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Xmas is Back On....

By Tony Marsh :  23/12/2010 :  Comments (35) :
I was expecting to stick the boot in again on Moyes with this article. The result at Eastlands was a formality, many of us thought: City win and we all kick off once more.

Well, what do you know! Moyes grew a pair of balls we played a bit of footy, scored two goals and we beat the Arabs Lego set yet again... Get In! I hate City now by the way because I'm jealous of thier wealth. No harm in that is there?

The only words I can possibly use to describe this victory is Fucking MAGNIFICENT. Yes, it was a great night to be an Evertonian. Proud as I ever was and definetly feeling the vibe.

Noses like Rudolph and toes like Scott of the Antarctic, no Everton fan in that stadium gave a fuck about the sub-zero temperatures. Ten brave men wearing the Royal Blue jersey held out in Rourkes Drift type fashion and Christmas was saved... Thank you, Lord!.

Talk about miracles, the Immaculate Conception has nothing on this result... Five fish and Two loaves, Blind man who can see, Rising from the dead? Nah ? Everton winning away at money bags City has to be right up there with em all.

Why do people on this site still doubt Cahill?? I love the little bastard. If ever a club had a Talisman, then Tim Cahill is the epitome of talismen. Blue blooded through and through and made from the same stuff as Labone, Lyons, Sharp, Watson etc. Yet again, TC comes up trumps with a masterful headed finish.

Give Tim Cahill some kind of Dixie Dean status at this club because he deserves it. Just by the way the lad talks speaks volumes for his love of all things Everton. Never mind all the important goals he scores.

I have still got a semi on thinking about the way my team stepped up to the plate and ruined the Sky inspired Tevez tea party. How gutted were the pricks in the media the next day? The fact that they they couldn't spout shite about the Nikki Lauder stunt double money grabbing twat being a genius and a loyal Sky Blue. The twat defo did a Rooney on them HA HA .

David Moyes has taken plenty of stick this season, and rightly so, but on Monday night I couldn't fault the man. Moyes got most things right and even the Victor situation was a liitle unlucky. Nearly had him subbed which was right... but who cares now we've won?

Some might say City were off key on the night but who gives a fuck? If Spurs had won at City with 10 men, the Sky mob would've had the baby oil out and their Kecks around their ankles all night. Harry's baggy kipper would of been on telly for days.

Yes, it's amazing when we pull off a win like that but my main concern is that we revert back to type on Boxing Day. We twatted Chelsea away and lost to West Brom at home so no fuck ups on Sunday.

Give me three more wins on the spin and I might just start to believe again. Beating Brum is a must. Three vital, essential points and we can start to breath a little easy... Oh and don't get me started on Fucking Scunthorpe.

Merry Xmas one and all and a prosperous and Happy New Year......

Reader Comments

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Dave Brierley
1   Posted 24/12/2010 at 16:07:07

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Ho Ho Ho Tony. You've really got the Christmas spirit (probably half a bottle gone already judging by what you wrote here!)

Happy Christmas to you Tony and put that baby lotion away.

Tom Fazal
2   Posted 24/12/2010 at 16:12:59

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Well done Tony for writing such a positive article, nice to see you are willing to give credit where credit is due. Completely agree about Tim Cahill, no idea what he has to do to earn the respect he should have, and I too, count him as one of the great Everton players.

Happy Christmas Tony, look forward to more of your writings next year.

Merry Christmas to Evertonians wherever you are in the world and best wishes for the New Year.
Michael Lynch
3   Posted 24/12/2010 at 16:14:57

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Brilliant Tony,

Agree with everything you say. I know some people get on your back, but you have given credit where it is due. It is not acceptable to be performing the way we have been, and it is so frustrating because we clearly have the talent in to squad to challenge at the top end. Let's get some consistency and hopefully we can now mount an assault on the top six.
Jay Harris
4   Posted 24/12/2010 at 16:33:14

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A very Happy Xmas to you and the family Marshy.

Always a good read.

BTW that wasn't you without a shirt on at City, was it?
Ian Edwards
5   Posted 24/12/2010 at 17:07:17

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For once, I disagree with Tony. We beat City in spite of Moyes. When Vic was sent off, Moyes was like a rabbit caught in the headlights. For ten to fifteen minutes we had no forward on the pitch and City had no-one to mark and poured forward like Rourke's drift.

During that spell we conceded a goal and we were lucky they never grabbed another to equalise.

A backs-to-the-wall win at City when we played like a lower league team holding on to a lead at a big Premier League club just shows how low our expectations and performances have fallen under this dreadful manager.
Hugh Jorgan
6   Posted 24/12/2010 at 17:17:38

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Tim Cahill ? Legend, I have no doubt, he has been in the top three Everton scorers every season since he arrived, scoring eight in each of the last two seasons.

At this juncture in the season he has scored ten and is second in the Premier League scorers to Berbatov on eleven. Speak his name with pride and tell your grand kids you saw Tim Cahill play.

Xmas greetings from New Zealand, where it's Christmas Day already.

Paul Joy
7   Posted 24/12/2010 at 17:04:06

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I am off for a lie down after reading this post Tony ? you must have been slipping some happy pills into that vat of Jacky Daniels of yours.

Your article is spot on!!!

Fuck me, there, I have said it, after all this time.

You are especially right about Tim Cahill ? there has been some utter shite spouted about him this season. He never hides ? always puts his body on the line, always gives 100% ? without his goals, where would we be? Not many of his team mates can claim that, can they, this season. Some have not even broken sweat.

Your article has put a smile on my face ? it is funny and just what I need to perk me up before tomorrow's bombardment from my grandkids.

Whilst I normally pile into what you say and how you say it, I do actually look forward to your views ? you have never been boring.

Keep speaking your mind fella.

Have a Happy Christmas and go easy on the JD.

COYB ? Eugene that is just for you and is the 1st time I have ever used it!!

Merry Christmas, TW .
Tony J Williams
8   Posted 24/12/2010 at 17:35:15

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"Well, what do you know! Moyes grew a pair of balls we played a bit of footy" Probably the worst game, footballing-wise, we have played for a while. I dunno what your on Tony but I hope the missus gets me a few bottles of it for Christmas.

"We beat City in spite of Moyes" ? Speechless, I really am.
Art Jones
9   Posted 24/12/2010 at 18:22:36

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Many games this season, we've played better football than we did against Man City; however, it is true that you play as well as the opposition let you. The fact that, for all their possession, City only gave Howard five saves to make says a lot about our spirit and how well our defence coped.

One thing that should not be forgotten is that in many games we've played this season Balotelli's goal attempt would have gone in and some Refs would have awarded them a penalty or two, harshly yes. As I've tried to illustrate beforehand, the difference between success and failure is a very fine line ? far too often this season, the luck hasn't gone our way.

Kunal Desai
10   Posted 24/12/2010 at 18:49:34

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Let's see if Moyes really has grown a pair; knowing him, he'll drop one or two players that started on Monday and perhaps put that shitbag Saha in the starting line-up.

It's all well when the pressure is off us, but Birmingham at home is different, where the onus is on the home side to take the game to the opposition and break them down. Added to the fact that it'll be a full house, the crowd will be expecting far better than recent performances at Goodison. Pienaar and Arteta should start on the bench.

Gerry Western
11   Posted 24/12/2010 at 19:55:43

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Tony, right on the money. We were straight out of the traps and there was a real purpose to our play. Fellaini was bossing the middle of the park and Cahill was in their faces from the off. We really were playing some wonderful football despite the harsh conditions on the night.

The tempo did drop, however... but it wasn't difficult to see why. Osman, I'm probably one of his biggest critics, was performing well but clearly lacked match fitness and his contribution began to wane. Young Coleman in the early stages was looking for the ball out wide but, as the game progressed, he found himself having to drop deeper and deeper in order to cover Neville who was looking increasingly vulnerable. Consequently, he began to tire as the game progressed. More importantly, Fellaini picked up a booking and this blunted his edge; he didn't have quite the same impact from that point on.

To compound the problems, Vic got his marching orders; from that point on it was backs against the wall. However, no-one typified our resilience more than Cahill. He performed a variety of roles on the night and gave everything for the cause. He was busting a gut to close down the opposition, right down to the final minutes, even though it was clear there was little left in the tank. He was a legend in my book years ago and has nothing left to prove to me; others might beg to differ.

I thought Moyes got his tactics spot on. One could argue the substitutions might have been made earlier but, when they came, they certainly steadied the ship and we began to regain our composure. So hats off to Moyes for getting the big decisions right on the night. Hopefully we can carry this form through Christmas and the New Year and give those loyal fans who braved those freezing temperatures something more to cheer about.
Leon Perrin
12   Posted 24/12/2010 at 20:09:11

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Thankful for small mercies more like.

We have the indian sign over City at the moment, we could send 11 pensioners in Blue shirts, they would'nt beat us.

Appropriate you mention Rourke's Drift, another over embellished victory covering up shameful defeat at Isandlwana.

You're not a fan of Nick Clegg are ya?
Simon Temme
13   Posted 24/12/2010 at 20:46:31

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Brilliant! - you have almost got me believing again.

On the Cahill note - totally agree - the topic of Cahill being an Everton legend has been debated quite a lot on TW and there surely can be no question - deffo up there with total true blues - Merry Christmas to all Toffeewebbers and dare I say David Moyes! Here's to 3 points on Sunday - COYB
Paul McGinty
14   Posted 24/12/2010 at 20:35:41

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When Cahill stops scoring, no doubt a bunch of our ToffeeWeb bretheren will be back on the site giving the rundown on how Cahill should be out of the starting eleven. He cannot pass, spoils the balance of the team, etc etc. Never mind this season, 12 months ago the same old garbage was being spouted about Cahill. I just don't get it. Loved the early challenge on Zabaleta by the way.
Nick Entwistle
15   Posted 24/12/2010 at 20:48:03

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Wow, even a positive TM post is full of bile and hatred. Some strange and faultering refferences made too, especially the Nikki Lauda one. Maybe he's been watching Frankie Boyle's Tramadol Nights thinking it was good and decided to have a go himself. Bless.
Dick Fearon
16   Posted 24/12/2010 at 21:09:28

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After sometimes feeling I was his only fan it is good to see more of you coming out of the woodwork in praise of Tim Cahill.

Tony, your latest missive, should that be missile, is on the money; I could not say it any better.

Here's to three golden points in our Xmas pudding and I don't care how we do it. A win in the Boxing Day test would put icing on the cake.

From this Blue in steaming hot West Australia to Blues the world over, have a jolly and healthy, Merry Christmas.

Ian Smitham
17   Posted 24/12/2010 at 22:00:41

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You know, I love it on here, but the only things that drive me mad are no-mark negatives who would rather find fault for the sake of it and the other one is abuse of fellow Evertonians no matter what their views.

Can't say I see I always agree with your comments on here Tony but to be fair they usually have substance and this posting was exactly how I saw it at Citeh the other night. Tim is a "God" as I like to refer to my heroes and they include those you noted, Tricky Trev would be another.

Equally, your fair appraisal of even the sub situation was right.

Tony J above, could not agree more.

The richest club in the World, about to go top (not!!) we are away and on Sky. Not the time for Arsenal Lite ? more for short sleeves and grit and that's what we had.

But, as a few are seeing on here, Brum at home is a different subject and proposition and I hope that we treat it that way.
Steve Guy
18   Posted 24/12/2010 at 22:28:19

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Bloody Hell.
Simon Temme
19   Posted 24/12/2010 at 22:35:39

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What's up, amazed at the positive insight? I am sure you have more to give? Cahill legend?
Norman Merrill
20   Posted 25/12/2010 at 08:46:00

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Well done Tony, and you still mentioned the time of year seasonal thing.
I just hope that we do the business on Boxing day, and into a very Happy 2011.
Gavin Ramejkis
21   Posted 25/12/2010 at 09:46:22

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Leon, not sure how you think Isandlwana was a shameful defeat. The British had superior weapons including two artillery pieces and a rocket battery but they are only good against advancing opposition troops at a distance and not the traditional horns and chest of the bull Zulu tactics in mountainous conditions which outflank opposition in a classic pincer manoeuvre. 20,000 or so Zulu's battled approximately 1700-2000 British soldiers and killed over 1300 of them with a loss of a thousand or so.
Leon Perrin
22   Posted 25/12/2010 at 11:40:09

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Just to be clear, the shame lies with the command not the soldiers who fought heroically.
Numerous African colonial conquests proved numerical disparity was not a problem as long as the troops were correctly dug in and the Martini rifle kept firing.
I'm sure you know neither happened at Isandlwana.
Within 24 hours the Rourkes Drift battle where proportionately a greater disparity occurred (152 defenders against 4000 zulu) proved the point.

I've lifted this quote which says it better than I can

Zulu Rising: The Epic Story of iSandlwana and Rorke?s Drift by Ian Knight

"The British commander, Lord Chelmsford, could not escape blame for the iSandlwana debacle and his career never recovered, but he helped to ensure the legend of Rorke?s Drift by insisting ?that little gleam of sunshine? that was Chard?s report of the defence was sent home at the earliest opportunity. The newspapers of the day took the tale up with gusto, to the surprise of the military. ?They had endured a serious defeat and been repulsed from Zululand,? says Wright. ?And Rorke?s Drift was little more than an afterthought.? But he accepts that it would be a simplification to suggest ?that the high number of awards was deliberately sanctioned to distract public attention from the failure of iSandlwana.?

As Major Francis Clery, who chose the site of the ill-fated iSandlwana camp, wrote home: ?The fact is that until the accounts came out from England nobody had thought of the Rorke?s Drift affair except as one in which the private soldiers of the 24th behaved so well. For as a matter of fact they all stayed there to defend the place because there was nowhere else to go, and in defending it they fought most determinedly.?

Gavin Ramejkis
23   Posted 25/12/2010 at 22:16:50

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Leon, it was always rumoured that Cetshwayo was so impressed by the size of the Welsh Engineers that faced him and Rorke's Drift and stood firm for a battle that after a multitude of attacks he walked away happy that the honour of his troops had been matched. I agree that there are numerous moments of madness from the top brass that have fucked up to the detriment of the troops.

Some memorable ones being The Charge of The Light Brigade right at hardened artillery, countless over the top charges in the Somme at fixed machine gun nests, a lesser ones being H Jones in the Falklands taking several 7.62 rounds in his back running up Tumbledown Hill towards Argentinian positions, the sniper story never being accepted "in house" within the MoD and he was strongly disliked for his foolhardy treatment of his squads.
Michael Kenrick
24   Posted 25/12/2010 at 19:31:18

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Ian (#17): "... abuse of fellow Evertonians no matter what their views."

Sorry but what I don't get is the bit about "no-mark negatives who would rather find fault for the sake of it" --- here's a Christmas thought for you to mull on, Ian.

Why would anyone find fault just for the sake of it?

If you're an Evertonian and you see a fault or a failing, and you decide to write in, sharing your observation with fellow Evertonians via this website, how does it feel to then be called a "no-mark negative"?

That's what I consider to be one of the most common ways in which Evertonains are abused on here ? for their views, that might just happen to differ from yours? Is that what makes them no-marks? Just wondering...
Sam Hoare
25   Posted 26/12/2010 at 00:39:43

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Wow. It's Xmas ? not April Fools Day, right?

Good article.
Derek Thomas
26   Posted 26/12/2010 at 01:24:12

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Leon Perrin.; prepare to dismount from PC high horse, dis...wait for it, dis-MOUNT!


Rourke's Driift: advice to newspaper man, along the lines of... when faced with a choice between the truth and the legend, ALWAYS print the legend.

Tim Cahill, Legend isn't only about results, it's about what you do and more so 'how' you do it... (Mark in the Hall of Fame???)

Sometimes we need Legends more than the truth.

As has been said elsewhere, one swallow doesn't make a summer and the sad fact is, much as we love and need the City games, there seem to be many more Wigans and WBAs.

I know it's not all Moyes's fault but a fair proportion of it is.
Leon Perrin
27   Posted 26/12/2010 at 13:28:25

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No high horse here just consistent opinion against some of the "old pony" both in the article and from those who support it. That's the Moyes way of playing: occasionally we'll get a result, usually we won't. The league don't lie.
Steve Harris
28   Posted 26/12/2010 at 16:00:17

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Can`t believe that after that tactically inept display on Monday night that Tony Marsh, of all people, is now waxing lyrically about his old mate Moyes. After starting well for the first 20 minutes, we then reverted to type and proceeded to put everybody behind the ball but without being able to actually close them down. It took Moyes till 10 minutes from time to realise that if you get men to hold the ball up in the opposition half then it actually takes the pressure off the back four! The man is fucking clueless and shame on you Tony for being fooled by this clown.
Mike Bates
29   Posted 27/12/2010 at 11:38:16

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I hate David Moyes. There I've said it. Why? Its all been said on here. Clueless and negative.

City game was a victory for luck rather than tactics and ability. Play like that another 99 times and you get slaughtered.

Oh and the players celebrating like they'd won the league afterwards... embarrassing. Winning should be expected, and shouldn't be treated like a fucking suprise when it happens.
Tony J Williams
30   Posted 27/12/2010 at 17:31:21

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Yeah Mike, it's embarrassing showing emotion isn't it?
Col Noon
31   Posted 27/12/2010 at 18:29:09

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On the topic of Christmas ? mine has been bloody awful and a complete bore-fest. Not a jot of joyful merriment in sight, and I have hardly had a drink...

A rousing victory tomorrow and I will be reaching for the Magners ? that's for sure. West Ham getting a valuable 3 points yesterday makes it a more interesting encounter. But, if we turn up with the right attitude, there is no reason why we cannot pile more misery on the Hammers, whose back four is as shaky as I have seen for a long time.

Plus we have a good record at Upton Park. And throw this into the mix: Saha has 4 goals in 5 games against the Hammers ? I think he may end the [ahem] "drought" tomorrow.

There... I said it. Happy fucking Christmas.

Andy Crooks
32   Posted 27/12/2010 at 19:24:52

Report abuse

Tony J Williams on post number 8 I don't often agree with you but you got it right . I've agreed with Tony in the past but his article is just poor.
Ian Smitham
33   Posted 27/12/2010 at 22:46:07

Report abuse

Andy at 32 ? totally right.

Mike at 29 ? what would you have done? As TM has intimated (he is one of the most critical on here) and as others have pointed out, the tactics ? for an away game against a top team who are the richest in the world ? were spot on. As for the celebrations-well ask the fans who were there how they felt. The players demonstrated unity behind the group fans and Manager. It was a statement. It showed they care and are not just a bunch of overpaid mercenaries

As for Steve, No 28 ? preconceived ideas springs to mind because I for one enjoyed a well thought-out game plan that included the ability to defend against an attacking team using all resources, and as for the "tactically inept" comment, I really do believe there is a lack of understanding. We won. Ask the fans who were there whether it was entertainmant and enjoyment. And we won.

Leon, at risk of egg on my face, look at the last few years and compare them to any time in your Everton supporting history.

Micheal. None of it is abuse, an exchange of differing views, which I believe is what you promote. You keep having a little dig at me about views, fair enough. An open forum is great, but abuse is not ? i believe there is a distinction.

I appreciate the site and differing views, just not the abuse that creeps in amongst fellow Evertonians. If I wanted to read comments by everyone that agrees with me, I would either create my own site or just read the OS. Keep up the work.

Ian Smitham
34   Posted 27/12/2010 at 23:06:04

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Micheal, Also looking at the post by Mike 29, "clueless and negative" ? well I would take it all day long.

"Luck rather than tactics and ability" ? It was a display of grit and tenacity and we scored twice away from home. Aside from a good save from TH and the Ballottelli incident, did anyone really feel we were under pressure?

"Another 99 times ....." ? ridicule, there is an art to defending and to suggest that we would get "slaughtered" is unreal. Our team were set up to do a job and well set up at that.

Micheal, those that come on here and make the comments above i just disagree with. Further, I think they post with preconceived ideas.

But it's not abuse, just differing opinions, which drive me mad as obviously I am right.

Thanks again.
Michael Kenrick
35   Posted 28/12/2010 at 00:47:32

Report abuse

Ian, you bitch about Evertonians being abused. Yet you come on here and call them "no-mark negatives" ? and now add a new one ? posting with "preconcieved ideas" WTF?

Who cares at what point anyone's ideas (however positive or negative) were conceived? Mind-boggling!

Most comments here are written in response to something (Duh!) Denigrating them by calling them "preconceived" is yet another attempt by you to abuse your fellow Evertonians.

Do yourself (and me!) a favour: stop characterizing or making presumptuous generalizations about other people's responses. It's highly offensive! Just respond to the content. OKAY?

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