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An Open Letter to Michael Durkin

Colm Kavanagh responds to MBE's call for the ESA Executive Committee to resign over the issue of Conflict of Interest regarding Steve Allinson's private sales of privately held Everton Shares

Dear Mr Durkin,

Ill offer my apologies in advance for a lack of appropriate quotation.  Im afraid I didnt swallow too many books in my youth.  I had a paper round instead.  However, inspiration flows from the mouth of babes this, often sung by my two-year-old daughter, Eimear, as she watches her purple friend Barney, on television -

Oh, the more we get together,
Together, together,
Oh, the more we get together,
The happier we'll be.

For your friends are my friends,
And my friends are your friends.
Oh, the more we get together,
The happier we'll be!

Togetherness, Mr Durkin; togetherness.  The pen can indeed be mightier than the sword and there can be no doubt your pen flows often too often, though, you select the wrong targets.  You have penned a pretty strong character assassination of not only the current Acting Chairman but also the remaining members of the Executive Committee.  Personally speaking, I can live with any criticisms of myself and my minor contribution to matters concerning the ESA this past year.  However, I will contest your words that the new lot have abrogated their responsibilities and made matters worse.  That is simply not true.

You dwell on one solitary issue, concerning Steve Allinsons ownership of shares, and demand intimate knowledge surrounding the purchase and subsequent sale of these shares.  I most certainly do not consider it anyones business bar the man himself and it remains his prerogative to conduct his affairs in whatever manner he deems suitable.  The committee and its officers discussed it and did nothing more you cry.  The committee, uncomfortable as we were at the time with the fallout between then chairman, John Sinnott and Steve Allinson, chose to (democratically) support Mr Allinson.

You cannot accept that.  Did you yourself not purchase your solitary share from Mr Allinson?

Despite the fact that the outgoing ESA Executive Committee has failed in its aim to extract definitive action from the Club on various matters ranging from the acquisition of the David France Collection to clarification on our position re Ground share/ move it is an insult to suggest that the people involved havent worked TOGETHER.  You forget, Mr Durkin, that we are not paid employees, all with a designated job to do.  We make the commitment, by choice, to serve the ESA in an agreed manner.  I believe you were approached last year to stand for election yet declined the offer.  Why?  Why snipe at every opportunity at those who are at least trying to assist in making Everton Football Club a better place and do so out of simple passion for the Club?  Why gesticulate madly from behind a computer when your knowledge and passion for Everton FC can be better harnessed via a closer involvement in SA matters?

I know and accept that my own role this past year on the Executive Committee has been a minor one.  I am not an Association Officer.  I am one of those who make up the numbers (albeit with a voice).  I have enjoyed the experience of being on the Committee through both good and bad times.  At all times I have but one thought how can I help improve Everton FC.

That may or may not be good enough.  If it is not good enough for you then I hope you will take up my call on Tuesday night when I nominate your good self for a place on the next Executive Committee.  I shall gladly step aside to make way for the all-knowing MBE.  This past season, I have spent more time travelling up to Dublin on Monday afternoons to catch a flight to Liverpool, to attend meetings at the Club that evening and then dashing back to the airport to catch the last flight back to Ireland and then getting in my car and driving down the east coast, arriving home at an ungodly hour.  My wife says Im mad perhaps shes right.  Maybe next season I can return to the simplicity of watching some of the football I sacrificed (a blessing in disguise?) instead of saving my hard-earned cash for flights to attend ESA committee meetings.

Or perhaps Ill remain seated behind a computer solving every problem concerning our dearly beloved Everton Football Club from a comfortable distance.

Colm Kavanagh
29 May 2004

Please note: This is a personal view provided by Colm Kavanagh and does not convey or imply any endorsement from the other members of the ESA Executive Committee, in part or as a group.  Also, because we publish an article or contribution, it does not necessarily mean that we at ToffeeWeb agree with the views of the author Publication policy


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