey     Posted 30/08/2008 at 17:44:04   Comments (24)


Anyone know how reliable the above is? The reason I ask is that, after the shambles ,that's it for me until Kenwright either goes or puts his hand in his pocket. Everything David Moyes has built is going to shit because of one man's inability to raise funds for his manager via either selling up or securing investment.

I am not prepared to sit and watch this club go backwards when there is a Chairman who is slowly killing this club. As such, should no big signings come in in the next 48 hours, there will be a cracking seat just to the right of the half way line, front row, top balcony available every home game this season until that crank has gone.

£15m has come into this club since the turn of the year with only £2.5m spent on Pienaar ? where has it all gone ?

Yep, I've spat my dummy and I wouldn't blame David Moyes, Yakubu, Lescott etc if they did the same and walked. What a wasted opprtunity it looks like this season is going to be.
Gareth Humphreys     Posted 30/08/2008 at 17:41:33   Comments (7)

Pompey debacle

At the start of the season, many of us looked to the the first three fixtures as an opportunity to pick up 9 points to provide a base in terms of an anticipated very difficult season where we realistically expected to struggle against the top half of the table. To have got only 3 points makes me think the position is actually considerably worse than the most pessimistic of us had indicated pre-season.

We are where we deserve to be in terms of sitting in the bottom 3 this evening. Personally, I have not been this despondent in terms of our chances and the possibility of any improvement in quite a few seasons. We have not got a pot to piss in, evidenced by our still sending out young boys onto the park and expecting them (unfairly) to deliver the goods. The free transfers and loan deals agreed this week only serve to reinforce this suspicion.

The pending EGM must be used to demonstrate a change of ownership is critical. Kenwright, the time to get out is now.
Alan Doyle     Posted 30/08/2008 at 16:58:14   Comments (31)

Tough start for the Boys

No new signings on the field at the start and Everton slip behind to an early goal...

Michael Kenrick     Posted 30/08/2008 at 15:31:12   Comments (109)


I am really at a loss to understand just what is happening on the transfer front. As the transfer window opened, it appeared that everybody was filled with optimism regarding the players we would sign. Arshavin, Moutinho, Ochoa, M'Bia etc. Frankly, apart from Arshavin, I personally did not have any previous knowledge of the others.

As the weeks rolled by and we had signed nobody, during a time that we lost Carsley, Gravesen, McFadden and had unresolved injuries to Cahill, Hibbert and Pienaar, our prospects looked pretty bleak.

Our pre-season friendlies were hardly encouraging, playing Academy kids and losing to nonentities, despondency started to mount among supporters and still no word of any definite transfers. Then Destination Kirkby was called in and around the same time Wyness did a bunk. What the hell is happening??? Moyes was still stalling over his contract and Blue Bill continued to offer no solid solace to the fans. I am sure Kenwright is a True Blue but he really is a quite useless Chairman. There was talk of the two monied guys behind Kenwright. What part were they playing in not releasing the purse strings?

At the death, Moyes started to sign players who, quite frankly, nobody seemed to have heard of, Saha excepted ? and everybody knows of his history of injuries. Now, so many of us appear to be sure that, with two days to go to the close of the window, Moysie will wave a magic wand and sign at least one real quality signing and maybe two. My personal opinion is don't hold your breath.

To me, in his most recent interview, Moyes looked both a tired and disappointed man. Maybe, this is the result of the hours he has been putting in this last week, maybe two but he did not look an optimistic Manager. I confess I have absolutely no insider knowledge but it appears plain to me that a lot of dirty work at the crossroads has being going on behind close doors. I strongly suggest that DK is at the root of it all.

We, on the outside, know little of the machinations of DK. Of one thing I feel sure, this open season on transfers has been very much affected by this long running saga. What actually is going on and why, we have no idea but I'll bet my last 50p that DK has been at the root of all this turmoil.
Tim Lloyd     Posted 30/08/2008 at 12:25:56   Comments (1)

Carling Cup Draw

The draw has just been made and....... Everton shall be travelling to Ewood park to play Blackburn. Time for payback??
Robert Aspinall     Posted 30/08/2008 at 12:21:11   Comments (2)

Saha injury worries and transfer thoughts

Louis Saha would certainly not have been the first name on my list but on the question of him being injury prone, something which seems to be concerning a lot of Evertonians, my mind goes back a few years to the signings of Peter Reid and Andy Gray, both equally injury prone and yet two of the most influential signings in Everton's history.

I am not saying Saha will propel the team into the top four, but he's got to be worth a punt. Moyes says he has cost nothing and his influence on the likes of Vaughan, Anichebe and Obinna could be significant. Assuming Obinna is cleared by the Foreign Office, that's four players in for essentially nothing, all of them internationals with decent reputations — and based on what I saw at the Olympics, Obinna looks like a star in the making.

The whole thing looks like a canny piece of business to me and there is still time for the big money boys to arrive before the deadline. Surely by now people must recognise Moyes' ability to recruit sensibly and get his rewards. If anything it is big-money buys that have gone pear-shaped — Kroldrup, Beattie and now Johnson, for example. I am as frustrated as anyone over Everton's transfer dealings this year, but maybe, just maybe, Moyes has done right in not lashing out huge fees where they are not justified.

Look at Spurs. Two games in, a small fortune paid, and no doubt in the eyes of some fans already in crisis. Aston Villa, similarly, took their expensive squad to Stoke and lost. The other big plus for me is the exposure our own young players are getting. I really hope under the new 7 subs rule, the likes of Baxter, Rodwell and Gosling will stay involved and get their chance to grow and mature with cameo roles in the first team, rather than sit it out in the Reserves and feature in the odd League Cup match.

It's been a long time coming, but with key players to come back from injury too, I actually thing the Everton squad is showing signs of being a very potent mix and above all showing signs of being a team, rather than an assembly of expensive misfits. That was our strength last season, team unity and it's important that is maintained.

Richard Ewart     Posted 29/08/2008 at 23:40:13   Comments (33)

Departing from the party line

Moyes has alternated all summer between toeing the party line saying "we have money" and then making comments to the effect that we have no money.

A few weeks back he made a remark in response to Ian Ross' statement about funds being available which was something along the lines of "well, if that is what the club statement says then so be it." Roger Boli, agent of the Guinean trialist, said there was disagreement between Moyes and his "president" over the failed transfer. Moyes said last weekend that he would have to sign 6 or 7 players this week for "nothing".

Today he made the point again about spending no money and seemed pretty miffed. Kenwright and Ross appear to have been lying and Moyes is no longer able to toe the line and make it seem like one big happy family. He is probably as miffed as we are when Villa agree a £12m fee and terms with Milner and then we offer
$2m less.

It makes him seem like a retard who can't get his act together when clearly Kenwright and Ross are doing their usual smoke-and-mirrors trick. It really is time for Kenwright to leave. In all the years I have never seen such a pissed off reaction from a boss to new signings. His comments on the newbies today were basically "one is a squaddie, one has a pulse and is unknown and one is crocked and we're praying for a miracle. All in all the team sucks and this situation is a joke."

Inspiring words from a broken fall guy.

Kieran  Kinsella     Posted 29/08/2008 at 23:30:58   Comments (17)

Moyes looks tired

I've just watched the local news and an interview with David Moyes and he looked as if he hasn't slept for a week. He almost looked like Kenwright did when we sold Rooney to the Mancs. I shouldn't be surprised considering he is doing a job with his hands tied.

Did anyone else think the same? We need investment and we needed it some time ago! ACT NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE, KENWRIGHT!
Darren Dempsey     Posted 29/08/2008 at 21:37:50   Comments (7)

Have lessons been learned?

Well, after much teeth gnashing, stress, worry, uncertainty, crushing disappointments and crying on Everton websites we have finally signed some players.

Okay so far the names are Jacobsen, Castillo and now Saha. Let's be brutally honest, these are not players to take us to the next level but these are names signed to merely increase bodies and hopefully see us through to January. Either way, though, they are all welcome additions. But the questions must be asked why weren?t players of the squad-boosting variety such as these signed a lot lot earlier?

Judging by how quickly these players have been signed, why couldn?t this have been done weeks ago? If Moyes had moved earlier, they would have had pre-season with the rest of the boys and it would have gone some way to soften the air of crisis which was looming around the club 2-3 weeks ago.

This summer we have lost 4 players Johnson, Fernandes, Carsley and Gravesen. Ok Graveson and Fernandes are no great loss as last season they didn?t really contribute all that much, Mad Dog only had a few cameos and Fernandes was severely out of form. So the signings of Jacobsen, Castillio and Saha you could argue more than cover last season's losses.

Jacobsen and Castillo are unknown to me but then again in many respects so were Cahill, Lescott and Jagielka. Saha if fit is no doubt a better finisher than Johnson (if he stays fit) but in Moyes we trust. However, quality players such as Sidwell, Cuellar, Silvestre, Elmander, Gutierrez, Behrami, Malbranque and Cisse didn?t cost their clubs the earth and could have easily been signed by us as well to bolster the squad. I?m still hoping for a big rabbit out of the hat but its now looking unlikely (Moutinho??? sigh).

I don?t pretend to understand all the behind the scenes manoeuvres that go on with big money transfers and it's true that maybe Moyes has had his time wasted by agents promoting the likes of M'bia, Tiago, Wagner love and dare I say it Moutinho. But we always leave things soooooo late anyway so maybe this is now a lesson that we should always sign our players early and if a move gets drawn out or falls through we then have time on our side to carefully weigh up who and what to go for next.

I?ve done my fair share of bashing Moyes this summer, has it been deserved? I don?t know. But I?m sure Moyes will NOT leave his summer buys this late ever again.
Daniel Johnson     Posted 29/08/2008 at 15:15:11   Comments (58)


Now is the time for ALL Evertonians to get behind a groundshare with Liverpool.

While the dark side may have looked down their noses at the notion before, now it appears that they may no longer have that luxury. If we kick up enough dust and the politicians back it ? properly ? and the local funding is waved under their noses.... LFC's hard-nosed American owners may take the plunge.

Everton would benefit hugely from a centrally located super-stadium... we should seize the moment!
Nick West     Posted 29/08/2008 at 15:10:29   Comments (59)

Stephen Hunt NEXT!!!

Reports in Ireland suggest Stephen Hunt of Reading will be Moyes' 4th signing. What do you guys think of him? And does he play a holding role in the middle??
Terry Smith     Posted 29/08/2008 at 12:22:48   Comments (49)

So why the Delay?

I cant believe it! No, not the fact that we have signed one of the most injury prone strikers to ever grace the Premier League, but the fact that it is not a loan deal and we are actually spending some money!

Two things arise from this - Firstly, no-one, and I mean no-one, has been indicating on the rumour pages that we were even sniffing around Louis, yet alone the deal was so close to being done. This confirms the fact that 99% of rumours are just that, with no basis to them and we should not believe anything until it is confirmed publically.

Second point is why has this taken so long to go through, signing him the day before our 3rd game of the season? Louis Saha was behind Tevez, Ronney and Ronaldo as a striking option at Man U, and has been for the whole of last year and will be at least again this season. If the release of Saha was linked to the signing of Berbatov then fair enough, but that hasn't happened, so why the delay? I get the feeling this should've occurred much earlier, and that a full pre-season with us would of benefitted him. Therefore I don't expect to see much from him 'til next year, which I feel is a wasted opporunity to start the season with the partnership of Saha and the Yak in full swing.

I may be alone in this but I actually feel that this is a good signing for us. If fit, and it's a big if, he is a quality finisher, who demonstrated that at Fulham and Man U when fit, never looking out of place and playing upfront for France ahead of Anelka and Trezeguet. He's got a bit of pace, good in the air and a natural goalscorer, and reckon he adds that bit of depth and class to a promising team.

This week is turning into a good week for the Blues, after a shit summer, but if the money is there to make an offer for SWP and Reira then theres enough to sign Moutinho! Come on Moyes, hes the signing we all want! If we get him then I feel this season could quickly change from being one of doom and gloom and dread to pushing the top 4 and actually winning some silverware!

Adam Croft     Posted 29/08/2008 at 11:33:54   Comments (25)

Sa ha we go again

Not really sure what to make of the Saha deal (could say the same for all 4 signings so far to be honest), but at least it's company for Yakubu up front (and in the treatment room).

There's no doubting the lad has been quality and IF we can keep him on the pitch for 75% of the year I think this could turn out to be a shrewd move. A quality player who still has plenty to prove at the prime age for a Striker.

So far the rest of the signings still feel like squad-fillers, but if we could pull off 1 big midfield name (Moutinho, Topal) then we might just be able to get our season on track and at least maintain the same level and expectations of last year.

What I don't understand however is how come we've been nowhere near the more obvious midfielders this summer, the likes of Malbranque, Bullard or Sidwell for instance any of whom could have played a role in our first team. Hmm, questions, questions.
Chris James     Posted 29/08/2008 at 10:34:44   Comments (19)

Louis Saha signs!

It has just been reported on the Official Site that Saha has signed on a two year deal, with an option of a third.

Could be a risk due to the number of injuries he's has over the past few years, but the same was said of Lescott. If he's fit he could be a shrewd bit of business (depending on how much he cost)

Still money available for the big midfield signing?
Michael Jones     Posted 29/08/2008 at 10:15:49   Comments (66)

Uefa Cup Draw

As the last thread about the Uefa Cup ended up being about SWP, I thought I'd start a new one. Bert Kassies has already updated his website to take account of tonight's results and I've tried to work out the five unseeded teams who will be in our 'group'. By my reckoning we will be drawn against one of the following teams:-

  • Vitoria Guimaraes (Portugal)
  • Standard Liege (Belgium)
  • Brann Bergen (we all know where that is)
  • AC Bellinzona (Switzerland)
  • Omonia Nicosia (Cyprus)
Bert says that he doesn't know all the rules about how the 'groups' are decided so the above might be miles out. However, if it does turn out to be right, I reckon the first two would be difficult but we'd have a great chance against any of the others.
Phil Guyers     Posted 28/08/2008 at 22:45:26   Comments (80)

I have a source who said...

Funny how things work, for the last 3 months people on this site have quoted their 'sources' on the imminent arrival of Moutinho, M'Bia, Smith most often and a few other players less often. None of these transfers happened as the 'source' claimed....

  • Everton apparently watched Jacobsen for 12-18 months. We then sign him.
  • Everton sign Castillo.
  • Everton 'set to sign' Obinna.
  • Everton sign Zayette on trial and are impressed.
None of the 'sources' who have this inside info on the club told anyone about these players, the same last season with Pienaar and Yakubu. In fact, these sources only seem to reveal info that is placed in the Sun, Mirror etc.

Can people please stop all this shite about 'sources'.
Fran Mitchell     Posted 28/08/2008 at 16:04:22   Comments (87)

Another one bites the dust

Its official: SWP has completed his move back to Man City! This Football 365 article confirms that another great signing has fallen away. I'm still hoping for one big signing, but I don't think it will happen. Not for the want of trying (especially on Davey's part) but simply because we can't afford them. I hope to be proved wrong come Sept 1st.
Mac Smith     Posted 28/08/2008 at 15:01:09   Comments (20)

UEFA rankings

According to UEFA, we're lagging behind Newcastle, Middlesborough and Bolton.

How are these things worked out!?

"The next best English side in the rankings are Newcastle United (14th). Other clubs in the top 50 are Middlesbrough (31st), Tottenham Hotspur (33rd), Bolton Wanderers (47th) and Everton (50th). Like Newcastle these placings are on the strength of performances in the Uefa Cup. Of Scottish clubs Rangers are 24th [they may have made the second seeding pot had they qualified for this season's Champions League] and Celtic 41st. The draw for the Uefa Cup is tomorrow, also in Monaco."
Brian  Richardson     Posted 28/08/2008 at 13:49:39   Comments (36)

EGM Agenda

Regretably, in common with the vast majority of Evertonians, I hold no shares in the Club but am more than interested in the direction the forthcoming EGM will take. Looking at the Constitution of my own company, I note that at an EGM,`No business other than that in respect of which notice has been given shall be considered` and I assume this is a standard clause which will also appear in the Rules of EFC Co Ltd. This would seem to indicate that there will be no allowance of `Any Other Business`, so any questions regarding lack of transfer funding,the manager`s contract etc will be 'ruled offside'.

As I understand it, the meeting has been called with the specific aim of discussing the ramifications of DK and I assume that will be all that can be discussed. I do realise that this side of the Club's business leaves most Evertonians stone cold but at a time when so many of us are fearing the very worst is about to happen, it would be helpful if one of the shareholders could give us sight of the Agenda for the meeting. I am sure, on this occasion, you will be happy for a nom de plume to be used!
Ken Wyatt     Posted 28/08/2008 at 13:14:20   Comments (8)

Cap on foreigners?

As I understand it, clubs in the Premier League can play as many foreigners as they like provided they are EU nationals (see Arsenal). But is there a limit on non-EU foreigners and, if so, what is it? We already have several non-EU foreigners (Yobo, the Yak, Pienaar, Anichebe - or is he regarded as English)? Add Castillo, possible the Guinean fullback and possibly Obinna - surely we won't be able to play all of them together?
Michael Kidd     Posted 28/08/2008 at 07:21:48   Comments (13)

Smoke and Mirrors

First Jacobsen, now Castillo, Obinna and Zayette? So a possible four players in with an outlay of about 75p give or take a few pence.

Quoting David Moyes loosely, "there's money to spend, it's there" etc etc etc..... He doesn't seem keen to spend it though does he? And this after reiterating his desire to bring in top-class players ? not mid-table Premier League ones. I just hope, as seemingly many others do, that Mr Moyes is filling slots as and where he can on the cheap to blow the cash that's always been there (and apparently stuck there) on the last day of the window on the BIG ONE!!!!

If that's the case, remind me never to play poker with David Moyes because he's got some cojones (balls to you and me) holding out until the eleventh hour and playing hardball with Sporting, Rennes, or whoever... Surey that's what he's doing though, because we couldn't be skint could we?

No we can't be becuase we bid £12 million on Moutinho, £6 million on M'bia, and £10M (or £12M was it) on Riera? It's a shame Sporting quoted £20M, Rennes £10M, and Riera is now a Liverpool player.

Oh well I'm off to get ready to go and buy a new car. There's a BMW I've had my eye on for some time. It's up for £35k but I'm going to buy it for £12k....
Brian Williams     Posted 28/08/2008 at 06:30:30   Comments (83)

Segundo Castillo

News just posted on the official EFC website is that we are poised to sign midfielder Segundo Castillo from Red Star Belgrade. Anyone know much about him?
Robin  Reed     Posted 27/08/2008 at 20:58:30   Comments (130)

One that got away?

I think when the season closed and Carsley confirmed he was off, I think most of us would agree that signing a combative, defensive midfielder was a priority. With us knowing by now what an ideal "Moyes signing" is (young, preferably British, proven and value for money, £3m!).

Why on earth did we not challenge Wigan for the signature of Lee Cattermole? He ticks all the above boxes and surely he would have chosen the UEFA Cup playing blues ahead of the pie eaters! I know from a pal who goes to Boro that he was shocked we were not in for him as they rate him highly. (Southgate reluctantly sold him to fund other areas of team building).

He was certainly my M.O.M and most pundits on Sunday against a world class Chelsea midfield (even though they lost). So £3m, 20 years of age, British and specializing in the position we most need a replacement. Is it a case of a player Davey simply doesn't rate or one that got away?
Liam James     Posted 27/08/2008 at 18:33:03   Comments (31)

Does Moyes do his homework?

The Herald `exposure` of Tommy Gravesen has come a year too late to save David Moyes from yet another bad signing. As most of us knew from logging on to Scottish websites, Mad Dog had lost the plot within weeks of his joining Celtic from Real Madrid. Moyes seemed oblivious. This follows the debacle we have had to endure over Andy van der Meyde about whom people were ringing bells from the day he signed.

Now perhaps Per Krøldrup came out of another bag because his problems were not with his legs or his balance but very much with his head. In short, he just couldn't!. But these three ? and going back further, the return of Frannie Jeffers ? shows me that our esteemed manager is not quite so switched on with his pre-signing research as he's made out to be.

Of course, if you are doing business `at the death` ? and that's what it's all going to be this time round ? you have to take what's available. A quick look at the agent's video (only the best bits included) and it's "Hey lad, sign here, we've only got two hours till closing time." Absolutely no time for checks on background, character and peculiarities which Nigel Martyn endured before being offered a deal. Needs must.... and by jove, they do this time round!

Which all makes for confusion when you constantly read how thorough our man likes to be. Somehow you think he might have learned from his previous mistakes and been man enough to tell his Chairman a few weeks ago, "I don't want to do press-gang deals at the last minute ? give me the money and give it me now!"

Just makes me think Our Davey ain`t quite all he`s made out to be and that he and Blue Bill piss in the same pot for expediency!
Matt Mason     Posted 27/08/2008 at 16:55:08   Comments (24)

Another Defender

According to Setanta & SkySports we will be signing yet another defender on a free transfer by the name of Zayatte who can play Centre Back and Right Back!!!!! Which can only mean one thing to me = Phil Neville will now be our Midfielder .Its starting to look like quantity not quality...
Terry  Smith     Posted 27/08/2008 at 15:50:04   Comments (11)

Shaun Wright-Phillips

Shaun Wright-Phillips, according to his agent, has rejected both City and Everton. Another Player happy to sit on the Bench and collect his money every week. Do these lads have any ambition anymore? He has the potential to play for England and become a the star man of either Team but yet he would rather just waste his career sitting on the bench or not even being in the Chelsea squad every week. Waste of talent.
Brian  Doran     Posted 27/08/2008 at 15:03:08   Comments (41)

The Truth

I'm a City analyst working in London, and a lifelong Evertonian so I?m pretty au fait with finances and financing. Hopefully i'll try to make the maths easy for sake of illustration. So, anyway, there are no Everton transfer targets. Why? Because Kenwright is trying desperately to sell the club and this is contingent only on the proposed ground move to Kirkby.

So here's the maths. Everton have sold a number of players since the middle of last season, two of whom have netted in the region of lets say £20M. The total saving to the club of the player sales is a further £10-15M in annual wages based on (making this simple) an average of £20k per week salaries for the 10 players (or so) that have left. That's roughly £30M taking the lower figure for salaries.

Looking at this link as a source, Everton earned a further £40M from TV and league placings in 2007-08. That makes up £70M or thereabouts which coincidentally is the deposit required by the club (again, roughly) to put their name on the Kirkby stadium IF, and this is the big 'if', the deal is given the go-ahead in November, post the Government review.

So, bearing that in mind, it would be likely that the club will then go on and make ONLY loan signings or free transfers at minimal cost. Enter Lars Jacobsen and the rumoured loan deal for SWP. Funny that? Not really...

So what about Moyes and the contract saga? Again this is part of the masterplan conjured up by ?Blue? Bill. My guess is that DM will hold back on his contract signing until next year, having been told of this plan by Kenwright himself, to see if it plays out. If we manage to stay in the Premier League he will then sign, if not, off he goes.

All very sad...
Nick Page     Posted 26/08/2008 at 18:47:37   Comments (35)

No longer who or what — just why?

Like most, I'm utterly depressed by the summer's events, or lack of them. This depression is being made all the worse by (with respect) the supplementary and constant daily drivel placed on this site concerning further transfer speculation...Riera, Love, SWP.

What are we? Masochists? Enough already. Michael and Lyndon, I respect that this is a fans' forum and you are in some ways merely expressing fans' opinions. However, ask yourselves — can we (the readership) take any more bullshit?

By publishing this nonsense, how do your actions differ from Lying Inc. — aka EFC PR?

Time for a moratorium — no more who might — solely, who has. As editors — filter out those mails that are now merely torturing the already tortured.

Use your positions to move the debate forward to exclusively examine why the position is what it is. That's what I want more than anything — the TRUTH. Now there's a signing I would welcome!

Am I the only Evertonian who now accepts the situation — but just wants the respect shown by the club as to the WHY?

Come forth Mr Dodd et al... pontificate away. I am all ears.
James McPherson     Posted 26/08/2008 at 17:42:10   Comments (34)

Neville now a midfielder-official

Phil Neville is now officially a midfielder. The ex-Manchester United `star` has won his battle with David Moyes and is now officially listed by the club as a midfielder. Obviously the signing today of right full-back, Lars Jacobsen, has allowed Moyes to accede to his Captain Marvel`s desire `to lead from the middle` and, perhaps, provides a clue as to the manager`s thinking on team re-construction.

Good decision or bad? Guess I know the answer to that one already!
Brian  Noble     Posted 26/08/2008 at 17:43:04   Comments (22)

M'bia to Newcastle

According to Wikipedia. On the 26th August 2008 Newcastle United agreed a fee with Rennes. The fee is undisclosed but is thought to be around £8 million. M'Bia has signed a 5-year deal with the club.

If this ends up to be true, Moyes and Kenwright deserve to be shot.
Brian  Doran     Posted 26/08/2008 at 16:32:40   Comments (9)

Any advance on a £20M transfer spend?

As an avid fan of `off the wall` spread betting, I have been in discussions with my `boolmaker` this morning about a wager on how much Everton will actually spend in this window.

He wants to set a mean figure of £20Million against which I can sell (go below) or buy (go above). My own view is that the figure is high but office colleagues seem to think Moyes will risk much more. All loans will be left out of the equation and the individual transfer fees will be the average of those reported in four nominated newspapers.

Now I know this is not everyone`s cup of tea but it`s got so serious on here re the transfer budget that a little fun would, at least, brighten up the Mailbag. So can I get some help, please? How much will Davey actually get to part with over the next six days? And is £20M a fair mean figure?

ps: Don`t expect any of my winnings, though!
Derek Roberts     Posted 26/08/2008 at 13:25:43   Comments (37)

Jonathan de Guzman

So we're linked with this De Guzman kid. I've seen him play for a few years now. He has much talent and surprise, surprise: he isn't the tallest person on the books! He is about 5-ft 9-in. I think he could be a massive signing. He can play in the hole, and also as a right midfield player. He will score sensational goals as he has a great kick in his legs. He seems a bit inconsistent, but for a 20-year-old lad that is no surprise. And Moyes is the perfect manager to cut inconsistencies out. Do not expect De Guzman to do a whole lot of defending though. He's not the typical Moyes-type player...

I actually recommended him earlier in this topic: (search the comments for "dols").
I don't think he will be really cheap, about £8 mil might do it.
Erik Dols     Posted 26/08/2008 at 08:05:48   Comments (20)

Are we being realistic?

I wrote a letter last May stating that I couldn't understand the reasoning behind Moyes's and Wyness's statements that players would now come running to us as we were recognized as a potential Top 4 team. In it I stated that top players will run to the existing Top 4, Spurs, Pompey and Man City and possibly Aston Villa before they will come to us for lots of different reasons ? salaries, geography, brand image.

Well, 3 months later, Moyes now realises this and we are in an even worse situation as everyone in Europe knows we've become desperate and are resorting to a situation player-wise that we are having to use 16- to 19-year-old-kids. I'm afraid Moyes will only crack the into the Top 4 with the existing lads plus more "lower quality" gems ? Cahill, Lescott etc.

The longer term problem is trying to find the "magic touch" that means the true "Top Quality" players actually will want to come to Everton. I have no answers to this problem.
Mike Oates     Posted 25/08/2008 at 22:28:42   Comments (31)

Riera welcome or not?

Having read the latest news of our interest in this player it's pretty much confirmed that we are definitely in the mix but seemingly the only thing holding up a move is the player's preference to play for the other lot.

Though what's not clear is his reasoning. Is it the opportunity of Champions League football or a player in love with the club? My question is would it have any bearing on the thoughts of the Everton fan base, would he still be welcome whatever the reasoning if he were to sign for us.

What is clear is that his current club are in no mood to alter their stance and the other lot will still have to match our bid. Personally I'd be happy for him to sign if it were simply an issue of Champions League football but if he harbors a long term aspiration to play for the neighbours across the park I'd give him a wide berth. If we fail in our bid we'll at least have forced them to part with a few more of their millions. As they say every cloud has a silver lining.
Gerry Western     Posted 25/08/2008 at 16:25:04   Comments (45)

Jacobsen: 1st signing!

And he is a right back!?!?! Competition is a good think and Hibbert is out for a while, but I can only hope this is the first of a glut of signings, hopefully in midfield.

Or is this a cunning ploy by Moyes to free up the mercurial Phil Neville to patrol midfield where he will add his 'unique' mix of craft, guile and skill.

Help us...
Andy Morden     Posted 25/08/2008 at 15:42:59   Comments (66)

Dragon's Den

When all other arguments in favour of Kirkby have been proven to be false ? such as world class stadium, best transportation served football stadium in the northwest, very low level of debt and extra ten million pound for transfers ? the pro-move brigade come back with the claim that it will make us a more attractive investment.

If all other arguments in favour of Kirkby are false, does that discredit all arguments in its favour? In short no, that £52 million pound subsidy is the only benefit to the club. Only that is now at risk thanks to the call-in as that subsidy was linked to the scale of the retail development; if the size of the retail development is reduced, the move becomes unviable.

Back to that investment question, will Kirkby make EFC a more attractive proposition?

The only way to find out is to try and sell the club, a la Dragons Den. So after outlining the reasons for the move the state of GP and the restrictions it is placing on the club (financially); you then switch to extolling the virtues of Destination Kirkby, you list the benefits to the club, the subsidy, the transport plan, low cost to the club, the extra ten million pound for transfers. You end by naming your price and ask them for a decision.

They then press for more information, they find out about the exclusivity contract with Tesco and KMBC, that the transport plan is non-existent, that to make money the stadium has to operate at 95% capacity, which will be difficult considering the problems the customers would have travelling to and from the ground. They are not impressed.

The conversation moves on to other potential revenue streams such as conference facilities and concerts. You then inform then that KMBC have 100 free uses of the facilities and that no concerts can be held at the stadium. Apart from gate receipts there are in effect no other revenue streams. Unsurprisingly the Dragons say No, and so will any other potential investor.

DK will not lead to a new owner, for one overwhelming reason; there is no chance of a return on any investment due to there being no business plan. It is a bad location, with transport problems that will aggravate the fans travelling to and from matches; this will eventually drive down attendances and there are no other revenue streams.

Kirkby = No (No as in No, not New) Owner. As that is the only possible decision you can reach when taking everything into consideration.
David O'Keefe     Posted 25/08/2008 at 14:35:46   Comments (11)

What will happen today???

So Rennes are going to answer us regards M'bia today. The Chelsea board are going to discuss our offer for SWP today, and Riera was given the night off in Spain last night to discuss the offers on the table for him.

Will we see the yellow breaking news box on the Official Siite today??? Course not... but like an idiot I have become excited on who we might sign again and I'll be checking every so often.
Lee  Calland     Posted 25/08/2008 at 11:38:34   Comments (56)

Yet again...

News today suggests that this time it's Albert Riera who doesn't want to join us. Apparently he would prefer to move to Anfield. Why, I ask then have we not withdrawn our offer and moved on already? Again, we seem to think that a case can be made to a player, when in truth they don't want to come to Everton. I hear Moyes is looking to re-evaluate his transfer policy, but to ascertain in the first instance whether a player would, in principle, like to move to Goodison, would probably have saved us several weeks of fruitless negotiation and the constant shelling out for trips by "delegations" to try and convince players otherwise. Surely it's not that complicated.
Mark Wynne     Posted 24/08/2008 at 13:51:10   Comments (52)

Should we `do one` on the Uefa Cup?

With Everton`s resources at an all-time low and only an outside chance of bringing in `real quality` before the deadline, David Moyes will quickly have to establish his priorities for the season. Should he attempt to `fight on all fronts`? League, Uefa Cup, FA Cup and Carling Cup ? or just settle for another good year in the Prem?

Middlesbrough did this a few years ago when McClaren fielded a group of kids in many of the Uefa and domestic cup competitions. If my memory serves me right they did pretty well for him and he was as a consequence able to claim a decent league position as well as develop some promising talent.

I know how much we all enjoy our overseas trips ? and I`ll still go whatever team is put out ? but in any time of adversity you have to be selective so `doing one on Europe` seems a `no brainer` to me!
Brian  Noble     Posted 24/08/2008 at 11:44:58   Comments (11)

Big Wake Up Call Required!

David Moyes needs a big wake up call; he was once respected when recruiting local talented players who shared a passion and loyalty to play for Everton Football Club for a portion of the price of these greedy foreign reject flop players he now chases. He has clearly put his team into possibly its most venerable position in years with an anorexic teamsheet, sacrificing local talent for cash to buy imported greedy reject players who want nothing to do with this club.

These arrogant rejected foreign flop midfielders who simply and shamefully feel embarrassed to have any involvement with Everton are offered ridiculous amounts of wages and it's an insult to us that their even approached by David Moyes. David Moyes should be held responsible for the fragile position he has put this club in now.

Moyes needs a reality check, the clock is ticking for a tragic season if he doesn?t soon realize he is being rejected by so many of these foreigners. He needs to build this club with local talent with a passion to play, rather than a foreign reject who feels ashamed to wear the blue jumper.

With this desperate position David Moyes has now put the club into due to his endless chase of cat and mouse, other clubs are aware they can hike the price of any player Everton now want before the deadline. Great, just great, the writings on the wall!
Rob Chan     Posted 24/08/2008 at 08:03:11   Comments (13)

Seven in seven?

Seven signings in seven days? Can it be done? I very much doubt it... but I feel what could be done is to get "four".

That shouldn't be beyond the team that the club SHOULD have on the case of making sure this season doesn't turn out to be a disaster.

No! it's not ideal and you couldn't expect players to "bed in" in a week, but the mere arrival of them would be a boost to the present players. Maybe enough of a boost to see us win the next game, which would then give any new players longer to find their feet (and hopefully the feet of their team mates on the field).

Will we do it? Who the fuck knows, because there's different stories depending on who you listen to... ranging from a penniless club in crisis, to a manager that's had substantial cash to spend for several months.

Judging by the first two weeks' results it's plain that had we "taken the next step" we'd be as near as we're ever going to be to being there or thereabouts. It's scandalous, whatever the truth may be, that we appear to have missed a golden opportunity.
Brian  Williams     Posted 24/08/2008 at 05:43:32   Comments (46)

Today's Game

Well, here we are again, panicking!

First eleven - No shape
Bench - Full of untried kids
Manager - Visible fed up
Supporters - Clearly worried
Opponents - Buzzing

The potential of a win today is not very apparent. Just one injury can destroy any confidence we do have as we are down to bare bones as it is. I pray the youngsters play with the 'No Fear' mentality that we have seen so much of in recent years from young players (Rooney, Vaughan, Anichebe etc).

We need the senior international pros to stand up and be counted and concentration will be the key. Howard, Yobo, Lescott, Jagielka, Osman, Arteta, Baines, Valente, Yakubu, it's your job today to get this win, carry the youngsters through this game, don't let them carry you!

Anthony  Jaras     Posted 23/08/2008 at 13:47:47   Comments (148)

Will Kenwright show up at EGM?

Now, as they say, this may be no more than speculation, but I was told very categorically last night not to expect Blue Bill at the EGM!

As Life President, Sir Philip Carter will take the chair, and his recent re-appointment to the Board will entitle him to do so. This, it is hoped, will `spike the guns` of the petitioners and Sir Phil`s vast experience of company meetings enable him to run rings round `the opposition` on the limitation of discussion.

As the holder of a single share, my intention ? if that happens ? would be to propose the meeting be immediately adjourned until the Chairman can be present whith the added demand that this MUST be within one month. Any other suggestions for the tactical approach we should take?
Brian Copson     Posted 23/08/2008 at 10:17:28   Comments (26)

The Simplified Transfer Policy

Numerous comments have been made about setting our stall out too high in terms of the types of players we have been going after. Was Arshavin going to come here over Arsenal who were interested at the tim? NO!

Was Moutinho ever likely to join us? No, I'll eat my words if he came and if he ever wanted to come! Was Michael Owen going to come earlier in the summer after we had a bid accepted? No! Was Engelaar? No! Was Tiago? No. There is a recurring theme here!

And this is a problem with the way BK and DM have gone about their transfer policy this summer.

We have spent too much time this summer negotiating with clubs for weeks on end to then later on down the process speak to the player and he goes "not interested thanks" That time is irreplaceable with a deadline pending.

I'll put it simply. I work in recruitment at a fairly senior level, and BK and moyes should be recruit as if it's a business ? by finding out if a player is interested first and then negotiating with the club otherwise it is a fiscal cause. It's the same as an interview process business gets a shortlist, interviews them, checks who's interested, then selects their preferred candidate and negotiate terms.

That in my opinion is where we have gone wrong.
James  Cadwaladr     Posted 22/08/2008 at 14:49:43   Comments (27)

Is Moyes as fed up as we are?

In an interview which I suspect suffered much from editing, David Moyes spoke to Sky Sports News this morning like a man resigned to having to tackle the new season with the slimmest of resources.

"We`ve known since the end of last season that we should be without Tim and one or two others, so nothing's changed there," he opined. "The kids have done well and Jack Rodwell should be a good player in three years time."

Pressed on whether he anticipated new signings,all he would offer was, "We're always looking to strengthen the squad."

The passion was absent, the eyes empty and the interviewer could have been talking to "one of us" and got the same answers! In short, I felt he talked and looked as fed up as we are.

What the hell is going on?
Brian Noble     Posted 22/08/2008 at 13:29:10   Comments (31)

It's a Joke

Right, thats it. I've been quiet all summer and now its time to have a moan.

I assume everyone like me, has been relentlessly checking all the relevant websites everyday since the transfer window opened, only to find that Sunderland (a team we murdered 7-1) are showing more ambition than us. I don't care what amyone says, Malbranque, even Diouf, would add some value to our squad. Its got past the point where we should not be thinking about adding the quality and the "right" transfer targets. WE NEED MORE PLAYERS! Even if that is just "squad players". And don't give me that crap about no money. They boardwon't putl their balls on the line. Happy to lead us into a mediocre season, withouth a care in the world.

Believe you me, if anyone thinks we are going to achieve anything more than mid-table mediocrity you are severely deluded.

I am a positive fan. One that enters every game with the view we can gain three points, whoever we are playing. But now I've tipped over the edge. I'm soooo frustrated. If I'm this frustrated, how frustrated must the manager be? Why would you sign a new contract if you knew you didn't have the resources or backing to do the job. Its a JOKE.

West Brom, first home game of the season for a newly promoted side. Haven't won there in god knows how many years, is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?

Feel free to destroy my negative outlook...
Chris  Masey     Posted 22/08/2008 at 13:06:17   Comments (15)

A waste of time

Surprise surprise! Tiago doesn't want to come to Everton. He turned down Spurs in January who are arguably a more attractive proposition (well known Spanish manager and being situated in London), but Everton persisted in waving ever larger bunches of fivers in his general direction in an effort to secure his services on loan for the season.

I'm sorry, but if you have to bribe a player above the going rate to play for you, then what motivation is he going to show on the training ground and pitch of play? The minute he started playing hardball in negotiations (in fact after Spurs, I personally wouldn't have bothered), Everton should have left well alone. Yes we need numbers, but I'd rather have a journeyman player who wanted to play for us, rather than an international superstar who was only there for the cash.

When will Kenwright, Moyes and co ever learn? Well, they haven't so far and after six years of protracted and painfully slow transfer negotiations, they probably never will. Bill, & Davey, if you're listening: take a look up on Wearside and see what can be done. Then again, maybe you'll carry on contemplating your navels instead. Will we have any transfer news on the Official Site to look forward to, or is the best you'll manage by September 1st a Tim Howard sudoku puzzle?
Mark Wynne     Posted 22/08/2008 at 12:15:20   Comments (37)

Watch: This Space

Was Bill Kenwright promoting a new show when him informed us all to 'Watch This Space" a couple of weeks back? I heard 'This Space' was going to be a high drama production, but ends up a complete comedy and farce, with a depressive ending.
Kristian Boyce     Posted 22/08/2008 at 08:56:36   Comments (30)

We can see you sneaking out

Quite often on this site people will say that we have a large and loyal fanbase or that we have the best supporters in the world.

Well judging by recent posts the opposite is the truth. First we had the DK refusniks who said they were giving up because the club were intending to move 4 miles. Now we have other fans regularly saying that if there are no signings they are off, or bizarrely one individual poster saying that he finds Goodison too racist and homophobic and he is off.

The truth is that we have a small core of loyal supporters and a much larger softer support who will only part with their cash if the club is run according to their demands and we are regularly challenging for trophies.

Can you imagine us getting 33,000 in League 1 as Man City regularly did several years ago? We would be down to less than 20,000 in the Championship.

This season is going to be awful and will probaly involve a fight against relegation ? by all means moan and complain if you go the game but keep quiet if you can afford to go but choose not to. And for gods sake please don't pretend you are occupying the moral high ground by not going - you know the ones: "I am doing it as a protest in the long term interest of the club".
John Doolan     Posted 22/08/2008 at 08:01:13   Comments (53)


So at last we have reached the letter Z in the alphabet! Perhaps the stupid "we are linked with (insert name)" will now stop.

I am away to New York for a week tomorrow and intend to have a complete break from the debacle that has become Everton's pre-season. Maybe when I get back it will all be better...........! See you on the flip side
Tom Edwards     Posted 21/08/2008 at 23:02:53   Comments (14)

Dear Deidre

Dear Deidre

I have a problem. I think my relationship is over. My wife complains that I spend too much time on the web. She thinks I?m addicted to porn but the truth is much more embarrassing. I?m watching a man. His name is David and he is Ginger!

Since the start of the year I have waited for David to show me he cares, but he refuses to commit. He assures me that he will, but his eyes say something different. I have wasted my summer in the hope that Love would come our way but as yet? nothing.

Some of my friends feel the same. They?ve been watching him too. Last May we huddled together to stand proud, beating our drums in unity. Now we stand divided, exposed and on our knees. What can we do? Rumours are that we are broke, bare and in need of backup. I know not what to think...

I am worried because out of desperation David is getting closer to spending money we don't have on things we don't want. Recently we have been linked to three boys, Smith, Bullard & Bradley, which might be good. However, not for me. If I wanted to spend money watching the slow arrival of a pile of crap, I would have subscribed to Piss-Hunters.

My wife is very suspicious. Last week she kicked me out of bed, due to the fact that whilst cumming I accidentally screamed out ?M?Bia.? She wants to know if we work together! God help me if we sign Dudu!!

Before turning to you, I sought the help of another. His name is Bill. He told me that moving would be the answer, but I am not sure. He used a technique called ?Watch this Space.? He told me that it would make my love for David stronger. At first he was right, but the space is still there. I?ve tried to stay away but he?s taken all of my money. I keep going back. Does that make me weak?

I know including the kids is always risky but we are desperate. Maybe a little Moutinho could bring the happiness I crave. However, all appears lost.

Why doesn?t David commit? What about my wife? I feel so alienated and helpless. Help me Deidre? what should I do?

Yours Faithfully:

Summer-time Blue!
Jason Broome     Posted 21/08/2008 at 20:29:30   Comments (13)

Sign now or go!

Having read Stephane M'Bia's reasons for wanting to join Everton, quite frankly, I don't want him, even in a Summer as bad as this one.

We lose Lee Carsley who, despite some people's misgivings about his overall playing abilities, sweated blood for our club and was one of the most honest, consistant and effective performers over the last couple of seasons. Surely it would not have taken too much of those 10m euros to convince Carsley to stay until we could find, or produce our own, long-term replacement.

Whilst David Moyes avoids signing his contract, how on earth does he expect to convince anybody of the quality he seeks to join him?

I have been a major supporter of David Moyes through thick and thin over his six year reign but right now, as difficult as it would be, I would just like to tell him to sign or go so we can get on with the job in hand. As much as I admire and respect the job Davey has done, ultimately it is Everton I care about and nothing positive can come from him delaying.

And what must Steve Round be thinking? He must have asked David Moyes about his future before agreeing to join so if Moyes has already told him he's going nowhere, what is stopping him putting pen to paper?

Get signed now Davey, bring in the reinforcements or our paper thin squad will never survive four tournaments over the coming nine months..... or is it already too late?
Gary Joyce     Posted 21/08/2008 at 19:30:15   Comments (12)

The damage is done

I am normally pretty optimistic by nature but I cannot understand that there are still supporters who think that by the end of September we will have a strong squad and that all will be well.

The truth is that even if we have ten new players in a months time the damage is already done.The team that played on Saturday will struggle to pick up a point.We could be in the bottom three by October with any dream of Europe dead and buried.

We have promising young players but how in earth must they have felt when they heard the boos on Saturday? What will it have done to their self belief? Idon't blame the supporters,the jeers were for those who have mis-managed this club.Football is so much about confidence and the confidence will drain out of our team.I really fear for the rest of the season. I admire David Moyes but his apparent toleration Of Bill Kenwright's ineptitude is damaging his reputation.I have always felt that DM lacked the flair to build a really great team but he's the right man for a crisis so let's hope he stays.
Andy  Crooks     Posted 21/08/2008 at 13:16:21   Comments (9)

The current state of affairs

Forgetting all the transfer speculation and the stadium debate, I feel that something very big is going to happen over the next couple of weeks. Let's face it, Moyes wants to move this club on... I am amazed that he is still here given the current limbo that the club is in. It is my view that he knows what's coming, and is waiting to see!!

He wanted to sign players to develop the squad and hasn't been able to do so for whatever reason. If that reason was no money (within the limits we expect) or lack of club ambition he would have walked by now. So what does he know? What could it be? Change of ownership, massive investor on board, big boardroom shake up?

I dont know... but something's got to give in the next two weeks or not only will we have no players but we will have no manager either and even worse, any new manager coming in would be stuck with what we have got until January!!

We have really missed an opportunity to cement this club as a top six club this pre-season and if we are not careful we will be looking at the bottom six come December. Moyes has lost his spark in his interviews and with no other PR messages coming out of Goodison it make me nervous about where we are heading!!

Allardyce anyone? FFS... couldn't think of anything worse but I might nip down to the bookies just in case.
Kevin Bennett     Posted 21/08/2008 at 09:40:22   Comments (39)

Lowest common denominator

I have been reading for the last few months on this site about the decline in our beloved club and the disastrous pre-season and present state of affairs... After lots of sleepless nights and think tank sessions, I have come up with the lowest common denominator: Mr Alan Irvine.

Was he not the glue which held the playing side of Everton together? As previously we where better prepared come this part of most seasons and definitely more organized with on the field ideas. I see his no-budget PNE are off to a flier. Let's also remember last season after he departed, a month later we had a shocker end to the season and never recovered since. Maybe he is our future saviour... who knows???
Gary dos Santos     Posted 21/08/2008 at 08:17:55   Comments (12)

M'Bia prefers Everton to Arsenal

Some extracts from an interview with M?Bia in L?Equipe:

?I?ve just learned that Arsenal would be interested in me, but my position is clear; I want to restart the season with Everton. What Rennes are currently proposing (salary??) is below what I want. The 2 clubs need to reach an agreement for me to be able to go. I know my club directors have declared that they would not let me leave but this is just a way of raising the bidding. I understand their position. I'd do the same.?

L?Equipe ? Are you sure? In his declarations, Pierre Dreossi seems determined to keep you? ?But that?s what he says to journalists. That?s politics. From what I understand Dreossi is prepared to let me go. For my part, I don?t want to play for Rennes again.?

L?Equipe ? Would that not therefore lead to another ?Briand case??

?Not at all. I have never talked about clashing with the club as that doesn?t get you anywhere. We just need all parties to sit down at the table and negotiate. Personally I?m not worried as English clubs have plenty of money for signings [lol]. When they really want a player money is no object. I hope it will be sorted at the beginning of next week.?

L?Equipe ? what?s your motive other than playing in the Premier League?

?It?s an opportunity that only comes along once. Everton are offering me 1.5m euros a year and Rennes don?t even pay me half that. Even if I do owe absolutely everything to the club I have a family to feed, not to mention the challenge which is very interesting. It?s an ideal ?trampoline? for my career.?

(It also says he?ll be out for 2 weeks with the knee injury he picked up at the Olympics).

A few comments:?

Although his motives appear more than a little mercenary perhaps this is not surprising from a 22 year old from a Third World country. On the positive side at least he is desperate to join us and a £1.2m a year salary would actually relatively cheap for an international midfielder. The worrying thing for me is the general impression held abroad that Premier League clubs are loaded and will pay any fee. If their President thinks that then the deal will never go through.

Interestingly Moyes?s statement about us not being able to afford 6 players worth £15 caused a few negative comments from boggers on the Portuguese Correio da Manha website, wondering why in his right mind would Moutinho want to join a poor club from a deprived suburb of Liverpool. Maybe this is the way to go? Plead poverty and clubs are more likely to accept a lower offer.
John Harris     Posted 21/08/2008 at 00:05:19   Comments (40)

How long to heal?

Just read that Tim has no intention of rushing back from his injury. It seems so long ago that I cannot recall the month in which it happened. Does anybody know the actual date? He does seem to be taking an inordinate amount of time to recover!

Out of curiosity I visited the following site and was impressed by the short amount of time David Nugent took to recover from his similar injury.

Is there a shortage of milk down under or at Finch Farm?
Brian Finnigan     Posted 20/08/2008 at 19:20:41   Comments (14)

Alan Stubbs

I see Stubsy has had to call it a day. I for one would like to pay tribute to a great servant of the game, a true Blue and an example to anyone blighted by cancer. Twice he beat it and pursued a top-flight football career.

I am glad he got to play with his beloved Everton and I am happy to have been able to see him give his all for the blues.

Good luck in your retirement, Stubsy, and lets hope we see you at Goodison cheering the team on for many more years.
Tom Edwards     Posted 20/08/2008 at 12:37:39   Comments (35)

Don't expect any transfer news

There appears to be a quiet hope that, come the transfer deadline, Everton will pull out of the hat 4 to 5 new players, and all our 'player shortage" problems will be over. I hate to burst everyone's bubble, but the fact is there will be no one coming into Everton when the transfer deadline arrives. I say this because of the following reasons:-

a) The new acting CEO will not have had time to put together new deals, particularly if it's true that the deals lined up over the summer where derailed by crooked agents;

b) With the call-in of the Kirkby stadium, Kenwright may not be able to leverage on new loans from investors and banks to finance the new transfer;

c) With Moyes still not signing a new contract, few of the top players will want to risk coming to Goodison. It also gives Moyes little credibility to effectively "sell" the club to prospective players;

d) Selling clubs will know that with the transfer deadline so close, and with Everton having a bare-bone squad, we will be very desperate. This gives the selling clubs an advantage, and they may want to hike up the price of their players to take advantage of Everton's desperation.

e) From the outside, Everton looks like a club in crisis, i.e. no CEO, manager hasn't signed contract, Kirkby called in, depleted squad, low morale, etc. Even Alan Smith may question whether coming to Goodison will be a good idea!

So, let's hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst - no new players by end August!!!
Timothy Sebastian     Posted 20/08/2008 at 03:16:38   Comments (82)

An attractive proposition?

For some time now, and certainly since Saturday, there has been a stream of contributions to the mailbag about investment in the Club. One poster even suggested he was not going to attend any more games until Bill Kenwright sold up. Another seemed to imply that Bill Kenwright was refusing continual offers from a queue of willing billionaires!

I would be very interested in reading supporters views about investment in Everton, especially as to how attractive an investment (ie. profit maker) they imagine Everton Football Club to be. Although I am sure it will come up in a subsequent discussion if this contribution is posted, this query is not intended to reopen the Kirkby debate (it is far from closed anway!) but rather a question as to why any investor would put money into the Club as it is NOW. What would make the Club an attractive proposition to invest in right NOW in order that an offer could be made and which would enable Bill Kenwright to take his cut and go away as many seem to want.

I ask only one thing and that is that I can declare my own view without giving my reasons for the moment. If I gave my reasons now I feel they would be responded to rather than the question I ask and it would get argumentative rather than educational (at least for me).

My own view is that Everon Football Club is by far the least attractive investment opportunity for anybody interested in investing in a Premiership Club and has been so for many years. Indeed I believe it is less attractive than many Championship Clubs. I would be very interested to read the views of others.
Dave Roberts     Posted 19/08/2008 at 17:39:52   Comments (18)


According to the BBC website, Joaquin is still available. So why are we not on the first flight out to sign him?

James Dore     Posted 19/08/2008 at 17:20:04   Comments (18)

Jose Mourinho

? Not Moutinho. Jose Mourinho, winner of just about every major honour in domestic football wherever he chooses to manage. Like him or loath him he is an exceptionally good manager.

?The Special One?, during his time at Porto and Chelsea and now at his new club Inter was and is still insistent on having a only 22 players in his first team squad ? 2 players for every position in his famous 4-1-3-2-1 system that brought him back-to-back titles with Chelsea and a European Cup, no less, with Porto.

Now, try if you might to open you minds up and light in a chink of optimism. Try please to consider the squad that we have when everyone is fit and? here?s the really hard bit? try and imagine that we sign 4 of the targets that we have been linked to this summer some time in the next 13 days.

Based on a Mourinho 22 man squad, and assuming (praying) that we bring in 4 new players?

Howard Turner AN Other*

Neville Hibbert Lescott Yobo Jagielka Baines

Rodwell M?Bia* Tiago* Osman Cahill Arteta Pienaar

Yakubu Smith* Anichebe Vaughan Baxter

The grass will be greener come September 2nd. The squad will be replenished, and what?s more I think we will have a better squad than we had last year. The fact that the bookies have us at 5/1 to go down, along with a small minority on this site, is nothing short of a disgrace.
Peter Laverty     Posted 19/08/2008 at 14:31:55   Comments (20)

Sir Philip Carter

you can look at Companies House website and search Everton Football Club Co Limited and it says that Keith Wyness resigned on 7th August 2008 but there is no appointment for Carter posted. That is not to say that the appointment has not been filed it is just that it is likely that it is August 2008 as it normally takes 7 working days to file changes in companies.

PR might be right that he came "back on board" at the club 5 months ago but he has only recently been appointed as a director of the company.
Tony Mainee     Posted 19/08/2008 at 14:07:28   Comments (24)

Why invest...?

I was recently asked by friends why Everton had not signed any players over the summer, to which I could only respond that I was not sure ? club officials have assured the fans there are some funds in place for incoming transfers, although media reports and rumours on internet forums suggest that the club has no money, and has been selling players just to stay afloat.

My friends responded by asking why the club was so broke, to which, probably due to ignorance on my part, I could not immediately provide an adequate answer. I cobbled together a response along the lines of "the club was poorly run during the 1990s, accumulated lots of debt, now tied to future earnings etc" ? but this didn?t seem to cut the mustard. They refused to believe that a club that has been fairly successful in recent years has so little money compared to other clubs who have been considerably less successful. The huge sums of money coming from broadcasting deals and the sale of Wayne Rooney had to mean that the club?s debts were now wiped clean didn?t they?

Having now had a little time to reflect on this matter, I have done a little research and discovered that it is quite common for Premier League clubs to operate with yearly losses of millions and millions of pounds. This seems to have been the case in recent years at Everton (although, I must say I have struggled to locate any official financial reports for the past two years), with the only year this trend was bucked being the year in which we sold Rooney.

Now, if most other clubs are operating at a loss, how is it that they are able to spend many millions in the transfer market? Well, the answer seems to be that people are coming into these clubs and investing large amounts of money ? but my question is why are they doing this if so many Premier League clubs are losing money year on year? I simply don?t understand why so many clubs that are operating at a loss are so massively invested in ? can anyone provide any clarification on this matter?
Graham Holliday     Posted 19/08/2008 at 12:09:57   Comments (15)

Goodison Gold

So, there I am sitting watching the TV this morning and I flick over to Sky Sports News in the vain hope we have signed Kaka, and I see the words 'BREAKING NEWS - GOODISON GOLD!'

I leap to my feet breakfast flying everywhere, as I rub the sleep from my eye's I try and focus on the screen, with my mind working over time, Gold, the geezer from Birmingham is buying us? We've signed a player so great Sky Sports don't even give us the name, just GOODISON GOLD.

Now don't get me wrong, I am as patriotic as the next person, however I have to confess to being slightly disappointed to hear of Paul Goodison's Gold medal this morning as I poured my second bowl of Bran Flakes.
Paul Fuller     Posted 19/08/2008 at 09:13:18   Comments (11)

Golden Vision

Watched the program last night, there was an interesting interview with John Moores, in which he talked about the club's finances. Identifying even then the game was moving forward and that the club was using its money wisely. We have bought our training ground and paid for its development and we have our investments and also money in the bank. What a difference 40 years make. It was still great to watch and remember the players. I was at the games and remember the funeral cars going around the ground, and wondering why. Ah, Nostalgia...
Steve Sweeney     Posted 19/08/2008 at 09:07:59   Comments (8)


I've been impressed with Mikel Arteta this week. I admit his overall performance against Blackburn wasn't his best but he did score a goal and create a goal and that is what we pay him his money for.

The thing that really impresses me though is his attitude. I've read a few interviews with him before and after the game and his message is a simple one. The situation sucks. The fans have been great. We the players have to accept the situation for what it is and do our very best to keep the team on track. His actions tied in with his words Saturday which I thought was significant as all too often we've seen similar remarks from players that were not backed up by their actions e.g. Beattie.

He also didn't follow the Phil Neville route of toeing the party line and trying to pretend everything is great at Goodison. Mikel took a lot of stick last year for his sub-par performances and this week there have been a lot of unsubstantiated rumours on ToffeeWeb and elsewhere linking him with moves to Spain. Judging by his words and his actions he certainly doesn't seem like someone looking for an exit and in fact he bucks a past trend which has seen our less talented but harder working players (Parkinson, Unsworth, Carsley) being the ones who stand up to be counted when the chips are done.

We the fans can learn from him. I understand the frustrations of those who say they are ready to quit going to games because they are sick of the lies and rubbish coming out of BK but now is the time the team needs everyone. When the fans booed on Saturday, whilst justified, it added pounds to the value of any proposed transfer targets because it reinforced the notion that we are desperate and desperate people will pay over the odds. e.g. Samways/Amokachi transfers.

A football team is like a family and even though at times you might feel like cutting them off, you always end up being there for them ? no matter how many times they let you down and that's what is needed now. Follow Mikel's approach and hopefully we can get through this...
Kieran Kinsella     Posted 18/08/2008 at 22:41:09   Comments (37)

Nov 18th, more fireworks?

Date set for inquiry into Blues' Kirkby stadium

Aug 18 2008 Liverpool Echo

A PUBLIC inquiry date has been set for Everton FC and Tesco's joint bid to build a stadium and superstore in Kirkby. The bid was called in by Government office North West only two weeks ago but now Whitehall has offered the date of November 18 for the public inquiry.

Cllr Ron Round, Leader of Knowsley Council, said: "The council has formally accepted the date and we?re pleased the inquiry will be heard so swiftly. The people of Kirkby deserve a final decision on the regeneration of their town and holding the inquiry before the end of the year will bring clarity on the future of this development. "We?ll now be talking to our partners about the next steps in this process.?

Tesco and Everton have also agreed the date and Tesco spokesman Michael Kissman has said they are equally pleased with the date. The stadium and Tesco store are part of a planned £400m redevelopment of Kirkby Town Centre.
EJ Ruane     Posted 18/08/2008 at 18:44:57   Comments (22)

Can people calm down and start acting like men?

I consider myself as manic depressive as anyone when it comes to Everton but I have never seen such panic as I have on this site since Saturday. It's like Steerage on the Titanic.

Yes, we played crap. Yes, old ladies would have fought harder to keep their handbags than we fought to keep the ball. Yes, we have a paper thin squad. But defeats are rarely pretty. All this talk of relegation, not going to games until Bill sells up, not being able to pay the players' wages. Looming bankruptcy. Arteta leaving... Come on!

It was the first game of the season. It's no more valid to draw pessimistic conclusions from one loss than overly optimistic assumptions from one win. A couple of good displays and the world will look a lot rosier, believe me. Saturday's game is gone. Focus on the next one. We will do better and when Pienaar and Cahill and Anichebe are eventually back in the squad the team will look a lot more recognizable and lot more of a threat in front of goal.

So straighten up and act like men! And while we are apportioning blame for no signings, it's much more likely to be down to Dithering Dave not being able to pull the trigger than Kenwright not releasing funds. My worst fear from Saturday is what that bastard Ferguson was doing there. I hope it wasn't to start doing another Rooney on us with Jose Baxter.
Peter  Fearon     Posted 18/08/2008 at 15:11:27   Comments (38)

After Saturday's game, I have come to a decision.....

That decision is, that until Honest Blue Bill leaves Everton in safe and capable hands I will not go to anymore matches.

I can't take much more of Saturday's crap. I spend hard earned money on that to watch players like Yakubu score a goal and then pretty much say I've done my bit and disappear for the rest of the game. Playing players out of position and relying on boys is not the Everton I want to see again. It's the Everton of a few seasons ago when we were deep in the mire. Surely, we're better than this now????
Brian  Wolf     Posted 18/08/2008 at 12:48:42   Comments (52)

The ones that got away?

Watching MOTD on Saturday after our ignominious opening-day defeat, it occurred to me that the current problems at Goodison may run deeper than most of us would have expected. Yes, there?s the problem of not having strengthened the team that finished fifth last season. Yes, there?s the problem of having let two players go who made 88 appearances between them last season (Johnson and Carsley) without bringing in replacements. Yes, there?s the problem of Moyes not having signed his new contract amid rumours of a lack of available transfer funds. Obviously this last problem has potentially had an impact on the other two ? but watching the other sides playing on Saturday got me thinking ? have we really got NO money at all? After all, look at this list of players: Mikael Forssell, Kris Commons, Zoltan Gera, Daniel de Ridder, Philipp Degen, Geovanni, Thomas Sorensen All these footballers moved on free transfers over the summer. Now, without mentioning specific players, it?s obvious that not all of these would suit Everton, even on a short-term basis. Many are simply not good enough to break into the first team on a regular basis; some have poor injury records, others don?t play in positions in which we need strengthening. However, can anyone argue that having one or two of these players (or others available for no transfer fee) would have been preferable to taking on Blackburn with 10 senior players, one of whom (Valente) has scarcely played in two years and another (Jagielka) was playing hopelessly out of position?

Yes, I?m all for playing kids ? if they?re good enough. My understanding is that both Rodwell and Baxter seem to have pretty promising top-level football careers ahead of them. But starting Rodwell (out of position if he prefers central defence) with only five minutes or so of first-team experience, and blooding a kid straight of school in Baxter seems desperate to me in any circumstances, when in theory we could have signed Zoltan Gera (or even Claude Makelele for goodness sake!) who would do a decent job in the Premier League, freeing up Pienaar, Arteta and co to rest now and then. Not since the injury crisis at the back end of 1996-97 forced Dave Watson to pick teenagers Michael Ball, Richard Dunne, John Hills and Co can I remember something as threadbare as this.

I know that wages and signing-on fees are a major concern when signing any player, and in Van der Meyde we have a prime example of what can go wrong when a player comes in on a big contract then doesn?t play for long spells. Yet watching Geovanni (a former Brazilian international with experience at Barcelona and Benfica) thrash in a brilliant goal for Hull against an experienced Fulham side including Simon Davies (disappointing at Everton no doubt, but experienced, hard-working and versatile) really made me realise how little money we must really have.

Don?t forget, we also let Manuel Fernandes and Stefan Wessels go too. While neither set the world on fire with their performances last season, surely there will come a time when having them on board would be beneficial (if not Saturday, then when international call-ups, injuries and suspensions kick in, or fixtures pile up between November and the end of January).

If Johnson had to be sacrificed to fund a move for Moutinho or Vagner Love, fair enough. But surely some other squad players could have been brought in on Bosman moves (like those above) or on loan? Or is there really no money for anything? Or is it all down to the board not wanting to splash out ANY money until Moyes?s contract situation is resolved?
Chris Marks     Posted 18/08/2008 at 09:45:37   Comments (3)

In Defence of Leighton Baines

I have read much criticism of Leighton Baines's performance on Saturday, here and in other places. I must say I wasn't at the game yesterday but watched it via a live stream on the web. I agree it wasn't one of his better performances but for people to say he should be shipped out is way too hasty in my opinion.

This lad is only coming back from an ankle operation and has yet, through injury and supposed tactical selection of Lescott (height at set pieces) to enjoy a sustained run in the side. I for one will not forget how he kept Ronaldo in his pocket last season in the game at Goodison. He's a brilliant prospect given time to regain form and a proper footballer to boot, the like of which we need more in the team then less; if we are to try and play the ball to feet from the back and to use his undoubted ability going forward.

Give the lad a break, I say to those who are on his back. I'm sure he'll come good in time if he's allowed, as Jagielka was last season, to play his way into form. I'll be at West Brom Saturday hoping to see him and the rest of the team get the required result. COYB!
Paul Walsh     Posted 18/08/2008 at 03:38:49   Comments (26)

Fourteen Days To Build The New Everton

And it can be done...

I remember thinking when Moyes came to the club that we were only eleven players short of a top-class team. Maybe I was wrong ? we had Carsley after all. Now though, despite all the doom and gloom, we?re actually two players short of a top-class team. That?s progress! Of course, given that the demands of a season we need to improve our squad too, but when you step back I don?t see why we can?t get everything we need in the next fortnight.

1. Firstly, two central midfielders. One defensive and one a playmaker.

2. An attacking midfielder, ideally capable of playing on the left and with pace, and a striker with pace, presence and composure.

3. An experienced keeper and young centre-half to improve the squad.

That?s it! We can all bandy round names, but as I see it we only need to find major money the two of these, get two on loan, and pay a small amount for the final pair. All this can be done within our budget, and provided we invest in younger players they should maintain or increase in value ensuring the long-term health of the club.

We can then devote this season to having a real first choice eleven for the first time in the Moyes era in which EVERY player is there for the long term, and can grow game by game. We can finish in the top eight and progress in the cups.

And next season, top four... I'm serious. If the loan players have done the job we can sign them up, and beyond that additions should be minimal ? with incomings generally accounted for by outgoings. The stadium problem is not a problem ? there is now an opportunity for real unity: a united fanbase pursuing a new stadium within Liverpool, and I believe the council will ultimately agree to Walton Hall Park and our investment will be offset by Sainsbury?s.

The upshot to this is that five years from now we will just have had our first game in a new 50,000 seater stadium, Moyes will have led us back into the Champions League, we will have won silverware, and we will be in a position to challenge for the Premier League itself for the first time in a long time. And none of this is even contingent on a Blue Billionaire, but simply seizing the opportunity offered us by the next fourteen days ? and building The New Everton.

Always always keep the faith.
Trevor Dean     Posted 17/08/2008 at 21:45:54   Comments (2)

Bury your blues...... least for a while. On BBC4 at 8:50pm on Monday 18th August is a full length documentary called, "The Golden Vision" about "a group of Everton fans' relationship with their club" and - Alex Young no doubt. I think it was written in 1968 at a time when I was 2 years old and EFC were well and truly established as one of the "Big Five" with a probably a higher standing in the game than our satanic neighbours. A nice diversion from our current woes and a reminder - if we needed one in the light of recent fan divisions - of what makes Evertonians tick.
Mike Hughes     Posted 17/08/2008 at 20:38:38   Comments (17)

It's worse than you think!

I thought long and hard about whether to post this...let me explain.

I was the one who posted a couple of weeks before the DK decision was actually released, saying that the board "knew" for certain that it would be called in. I stated that the info I got came from a source withing the club. Understandably I got equally savaged and supported.

Right, here goes... I have further information, and I post this in the hope that something will happen when people realise just how bad things have got. It concerns people's questions with regards to where did the McFadden money go, etc etc and why we didn't strengthen in January.

In January, a club "representative" (we'll call him) had to approach the bank(s) to extend the club's credit line so that (wait for it) THE PLAYERS' WAGES COULD BE PAID!!! Now you know exactly the state we're in and I could hardly believe it when I was told. I fear I'll be told nothing else after this but something HAS to be done to save us!
Brian  Williams     Posted 17/08/2008 at 19:33:42   Comments (45)

Kick for the Caribbean, anyone?

With a great sense of comedy timing, Everton decided to launch their 'new' Kick For The Caribbean fundraiser initiative at half-time yesterday, a blow up beach scene with accompanying palm trees at either end. For the record, none of the 'marketing' staff (all girls) managed to kick the ball through any of the holes in the plastic beach scene.

I guess most of the crowd at that stage would have willingly swopped places for ANY Caribbean location for what was served up at Goodison yesterday. I believe the next two weeks will go a long way to defining just what sort of season Everton FC are in for. If Moyes and co, fail to bring in at least four new players, I fear the worst. Instead of hoping for another long run in the Uefa Cup, I view it as an unwelcome distraction as we fight to remain in the top half of the Premier League.

Unusually for me, Moyes must take most of the blame yesterday, simply for choosing the wrong side. Neville had a nightmare at right back, carrying on from last season either ballooning the ball out of play (on three occasions) or playing hoofball to Osman, playing at centre forward, who was marked by the 6'-5'' Blackburn centre half!

The whole shape of the side was so unbalanced right from the KO, you didn't need the latest UEFA coaching badge to see that any half-decent side would have walked right through us. I know Moyes's options were limited before the start of the game, but why not play 4-5-1 with Osman one of the midfield five? When Moyes gets it wrong, he does so spectacularly, but seems absolutely resolute in refusing to change the tactics or the system.

The only plus points were the blooding of Rodwell and Baxter, the latter I believe will make a real impact at Goodison in the future, but not in the cauldron and pressure of the Premier League, that's simply unfair on a 16-year-old. More alarmingly, there was a clear lack of leadership ALL over the field yesterday, the experience of Stubbs and Carsley was sadly missing. How can a club the size of Everton not improve their squad over a 12 week period? Something's rotting at Goodison.
Steve  Hogan     Posted 17/08/2008 at 17:05:17   Comments (6)

It hurts getting beat, doesn't it?

Before the game, I think it was safe to say that we were all worried for Everton. During the first 20 minutes I think we all got a bit more worried. An average Blackburn team managed to cause so much panic for everyone at Goodison. If we look back on the game, they probably deserved to win, but I am now a little bit more settled with things, but still worried.

We need players that is a certain, anyone really. But seeing Areta start to believe in himself during the second half makes me feel better, seeing the Yak scoring as usual makes me feel better (not his tackling skills though). I thought that if you added Cahill to yesterday's team we probably would have won the game. Thats how close we would have been to having three points, just one player!

I know it's not an ideal situation, but when big Victor is back, Vaughan, Cahill and even Hibbo, we'll beat a lot of teams just with them. But if we just buy 3 quality players (two midfield and a forward) plus maybe 4 squad players, then I am certain we'll continue on the up. Its not that far when you think about it, but with each day passing by, it seems more and more distant. It's that much of a fine line isn't it? Again it hurts knowing that without injuires and possibly 3 more players many of us wouldn't be so worried.

I heard Arteta's interview after the game on Everton TV, saying we shouldn't have to put pressure on Rodwell or Baxter. This is very true, but imagine these lads in three years time, if they are able to play around more people like Arteta and Yakubu. It hurts getting beat doesn't it, but we all pray that we don't feel this for much longer. We deserve better.
David Wallbank     Posted 17/08/2008 at 16:33:12   Comments (7)

Alan Smith

I saw the Newcastle squad in Manchester earlier today, they were crossing in front of my car, I wound my window contemplating abuse to Keegan but saw Alan Smith, I asked him if he was signing and he said, "I hope so".... Nothing to gain from saying this, but I asked him and that's what he replied. Let's see who we get, don't really want him but anyone will do hey!
Paul McGlone     Posted 17/08/2008 at 15:57:42   Comments (9)

Depressing stat of the day

I have no idea how this stat relates to other prem teams of a similar calibre to ourselves but, since the start of the 2003-04 season to today (5 yrs), we have only won 4 (Yes FOUR) Premier League games in which we have conceded the opening goal! What makes this stat even more remarkable was that in Moyes first full season we achieved a successful comeback no less than SEVEN times!

Don't get me wrong, I think that Moyes has done a great job for Everton, but is it just me or is something fundamentley wrong that we cannot lift ourselves up after conceding goals. The last team we be beat in the league after conceding the first goal I think was Fulham 4-1 in the 06-07 season.
Gareth Price     Posted 16/08/2008 at 23:05:49   Comments (15)

The truth and nothing but the truth

I just find it hard to beleive that ANYONE beleives totally what David Moyes said about everything being HIS fault etc etc... Can people not accept that others will say things to cover bigger more far reaching problems...

Anyone who believes "The cash has been there from the start of summer"......"there's a considreable budget for transfers"....."the problem getting people in isn't down to money".

For fuck's sake !!!! IT'S ALL ABOUT MONEY....and we haven't got any. The trouble in getting people in is down to the club trying to buy a £15m player with £5m (or less) and other clubs just WON'T have it (understandably)

Moyes is being loyal, and there's a bit of saying what he's been encouraged to say. He's lying too, but only because, just like the line in that film "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH"....

BK "IS" working 24/7, but he's working 24/7 to scrape together money for transfers, because a lot of "promises" were reliant on DK, that's why there was no EARLY movement in the market... and now that DK is a no-go there IS no money!
Brian  Williams     Posted 16/08/2008 at 19:46:53   Comments (55)

Sometimes You've Gotta Lose The Battle To Win The War

I'm prepared to be criticised,for this view, but perhaps losing today, especially to a late goal, could be the best thing that's happened in this cruel, cruel summer.

Just picture it. The game has finished 2-2: "The (plucky) boys battled well and were well worth the point / The young lads played their part / It just shows you don't need stars to get a Premier League result."

We got what we deserved. We got what I expected. And the worst thing of all? The largely inept performances of some of the senior players (Arteta up to his goal, Howard, Neville, Lescott). I genuinely don't blame them for their errors. If I plied my trade in a workplace surrounded by that kind of chaos, I would be disheartened. I would wonder what I was doing there. I would make basic mistakes.

Never mind local pressures, perhaps (to previously disinterested national media) this 'shock' result will provide the necessary big-time scrutiny to trigger some basic honesty in those collectively charged with (mis) administering the club's stewardship. From now on, there should be NOWHERE to hide for these people.

The EGM is just the start; there is no going back. There are no more 'second chances' for people who cannot do the basics of a good job. It will take a long time to put this right. I truly have no idea how it will be put right and by who and who will, long term, pay the bills. We have no divine right to be a great football team. We have no divine right to have great players. But all great instututions (and all those that keep their spirit alive) deserve its custodians deliver truth, honesty and sound management. We may not, for some time to come, achieve 'nothing but the best'.

But today, tomorrow and in the future, we CAN demand that a 'nothing but the worst' mentality has no place at Everton Football Club.
Alan  Chadwick     Posted 16/08/2008 at 18:11:18   Comments (23)


Familiar failings. Long balls from deep, to little Ossie of all people. Except for sporadic moments in the second half, we were abysmal. Jagielka looked lost in midfield, and Pip had his usual careless distribution. Also, Baines was shockingly bad.

So the two players who we need the most did the most on the day, Arteta more so than Yak. Dear god, what would happen to us should Mikel get injured? Aside from him, there's little creativity going forward. Ossie tried as usual but when you got balls flying high up above you, what can you do?

Blackburn deserved it, no doubt in my mind. If we had held on to the lead for a few more minutes, who knows what we could build from there? But the instant equalizer sapped the confidence back into their collective shells, and in the end, we struggled to flourish in the end minutes, save for a Baxter chance that I swear would have me in tears (of joy) if he'd scored.

You can see from DM's morose reaction in the end that this is getting serious. Potentially fatal. 6 teenagers (!) out of 7 in the subs bench. Even if we get everyone back, it's still not good enough. Nowhere near good enough. I'll save the boardroom troubles for those more in the know, but it looks like, on the playing side, it's more of the same cautious, sedentary (and LONG BALL!) approach for my beloved club...
Mikhail Ridhuan     Posted 16/08/2008 at 17:01:23   Comments (39)

Ooops... a goal down already!

Is it just me or do we look shockingly bad after the first quarter of the match???
Michael Kenrick     Posted 16/08/2008 at 15:21:09   Comments (69)

Childish Games

My dad works with James Vaughan's mom. He was told midweek by the physio that he would not be playing today, not because he isn't fit though, as he is. Moyes simply hasn't spoken to him since being sent off in USA. Not a word.. didn't even tell him he would not be playing. He is now looking to go out on loan I think, with talk of him being sent on loan to Blackburn.

Apparantly it was a similar story with AJ. Last game of the season, brought all his family up from London to watch the game and then never even got a look in. That was the final straw from him from what I've been told.

I'm a big fan of Moyes, but his man management skills leave a lot to be desired. Giving someone the silent treatment for over 2 weeks smacks of being childish to me. Now, with Osman being a doubt he may well have a change of heart, but considering the state we are in, leaving out a fit striker with premiership experience for no other reason than making a point seems ridiculous.
Marc McHale     Posted 16/08/2008 at 14:37:01   Comments (10)

M'bia crocked

Watching the Cameroon game on BBC internet. M'bia was playing well at right midfield but launched himself into several reckless challenges and was forced off with a knee injury after less than 20 minutes. Difficult to say how serious it is. I'm off to the Hermitage...
John Harris     Posted 16/08/2008 at 11:17:48   Comments (1)

We've Waited, But Haven't Seen

"Wait and See" was the quote Kenwright said about incoming transfers, and that we we're going to be surprised. Another piece of pure genius from our Chairman. How can we believe anything to come out of his mouth again (most people didn't anyway). And now Moyes has come out to say the he himself has let everyone down as he hasn't signed anyone. What an absolute shambles this club is. At least he has the balls to say that, but it needs to be rectified ASAP.

Does anyone think that Kenwright won't show up tomorrow, as he knows that there's going to be 40,000 unhappy fans expecting him.
Kristian Boyce     Posted 16/08/2008 at 00:45:31   Comments (24)

Bluetooth, My Arse!

Well I take all of my synicism back. Just as I was beginning to think that the summer was a complete and total shambles for our club, a fucking DISASTER of magnificent proportions even, the club have come up trumps and announced that there will be Bluetooth available at Goodison for the coming season. Well I for one am able to rest easy now knowing that our club have been working like trojans during the transfer window, not to sign any players mind but to provide a much needed blue fucking tooth service during our home matches. That's great.

Well at least that when we are getting our arses kicked on the field we can be distracted by gawking at our mobiles having the latest shite propaganda and subsicription sales shite shoved down our big gaping gullable necks.

(For the benefit of anyone who hasn't noticed, I am being sarcastic.)
Jim Slade     Posted 15/08/2008 at 23:44:17   Comments (13)

Moyes may get his dream?

Let me start by saying I am blue through and through, here's the BUT. I am fed up with transfer windows, we are constantly let down by incompetence and downright basic lies and I am at the end of my tether.

I have to ask myself why Aston Villa can sign a player in less than a day, why can Tottenham, Man City, Ipswich, Colchester also manage this magic feat?

When Everton cannot sign a player in a whole transfer window? Is it the Chairman? Not sure but we need to know if there is no money, where the hell has it gone! Is it the club? Don?t think so as we can offer Uefa Cup football, Premier League football and 30000+ every game...

Is it the manager? I think it is, we always fanny about, dither and make pathetic offers for players. Mr Moyes has made some really good signings Lescott, Cahill and Arteta. I think we have made ourselves look the laughing stock of the whole football world, how can a team who had the season we did last season implode like we have? How have we got the smallest squad around? We are lacking all over the pitch, backup goalkeeper needed as I don?t think Ruddy or Turner are up to it.

Defence is OK but we need backup, Midfield is a shocker, injuries and no holding midfielder is a real problem, and attack, well where do you start, we need a Johnson replacement ASAP as I don?t think Vaughan and Anchiebe are up to it, too injury prone and not able to complete whole matches. If I can see all this trouble ahead why can you not Moyes?

I have to say that if he does not sign his contract by the end of August and we have not signed at least 5-6 really good players, not last minute panic buys, then I think Moyes is leaving, he is going to run his contract out and either go to Celtic or Rangers next season. I hope I am wrong but that is my prediction based on Strachan and Smith positions at the moment.
Andrew McGreavy     Posted 15/08/2008 at 20:19:27   Comments (12)

Something's Got To Give

Now Don't get me wrong, I admire the work of both David Moyes and Bill Kenwright. I also admire the relationship they seem to have and in this day and age where Managers are chewed up and spat out at the slightest disagreement, I think their relationship could be a model for a number of clubs to build upon. However, it has been a close season of disarray.

Firstly Moyes at the end of last season states he has not signed a contract as he wants to focus on the end of the season. Fair enough one might think ? he'll sign when the season is over. But no, he wants to get the squad right and bring in players... but he'll sign within 2 weeks. Fair enough again, sort out the squad before we embark on another very long and potentially rewarding season.

Problem is he has still not signed and neither have the players. However, what has happened is our CEO has quit ? good news to many! Our potential move has been called in and this may have ultimately killed the move to Kirkby, again good news for many! And we have lost 2 very important players, namely Carsley and Johnson and these have not been replaced.

I'm no merchant doom and gloom, but I am a realist. We can claim "In Moyes We Trust" 'til we're blue in the face and I'm normally the first to say it. But there are things that are worrying and I can't quite put my finger on it; time is running out.

I hope to see in the next 2 weeks before the transfer window closes Moyes to sign some quality players, Moyes to sign himself for as long as possible, and us as a club to find somewhere in Liverpool for our new stadium. And let's not settle for mid range - We are Everton FC - and if we can get some investment. I know it's a lot to ask but I can only hope.
Michael Potts     Posted 15/08/2008 at 20:30:52   Comments (4)

Reasons to be cheerful

OK so we haven't got any new faces, but, I'm beginning to think, this might not be as desperate or disastrous as we think.

Moyes has bought some excellent players in before: Arteta, Cahill, Lescott and Jagielka to start. He knows what he's doing and has said he won't just buy anyone who 'will do'.

Kenwright has said there are funds and that we need to be patient. I hate being patient. However, if we get the right players for the right money and they end up performing, we'll soon forget about the disastrous summer.

The young lads we have are excellent, If Steve Round and David Moyes didn't think they were good enough to play in a Premiership side then we'd be panic buying now. Remember how Moyes chose to slowly bring Rooney in the the frey.

I say, lets support DM and BK, trust that they know what they are doing and let them do their job. If they've messed it up it will be obvious in a few weeks and we'll all need some bloody good explanations, but lets leave the protests until then.

Lets start the new season with a sense of optimism, even if it's that the summer is over and we could have some amazing new youngsters to brag about.

Lewis Barclay     Posted 15/08/2008 at 18:12:19   Comments (3)

Ok, So which one of you was it?

Perhaps to lighten things up a bit here... I noticed this article on the BBC website.:

Suspended ref's car is vandalised

"Police are trying to find vandals who damaged a £40,000 sports car belonging to a suspended Premier League referee.

Mark Clattenburg, who lives in Newcastle...."

So, which one of you lot was it? :-)
Damian Scott     Posted 15/08/2008 at 17:07:26   Comments (3)

The shrewd Scot

In 1993-94 Roy Keane was bought by a certain Mr Ferguson from Nottingham Forest for a record transfer fee of £3.75 million. 14 years later, even David Nugent costs more. Robbie Keane ? £20.3 Million? Jo - £19 Million? What the!!! These two alone could pay off most of the Everton debt.

Guess what happens if we pay off our debt? We become one of the wealthiest clubs in England in terms of real wealth - not the financial alchemy that passes off as "Club Management" these days. Most major clubs are in debt (oh sorry "leveraged"). They pay a certain amount to service this mortgage every year. Imagine what would happen to the repayments of an £800 million loan if the interest rate goes up by 1%? Or, heaven forbid, the mortgaged team fails to make the Champions League? Leeds United, anyone? Everyone thought nothing was wrong with America's real estate market until last year. But when it rains, it absolutely belts down in a false economy. I fear that such a day may not be far off for some of the clubs in EPL.

Our debt levels are not that high. Most of the real big clubs are not signing too many this year. Man U has made just one signing so far ? costing a mere £200k. Arsenal has signed 3, costing less than £20 million. So why are we worried about no signings? I believe we are facing the "keeping up with the Joneses? syndrome. We fear that we'll fall behind.

Our direct competitors are spending big. Very big. Spurs: £47.9 million this season; Man City: £19 million just on one player, Liverpool: £178.7 million since Rafa took over. Add to that the reported salaries; these clubs truly do want to buy silverware, even if it costs them gold.

And that scares many of us. We say, "We finished fifth last year, we must do our utmost to crack the top 4 this year", "Another golden opportunity squandered by dithering Dave." Well, to them I ask WHY MUST we finish in the top 4 this year? What opportunities are we actually squandering?

We have been a hard working team that punches above its weight for 5 years now. Another year, with zero signings is not going to push us that far down the pecking order. We will still punch above our weight and we WILL finish in the top 10. And perhaps this is what David Moyes wants. A year to consolidate. A year for the post Euro cup market to cool down (Arshavin's price has already been slashed). A year to give academy youngsters a proper go. A year to spot more Cahills, Pienaars, Artetas, Yobos and Lescotts - in THAT price bracket. A year to raise more capital. A year to watch the overspenders squander more. A year of the shrewd ginger scot.

COYB 2008-09
Nigel Gregson     Posted 15/08/2008 at 15:05:44   Comments (4)

Full of Wind

I was born in Winslow Street in 1949 and from then till now am a lifelong blue. My dad worked partime at goodison for over 25 years, I ran messages for the players ( Booby Collins , Alex Young, Roy Vernon etc ). I would mind bikes on a saturday match day then run to my dads turnstile and 'bunk over ' to watch the game.

I remember the Tony Kay incident and the way the club handled it with dignity under the guidance of 'Mr John' our chairman. John Moores was a gentleman and true blue who put his heart and money into the club he and we the fans loved!!!

We are now faced with a Chairman who is full of wind, who pretends to have the club's and the fans' interests at heart, sorry but I do not believe him! I feel he has abused the fans and the history of a club that has no equal. We ARE the People's Club and will always be but, just as the people had to fight and beat Thatcher, the people of Everton FC must fight and defeat BK. COYB I'll be there on saturday and support the lads!!!
Chris  Williams     Posted 15/08/2008 at 12:12:53   Comments (55)

Saturdays team

I was speaking to a friend earlier who's been watching the lads training this week and he reckons through sources in and around Finch Farm that the squad's going too look something like this:

Howard; Neville, Yobo, Lescott, Valente; Arteta, Rodwell Jagielka Baines; Osman, Yakubu

I definitly think it will get the win against Blackburn, although the midfield and wingback frailties would definitely be exposed against the bigger boys. I think Baines is awesome and will shine in our attacking play down the wing...
Simon Kirwan     Posted 14/08/2008 at 18:50:43   Comments (41)

Complete Ineptitude

I was on my way to work today. Sun is shining, weather is sweet and all that.

Then as I get off the bus and make my way into Williamson Square I hear a truly awful vomit inducing noise. A noise only 40,000 gobshites would choose to sing along to. I'm sure you know what i'm talking about.

All around the square there are pretty(ish) girls shooing people into the centre of the square to watch some kind of show. The show in question was not just promoting the RS it was to do with shopping in Liverpool in general. That is not the bit that got me, sickening though it was! It was right outside the one and only JJB. The club cannot just accept that they are our partners, leave all our marketing to them because soon people wont know that we exist.

LFC may be our nearest rivals both geographically and in the league but thier miles ahead of us in everything else.

This has just topped of what is rapidly declining into the worst summer of my life. I will be contacting EFC Monday to offer my services to the marketing dept. It would be impossible to do a worse job. See you all Saturday with my boots!
Ste  Kenny     Posted 14/08/2008 at 18:04:11   Comments (25)

Enough's Enough!

All summer I've tried to be optimistic about the current transfer predicament at the club, however, when I woke up this morning to find that Moyes has supposedly been 'misled' by agents over the Love deal, it really pissed me off and gave me the urge to write in.

How can a Premier League club consistently struggle to negotiate one transfer deal when every other club in the league seems to manage it with little or no problems?

Alright, maybe Moyes has been 'misled' on this occasion, but the Moutinho deal seems to have gone quiet. What about M'bia, Milito, Smith, Topal? I don't understand why we can't go in for players along the £10m lines of Milner and Wright-Phillips. We've just got over 10 mil for the AJ deal so there is surely some source of finance at the club, although after AJ was seemingly forced out in order to raise funds, it seems to me as though in comparison with a lot of other sides the club are in fact skint.

i know for almost certain that Moyes will bring in players before the window, but why hasn't it been done earlier? Even if anyone comes in before Blackburn, there is no way they will play, leaving us with 10 seniors which for a top 5 premier side is embarassing. Midfield looks especially poor at the moment.

The only way forward long-term has to be investment. My only criticism of Kenwright is that he should have maybe attracted some investment by now. The guy loves the club as much as any one of us does and tries hard but at the end of the day, we are currently in danger of falling backwards again.

Anyway, whatever happens from now until 1st Sept, i know that we'll all still remain loyal and passionate because at the end of the day, we are the best fans in the world. COYB
Matt Roache     Posted 14/08/2008 at 17:03:55   Comments (34)

UEFA Cup Seeding

There was the possibility of us being 9th seeds or at worst 24th seeds for this year's UEFA Cup.

With Rangers getting knocked out, we became at worst 23rd. As expected the two teams seeded above us who were in the Intertoto both are through to the UEFA Cup 2nd round being played tonight.

But of the 12 teams ranked above us who are in the Champions League Qualifying, 10 of them are in a good position to go through (won or drew away) and only Olympiakos (lost 3-0 in Cyprus) and Schalke (1-0 at home to Atletico Madrid) are possibly going to end up in the UEFA cup.

So there is every possibility we could be 13th seeds and in pot 2 for the draw.

That is if we have enough players… (just for the doom mongers who perhaps will struggle with a future-is-bright post!)
Phil Roberts     Posted 14/08/2008 at 16:38:00   Comments (10)

Names, names and more names

You can keep all the names coming - in my opinion its all just spin to make us believe they are working hard on it. DM and BK are happy for all this speculation to keep coming up, they are probably causing it. The fact is there is no money in the pot and DM knows it. Can't tell the fans that though otherwise there would be a complete riot.

DM has been blooding the youngsters all through the pre-season, singing their praises ? along with some glowing testimonials from the 1st first teamers. I hope they are that good because come transfer deadline day there will be nothing ? no new signings. When the question is asked they will no doubt publicly come out and say "You know what ? we tried ? look at all the names we were in for. It's not our fault they didn't want to come".

Cynical - you bet I am. Just my opinion.
Steve Edler     Posted 14/08/2008 at 12:07:58   Comments (45)

I am fuming

I have had it with Everton now, the club is completely incompetent from top to bottom.

I have had a season ticket for 3 years and I renewed this time around a little late as I changed jobs around the time the renewals were initially taking place and I didn't have the money to spend at the time.

So, instead I keep checking if my seat is still available by speaking to the box office and latterly on the internet. 6 weeks ago I renewed and had luckily (or so I thought) managed to get my old seat; this was confirmed, the transaction was confirmed and I have the bank statement to show. However, I hadn't received my season ticket yesterday so I spoke with the club and they said that I hadn't been allocated a season ticket - although I had given my money to them!!!

Low and behold, my seat has now gone and I am about to be stuck with an obstrcuted view, if I renew. The club has said that they won't move the new person in my seat (I imagine he will be going to the game on his own as I have an aisle seat) and all they have done is offer me a refund or a new seat.

Frustrating to say the least when I have been going to the game on my own for 3 years and have made good friends with them around me! Cheers Everton, look after your fans why don't you!
James  Cadwaladr     Posted 14/08/2008 at 10:04:24   Comments (30)

All in all, a good summer.

Some will say I have a perverse sense of well-being but, all in all, I feel it has been a good summer for Everton fans. Now at a time when forums and phone-ins are so full of woe, why should I be different to most of my fellow Bluenoses? But just for a moment focus on the positives:-

1. The dreadful DK was `called in` by the Government making it a virtual certainty that we will never have to de-camp to that god-forsaken hole.

2. The obnoxious and much hated Wyness was removed from office ? surely a cause for unmitigated joy all round.

3. David Moyes, who even Prentice of the Echo says never tells a lie, assured us that `he was going nowhere` and vowed to sign an extension to his contract just as soon as one or two minor details could be sorted out.

4. The club`s acting CEO positively stated that there is NO cash crisis at Goodison and that substantial monies are available for signings.

5. Even `The Sun`? in a piece headlined to be alarmist ? stresses that UP TO £30M is there for Davey to spend.

6. The sudden emergence of an amazingly bright crop of youngsters who will underpin our continued progress on all fronts.

So that`s no less than half a dozen reasons to be joyful! Of course we are all disappointed that the ranks won't have been swollen in time for Saturday`s kick-off but Moyes is after real quality this time and refuses to compromise to get an easy headline.

So count your blessings, my fellow Evertonians and get ready to hail the most exciting fortnight of signings any of us have known.

As I said,`All in all,a good summer!`
Neil  Masters     Posted 14/08/2008 at 09:27:33   Comments (21)

Look at who we could've got...

I'm as frustrated as the next man about lack of signings and have, indeed, abandoned all hope of signing anyone before the Blackburn game but of the players who've moved, within our alleged budget, that we could realistically have got then who have we missed out on?

I'm struggling to think of many/any. Modric on paper maybe but that would be the 'bulk' and I've barely seen him. Same goes for Dos Santos. Chris Eagles going to Burnley for £1.25m amazed me as he was having a stormer of a pre-season for the Mancs and at that price I'd have taken him. If Fernandes was available at £6m then I'd say he was the missed opportunity but Moyes sees him day in and day out and obviously didn't fancy taking the punt so fair play, thats why hes the manager. Sidwell's all about wages, he was at Reading as well, so given our structure we were never going to get him. Even the predicted exodus at Chelsea has failed to happen for one reason or another.

I guess the point I'm making is whilst I'm gutted and very much fearful over the lack of players available, it's not like I'm seeing all these targets go elsewhere as there doesn't seem to be much moving who we would've had a realistic shot at bringing in anyway and certainly not as if we've been outbid by anyone. You could point to Ramsey but was he ever REALLY going to choose us over Arsenal or the Mancs?

Let's get behind the boys for the Blackburn game, scrape a result/sneak a win and trust that 'someone' will be joining us before September. Then, if nobody does join, I'll be the first to hand out the lifejackets...
Ben Houghton     Posted 14/08/2008 at 07:54:20   Comments (16)

Moyes Walkaway?

I think Cast said it all!

If you've played all the games they've played
You played them yesterday
Just walk away, walk away
If you've been, where they wanna go, seen all they've got to show
Just walk away, walk away, walk away
That's what they say, what they say, what they say
You gotta walk away

And now you must believe me, you never lose your dream
So now you must believe me, we never lose our dreams
Dan Parker     Posted 14/08/2008 at 04:15:39   Comments (24)

All of us could make a difference

I am on this website every day and read countless posts from fans protesting vigorously about the plight of our beloved club. A vast number of them are from posters wanting new ownership, investment, extra coverage across the City, more stock in JJB stores, a new stadium site and so on. My question is to all of you posters, why don?t you use this anger in a positive way by sending e.mails, letters or ringing potential investors, JJB or even the club to tell them what we think (it's by the way). We can then update everyone on our progress and talk about possible moves.

Over the last few weeks I have e.mailed Mr Bradley, Leader of Liverpool Council, about the new opportunity to keep us in the city and delivering on his promise of finding us a "real" site. He responded saying he hoped to be in discussions with Kenwright very soon (which he has done) and wanted to help.

I have sent various emails to potential investors including Richard Branson (Virgin group) about the possibility of investment (using stats from the Annual Accounts and obvious fan knowledge) and have had a response to say it will be responded to soon (probably won?t but tried at least), And finally, I've been in contact with a marketing dude from JJB who told me that Everton fans "were not being ignored?.

I think we post a lot of good stuff on here and we are very knowledgeable about our club so we need to use our initiative and go out there and find the help we need. For example, one poster Boston Bob suggested Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, as an excellent candidate for ownership. Why can't we e.mail this club, or better himself, and tell him about our Everton? What is the worst that can happen; you spend maybe an hour typing it and then get no response? At least you have done something meaningful which you can feel good about. At least you have done your bit.

I say to every poster, let's use our initiative and knowledge and get out there, spread the Everton name and deliver a better future for the next generation of Evertonians! Because our club certainly won?t!
Gavin Harris     Posted 14/08/2008 at 02:52:44   Comments (21)

Stadium Virtues

As time moves on, the so-called credit crunch kicks in, the economy starts to stall, and still throughout the world many people are starving and in poverty. Is it right that two football clubs from the same city with such great support both want to spend £100 Million plus on a two separate stadiums?

I say this as a life long Evertonian, and who would indeed find it a struggle to work on the above proposal, though surely it is not ethically, financially or morally correct for such vast expenditure from two clubs, where a shared option has been proven to work in European cities around the world.

When the clubs talk about so much work and effort in the community, encouraging youth and other such virtuous activities, if a tenth of the saving from building one stadium instead of two was filtered out to the community, think of the use this could be put to in sports facilities and community projects.

Apologies for bringing this up but surely now it may be worth considering?
Marc Oliphant     Posted 13/08/2008 at 20:54:23   Comments (22)


I am trying to think of decent forms of protest that can have a massive impact, but not hinder the reputation of OUR (not BK's) great club. How about a silent protest lasting 18minutes 78seconds (or 19minutes 18 seconds)?

I remember reading about Schalke doing something similar when their club increased ticket prices. They got noticed and the prices were reduced. They even scored during the 17 minutes or so and the ground remained silent, once the 17 minutes or so ended there was a massive roar by the fans, It really showed who mattered, and it also seemed to have a positive impact on the players.

I seriously doubt this is possible; however, I think it would have a great impact and would reflect well on the fans ? unlike a pitch invasion. If not this, a sit in, remaining in the ground for 1 hour or so after the match and I also quite like the idea of taking boots to the game. A protest is necessary; however, we want BK's name to be tarnished not EFC's.
Fran Mitchell     Posted 13/08/2008 at 20:10:10   Comments (23)

Sources & Reliable Sources!

I am in the same boat as most Evertonian's that we are desperate for news about our club. What gets me down more than anything is that when regular users of this site posting comments etc feel the need to post duff information on about so called players arriving for medicals. If my mate said to me a particular player was arriving at Finch Farm today for a medical I'd say "I hope so" and maybe mention it to another mate and thats it.

I see that as pure speculation and guessing and not as a reliable source. So why do people out there like to post there crap information on here and when they have people questioning their source they wont give them up. Then, when the time comes when a player is men to sign or DK is to be called in they go missing??
Andy  Fredson     Posted 13/08/2008 at 14:36:27   Comments (30)


I am fully aware of the fact that the reason the likes of Vaughan, Rodwell and Gosling might get the chance to start on Saturday is solely down to the abysmal running of the club since the fantastic finish to last season, and the home victory against Newcastle to crown us winners of "the other league".

Anyway, my original point was that there is a decent chance that we will play 4-4-2 on Saturday with James Vaughan and the Yak up front. If, as I hope, we play Arteta somewhere in behind them with Pip patrolling behind him, I personally think that is a pretty exciting front three. If we can scramble a hard earned win on Saturday, and buy ourselves another week in the transfer window, this most shocking of shocking summers might just turn the corner, although like most on here, I will never forgive the men behind the scenes for what they have put me through in the last few weeks.

I'm actually quite excited now. How blinkered am I?
Peter Laverty     Posted 13/08/2008 at 14:29:19   Comments (29)

It's not just about Blackburn

I've been reading all the posts recently and most posters think we only have to show up with 11 players on Saturday and the 3 points will be ours.

My first reaction is "There are no easy games in the Premier League," and my second reaction is "The Premier League is a marathon not a sprint".

Now, granted we MAY hopefully get a few new signings in before the deadline in 3 weeks and we MAY keep our highly regarded manager. BUT, and here's the rub, we may destroy some of the youngsters' confidence and we will damage the team spirit that Moyes has painstakingly built up in the last few years, especially if the results don't go for us and supporters turn their disappointment into venom.

So what's the answer?

Well, that's not easy having already created a lot of bad will amongst supporters but it would certainly help the mood if we had a press conference attended by the chairman, Acting Chief Executive and manager — if not others (Green?Earl) — to present a united front and explain the problems and confirm they are all agreed on the way forward.

Now I know Moyes has stated he will sign his contract and Kenwright has said he is excited by the DVDs of potential signings that Moyes has given him but we were promised that they would spend every hour trying to sign players and it hasn't happened so far hence the total unrest and dissatisfaction amongst supporters and I am sure the squad.

The second thing that needs to happen is for Kenwright to give Moyes written confirmation as an addendum to his contract on the funding and planning for new signings so he can sign his contract.

The third and most logical thing is to get a player signed soon and we now hear Appiah and Michael Johnson are available amongst a host of others so we really have no excuse even if its just to boost the squad numbers and give everybody a lift.

The fourth and most important thing for me is to get a new owner in ASAP who can bring honesty, commercial ability and stability to our once proud club.
Jay Harris     Posted 13/08/2008 at 14:06:44   Comments (26)

James Vaughan

Can anyone tell me if James Vaughan is definitely out for the first 3 games due to suspension?
Paul Bromilow     Posted 13/08/2008 at 13:11:38   Comments (21)

Unrelenting & Loyal Supporters

I have just been to Goodison for tickets for the 'Big Game' on Saturday. There was no queue. I took with me my 4-year-old daughter and my 20-month-old son. I had promised that she could ride her bike whilst I queued (bit optimistic of me in the current player crisis) but as there was nobody waiting I left her bike in the boot.

I reached the ticket office and requested one adult and one child ticket (for whichever one wanted to go on saturday morning) in the Family Enclosure, however, I was told that there were no seats next to each other. The only seats available were two in the corner by the Gwladys Street stand and due to the installation of new electronic advertising boards (ooooh) they would be restricted views. In the end, I managed to get 2 tickets for the Upper Bullens (I just hope my little girl ? who by this time had decided she wanted to attend her first Goodison match ? is not scared that high up.

My point here amdist this boring summary is that despite the lack of players, despite the hope of signings, despite Moyes not signing his contract, despite Kenwrights 'lies', despite the fact that I had to pay £19 for a 4 year old, I and my fellow supporters still come in our numbers to support our beloved Blues.

This will be the first game I have attended for 3 years. After having a season ticket in the lower Gwaldys from the ages of 13 to the age of 28, I had to give it up due to work. I now have weekends off so my aim now is to go to games with my little girl before her cousin turns her into a red. Again, I have a point to telling you this.

Despite all the doom and gloom around Goodison, I still have that buzz about the new season and I think that is what being a Blue is all about, we are different to other supporters. A good example of completley the opposite is Blackburn, as the lad at the ticket office said they have not taken their full allocation, which is a disgrace considering how close they are and the fact they have a new manager. I still have hope and when Saturday comes, I know you will too.
Anthony  Jaras     Posted 13/08/2008 at 11:56:05   Comments (23)

We've been here before.....

I'll admit it, I'm close to throwing in the towel. I can defend Kenwright & Co no longer, this pre-season has been a complete shambles and I've lost all of the hope for the club this season that I had over last year. Only Moyes remaining gives me any faith that this year won't be a complete shocker.

But back to the title of this mail. Sadly, my fellow Evertonians, we've all been here before. This tale of pre-season hype/rumour and then nothing happening till right up to the final hour is not new, in fact, it's been pretty much the same year in and year out for the last 5 years or so. So why, oh why, do we expect anything to be different each year?? Remember 2003 - nobody had signed all pre-season, and then at the final hour we came out with 4 new signings in Martyn, McFadden, Kilbane & Jeffers back in on loan. We've got previous of leaving it all to the last minute so don't be surprised to see more players coming in, but not till the very end of the deadline. A lot of people blame Moyes for dithering, but hopefully, it should be abundantly clear to most that Moyes has his targets and then it's Evertons "commercial" men who are the ones who hold up the deal as they agree wages, fees etc. Remember Kenwright's soundbite that you don't need £5 million to buy a £5 million player??

Anyway - in amongst all the doom and gloom, the point of this email is rather than moan about the lack of signings year-in, and year-out as we all do - let's just wait until the end of the month before condemning the club/Moyes/Kenwright to death - we all know we should have signed players early, but we haven't. We all know that we've missed an opportunity to build upon last years great season by getting off to a flyer with an improved squad. But sadly moaning about it aint going to change a thing so I'm afraid we've just got to live with it.

Who knows, come the 1st of Sept, we may have all the players we crave in the squad and these last few months will all be forgotten.
Andrew Bentley     Posted 13/08/2008 at 11:32:20   Comments (19)

New Midfielder!

On the official site there is an interview with Jags and goes on to say:

?He's a smashing lad,? the midfielder told evertonTV. ?He's a really, really confident lad but you can't get that confused with arrogance.

Are they trying to pull the wool over our eyes or what?

Will they will be trying to convince us that Baines was brought in as a LM?
Brett Bradshaw     Posted 13/08/2008 at 09:17:24   Comments (6)

Is it a Mexican stand-off?

I`ve never quite understood what makes the Mexican type any different from all the others but this is how `an Everton insider`described the situation to me a few hours ago. He reckons that Kenwright & Co are playing real hardball with Moyes to get him to sign his new contract. Apparently, BB has been told not to fork out for new players whilst the manager`s future is so uncertain. The moneymen behind the scenes just won't sign the guarantee forms if there is the mildest chance that Davey Boy will be doing one and leaving them to fund a host of players not to the next man`s liking.

I know this comes out of left field but there is so much turmoil behind the scenes, it may be much nearer to the truth than all the other conspiracy theories we`ve had presented to us in the last few days! So sign the contract Davey and put us all out of our misery!
Carlton  Wright     Posted 12/08/2008 at 23:33:59   Comments (47)

The Everton fan on the couch

If an Everton fan were to present for therapy now what issues would be foremost in their mind? Anger, confusion, rising anxiety and depression perhaps?

Epicetus ? in the 1st Century no less ? said "Men/women are disturbed not by things but by the views they take of them." That said, perhaps a cognitive approach would help our Evertonian client. The views expressed on issues such as Bill Kenwright demonstrate the range of cognitions at work. To some he is a hate figure attributed with causing the Club's downfall. Some take a more sympathetic personal view but would still like him to go, whilst others will defend him as a well meaning man who has always done his best for the club.

The level of anxiety/anger etc of course depends on the strength of the thought process at work. How would a therapist work with a fan who feels that his/her truth is the Ultimate Truth and is prepared to attack any attempt to question or modify its validity?

Recent submissions to this site have demonstrated that strength of feeling is running dangerously high almost to the point of hysteria. Am I alone in finding some of the exchanges on this site dripping in vitriol? Does anyone who advocates a more moderate view fear the risk of being accused a non-believer and finds it safer to hide in the shadows?

Another cognitive error that an Everton fan may currently display is catastrophizing, which in essence is fearing the worst when the evidence doesn't support that. Many seem now convinced that the club faces a long hard season and may even flirt with relegation. Others see the same nucleus of the side that finished 5th last season and are more optimistic. Who is right ?

That of course is hard to say but your viewpoint/cognition will dictate how you are feeling now. Perhaps within the Everton fans' collective subconscious lies the desire never to go back to the dark days of Ginola et al and that ultimate fear is fuelling the intensity of emotion currently being shown.

What then is the truth about Everton? Will Moyes sign his contract? Will we ever sign a new player? How will the season progress? The Truth is out there and will begin to be revealed from Saturday onwards. Only if the highly anxious etc begin to see evidence that their fears are unfounded will their symptoms fade.

What worries me more after 32 years of following this great club is the divisions within our own ranks. Perhaps that needs to be healed now more than any other issue.
Mike Evans     Posted 12/08/2008 at 20:07:09   Comments (10)

Have a Little Faith

I keep reading about how Everton are 10 players short and how we only have three available midfielders for the game against Blackburn but is that really true? Don't get me wrong Everton clearly need new players and are short if they want to maintain a healthy league campaign and Euro run but are we really as short as we think? Ok we have 3 midfielders available for Blackburn, Arteta, Osman and Neville that sounds really awful but isn't that a little unfair to Jack Rodwell and Dan Gosling? Both Gosling and Rodwell have been involved in nearly all the friendlies and to be fair have their performances been any different to those of the more established midfielders like Osman and Neville? It's a bit of an injustice to list the number of players we have available and to completely ignore the youngsters. It's fair to argue that they lack experience but still they have done fairly decent pre-season and they never will get experience until they start playing.

Maybe Moyes isn't rushing out to replace Carsley because he feels that Rodwell may just be able to do a job there. Carsley was important to the team but was he really that good of a player? Is there a chance that Rodwell could do his job until Moyes finds a suitable replacement? It may be a bit early for Gosling too but can he not do a job for a couple of games while Moyes is looking for that big-money midfielder? Moyes could go out tomorrow and find three or four midfielders to make up the numbers but what's the point if they simply aren't all that special? I would rather Moyes hold-fire, use Gosling and Rodwell for a couple of games while he continues his quest to find that special player (Mountinho?).

Let's have a little faith in players like Gosling and Rodwell, surely they are good enough to get us through a couple of games. Reinforcements must be on the way and surely a midfield of Neville, Rodwell, Osman, Gosling and Arteta has a chance against Blackburn?
John Cottee     Posted 12/08/2008 at 14:43:26   Comments (29)

The Club Website & Paper Talk

Why does our mighty club insist on publishing tripe paper talk on the club website? This was today's post from "The Sun":

"Everton boss David Moyes is frustrated at his lack of action in the transfer market. And he needs to raise cash to finalise moves this week for £3m Newcastle striker Alan Smith and a £2.5m loan swoop for CSKA Moscow striker Vagner Love."

Is that really supposed to make us feel warm inside, renew season tickets? Buy shirts? Get behind our club every step of the way. Not only does The Sun" post complete and utter nonsense, our beloved club is allowing those rumours to be posted to further add to the cloud currently languishing over GP. With posts like this on the website and the continual supposedly "well placed interviews" is it any wonder people are now beginning to panic?

Logging in and instead of seeing your club attempting to put a postive spin on things (besides the interviewing of a new squad member each day saying "how short we are in numbers and the kids will come good" which in all reality is beginning to wear thin and is looking more and more forced), it's almost as if "were skint; let's not try to fool anyone" approach has now taken presidence. As if they are attempting to devalue the club to such an extent that someone may take "pity" on BK and buy him out.

Businesses arent based on rumours? I've not checked yet, but surely a PLC wouldn't allow rumours to be posted on the company website? Like 'ive stated its as if were attempting to drive the stock down as low as was can. I'm not one for pulling the wool over people's eyes, but come on... publishing that on your own website hardly captures the nature of what the club used to be/is about.

The cold hard fact is and as yet to be solved through all the talking and rumours and carefully placed interviews: We need squad members ? simple fact, solve it ? quit talking and solve it. Bring back the days of closed doors, dealings been done behind those doors and revealed when its been concluded... I fear though, im asking too much.
Danny Goodier     Posted 12/08/2008 at 13:49:39   Comments (13)

?Bring Your Boots? Campaign


In light of all the absolute dejection at the club regarding no transfers, CEO leaving etc. etc. I think it's time to do something about it.

However, a "Kenwright Out" campaign is utterly pointless. How about doing something a bit more "Everton" in terms of humour and less "Kopite" in terms of gobshite!

An idea has been posted on the website BlueKipper which I found to be a decent suggestion ? how about a "Bring Your Boots" campaign for those going to Goodison Park for the Blackburn game on Saturday?

Basically, this would involve digging out any old pair of football boots and stringing them round your neck while watching the game ? the idea being, "we have no squad so ? if you need someone to play, give me a shout!"

I think it'd be a really vivid image and projection of our objections to the woefully inadequate pre-season we've had to endure.
Lee Keighly     Posted 12/08/2008 at 14:06:48   Comments (39)

'Round backs Everton youngsters'

I've tried to stay positive throughout the summer but after Peanut's foot this morning and the doom mongers coming out in force on other threads it seems that a spirit of cynicism has fallen over even me.

I read the above headline on the BBC web site and got the drift from the article that this is the start of the 'we've got such a great crop of youngsters that it won't be the end of the world if we don't sign anyone' campaign.

OK he does trot out that well worn platitude 'the chairman and the manager.......................' but the gist is how good the kids are.

Oh God help me!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steve Ashton     Posted 12/08/2008 at 13:38:41   Comments (42)

More movement on the transfer front

I just read on the BBC rumours page that Leighton Baines is the subject of a possible £6m transfer to Sunderland. The BBC source their stories and in this case they cite "various" which on there usually means there is some weight to them. I know that it sounds crazy, but with the squad the size it is, the thought that we could be considering moving on yet another first teamer is insane and probably true.

Even during the dark days of Agent Johnson, I don't remember feeling this down about an upcoming season. Surely there are rules about the size of squad on your team-sheet. If we have to resort to fielding half a dozen teenagers, I really fear for our Premier League future.

At the moment any thought of incoming transfers seems to be nothing more than a pipe dream and the reassurances of those saying there are still X number of days left in the transfer window are appearing increasingly absurd.
Mark Wynne     Posted 12/08/2008 at 12:52:44   Comments (31)

Kenwright Out Campaign

Is anyone organising a ?Kenwright Out Campaign? yet - If so let me know I want to help.

If not then - I think I would like to start one.

Reading all the bad, bad, bad and downright depressing news about Everton's failings and seeing the club being made into even more of a joke is too much to take. At least Kenwright's predecessor had the intelligence to realise his time is over.

Every closed season under his stewardship has been a nightmare!
Chris  Regan     Posted 12/08/2008 at 12:40:40   Comments (50)

The Chasing Pack

I saw an article on the bbcsport site saying that Villa looked to be signing Carlos Cuellar from Rangers for a cool £7.8mil, and thought I would look at how the teams around us have strengthend over this summer.

4th Liverpool - David Ngog, Emmanuel Mendy, Diego Cavalieri, Andrea Dossena, Philipp Degen, Robbie Keane.
Out - Scott Carson, Peter Crouch, Harry Kewell, Anthony le Tallec, John Arne Riise, Besian Idrizaj, Danny Guthrie.

6th Aston Villa - Curtis Davies, Steve Sidwell, Luke Young, Carlos Cuellar, Nicky Shorey, Brad Friedel.
Out - Thomas Sorensen, Patrik Berger, Luke Moore.

7th Blackburn - Robbie Fowler, Paul Robinson, Carlos Villanueva, Danny Simpson (loan), Julio Santa Cruz.
Out - Stephane Henchoz, Bruno Berner, Peter Enckelman, Brad Friedel, David Bentley.

8th Portsmouth - Peter Crouch, Ben Sahar (loan), Glen Little, Omar Alieu Koroma, Younes Kaboul.
Out - Sulley Muntari, Omar Alieu Koroma (loan).

9th Man City ? Jo, Tal Ben Haim.
Out - Georgios Samaras, Andreas Isaksson, Geovanni, Emile Mpenza, Paul Dickov, Sun Jihai, Matthew Mills.

10th West Ham - Valon Behrami, Balint Bajner, Jan Lastuvka (loan).
Out - John Pantsil, Bobby Zamora, Richard Wright.

11th Tottenham - John Bostock, Heurelho Gomes, Luka Modric, Giovani dos Santos, David Bentley.
Out - Pascal Chimbonda, Paul Robinson, Teemu Tainio, Joe Martin, Robbie Keane, Steed Malbranque, Younes Kaboul.

Out of those teams, the only ones who look in real trouble are Blackburn, but even they have at least gone someway to replacing their big sales (Bentley, Friedel) with new faces (Villanueva, Robinson). What is worrying for me is Villa, who were so close to beating us at the final hurdle - they've strengthend significantly and the players they have sold were simply not needed. Compare that to us losing first teamers like Carsley, Johnson, then not replacing them, then say, getting one of your only fit midfielders injured...I think I'm starting to panic!
Adam McCulloch     Posted 12/08/2008 at 10:17:51   Comments (1)

Beyond Panic Stations...

So today is Tuesday, there is now less than a week to go before the season starts and the fans of Everton Football Club are faced with the prospect of starting a new season with less squad players than last year - a year in which I believe EFC had less than necessary anyway.

Pienaar (according to this site) is now likely to be out for 6 weeks, as is Andy van de Meyde (yes I know he is not really the first name on the teamsheet - but let's face it, he has experience) which leaves a grand total of 3 experienced midfielders - 4 if little Timmy is back.

Meanwhile we have Mikel Arteta stating on Everton TV that there are 3 weeks left of the transfer season and he is confident that the club knows what it is doing.


Who in their right mind would plan to start a season with 3 fully fit midfielders??? If the money has been there then why has no player been bought? It is my firm belief that BK and KW put all of their little eggs into the DK basket and are now (well not KW - the one sensible thing he did was to fuck off!) up a creek and with very little in the way of long wooden implements.

To me it is no wonder that DM has not signed another contract - would you?

This close season has been a shambles from start to finish - yes there are 3 weeks left on the transfer window, but the season starts on Saturday and surely only a complete muppet would not bother buying players until after you have lost the first two matches. I have long since stopped fretting about all of this and have moved into acceptance that Everton will not challenge for anything this season - unless of course there is a prize offered to the worst managed football club in the league.
Rupert Sullivan     Posted 12/08/2008 at 00:28:13   Comments (1)

See it all before

I was reflecting today on our sqaud today and chuckling at the notion that any team worth it's salt would be willing to part with quality players this near to the season when a feeling of deja vous came over me. This business of Moyes apparently having money and having the boards backing couple with lack of signings has happened once or twice before. Remember when Kendall Mk 2 was in the same boat? How did it end? He left because the board didn't agree on his valuation of proposed target Dion Dublin. The aforementioned went on to be a big success at Coventry and for a while at least Howard had success at Sheff Utd.

Remember when the FA Cup win and 6th place had Royle in a position of power and yet he left on deadline day 1997? What happened? Well he was fired but up until the 11th hour had been working on a deal to bring in Tore Andre Flo who went on to be a big success at Chelsea.

Here and now we have Moyes in the same boat. On he face of it, he has money and board support and yet he has signed no one. The latest reports about Vagner Love are the most mystifying because he was linked with us 2 months ago and yet for some bizarre reason it's only 5 days from the season starting and yet only now we appear to have made a move.

Could it be that the business savvy but football knowledge lacking businessmen are the reason behind all this. Does Moyes have to justify his signings to Green and Earl? Remember last year Moyes plea for funds which he said would enable us to win a trophy? Did we win won? Is that being held against him now? Is it a case of him being afraid to pay the going rate for a player knowing it will be held against him further down the line?

In the minds of Earl and Green does it make sense that with £750k Bent we were fourth, but when we added $6M Beattie we went to 11th, edged to 6th with £8.5M Johnson and then 5th with £12M Yakubu? Probably not because they don't understand football. The bigger question is will Moyes go because eiher he is frustrated or because he gets fired for not making signings ? because he is so afraid of another flop that he daren't?
Kieran Kinsella     Posted 11/08/2008 at 22:48:18   Comments (3)

Pienaar out. Worse it gets!!

Picture the scene. Full of optimism I turn on Sky Sports news and I spot a breaking news bar along the bottom of the screen. for a split second I thought maybe we've signed someone. Low and behold the word Everton came along.... HEART RACING...followed by the news that Pienaar is out for at least 6 weeks (3months more like).

I also see Everton are trying to get people to buy tickets for the match on Saturday by giving them a chance to be forst dibs on derby tickets. Whats next? Buy 1 get 1 free? It's a sad time I fear. Time to batten down the hatches and get ready for a long frustrating season.

I do believe its just about now that David Moyes comes out and says that he expects big things from Tony Hibbert and England call ups for an in form Leon Osman this year. More PR nonsense. The thought of watching Osman getting thrown around, miscontrolling and giving the ball away 20 times a game annoys me. I can't see his worth anymore, If we sold him he would go to Derby or Wolves. Championship Player at best.

I am always positive and usually feel that there is something behind the scenes and on the horizon. But I dont feel there is. Alan Smith doesnt excite me, although he is a trier I always thought he was the dirtiest player I seen playing the modern game, Vagner Love got his name cause he bedded so many birds as a youth player in Brazil so he headed away to the footballing heady heights of Moscow and Stephane M'Bia I know nothing about, Heard nothing about should I say.

I dont expect miracles but I expect something to look forward to, something to cling what little hope there is left to. At least I can look forward to Spurs disappointing again this season.
Jim Slade     Posted 11/08/2008 at 22:15:46   Comments (85)

Reply to “Is it safe to speak up yet”

I've just read the comment intro to the Daily post article. Utter rubbish!

I thought KIrkby was just 4 miles from Goodison and has a Liverpool postcode. To imply that the proposed move would result in loss of roots and support from people in Liverpool is garbage.

Everton's support would continue for generations even if the club was in Kirkby or Walton.

The only potential loss of support would be if the club suffers through lack of investment and results suffer and fans vote with their feet and stay away.

Ground move =investment =success=challenging top four. No ground move= no investment=no success.

The only ground move we can afford is the helping hand from Tesco in Kirkby.

Why Everton fans are consigning the club to a future of mediocrity is puzzling and staggering.
Ian  Edwards     Posted 11/08/2008 at 20:55:45   Comments (25)

Pre-Match Rituals...

Just a quick qustion to raise the doom and gloom were all feeling at the mo... With the season less than a week away, what are your pre-match rituals/plans?? What boozer you drink in? Where you travel from and who with? What you do after the game? etc....

Mine is to get to the pub as early as I can (Piff, Spoons etc) after placing my £5 accumalator which I'll never win, talking about the game and how a fit bird in a tight Everton shirt is the best thing ever, getting the butterflies as we make the walk to Goodison, singing very loudly and then going back the pub after the match to celebrate and drink a further 8 pints! Feck, I can't wait now...
Matt Davidson     Posted 11/08/2008 at 20:23:33   Comments (11)


After watchiing that load of crap on Saturday, me and my son of eight went to get autographs. After the wait of almost an hour in the pissing-down rain the players finally started to arrive. The majority of them were great, but our two so-called superstars... what a pair of pricks. My son shouted, sign here Mikel, this was his reply (I tell no lie): "No, no, I don't like this weather, it's too wet." (Doesn't it rain in Northern Spain) and off he went.

Our other so called superstar the Yak got as far away from the barrier as he could and totally ignored the shouts from the kids asking for his signature. I must say Cahill was absolutely fantastic, signing every book and posing for every picture giving every kid a hug with a smile on his face.

The worst thing, in the past month I've just forked out £140 for the home and away kits and guess who's name he got on them? Yes, them two.
Thomas McGrath     Posted 11/08/2008 at 16:38:01   Comments (26)

On Stephane MBia

I'm working at the Olympic stadium here in Tianjin. On the 13th, Cameroon are coming here to play against Italy in their final group game. Today they had a press conference and I asked the manager about M'Bia. He said that M'Bia will be playing on Wednesday. That is, it's hugely unlikely that M'Bia can be in Merseyside in the next few days for a medical, if he comes at all (I've no idea).

I also interviewed Victor Anichebe after his goal against Japan. His message for the Everton fans was just to keep supporting the Blues! He's got a slight injury (some kind of muscle strain) and hasn't been up to starting, so hope it's nothing longer term. I've got some mp3 recordings of his comments (a few issues with confidentiality there, though). This isn't much info, but it's 100% accurate.
Andy West     Posted 11/08/2008 at 16:38:37   Comments (9)

More Disappointments Than My Sex Life

I doubt I will meet a single Evertonian who does not feel as drained as I do by the unrelenting failures, let downs, and missed opportunities. We can't even arrange a smooth transaction for a highly desired player with four clubs chasing him to go through the exit door without it becoming a pantomime. Still waiting for the workmen to remove the cones from the inside of Goodison Park's revolving door and preparing to celebrate the signing of 'also-rans' as though we have wanted them since the window opened.

Arshavin now going to Spurs for upwards of £20m when we could and should have got him (apparently) in the January window for around £6m. Jo went to Man City. Ochoa staying put at America. The Moutinho farce. M'Bia should have the theme from the Clash on the terraces as even he seems to be wondering will he stay or will he go.

Now, after all that, and more besides, here is the latest transfer situation to demonstrate how shameful our board are in their dealings. Manny Fernandes is a player who we could and should have sealed last year went elsewhere for twice the price at the last minute. Amazingly, we then had the chance to get him back in at that rate again last season. Just £6m for a player Valencia paid £12m for six months prior and we even manage to screw that up.

At least we can console ourselves with the departure of the PR disgrace that was Keith Wyness and get ready for consolation transfers like Alan Smith. I wish I didn't feel so pessimistic but what have any of us been shown to breed confidence? Here's hoping I am proven wrong as there would be nobody happier than I for that to be the case but let's face facts here...

I recently read a columnist twice refer to our board in a perfect manner relating to their performance and I am sad to say that the term stands perfectly for their transfer dealings too: Dereliction of duty.
Lee Mandaracas     Posted 11/08/2008 at 14:49:14   Comments (19)

Panic Stations... Nearly?

The clocks ticking, kick off is nearly upon us and still no sign of fresh meat. I keep hearing from some of our fans... to wait and see what happens, well, how long do we wait. How about Friday teatime... will it be okay to panic then if no-one signs on?

The reality of it all is we need 10 new players by the weekend and that's just not going to happen is it? We will be lucky to see anyone coming in at this rate. The reason I say we need 10 players is simple. It was obvious last season we were 5 or 6 players short of having a squad capable of competing properly. Since then we have lost 5 players so do the maths. If we do get the three new bodies in people are talking about, we will still be way way short of numbers and the season will be a washout again.

I had many a run in last season over my comments about the Uefa Cup and many of you said that being in this competion would attract new players keen on playing in Europe. Well where are they??

My view is this: either there is no money available and Moyes is covering for Kenwright ? but if so, that makes Moyes an accessory to the crime. If there is cash available then Moyes is dithering again. It has to be one or the other doesn't it?

If it is a case of us being strapped for dough then Moyes should rat Kenwright out. Now I am not one for being a grass or anything but this clown Kenwright has been having our kecks off for years and it's about time he got kicked in the nuts, so to speak. If Moyes really is this god-like figure that many proclaim him to be then surely he can fill the fans in with what's really going on can't he??? I mean Messiahs are there to save us... aren't they?

Please someone let me know when it's okay to panic about new signings because this is getting silly now. Kenwright is making us a bigger laughing stock with each passing year and yet some of us still defend him ? WHY?

The man is a serial loser and needs to make way. If he was such a big Evertonian as he claims he would give up the club before he destroys it, even if it means giving his stake away. Anything is better than this slow death we are watching under him. How many of you reckon David Moyes will still be the manager next season if Kenwright's cash flow remains the same? I am with the bookies on this one and can't see DM putting up with this shite much longer. That's if Moyes isn't dithering again... Ah Who knows?
Tony Marsh     Posted 11/08/2008 at 13:18:54   Comments (47)

What Happens at Goodison When Nobody is Watching?

I?d always thought that teachers had the longest holidays, being off from late July to early September. Then I decided it must be MPs, who pack it up about the same time as the teachers but don?t make it back to Westminster until November. Finally I realised ? it has to be the entire playing and administrative staff at Everton FC.

I remember dutifully turning up at Goodison for the Villarreal game a couple of years back, expecting a bit of a summertime show to welcome the arrival of the Champions League at Goodison. Bill is after all in showbiz. Instead there was nothing special organised, the ground did not appear to have been painted, or even swept, half the TVs were broken and there wasn?t even the usual warm Chang to buy.

This year, this inertia and lack of preparedness seems to have spread to the entire enterprise. Less than a week before the beginning of the season we are apparently only now trying to buy some players ? when anyone who had watched the side last year could easily have spotted that we were desperately short of numbers, let alone class, by the time we finally exited from the Uefa Cup. Instead, since Christmas we have let McFadden, Fernandes, Johnson and several budding young hopefuls slip quietly away, to be replaced by empty slots in the squad list.

Only now, after the departure of the Fat Controller has Mr. Kenwright appeared to be back in the country, presumably after leaving his imprint in a foreign beach for two months.

Only now has the Club woken up to the fact we need to spend money on players.

Only now have they realised that the Kirby home ?n? wear project is never going to happen and that Goodison Park may need a bit of sprucing up. (Actually a few pots of paint and some work experience labour would make a vast difference to the shabby grey concrete inside the main stand, hardly a great expense?).

We couldn?t have had a much kinder opening schedule and the first three games of the season should have been targeted for 9 points. With the threadbare squad we have left, who would bet on that now? Year after year, the Premier League success stories are the ones who have a good start. And the best possible start was made by all the fans who put our hands in our pockets as early as April to provide the club with approximately £16 million of season ticket sales. Where has that gone?

Hope you enjoyed your holiday Everton employees, now, back on your heads.
John Coghlan     Posted 11/08/2008 at 10:25:27   Comments (4)

Loan signings will hold the key

With cashflow a major problem at Goodison these days, I suspect that David Moyes will have little more than the AJ money to actually use as down payments on players in this window. That should be just about enough to make one `major`signing and a couple of `Alan Smiths`whilst he, of course, knows as well as any of us that he desperately needs at least another four bodies to make up the sqad. For this reason I feel he will have no alternative but to go heavy on loan signings in the next few days, perhaps in the hope that some of these can be made permanent in time to come.

With money so tight, wages may be as big a problem as the upfront money for transfers but as with Gravesen, Gardner and others in the past, the advantage of loan players is that only a part of the player`s salary may fall on Everton. So, to me, whether or not we can continue to make an impact in league, Europe and cups will depend very much on how persuasive Davey is getting players to throw in their lot with Everton for a season and how prepared their clubs are to carry much of their wages.

Talk about living by the seat of your pants? But I think that will be `the Everton way` for the coming season!
Harry Medd     Posted 11/08/2008 at 08:04:53   Comments (6)

Serious Problems

So there are now 6 days to the start of the season, and as yet we have signed no-one (not counting Pienaar who we had last year). Not only that but David Moyes has yet to sign his new contract and commit to Everton Football Club, and who can blame him?

If he is to be believed he is going nowhere, and the reason for not signing is his concentration on bringing in new players, now please correct me if I'm wrong, but David if your concentration is on bringing in new players then you are not doing a very good job about it as this season you have brought in ... erm .. none.

Surely, and again correct me if I'm wrong it would take but a second to pick up your nice new contract pick up a pen and sign. This would at least alleviate some of the growing concerns from Everton's staunch fanbase.

What us fans are seeing at the moment are serious problems that are not being helped by (a) the manager's reluctance to bring in players or sign a new contract and (b) a chairman who seems unable to give us any answers apart from "Don't panic."

Unfortunately I would say the majority of Everton fans are panicking and they are panicking more and more each day. It's never easy being an Everton fan, because don't get me wrong I wouldn't support anyone else ever, I am Everton through and through but we always seem to have the inability to push on when the garden seems rosy. A fifth place finish, a good European run last season everything seemed great. We were all looking forward to new signings in the summer and all we have got is this!

I feel as fans we deserve better, we deserve the truth, we deserve much more. It's about time the board told us what really is going on, because until they do Everton FC will continue to have serious problems.
Ian Mullin     Posted 10/08/2008 at 18:18:03   Comments (29)

Whats up with our supporters?

I jokingly mentioned to a fellow blue.."bet we dont hit 15,000 for today's game (PSV)". I was being a doom and gloom merchant... or so I thought. The turn out was indeed poor.... anyone got the official figure? Are the fans reacting to the Board, Kirkby being called in, Moyes deliberating on transfers???

Even in times of very poor teams we pull decent gates (I believe the other lot pulled in 40,000 for their friendly)... but not so on Saturday. I mention Kirkby.... and if you all forget which side you are on... I bet we all had the thought... "how come the bastards never call in anyone else.... it had to be us!!". Anyhow guys, something is not right with the fans.... let's hope its a blip and nothing else. COYB
Ian Martin     Posted 10/08/2008 at 14:31:22   Comments (23)

Episode 4: A New Hope

The blame game is rampant, what was or wasn't the right or wrong way forward, right or wrong location. Who did or did not scupper it, etc, etc, etc.

This is all in the past, done, gone, build a bridge and get over it.

The main problem is where do we go from here, both on the field and off it, because make no mistake, this is the very last chance, there needs to be a sea change of how the Club is run (or in our case right now...NOT RUN )

This is were the EGM comes into play. the Shareholders hold the power, in theory anyway.

Yet, all depends on BK seeing that, having nailed his colours to the Kirkby mast, he is now a busted flush...


Q. Bill 'owns' the shares... but who owns him? Is it the harlem shuffle guys, Green and Earl? Where do they stand in all this?

Find a figurehead face-saving position for Bill if we must, but new faces, untainted by the Kirkby debacle and all the others as well, MUST explore ALL options with ALL parties.

EGM guys... do your stuff... get your shit together.

Or else, eventually, it's Accrington Stanleydom for us all...
Derek Thomas     Posted 10/08/2008 at 07:32:35   Comments (10)

A favour

I've just got back from my summer hols (where I managed to taste a Chang from its homeland ? tastes like turps out there!)

Any chance anyone could give me a concise (but not too cynical) rundown of what the hell has been gonig on in planet Everton in the past thee weeks? I cannot be arsed to trawl through three weeks of NewsNow to find the relevant info.
Rob  Heaton     Posted 09/08/2008 at 20:41:05   Comments (16)

Everton v PSV Eindhoven

Rodwell and Gosling start:


Subs: Turner Valente Baxter Lescott Jutkiewicz Agard Wallace Kissock

Michael Kenrick     Posted 09/08/2008 at 17:12:33   Comments (67)

£13M bid for Moutinho

Reports in Times and then on the Rumour Mill state we have upped our offer.

Don't get me wrong, I dont understand the full structure behind the modern transfer system and I'm 100% sure it ain't like it is on FM. However why has this upped bid taken 1+ weeks after the first was refused?

If the club are working 24/7 and the funds are in place, etc ? why take a week to did £1.2M more than previously (its obviously going to be rejected). If it were 1 July, then I may understand, but if this guy is our Number 1 target (reports from club and media suggest so) then surely a little more urgency would be required. Why does it take so long to bid for a player if the funds are in place, and also why make bids we know will be rejected i.e. we received £13M for AJ (in total) so how do we assume that £13M will suffice for one of the best young midfielders in Europe when the club has no financial or football reasons to sell him.

If we offered £13M the day after £11.8M was rejected I'd say ok, don't just jump up but surely after a week of deliberation and discussion then a more serious offer should have been made? It will take £15mil at least to get him.

I don't believe this is a 'phantom' bid, I do believe it's genuine; however, I feel it shows that this club is rather inept at transfer dealings (like we needed any more evidence) and it must prove that the 24/7 statements are far from the truth.
Fran  Mitchell     Posted 09/08/2008 at 16:48:11   Comments (66)

Stand up or lay down?

I'm merely putting this idea up for debate and admitedly writing this more in anger than having thought it out rationally and I'm more interested to hear other peoples comments whether it is a good idea or just a waste of time, but shouldn't we as Everton fans start protesting to Kenwright about how badly he has run this club? Shouldn't we take a stand instead of taking the crap he deals us?

After reading the link on this site to the Mirror's article about Kenwright's failing as a chairman, it is obvious that under his "Leadership" Everton are going nowhere. The main part that got me fuming, is that the though Liverpool's retail as been developed substantially, Everton do not have a megastore in the city centre. Surely that is a given, even for someone like me who has no business nuance.

He has made his money in theatre and perhaps he lives his life in the fictional world and not in reality. I don't believe for one bit that Everton need a billionaire to break the top four. A multi-millionaire yes! But by saying a billionaire, Kenwright is merely making excuses as to why Everton will continue to struggle.

I do believe the man loves Everton, and that could be the problem. He loves Everton so much that he's not willing to give them up even though it's for the best.
Trevor  Thompson     Posted 09/08/2008 at 14:45:15   Comments (25)

AJ - When a Silence is Golden

Even given the usual tabloid spin and emphasis - I was disappointed to read this article today:

'Andy Johnson yesterday blamed David Moyes?s tactics at Everton for his lack of goals after being paraded as Fulham?s record £10.5million signing. The 27-year-old England striker, who managed only six Premier League goals in 20 outings last season, said: ?At Everton they play one up front at home and away so they had four strikers fighting for one spot, which was quite difficult. Yakubu was the focal point up front and I was playing off him, working a bit deeper and a little bit wider, which maybe could have hindered it a bit for me. It was a bit in and out, a few games here and a few games there.' - Daily Mail

As always there is some truth in his statement. I often wonder if DM uses strikers as well as other managers, and I'm still not completely convinced 4-5-1 works as well as it should, nor the wide role AJ was used in on those fewer occasions 4-4-2 was used.

However, despite the grains of truth, I think AJ speaking out was a big mistake, and will now sully my (and others) views of him when he does return to Goodison.

I've been one of the more supportive fans of AJ, but even I think, injuries aside, his dropping down the pecking order behind the Yak was down to some indifferent one-touch skills, lack of focus in his channel running, over-compensation in staying on his feet following diving accusations, a lack of self-belief (notably his missed penalities) and generally a loss of that killer instinct that the likes of even a laid-back Yak seems to have plenty of. He wasn't good enough to usurp Yak's lone striker role and in support he had actually a lesser player than he was in his first season with us - I don't think Moyes deserves too much flak because of that.

As with Beattie, an honest, but ultimately under-achieving striker, making such 'sour grapes' comments will dispel any 'best wishes for the future' sentiments I might have still had.

Don't some players realise that 'silence is golden', if they wish to retain the respect of fans at their previous clubs!
David Edwards     Posted 09/08/2008 at 13:23:30   Comments (21)

Wyness Saying Nowt

"Keith Wyness has decided not to make any further statements on his resignation from his post as Everton CEO saying, "there'll be nothing further from me." "

At least we now no where some of the AJ transfer money has gone.....
Lee Smith     Posted 09/08/2008 at 10:28:58   Comments (2)

John Paul Kissock

Just wondering what happened to this guy? He was having good reports from north of the border on how he was doing, and I was expecting to see something from him this pre-season especially with the midfield being as small as it is.

Also on a similar note, what is happening with Scott Spencer? Is he any good and has he got a chance of playing this season?
Simon Birkett     Posted 09/08/2008 at 10:24:31   Comments (2)

Reade it and Weep

I'm generally an optimist even after supporting EFC all my life and have felt that a lot of the BK criticicism has been less than justified in the past. However, reading Brian Reade's article in the Mirror today has more than stretched that optimism and in truth brings the stark reality of our close season decline into sharp focus.

It's been asked before on this site how the successes of last season could have been negated in just a few short weeks and sadly, Reade's piece puts that clearly into context.

"Do you refuse to believe a great club can ever settle for second best? Or do you embrace pauper status simply on the grounds that your current custodians are relatively skint?"

This is one of the questions Reade poses and maybe a few other Blue optimists like me will draw their own conclusions.
Dave Brierley     Posted 09/08/2008 at 09:32:21   Comments (33)

Project Jennifer

After reading Everton and Tesco blaming everyone but themselves, does anyone know how Project Jennifer, in Great Homer Street just by the tunnel trumpet, is progressing?

Is it true Tesco were involved? The whole area is in need of redevelopment, the nearest superstore is Costco, then Asda in Walton. It ticks all the right boxes for the fans and Tesco.
Colin  Malone     Posted 08/08/2008 at 23:13:08   Comments (42)

Quantity not Quality is what's required

With likely only 10 (!) fit/available outfield players of ? Premier League experience? available for the likely remaining part of August (assuming Cahill, Hibbert, Van der Meyde injured, Vaughan banned and Vic sunning himself in China). Rodwell, Gosling, Jutkeiwicz and Baxter (only 16!) will need to move up a gear and quickly and Moyes states that he doesn?t like pressuring kids.

The only choice Moyes has is to quickly move from a strategy of trying to purchase quality players to one of just buying quantity. He has a week to find 2-3 players who at least can help fill the bench for the next 2-3 weeks as they get used to our system of playing. He then has try to get the Moutinho, Milito?s of this world in before the deadline ? but unfortunately for now we need the Alan Smith?s of this world.

Does anyone else feel that the team below is going to beat Blackburn, West Brom and Portsmouth in the first 3 games: Howard; Neville Yobo Lescott Valente; Pienaar Arteta Jagielka Baines; Osman; Yakubu.

Subs Turner, Rodwell, Gosling, Jutkiewicz, Baxter +1 +2
Mike Oates     Posted 08/08/2008 at 21:03:26   Comments (32)

Merchandising Again

I know this subject has been done to death, but, I was in the city centre today and saw a group of about 20 PSV fans & what did at least half of them have? Carrier bags bulging with merchandise from the only mega store in the city. It's a fucking disgrace.

Since Liverpool One opened, there's empty shops all over, so, surely we can get our own store in the city centre and at a fraction of what the old one cost to rent. As we're going to be in Liverpool for at least another 2 years, can't the club get it's act together?
Tony Williams     Posted 08/08/2008 at 19:49:16   Comments (25)

Tesco to dig deep?

I'm surprised this hasn't been raised already...

It is obvious that no Everton, means no Destination Kirkby. EFC are the 'enabler', so Tesco must be desperate for the EFC board to kick on and try and get the plans passed. But I doubt very much that we can afford to throw more money at a project which could very well come to nothing. Surely then, Tesco will be more than happy to pay for all the costs accrued on behalf of Everton???

Perhaps also, will we see Tesco trying to sweeten the deal even more for EFC, maybe by throwing in other incentives perhaps, not only to encourage the EFC board to fight on, but also to turn some of the 'No' voters opinions on the ground. Improved stadium quality and design anyone?!

If so, this isn't the end of things yet...
Lee Smith     Posted 08/08/2008 at 17:07:19   Comments (39)

What's wrong with Walton Hall Park?

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with Walton Hall Park as a site for the new ground? If Liverpool have got Stanley Park why can't we have Walton? Is it something to do with the land being left to the people of Liverpool by somebody long dead... and was that not the case with Stanley Park???
Peter Rogers     Posted 08/08/2008 at 15:59:24   Comments (22)

No pay on the gate tommorow

Does anyone know why people cannot pay on the gate tomorrow? As without wanting to moan, it seems another silly decision in throwing away money. There will be no chance of a 30,000 attendance and will be lucky to break 20,000 so surely a pay on the gate would come in handy if people see a sunny day and fancy a good old moan at Goodison.
Paul  Gladwell     Posted 08/08/2008 at 14:55:36   Comments (12)

More what AJ didn`t say!

Anyone watching the lunchtime telivised launching of Andrew Johnson as a Fulham player could hardly have failed to notice the player`s retiscence on elaborating his reasons for leaving Everton. Asked several times about his recent relationship with David Moyes, AJ said nothing.`I want to concentrate on Fulham,now`, he insisted but only a fool could conclude that he was no longer good buddies with his ex-boss! Personally, I am convinced that AJ was `worked out` of Goodison, when it became clear to DM that if he didn`t raise some quick cash, his transfer plans were in tatters. For all the `assurances` we have had from Kenwright, Elstone et al, I remain to be convinced that other than the Johnson money, Moyes will have but buttons to play with in this window.
Danny  Allen     Posted 08/08/2008 at 12:57:14   Comments (29)

Stephane M'Bia

According to the French L'Equipe website (my French isn't brilliant), it seems that we have offered over €8M for MBia. He says he has been promised by Rennes that they'll let him go if a decent offer comes in and as far as he is concerned Everton have made such an offer. He also says that he considers Rennes have already got someone to replace him. Sounds promising (even though it contradicts reports earlier in the week).

I don't know much about him, but he is a body, that plays in midfield and he's meant to be pretty useful. Fingers crossed...
Matt Barry     Posted 08/08/2008 at 10:30:10   Comments (24)

Charm Offensive needed?

So, according to the Liverpool Post, a report from Everton`s lawyers will determine whether the club press ahead with DK or whether it gets `filed under bin` with King`s Dock. Depending who you listen to, Everton`s proposed stadium had everything or nothing to do with Minister Blears kicking the scheme into the long grass but now the Board must make a quick decision whether or not to go for broke with their Kirkby dream.

From the early soundbites, particularly those emanating from Knowsley MDC and Tesco, the likelihood is that ALL THREE partners`will press ahead. Tesco will not wish to lose such a vital element in their application as the new stadium whilst without the retailer the club has made ir clear it has no means to fund ANY move or re-development of Goodison Park.

From all I have read, the main reason for the Minister`s decision appears to focus on the sheer size of the scheme and its impact on the whole region. I suspect that she has called for an inquiry because of the outcry from neighbouring authorities ? particularly Liverpool. If this is the case and the club decides to press ahead (which I think is inevitable), the Board will need to begin an urgent charm offensive on both their local council AND THEIR OWN SUPPORTERS. They cannot afford to continue to be seen as at war with local politicians AND half their own following.

It hurts me to say it but the noises coming from EVERYONE at Goodison over the` period of waiting` varied from arrogance to arrant nonsense and not only alienated local councillors but a large number of those who had VOTED IN FAVOUR of the move.

If this move is to have any chance of becoming reality via a Public Inquiry, somebody (Acting CEO or the so-called Head of Media Relations) had better get the club`s act together pretty quickly. Their task is to win the hearts and minds of those who see Kirkby as a move in the wrong direction. They could make a start by becoming open and honest and providing us with real facts about the club`s finances and their projections for the years ahead. They could address the issues of tranport in relation to the proposed stadium as well as our worries that it will be a second class home not worthy of a great club.

In short, they could make a start by convincing me!
Ken Allport     Posted 08/08/2008 at 07:45:49   Comments (17)

Everton players posting?

Tim Howard has admitted during a recent EvertonTV interview that many of the players, he included, browse daily through football website sites to read about gossip and potential transfers. If this were true there is no doubt that they would have come across or heard about ToffeeWeb.

With the chance to interact with real fans and maybe report the TRUTH on the site, I have no doubt that these players would regularly post messages on this site using fake names. So, forgetting the serious (and bloody depressing) issues, does anyone suspect anyone to be possible Everton figure?
Gavin Harris     Posted 08/08/2008 at 02:35:38   Comments (6)

The Numbers Game

My fellow Evertonians. I have been been a long time reader of this site but have never posted in the mailbag. I, like many of you, am very concerned about the upcoming season. We are 8 days from kickoff and we have not signed anyone. We have 16 senior squad players, not enough to even fill the bench! Amidst all this turmoil that is going on, I wanted to ask my friends across the pond a few questions.

If we do not get any new players in before the start of the season, I would like to know what sort of approach each of you would take towards the season.

We are in 3 cup competitions and obviously the league. Do we go for silverware or do we focus on a top four finish? Assuming that we finish there, it could lead to a pretty big payout (just look at the money Shaktar Donetsk made finishing last in the group!!). Do we play our youngsters in the cup competitions and save our senior players for the league?

Do we throw away our chance at glory in the Uefa Cup, because as we all know, there is no big payout in that competion. I would be interested to hear some of your thoughts...
Roman Fedkiv     Posted 07/08/2008 at 22:29:12   Comments (33)

The new Official Site

There I was wondering why the Official Site was down this afternoon, then up pops the 'New' Official Site. Tell me if I'm out on a limb here guys, but it looks as they got their inspiration from a certain independent Everton site. I guess it's kudos to to Michael, Lyndon and Colm then. Who said the club never listen ;)
Mark Wynne     Posted 07/08/2008 at 19:01:33   Comments (46)

Voodoo they think they're kidding?

The story about Everton?s £36M pound crisis is a typical reflection of the voodoo accounting that pervades this entire scheme. We are told the public enquiry has plunged Everton into a £36M pound hole, as if the board were struggling to pay some huge bill that just landed with a crash on Bill Kenwright?s desk and broke it in two.

In reality, most of that figure is fictional. Some £20M represents increased building costs that might be incurred if the stadium is built. Another £15M represents what might have been increased revenue if the stadium had been built on the original timetable. But look at that figure again. If £15 million is the estimate of increased revenue over two years, my limited mathematical faculties tells me that?s £7.5 million a season. So what happened to the extra £10 million a season Wyness and others have claimed it would generate for players? Voodoo accounting again.

That's how Wyness has been running this club all this time - constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul, mortgaging our future and coming up with a blizzard of bullshit to justify it all, along with a lot of empty promises.
Peter Fearon     Posted 07/08/2008 at 15:46:06   Comments (27)

Alan Smith

It looks increasingly more likely that Alan Smith will be joining us for a cut price (anything between £1.5M - £3M) as papers would report! Just wondering that although Smith is traditionally a striker, recently he has been used in the defensive role in midfield. So... is this a Carsley replacement or a Johnson replacement, or dare I say it an economical replacement to cover both absentees if and when needed!!??
Adam Williams     Posted 07/08/2008 at 11:59:45   Comments (66)

Mark Clattenburg

I have just read, with a wry smile spread across my face, that Mark Clattenburg has "alleged" financial woes and has subsequently been removed from officiating the Communtiy Shield match.

Whilst I am not one to take pleasure from another's woes, Mr Clattenburg appears to be equally adept at managing his cash as providing an unbiased approach to refereeing...either that or he's just happy to be in the "red"........
Stefano Sinnotti     Posted 07/08/2008 at 11:29:56   Comments (46)

Post match reserve fan behaviour - a disgrace

Last night I watched the reserves beat Accrington in what was a good tempered and fine display. I was proud to support a promising young side.

After the final whistle my pride dissipated into shame following the behaviour of a minority of Blues. A number of under 16's started to run on the pitch and cause havoc around the stadium. They were joined by some older kids (who were over 18 as they had managed to have a skinful in the club bar).

Not content with casing this annoyance they went about flooding the toilets by overflowing the sinks and loos the stole shirts and scarves from the club shop.

The police were quite rightly called and the away fan bus was delayed whilst the incident was sorted. During the ensuing melee an Accy steward was punched by an EFC 'fan' as he was harassed by 5 lads.

It was an absolute disgrace. I hope Everton pay up for the damage and sort this issue out before we become the shame of the local reserves sides.
Amanda Huddelston     Posted 07/08/2008 at 10:00:49   Comments (14)

AJ Gone, 10.5mil spends?

According to sky sports AJ has officially (eventually) been sold for initial fee of £10.5mil.

Not a bad fee at-all when you think when we signed him he was considered a future England international, and 2 years later he is considered a failed England international. I just wonder if we'll spend more than 10.5mil this summer? I honestly cant see it. With Sky money used up, no forseeable investment i cant see us signing anyone big.

I believe Moutinho was a honest bid, however it was dependant on a club takeover in forseeable future (we buy him for £16mil, give sporting a few mil now and the rest over the course of his contract. This is why foreign players are so popular.) thus any prospective owner would pay for him, not BK.

So for Alan Smith and a bunch of other ok but not that good squad bulkers. Actually I wonder what the odds are for a quadruple signing of Smith, Nugent, Richardson and Koumas? after their exploits last season maybe we could get all of them 'cut-price' one year after first trying.
Fran Mitchell     Posted 07/08/2008 at 09:12:30   Comments (15)

Moyes not blameless!

Whilst it`s `Kick Blue Bill`time with Evertonians - both of a Yes and No persuasion, I cannot accept that David Moyes is totally blameless in the situation that sees him without any re-inforcements for the new season. At the very least he has been compliant with Kenwright and Wyness in building the hopes of the faithful that quality additions were on the way.

For me, any self-respecting manager would have been jumping up and down well before leaving on a Euro jolly if funds were not in place to carry out his plans.Instead we have seen this `self-driven and single minded man` going along with all the crap that has eminated from his masters for months on end.

Because of the relative success he has brought to an ailing club, Moyes is a god who can do no wrong with most of a blue persuasion. The truth is beginning to dawn on a few of us that, talented as he may be, he is as prepared to toe the party line and bullshit the masses as any of `the men we love to hate`.

Maybe I`m old fashioned, but I always thought that `bringing people in` as he calls it, was an integral part of the manager`s job. Not of this one`s it seems-even if it does pay £60k a week!
Michael  Worrall     Posted 07/08/2008 at 08:47:45   Comments (15)

Another Share issue idea?

Some on this site have floated the idea of a rights issue of EFC allowing fans a stake in the club in return for some hard cash. This of course has complications in diluting the shareholding of existing shareholders and potentially does not raise the cash we need to take the club forward.

I have another idea which does potentially get around these issues. I believe the asset of Goodison Park is held under a company called Goodison Park Limited and not Everton FC. That being the case what if an issue took place allowing fans to purchase the shares of Goodison Park Limited, thus owning the stadium, not the club. The proceeds would be used to invest in the stadium, possibly using some of the plans that have been posted on this site previously. In return the club would sign up to some sort of proposal insuring that Everton would use the stadium say for the next 100 years, some sort of lease arrangement? The club would retain the income from gate receipt, but other functions i.e. concerts, weddings etc, etc would go to Goodison Park Ltd for distribution back to the shareholders.

Everton FC then becomes an attract proposition for an investor as they don?t have to shell out for a new stadium, the existing shareholders do not dilute there holdings and the fans have a stake in our beloved Goodison.

Fairly crude assessment I now, but I think it would be worthy of some further exploration.
Dave  Whitwell     Posted 07/08/2008 at 07:59:08   Comments (0)

What's the Alternative?

Last week I supported Wyness and the work he did to stabalise our club from a business point of view... and of course got slated for it. Sometimes I wondered if his being portly made him an easy target for ridicule, which is sad really. However I would still ask the question, if he was around during the 'kings Dock' days where would we be playing our football now? Continuity brings success, as we know and I believe he did the best he could. The same goes for BK. I would rather us be in his hands knowing that he has the best interests of the club at heart. I was for the move to Kirby... I didnt like it deep down (moving from Goodison), but I knew it was the only way. The money and time spent on the project over the last couple of years has now been wasted. Hopefully DM is waiting to sign Moutinho before commiting to other purchases so he can gel the right mix of personalities together (fingers crossed).

So to the point of my posting and another subject bound to split opinion. We all know that we applied for permission to build on Stanley Park years ago... and got knocked back. Yes we should stay in our spiritual home if at all possible. I am talking now of course about the possibility of a ground share. If it means that we can stay where we should be by rights ,and its the only way, is it so implausible??

So there is my question. If it is the only way, who would support a ground share... and who would rather us be playing in the lower leagues??
Ped Pearl     Posted 07/08/2008 at 05:20:53   Comments (5)

Nigel De Jong

The player Kenwright was claiming to be watching over the weekend was apparently Nigel de Jong of Hamburg. He is a versatile defensive midfielder who can also fill in at right back. Kenwright said a few players have not made the papers yet apart from Moutinho. I am not one for the rumours but I really think this one might be true. Also, De Jong has been in London for the Emirates Cup. I think he would make a good signing personally.
Jamie Johnson     Posted 06/08/2008 at 23:57:21   Comments (47)

Limited income

In an article in the Observer in Aug 2007 it was stated:

?In March 2002 Everton borrowed £30m from the Prudential, secured on future ticket sales, at 7.79%, £2.8m-a-year interest, which will cost £70m over 25 years to repay. Two years ago the club sold its megastore and now leases it back, a device it repeated last year, selling its site at Finch Farm and leasing it back to fund its new training facility there. Earlier this year Barclays Bank took a mortgage over Everton's TV money to secure the club's overdraft, which had a limit of £14m?????.

Everton's own US investor, Robert Earl, has not facilitated spending on a grand scale. Founder of the Planet Hollywood chain, Earl bought Paul Gregg's 23% stake in Everton for a reported £9m last October, since when his involvement has been low key. In June, he became an Everton director; his presence on the board is said to be allowing the club more leeway from its bankers to find money for David Moyes, right, to spend on players.?

What is glaringly obvious is that all our income streams have been allocated.

Nevertheless, is it fair to blame Bill Kenwright because he does not have the wealth of Abramovic? It seems to me that he has begged and borrowed from his friends to keep us in the game over the last few years. Our credit ratings must be dire and the chance of borrowing much more must be slim. Like it or not DK was a feasible way to increase borrowing / attract inward investment and I guess BK is personally distraught at the moment. He knows we cannot compete in the transfer market, players agents will be advising that we are a club with problems and DM will need to work even harder to get players in.

On a positive note, I do not believe DM will leave us because of the current problems. He may leave if he gets a job offer from somewhere with money ? and that is not unique to EFC. I also believe we may see more influence from Philip Green now that Wyness is out of the way ? as he will know that a moderate amount invested (say £30m) now on players of the right quality could well see us break the top 4 this season. The income, status etc that would bring will attract investment.

BK said we needed a billionaire ? come on Philip please.
Andrew Mahon     Posted 06/08/2008 at 22:49:30   Comments (16)

The Future's Bright - The Future's Not Kirkby

It seems the opinion of fans over the recent calling in of Destination Kirkby is as split as it always has been. Some are rejoicing in the streets, some are reaching for the razor blades, wrists at the ready.

I have always been against the move as it's not a long-term solution to our problems, and after the aditional revenue streams all seemed to be be seen to be unfeasable the whole project just looked like a bad idea. I get that we need extra revenue, need to attract investors etc, but this wasn't the correct way for the club to move forwards.

I've read a few people saying 'were fucked', 'this is the day Everton FC died' etc etc. Well its not! The board will have to go back to the drawing board and come up with something more feasible. This was a cheap option and was never good enough for a club steeped in our history. We will not go bankrupt because this deal didn't happen, in fact we will continue as we alwyas have.

Those who feel this is the end for our club, or that we are in some sort of precarious position are wrong. The board have brainwashed you in to thinking that we are literally up shit creek without this move... the board are full of spin... everything they have said about this move has been half truths or lies.

We are not any worse off than we were last season or the season before that (well maybe £10 million or so but that's a relatively small amount in this day and age). The club will continue to go on, prosper and hopefully now find a new home in a more suitable area, with a stadium that is deserving of a great club like ours (or a redeveloped Goodison).

In the long term this decision will be looked back on as a godsend. Ignore the board's spin on this subject, this is not the day the club died ? it's the day it survived!
Andy Hudson     Posted 06/08/2008 at 21:56:28   Comments (41)

I want my season ticket refunded

I work all year and save up for my Park End season ticket (I am 19 by the way and a full time student), I then commute from Carlisle every Saturday and last year I went to Germany, and Amsterdam, and also racked up 8 away games all on my part time job...

The point of all this was to watch the blues. However, when i see that the club has done nothing at all in return for all my hard work, it gets me kind of annoyed...

I am sick to the stomach of this summer and the awful things that have been happening at Everton. It has now got to the point were I am ashamed when I speak to other people who support other teams...

And furthermore, with the stadium proposal been called in you can guarantee we have no money whatsoever, and the only money we may spend this summer is what we get from Johnson. People who still believe we will sign Mouthino or anyone else of that calibre are just dreaming...
Lewis Abbott     Posted 06/08/2008 at 21:33:49   Comments (20)

Alan Smith

Away from the furore of the DK announcement, I have a gut feeling Alan Smith will be within our ranks. Sky Sports News made a point of stating he had been left out the Newcastle squad for their friendly tonight against PSV, and the match reporter also mentioned the rumour that he is on his way as they play.
Brian Harrison     Posted 06/08/2008 at 19:44:02   Comments (38)

Pyrrhic Victory?

"Pyrrich victory", eh, Lyndon? Nevertheless, one you have consistently argued for. One Club that proposes to build a Stadium on a public park gets the go-ahead and another that proposes to build a stadium in essentially empty space gets knocked back.

What now? You asked the question yourself and I have asked it a number of times without getting published. A club on its uppers which nobody will invest in while the first bill will be for a new stadium.

We are fucked, and while this result is not a result of yours or KEIOC's opposition, I hope (probably forlornly) that the glee from certain quarters on this website will be respectfully muted.

We are the poorest club in the Premier League and whatever the views and discord about Destination KIrkby I hope that at least there will be a recognition of the precarious position that our club is in. The possibility of a new stadium assisting in alleviating that problem and attracting new and significant investment is no longer a possibility.

I am very concerned. I am very worried. I am desperate. I see a club in severe financial decline in search of new investment which is not going to come. I sense the smell of death which is reinforced by everything which is going on at (and with) the club at present. What hurts most is that I know there will be certain people celebrating this decision in the pubs in County Road tonight. Celebrate well, boys and girls... it may well come back to haunt you.
Dave Roberts     Posted 06/08/2008 at 19:11:23   Comments (142)

Under promise, over deliver

Such a simple sentiment, perhaps this summer would have been different for Everton fans if it had been followed in May:

1) Move to Kirkby
ACTUAL: Deal of the century
PREFERRED: Democratically (?)voted-for arrangement (lets not turn this into a ground debate).

2) Transfers
a) Quantity in
ACTUAL: 5-6 players
PREFERRED: We are looking to add to our squad throughout the summer but are on a limited budget so will not be buying anyone unless the manager is sure that they will improve our current playing staff.

b) Quality in
ACTUAL: Moutinho, Arshavin, Ramsey
PREFERRED: Dos Santos, Gudjohnson, Albeda (ie realistic targets)

c) Budget in
ACTUAL: £20-£30m
PREFERRED: We currently have a limited budget but will endeavour to raise money that can be spent wisely by our manager.

d) Sales
ACTUAL: AJ is leaving for £13m
PREFERRED: We will be lucky to receive £5m up front for AJ.

3) Manager
ACTUAL: David Moyes is about to sign a contract
PREFERRED: We are doing everything in our power to persuade David Moyes to sign a contract.

4) Sale of Everton
ACTUAL: Bill wants to sell but will only do so to the correct investors
PREFERRED: At present no one is interested in purchasing Everton football club.

And so on.....

If we weren't left expecting great news at every corner the it wouldn't be so hard a pill to swallow when it doesn't arrive. We all know better than to expect it, yet I for one certainly hold out a little hope on the back of each 'official' announcement by EFC.

So, when is that 24 hours up?

Mike Smith     Posted 06/08/2008 at 18:22:50   Comments (9)

Kenwright...or Wrong?

Sorry, Bill, sometimes a person can't do right

You took charge of Everton at a very low point in its history, fighting relegation and the previous owner forced out. You brought stability to a club, you brought in a new young manager which was a risk. You stood by him through tough times and watched him reshape our squad. We have seen the average age of a squad come down, skilful players wearing the blue shirt, finishing in the top 6 on a regular basis...all this on a shoestring budget.

We have little money but we have what most other teams would die for: passion, loyalty, togetherness and a sense of pride in our club. We have become a yardstick for most other premier clubs, they don't know how we do it. I'll tell you how we do it. We have a chairman who is true blue, who only wants what's best for our club and have mortgaged his life to give the manager a chance to compete.

He's taken flack from many areas without complaint and allowed a manager to manage. I write this because he won't be in charge soon and some people will get what they want. A sugar daddy to take us to the next level... or will they?
Phil Taylor     Posted 06/08/2008 at 16:30:13   Comments (18)

Guardian Season Preview

Its Everton's turn to be profiled now, and the author sums us up pretty well:

We all know this stuff already, but its refreshing to see it picked up in the national press. The last paragraph in particular is a strong one:

"There really is little point moaning about the lack of reliable back-up in goal, defence or attack so long as Everton don't even have a starting midfield. No wonder Moyes is miffed. Just how did a team that qualified for the Champions League in 2005 and has finished fifth and sixth in the last two seasons get into a situation whereby it now seems they must fill a far-off new stadium before being able to adequately fill their team sheet?"
James Newcombe     Posted 06/08/2008 at 16:13:02   Comments (30)

Press Conference rumour

My mate Frank was just at the Park end ticket-office, buying tickets for the PSV game. They mentioned that a Press Conference has been scheduled for 4pm today. My guess would be that it's to announce the new acting CEO - however, I'm not sure if it'd be worthy of a press conference when an OS announcment would suffice.
Rob Dale     Posted 06/08/2008 at 13:43:56   Comments (16)

Can we believe a word Kenwright says?

Year after year it's the same, Kenwright comes out with the same bull. How long does it take to complete a transfer if you have money? I would bet my house by the time the first game comes along, we will have signed not one Player of note that is going to push us on. Why does he delude the fans by confirming that we have made bids for certain players when he knows that there isn't a chance in hell of them coming.

He has the backing of the majority of fans as he seems to be a genuine true Blue but my patience has finally snapped. It wouldn?t surprise me if Moyes resigns before the start of the season as he being fed the same bull about money being available for transfers. How do you expect to sign the likes of Moutinho when you offer a pittance up front. We haven?t a pot to piss in and Moyes deep down knows this.

The club looks like a joke with the likes of Villa, Portsmouth and Spurs buying quality players that we should be going if we do have the money. The rumours are already flying around that Aresnal are sniffing around Moutinho and it wouldn?t surprise me in the least if he ends there. I think if we don?t get investment from somewhere soon, we are just going to fall further behind the Sky four year after year.
Brian Doran     Posted 06/08/2008 at 12:12:58   Comments (9)

Bill and Transfers

If the morning reports are to be believed, then Fulham seem to have got Andy Johnson from Everton on a reduced fee from what was originally agreed. Now when Michael Ball was at Rangers, Everton were due an installment, but poor old Rangers cried poor and were excused the fee due. Same when John Oster was at Sunderland, a fee was due to Sunderland but they cried poor, and were excused. Wayne Rooney left for Man United (not for less than £50 million Kenwright said)... again the fee was reduced.

Now it doesn't take a clever person to put 2 and 2 together and see that, whenever BILL KENWRIGHT is involved in a transfer negotiation, EVERTON get shafted! How much money this man has let go through the club's hand's only he knows. Is it any wonder that the club, especially when it comes to transfers, is a laughing stock among other clubs. The sooner Bill leaves the better the club will be.
Jamie Carroll     Posted 06/08/2008 at 10:37:14   Comments (36)

Respect the Ref - We do...

I was watching Sky Sports last night (for my sins) to see how the 'gers and our friend Walter got on and there was a piece about the new FA campaign - 'Respect the Ref. An interesting stat that they came up with was that out of all the teams in the Prem last year, Everton was the only one to not recieve a single booking for foul and abusive language (I think the Arse were top with 9...).

I think this is something that we should be very proud of cos I get sick of people mouthing off to the referee a la Terry, Cole, Mascherano, Gerrard etc... It is this lack of respect that brings the game into disrepute and it then gets passed down to grass roots level and onto the kids which is never going to be a good thing.

I think the fact that we did not get any bookings for this type of thing is a testament to David Moyes and the mentality he has instilled in the club. It also seems to be a reflection of his character as he is seemingly a decent bloke who has a great attitude.

Let's hope that he can instill the same virtues into Moutinho for the coming season...
Tom Abdy     Posted 06/08/2008 at 09:18:00   Comments (16)

Failure to kick on

I find myself once again at the start of a season stunned and shocked at Everton refusal to build on a previously great season. We've done it twice already after finishing 4th and 6th (last season was mainly saved by the Yak deal and look at the drawn-out affair that was!). Other clubs are investing and seriously attempting to improve, we seem content to stand still with the attitude from the board of "let's wait and see!". No other club would throw away the opportunity we've had each time.

Let's face it, we're not the most attract side to big stars (be they British or foreign), yet we had and currently have European football to offer. We dally over deals, alert all other clubs and never seem to be able to simply buy a player. Now I see today that Arsenal are sniffing after Moutinho, if that's true, well then, that's it.

The boardroom rumours if you want to call them that, are always there and always will be until the club is sold to a big investor willing to back the club, but it's the over-opmistic Bill Kenwright that frightens me. He never matches his "apparent" desire to get the money or players for the club.

Anyway, to sum it all up, I'M VERY FRUSTRATED and WORRIED. We'll be lucky if we break into the top 10 rather than the top 4 if we continue and eventually the opportunity we've been given to grow will be lost AGAIN! And if that happens (and we've seem it in the past past with Royle), our big names will also drift away.

I really believe it's time the fan's demanded an explanation from Kenwright and Co....
Kieran Kelly     Posted 06/08/2008 at 09:04:40   Comments (2)

Kirkby and be damned!

A friend in local government tells me the longer the GO drag their feet on the Kirkby issue the more likely it is that it has been `booted upstairs` for a political decision. This happened at Brighton where Prescott took forever to make his mind up.

Those opposed to the project cling to the statement by ex-CEO Wyness that DK is damned if it gets called in. History shows that Tesco will fight tooth and nail to convince any public enquiry that the scheme is of benefit to the community and the demise of Wyness will, I am sure ,see Everton fighting with them.

Kenwright will continue to say there is no alternative and a 1-2 year delay will suit him admirably from a cashflow perspective. "Better to put off until tomorrow..." etc.! So, as the tension mounts, I am convinced that `calling in` will not be the saviour so many long for but just the start of a yet longer period of uncertainty and in-fighting! Why does it always happen to us?
Ryan Kaye     Posted 06/08/2008 at 08:22:32   Comments (2)

Stadium Naming Rights

Reading the profile of Robert Elstone on the official site, I thought it was interesting that, in the last line, it says he is leading the search for a stadium naming partner. I suppose this puts paid to fears about the "Tesco Dome". I would have thought Tesco would take the naming rights, but apparently not.
Daniel  Howard     Posted 06/08/2008 at 01:09:21   Comments (30)

Bill 'The Fan' Kenwright

Well here we go again.............!

After what would appear to be yet another summer of painful inactivity we're now going to get to see just how much of a fan our mate Bill is. To be brutally honest, i thought he would at least wait for the new stadium to be built, but it appears that just seeing the plans approved will see his stock in the club rise sufficiently for him to jump ship.

The truth is that we're all guilty of wanting to believe that the club is in the hands of 'one of us' but it isn't and it might as well be... We all turn up every week and haven't got any of our own money to put in either (just like Kenwright). The worst thing is, we've had to watch the club and squad stand still this summer whilst the value of his stock has continued to rise.

He needs to stop calling himself a fan as I find it a personal insult to my intelligence and i want anyone reading this to ask themselves this question. Would you walk away from 'your club' with millions of pounds of profit in your back pocket?
Gareth Jones     Posted 05/08/2008 at 20:52:04   Comments (35)

Will Moyes `go three at the back`?

With no replacement for Lee Carsley likely to be bedded in in time for the Blackburn game, what are the chances that David Moyes will `go three at the back`and use Neville and Baines as wing-backs?

Lescott seems to have stamped his feet about playing in the centre and both Yobo and Jagielka have never shown the same form when required to play anywhere else. With our meagre resources all three are too good to be left out and I cannot see the manager thrusting one of the youngsters in at this stage.

Of course, if he does secure the transfer of Smithy from Man Utd via Newcastle, he will have the additional option to play him in midfield or up front with the Yak. I feel a definite case of FM coming on -but that`s healthier than` whining about Wyness`anytime!
Malcolm  Maynard     Posted 05/08/2008 at 16:46:06   Comments (16)

New acting CEO appointed

Robert Elstone has been appointed as the new acting CEO of Everton FC Club and has been at the club for just over 3 years....

Well im glad that Kenwight has acted swiftly and appointed someone! do any of you have any background on him? and ideas if he supports the Blues?
Alex French     Posted 05/08/2008 at 16:34:54   Comments (5)

The Echo of misinformation.

Did anyone hear the assistant editor of the Echo on Talksport this morning?? Mike Parry and Jason Cundy were discussing the ground move and they had this guy (I didn't catch his name) on to give an "independent" view of things. He basically came out with all the usual rubbish that we were getting from the club such as Goodison can't be redeveloped etc.

He was also going on about the fact that the move was voted for by the fans. He missed the whole point about how it was sold, transport links, costs, everything. He went on to say that Echo has supported the move (no shit, Sherlock!) from the start.

If I hadn't known better I would have thought it was someone who knew nothing of the whole situation, but as I have said this was the assistant editor! With friends like the Echo, who needs enemies!?!
Iain  Latchford     Posted 05/08/2008 at 15:03:16   Comments (5)

Name that team

It seems from the postbag that Kirkby is not the only issue dividing supporters at the moment. With regard to transfers we are split among optimists and pessimists. Until two weeks ago I would have been among the former... not any more.

So, here's a challenge. Would anyone care to predict what our team will be on the opening day of the season? This is my guess: Howard; Gosling, Lescott, Jagielka, Yobo; Arteta, Neville, Osman, Pienaar; Yakubu, Vaughan

On the bench? The rest of the squad.. I don't doubt we'll have a couple of new faces in but I suspect they will be in DM'S boot camp till mid September. Actually it doesn't look a bad side. I feel better already.
Andy Crooks     Posted 05/08/2008 at 11:34:02   Comments (4)

Please God, Nooo!!!

Just when you think this summer can't get any worse, it appears we are now after Alan Smith. Now I know that bidding for Alan Smith, real or otherwise, is something of a tradition for those running the club, but this is ridiculous.

We were promised improvements to the team, top players. Smith is one-paced (and that pace is dead slow), can't pass, can't shoot, can't tackle, can't run with the ball and couldn't score in a... Well, you get the picture.

And some fans will tell you he would be a good signing because he's only £1.75m and they're getting desperate for a warm body. In my view the signing of Smith would be hauling up the white flag. It would have a negative impact on the rest of the squad, who must already be demoralised.

If the club hasn't got the money for anyone better then someone should have the guts to say so and put us out of our misery. All we get instead are mixed messages: the club is for sale, no it isn't; Moyes has the money already; no he hasn't; we need 5 or 6 players, no, it's 3 or 4; Goodison is falling down, oops, it's still there.

You couldn't run a corner shop like this and survive.
Simon Hughes     Posted 05/08/2008 at 09:14:59   Comments (10)

New Yakubu song

With not much to smile about at the moment, I stumbled across this video on youtube, which did make me smile, so I thought I'd share, enjoy, COYB
Rob Aspinall     Posted 05/08/2008 at 00:02:39   Comments (44)

Shaken, not stirred..........

Having just waded through the "Getting to Kirby" post. I found my curiosity aroused by Karl Masters's comment on Celtic and Rangers' bond scheme which part-funded their respective team's stadium developments. After a quick Google search I couldn't find too much about those schemes but found a shed load of stuff about how the Barcodes' fans were shafted by the (then) Directors after shelling out £1k each in a bond scheme in exchange for guaranteed seats/season tickets for the next few seasons.

My point is, does anybody know much about the validity of such schemes where Everton are concerned? If plausible, I would be very interested to gauge what level of personal investment Toffeeweb readers might be prepared to put into EFC? Try to keep this honest if possible & I apologise in advance if this subject has been covered before.

To start it all off (& subject to T's & C's) I'm in for £2k. Another 29,999 matching me and we've got 60 mil - then we can either buy out BK, redevelop Goodison, move to Kirby or almost buy Ronaldo etc etc etc! I know this is hypothetical, but I'd much rather explore possible ways to positively influence our situation than waste energies ranting about it!
Peter Stone     Posted 04/08/2008 at 21:27:47   Comments (14)

How do we do it?

This next few days is the most important in our club's history. Last season for me was the stepping stone to the crossroads of either becoming a force in English football once again or becoming a "steady" club who have no real aspirations as long as we don't get relegated. The real question is: How do we do it?

For me, the answer is simple: all of us blue-blooded men and women need to get behind the manager and the chairman, give the players all the support we can, show the rest of the world what superb support that Everton have, fill the old lady week-in, week-out. I think that if we are behind the team at home it gives them that extra 15-20% ? look at the game @ home vs those lucky Italians. I was lucky enough to be there and we were superb. and we played the best i have seen us play for years!!!

Simple fact, if we're behind the manager, he'll stay and get the best out of the players, which in turn will produce results on the pitch, which in turn will produce silverware, then investment will come. It's all about us ? can't you seen we make this club great and it's up to us to make it a force once again. COYB!!!!!
Michael Cummins     Posted 04/08/2008 at 21:28:31   Comments (20)

Anyone know where Fernandes is?

With our threadbare squad to lose him as well would be very bad, but I haven't heard anything about him recently and as far as I know he's not in the States. Anybody know what's happening with him?
Peter Hall     Posted 04/08/2008 at 19:16:00   Comments (72)

Getting to Kirkby

I have never quite understood why Kirkby is such a no-no. Goodison Park is now quite dated and unsatisfactory, those pillars supporting the roof have been an anathema since first erected. What then, apart from the rather insular objection that Kirkby is outside the boundaries of Liverpool, are the principal objections?

(1) No suitable pubs for pre-match discussions etc.
(2) Leaving Liverpool FC to be the only club to represent the city of Liverpool.
(3) The difficulty of access for supporters.

When I first started to follow the club, I lived across the water on the Wirral. Goodison Park seemed a very very long way away but there were hundreds, maybe thousands of 'True Blues' who lived over there and distance did not deter us. How then did we get there?

I used to cross over on the Ferry from Woodside in Birkenhead. As we walked up from the Landing Stage, we were greeted by a long line of trams to take us up to Goodison. Similarly, when the game ended, there was another long line of trams to take us back.

It would seem to me that it would not be beyond the wit of man to do something similar. Transport Companies would jump at the chance, maybe the Corporation Public Transport!

If removal to Kirby means investment from moneyed tycoons, I think we should give it a go. Many many supporters make journeys far longer than that which causes so much objection from Liverpudlians who want their support to be feather-bedded.
Tim Lloyd     Posted 04/08/2008 at 14:56:51   Comments (45)

Answers, please!

I, like most Everton fans, am sick to death with transfer rumours, Moyes contract issues, Kirkby, investors... etc. It's time for the club and the board to come clean to the people who pay their wages ? Us, The Fans!

1. Are we going to be signing any players this summer?
2. Where has the money gone from the McFadden, and the £10 million that we had last year to buy Fernandes?
3. Is Moyes going to sign his contract, simple yes or no?
4, Is Moyes delaying his contract, because he is waiting to see his transfer funds?
5. When is this bloody Kirkby announcement going to be made?
6. Why did Wyness leave?
7. If investors are interested, who and how many?
8. What is the role of Green and Earl, do they run the club?
9. What is the delay in the AJ move?
Now we all know that the EGM is coming up shortly and these are the sort of questions that need to be answered. I'm sick of the spin, treating us like sheep, statements here and there but actually telling us nothing. We deserve better, we as fans want to know whether we will be watching Mountinho and Fernandes in the middle of the park or Neville and Rodwell.

Second best is not good enough, we want to compete, and if Mr Kenwright can't help us to that goal well its time to go, mister. God forbid, if we have a bad start to the new season with such a tiny squad we could be in a lot of trouble this year; however, there's still time for Moyes and Kenwright to get us in half-decent shape... but not much ? so get your finger out!
Sean  McKenna     Posted 04/08/2008 at 13:58:31   Comments (8)

Off the leash?

Seeing the piece on the OS where Moyes talks of the need for transfers, I was intrigued to read: 'My big concern is that anybody we bring in now probably won?t be ready to start the Premier League season. It?s now getting to the stage where you are wondering how long it takes for new players to settle, etc.'. Isn't that just about the first concession printed on Pravda, that the 'don't panic, transfers will come' and the 'the manager has the funds to bring in some new faces' was a smokescreen to cover problems to do with DK, Moyes' contract, Earl, Green and the lack of money (take your pick on these)?

Sure, there's no accounting for the behaviour of the Fulhams of the world, but short of the complete incompetence of our former CEO in thinking it's ok to start your transfer dealings in the third week in July isn't this finally hard evidence that something is rotten in the state of Everton rather than just Bully wanting to spend some more time with his family?

For the gaffer to come out on the OS and say what he has, sounds like he's been let off the leash to vent his frustrations. Maybe there's going to be some ping pong in the red tops with Bully telling his story (as expected) and him getting the blame from Kenwright and company elsewhere. Still, it'll deflect from Kirkby.
Mark Wynne     Posted 04/08/2008 at 13:52:23   Comments (19)

Hot air but black marks to Ross & Co!

This is a genuine post from Richard Dodd, proud supporter of Bill Kenwright, David Moyes and (nearly) all things Everton. I make no apologyfor accusing my fellow Evertonians of massive over-reaction to last week`s news of the CEO`s sudden departure. This sort of thing happens daily in companies up and down the country but rarely leads to the kind of melt-down theories we have been subjected to on this occasion.

So Bill and Keith had a disagreement they felt could not easily be resolved and the latter decided to walk .That didn`t mean DK was or wasn`t going to be called in, it didn`t mean that the Club were suddenly skint, it didn`t mean the manager was about to walk out, and it certainly didn`t mean that some mysterious figures were pulling all the strings backstage!

Anyone reading this and other sites, listening to phone-ins or accessing any other facility encouraging comment from `the mob` could be forgiven for believing that our beloved club was about to implode. How helpful is that to a manager working frantically to bring in the RIGHT players to improve the squad? How encouraging is that to the dozens of employees of the football club that prides itself as being of the people? And ask yourselves this. If the orchestrated aim was to drive a good man from the chairmanship of Everton, who on God`s earth would want to take on a set-up with a following as prone to hatred as as been demonstrated lately? In reality, the departure of Keith Wyness is a non-event. Believe me.

Davey will, before the deadline on 31 August, make a number of excellent signings. Co-terminus with that he will agree and sign his new contract. Government Office might ?just might ? get their act together and give us a decision on DK. Everton will get back to winning football matches and for a few weeks at least the focus will be on what really matters-the team.

I must, however, depart from my usual line to opine that this whole episode has been handled appallingly by the Everton Press Office. So much of the unpleasantness and scurrilous rumour could have been avoided by just half-decent news management. The in-house media boys should have been astute enough to foresee how this would be interpreted by an ever ready to criticise section of our support and got the assurances in first. They should not have waited until it all kicked-off before starting their damage limitation.

So, as a defender of the faith, my verdict on such a sad week for Everton is `a load of hot air` but a big black mark for Ross & Co!
Richard Dodd     Posted 04/08/2008 at 09:25:13   Comments (29)

Rossian Logic

Can someone who perhaps understands the mind of Ian Ross help me follow the baffling "logic" of this statement? I've tried by adding some "between the lines" words of my own in italics... but that just seems to make it worse:

?To suggest that Everton will suddenly open its arms to any would-be investor or buyer should the 'Destination Kirkby? project be given a green light is wholly misleading simply because our chairman has made it clear at every AGM going back five years that that kind of search has been going on consistently during that time and will continue to do so."

?Bill has never attempted to hide the fact that he does not have the funds to move the club to where he and the supporters want it to be: at the forefront of the English game.

?Logic dictates that any club that can boast a stadium which is modern and capable of expansion will represent a more attractive proposition to investors. However, to suggest that there is some sort of link between confirmation of a move to Kirkby which would provide Everton with a stadium which is modern and capable of expansion and the prospect of serious negotiation with would-be suitors who would then obviously consider Everton as representing a more attractive proposition is totally wrong.?

Either I'm completely stupid... or Ian Ross thinks I am. Let's see... "drunken knobhead Evertonians..." yea... right. I've been on the Pinot... now I geddit.
Paul Hardcastle     Posted 04/08/2008 at 02:00:35   Comments (24)

Colorado Rapids v Everton

Was wondering if the game is available on the tele tonight?

Or if theres a website to watch it....

If anyone knows, much appreciated
Sean McNally     Posted 03/08/2008 at 18:40:08   Comments (94)

Green, Earl & new investment

After reading today's Guardian/Observer article, things are starting to make more sense.

The article confirms a strong active link between Sir Philip Green, Earl and Kenwright. Green's track record is of buying out, investing, restructuring and then selling retail businesses at a large profit ? he is adept at spotting value in a business but also good at avoiding high risk (and Premier League football is high risk for investors) ? and he makes unsuccessful businesses successful by adding value for future investors.

He would see the value in strengthening the squad and the business on cost effective basis ? but investment must earn good returns for every pound invested ? he doesn't throw money away.

Our squad is small but very effective and very cost effective. Our retail/commercial business is still pretty poor ? pressure on Wyness. If your CEO is underperforming get rid sooner rather than later. A conflict of interest story plays into his hands ? saves on all that compensation for firing the employee and clears the way quickly. He is a ruthless man.

Kirkby is highly cost-effective and will potentially transform Everton as a business with plenty of room for a BHS for example (part of Green's empire). If he is backing this as a viable retail & commercial opportunity then rest assured it is a good bet.

Investors/new owners are circling the club but will only move in once Kirkby has been confirmed. If Kirkby is confirmed, things could happen very quickly, potentially transforming our transfer budget. This should have happened already so things are getting fraught on the football side ? wait... or go with what we have now. Moyes will stall on a contract until he sees what the new owners/investors can offer.

All this is just supposition and things may look very different next week, but from the amount of new detail in the Guardian statement I am guessing there are lots of goings on behind the scenes, this weekend more than most.
Graham Atherton     Posted 03/08/2008 at 11:36:18   Comments (25)

Time to go Bill

I have been warning about this guy for 3 years at least. He cannot take this club any further. He continually mis-informs the fans ? according to Bill Kenwright, Moyes's contract was agreed in May and would be signed next week, David calls him at least 10 times a day... THE CONTRACT IS STILL NOT SIGNED AND FROM MOYES IT WOULD APPEAR NOT TO BE FINALISED. Moyes is hoping to sign within the next few weeks.

He is supposed to be looking for investment 24/7, ? A BIG BIG JOKE! One of the potential buyers for Newcastle have looked at Everton apparently, but nothing happened. The man should come clean ? if he loves the Club as much as he often quotes then he should sell and sell now. If he sold for £20M he would still have made a packet and the investors who are looking to spend £260M to buy the barcodes would have £150M to redevelop Goodison or indeed steal Satnley Park from LFC.

I wish we had a guy with some business acumen instead in charge. BILL KENWRIGHT: STAND DOWN NOW. YOU HAVE NEARLY DESTROYED THIS CLUB!

The club has done so well despite you; managers lose the dressing room ? you are losing the fans. FOR GODS SAKE GO!!
Steve Sweeney     Posted 03/08/2008 at 11:43:03   Comments (33)

Pull the plug on Fulham

AJ's move to fulham is apparently stalling because he has a supposed dodgy knee so is not worth the £10M plus fee. Fulham are prepared to "do us a favour" and take him for a knock-down fee.

They're acting like a bunch of cockney used-car salesmen. If they can't conduct this tranfer with any grace then we should pull the plug. They're casting doubts over AJ's fitness that will spread through other clubs. I think EFC should show them that we can play hardball too.

How about a club statement saying that... "Contrary to recent newspaper articles, AJ's knee is up to playing in the Premier League. Unfortunately, an interested party can't put together the required funding because they are over-reaching"
John Gee     Posted 03/08/2008 at 10:04:04   Comments (18)

Crucial week

This is looking to be a crucial week coming up for Everton Football Club.

Of course the Kirkby decision, which may well happen this week, is massive enough. The story in the Observer about it leading to possible takeover bids is yet another reminder of how big Kirkby is for us.

Moyes will be back in the country and possibly putting pen to paper on his new contract (though it wouldn't be surprising if that's deferred until later in the month).

We're all looking for some movement on transfers. The Johnson transfer will surely be sealed very quickly now. Moyes and Kenwright have basically put their necks on the line, saying trust us, we know what needs to be done, we have the money to do it, we'll get players in. There is huge pressure on them now to deliver. I would say that we need to complete at least one and preferably two incoming transfers by the end of the week. Moutinho and M'Bia are two obvious possibilities. But if they're not available at the price we're willing to spend, we have to move on quickly.

Getting a striker in before the start of the season must also be very high priority ? with Jutkiewicz and Agard standing by for the Blackburn game. IMO we should forget about Darren Bent - he seems very happy at the moment in a Spurs shirt, and it's unclear whether Spurs will be in a position to let him go.

Unless Moyes and Kenwright get it right in the transfer market starting from this week, we risk throwing away everything that we've worked for over the last few years, and Davey Moyes will have some very hard questions to answer. And for us to lose Moyes as well really would be a disaster for the club.
Nick Wall     Posted 03/08/2008 at 09:36:07   Comments (10)

DK Verdict Date?

Am I missing a trick, or were we promised a verdict on whether Desperation Kirkby would get called in or not by the end of July - after numerous delays that is? It's 2nd August... does anyone anywhere have any idea how long this will get drawn out? This feels like a cross between waiting for Christmas and waiting for a dental appointment. It's gone too far, I need to know if it's a scrape and polish or a root canal job. The uncertainty is killing me.... Someone give me a deadline?
Joeynkoo Ludden     Posted 02/08/2008 at 20:53:41   Comments (28)

Why Wyness Left?

I know that some people don't take kindly to rumours, but apparently an Everton shareholder has had this to say on Wyness leaving:

Apparently an agent rang Kenwright to tell him Wyness had been trying to construct some transfer deals... not for Everton FC, but for Mallorca!! So Kenwright bollocked him and thought it would seem less like we've lost the plot if he resigned with no reason than sacking him... Robert Earl, who was supposed to be investing in Moutinho, finds out and pulls the plug on any of his funds!

Yet this is only speculation, it is a case of "What the hell is going on with our club?" Less than 16 days to kick off and we have a squad that with 1 or 2 injuries will be struggling to stay up, never mind building on last season! One bad season could see some integral players leave next year, its all a bit of a shambles!!!
Mike Cowhig     Posted 02/08/2008 at 19:32:55   Comments (26)

Time for Prudency

There is obviously a lot of panic amongst Everton fans brought on by uncertainty over the stadium and the resignation of the CEO. Now that Moyes has come out and reassured us that he intends to make three or four ?big money? signings I feel a lot better.

So much so that I have cast my gaze back to national affairs rather than panicking that Everton are on the verge of doing a Leeds as the manager walks, big players follow and no-one is brought in as the transfer funds merely service the debt. I am appeased that if Moyes says he is staying and if he believes he can make three or four ?big money? signings then maybe it is not as much crisis as people think.

Big Nev was on City FM yesterday saying how he would settle for 10th now. Well look around the rest of the league:

? Pompey have Crouch but lost Montari.
? Villa have Sidwell, Davis, Friedel, but lost Carson.
? Blackburn have Fowler(!) and Robinson but lost Fridel and Bentley
? Liverpool got Keane, Deggen and some no-ones but lost Crouch and the Ginger og specialist (though that might be a plus point).
? City have Jo and Ben Haim. Samaras, Dickov (no Moyes things aren?t that bad) and Mpenza have gone.
? Newcastle signed Spiderman and Gutherie, but lost Emre.
? West Ham have now got Behrami but lost Zamora (and Wright!)

Obviously Spurs have been big movers. Examining this, have we really lost much ground? We have got no-one and lost Carsley, Fernandes and Johnson (he might not have gone yet but how can he stay now?). If we can replace Carsley and Fernandes then surely we have stood still and only Spurs will have gone past us. No-one has really been splashing the cash. Even Man Utd have signed no-one (proving that And then there was one article to be crap), Arsenal have lost loads but gained little, Chelsea have been quiet and so have Liverpool. Every club is worried. TV Money will drop next time the contract is up. Gates will fall this season. Debts will mount and players prices and wages will drop.

I?m not saying we should sign no-one or dismiss our current fears, but I believe the days of football being big business and £50M transfers are over. Some clubs will go bust, and now is a time for prudency. I believe this is why Wyness may have gone as he was clearly unwilling to spend money on transfers. Also, has anyone seen the price of stee? There?s no way Everton or Tesco will be building a new ground.
Steve Ferns     Posted 02/08/2008 at 13:07:37   Comments (20)

So now it`s `three or four`!

What a difference a day makes! Only yesterday, Moysey was telling us it was vital to bring in `five or six` quality players. Now ,after a bollocking from the boss, it`s down to `three or four`!

I`ve never subscribed to the view that there was any great differences between Chairman and Manager ? they`re joined at the bloody hip ? and with a £3M a year contract up for grabs, the Ginger One was never about to follow the Fat Man out of the door. I suspect that by the 16th we shall have just `one or two` quality players in place with a vague promise of more in the next window. Another crisis over!
Harry Meek     Posted 02/08/2008 at 12:15:28   Comments (15)

Moyes 1st in the Sack Race

Just read this article on The Independent website about Moyes being favourite to be the first Premiership Manager to be sacked this season...

Where do they get this rubbish from, BK will never sack DM, if anything DM would probably walk away cos of all the crap that is happening behind the scenes at the club - no transfer funds, no new contract signed. I'm getting worried now, as all the possible targets are moving to other clubs and with the season only a fortnight away time is running out!! It is essential that we get a good start to the season, otherwise we'll be playing catch up, and with the squad we have, we will not be able to compete in all competitions ? and they call this progress!!!!
Simon Floyd     Posted 02/08/2008 at 10:53:13   Comments (5)

The Kirkby poll result

I know this is another Kirkby piece. But, I was wondering what the pro-Kirkby fans think about the latest Kirkby poll result, done on offeeweb? There was no biased question, just plain and simple...
Brian  Waring     Posted 01/08/2008 at 22:20:02   Comments (39)

Poor Bill!

How on earth does he do it? Not only is he expected to work 24/7 to garner investment into Everton FC but our Chairman is also obliged to "work hourly" in pursuit of transfer targets identified by the manager.

Given his record on both counts, he's either a bloody poor salesman or what he has to offer is not very attractive. Only three weeks ago, Davey was telling us he had yet to sit down with his chairman to determine the transfer budget. Now we learn that he's known it since the end of last season. Somebody is telling porkies, methinks, and I suspect I know who that might be.

Similarly, the late lamented CEO told us that he was spending all his time on the phone chasing down Davey's targets. This week we're told Wyness had "little or no part" in transfer business.

I know the Press Office sees BB as a loose cannon and seek to keep him muzzled but they really must try to introduce a semblance of credibility to what comes out of Goodison Park. Whereas anyone with a smidgeon of sensibility about feelings "on the street" could have turned The Fatman's departure into a positive, it has been allowed to spin out of control and herald a spate of crisis theories unheard of since the days of Agent Johnson.

Meanwhile, we can only continue to feel sorry for Poor Bill as he tries to fit 48 hours into every day!
Malcolm Jones     Posted 01/08/2008 at 20:10:13   Comments (19)

What has happened to Supporters Associations?

Now that Kirkby seems to have gone on the backburner and Wyness's departure is fading news I thought I would suggest another topic.

We are all complaining or asking what action to take particularly against the amount of money circulating among the so called "Rich 4". It's too much to ask people to listen to a small group of Evertonians posting on Toffeeweb. It got me to thinking what happened to the various Supporter's Associations that were created a few years back by Mark Goulbourn and Rogan Taylor amongst others.

I know Rogan got a nice job and an honorary doctorate out of it but why didn't they become more powerful and why couldn't all supporter's associations come together in one national powerful lobby to help the game from being ruined by its own lack of scruples?

There are obviously some very talented and literate people on here so why can't their voices be heard?
Jay Harris     Posted 01/08/2008 at 16:07:14   Comments (13)

Moyes's comments misinterpreted

In this morning's Daily Post it confirms that the supposed comments David Moyes made yesterday in his post-match interview were misinterpreted. As far as I'm aware, all the latest panic that as started amongst all us pissed-off Evertonions about Moyes being the first manager to leave and us having no money for transfers has came from this supposed comment.

This latest episode would never have started if the Liverpool Echo had put Moyes's words ln the correct context when writing the story in yesterday's paper. We have enough problems at the minute without our local paper making them a hundred times worse.
Lewis Alderton     Posted 01/08/2008 at 10:21:12   Comments (33)

Champions League - they're having a laugh!

Not just us, but Villa, Spurs, Portsmouth and any other team hoping to crack the Sky 4. The prize money and money earned from television etc has now given these clubs even more of an advantage than in recent seasons. Take Liverpool for instance. They "earned" £20million last year from Europe and have spent it on a top class striker. Who are we going to spend our £500,000 on? Just getting past the group stages of the Champions League is now worth the equivalent of a rights issue. Even the likes of Talk Sport are talking about a team to finish "Best of the Rest" because they know no team has a realistic chance of cracking the Sky 4. It irks me when Peter Kenyon has the gall to tell other clubs to put their house in order.

What can we do about it? For a start I am urging every neutral fan not to watch the Champions League on Television. Hit the ratings. Let the missus watch the romantic movie on Film 4 or whatever the BBC has to offer. Read a book. Watch re-runs of Rotterdam. Whatever you do don't watch the Champions League. Ratings go down and the advertisers think twice about paying extortionate sums to get a prime slot. Don't forget they have already dropped one of the group stages through poor ratings, there used to be two group stages, then the knock-out stage.

Also, don't buy a paper the next day either, some of the drivel the sports writers serve up couldn't be more obsequious. Make the money grabbers realise that by getting richer and getting the best players they have made the Premier League less competitive and less of a spectacle. The fight back against the greedy fat cats called the Sky 4 starts here!
Keith Piper     Posted 01/08/2008 at 10:36:30   Comments (33)

But that Kenwright.......

The last time I felt as bad as this in a close-season we had just sold `The Boy Rooney`for a sack of spuds and everybody was screaming for Kenwright`s head. This time it`s only `The Fat Controller` who has skipped ship-and we all wanted rid of him, anyway! But it`s still Bill Kenwright who will have to go!

Makes you smile really. Five years ago, Davey was said to be so depressed at having to sacrifice his wonder child that he was on the point of resignation. It never happened and he went on to give us the most successful season in our Premiership record.

So OK, we`ve got no money for signings but Johno looks like he`s staying and one of the kids - or Phil Neville! - can fill in for `The Bald One`, so what`s the worry? We all know that Davey will, at least, see out his contract and who knows he might well pull off another miracle. After all, he says he likes working with a tight ship!

Call me a cock-eyed optimist if you like but I`ve got a sneaking feeling it will be alright in the long run. But that Kenwright will still have to go!
Gareth Ellis     Posted 01/08/2008 at 09:18:16   Comments (49)

Coral's suspend betting on Moyes

Just picking up on a point made on another ToffeeeWeb thread by James Newcombe which perhaps deserves much more attention. It appears that Coral Bookmakers are no longer taking bets on David Moyes being the next Premier League manager to leave his post!!!!
Brendan McLaughlin     Posted 01/08/2008 at 00:59:28   Comments (93)

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