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Media Articles, Season 2004-05
ToffeeWeb will feature notable articles from the media here during the 2004-05 season

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Rooney money brings Blues back from the brink {2 September 2004}
Cashing in while Rooney is crucified {1 September 2004}
United get their man... {1 September 2004}
All Blues should thank Wayne... {1 September 2004}
The rise and fall of a hero in blue {30 August 2004}
Yobo finds a welcoming port... {28 August 2004}
Rooney transfer request confirms Everton's fears {28 August 2004}
Everton furious over plot {24 August 2004}
Russian tycoon to buy Everton {22 August 2004}
Is this the next Wayne Rooney? {August 2004}
Berry denies Everton link {29 July 2004}
The reason behind Everton's power struggle {26 July 2004}
Kenwright on the brink at Everton {25 July 2004}
An own goal? {8 July 2004}
Rea ction to The Sun {8 July 2004}
Don't blame Wayne {7 July 2004}
It's not as if there's pot of money we're withholding. {21 May 2004}
I'm a Blues fan... {20 May 2004}

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