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GFE Feasibility Study for Redeveloping Goodison Park
Design Criteria

A number of assumptions have been made in order to establish the criteria for a new Ground.

These assumptions may not necessarily coincide with Everton Football Club's aspirations and requirements – but first and foremost, this Study attempts to illustrate that Goodison Park can be redeveloped in a manner that would place it amongst the top Grounds in the Premiership, the country and indeed Europe. It could also play as significant a part in a future World Cup competition as it did in 1966.

The main assumptions were as follows:

1) A capacity of 50 000:

this figure was chosen as being the best compromise that could demonstrate the feasibility of providing an economically realistic facility whilst allowing the Ground to be redeveloped substantially on the existing footprint

2) Maintain the existing pitch orientation:

Although not ideal, maintaining the existing pitch in the same orientation – but taking the opportunity of moving/adjusting the grass surface during phased developments – allows the Ground to be redeveloped in phases, provides a playing area of 68m x 105m (in accordance with both FIFA and UEFA's recommendations for World Cup and European Championship finals) and immediate surrounds that also comply, but which keep the spectators as close to the pitch as possible

3) Provide optimum conditions for all spectators:

The design of the seating decks will provide unobstructed views of the whole of the playing surface with both sightlines and seating in accordance with FSADC recommendations

4) Provide good facilities for all spectators:

The design allows for incorporating additional features over what is normally provided, including supporters clubs' bars and lounges - some with pitch views - but intended to attract supporters to the Ground earlier and increase the spend per head

5) Provide commercial areas for maximum income generation:

The design allows for an intermediate middle tier that can be used as a premium seating area – backed by either lounges, hospitality boxes or suites, all with pitch views – providing a total of approximately 3,000 seats that can be sold in premium commercial packages.

In addition, there are further areas that can be used to provide commercial ticketed packages should the demand be generated.

6) A phased redevelopment:

By phasing the renewal of the Stands it would be possible to enable Everton to continue to play all their matches at Goodison Park maintaining a minimum capacity of 30,000 at any one time.

7) Create a new Ground uniquely Everton FC

Provide an exciting, impressive design that is at the forefront of Stadium design whilst maintaining features that are uniquely associated with Goodison Park and evoke the atmosphere and traditions of the past.

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