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The Mail Bag

July 2009 Archive
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Lorik Cana

Even if it is from a player we didn't get you don't want to be hearing this sort of thing:

"I chose Sunderland over Everton because the Black Cats showed more desire for his signature."
Nick Smith     Posted 31/07/2009 at 10:58:21   Comments (29)


Ok - we're all fed up with the lack of billionaires queueing up to buy Everton, what say you to us going out on e-bay? (Anything that would piss Agent Johnson off must be a good thing?) If you had the chance to advertise Everton, what would be your selling point?

Former Everton chairman Johnson furious about Tranmere insult.......

The company that put English soccer club Tranmere Rovers up for sale on eBay has confirmed it did so without the knowledge of Peter Johnson, the club’s owner and former chairman of Premier League soccer club Everton.

Dornoch Capital Advisors, which was appointed by Johnson to find investors in the club, posted the advert on the online auction site with a US$10 million price tag. Johnson was swift to denounce the move, describing himself as furious.

“One has to think of supporters and the ability to run the club,” he insisted. “Putting it on eBay is not the right way of doing it and we would certainly have not let them if they’d asked us, so we’re pretty furious.”

The agency, though, insists the move was part of a planned strategy. “It was done to create buzz and publicity surrounding the sale and get Tranmere onto people’s radar over here in the US,” said Joe Kosich, Dornoch’s co-founder. “To that extent it has worked. We are attracting publicity in the US and the UK and I have had contacts and e-mails from people who saw the eBay listing before it was withdrawn and now want to know more about Tranmere. I could not have asked for more publicity and buzz about Tranmere than we are getting right now.”
Gerry Quinn     Posted 31/07/2009 at 10:00:40   Comments (1)

Bad Kit league - Champions?

On the lighter side, this is worth 2 minutes of your time.

Compare our hideous new away kit with all the other hideous kits out this year:

I think in ten years time we will look back at this seasons kits feel the same way as we do about the comedy kits we all see on 'Premier League Years' from the early nineties.

Enjoy, err, well, maybe not, we'd enjoy this more if our new Kit Designs not taken the piss quite as much......
Paul Fuller     Posted 31/07/2009 at 06:55:30   Comments (14)

How's It Looking

Last night at the MLS game, we started in a 4-4-1-1 formation, with Fellaini supporting Saha, Cahill played wide right, with Rodwell and Neville as the centre pairing. It's fair to say that once again the Fellaini/Saha link didn’t work and Cahill went missing wide right. Just to compound the problems, Rodwell and Neville both probably had the worst games in Everton shirts. There was zero creativity (our goal was Saha latching onto a back-pass), loosing both Arteta and Pienaar is a major blow, with both we look good, only one available and we get by just. Ossie tried his best at wide left but after 20 minutes he faded.

A number of questions that need answering:–

(i) Where does Fellaini fit? — this truly is the $64k question.

(ii) Has he given up with a true front-two pairing (from Jo, Saha, Yakubu)? I think Vaughan is only going to be used as a late impact player. If it's only one up front... who?

(iii) Is Cahill going to preferred to Fellaini as the front support player if Moyes keeps his favoured lone front forward?

(iv) Rodwell or Neville as the holding player, or can Fellaini do it? (v) Has Moyes’s any idea of his best 11 for 15 August?

At this stage, I suspect he’s aiming for Arsenal with a 4-4-1-1 , with his preferred 11 as: Howard; Hibbert, Yobo, Lescott, Baines; Osman, Neville, Cahill, Pienaar; Fellaini; Jo.

Only on the basis that he’s determined to give Fellaini every chance... he can’t do without Cahill and Jo seems to work better with Fellaini than Saha. As soon as the Yak is match fit he’ll become in the lone forward.

The Fellaini question will be sorted when Arteta returns, he’ll go two up front once we’re on a winning streak, and Rodwell will be the most used substitute in the Premier League.
Mike Oates     Posted 30/07/2009 at 13:48:52   Comments (6)


I can't shake outta it, each close season/transfer window is getting worse and worse. All this shit with Lescott at the moment, Man City have shit loads of coin but instead of using it like they should they keep putting shitty bids in for Lescott and hoping that he hands in a transfer request.

All this shit with us been linked with every player in the fucking world and buying.... none of them.... All this shit without ownership. All this shit for Blue Bill's fat and flabby gob... It honestly tipped me over the edge this time.

I've got my rope... now what's the name of that place in Wales again?
Sean Elliott     Posted 30/07/2009 at 11:38:03   Comments (32)

MLS All-Stars All-Nighter

Does anyone have a link for the game tonight? No doubt EvertonTV will fail again so anyone know where we can watch it? Cheers.
Chris Waugh     Posted 29/07/2009 at 18:32:59   Comments (118)

About time....

I'm fed up to the back teeth about stories of how much the young lads enjoyed watching a Mariners' game, Freddie Ljungberg's tips for the Premiership in 2009-10, how Louis Saha has realised that Utah is warmer than Sefton or even how David Moyes thinks the MLS has really come on.

How about some stories about Everton, about continued search for investment, about the constant Lescott will-he won't-he saga or even (as we're not allowed to trigger meetings anymore) some comment from Bill with reassurances about investment in the team or even his expectations for the coming season?

I'm not going to go all Football Manager on you, but I would like to know that efforts are continuing with reference to Moyes' hope (or was it a promise) that transfer business would be done early this year. I'm probably clutching at straws and I know we're more likely to get a "Breaking News" story on the website about Phil Neville knocking out some Gloria Gaynor karaoke in a downtown bar in Salt Lake City.

I guess I'm just fed up of being treated like a mushroom when I put money into the club year in, year out.
Mark Wynne     Posted 29/07/2009 at 15:01:59   Comments (6)

Incoming bid for JLo...

One of the big 'attractions' for Lescott to join them ones up the M62, at least according to the red-top bearers of truth, would be his high visibility to Capello in this World Cup year... WRONG!

It would make his skills LESS noticeable and open to consideration — think it through. The England coach needs to see how players adapt to differing styles of play outside the Premier League; in other words, 'Europa' & 'CL'. City of course, won't be eligible (if at all), for either of those tournaments until the polls close, as it were, AFTER the scrap in South Africa next summer.

And why would Lescott be less on show anyway with Everton, currently plying his trade as he does in the same league as 'The Citizens?

Now the wages; ah, that's a different matter...
Ro Clive     Posted 29/07/2009 at 06:41:06   Comments (85)

Looking at the positives

I can understand everybody's frustation this summer. No transfers, no sign of any transfers, looks like no money and the season just a matter of days away.

However, weren't we all thinking the same this time last year? The majority were complaining about no signings and the lack of money, the problems with Moyes's contract and the small squad with the impending cup and European runs ahead.

Now I'd like anybody to suggest that last year was a bad season. Despite all this negativity at the start and the results from the first few weeks, we still finished 5th and got to the FA Cup Final as well as breaking the club's transfer record again by spending £15m on one player to appease all the fans that we should spend lots of money.

The most important thing at a football club, and what Moyes is good at, is the results. A lot of fans seem to think that this is a computer game and that it is exciting to spend lots of money on transfer fees and wages. However, this is not the fact. It's results that count. If we don't spend any money and bring in players before the start of the season, then so be it, it won't be for the lack of trying. We will go into the new season with a manager who can get results and get the best out of players and with the same squad that did so well last year.

Everyone predicted we would get relegated after Rooney left and we were penniless then. We even lost Gravesen that season and we finished 4th!

Have some faith and confidence and let's look at the positives please.
Matthew Lovekin     Posted 29/07/2009 at 05:11:55   Comments (8)

Howard's Everton tribute in Utah

As the less-than-savvy MLS fans in Salt Lake City learn more about Everton (I saw one Utah letter complaining about getting "second-rate" opponents for the MLS All-Star game), Tim Howard is doing more than his part to share Everton's tradition with the uninformed.

Here's a great quote from Howard: "It blows me away how many legendary players did pull on the same shirt that I'm wearing. It's humbling. It's motivational. I really do love playing for Everton."

The full article, about Everton's history as a "People's Club", can be found at

Mike Gaynes     Posted 28/07/2009 at 18:48:40   Comments (14)

Starting 11 Against The Gooners!

Just bored in work again refreshing every sports website out there looking for summat to read. Came across opening weekend fixtures and started to wonder what team will Moyes pick with everyone available except for Arteta, Jags, Anichebe?

From reding OS today Yakubu is training so I think he will be available. I'm not going to include any potential new signings because I don't think we will sign any one. Also I will include Lescott in my team even though I think he is on his way. So my starting 11 against the Arse is:

Hibbert, Yobo, Lescott, Baines;
Osman, Neville, Fellaini, Pienaar;
Yakubu, Cahill

Basically a normal back five minus Jags plus four in midfield including Fellaini with Cahill playing just behind Yakubu. This will leave out Rodwell, Gosling, Jo, Saha, Vaughan etc.
Andy Ferguson     Posted 28/07/2009 at 13:26:44   Comments (11)

Enough of the transfer chat

Discussing potential transfers, and highlighting the players you would like your team to buy, is a pretty harmless activity. It goes on in Primary Schools across the country and gives the kids something to dream about. But the intent with which adults 'follow' their team's every vague transfer 'link' astounds me.

It especially mystifies me how people respond to these links by: a) questioning Moyes's ambition because the News of the World tentatively reports unsubstantiated and unlikely links with (e.g.) a striker from Port Vale; b) complaining that the manager's dithering caused the club to miss out on ANOTHER fabricated, fantasy transfer rumour (when did anyone at Everton ever say that they were interested in Lorik Cana?).

In every transfer window, teams change. They might get worse, or they might improve, but more than usual they just change. Player in; player out. Player in; player out. Every cog in this mundane transfer rumour merry-go-round is over-hyped because Sky Sports News have 24 hours a day to fill with their shit.

A couple of things to bear in mind. Everton are consistently the 5th best team in the Premier League — with a first team that 75%(+) of the Premier League would be delighted to have — and a number of players that would get in any top 4 team. For the first time in a long time, we've not lost any important first team players this summer and hopefully this can continue.

Secondly, if Everton genuinely bid for any other player this summer, the first you hear of it will be on the official site — probably as an announcement that that player is undergoing a medical. You will probably never have heard any rumour that Everton were interested in this player.

On another note, I think we need a right back and a right midfielder 0151 any suggestions? [Rhetorical :-]
Mark Stone     Posted 28/07/2009 at 11:48:15   Comments (13)

Transfer Targets

As the summer drags on, it seems that as an Everton Fan we are all suffering the same periannal agony. Lots of links to players but no apparent cash for Moyes to invest.

I was looking at the relegated teams and thinking that some of the players in their teams may be worth punt in the transfer market. At Boro you have a few players which may fit the Moyes Prototype. Tuncay is 28-ish and would be a hard working player who ould be used as either a striker attacking midfielder or right winger an offer of around £5M might get him. Also at Boro you have young Adam Johnson who as we witnessed at the Riverside is a fast skilul midfielder. Again he is young and would be available relatively cheaply £2-3 million.

At the Barcodes there are a fair few players who might be good. Ryan Taylor at right back, bassong and taylor at centre back. You could take Nolan as a squad player or even risk a punt on bringing Joey Barton to his boyhood club. up front Obafemi Martins might be worth a punt.

Glad we haven got M'Bia as he seemed to be a mercenary. Would ike us try to get either Moutinho Or Veloso.
Frank Brooks     Posted 27/07/2009 at 14:00:09   Comments (34)


I know this has been on heer many times over, but it is a bit quiet on Toffeeweb since the weekend. What is everyones feelings on Lescott going to City for £20 mil plus Onouha?

I would be happy with that deal... How about my fellow Blues?
Andy Ferguson     Posted 27/07/2009 at 09:43:29   Comments (53)

Edmonton Cup

Everton and River Plate (Argentina) are set to battle for the Edmonton Cup in a friendly pre-season fixture set in the Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton, Alberta... kind of the Canadian mid-west.

Kick-off is at 7:30pm on Saturday night local time (that's Mountain Daylight Time... some 7 hours behind British Summer Time). So add 7 hours on and you get 02:30am in the wee small hours of Sunday Morning as the kick-off time for ardent night-owl Evertonians in the UK and Ireland. For the rest of the World... well, you're on your own: do the maths, as they say!

And coverage is provided *live* on EvertonTV... but there's a catch if you are outside the UK & Ireland; seems Everton's broadcast rights to their own games on their own TV channel don't extend beyond the coastline of the British Isles. Hardly "user friendly" in this modern day and age of global internet access...

For those who can't get the visuals, there is no sound either, but Nick Marsh has volunteered to provide match updates via this mailbag thread.

David Moyes has pretty much his strongest squad, other than the chronically injured players on the long path to recovery (Yakubu, Arteta, Jagielka, Anichebe), while Dan Gosling is with the England Under-19 side.
Michael Kenrick     Posted 25/07/2009 at 19:42:25   Comments (122)

Staying up???

I'm setting my alarm for 2:15am and I'm watching the game tonight. I was wondering if there will be many other toffees up at that time who would like a few lines of commentry. I know how much I appreciated it when a fellow blue named Mike (maybe Oates or Coates) did it recently. So I'm willing to match the effort if people are up for it.
Nick Marsh     Posted 25/07/2009 at 16:56:38   Comments (17)


There has been a lot of comments, both, positive (not many) and neagative (quite a few), reference the activity in the transfer market. Yes, it would seem that we lost out on a couple of prospects, Cana, M'Bia, Naughton etc., but, the only one that I can recall that we made a bid for was Naughton. (The one player who I wish Moyes would go after is Michael Braddley at M'Gladbach). The other "prospects" I dare say were wish list signings, either from fan base or media or a combination of both. We have no idea if Moyse had any interest in these other players.

I firmly believe that we will see new arrivals, however they will not be "household " names, rather more in the ilk of a Cahill, Lescott, Jags etc. If these signings perform the way of their predecessors, we will all be ecstatic.

A quick look at our competitors for the 4th place in the table shows us that the Villans (Downing £12M out 'till December), Gooners (Vermaelen £10k), Fulham (Rise £5M, Kelly free), Shite (Johnson £10M), Spurs (The Kyles from Blades £11M) have signed only 7 players between them, while EFC and Hammers have yet to dip into the market.

Outside of Citeh, Chelski and Manure there has been a total of 19 players transfered for a fee of some kind, totalling approx £85M, an average of £4.5M per player. The three others, with Citeh leading the way, have spent the same amount on 8 players (average £10.6M).

We will have new signings and they, once again, WILL be the envy of other clubs come the end of the upcoming campaign. I believe, for example, that the Swede Elm will sign. These signings, with the help of Rodwell, Coleman, who by the way according to sources, is dynamic, and a resurgence of Mikel and the Yak will propel us to that 4th place spot come May next year. Last but not least, Lescott will stay. COYFBB
Jimmy Daly     Posted 25/07/2009 at 11:05:20   Comments (17)

Michael Ball

I read a few weeks ago that Michael Ball was released by Man City. Now, Everton are looking for squad cover at left back and centre half. He's a blue, going for free and lives local. He is also a proper footballer and appears to have got over his injury problems. Give him a year and see how it goes — otherwise we'll be back in for Pistone!
Paul Montgomery     Posted 25/07/2009 at 08:41:44   Comments (14)

Everton in Seattle

Despite some of the over-riding issues ongoing right now (Takeover rumours, Lescott, Squad size etc), I wanted to take the opportuinity to commend the efforts of the club in recognizing their growing fanbase of Evertonians here in the US. We were treated to an opportuinity to meet Moyes, Steve Round, Jimmy Lumsden, Chris Woods, Baz and some other members of the coaching staff here at an informal gathering in Seattle this week as well as their training session this morning prior to heading to Edmonton.

As a Dublin lad living in the States the last few years I've been able to attend games ~once a year during trips home but I was chuffed with the opportuinity to chat with the Moyesiah who made a great effort to grant everyone photo ops & autographs. I'm finding that its not just ex-pats out here now that are fanatical about the Blues and that can only be a good thing. Earlier this year I watched a game with the Toronto toffees and the supporters club in New York (EFCNYC) where I lived for a while which seems to be going from strength to strength at Mr Dennehys.

Many of the Seattle based Evertonians made their first trip to Goodison & Wembley this year. Meeting many of the players this morning (& Jimmy Gabriel!) will no doubt ensure they continue to hit the boozer for the early morning starts required to watch the Blues live here on the west coast.

It was also a pleasure to meet Michael Kenrick this morning. I've been a fan of the site for many years. Keep up the good work. COYB!!
Dermot Reilly     Posted 25/07/2009 at 02:33:15   Comments (5)

Don't worry... Be happy

Does it matter if it is 10 signings or 4, if its box office names or unknowns, those touting for a move (or their agents), or those out of the blue you've never heard of, or even if we sell in the meantime?

Six weeks ago, the names Kyle Naughton (or Walker for that matter) and Lorik Cana, to name but two (or three), meant nothing to you (or me) and to be truthful they still don't, do they? Nor does the name of the Yank we've got (I can't remember the name whilst typing, and I'm purposely not going back to check), or that kid from Southend. Or the Port Vale trialist. So why worry?

We wish we'd bought...? who? — and please give me a rational argument. The Swedish guy who is umming and aahhring or the 39-year-old playmaker who wants £5k more per week (that's me incidentally) don't count. Let's remember the unknowns of 5 years ago who make you proud now - that's nearly all your first 11 today bar Yobo, Neville and Yakubu (the latter two who don't count as they played in the Prem elsewhere at the time).

Relax, enjoy the Summer, watch the Ashes, marvel at Le Tour, play some golf, go abroad and dance to Europop or Lisa Lashes and be glad the Circus that is Wayne and Coleen doesn't envelop us.

Carpe Diem; tomorrow might belong to someone else.
Mike Jones     Posted 24/07/2009 at 22:13:39   Comments (29)

John Ruddy

John Ruddy has joined Motherwell on loan for six months, with an option to buy, which suggests that we've decided Turner is a better option to keep at the club as third choice.
Richard Porter     Posted 24/07/2009 at 20:27:12   Comments (5)

Daniel Fox

How good it is to hear of Daniel Fox making good and being snapped up by Celtic no less?

The obvious comments will come that it is ironic that on the same day Mr Moyes states he needs cover at left back that a left back he let go comes good.

Who knows maybe we can buy him back in a couple of years...
Steven Simpson     Posted 24/07/2009 at 17:33:21   Comments (6)

Another name which gets the Pulse NOT racing..

So todays link is a striker from Port Vale...

FFS, I know Moyes can't be blamed if we are indeed skint, but it's so frustrating seeing other clubs spending vast amounts on players, and yet again us lot being left behind looking for bargain basement players.

After a continued period of success, surely we should have a stash of cash you help us improve, but year after year seems to be the same old story. Ok so we break our transfer record, but that seems the only bit of business we do do!

In Moyes I defo trust, but the whole thing just gets on my nerves a bit!!! Rant Over!!
Paul Lindley     Posted 24/07/2009 at 16:06:47   Comments (5)

Why is Moyes any different?

When Moyes was offered a new contract, and we had all the "I'll be signing it tomorrow"... tomorrow came, and no signature. Then it was "I'll be signing it next week" and still nothing. We had people stating that it had nothing to do with money, but he wanted to be reassured by BK that he would have transfer money available to him.

Now whether Moyes deserved the bumper pay-day (I acctually now think he did) is another thing, but why couldn't it have just have been what it is always about, the money? It just gets a tad embarrassing, when we have people trying to make him out as this whiter than white messiah.

At the end of the day (in my opinion) for me, it was always about the money.
Brian Waring     Posted 24/07/2009 at 10:15:06   Comments (11)

Missing out on Cana to?

Having missed out on Naughton, it looks like another highly rated target could slip away:

Cana 'In Talks with Sunderland',19528,11661_5451492,00.html P> Apparently he's worth about £6m, but I should not think for a second we will gazump Sunderland in the way Tottenham did us.

ps: I hope Naughton never even see's the first team at Tottenham - let alone the Premier League.

pps: I'm not bitter at all.
Paul Fuller     Posted 24/07/2009 at 09:59:07   Comments (44)

Groundhog Day

I, like thousands of others, probably get excited about the prospect of new players who will add another dimension to the already excellent squad. I don't think many if any would argue that Osman, Hibbert and Neville are past their best and simply cannot compete with the athletisism and skill of many of the players the top 3 have (I do not include Liverpool in this).

This summer is panning out very much the same as last summer and as a result I am still "watching this space" but I wonder what has got Sir Philip Carter so excited; one American from the 4th tier of football, a German defender with prospects, and a 15-year-old English winger from Southend. Wow, I can hardly contain my excitement too!!!

We pull out of the Naugton scrap after he decides to join Spurs, we are linked with every player under the sun, and not even the Swedish Elm looks too convinced by Everton.

We appear not to be doing anything about the 2 critical positions:

Central Midfield — we are so lacking in physical stature, it's untrue, look at Portsmouth against us for example.

Right Back — how exposed are we!!!

Right Midfield — where is our pace? Please no more patient build up that ends up with a long-distance punt over the crossbar.

We have not learnt anything from last year's fiasco... it's just Groundhog Day.
Chris Perry     Posted 24/07/2009 at 09:42:41   Comments (9)

ELM disease

It seems like any optimism we had of signing Elm is also now evaporating.

Why we go through the charade of showing the player around the facilities and holding discusions without CLOSING the deal is beyond me.
Jay Harris     Posted 23/07/2009 at 13:21:26   Comments (16)

Another American...

According to this report on ESPN...

... we are getting another young college "soccer" star from the States. He's called Cody Arnoux, he plays for the Demon Deacons, and apparently he was on trial with Peterlin a few months ago.

Anyone have any idea about this guy? Seems quite plausible, even for silly season!
Adam McCulloch     Posted 23/07/2009 at 12:54:25   Comments (14)

Who honestly....

..would be seen in the new away kit apart from the ladies?

That has to be THE worst Everton kit I've ever seen. Even worse than the yellow/black bumbleebee striped one from around 1997.
Dean Williamson     Posted 23/07/2009 at 09:14:56   Comments (44)

A new Everton?

With the way things are at the club right now, a rift could possibly form between the fans due to the whole Kirkby stadium debacle.

Could you imagine if the fans who didn't vote for Kirkby decided to not go to the new stadium and support their club and instead formed their own new club which could start from the very bottom and make their way to the top?

Perhaps those who want Everton to stay in Liverpool should form their own club...
Glynne Foster     Posted 23/07/2009 at 07:17:35   Comments (60)

Why Lescott will stay

Why Lescott will stay...

Below is a list of Man City transfers into the club since the takeover:

Santa Cruz
De Jong

Besides Kompany and De Jong the rest of these players are players who have (prior to moving) been trying to orchestrate a move away from their club or have been disruptive wherever they have been.

I think Lescott will stay as he is like Kaka and Terry (as much as I hate him) loyal to the club he is at unless the bidding club is at least on equal par. Also, he is not an arrogant twat or greedy, like most of those mentioned above.
Bill Goodall     Posted 23/07/2009 at 04:24:09   Comments (34)

Possible Takeover?

Yes I know I will get slated and people will say, oh no here we go again, but this seems to have a lot more authenticity...

Heres hoping... although I'm sure Everton will find someway to mess this up...
Ashley Wukelic     Posted 22/07/2009 at 18:41:08   Comments (33)

“More attractive”... but broke!

What's the point in being "more attractive" if we don't have any money to buy anyone!

The confirmation that we have officially lost out in the race to sign Naughton is as depressing as it is shambolic. Not because I have seen the lad play loads of times and think he is a special player, but becuase it is evidence, if anybody needed it, of where exactly we are positioned at this time.

As fans, we are continually drip-fed nonsense, from the top of the club to senior players, that each season we want to progress, we want to challenge the top 4... when the reality is we have no chance of breaking into the top 4. We will be lucky to stay in the top 6.

Comments which persistently are put out from the club at the start of each summer (we are more attractive, we will back the manager etc etc) simply raise fans hopes and expectations. I am sick of hearing BK talk about needing billionaires and searching 24/7. Are Notts County more attractive than us?

I know Its been said before on this site, but the list of clubs that have been bought in the last 2 years is endless and it begs the question: What has our top brass been doing?

Those who don't want a wealthy investor to take over and who think we can continue to progress the way we have been are entitled to their opinions, but I simply can't agree. The money City, Spurs and Villa have in particular, mean while we continually will be asking Moyes to work miracles they will be spending their money on proven quality.

I accept Spurs have been doing that for years, but with a decent manager, we can't, and should have to expect and hope that they will never get it right. Money breeds success. United and Chelsea have not been winning leagues and cups on a tight budget.

I know I am probably rehashing old posts but its simply infuriating to hear the same old noises from Goodison when everyone knows they have little substance.

Last season in June, Wynnes made a statement that Moyes would be backed. A bid was made for Ramsey and everyone thought we can push on. The truth was we had no money and couldn't move in the transfer market until we sold AJ. I am afraid we are getting the same spin and come mid august we will have bought nobody.

Nothing but the best....
Paul Lenehan     Posted 22/07/2009 at 14:12:40   Comments (6)

Dear Bill...

Dear Bill,

Why is every summer the same at Everton FC? All the hope and expectation engendered by the manager, coaching staff and players during the season, somehow haemorrhages out of the club as yet another barren transfer window unfolds.

Why is it that whenever David Moyes and his band of brothers – to borrow from the Liverpool Echo's Dominic King – build us up with their on-field exploits, the Board of Directors, almost without fail, let us down?

Under the Moyes regime, Everton act like a big club on the pitch; they fill us with pride. Yet whenever the time comes for the Board to do their bit, to make a positive contribution, the result tends to be a no-show.

The possibility exists that you, as Chairman, and your fellow directors, will be overseeing yet another purgatory of a close season, in which, in effect, you offer no support to David Moyes. Support means a transfer budget and ambition. Essentially this represents a dereliction of duty, even before one considers questions such as why all this new money in football perpetually eludes Everton (but not Manchester City x2, Notts County, Portsmouth, Sunderland x2, Aston Villa, Southampton et al).

David Moyes can manage the football season perfectly well. Why can't those responsible behind the scenes at Everton manage the transfer window with similar efficiency, or even just a smidgen of it?

Lawrence Patrick     Posted 22/07/2009 at 14:06:56   Comments (12)

Moyes in Turner Sniff

Word has it Moyes has almost conceded defeat in the Lescott/Man City saga. Lescott has demanded talks about their enquiry and at the very least wants to talk to them about what is on offer. This has prompted Moyes to start the search for his replacement.

Michael Turner is currently the name being touted about by the Red-tops with a staggering £8 million fee to be paid to the Tigers. Where this price has been plucked from God only knows.

Yes prices are over inflated this season, but the difference between Lescott and Turner in class and achievements is dramatically different. Surely a fee just under the £5 million mark would be more appropriate, and possibly worth a punt.

Realistically Lescott will drop his pants for the amount of cash he will be offered at City so a replacement is essential, but I do strongly believe we must push for a minimum of £20 million plus Onouha or Richards as both impressed recently for the U21's and have age on their side.
David Southon     Posted 22/07/2009 at 09:19:03   Comments (12)

Transfer Policy?

Just a quick one this, but has anyone noticed that Mr Moyes's promise that the transfer misgivings of last season (ie, lateness of activity) would not happen again, because it has an adverse effect on the squad dynamic? No blame attached to him intimated, but we are into pre-season friendlies and we have two kids signed in and a loan extension... you'd think he'd be getting a bit twitchy (like us) wouldn't you? But hey this is Everton we'll probably go and sign 4 players today and put this thread to bed.... hmmm!
John Cotton     Posted 22/07/2009 at 06:05:19   Comments (37)

Kenwright wouldn't sell to himself!

Bill Kenwright keeps on saying he will sell the club to the right person (billionaire). No doubt Man City’s new owner hadn’t heard of them until a few months ago but his wallet is taking one of our best players away. And Moyes is losing out on transfers and looking for Bosmans and scouring the lowering leagues. Whilst others are buying success!

In short, if someone with his resources turned up to buy Everton, Kenwright wouldn’t even consider them! So why does he think he is right for the job?

Personally, I think it is because Everton with a new stadium would be worth far more than Everton as it is now. Therefore, Kenwright is biding his time. So if we don’t go to Kirkby then he will be forced to sell. Take Portsmouth, not in Everton’s class as a club, they require a new stadium but their hand is being forced and they found a buyer quickly. So Kenwright can.

Once you realise he wouldn’t sell to himself then you realise he is not the man for the job. Lescott could be the first to go, and if the core of the team goes, would Moyes fancy the task of rebuilding it on a shoestring? Could he do it again?

When players like Arteta say in the Liverpool Echo that the board needs to spend, it is a subtext saying "spend or I’m off". Newcastle aside, new owners with new cash can be better for a club. Are Chelsea, City, Villa, Pompey or United complaining? And Don’t say ‘Leeds Untied’ because they were not foreign owned (although Ridsdale did come from Mars).

Kenwright has to go sooner rather than later. His mention of massive debts in the last club meeting was a veiled hint that there is probably no cash. And with this credit crunch loans and lines of credit are likely to come with more complications. It just depresses me with our lack of activity in getting new investment.
Chris Regan     Posted 21/07/2009 at 08:59:00   Comments (34)


This season is a big season for more reasons than one, and for me for Everton to progress... I mean really progress — our style of football has to change!!


While our style has got better over these last two seasons, I still feel that our pecentage-style football won't win anything; hoofball does nothing to get the heart racing, it does not attract more support, it does not get Everton the type of media coverage that this great club deserves, it becomes predictable.

This season, our style has to improve. We all want to see total football, I mean if West Brom can play an attractive brand of football, why cant we?

Okay, I know some of you will point to the fact that West Brom got relegated, but on the other had if they had Lescott as a solid defender, and the Yak as a 20-goal man, I'm sure they would have been in top 10. Not to mention I fucking loved watching West Brom, an attacking ball-playing team.

I would love to see this style of play returning to Goodison Park and I'm sure 100 percent of Evertonians would too. COYB
Sean McKenna     Posted 20/07/2009 at 14:33:49   Comments (23)

Rasmus Elm

One of Everton's top targets is Rasmus Elm, a Swedish Under-21 midfielder, who Moyes wants to get for at least 3M. Moyes seems to be interested in a lot of players I haven't really heard of, but they are usually alright.
Ryan Rosenberg     Posted 20/07/2009 at 06:04:37   Comments (34)

£30M or shut up...

By which Bill means offer us £20M(ish) and the man is all yours! (This is of course based on the Rooney deal of a few years ago). Makes me wonder if we've already done a deal regarding Joleon as we seem to be bidding money we don't have for Cana and Naughton, and Jo came back with a little too much fuss hanging around on that loan deal.

Something just sits at the back of my mind that BK has agreed to keep it lowkey so City can chase Terry...?

Paraniod, in Surrey
Adam Carey     Posted 19/07/2009 at 15:05:22   Comments (49)

Lorick Cana

It is being reported in French newspapers today that Cana is coming to EFC for a medical tomorrow with Marseille having already agreed terms.

If we think Fellaini is a sucker for yellow cards, just watch this guy... Looking on the positive side he's like a carsley who can pass.

Anyway (if true) I'm sure Moyes will sort him out.

I'm sure a few posters will say let's wait until he's photographed wearing the shirt but I thought I would just pass the info on.

Make your own minds up...
Jay Harris     Posted 19/07/2009 at 12:21:12   Comments (26)

Kyle Naughton

So as yet we are still no nearer than we were on Friday to knowing if the lad Naughton will sign for us or Tottenham. As I understand it, the Blades put a limit of today for him to sign for either club. Not only this but he apparently failed to turn up for a medical at Tottenham yesterday / today. Plus there are unconfirmed reports that his agent was quoted on one radio station as stating that Naughton may yet end up at Goodison Park.

I don't want to get involved in a slanging match and I know it's silly season, but personally speaking I would love to see Naughton on Everton's books.

Has anybody else heard if a deal has gone through? It still says on Sheffield Utd's website that they have agreed a deal with us, and it's up to the player... here's hoping...!!
Mark Hill     Posted 18/07/2009 at 17:47:12   Comments (18)

Rochdale Game

Matchday thread herein. It's available live on EvertonTV... but only in the British Isles. Teams to follow...
Michael Kenrick     Posted 18/07/2009 at 11:51:31   Comments (46)

Vole-arr-AY, oh oh, ...

Yep, 1958 Eurovision Song Contest winner - I'm sure there's a few on TW that remember it!!! Just read this on the Echo website — is it April 1st or is it KEIOC's secret weapon?

A COLONY of water voles is threatening Everton FC and Tesco’s £400m to move to Kirkby. Knowsley Council approved planning permission in March that would allow Tesco to move Kirkby Brook to make way for Everton’s 50,000 seater stadium. But the waterway is home to a group of cute and highly-protected water voles. Planners heard that work on realigning the brook, and relocating the voles, would have to be carried out by September as it is illegal to disturb a hibernating vole. But the ECHO has learned the diversion work will now not take place until the Secretary of State has made a decision on the Blues’ ambitious plans.

It seems the project managers are unwilling to start an expensive piece of work while the result of the public inquiry hangs in the balance. Kate McLean, senior planning consultant at Development Planning Partnership, who are managing the project on behalf of Tesco, said: "We’re waiting for the wider Secretary of State’s decision to tie in with the larger scheme. "It’s to do with making cost savings.

"We’re now going to encourage them (the voles) to move downstream, rather than moving their habitat." Now the developers face a race against time to get each one of the Water Rats to move home before they begin hibernating.. This would allow work on the project to start immediately if approved by the inquiry.
For a bit of light-hearted banter to pass the summer doldrums, hasn anyone else got any more gremlins we may be able to throw at the club to stop the move?
Gerry Quinn     Posted 18/07/2009 at 08:51:22   Comments (10)

You're what...?

Just read this article from following a link on Google News.

A couple of paragraphs from the article…

Manchester City have are not impressed by Everton manager David Moyes, who told the media that Joleon Lescott 'is not for sale'. In a case reminiscing of the club's pursuit of Chelsea and England captain John Terry, City have simply gone on the offensive, saying this was "just a bluff" by the Everton manager.

The Eastlands club made a bid of 15 million pounds sterling, and a second bid could well be in the pipeline, which Everton are expected to reject as well. However, Manchester City have a vastly superior financial capability with which they can offer Lescott a deal that the Merseysiders will not be able to match.

According to The Guardian, "the biggest spenders in the English game have been encouraged to think that Lescott is keen to join a club who seem determined to buy their way into the Champions League".

Who the fuck do these people think they are! How can City be upset that Everton don’t want to sell one of their best players? Everton made it perfectly clear that none of our players would be leaving, so that then becomes a green light for City to make an offer?

I personally hope Everton shun all offers, even if it becomes stupid money, simply to show City that they can’t buy everything… even if they can afford it!
James Bowman     Posted 17/07/2009 at 12:16:36   Comments (37)

Copying David Moyes's homework?

So it seems Tottenham have hijacked Naughton's move from Sheff Utd. Is this the current trend of our pre season now, we express an intrerest in a player and other mangers go "oooh brillian idea"?

We know David Moyes likes to do thorough research on players before he buys so maybe other managers are looking at our targets closely. But it seems yet again we fail to seal deals concisely and quickly letting the cat out of the bag and allowing other teams to out muscle us. Maybe this is the Everton way Bill Kenwright likes to speak about. But Everton's way of handling the transfer system is, to put it bluntly, fucking piss-poor.

Looks like we are looking at another last-minute flight to Belgium on the night of transfer deadline day for Kenwright to pull the rabbit out of the hat... again!
Dan Johnson     Posted 17/07/2009 at 09:36:01   Comments (49)

Selling club?

Over the last couple of years, since Moyes has firmly established us as a top 6 side, our transfer policy seems to have changed. As the club have said themselves, we're now looking for "bright young things"...

When DM arrived, he had to get rid of the deadwood and over time he has overhauled that squad into a respectable one, which consistently finishes in a European place. Now he seems reasonably happy with his first 11 (give or take one or two), understanding the club's financial position, and is looking for players for the future. I for one, am all for this approach. However, I have one concern... I think there are two ways of looking at it:

1. We sign players from the lower leagues and youngsters with potential, for relatively small transfer fees, nurture them into the first team (maybe even internationals) and thus no need to sign established £20 million+ players every season.

2. We sign players from the lower leagues and youngsters with potential, for relatively small transfer fees, nurture them into the first team (maybe internationals) and then hope to sell them at an inflated profit of £20 million+.

In Moyes We Trust
Peter Griffin     Posted 17/07/2009 at 06:47:09   Comments (17)

Formation and tactics

With a fully fit squad in mind I don't see why Moyes cannot be more adventurous with his formation and tactics next season. However reasonably good using 4-5-1 has being to us regarding results, it's far to cautious and like the FA Cup Final showed, 4-5-1, when deployed against better opposition who are up for it... well it's a formation thats just turns us into cannon fodder. So I've come to the conclusion that a (diamond) 4-4-2 formation with the following players would yield better enjoyable football for the following Evertonian supporter.

1). Howard
2). Neville (DR)
3). Baines (DL) can go forward supporting and doubling up with Pienaar.
4). Lescott (DC) obvious goal threat 5). Jagielka/Yobo (DC)
6). Arteta as (DMC / MC / AMC) his creativity and passing makes him the box to box central midfielder most keep saying we still need.
7). Pienaar (ML)
8). Osman (MR) weakest link but all heart.
9) Cahil (AMC)
10). Jo/Saha (FC)
11). The Yak (FC)

I do honestly feel we have quaility to bury all teams that finished below us in the preimership last season with the exception of City and Spurs using the above. What would you use if you were Moyes?
Anthony Doran     Posted 16/07/2009 at 13:17:32   Comments (20)

If you know your history... indeed!

Isn't it great to see Everton playing such a prestigous friendly against those luminaries of football... Malaga next month? Let's get this clear: Everton... yes EVERTON — playing Malaga... Is that the best that the club could get? With most top teams in the Premier League (even Spurs are playing in a pre-season tournament!) hosting top European opposition, why are Everton playing against also-rans?
Jamie Carroll     Posted 15/07/2009 at 20:34:16   Comments (18)

Same old, same old

£80m turnover! Up again. Wages under control yet debt increasing by £16m over the last 3 years. What is going on?

And Moyes has said no first team players will be brought this summer, just free transfers to bulk up squad. Top 4? I think not...
Andy Giles     Posted 15/07/2009 at 19:32:23   Comments (37)

Lorik Cana

Lorik Cana is the perfect anecdote for our midfield. The Albanian beast is the perfect buy for Moyes the Messiah this transfer period.

He has everything in terms of attributes and the temperament, aggression and desire that suits the Toffees. He would absolutely compliment the current squad, imagine Cana, Cahill, Fellaini and Lescott lining up for a corner!!!! Every team would be shaking in their boots! The opposition would also be defecating themselves fronting up to him defending. Think same desire as Carsley but with extra height and ball skills.

View this link it may be long but is very much worth watching till the end:
Steven Duffy     Posted 15/07/2009 at 00:25:56   Comments (32)

Tale of two Kyles

I was reading the Skysports transfer clockwatch website and saw this:

21.03 Reports suggest that Everton and Tottenham have both lodged joint bids for Sheffield United's Kyle Naughton and Kyle Walker.

So I don't know how accurate these reports are but it looks like we are also bidding for the other Kyle as well as Naughton. From a pretty straightforward transfer last week, now has become a mammoth drawn out saga, in which we are spending alot more money than we originally planned. Is this transfer really worthwhile now?

As well as Naughton, we would be getting a really untested youngster, and would be paying roughly £3 million for him. That's alot of cash for a player who has hardly played any first team games for a Championship team. Sheffield United are really squeezing money out of this one, and they obviously don't rate him that much to allow him to leave as well as Naughton.

I'm hoping that this transfer mess clears up soon, and we get player who originally wants to come to us. I would rather save that extra £3 Million and put it towards Cana who is a proven international player, who would add some quality to the team now, not someone who has the potential to do it maybe in the future.
Kristian Boyce     Posted 14/07/2009 at 19:44:13   Comments (25)

Possible answer to the right-midfield problem...

Never imagined I'd suggest this, ever.

But -

Beckham has previously spoken out about his admiration for Moyes (who, don't forget, had him at Preston on loan at one point). The guy is obviously fit, his passing is excellent, he brings free-kick options, media exposure, he also brings international & European experience, he wouldn't cost much if any fee, or indeed wages as his focus is on England squad for World Cup.

I'm really really trying to find reasons not to make a move for him and, aside from his talentless tart of a wife, I'm stumped.
Alan Kirwin     Posted 14/07/2009 at 13:46:42   Comments (38)

Tilting at Toffees

I took this from the spurs website while trawling for news of Kyle Naughton. I found it an interesting insight insight into how we are viewed by other supporters.

After a couple of disappointing years in the league surely we’ll have learnt our lesson and won’t set our expectations too high this preseason?

Only once in the last six seasons has anyone other than the Moneybags League regulars finished in the top four when in 2004-05 Everton ended fourth, three points clear of Liverpool (and Bolton). Since then it’s been the cartel first, everyone else second. The advantages gained from prize money, media coverage, TV income, the ability to attract players and sponsorship mean that everyone else is playing catch up including us. As in other countries around Europe, qualification for UEFA’s flagship competition has become a self-perpetuating cycle. So where should we be aiming and who are our rivals? Discount the big four and the league has been ‘won’ by only two clubs in the last five years, Everton and ourselves. As well as the fourth place in 2005 (which didn’t actually upset the status quo at the top too much as the rules were bent to allow Liverpool into the Champions League the following season anyway), the "People’s Club" have finished fifth for the last two seasons, Martin Jol guided us to the ‘top’ during the two seasons before that. Everton are the team we should be aiming to finish above, they’re the big boys of this sub-league.

No team, not even that currently being assembled at Middle Eastlands, is going to be in a position this year to replace one of the top four unless one of them suffer a major implosion the like of which we’ve not seen for a long time. When Everton finished fourth they did so with 61 points. We finished fifth the following season with 65. 2005 was a case of a Red collapse rather than an unstoppable Blue force.

My point is that if there is such an implosion then the team we’ll need to make sure we’re ahead of to take full advantage is the Toffees. Moyes’s teams used to yo-yo season by season but the consistent performances of the core players like Cahill, Arteta, Howard, Lescott and others now mean that even the handicap of a ridiculously injury packed campaign like last year’s can be overcome. The system’s there and the players are plugged into it.

The emergence of Osman, Fellaini, Jagielka and Baines as above average players when added to those already mentioned means that not many changes are expected at Goodison over the summer and in that department at least we’re matching them at the moment. The sale of Zokora is the only event of note since the end of the season. It’s everyone’s personal choice what they take seriously of the mountains of transfer speculation that’s printed every day but if you believe there’s no smoke without fire then the signals from WHL indicate that sales are needed before any purchases are made. A risky policy but presumably one brought on by a combination of our overspending during the last 3 or 4 transfer windows together with the sensible desire to keep an eye on the purse strings in the current economic climate.

We’ll need to spend though. Our terrific form from Wembley onwards was due in no small part to the lack of injuries. Once we got to one game a week over the last couple of months there was no stopping a settled side but the moment that was disrupted with injuries to Lennon, Bent, Jenas, Woodgate and the enforced absence of Palacios, weaknesses quickly appeared. We finished the season at Anfield with Bale, Zokora, Bentley and Modric across the middle, as lightweight a combination as seen anywhere all season probably. So another midfielder at least is needed and probably more. Can we rely on King, Gomes or Robbie let alone Hutton, Bale, Pavlyuchenko or Bent? And these are first team players, not those on the fringes - Bentley, Chimbonda, O’Hara or Gunter for instance.

The majority of those Everton players mentioned above would get into our team. Saha, Jo, Yobo, Vaughan, Pienaar and Neville probably wouldn’t get near it and they’re first team players at Goodison. They’d be pleased with Lennon, Defoe, Modric, Palacios, Bent, Woodgate and Corluka at least so on paper it all looks very even. One striking thing about the draw at Everton in May was the size of their two youngsters playing in that game. Rodwell and Gosling looked anything but teenagers whereas, perhaps with the exception of Bostock, all of our promising kids have some growing still to do. Mason, Parrett and Smith for starters have a ton of talent but would look flimsy if played against men at the moment.

So our task for next season is to match and better a settled side with a highly admired manager that finished 12 points and 18 goals better than us despite having no fit strikers for much of the year. To me that sounds a tough enough goal without bringing the top four into it.
Terry Maddock     Posted 14/07/2009 at 11:09:30   Comments (11)

MLS All-Stars

For anyone who's interested, the MLS has announced it's All Star XI to play us in Salt Lake City, Utah:

MLS All-Star First XI:

Kasey Keller (Seattle Sounders),
Geoff Cameron (Houston Dynamo),
Chad Marshall (Colombus Crew),
Wilman Conde (Chicago Fire);
Shalrie Hoseph (New England Revolution),
Guillermo Barros Schelotto (Colombus Crew),
Dwayne De Rosario (Toronto),
Stuart Holden (Houston),
Freddie Ljungberg (Seattle Sounders);
Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy),
Conor Casey (Colorado Rapids).
Richard Porter     Posted 13/07/2009 at 21:23:31   Comments (12)

Where do you surf?

I'm not just being lazy, I promise. I was just wondering where people go to get their daily fix of footy news and/or gossip?

Personally when I first launch a web browser it's to go to either BBC, SkySports, my Email account or Toffeeweb. I've never noticed myself being very fussy over what tittle-tattle I read, in fact I enjoy a good yarn now and again but this year I've been directed to from Google news a few times and it seems laughable, as if it's written by Africans in broken English (I know my English ain't great, but then I'm no journo and don't pretend to be).

I've found that, as time goes on, my field of Internet vision has become narrower, I can' t be bothered to surf sites unknown to me as they can be unreliable or just try and batter you with pop-ups.

I visited earlier, it's obviously a name I recognise from the magazine shelf but not a site I'd found before this week. They seem to have a few well written pieces on there if not ground breaking, I like their take no the list of games that Sky & ESPN are broadcasting and it's quite revealing to get an independent (I think) outsiders view of Everton (we're mentioned quite a lot but in quite a negative way) -

Another truly laughable site is — I followed this link from 442, I guess this must be the other half of the Championship Manager split that happened, Moyes got the use of the massive scouting network and the other lot set up this Mickey Mouse effort. Honestly, Glen Johnson is apparently better than Lionel Messi... actually Glen Johnson is better than everyone!! In case you can't take it seriously don't worry, they do have a WAG's section!... oh, and Yakubu gets 3.4/10

So, where do you go for footy news & views and how reliable are they?Are there any non-news footy sites that people visit? I'm obviously aware of other Everton fan sites — I wasn't really meaning them.
Simon Walker     Posted 13/07/2009 at 20:40:16   Comments (8)

How's Mikky progressing?

I've seen lots of stuff about the Yak being back fit, and saw that Jags is aimng for an October return...

But what about the best little Spaniard? More important than anybody (as we have cover for Jags), we know how much we miss him, and also how we are looking forward to seeing him play with the new version Pienaar.

Anyone know how he's doing and when we can expect him back?
Peter Hall     Posted 13/07/2009 at 18:41:36   Comments (5)

Goodbye to the ‘Big 4’

There should be a European League introduced to replace the current imbalance throughout the various European leagues. It should consist of the following 25 teams on day 1:

Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Villarreal, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Roma, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Werder Bremen, Hamburg, Olympique Lyon, Olympque Marseille, PSV Eindhoven, AZ Alkmar, Porto, Sporting Lisbon, Shakhtar Donetsk, CSKA Moscow, Panathinaikos, Fenerbahce.

There should be rules that allow relegation back to national competitions for the bottom 4 teams, but these rules would need to limit how many national teams from the bigger leagues could be in the European League at one time (maybe +50% on the starting number). The smaller leagues would be more competitive in the end of season playoffs with the bigger leagues for European League qualification, as more teams from the bigger leagues would already be in the European League.

This would return the national competitions to the people, much as the Championship is a much better league than Division 2 ever was. A much broader range of clubs in all countries would be able to compete for their national title. And… if the European League clubs got so big that they could not be challenged, then life would be no different from today except that there is nothing left for all other clubs today.

Interestingly, the national leagues throughout Europe would be exceptionally interesting and competitive. Their play-offs to qualify for the European League would be dynamite. Plenty of details to sort out but better than what we have now in almost all leagues throughout Europe, a better place for Everton and those like us, a better opportunity for home-grown players and a place to fall back to when the bubble bursts and the house of cards collapses.
Tony Anetts     Posted 13/07/2009 at 12:09:06   Comments (16)

Naughton Transfer Debacle

In the wake of the alleged U-turn by Sheffield Utd on the agreement to allow Kyle Naughton to talk to EFC, it struck me how amateurish the whole transfer system is.

You would think with all the money involved and fat fees for lawyers some bright legal brain would have tied down a "can't get out of jail free" clause when a club accepts an offer.

I particularly don't understand why there can't be the infamous "exclusivity" clause applied to these situations until the player has time to take a medical and discuss terms. I don't see any problem with perhaps a 72-hour lockout clause.

You also have to question why yet again EFC try to do business on the weekend instead of bottoming it out during "normal" hours and getting the deal done before others come sniffing.
Jay Harris     Posted 13/07/2009 at 11:10:36   Comments (67)

A cheap 5th place team

So I was trying to explain to my girl how football transfers worked today. First I had to point out how players weren't on sale like they were dresses on a rack but how negotiations worked and stuff. Once she got that she began asking how much a normal player cost compared to old Ronaldo and Mr. Kaka. I pointed out how most first teamers on Everton would fetch around £10 to £20 millon with the exception of maybe Neville due to age. But then it dawned on me we didn't pay anywhere near that for any of them with the exception of 2. Using ToffeeWeb to jog my memory, I compiled a list of the actual money we paid for each player we had to buy.

 Howard £3M Baines £6M Yobo £5M Lescott £5M Jagielka £4M Arteta £3M Cahill £2M Neville £3.5M Pienaar £2.5M Fellaini £12.9M Yakubu £11.25M 
All of this equals basically £58 million. A lot of money but not compared to the outrageous fees teams are paying these days. Many of our so called rivals pay £15M for all their players it seems.

Knocking some of that off and saying all these players listed would cost about £10 million just to average it and adding say Rodwell, Vaughan, Osman, Anichebe, Hibbert... yes they'd not fetch as much but some of those other players would cost quite a bit more. Anyway, 16 players altogether: £160 million roughly. So if we closed up shop right now and just cashed out, we'd make about £100 million from what they cost. Not too shabby!

Just thought it was interesting and some decent defense of the business Moyes does.
Joey Brown     Posted 13/07/2009 at 00:24:54   Comments (5)


Is anyone, like me, completely underwhelmed at the names of the players we are linked with in the papers.

  • Ledley — Championship player
  • Naughton — Championship player Commons — Championship player O'Neill — soon to be Championship player
What is Moyes playing at? When are we going to buy someone with proven Premier League quality?

It is clear that Moyes lacks ambition which is patently evident from his tactics in BIG games.
Ian Edwards     Posted 12/07/2009 at 10:37:22   Comments (36)

Who will make the grade?

I have seen quite a lot of posts recently about how exciting times are ahead given that their appears to be a solid foundation in place for the youth coming through.

I would like to know who people think has the potential of making some sort of impact of the next season or two, getting into the first team. Are there any players who just won't make it after some promise, eg, John Paul Kissock?

Wallace, Akpan, Baxter, and Agard are names that seem to appear a lot — can they step up or are there any others I am missing?
Paul McMullan     Posted 12/07/2009 at 08:13:39   Comments (8)

The Yak

I've been looking at the betting sites for next season and have seen that the Yak is 66/1 to be the top scorer. Not bad odds, I think. Before I blow my whole month's pay on this, can anyone tell me if Nigeria are in the African Cup of Nations or anything like that?
James Elliott     Posted 11/07/2009 at 18:36:23   Comments (15)

Pigs might fly!

I just saw this story on the BBC website. Micah Richards apparently has swine flu and has been holed up in his hotel room in Cyprus:

I only highlight it because it just goes to show how utterly inaccurate some of the rumours that get posted are — wasn't he supposed to be at Goodison earlier this week?

It amused me if no-one else!
Andy Morden     Posted 11/07/2009 at 14:45:54   Comments (4)

Aspirations; inspiration from the Wolves of |Germany

Some of us still have aspirations for our club to win the title —although it doesn’t seem that many contributors still aspire to this. We are constantly told that we need to be realistic and that we have punched above our weight in that we finished 5th with extra laps of honour all round for getting to the FA Cup Final.

We are constantly told that we don’t have the money that the Sky 4, plus Villa, Man City and Tottenham etc have so we really can’t be expected to do much better than a top-six finish and a jolly boys tour of the lesser lights of Europe. Personally, that sort of attitude makes me sick; we should be aspiring to so much more. I suggest that we need to seek inspiration from what’s just happened over in the German League and raise our aspiration back to the ‘Nil Satis...’ level.

In Germany, in the season just ended, Wolfsburg (Who? — you may ask) have run away with the title ahead of Bayern etc. They had no billionaire backer, didn’t have to spend loads, and have never won anything comparable in their history. Until the early 90s the team were in the 3rd Division. They got into the Bundesliga in 1993 and settled in mid-table. In 1999, they reached a highest ever placing of 6th.

This season, however, the team performed a minor miracle and won the league with a 5-1 thrashing of Werder Bremen on the last day. The Wolves of Wolfsburg had two strikers score more than 20 goals each, with the Brazilian Grafite and Edin Džeko, but when you have a look at the team, they had no big names... basing their success on solid team play and relying on the strikers to do the business. What they did have is high aspirations.

Aspirations make you seek better than what you have, work harder and longer to better yourself and yours. This club with no history aspired to beat the big boys and did so — surely we can aspire to do the same?
Ray Said     Posted 11/07/2009 at 12:02:56   Comments (11)

Bury - My observations

First off thank god for some Football. Cricket and Tennis just aren't well.... Cricket. I know we can't read too much into last night's result but I though I'd post what I took from the game.

  • Turner is not a very commanding goalkeeper.
  • Tony Hibbert will never be comfortable on the ball.
  • Leon Osman is an anonymous presence.
  • Dan Gosling uses the ball well from central area's as does Wallace
  • Jo has got a lot of work to do this pre-season.
  • Jose Baxter,Hope Akpan etc have got a lot of promise but aren't ready for serious first team action.
  • Seamus coleman is fast
  • Bury stewards are slow off the mark!!!

Stephen Kenny     Posted 11/07/2009 at 08:23:00   Comments (7)

Ready To Rekindle Your 3pm Saturday Fix? - Then Think Again

All set for the season? Can't wait to get back in the old routine?

Think again.

It's pretty startling to peruse the fixture programme for the new season now that the televised games are listed (and firmly believing we will qualify for the Thursday night Europa League).

By the time Santa has dropped off his sack of prezzies, we will be have played a mighty THREE Saturday 3pm games home AND away.

These are Sat 17th Oct v Wolves (home) Sat 31st Oct v Villa (home) and Sat 12th Dec v Chelsea (away).

That leaves just FIFTEEN other games to reset our bodyclocks to.

Still, it's nice to see two old traditions returning in time for the new season.

1: "Taking the positives" from the blues losing to a lower league team in a pre-season kickabout.

2: Rafa ("I sold £6.7m Jermaine Pennant for nowt") Benitez bemoaning the financial state of the game.
Alan Chadwick     Posted 10/07/2009 at 19:48:44   Comments (6)

Ayodele Adeleye

Thanks to the Toffeeweb Rumour Mill, I spotted the rumour that we are linked with Sparta Rotterdam's 20-year-old centre-half Ayodele "Dele" Adeleye, who said that Everton had been interested for a while but that nothing is known and he is "still a Rotterdam player".

Having had a Sparta season ticket last year, I can comfortably say that if Adeleye were to sign (a possibility given the lack of transfer gossip), he would really only be a back-up to our other three centre-halves. He is an OK defender but very much Joey Yobo Mk 2 in his ball distribution. He is fairly nippy and does have a good engine, and can power a few headers in at set-pieces.

Whether or not the move to the Premier League would suit him or not and improve his game surrounded by better players, is where I have my doubts. The Dutch league while a similar style to the Premier League does not have the same depth of talent that the English league does. I feel if he were to be bid for, that we really must be bidding £2m tops. Sparta's record fee for a player sold is £2.5m when they sold Marvin Emnes to Middlesbrough last season (who did the square root of nothing while Boro got relegated).

My gut feeling as well is that we'd be chasing the wrong player, and would rather go for Kevin Strootman, their 19-year old central midfielder. He's strong, peach of a shot, good distribution, and naturally left-footed and could work well on the wing cutting inside on the right allowing Naughton to overlap.

And given all of the above, is Moyes looking for a scout in Holland? I do need a job..
Peter Roberts     Posted 10/07/2009 at 14:37:35   Comments (8)

The other one with the afro returns

Just been announced that Jo has signed on loan for next season on the official site. I have to admit that I'm pretty chuffed about this loan signing as i think he showed some excellent promise from what I was able to see of him last season.

If we can get him firing on all cylinders, I truly believe he'll be getting the 20 goals next year. Happy days in my opinion.

Matt Lavery     Posted 10/07/2009 at 14:13:58   Comments (16)

Arsene Moyes

The future looks bright. I'm genuinly excited by what's slowly been happening throughout our Academy for the last 5 years. In the last days at Netherton, I was fortunate enough to go down and see the facilities as well as meet Ray Hall and a few of the other coaches.

At the time (2007), I was told of three real prospects for the future of the club. Baxter, Rodwell and Agard. Now, with all three in the first team squad (four with Wallace), to add to the names of Vaughan, Anichebe, Osman, Hibbert and the many others who have moved on, we must be doing something right to have such a strong pool of players to pick from.

Subsequently, we moved to Finch Farm and an exclusive training facility which matches up to any seen in the Premier League. Surely now is the time to build on that and tempt the best prospects in Europe and beyond, that this great club is where the next generation of hungry footballers want to ply their trade. Mustafi, Orenuga, Spencer, Gosling, Felliani, Garbutt, Coleman and if rumours are believed Naughton certainly do just that.

Surely with perhaps two more additions, including Jo on loan and we'll have enough to at least challenge the top 3. If not this year, then, looking forward, it's only a matter of time...
Charlie Dixon     Posted 10/07/2009 at 12:55:55   Comments (11)

Kyle Naughton

Breaking news on Sky:We have been given permission to talk to Kyle Naughton!

It's impossible to get excited about a right back, but I can imagine the Hibbert-haters will be cock-a-hoop!

Hopefully, if the lad arrives, he will get more of a look-in than Jacobsen, but the fact he's only 20 suggests he's one for the future.

I also heard that he can operate right wing, and I think we need better service from that area: Anyone seen this kid play?
Kevin Hudson     Posted 10/07/2009 at 09:48:00   Comments (44)


How much is it to get in tonight?

Why do we find pre season friendlies so compelling? Maybe its standing there going 'who the fuck is he?' for 20 minutes before someone in the know turns to inform you that its some Peruvian on a 2-week trial with a Carlos Valderama haircut. Then again, those days have ebbed away now with us all glued to the world wide web 24 hours a day.

Before my time, but is it true that some supporters made it onto the bench for a Kendal Mark 1 friendly on the continent? I imagine that one of said supporters got on the pitch at some point and laced a hatrick past FC Hoeng. I may have been in the pub when someone told me this.

I hope Anderson da Silva plays tonight, he always looks mustard at this stage of the season.
David Hughes     Posted 10/07/2009 at 06:36:50   Comments (8)

Gyan link...

From the reporting of Sky Sports News (so it must be true!), Gyan is interested but is concentrating on an injury-free season in France.

I reckon this has got to be a cert, because just what we need is another injury prone striker! Watch this space...

Who needs the actual season to start when silly season is so much more fun?? (Think I may need to stop drinking now..?)
Adam Carey     Posted 09/07/2009 at 20:13:14   Comments (12)

Richards In?

If The Guy Down At The Chip Shop Swears He's Seen Micah is correct and 2 + 2 = 5 then that's the post-Lescott, pre-Jags return back line sorted: Neville, Richards, Yobo, Baines.

But where do we put Neville when Jags gets back and Richards goes to full-back? Answers on a postcard to:

David Moyes,
Just In Time for the Red Shite Game,
Goodison Park etc.
Guy Hastings     Posted 09/07/2009 at 13:59:44   Comments (16)

The Enigma that is M'Bia

Just trawling through the news and trying to catch up.. If Sky Sports website is anything to go by they are reporting that M'Bia's move to Marseille has hit a snag. The snag being? Personal terms. Suprise suprise (you don't need Cilla for this one)... but hold on, it gets better: he is now on his way to England to talk to a greater financial and footballing powerhouse. You guessed it: STOKE CITY!! (Maybe not)

Again, if this all plays out to be true, what does this tell you about this lad's character? Why hadn't Moyes wafted the very scent of him away from the scenes of Goodison when he lingered once again this summer like a bad smell?

Jesus... I mean does this guy have no moral standing? He is willing to hold up his deal with Marseille (whom he had previously professed his love onto!) to the dwellings of Stoke over a few thousand pounds? The same M'Bia 'it is my dream to play on the best stage in Europe, the Champions League' now finds himself playing in the lower tiers of the Premier League to pander his financial cravings.

Personally I cannot wait for this story to come to an end, it is almost as irritating as the Ronaldo saga has been for two years and he is nowhere near his footballing level!

On a side note, I hope he doesn't realise the British Tax System taxes footballers at a higher rate! He'll soon run back to Marseille or Rennes cap in hand.

Mercenary, Mr Moyes — and I hope for our Club's spirits' sake we are not reducing ourselves to throwing our hat firmly back into the ring for this style of 'player'.
Sean Lloyd     Posted 09/07/2009 at 13:45:45   Comments (14)

Just for fun: Everton PL All-Stars

Whilst we're still in close season, I thought it might be interesting to pass the time by seeing what people think would be our best starting eleven of the Premier League era?

What prompted me was a post where someone mentioned how much we need a right-winger, and I got to dreaming — if only Andrei Kanchelskis was signing for us now (as he was back in 1995). He would probably be the missing piece of the jigsaw...

Anyway - here's my punt:

GK - Neville Southall
RB - Phil Neville
CB - Phil Jagielka
CB - Dave Watson
LB - Andy Hinchcliffe
RM - Andrei Kanchelskis
CM - Thomas Gravesen
CM - Mikel Arteta
LM - Gary Speed
CF - Yakubu
CF - Wayne Rooney

Tim Howard
Joleon Lescott
Richard Dunne
Tim Cahill
Anders Limpar
Duncan Ferguson

Some points to consider: I've tried to keep a balance to the team — you might argue Tim Cahill is a better choice, but where would you play him in this 11? (Gravesen nicks it for me as a foil for Arteta).

There were some difficult choices — should Nigel Martyn fit in ahead of Tim Howard on the bench? John Collins or Steven Pienaar ahead of Gary Speed / Anders Limpar? Ferguson on the bench? (If only we could have him playing his best football in the current team — can you imagine?!)

There are other players on the fringe of this squad who others might have included - Jeffers, Barmby, Dacourt, Materazzi, Baines...

Let's see what other people come up with!
Dan Kemp     Posted 09/07/2009 at 09:34:42   Comments (24)

Money, my rear end

It's like Groundhog Day all over again. Every summer we are told about all these teams with foreign investors who are going to splash the cash and walk all over us. For the past three years this hasn't happened and I don't think it'll happen this year, either.

Why? Simple. As I keep saying, the Premier League is full of muscle-bound neanderthals with 'good engines'. The so-called 'super athletes' who have great Pro-Zone stats but can''t pass a ball or possess any footballing intelligence.

We have a business model designed to keep us at 5th place. This is by making sure the manager has little or no money to spend, sells players for more than he pays, buys lower-league/injury-prone players and gets the best out of them.

Your Villas, Citys, etc buy average players for mad money, aren't able to gel them into a team, sell them at a loss, and start the cycle again.

I agree that we need massive investment to break the top four. While that isn't coming, the current business model, plus some luck and Moyes's increasing managerial skill, will keep us 5th.

Moyes has completely sussed out how to keep us at 5th place. I hope we can buy more players of better quality, but if we can't/don't, I can still see us finishing 5th.
Paul Tran     Posted 09/07/2009 at 09:22:59   Comments (16)

I Sold Us Down The River?

I thought it only fair to try and reply en masse to those Evertonians out there who appear to believe that my admission to having voted Yes to Destination Kirkby is an admission to some sort of crime... Could this be that now, with the ever helpful hand of hindsight, I admit that, as things stand, I would change my mind?

At the time of the vote, I believed that everything on offer would be nothing but good for the club and in voting Yes I had the best interests of the club at heart. Time has moved on and it would appear that the stadium (should it be built) will not be "World Class". It would also appear that it may not have "the best transportation links in the country"

And, at today's prices, an extra £10 million in revenue would only seem to go to whoever we will be lending the £80 - £100 million off for our "virtually free" stadium.

Like a lot of people who post on ToffeeWeb, I too am amazed that the vote went through — especially as it would seem I was the only person who voted Yes!

So my question — because there is one — Is Who else voted Yes? Will you admit it? ... Are you that ashamed? Let's face it, it's looking highly unlikely that it's going to happen anyway...

I have posted replies to several articles of late and it would seem that any of the points I am either disagreeing or agreeing with have managed to fall by the wayside simply because I have admitted to voting Yes. Does this really give my opinions less credence say than somebody who for the past 3 season at least has posted that, in his opinion, we would be relegated or be fighting relegation at best?
Terry Maddock     Posted 09/07/2009 at 06:36:51   Comments (51)

Juggling the Team

As we head into another season with or without new transfers, Moyes faces a couple of real issue with regards to team balance in all departments.

Assuming for one moment that Lescott stays (which I don't think he will), we have Baines, Hibbert, Yobo & Lescott in the back four with possible cover from Rodwell until Jags recovers. We know that Hibbert on a good day is more than adequate to cope; on an off day... it's quite painful, so we need cover there. If Lescott goes, we could play with Yobo as a sweeper, with Rodwell in front of him, flanked by Baines and Hibbert. Pretty thin pickings though...

Midfield... ah well — big problem. Pienaar is a given on the wide side, Arteta is a given in the middle; then pick two from any of Osman, Cahill, Fellaini, Gosling, Baxter, Neville. Let's just say Neville could be an automatice replacement for Hibbert, leaving Cahill and Fellaini in the middle but neither is a wide player... The fact is both players are better going forward than defensive, so which to choose? Or does Vaughan come into the mix out wide?

Upfront... the Yak, with who? Saha? Jo? Fellaini? Whilst we have options, the balance doesn't seem right with the players and the positions we need to have them.

I think we may see some surprising sales, Vic and Vaughan, Lescott, Hibbert, Osman. Coming in? No-one 'til we sell someone. That's the pattern of recent years. I don't even bother with the transfer gossip... just chip-paper stuff.

I think we will be in better shape than last year but injuries are the killer. Without them, we would have been better equipped to win the FA Cup. But not enough of the right players in the right places... That's still our problem today.
Christine Foster     Posted 09/07/2009 at 00:28:16   Comments (11)

Silly Season and I'm bored

I want a signing. A midfielder. Jo... yeah alright... IF he comes. By the way, why does no one think he's good? He looked good to me. He's got a killer shot. Who cares if he's just alright at everything else, the Yak is the same. But they both have killer shots. So much so that when he got open in the box... I thought, it's a goal and it usually was.

Moving on. Let's get a midfielder. Some £10 million player. Make him fast, with good feet. I could list about 20 players with those qualifications but I don't feel like it. I'm sure the comments will take care of that. But seriously, it just seemed obvious all season that we needed that.

And I'm tired of the rumors. I get excited, about this guy, that guy, we made a bid, it failed... blah blah blah. I wish the off-season was just that. Then I could do something else with my time. Read a book or something.

Finally, we shouldn't sell Lescott, we honestly need maybe two, good players and — injuries being kinder — we have a good squad that with some miracles could break the top 4. Even three more players on top of that wouldn't change much. Fix the right side of the field and we've got a B+ team. I'm good with that.
Joey Brown     Posted 08/07/2009 at 23:45:52   Comments (8)

Europa Cup = Domestic Burn Out?

I've just been looking at the new Europa Cup format for the coming season and I have to admit its got me a little worried.

A succesful run which ends in a place in the Final would mean playing 15 games in total in this one competition! It starts with a group stage - 4 teams each playing each other home and away. Out of 12 groups the top 2 qualify from each group and then join the eight 3rd place champions league teams to start a 32 team knockout stage. Its then home and away knock outs right up to the final. Couple this with the usual 38 game domestic league season, a decent FA cup run, Carling cup matches, the possibility of replays and extra time along with international matches and you have one long season!

Now obviously Everton could be knocked out early in some or all of these competitions which would make all of this irrelevant but, if we do want to have a go and try and produce a decent season, then we are going to need a much bigger squad to challenge. Moyes is already a miracle worker but, without the addition of at least 4 or 5 players of a decent standing, then surely this time around the impossible just cannot be possible again!

So I ask the question: New Europa Cup Format — Is it an exciting revamp of a stale old competition? Or is it Domestic suicide for clubs like ours?
Ian Ankers     Posted 08/07/2009 at 19:49:44   Comments (3)

Another takeover goes by

Really... what do we have to do as a football club to draw in some sound investment?

What do Southampton really offer that we don't — apart from a new ground and maybe the big one: somebody that WANTS to sell.

I really dont think Bill Kenwright would sell to a lifelong true blue with all the money in the world, only wanting the very best for our great club. What is he waiting for, him (and only him) is holding the club back from where we all want to be...
Andy Giles     Posted 08/07/2009 at 19:25:46   Comments (6)

Google ads on ToffeeWeb

Why is there a Google Search ad for the new Liverpool kit on this site?
Michael Jackson     Posted 07/07/2009 at 18:39:32   Comments (10)

Jo deal fallen through?

The link posted to take you to the Man CIty website confirming the Jo deal has now been removed, with no history of the story on the site. Has the deal collapsed? Released the article before it was confirmed?

I don't know, am not even that bothered, but just thought it was a bit mad the way I could read the story before and now its vanished. Would be a decent, not great, addition to the squad, not first team. COYB!
Nick Coyne     Posted 07/07/2009 at 17:12:52   Comments (21)

Always a Blue???

Although a blue now, it wasnt always the case. I became an Everton fan in approx October 1972 when we were beaten by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. I am vague on the details, but I think it was 2-0 or 2-1. My 2 mates were both blues, and from that day, although not from Liverpool, I decided the toffees were for me.

Of all the supporters who post on this site, how many of you who were not born in Liverpool or whose fathers were not Everton supporters, became Toffee fans? What was that Damascene conversion that turned you blue? Perhaps with me, I was simply a gauche youngster easily turned by my mates??

And of those born in Liverpool, how many of you were you originally Liverpool fans who eventually saw the light?? Is there any statistical evidence of ToffeeWeb contributers who do not hail from Liverpool?

ps: I am 56 and should know better, but my memories as a kid take me back to the Searchers (my favourite band as a child after the Supremes) and Billy J Kramer. Any evidence who they supported??

Oh, and for this season coming, I will take that kid from Sheff Utd and a midfield maestro from Spain who can collaborate and scheme with Arteta. Good luck to you all for next season, and in the meantime, let's beat the Aussies in the Ashes!!!
John Brenann     Posted 07/07/2009 at 15:34:20   Comments (14)

Pass the source, darling

During the summer frustration, there's a lot of speculation — some thrive on it, some throw up on it. Each to their own...

Throughout the season, because of the nature of speculation surrounding the future ownership, DK etc. there's also more and more speculation. Common to all of this is posters saying that they heard it from "someone in the know".

Usually met with three responses: - Plausible (without going all Mythbusters) - Crap. Name your sources - Bollox - my mates hairdresser's cat (really tedious now by the way).

A lot of people who post on this site, believe it or not, do work in sports (including football), journalism, or financial markets (mainly private equity) that consider investment in sports "projects". The reason they post their snippets is because they think fellow Blues may be interested in hearing it. For sure we all want to see the back page (feck it — give us a signing that makes front page!) on the Echo with the scarf held aloft at Goodison. But one question to the "name your source" brigade: You may have read about the case recently in Ireland, where a journo was spared jail because she said to declare her sources would a) go against her profession, and b) likely see her, and possibly her family, dead. I'm not suggesting b) would apply to the murky world of football, yet... But if my mate, who works for X, tells me snippet Y, and I post it on ToffeeWeb, then name my source — I think I'd be as likely to receive a Christmas card from him / her, as he / she would be likely to still be in a job.

If you don't want to hear speculation — tune out. But please don't demand that sources are named. It shows you up more than the original, genuine, poster.

And MJ's monkey told me that....
Matt Traynor     Posted 07/07/2009 at 10:22:33   Comments (16)

Moyes not the best

I can't believe what I see and hear. What have we won? Under Moyes... nothing! And while he is Kenwright's lapdog we never will. Don't forget we got around £45 million for 5th place; we could get three world class players for that — not cripples, players on loan — and the best one — players who are injured.

Now the Board want to control everything. We have nothing to shout about 'til we win something. Moyes is not his own man, he is Kenwright's puppet, leaving the lion's share of profits to the big 4 — and don't let any one question them.

I am not happy just to stay in the Premier League — why should we praise someone who has won nothing? Let's do what it says on our badge — only the best will.
Peter Gunnigle     Posted 07/07/2009 at 06:48:22   Comments (23)

Wembley / Cup Final Day

After reading a host of depressing posts about our lack of transfer activity and what a bad chairman Billy Liar is, can I lighten the mood by asking for people's Cup Final Day stories, even from those who didn't make it to Wembley. After losing to Chelsea, I was far more into blaming some of the players but on reflection I had a great day out.

One of my highlights was seeing Amokachi getting mobbed on Wembley way whilst trying to do a TV report. We all leapt on him shouting "Ammo, Ammo, Ammo". I also cried laughing when the Chelsea team bus arrived underneath the Everton fans and the amount of stick they got. Some threw some lager at them after which, Drogba to his credit, picked up a can and hurled it back up. Great day out.
Alan Clarke     Posted 07/07/2009 at 08:16:27   Comments (1)

Strength in depth

Just a quick observation I wanted to make after hearing the news that Jo has joined up with our pre-season plans and that we may get him on loan for the whole of the coming season. Does anyone agree with me that we may now finally have some real strength in depth & attacking options at our disposal?

I mean we will have Yakubu, Saha, & Jo to fight it out for two starting berths, and then we will have Vaughan & Anichebe (and now Agard) to back up the three above. That's three quality strikers, who have (bar Jo) proven that they will score goals in the Premier League time and time again. Then we have three hungry young & talented forwards who will be pushing to impress at any opportunity.

We have height with Anichebe & Jo, pace in Vaughan & Saha, Yakubu is just an all round goalscorer with a real presence, and I can't comment on Agard as I've never seen him play. Although he is classed as a pacy striker.

I can't remember Moyes (or Walter Smith, Joe Royle, Mike Walker etc) ever having that much at their disposal. For once, we have real options that can change the dimensions of the way we play against different opposition and surely means we will have to go 4-4-2. It may also allow us to play different combinations in Europe, the Prem & cups to give us the best chance for the season.

I think if we can add two or three additions to bolster the midfield and cover the defence then I think we've got a great chance of beating our performance this season just gone. Others have said it before, but a pacy wideman and a creative force in the middle would be ideal.
Andrew Bentley     Posted 07/07/2009 at 06:49:03   Comments (11)

The value of fanzines

Something that's bugged me for a long time now is the lack of proper articles in newspapers on clubs outside of the Sky four. The tabloids don't annoy me that much but the broadsheets, where the quality of articles is generally higher, do.

Take for example, The Times or The Guardian, or even some of the papers here in Ireland. If a newspaper has four pages given over to football, you can almost be guaranteed that one full page, or the most of, will be given over to one of the big four. I don't mean match reports by this. All papers carry them and they usually don't vary that much from one paper to the next. I mean well written articles on a certain aspect of a club. From something to do with it's traditions to the manager's perspective on anything, these articles make for facinating reading on subject matter that you may not always think about in relation to your club.

The thing is, though, even if it's been a really slow news week, you will only ever get something on the big four, even if it's only the tea lady's take on how Man Utd's centre forward should drink his half-time cuppa. It doesn't matter if Goodison just got blown up by the Daleks, or that Bolton Wanderers have just smashed their transfer fee on the same day, Man Utd's tea lady will get priority billing.

I know it's par for the course nowadays, but it's infuriating none the less. It's not so much that other clubs get ignored, it's more to do with not getting to read those quality informative insightful articles on your club. You'll see something on Sky News, usually repeated ad nauseum, and roll your eyes. You'll sometimes read something in the Mirror or the Sun and wonder if you should believe it or take it all with a pinch of salt.

With all this in mind, I do think that there is more and more to be said for decent fanzines belonging to clubs outside of the big four. Take this one for example. Many of the articles have been very well written, very thoughtful and also very thought provoking. They will rang from the whole stadium debate, to our transfer policy, to our founding fathers, to the Dr France collection. All of this, while only relevant to Everton fans, is still very interesting to read and does allow for a lot of debate and discussion. The service is free, and you're even entitled to add your own thoughts and articles.

While not blowing a trumpet for myself, the editorial team or anyone else, it is actually nice to know that there is an alternative to having to suffer Man Utd's Tea lady.
Kieran Fitzgerald     Posted 06/07/2009 at 15:36:08   Comments (2)

Tim Cahill

Just read some rubbish about our Tim telling someone he's fed up with British weather and is hoping to move to Italy or USA??

Now while I don't believe any of this BS, what did worry me was the fact that Tim has only 12 months left on his contract. Anyone else out there worried by this fact? Has he been offered an extension at any point or do the club plan on offering him one? I for one think the lad has represented everything good about the club over the last few years — pride, 100% effort, class and dignity. Just a tad concerned that we could lose him in the very near future.
Robbie Murphy     Posted 06/07/2009 at 12:06:48   Comments (13)


It appears that the lazy journo's have tired of the Lescott story (and moved on to John Terry) which caused so much reaction on the several Everton websites I regularly visit, this one as my primary fix.

I find it amazing how the feelings, even towards Lescott, ranged from one extreme to another, with some of our own supporters actually slagging him. It's easy with hindsight, and I don't know for sure whether the Lescott story has run it's course, but did anyone else feel it ridiculous with even our own supporters having a go at him for not releasing some sort of statement of loyalty?

I just wonder (and doubt) if anyone at Man City had even spoken to anyone at Everton about buying Joleon (I hope that's the case anyway) and I now wonder the same about Man City and Chelsea.

I'm also wondering whether it's the "same ole same ole" with regard to Scholes as I just can't see David Moyes fancying him myself, unless it's part of some master plan we don't understand and appreciate.

I'm determined not to get dragged into the panic and delirium of the transfer window and am just going to "wait and see."
Brian Williams     Posted 06/07/2009 at 03:37:55   Comments (21)

My Wish List

The team plays its first pre-season match in five days. From that point on, the pre-season flies by... August is here quickly and the time for preparation is gone. Suddenly, you have Arsenal staring across from you rather than Bury or the MLS All-Stars.

Several days prior is not the time to be introducing the boys and trying to “mesh”. Like the rest of you, each day starts with a quick glance of “what the papers say”, followed by regular visits to similar sites. We read here a similar article several days ago in which a fellow Evertonian pondered why he suffers upon himself each season, thinking that summer transfers will be done quickly and most importantly, with time enough for the boys to dirty a few practice jerseys ahead of real games.

Why submit my first article today? — because I snapped. The Owen move to the Devils yesterday (whether we wanted him or not) and the Toffees’ reported interest in a 34-year-old from the same team did the trick. At last count, assuming no one else has tweaked a knee, we have 3 of the starting 11 still out with bum limbs; we don’t yet have an experienced fit striker. I am happy to hear the Yak is ready to play. The man seemed to walk without a limp at the Everton Two ribbon-cutting ceremony but that is a far cry from a good first touch in front of the net against a PL defender.

Do I sound sour, down, ticked? Yes, Yes and Yes. Do I continue to hope and trust that Moyes will get them in — that somehow this will come together “right” before opening day? Yes... (here comes the “B” word) — BUT, time is awasting. We need numbers and we need quality now. In my humble opinion, a 34-year-old midfielder from United and a kid from California named “Anton Peterlin” are not going to get us there. Fellas, I live a state over from CA and had never heard of him.

What is on my wish list? A creative midfielder, a good right back with pace, and at least one fit forward that we can count on for 15+ goals. Cheer me up or take your pot-shots — all are welcome. COYBs.
Kurt Knight     Posted 05/07/2009 at 15:56:44   Comments (14)

Plan A or Plan B?

So we are all frustrated (well some are) about the lack of any real transfer activity thus far. It seems to me that Moyes is somewhat in limbo at the moment, just like last season.

My theory is that we have a very small budget this year and Moyes's Plan A was to get 1 or 2 cheap buys (maybe a steal from the lower divisions) and a couple of loans. However, in the light of a possible Lescott move, he now finds himself possibly looking at a Plan B in which case he can get a Moutinho type player Lescott goes, but that may not happen.

So maybe he is waiting until that deal is dead in the water until he makes any significant dealings this summer, because it's pointless him buying X, Y and Z for £2M, when in the event of Man City actually paying £20M+ he can say get A, B and C.

Oh another long hard summer!
Mark Griffiths     Posted 05/07/2009 at 06:19:03   Comments (34)

Same old from the OS

Just doing my daily rounds of TW, Kipper and the OS and happened across Sir Phillip Carter's take on the transfer situation... It reads:

Moyes is yet to secure his first signing ahead of the 2009-10 season, however Sir Philip believes the return of the likes of Yakubu and Mikel Arteta will be like new additions to the squad.

"I think we are all looking forward to the introduction of new players. But we have to remember if we get players that have been injured during the last season back, they will be like new players for us. And with them returning we have to have a successful season."

Let's hope Dave's able to pull a rabbit out of the hat and bag us at least a couple of bargains (preferably before deadline day this season!) but I'm sure I'm not the only one with a bad sense of deja vu after Sir Phil's comments.
Sean Dylan     Posted 04/07/2009 at 10:18:50   Comments (32)

Anton Peterlin?!?!

Does anyone know about this guy?

He is an American lad we signed, as far as i know he is 22 years old and a defensive midfielder. Anton didn't even play in the MLS, he was playing in some California local league. He has been likened to Santiago Munez, in the way he comes out of nowhere in the goal movies.

Does anyone know why there wasn't a hype made about this guy, and why we weren't even told about on our website etc?
Jack Daou     Posted 03/07/2009 at 23:21:47   Comments (16)

Snubbed by Owen again?

As I type, Sky is breaking the news that Owen has passed a medical and will be signing for Manure.

First point... it can't have been much of a medical if he managed to sail through! Second, and more salient point... if the rumours are true, and we did make an official "bid" for him this week, it would appear he has snubbed us yet again. To be honest, I am glad, as can be witnessed from my comments to previous threads about this exact scenario.

What does piss me off is the way Everton persist in trying to bag this mercenary twat and the way said mercenary twat uses his boyhood club to lever more dosh out of the deluded bastards who eventually sign him.

In many ways, I don't blame him; he is simply getting the best price he can. What I do think he should have had the decency to do was make it clear to Everton a long time ago that they would never be able to pay him the sort of coin he wants and therefore stop them from entering into futile chases and becoming a laughing stock time after time.

This will surely be his final significant move and we can take comfort in the fact that we won't have to worry about chasing him again, nor fear actually landing him and ending up with another table-warmer.
Tom Edwards     Posted 03/07/2009 at 15:32:05   Comments (23)

Lescott's silence is defeaning

Yeah, okay, its been done to death and the whole 'will he/won't he' situation is beginning to wear us all down. But the clearest indication that Lescott wants to beef up his bank balance is borne out of the fact that the player himself has remained silent.

Having returned from a family holiday last week, Lescott has had ample time to give a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer if he sees his future away from L4. But he hasn't, which is leading many to believe that the Cup Final could well have been his last game in an Everton shirt. Some supporters though seem genuinely encouraged that the sale of Lescott, in addition to one or two City squad players coming this way, could be a good thing for Everton.

If the rumours are to be believed, Everton may want to do business somewhere in the region of £20M plus Micah Richards — a player whose form seems to have slumped somewhat in recent seasons. But, with the club's current financial plight, does that mean Everton would automatically have £20M to play with in the transfer market? Probably not.

The rate at which Lescott has improved since his switch from Wolves could well see him as being one of the top defenders in Europe in years to come. How do you put a price on a player who is rock solid in both central defence and left back, and also weighs in with his share of goals? Would he be quoted as being worth £15-20m if he'd been playing for a top four side?

Lescott is badly letting down the fans who have supported him throughout his Everton career by keeping his mouth shut. If he wants to go then so be it. But the continued silence is doing the supporters, the people who pay his wages, no favours whatsoever.
Terry Owen     Posted 03/07/2009 at 10:53:00   Comments (35)

Blues at Glastonbury 2009

I'm still recovering from a truly epic Glastonbury 2009. I would like to say thanks to all the cool bluenoses proudly displaying their colours at Glasto. There were definitely more Everton shirts/flags than any other team.

A huge well done to the lads with the big Everton flag who got to the front of Bruce Springsteen. If you watch the performance back (, you can see a mighty blue Everton flag waving to the left hand side of the stage. There are some cool shots of it when the Boss goes into the crowd (it'll be on the right cos the camera is from the stage). Well done, lads!
Dean Williamson     Posted 03/07/2009 at 10:35:30   Comments (12)

Is there anyone out there?

I realise that this isn't exactly the place to ask, but I'm rather fed up with the silence.... recently the North American website, EFCSCNA, was replaced by EvertonUSA. I was in contact with the site administrator and paid for 2 memberships early May. Since then, I have not heard anything and have subsequently cancelled the AmEx fees. I have written to the Official Site requesting information but, again, there has been a wall of silence.

Does anyone out there know if this site still exists? The home page still has the Tottenham match report, FFS!!!! With Everton visiting the USA again at the end of this month, it would be great to arrange a get-together for all the fans going to Salt Lake City.

If there are any readers/editors on ToffeeWeb who can find out it would be appreciated...
Gerry Quinn     Posted 03/07/2009 at 09:34:48   Comments (6)


I have the task of selling Everton.

The world financial markets have been told we are for sale. I must draw up a prospectus containing a list of five things that are attractive to potential investors. Those investors have no connection with football and know nothing about Everton or its traditions..

Can anyone suggest 5 things to put on the list?
Dick Fearon     Posted 02/07/2009 at 21:48:42   Comments (32)

German Central Defender?

I thought from a couple of weeks ago that we were supposed to be signing on 1st July a promising young (16-year-old) German central defender from I think Hamburg, also we had on trial an American midfielder who would sign on 1st. Can anyone update on this?
Tim O'Connell     Posted 02/07/2009 at 18:37:39   Comments (2)

Two things, one being Ownershipþ

Over the last few months I keep on reading the same misinformation perpetrated by contributors to Toffeweb:

  • Chelsea had reached the semi-finals of the Champions League and won trophies BEFORE the Russian money arrived.
  • Fellaini cost 15 million euros, NOT pounds.
  • Randy Lerner HAS made millions more available to O'Neill than Kenwright has for Moyes, Milner alone was £12 Million. The difference is Moyes has spent more wisely.
  • Sunderland DO have money, they have been taken over by the now American majority shareholder
  • The same players we get linked to for months & months NEVER sign for Everton — Arshavin, Moutinho etc.
  • Tony Marsh is OFTEN right, he is just very passionate about his club.
Now on a different subject of Blue Bill and being taken over. I can understand why the following criteria would appeal to foreign owners:
  • Located in London
  • Located in the South
  • Having a new stadium
  • Having your city's name in the football club's name (If we were called Liverpool City, investment may have already arrived)
Manchester City, United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Sunderland, Portsmouth and West Ham all have some of the above. But like us, Aston Villa have none of the above, we consistently finish above them in the league and they still managed to find a new owner when we haven’t…. FFS WHY???
Joe McMahon     Posted 02/07/2009 at 14:47:24   Comments (11)

Ball's in our court?

Michael Ball has just been released by Man City and is currently out of contract. Until Jag's return we're a little short in the defensive department and with Valente having gone back home to Portugal, the Goodison ranks aren't exactly littered with decent left-backs. Since Ball can operate both on the left as well as providing cover at CD I reckon he would be a useful addition to our squad.

Ball's got bags of experience from playing in England and Scotland, and not least in Europe which could come in handy in next season's Europa League. He's available on a free, won't cost us much in wages, and would probably relish the chance to come back to L4, highly motivated to playing for his beloved Blues.

Surely worth a punt? On a one year-deal, possibly with an option of a second year, there's not much of a risk, is there?
Thor Sorensen     Posted 01/07/2009 at 20:39:48   Comments (25)

The Truth About Kenwright?

I come across this information on another forum online regarding Kenwright and potential investors. I have always thought this theory to be true. After regarding the information below it has made my mind up that we have had lots of potential buyers but Kenwright DOESN'T want to sell. Make your own mind up!

"Bill Kenwright. Now, I love Bill and imagine that he can only have the best interests of the club at heart. Or in head — his own.

At the weekend I met with two men at a social gathering for our children. One is a senior member of the Premier League, the other the Marketing Director for a major company, and formerly occupied the same position at a leading north east club.

In the general roundabout discussion about football it came round to Everton. The latter gentleman informed me that Wyness had left because he had brought no less than four serious backers to the table, but Kenwright had found lame excuses to pull out. Subsequently Peter Trembling had been asked to do the same and had brought in a number of prospects, culminating in a Bahrain family actually sitting down to discuss a takeover, again for Kenwright to pull out actually in front of them. As a result Trembling took the backers and invested in Notts County, the oldest club in the world and like us, one of the original first ten.

All this was more than confirmed by the Premier League official who went on to stress that Kenwright had become somewhat of a legendary joke amongst senior football people for saying he required backing yet not actually seriously wanting to do so.

There is a glass ceiling. City, and to a lesser extent Villa and Spurs, had shelled out to try and break it. Kenwright hopes that Moyes can do it for him without having to relinquish the club. In a world where clubs are paying £18m for a fullback there is only a finite amount of time before we are overtaken by the big spenders below us and Moyes decides he can do no more."

Andy Ferguson     Posted 01/07/2009 at 12:29:59   Comments (36)

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