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By Dawson Boyle :  24/11/2007 :  Comments (11) :
I was unmoved by the recent capitulation to Croatia.

I watched the game and enjoyed it as a spectacle, but as the whine of crocodile tears spread through the London boroughs towards the Home Counties, the realisation suddenly dawned that I really don?t care. The England football team mean nothing to me.

I used to think this was down to the conspicuous absence of Everton players in the starting 11, but watching Joleon Lescott play on Wednesday night, the only thing that occupied my thoughts was the Sunderland game. He could have had a howler and it wouldn?t mean a thing.

The truth is, in recent years, England has meant nothing but trouble to Evertonians. Had it not been for the feted call, that fat kid who plays for Man U would never have had his head turned by Alex Ferguson?s whispering mob. The same applies to Nick Barmby and the RS cronies. How long before Lescott or Andy Johnson get the same heavy handed treatment? I wince every time the squad is announced.

England games have always brought the dregs of football supporters to the surface. Watching the last world cup in various taverns last year, I heard some unbelievable statements from replica shirt wearing idiots. ?Why don?t they play Giggs on the left instead of Joe Cole?? was a personal favourite. These glory boys have consistently ruined every International tournament for me since Pavarotti, the pubs next year will be a safer place without them.

The standard of football in much of International football is little better than the early rounds of the UEFA cup, so the argument that playing for your country develops players is redundant. It does nothing more than fulfil personal ambition.

I?ll be watching the European Championships next year, as I always have, supporting Everton. I?ll keep an eye on Nuno and Arteta (if he ever gets the call) and I?ll get as much joy out of them playing as I ever would an England player. Everton have given me enough joy and despair over the years to beat any pretend emotion the England team could ever muster.

Reader Comments

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Patrick Einsmann
1   Posted 24/11/2007 at 18:40:30

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Great Article Dawson, totally agree with you. Everton will always come first by a mile.

Let’s just hope Arteta get’s in the Spanish team, he deserves it.
John Maxwell
2   Posted 24/11/2007 at 21:29:21

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Your poor disaffected loser, how do you end up with this mentality ? England is one country whether you live in London, Devon or anywhere else ?? What in england has made you into such a self loathing misery.. ?
Dawson Boyle
3   Posted 24/11/2007 at 22:07:19

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Wasn’t really my intention to renounce my nationality John, I was just saying the national team don’t interest me much.

However, while your asking, here’s a few gripes:

It always rains.
The Sun newspaper
House prices
Terrible food
The treatment of the dockers
David Cameron
Manchester, in paticular their belief that they invented culture
That idiot who wrote Love Actually

etc. etc....

I feel better now thanks.
Rob Hollis
4   Posted 25/11/2007 at 00:44:58

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Dawson Boyle you forgot:-
No smoking in your own car
Speed Cameras
The Civil Service
Thoughtless growth of population
Possible ID Cards
Our attitude to the rest of Europe
Our attitude to each other
If Everton did not play in England I would leg it!
Gerry Morrison
5   Posted 25/11/2007 at 01:03:19

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Well said Dawson. As well as all that, I always wonder what kind of Evertonian goes around waving a red and white flag.
Derek Thomas
6   Posted 25/11/2007 at 03:12:12

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When I was a kid in the 50’s England the team and the place BOTH seemed special. The more History I was taught (indoctrinated/brainwashed??) then the 60’s and 66 in particular only served to re-enforce the feeling.
My list of gripes would mirror those of the of the Grumpy old men programs. We are all turning into Victor Meldrews.

As for the England team, some blame the influx of foreign players, short answer: NO. There are many and varied reasons, as many as there are things that come before National Pride in the players minds, bank balance, agents, clubs (which might be the same as bank balance) sponsors.

The top teams will/should, almost always, win and the margin separating win and lose, can be narrow, narrow enough to maybe let a dose a National Pride and nobody would ever accuse the Croatians of lack of NP. Or in Rugby terms South Africa for that matter.

I doubt very much if the twin viruses of soft living and PC has a large foothold in either country.

A young blue I know, very rabid, but of the sort of Stevie G la mentality that some possess, didn’t see anything wrong when I pulled him up for wearing a red england shirt, not for the National aspect but for the colour. If thats the sort you have playing for England then no wonder we can’t get excited about it.

They only relate to themselves, not to the Country and certainly not to us the common (very) fan.
Ed Fitzgerald
7   Posted 25/11/2007 at 12:29:49

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John Dawson

I have never been particuarly bothered about England and don't consider myself a loser. I suspect many Blues' ambivalent attitude to them is a as a result of the following

Many people from the city of Liverpool have a celtic heritage ? therefore dont feel the same blind devotion to the charms of ingerland

The media hype that surrounds England is of the same ilk that surrounds Man U and Liverpool

A good percentage of England fans past and present appear to be insular, small minded people who hail from small towns who wish to abuse people who are not English ? I dont want to identify with them

England play sterile football that bores the arse off me

So please dont slate people who are not rushing to get behind your flag waving nationalism. If you want to follow England thats fine, leave people who can't be bothered with it to their own devices.
Keith Glazzard
8   Posted 25/11/2007 at 13:55:43

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When Scotland were knocked out in the last minute by the world champions I felt truly saddened. I’m not a Scot but I admire their spirit and achievements. Faddy and Davy Weir, of course, help. The newspapers I saw the following day were full of - guess what - Israel’s last minute winner against Russia. I was disgusted.

I can’t be an "England Supporter" because The Sun, the fascists, yobs and other scum define what that is - they have hijacked this aspect our national game.

I can support England - would love to - but only on the basis of good football, or at least a good go at it (as the Scots manage to do). And from what I’ve seen of the sweet bloody FA this week, I might have to wait a very long time,

Duncan McDine
9   Posted 25/11/2007 at 20:16:55

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I feel just the same. Haven’t a clue why... maybe its because ’England fans’ are the same gobshites that crowd the pubs when the RS, Man U or Chelsea play???

I admit I get a kick from watching them expect England to beat teams like Croatia comfortably, only to be upset again. Will they ever realise that England aren’t good enough? England haven’t looked like a real team since Gazza left in all honesty. Scholes was very important to the team aswell, and without those kind of players there’s no team, just individuals who look as frustrated playing as the fans are watching it!
John Sreet
10   Posted 26/11/2007 at 09:13:21

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I think people see what they want to see. I was at the game, and there were lots od families, menn with their wives, guys with their girlfriends, the vast majority good decent people.
There are rogue elements everywhere, even within our beloved Everton, so much of your argument is just plain for the things you hate about our country, then I suggest you move elswhere.
Nick Entwistle
11   Posted 26/11/2007 at 13:05:30

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England mean nothing to you? Pretend emotion? Couldn’t care?
You’re adisgrace! I loved every moment of that game and was dancing for joy at the final whistle! Even more nurvous at the end than England v Aussies in the rugby!

These ego driven self important tossers from the CL clubs piss me off big time. More concerned with their ’rep’ than footballing glory.
It’s all very well having foreigners, most without that attitude, drive you on for your Prem teams, but come together and realise that you have to justify that self perception with glory frightens you to death. When glory is there for the taking, you can’t be afraid of the possibility of losing.
I’m sure they cared on Wednesday, yet where was the caring at the start of the campaign. In the friendlies as well.
They want all the clamour from their Champions League games and all the coverage they get from Prem matches, and don’t see those early campaign England matches as important. And when their egos are freatened by not going to a summer tournament, or having to perform in one, they can’t handle the truth of 11 (ok, not counting Lescott) self important toss pots just don’t mean a thing.
The highest paid national team, the most famous, and self important. At what point do they ask themselves that now is the time to justify that self image?
Oh and the FA. Years of poor England manager selections. Venebals, Hoddle, Keegan (good grief), Erikson (foreign) wiped out any passion I had for this team.
They destory one of the most famous buildings in the world, not just sport, and replace it with a restaurant and bar complex with a football pitch attached. You’ve sold out the league, and FA Cup to line your rich pockets with more riches.. and wonder where this fundermental lacking in mentality of England players come from.
Please continue to shoot yourself in the foot and appoint Redknapp. You’ve gone down the rout of no return by appointing a foreigner before but why consider Coppello or Lippi with ’Appy ’Arry? Oooh well the media like him. Big freeking deal. When will you wake up and realise you’re feeding the mouth that bites you? England losing is my justifiable schadenfreude for you screwing up the game I love.
England relying on non CL players would in all honesty be a step in the right direction. Oh and this little special club they all think they’re in for being England players... the moment the final whistle goes they should consider themselves non England players and have to justify with domestic games getting back into it for the next fixture. That’s the mentality they need. Atleast the fist of many.
Bring on Euro 2008, I’m supporting Croatia, and heading to all the different national pubs around London when that nation’s team are playing for the pure joy of it all.

Note: Dutch bar De Hems off China Town is astounding for astmosphere!

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