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MSP Sports Capital remain in talks with Moshiri over 25% stake

| 22/02/2023 42comments  |  Jump to last

Representatives of US-based sport investment vehicle that have been in talks with Farhad Moshiri about taking a 25% stake in Everton have not walked away from negotiations according to a report.

MSP Sports Capital were said to be close to agreeing terms on a £105m investment in the club last month but, in the interim, reports have surfaced that the New York-based firm are considering a full takeover of Tottenham Hotspur instead that would value the North London club at £3.1bn.

According to i, however, MSP's co-founders, Jahm Najafi and Jeff Moorad, have "their sights [firmly] set on Everton" and that talks with Moshiri have continued.

No timeline has been reported for the conclusion of any investment.

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Meanwhile, the same report claims that chairman Bill Kenwright wanted to attend last Saturday's home fixture against Leeds United but was advised against it on security grounds.

None of the current members of Everton's board of directors has been in attendance at Goodison Park since the defeat to Brighton & Hove Albion on 3rd January. 




Reader Comments (42)

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Eric Myles
1 Posted 23/02/2023 at 06:19:20
Bill playing the victim card again.

MSP meanwhile seem to be trying to play both ends, using their interest in Spurs to get a better deal from Moshiri, and the other way around.

They surely must know that they can't have an interest in both clubs???

Jerome Shields
2 Posted 23/02/2023 at 06:31:11
Eric, I was just thinking the same. There are also probably others waiting on the wings.

I cannot see Kenwright not looking to get involved either. I don't think his relationship with the fans cost him a second thought. He will use any such relation for his own ends.

Dupont Koo
3 Posted 23/02/2023 at 00:36:42
The £105M valuation for 25% of Everton (and the 2 eventual board seats as part of the deal) is so "undervalued" that, even when MSP are working on acquiring Spurs, they would not pass on an opportunity along the way to buy something for "Penny on a Dollar" as the folks from across the Pond would like to say.

I wouldn't even waste a single second of my precious time to read or listen to what Liar Bill would say.

Don Alexander
4 Posted 24/02/2023 at 01:14:57
The reports that we, Everton, are now merely valued at £420 million rather than what the far less historic Spurs are worth (allegedly more than seven times as much) speaks volumes about the morons allegedly running OUR club for decades.

What hope is there with those muppets still in charge?

And Spurs are mere contenders for top six.

Didn't Moshiri promise top four for us within three years when he began his disastrous reign?

What could possibly have gone wrong, and just who is responsible/accountable?

Derek Knox
5 Posted 24/02/2023 at 05:08:54
Don @ 4, look on the bright side, this may mean that Fat Slug/Maggot will not leave any slime trail in the Directors Box or indeed the corridors of Everton FC.
Danny O’Neill
6 Posted 24/02/2023 at 06:27:42
I'm not too concerned at the current value. Ironically in some ways, it potentially makes us an attractive investment option. Especially with the stadium on the horizon.

The important thing will be that, if they take a 25% stake, they will want a voice and influence. That could force change at the top as I imagine they wouldn't be silent partners and this might just be a foot in the door for further investment and takeover??

Who knows what's going to happen? Saturday is the focus for me right now. And then Wednesday and then Saturday again. Let's strap in and go for the ride!

Derek Thomas
7 Posted 24/02/2023 at 07:11:54
Kenwright was Advised eh, who by? if it wasn't 'Official' by either The Police or the Head of Security at Goodison - take it with a large pinch of salt.
I've always been of the opinion that if he told me it was Wednesday, I'd check to see if it wasn't Tuesday or Thursday...and that goes double after the Headlock-Gate shenanigans.

Metaphorically speaking, he a 'Deadman walking here, Deadman walking the Blue Mile'...he must have some cracking footage of Moshiri tucked away somewhere.

Be careful what you wishful I know, but I hope MSP, come in and promptly escort him out with the pot plant, a framed picture of those good times all in the obligatory empty cardboard box of copy paper.

Then, not too long after BMD is opened, they then proceed to biff out his hapless stooge...who must rue the day he ever listened to the worm tongued conman...Moshiri too.

Darren Hind
8 Posted 24/02/2023 at 07:47:29
Anyone who thinks Moshiri is spending around 750m in order to sell for 420m is living in Cuckoo land. It doesnt take a financial expert to work out that if that were the case, he would have been better off cutting his loses by pushing his keys through the letter box and fucking off before the project even started..

The club is clearly going to be worth more than the BMD project is finished. Comparisons with Spurs are just plain stupid. Their near 1 billion stadium is complete and because they are based in one of the worlds most affluent City's. They are able to charge twice the price for just about everything from a posh meat pie to a pretentious cup of coffee. That includes season tickets. Their fans pay roughly twice as much as ours do.

The population of London is around 16 times the population of Liverpool. The geographical and financial advantages of being London based are obvious. There are tens of thousands of "floating voters" just looking for an EPL team who will sell them tickets. West ham often struggled to fill the Boleyn stadium, Yet, every week, there are now 60,000 people willing to pay for a seat which is in a different post code to the pitch.

Unless teams outside the capital have won multiple European trophies, they will not be competing on a level financial playing field. Thats why the Arabs were able to buy Newcastle for little over 300m Villa have actually won the big prize (unlike Arsenal and Spurs) but they're value is even less than ours. You have to get it right on the pitch for a sustained period.

Say what you like about Moshiri. He has employed just about every type of managers and he has put his money where his mouth is. If just one of the nine managers and DOF's he has employed had done a semi decent job for the lucrative wages they were given. We would not be where we are right now.

It staggers me that these, now multi millionaires, walk away without blame for our current crisis. The pattern of slump followed by mini revival is well and truly established and they have all played a huge part in developing that pattern

The only difference between the current slump which started on Carlo's watch ( check the record books) is that the mini revival hasnt quite arrived yet. Lets hope Dyche is in the process of changing that.

The world and it's dog can see failures of our Managers, DOF's and their expensively assembled entourage's. They can see the desperately poor players we have squandered fortunes on. But they know as much about our boardroom as we do about theirs. They care about as much too.

I know the Evertonian. I know of his/her passion. Like most on here I have grown up with it. They are loyal to the bone. They care deeply and their protests have been peaceful and beautifully observed But is that what Moshiri see's ? is that what gets the attention of the media ?

Whether we like it or not. We have a small group of ignorant fans who shout ignorant nonsense very very loudly. It is they grab the headlines. They form the perceptions. They drown out the overwhelming majority. They are the reason outsiders blame the fans. Why the fuck cant people just stick to the facts ? Why do they have to dilute them by attaching shite to them ?

The facts stand up and are enough to damn this board, but if you try to tell people that Kenwright is the reason Spurs are valued far more highly than we are at the moment in time, they will walk away from you shaking their head in disbelief.

Fairy Stories will not hasten the departure of this board. If anything. they offer a prolonged stay of execution.

Robert Tressell
9 Posted 24/02/2023 at 08:12:28
Wouldn't be surprised if this is already agreed in principle but contingent on us staying up. I've said previously that MSP seem to have sports business nous Moshiri plainly lacks so it might be a good move. Allows Moshiri to focus on the stadium which he plainly is good at. Maybe once it's built he sells up to MSP in full - thereby a decent deal all round.

MSP get a better value Premier League club with stadium for a lower price than Spurs. Moshiri gets out without the big losses you mention, Darren. (Although what's not to like about a pretentious cup of coffee?)

Peter Neilson
10 Posted 24/02/2023 at 08:36:29
i News swallowed the whole headlock and threat advice hook line and sinker. It was so one sided that I emailed them asking for coverage that got under the covers of what's going on at the club rather than regurgitating the board statements which couldn't be backed up by pretty important things like facts, evidence or even the police.

Looks like Bill has still got his hotline into them. Unsurprisingly really with his decades of courting the media.

The journalist hasn't even linked MSP turning up for the Southampton game only to be snubbed by the non-attendance of the board.

Danny O’Neill
11 Posted 24/02/2023 at 08:57:58
Darren, I agree with just about all of that.

I love my home city. I love being there when I go to watch Everton.

I've had the family in west London since 2004 whilst I went off and done stuff. We're settled here now. I live in a modest house but could have bought a farm in somewhere like Lincolnshire for a similar price. The relevance? To your point about the valuation of Tottenham versus Everton.

But you are right. Forget Governments, London and New York are the two alpha cities of the world and it is a big pulling force, especially in a Premier League full of foreign players.

Declared population is near 9 million. I think that is more than the combined populations of Scotland and Wales.

It's a strange football dynamic down here in west London. The natural and local thing would be to support Brentford, Watford or Fulham. Maybe Chelsea; I don't like Chelsea fans – arrogant as a collective. It's a proper mix.

I know one Brentford fan and one Fulham supporter.

But I have the privilege (if you can call it that) to regularly engage with Arsenal and Tottenham supporters. Not to mention the obvious Manchester United followers.

And then London reds, who have never been to Liverpool let alone Anfield. I have to educate them on their own club.

Hail Mary. Pray for us sinners. I just can't help myself. when they spout shite about a club they've apparently followed all their life but have never seen them. Me, of all people, having to tell them about their alleged club. I feel ashamed.

Anyway, you are right. London is a draw and pull. Even, back in the day, Gascoigne was tempted by the lights of London, when he might have been better joining Ferguson's Man Utd?

The reality is that a London club can demand a much higher premium.

Interestingly, the Manchester City thing hasn't really kicked in down here. Still many red shirts floating around.

Bit of a ramble, but I liked that post, Darren. Personally, I'm all up for someone getting us on the cheap if they can and want to implement change.

Last point, Darren, we talk about this a lot, but the real long-term decline set in decades ago. We've gone through managers like dollar bills in a Las Vegas casino. They can't all be wrong. The fundamental problem is the glaring obvious. It starts at the top.

Michael Lynch
12 Posted 24/02/2023 at 09:18:05
Just to pick up on Darren and Danny's points about London. I've lived more of my life in London now than I lived in Liverpool, and there are tons Liverpool and Man Utd fans down here, but most of them are of a certain age and are from immigrant families.

London is a city of immigrants; the majority of children born here are to mothers who were born outside the UK. In my lifetime, and earlier, kids who come from immigrant families had to choose their team - rather than having it handed down to them. If you can choose your team, you tend to choose a successful and glamorous one, and back in the day the successful glamour teams were the Liverpool and Man utd. Which is why you get loads of Asian men in London who are reds of one denomination or the other.

These days, it's a bit different. The kids choose Chelsea or Arsenal, or even Spurs if its local to them. You might see the odd Real Madrid kit in the parks, but what you don't see is Man City shirts, because the London teams are stronger now so there is less "bleed" to out-of-town clubs.

Anyway, yes London is a world city, more than ever, and the pull is definitely there. But if the choice for Danjama had been the Shite or Spurs, rather than us or Spurs, he'd probably have gone to the Shite. London is a powerful incentive to an overseas player to sign for a club, but not the only incentive.

Brian Harrison
13 Posted 24/02/2023 at 09:45:00
The 2 most successful teams come from right here in the northwest. Not only have they won the most trophies between them, there isn't a team in London or anywhere else in Britain who can match their worldwide fanbase. In fact, only Barca and Real Madrid are in the same league.

So it's not where you are based that decides how successful you will be. Yes, money has always been a very important factor in a club's success, but it's how well run clubs are that is the over-riding element in all of this.

But both of these clubs have had an assortment of managers and not all good, but over the years they have still managed to win more than any other British clubs.

As the saying goes, "success breeds success" and unfortunately we have never really capitalised when we have been successful. Quite the opposite – we have usually followed success with years and years of quite the opposite.

Danny O’Neill
14 Posted 24/02/2023 at 09:48:24
It is Michael, as is the UK. No need to go into it now, but there are interesting demographics when you compare London to the likes of Liverpool, even though Liverpool itself is a city of immigrants. Look at my name!!

Just been shared an article. If to be believed, the MSP talks are advanced and they want 3 places on the board and suggests that Moshiri may be ready to relieve Kenwright of his position.

I hope so for two reasons.

Long overdue time to go. He failed and hung on to his train set.

He is 77 and for the sake of his health, he should retire. Go and enjoy the theatre. You can still support Everton as a supporter.

That's me being compassionate. Just go, Bill.

Denise; personally I would have no issue with her staying, just remove her from the position of CEO and let her focus on EitC. That's pretty much what she seems to do anyway and it's actually admirable work. I always like seeing that facility when I walk up Spellow Lane. As I've said previously, I'd like to see it expanded throughout the city and maybe even the region.

Without getting ahead of myself and I try to avoid as much as possible reading too much into media speculation, but it seems this could have legs.

Let's see.

Michael Lynch
15 Posted 24/02/2023 at 10:03:01
Danny, I'd be happy to see Bill stay on in a "ceremonial" position. He could help with the Goodison tours, pour the tea in the Church, clean up after the match etc. Actually do some good for the club he loves.

As for Denise, I agree, she should concentrate on EitC.

But my worry is who replaces them. Do MSP put one of their own on the board? Some idiot who knows nothing about the game, like Moshiri only with less money? Or one of their idiot sons? That seems to be popular with American owners.

We need people who know what they're doing, and they're hard to find.

Mike Doyle
16 Posted 24/02/2023 at 10:06:39
Danny & Darren,

There was a football analyst on one of the podcasts a few months back (one of The Esks, I think) discussing how investors would value clubs. His argument was that they look at the reliability and growth potential of 3 key income streams:

1) Domestic revenue – especially the TV deal;
2) International revenue – especially from being in the Champions League;
3) Merchandise revenue – in which Man Utd apparently lead the world.

This would explain why Man Utd would be worth £4billion and Newcastle £400M. I don't recall all the details but it's probably still available online.

Paul Birmingham
17 Posted 24/02/2023 at 11:09:34
For me this could potentially make any full take over complicated if iit happened.

I'd like to believe that the club would be doing their due diligence on all viable options of a buyout, total or partial.

Everton's been in Shit Creek for decades due to a slumberland board, but fair play to Moshiri, who has opened his wallet generously and the new Everton Stadium will be his legacy, regardless if any takeover happens.

I'm cautious as with most matters Everton.

Now fully focused on the match and getting an important win tomorrow and enjoying the day and the weekend.


Tony Abrahams
18 Posted 24/02/2023 at 11:15:16
If we want to move forward, then I think we should get the jinx, who loves himself much more than he loves Everton, out of our great club.

Dupont @3, totally agree with that last paragraph, mate, whilst it was also very interesting what Peter N wrote @10.

Darren Hind
19 Posted 24/02/2023 at 11:25:12

Yes. We have debated that one to death.

You will always maintain that the managers can't all be wrong. Fair enough...

But until somebody points to the one that got it right, the one that didn't walk away a multi-millionaire, the one who had his tactics or selections dictated to him, the one who didn't oversee our cup dreams being mangled, the one who didn't bring his own "dream team", or the one who didn't lose routinely to weaker opposition, I will always point a finger at them too... always!

I will never accept that they haven't had a huge part to play in our club's demise. These managers and DoFs are meant to be experienced football men. Yet they have squandered a £750M war chest between them.

I'm not excusing the board for any of their crimes, but blaming them for the abject performance on the pitch we have suffered down the years offers a very convenient 'Get out of Jail' card to their co-failures in the dugout.


I think you are missing the point. The debate isn't about the most successful clubs. Just about everyone on this site knows who they are, whether we like it or not. They have earned their status in the game. But Tottenham have done nothing. Their valuation was given a huge leg up by virtue of the fact that they are based in the capital.

This wasnt always the case, but Sky TV changed the landscape forever. They turned our beautiful game into a global monster and Premier League teams based in capital have benefited hugely.

My memory isn't 100% on this, but I seem to remember Ken Bates bought Chelsea for £1 pre-Sky. Abromovich saw the writing on the wall and paid about £140M a short while after the Premier League was formed. I don't how much the new owners paid for it, but I do know it was probably about 10 times more than they would have paid if Chelsea were based in somewhere like Dudley.

Steve Brown
20 Posted 24/02/2023 at 13:22:14
Darren, slum started under Carlo? Let's take a look at that the numbers.

2020-21 season: Carlo in charge.

League - 17 wins
FA Cup - 3 wins
League Cup - 3 wins.

2021-22 season:
League - 11 wins
FA Cup - 3 wins
League Cup - 1 wins

2022-23 season to date:
League - 5 wins
FA Cup - 1 win
League Cup - 1 win

So Carlo won more games in one season (46 games in charge) than Everton have managed in 70 games since he left. His win ratio was our third-highest after Howard Kendall I and Catterick.

That's the record book examined.

Kieran Kinsella
21 Posted 24/02/2023 at 14:23:58
Man Utd had won fewer titles than Everton when Kenwright came along. Now, they're valued at £6 billion.

It's difficult for die-hard Kenwright lovers to accept obviously but Man Utd aren't in London and the gap in valuations more than anything else demonstrates Bill's complete destruction of the club. Simply put, we've won nothing on his watch and they've won a lot.

Obviously the nouveau Bill critics are about as sincere as Marie Le Pen since she disavowed fascism but everything she says implies her views haven't changed.

Also, West Ham's attendance growth may have to do with the fact that under-18s can get a season ticket for £99, over-65s for £150, and other adults for £299. Leyton Orient, in tier 4 and in West Ham's new neighborhood charge £18 per match.

So an 18-year-old could watch Orient play five times or, for the same price, watch West Ham play 19 Premier League games. But Kenwright cranks will say it's because London has 9 million people whereas, when they were at the Boleyn Stadium, London only had 30,000 people.

Darren Hind
22 Posted 24/02/2023 at 15:53:40
Steve. Take a closer look.

There have been many slumps and mini-revivals. This particular slump started around about 2 years ago with a 2-0 defeat at Chelsea. We then lost at home to Burnley.

Playing the most abject of football, we had to wait for the most bizarre goal at Arsenal to give us our next win. We only won two more that season, both by 1-0 margins, against Wolves and West Ham, in games that would put a glass eye to sleep.

You may not see that as the start of the slump. I do.

When challenged about the team's cowardly football even against lesser opposition during that period. Carlo famously threw his players under a bus when he replied "I'm not a magician". In one sentence, he destroyed what self-belief remained among his players. I've seen no signs of a recovery since.

We ended that season being beaten by 5 going on 20 at the Etihad. Carlo didn't stick around, he slipped into the night leaving a shell-shocked squad.

Still, he was able to give two members of his family lucrative positions and he did leave £11M richer. So not a complete disaster for him.

What a pity for the West Ham Supporters that the concessions they recieve are not as generous as they were at Upton Park.

Oh and who knew Manchester United were not based London ?

Kieran Kinsella
23 Posted 24/02/2023 at 16:16:40
Concessions not as generous as at Upton Park? Kenwright cranks must be thinking of hot dogs. Once Kenwright has touched you…

In terms of actual ticket prices, from The Independent prior to the move to the new stadium (and prices have been frozen since) although the under-16 prices has been changed so up to 18-year-olds get the £99 deal now.

"West Ham will introduce the cheapest adult season ticket in the Premier League when they move to the Olympic Stadium for the 2016-17 season.

"While there will be a small rise in prices for next season, the Hammers' last at Upton Park, they will fall significantly with the move to the club's new 54,000-capacity home – which coincides with the start of the Premier League's lucrative new television deal.

"Changes will include a new Band 5 season ticket costing £289, the equivalent of £15.20 per game, and an under-16 season ticket priced at £99.

"Adult season tickets in Bands 1 and 2 will drop slightly for 2016-17, to £899 and £799 respectively, while Bands 3 and 4 will drop around a quarter to £599 and £499.

"Disabled season tickets will also be cut, with places in Band 4 down around 45% to £250."

Darren Hind
24 Posted 24/02/2023 at 16:38:16
Ah yes…

Let's forget all the years of famously low prices and concessions at the Boleyn for decades where tickets were often given away. Let's concentrate on the last season there when they were given a free ground. It won't tell the story, but then neither does the newspaper article.

Match day revenue lost during Covid shut down for West Ham was £1.25M.

Everton's loss was around half that at £644k.

No difference at all really...unless, of course, you take into account that they are London based and, once inside the ground, their fans will pay nearly as much for a pie that ours will pay for a seat.

Kieran Kinsella
28 Posted 24/02/2023 at 16:55:53
The difference between West Ham's and Everton's match-day revenue was £600,000. Money we could have easily recouped if we didn't pay Holgate for 3 months.

If we didn't pay him at all, we'd be loaded then!

Martin Mason
38 Posted 25/02/2023 at 01:50:12
Surely we didn't waste £750M on buying duds? The net spend was far less and not too extreme? Still spent on buying duds but far less.

I disagree with the concept that the Everton slump started with any manager in the last 50 years. For me, the fall from grace from superb big club status to small club status now started when the 1970 Catterick side inexplicably imploded. The Kendall Mk 1 era was just a blip on the way down.

I believe that we won't recover until we can increase revenue, especially by playing in Europe, but on that basis, I believe that our status and position is fairly well established now with our revenue a fraction of the top Premier League clubs, especially those lucky enough to be located in London. I feel that we are a bottom-half club at best in terms of current status and future potential.

Steve Brown
39 Posted 25/02/2023 at 02:22:04

I have reconciled myself to the fact that Ancelotti was the wrong manager at the wrong time for Everton. He has shown his capability with his two trophies for Real Madrid with – let's be honest – not the greatest squad that club has ever enjoyed.

I also think he basically shrugged his shoulders when he was not able to reinforce significantly in the January window. But, I don't think the slump started during his time.

Overall, he did okay but I know you would say – rightly – that he was paid to do better and brought in players whose salaries we couldn't afford. But, for a period early in that season, I really enjoyed watching Everton and some of the players we had. Can't say that has been the case much over the last 30 years!

My view is that we took wrong turn after wrong turn from Roberto's second season onwards.

In Sean Dyche, we definitely have the right manager for the right time. If he can pull us out of this hole, then he deserves proper backing in the summer transfer market.

Onwards and upwards.

Steve Brown
40 Posted 25/02/2023 at 04:40:15
Martin, correct.

We have received £430M in transfer fees in the period since Moshiri took over. His net spend is much lower than reported.

Danny O’Neill
41 Posted 25/02/2023 at 07:07:14
Darren, even season ticket prices alone tell you a story.

Okay, based on most expensive:

Tottenham over £2k
Arsenal just shy of £2k
Fulham (yes Fulham) and West Ham just over £1k
Everton £625. Only just above Nottingham Forest and Brentford.

And consider the stadium capacity atTottenham and Arsenal and add that one up.

And then add up what those clubs, maybe with the exception of Fulham, generate inside the grounds. We are way down the league. Third from bottom on both counts (prices and revenue generated).

Liverpool and Man Utd are living off the dynasties they built, which gave them a global brand. Man City have Pep, and recent success. Although I don't believe they got as free of a pass as West Ham did with the London Stadium, they inherited a shiny new ground after the Commonwealth Games.

Darren Hind
42 Posted 25/02/2023 at 08:08:19
Martin and Steve.

Richarlison, Stones, Gordon and Lukaku all insisted on being transferred. Whilst that didn't help their managers at the time, it did help make Moshiri's net spend look a lot healthier.

But it doesn't change the fact that around £75M has been paid to managers and DoFs – not just in wages but in compensation also fter they had failed. They all brought "their people" along too, getting more compensation.

These managers and DoFs have between them spent around £450-500M on transfers. Then there is the real killer: the wages these people have promised to average players to get them here.

Yes, Moshiri had a duty to keep a tighter grip on the purse strings. But therein lies the problem: he thought he was hiring experts who knew better than him... and he backed them to the hilt.

He is either a brilliant or exceptionally lucky businessman. Who knows? But when it comes to footy, he's been led up more garden paths than your average postie. He's listened to just about everyone... except the fans

Yes, the net spend isn't as bad as it looks on paper, but that's how much the club have spent trying to improve the team after the want-away players had left.

"Wrong turns", Steve? You can say that again. Let's hope the law of averages gives Moshiri a helping hand and he has finally made a right turn by bringing in Dyche.



Christine Foster
43 Posted 25/02/2023 at 09:13:27

I understand where you are coming from and you are correct – the cost of hiring and firing managers has been a consequence of the ad hoc appointments without a plan, without a football strategy or vision. To compound it, each time a new manager came in, players went out one door and poorer players came in, if we were lucky.

The result is what we have today, poorer quality on the pitch and a manager who, frankly, in normal circumstances, would be as exciting an appointment as Allardyce.

Each new manager compounded the mistakes made by Moshiri and Kenwright. They would never be given the chance or sufficient backing to rebuild the squad into a cohesive unit.

Which brings me then to the question of the ability of the manager to knock the squad into shape in a ridiculous time frame. We expect any new manager to get the team playing as a winning unit when the reality is that half the squad would have to perform like they have never done to be worthy of a place in the team – never mind actually winning games.

The responsibility is partly the manager's; I agree with you to a point, but the responsibility for who any manager actually has as a full squad, I don't think any manager has had 15 players he actually wants, certainly not in the Moshiri era.

The last manager who had a team in the true sense of the word was Moyes. But by comparison, we have had 7 managers since, almost a yearly appointment. So we are at the end of the road.

We have a manager tasked with saving us from relegation because the players are simply not good enough as a unit. That's not all the manager's fault – it's a collective stuff up by the owners, the board, the DoF and managers.

If the players aren't good enough then we have to rebuild, but we need stability away from relegation fears to do that, so the forward plan goes out of the window in favour of: get the 3 points as best we can.

Different managers for different scenarios. If Dyche keeps us up, I bet it won't be him leading us out in BMD. By that time, if we are safe, we will be looking for something more sexy...

So you see, Darren, as much as I agree with you regarding managers' performance, the reason for so many management changes has been poor decisions made on recruitment of players, managers and DoF. We haven't got a squad capable of playing consistently well; we hope a manager can fashion them into a "team" that can compete well enough to keep our head above water.

It's a heartbreaking cycle: we can't spend, we can't build… we struggle to compete. The managers are part of the jigsaw, but they aren't solely responsible for where we are today.

Darren Hind
44 Posted 25/02/2023 at 09:48:05
Indeed, Christine.

But I think that applies to every new manager of every club. They all walk into a dressing room to find players they wouldn't necessarily have wanted if they were given a blank canvas. That works both ways, of course, as we saw when Rafa didn't want James and James just thought "Fuck you, your loss" and we lost our biggest talent.

You are spot on when you say this has been compounded by the alarming regularity with which we have changed the guy in the dugout. That has to be the fault of those upstairs... But somewhere down the line, these DoFs and managers have somehow contrived to squander the cost of a new stadium...

Like you, I was not overly excited about the current manager, but I was reassured by people who knew a bit more about him than me. I would like him do a similar job to what Moyes did in his first season… only without overstaying his welcome by a decade. Maybe a couple of years to establish stability?
He has my full backing now, as I'm sure he has yours and every other Evertonian's.

He came in needing seven wins. Two down. Five to go.

Tony Abrahams
45 Posted 25/02/2023 at 11:55:22
I posted the other day that I was talking to an agent, who was adamant that the Everton manager, no longer picks any of the players, and also has very little say in the whole process. I can’t get my head around this, and still don’t believe it, especially when I think of Ancellotti, signing Rodriguez and Allen. Some might also bring Benitez into this, but to be fair to the Spaniard, it was anyone who was cheap, by the time he arrived at Everton.

Christine, let’s get first things first out of the way, but my bet is that Dyche, will get Everton playing good football. I don’t think it’ll ever be truly sexy, but it will be clever, it’ll be full of common sense, and I’m sure it will also be a lot more enjoyable to watch, than anything we have seen for years, although he hasn’t got very much to beat on this score!

We will be organized, (we are already 100% more organized) we will pass the ball and move, and we will play as a team. Remember how his Burnley team passed Carlo’s Everton, off the Goodison pitch? Give Dyche time, and hopefully he will surprise us🤞

Rob Halligan
46 Posted 03/03/2023 at 18:05:18
Is the end of Billy Liar and L’il Miss Dynamite in sight?…………..

Paul Hewitt
47 Posted 03/03/2023 at 18:06:27
Hope so Rob.
Colin Glassar
48 Posted 03/03/2023 at 18:24:01
Rob, fresh money, new stadium, Bill and missy sacked etc… will make the thought of relegation slightly easier to take.
Danny O’Neill
49 Posted 03/03/2023 at 18:34:17
Seems it could be Rob. The momentum seems to be gathering and Moshiri may have finally taken a double Espresso and woken up to the reality that he is actually in charge.

Obviously until its a done deal we have to watch and hope that the tides of change are on their way.

I just wish Mr Moshiri would have woken up to this several years ago. But we can't change what did (or didn't) happen. Limp and crawl over the line this season and if this happens, we get the change needed to redesign this club's approach and strategy.

Right now, as the article says, we supporters can only do what we do and get behind the team on Sunday to get a vital win.

Relating to the article, get rid of that People's Club tag; we need to be a serious and progressive football club. Proud of our roots and heritage, but not stuck in them. For most of our history, we got where we did because we were forward thinking, not wallowing in the past.

Less than 48 hours to go until the train to Nottingham and a theatre trip in between.

No, it's not one of Bill's.

Tony Everan
50 Posted 03/03/2023 at 18:56:36
Rob, “final stages of completion “ sounds promising. Hopefully the club is about to turn a corner and start being run by professionals. As Danny said it should have been done years ago, but better late than never.
Robert Williams
51 Posted 03/03/2023 at 19:04:41
Like Danny O'N 2 @ 6. I'm not worried whatsoever what we are valued at, so long as we get change at the top. Not my money, up to each to look after his own. I'm sure Moshiri will cover his ass and IF Bill happens to 'lose' a few quid, well after all, he's had some good times to make up for any loses.
Allen Rodgers
52 Posted 03/03/2023 at 22:25:42
From Sky - << The development of the club's new stadium at Bramley Moore Dock is progressing well and new investment in the form of the purchase of a minority stake in the club by American investment company MSP Sports Capital is in its final stages of completion.
It will also lead to a new-look board of directors, something which has been demanded by the fans for some time now. >>
I'll believe it when it happens, especially the 2nd paragrapgh.
Barry Hesketh
53 Posted 07/03/2023 at 17:46:51
Everton owner Farhad Moshiri has opted against selling the club amidst concerns that a sale could attract scrutiny from the government due to his links with sanctioned oligarch Alisher Usmanov.

Moshiri is understood to have received several serious bids for Everton, which he values at £500million, but is not pursuing any of them at present, with New York-based investment fund MSP Sports Capital expected to take a minority stake instead.

Government sources have told Sportsmail that they are monitoring a possible sale of Everton, with their interest heightened by the publication of a White Paper on the creation of an independent regulator last month which will give them so-called 'back-stop powers' to prevent takeovers.

Moshiri decides not to sell

I was hoping that Moshiri would sell the whole club, but I would question the Mail's accuracy about "Government sources" a way of putting its own spin on a story that may or may not be true.

Brian Hennessy
54 Posted 07/03/2023 at 17:57:19
Allen#52. As long as Bill's idea of a new-look board of directors. is not a new wig and drag costume for himself and an afternoon spent with Corrie's make-up department.

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