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Sharpy comes through in memory of a young Blue

Everton prove that it is the People's Club


"This is a heart rending story about a young blue who passed away recently and is due to be buried on Thursday.

I won't give details of the family involved as not to cause unnecessary embarassment.

The young lad had been seriously ill for sometime but lost his fight last week. His grandad (who happens to be a Red) went to the club shop today to buy a home kit for him to be buried in. It transpires that the Megastore did not have any kits left but spent a great deal of effort phoning around suppliers to no avail.

The shop informed Sharpy [Graeme Sharp, Fans Liaison Officer], who in turn phoned Bellefield were a kit was on display. He asked for the kit to be taken out of the display with the instructions that it would be collected by the lad's grandad. When the guy went to pay at the register in the Megastore, he was told to put his money away as the club wouldn't hear of him paying. Sharpy then asked for details of the funeral so the club could send a mass card.

The grandad cannot believe the way the club has acted and remarked how all Blues should be so proud of the way the club conducted themselves. I am the first to knock the club when they are out of order, but on this occasion they and Sharpy have made us all very, very proud today and I for one am eating humble pie tonight.

Good on ya Sharpy, well done the club and lets all rejoice in the fact that we are part of a special club, 'The People's club'."

This was posted by Steve on the forum at the Bluekipper website. We hope he doesn't mind us re-printing this example of the lengths to which people at the club will sometimes go for the fans. This is not the first time Everton have come through in memory of a supporter and we're sure it won't be the last.


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